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Minghao insulting Mingyu, probably: You fucking gorgeous piece of shit do you know how talented you are, you good looking son of a bitch and your voice is amazing god damn it you little ball of sunshine. How dare you make me happy???


Mingyu: Thank you?

What’s Your Name Again? (Ajax, Francis)

Pairings: Ajax x Reader 


Warnings: Light Smut, language 

Goddamn you Wade and your crazy ass. 

You wouldn’t be in the situation you’re currently in if Wade would have just given you the CORRECT address and not the damn one leading to one of his many enemies warehouse. 

Originally you were told by Wade to go pick up a shipment of guns that he bought from this really hightop dealer, of course questioning why Wade couldn’t pick it up himself would just result in the same response you usually got: ‘don’t feel like it’ or ‘gotta keep an eye on the oven’. You never argued with him about it solely on the fact that Wade was already annoying as is and you didn’t need him to add on to that; besides you were getting paid pretty damn well. 

Just wait till I get out of this god-forbidden mess Wade, just you wait

“What’s your name again?” The English man asks intriguingly, a smirk across his face as he wipes his dirty hands all over his white tank top. 

“Doesn’t matter.” You mutter under your breath, coughing at the lack of oxygen in the damn place; questioning how the hell he’s able to survive in this place. It felt as if you were stuck in a huge blown up ball with no way to get access to any sort of oxygen. 

He lets out a low, deep, menacing chuckle as he comes closer to you.

Oh no, please back up.

“You’re just a ray of sunshine aren’t you darlin’?” He cocks his head to the side, eyeing you as if he’s trying to read you. What he’s trying to read is unknown, but his eyes seem to fixate themselves on your chest; you were wishing you’d have worn a jacket and not a v-neck shirt. 

“I’m going to be a fucking storm if you don’t back the hell up.” You smile, trying to wriggle your hands free from the damn material that Francis used to tie your hands with behind the back of the chair.  

“Oooo feisty, I like that baby.” He laughs but obeys your demand and backs away from you, his eyes lingering at your chest for a couple seconds longer. “Who do you work for?” 

You go to open your mouth, but then think otherwise. If you told him you didn’t work for anybody, he probably wouldn’t believe you but if you told him that you worked for Wade then something very bad may happen; you weren’t about ready to find out what that was. 

Doesn’t matter.” You repeat the same phrase from just a couple minutes ago. Perchance if you keep repeating the same phrase he’ll get tired of it and just let you leave. 

Or maybe he’ll kill me? 

“Oh sweetheart I think it does,” he starts to come back over to you after basically just walking in a small circle, “because I would like to know what my competition is like. What it’ll take to have a pretty girl like you to work for me.” 

Although this was starting to annoy the hell out of you and the oxygen levels seemed to decrease, you couldn’t help but get the feeling of butterflies in your stomach when he called you pretty. He was pretty attractive himself also but- 

Oh my god, am I really having these thoughts right now? 

“What makes you think I’ll ever work with a piece of scum like you?” Calling him scum was the nicest thing you could think of because in reality you were actually questioning why the hell Wade’s enemies have to be so bloody gorgeous.

“Because I can give you much more than that piece of shit Wade ever could.” He points out and noticing your eyes widen he starts laughing, “I’m not stupid darling, why else would a pretty little thing like you stroll into my workshop. Wade’s got connections with so many gorgeous women but I must say, you’re the only one that caught my eye.”

Ashamedly you weren’t able to hide your blush from his flirtatious comment, he was right when he said Wade had many many gorgeous women working for him and you always felt like you were on a very low level when compared to them. Wade never took the time to compare you to them in a positive OR negative way but you would always hear his sly comments to some of the other girls. Sometimes it hurt but then you remembered that you were Wade’s best worker so it didn’t bother you too much. 

“Something tells me you don’t get enough credit for your beauty, do you?” He doesn’t seem as dominant anymore, he’s a bit more relaxed and so are you. It didn’t seem like he was planning on hurting you so for right now you were gonna be cool with him. 

Maybe that’ll get me out of here faster. 

All of a sudden he pulls his shirt over his head and uses it to wipe the sweat off his face. 

Holy hell. 

Looking away, you tried to prevent yourself from getting too hot from looking at his toned, tight chest. From the quick glance you stole, it was clear that this man worked out. 

Bless whoever had the chance to touch him. 

“You know sweetheart, I’d give anything to have you work for me.” He sighs, throwing his shirt off to the side and coming back over to you. To your surprise, he reaches behind you and starts fumbling with whatever the hell he used to tie your hands with in the first place. 

“Why do you want me to work for you so much?” You ask, twisting your hands and trying to get the life back in them since he had tied you so damn tight. Although this would be the perfect chance to knock him out and get away, you decide that Wade could wait. Why Wade and this guy were enemies was past your knowledge but this man didn’t seem to be an enemy to you. 

“Because I told you, you’re gorgeous.” He smirks, tilting his head to the side. 

“If that’s the only reason why you want me to work for you, then you can go screw yourself.” You mutter, pushing him out of your way and standing up from the chair. “There’s a lot more to me then just my looks.” 

He grabs your arm as you’re about to walk away but before you had the chance to react, he pulls you to him and kisses you kisses you softly.

“I know darling…” His voice is low and husky, his lips barely brushing against yours. Your eyes lock with his and your contemplating on whether or not you want to kiss him considering the situation right now, but you must stand your ground no matter how tempting it is.

No matter how soft and sinister his lips may be. 

“We’ll see.” You whisper, your tone more seductive than you want. “But for now, I have a job to get done.”

 You take your fist and slam it as hard as you can into his crotch making him double over in pain, but you get a firm grasp on his ‘special babies’ and make sure to squeeze tight enough for him to feel pain. “Let me make one thing clear though alright?” 

“W-What?” He winces, but doesn’t seem to pry you off him. Hmmm.

“Don’t ever tie me to a chair like that again…” Leaning in towards his ear, a smirk starts to tug at the corner of your lips. “Unless you’re intentions are more… kinky.

Shoving him away from you, you chuckle as you start walking away from him. “I’ll think about it alright?” Turning your head towards his direction, you don’t stop walking as curiosity sparks your brain, “what’s your name again?” 

“Ajax, but you can call me Francis.” 

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Because I am trash, how would Guzma propose to his (female) s/o?

• He’d be nervous
• Like dating was hard enough but marriage?
• Fuck him in the ass with a chainsaw
• Honestly, he is just so nervous
• He saved enough money to not buy the cheapest one but not buy the most expensive because money is still short
• He gets one with that has a thin band and the diamond is squared that has silver bands gripping the diamond into place
• He has it placed into a black velvet box and keeps it hidden behind his alcoholic drinks
• Guzma, as confident as he is, tries to make sure that you will say yes because while he’s sure that you love him, he doesn’t want his heart to break
• He’ll add in movies that have proposal scenes and look to see your reaction
• He’ll notice that you’ll start tearing up at the whole going down on one knee and proposer stating things about their loved ones
• That’s when he realizes he hasn’t practiced at all
• He’ll immediately start sweating and tense up
• Once you’re asleep, he’ll go to the roof and start jotting things down about what he loves about you
• For like thirty minutes, he’s sitting there thinking about what he could write
• He loves you and he knows why but he can’t put it into words
• He’ll take you out to dinner at this high class restaurant
• He’s wearing a suit and it looks good at him
• It hugs his muscles and while it may be a little tight, it looks damn well on him
• After dinner, you guys take a walk at Hano beach
• When the moon is high, he’ll wait till your back is turned and when you turn around, he’s on his knees
• You bring your hands up to cover your mouth and he smirks when he hears a gasp
• He looks down and clears his throat
• “I love you, You know that, I know that. Hell, I’m pretty sure Kukui knows. And I decided that I want to spend more time with you. While you can be annoying, I love everything about you. I love the sounds you make when you yawn. How you slurp your soda and soup. How your nose crinkles when you smile. How different your laughs are. From cackling to giggles to that silent laughter you get when you laugh too hard. Everything about you is beautiful. So…. Will you take this gorgeous piece of shit as your fiancé?”
• When you say yes, he breaks out into this huge grin and holds you and spins you around
• He places a big, wet kiss on you while dipping you
• He’ll then proceed to make love with you on the beach

For Your Eyes Only

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Summary: AU in which Jared is covered in tattoos and the Reader is determined to find and admire all of them.

Word Count: ~2,000

Warnings: Smut, this is pure smut with a small attempt at a plot if you squint really hard. Slight body worshipping because c’mon who wouldn’t worship a naked and tattooed Jared Padalecki? Oral sex (both receiving), unprotected sex

A/N: Because it seems like @spontaneousam and I can’t have a conversation without someone coming up with something to write about… But hey, who’s complaining? ;) I swear I’m in the process of writing the gif drabbles and Brook just turns my night around and makes me need to write this. So the drabbles will be up tomorrow, but for now, enjoy some smutty smut!

*Flashback in italics

You’d been with Jared for a little while, but that night - the first time you’d gotten him naked - damn. When you met him at San Jac’s all those weeks ago, the first thing you noticed were his tattoos. They covered his arms, and a few even poked out over the collar of his shirt. You assumed he had more, and every part of you was desperate to seek them out.

The first time you two tumbled into his bedroom was your perfect opportunity.

Leave the lights on.” Your breath was hot against his neck as he fumbled with the button of your jeans. “I want to see you - all of you.” 

He nodded, lips reconnecting with yours. Jared gripped the back of your legs and hoisted them up around his waist, you jeans in a crumpled mess on the floor by the door. You yanked the beanie off his head and threaded your fingers into his deep brown hair, tugging lightly and eliciting a deep rumble from the back of his throat.

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It Should Be Me

superavengelocker : Hello again ^^ can I request a danisnotonfire fic? Where it’s your wedding day to someone else but Dan is in love with you and when the vicar says “if anyone has a reason for them not to join in holy matrimony speak now” and Dan does? Me and my friend have been talking about it for ages. Thank you!!x

Hey love, I hope this is okay. Sorry if it’s not what you wanted :/ thank-you for requesting again and please let me know what you think xxoo 


“Y/n?” I call through the shut door between me and the girl I will forever be head over heels for.

“Dan! Come in!” She replies, her voice a mixture of tones and emotions. I slowly open the door, just enough to allow my body to slide in and as soon as the door is shut I find the most beautiful piece of life in this world.

“Shit… You look gorgeous” I comment, my words leaving my mouth in a breathless manner. She swirls around in the long white dress before replying.

“You think? Thanks Dan” Her smile is small, and it’s clear that she is nervous. I was nervous too, but maybe due to different purposes. My heart ached with the knowledge that I was about to watch the girl I love with all my heart marry another man.

She turns around and moves closer to the mirror, here face falling as she closely examines herself. I know what she’s doing. She’s picking out every little thing she considers a “flaw”.. Everything single thing I love. I walk over to her, placing my hand on the small of her back as I stand beside her.

“Stop doing that.” as I speak, she lifts a hand, running her finger along her skin as she tries to find more “flaws”. I reach up and take hold of her hand, forcing her to face me.

“Stop. You are so beautiful y/n, you have nothing to worry about.”

Y/n smiles up to me, reaching her arms around me and holding me close. I hug her in return, loving the feeling of her in my arms, jesus christ… the things this girl does to me. Should I just tell her? Can I? I don’t want to ruin her wedding day.. But what if she has feelings to?

“Y/n! It’s almost time! We need to make sure every things perfect and- hey! No boys. Out!” Y/n’s arms release me as her brides maids enter the room squealing and chattering before telling me to leave. God I don’t want to leave.

“I’ll see you soon” y/n says quietly before giving me one last quick hug.

“You will. And remember… You always look gorgeous” I say before walking out and closing the door behind me.

I find my seat in the second row, family being in the front. My leg bounces as the wait starts to get to me. Why was I in this position? I had years to tell her how I felt, and I was almost positive she felt the same until he came along. He wasn’t right for her though… He didn’t remind her how beautiful she is every single day. He never surprised her, he would hardly touch her in public. God.. if she was mine, I would do all I could to prove it to the world. Hold her close and never let go.

I was pulled from my thoughts and he walked to his position in front of the vicar. Where I should be instead of him. Music began to play and all heads turned. The 3 brides maids walked past, holding their bouquets of flowers. Gasps left everyones mouths as y/n came into view. It felt as if my heart had simply stopped.

She stood beside him, a nervous smile on her face. The vicar began speaking but I heard nothing, it was as if my vision had zoomed in on y/n, who was shinning through everyone else. She looked up at him and thats when I noticed it… She didn’t have that sparkle in her eyes that she has when her and I are together.

He took her hand in his and that’s the point where the tears found their way into my eyes.

“If anyone has a reason for them not to join in holy matrimony, speak now”  That was the first time I had heard anything the vicar was saying… also the first time I had spoken since sitting down…

It should be me

All heads turn to me, shocked expressions on everyones faces, including some angry ones from family. He drops y/n’s hand as they both turn.

“you should be with me…” I say, as if y/n was the only one here.

“I love you…”

Y/n is completely silent the entire time, her eyes move to the ground and flicker as she thinks.

“You’re not actually considering it are you? You can’t” he says down to y/n with anger in his eyes.

I’ve messed up.. Oh shit I have ruined what was meant to be the best day of her life. I need to get out of here. For her and for myself.

I stand from my seat and leave. A tear falls as I climb into my car, sitting and resting my hands and forehead on the steering wheel. I try so hard to hold myself together but eventually let go and unattractive sounds of pain and sadness escape my lips and more tears fall.

I jump from surprise as the passenger door opens, but I don’t look to see who it is. I honestly expect it to be him, coming to beat me for ruining their day. Or y/n’s parents coming to tell me to keep away from her. But the moment the person speaks, my heart is warm and the words being the ones I have wanted to hear for oh so long…

I love you too

Personal pizza

Author: Not moose

Reader gender: girl

Character: Dean

Warnings: Cussing. Fluff

Movie nights were the best night of the week. It was the one evening where you could curl up in a ball on the couch next to your two favorite boys, well one because Sam never really enjoyed the movies you and Dean picked out. It was unfair really, it was always two against one. Every once in a while you would let Sam pick, but he always picked boring movies, so that became less and less frequent. But regardless, Sam would tough it out for the first ten minutes or so and then research or go to bed, leaving you and Dean to do your best impressions of the characters in the movie. Tonight was no exception.

Sam had already bailed a while back so you and Dean sat there eating candy and pizza, just waiting for your favorite line to pop up.

“Hey Dean.” You spoke, not taking your eyes off the screen.

“Hmm?” He mumbled, shoving a piece of meat lovers pizza in his mouth, washing it down with a swig of gas station beer. Most girls would cringe at the sight of such a messy eater, but if you’re being perfectly honest, you eat the exact same way. You act like one of the guys, always have. You even look like one to an extent, you know minus the boobs and feminine face features. You had a male type body. You didn’t really have any curves and were kind of chubby. This couldn’t bother you in the slightest however because you have always been this way. You love your body and have no intentions of hating yourself because of it. You are stunning, you know that. Body doesn’t matter, plus it helps living with two very attractive men who think you are fantastic.

“Slice me.” You say gesturing toward the slice of greasy pizza in the box by Dean’s knee.

“That is your fifth slice, that’s almost the whole pizza.” He says trying to mock you, but you just turn to face him with a dead serious look on your face.

“Every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard enough.” Dean just laughs and hands you the slice with a napkin to go with it.

“You know y/n, this is why I-” He was cut off mid sentence when Sam came in talking about some case near by.

“Alright. So I’m not going since I went on the last one by my self because you two were too lazy to get up.” Sam says giving both you and Dean his signature bitch face.

“Can’t blame us Sammy. Just cause we had such an awesome night, causing a hangover the next day, does not mean you get to pout. You could’ve stayed longer. Just saying.” You say eliciting a smirk out of Dean. You weren’t really arguing with Sam, just giving him a hard time. One of your many favorite past times.

“Mock all you want, you two are still going.” He sticks his tongue out as he walks past you shoving a folder into your chest.

“ILL DRIVE.” You and Dean both yell at the same time. Dean just sticks his nose up at you and grabs the keys off the table by the door.

“My baby, I drive.” You shake your head at him.

“You know the rules mister. We settle this like adults. Rock. Paper. Scissors.” You say getting your game face on, not like you needed one though because you always won when it came to Dean.

“Oh, you’re on girly.” Dean says plopping the keys down on the table again.

“One. Two. Three. ROCK PAPER SCISSORS.” Dean screams.

“Oh come on. Best two out of three?” He asks, trying to redeem himself.

“Tisk tisk tisk Winchester. Always with rock. Sorry but, no. You know the rules. I won far and square. Baby is all mine tonight.” You play skip to the door and jangle the keys in front of Dean’s face, receiving a brow furrow in rewponse. This is going to be a fun night.

It was not a fun night. Not even close. Well, that’s not entirely true. The first part was a blast. You were driving baby, probably the sexiest car you have ever laid eyes on. Dean was in the passenger seat rocking out to some kick ass rock music and you had the open road. It was great. Hunting may not be the life you asked for but moments like these made it all worth while. These moments made you smile, even cut lose a little. That is probably where you want wrong. You relaxed, let your guard down and now you are sitting in some damp warehouse of sorts. For miles all you focused on was the road and rocking out with Dean. You had no idea there was a car following you, or rather you chose to ignore it because for once you wanted a normal night with your best friend.

Ever since you started hunting with the infamous Winchester brothers, you never really got a second to relax or be a normal 29 year old. Some stupid, smug monster was always after them and in turn, after you. So when the black SUV started following a few miles before the gas station you stopped at, you tried to push it out of your mind. That was a huge mistake, you know that now. If something were to happen to Dean because you were being selfish and childish, you would never forgive your self. That’s why you are trying your best to distract the son of a bitch demon long enough for Dean to wiggle out of the ropes trying his hands to a post on the opposite side of you.

“Well isn’t that sweet. Meatball over here is trying to help out her little crush”

“Meatball, how original. Just to let you know I take that as a compliment. Meatballs are delicious so, thank you.” You say to the smart ass demon. He looked at you a annoyed and that only widened you smirk.

“Oh, but you do like little Dean over here don’t you?” You said nothing. His smirk just grew and that made you pissed off.

“So what if I do?” You blurted out. You glanced in Dean’s direction after you spoke. You saw him stop struggling against his ropes for a second and your eyes met for a brief second before you pulled away.

“Oh you poor thing. See, Dean here doesn’t like fat girls. He likes the beautiful skinny model types. You don’t stand a chance.” The demon started laughing now. You had it up to here with his shit.

“So screw him.” Your response surprised the son of a bitch and he turned around.

“If he wants to chase after Barbie wanna be’s with half an iq point so be it. I’m amazing and I don’t need a guy to tell me that. I am beautiful so screw you. I’m a kick ass hunter who eats like a guy and doesn’t give a shit.” The demon stood there for a second trying to figure out how to respond. Before he could say anything however Dean got out of his ropes and pinned him to the wall.

“You piece of shit. She is gorgeous.” And with that he stabbed him and his meat suit fell to the ground with orange light flashing from him.

After the demon was gone there was nothing but piercing silence. Dean finally knows how you feel and you’re scared. Does he like you back? Does he just think of you as a sister? Your mind is going haywire when Dean clears his throat. You look up and he is rubbing the back of his neck.

“So….you like me huh?” He finally says. You avoid looking at him and start shuffling your feet.

“Look Dean. I don’t expect you to reciprocate the feelings. I ju-” But you were cut off when Dean came so close to you that your lips were only inches apart.

“Y/n. I have liked you since the day you took down that nest of sorry ass vampires.” You smile as you remember that day. It was that moment that you truly won the respect of the Winchester boys. That was nearly two years ago.

“And it took you this long to tell me?” You say pretending to be annoyed. Dean just rolled his eyes and leaned in for a kiss. You stopped him before he could however.

“Woah woah mister. You need to buy me dinner first.” You laugh at his defeated expression and saunter off towards the car with a big goofy smile plastered on your face.