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i am physically and emotionally crying he revealed his real name and identity to the summoner he trusts them THAT much AND HE VOWS…TO FIGHT FOR THEM…….AND WITH A WIDE SMILE WHILE HES AT IT IM SO…………………..

Some confessions are louder than others

A short Drarry. Enjoy. 

Hermione was a smart girl.

She knew it, her teachers knew it, the whole damn castle knew it. She was quick-witted, intelligent, and, most of all, observant. Hermione Jean Granger noticed and put things together that others simply missed.

…For example.

Hermione noticed the way that Harry Potter was becoming unhealthily obsessed with Draco Malfoy. She noticed that he didn’t always speak of his Slytherin counterpart in venomous tones anymore, either.

Hermione also noticed the way that this very same Draco Malfoy was constantly staring at her dear friend in class, like he was trying to burn holes through Harry’s poor skull.

She thought she might know what was going on, even if the involved parties did not.

Unfortunately for most people, Hermione Jean Granger also had no qualms about interfering where she thought her meddling might be beneficial.

Draco didn’t feel right.

He set the goblet of pumpkin juice down, wondering if maybe he was getting sick. He wouldn’t be surprised. It wasn’t like he wasn’t under an exuberant amount of stress or anything.

Kill Albus Dumbledore, Draco. I want it done before the year is complete.

No big deal. Just your normal, run-of-the-mill command from your typical, mass-murdering master.

Draco shuddered, pushing his untouched plate of food away from him. Crabbe eyed him confusedly. Considering that this was the manner in which Crabbe looked at most things most of the time, Draco was hardly bothered. “I think I need to lie down,” he muttered. “I’m—I’m skiving off Charms. Tell Flitwick I’m sick.”

He didn’t wait for a response before standing. Draco grabbed his bag and was halfway down the table when he abruptly collided with someone.

“Hey—what the hell, Granger!”

Draco’s bag fell to the floor, spilling the contents everywhere. Hermione Granger stepped away demurely, making Draco scowl even further. It was like she had run into him on purpose! “Watch we’re you’re going, you stupid—”

“Watch your mouth, Malfoy.” Ron Weasley instantly stepped in, his hand hovering over his pocket where he assuredly kept his wand. Because it was never just one of them, was it? The Golden Trio was infuriatingly inseparable.

“Ron…” Granger hissed the word like an owner might scold a dog. And just like a dog, Weasley lowered his hand and stepped away, though he kept his furious glare fixed on Draco.

Perhaps Draco would have been the one to draw his wand instead, if his attention hadn’t been so suddenly and horrifically derailed.

“Here, just—”

Potter was bending over and—and touching his things, and—

Some part of Draco’s mind knew that this should have bothered him very deeply and on many different levels, but it didn’t.

It was like the entire Hall just melted away into oblivion. The Headmaster he was supposed to be murdering, the faculty and staff, the countless students who were about to bear witness. They all faded into nothing as Harry James Potter handed him a stack of books and quills.

“—just take your stuff, Malfoy, and—”

“I love you.”

There was a short pause in which absolutely no one breathed. Draco thought that Weasley might have scoffed something incredulous, but he wasn’t listening.

He wasn’t paying attention to anyone else.

Harry’s beautiful, green eyes widened in shock before his lips parted and he laughed, breathy and flustered. “Ex…cuse me?” he said in a high, concerned tone. “What—”

“I love you,” Draco repeated. The entire table filled with Slytherin students behind him turned in their seats. The whole Hall seemed to be fall silent, but Draco hardly noticed. “I love you, I-I think I have for a while, I just—I never realized it before right now.”

Harry’s face slid into one of downright disbelief. Draco knocked the books from his arms which he had just gathered up for him so that he could grasp Harry’s hands. “I love you, you gorgeous, reckless idiot. I love you. I love you!”

He was shouting. Harry turned a brilliant shade of red, seemingly paralyzed by Draco’s very loud and traumatizing confession. Draco decided that it felt good to shout. “I love you!” he yelled again, laughing. Giddy with emotion, he turned towards the Hall at large and declared, even louder:

“I love Harry Potter!”

Then, without even thinking it through, Draco turned his attention back to the stunned boy in front of him and crashed his lips over his, passionately kissing Harry Potter for the entirety of the school to see.  

…Maybe it was just the drama of the moment, but later, when Draco found himself in Slughorn’s office with various antidotes being shoved down his throat, he most definitely recalled that Potter had kissed him back.

“You were certainly under the influence of something, my boy,” Slughorn confirmed morbidly, once Draco felt that he was himself again. Draco wiped his mouth with the back of his sleeve, his mortification swiftly turning into rage. “But you should be right as rain, now!”

…Not that being cured of his temporary ailment could possibly undo the damage that had been done.

Draco was furious, venomous, murderous. Potter had used a love potion on him! Surely in some ill-conceived attempt to figure out what he was working on; Potter had been tailing him for weeks, now…

And he’d shouted he loved him, in front of the entire school… And kissed him…

Fuming, Draco set off to find Potter without so much as a ‘thank you’ to Slughorn. “That bastard,” he seethed under his breath. “I’ll kill him, I’ll—oh, for fuck’s sake, Granger! Watch where—”

“I did it.”

For Hermione Granger had just turned a corner, walking right into him—again—like she had just been waiting outside of Slughorn’s office for him to emerge.


“I slipped you the potion,” she said quickly. She had both of her hands raised on either side of her face, looking defensive. “It was me.”

Draco stared, dumbfounded. Unlike Potter, he was not inherently terrible at potions (the fact that Potter had become so inexplicably skilled at the subject this year was clearly just favoritism on Slughorn’s part… the old walrus), and therefore was very distraught at what she was saying. “But… but if you brewed the amortentia, then—”

“It wasn’t amortentia,” she said huffily, like Hermione Granger would never stoop to such things. “It was a confidence elixir, Malfoy. A potion to boost your assurance exponentially. It’s related to Felix Felicis, though not as powerful. You should look it up. Anyway, I thought you could use a bit of… encouragement.”

She smile brightly before sauntering off. Draco watched her go, far too stunned in that moment to say or do anything.

“Oh.” She stopped suddenly, looking over her shoulder with a sly smile on her face. Draco was very glad that the hallway was empty. “By the way… he’s obsessed with you.”

Then she left, a bit of a bounce in her step.

Draco hated that, rather than continue to be furious or thirsty for vengeance… Well, he just couldn’t stop smiling.

Your Wedding dress + Venue




“Is it too much for him?” you asked your best friend as the saleswoman placed a beautiful sheer veil upon your head.

“Are you kidding me? Too much? He’ll be worried because he will not only see his wife but the hottest woman on earth in front of him.” She squealed happily.

And it was true; the moment he saw you his heart beat a little faster, and he realized just how lucky he was.

“I think the woods would be a great location for our wedding, babe.” You heard Derek mumble as his eyes diverted from the screen to your eyes.

“The woods? Like, the ones you run in and become all scary in?” You weren’t mad, just worried about the supernatural taking an interest in your wedding ceremony.

“It’s my second home. I want to feel connected to the earth where my ancestors fought for people like me to have the ability to get married to someone who accepts me.”

And so it was done. Once all your guests had arrived, your maid of honor was able to surround the premises in mountain ash, so nothing could come in and ruin your fairytale. Of course, Stiles had no issue brushing it all off when the festivities were over.


“Wow, girl. Brett has an amazing sense of style.” You heard Lydia say as she saw you wearing the dress that he wanted you to try on.

“I know. It’s beautiful. I’ll just have to tell him it didn’t fit, or that I didn’t like it.”

“Why?” She asked with a long laugh.

“Because this is the dress I’m walking down the isle in and its bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the wedding, hm?” You responded, knowing your fiance knew you way too well.



“Okay, don’t tell Y//N, but I am totally getting married in here.” Brett told his best man as he bounced his lacrosse ball off the wall.

“Bro, it’s like totally abandoned.” Brett heard his friend say.

“Nah, give it some love and a wicked makeover, and you will find the venue of your dreams. Let’s buy it.”

“Alright,man…let’s find the owners.”

And he did find them. They were confused, but boy did he make you happy with the most beautiful location ever.


“You know, getting married in Mexico is crazy. But no, you’re also flying all your guests over in two days AND planning your wedding in three days while you’re on vacation.” You heard your best friend say over the phone as she was on the plane from France to Cancun, where your beloved Isaac had proposed to you only a week ago. It was sudden, but he wanted to get married to you as soon as possible; even if that meant during a short two week stop in Mexico before your flight to Beacon Hills. 

“I know, kid. I just love him so much, and its pretty exciting as well.” You explained as you grabbed a beautiful white dress off the rack.

“I think I just found my dress…” You said before she could even reply.

“Really? Snapchat it to me you gorgeous idiot!” You heard her whisper-yell, knowing she would be much louder if she wasn’t on a plane.

So you did, and she agreed. That, my friend, was your dress.

Tomorrow was your wedding, and all your guests had arrived. The only issue was, there was no venue. You and Isaac had spend hours searching for an easy venue, yet most were booked or had a long process for renting. You decided to take a stop at a cute little beachside restaurant. The view was beautiful, and it was jam packed since the area was quite a tourist hub. You were eating, when Isaac let out a long laugh.

“Babe, that’s my old 5th-grade teacher!” You heard Isaac say as he nodded toward an older man who was making his way over to you two. 

“Isaac Lahey, well if it isn’t you! You still look just like the young troublesome lad from all those years ago. How are you son?”

Isaac laughed and grinned excitedly, introducing you before explaining how you two were only visiting for your wedding.

“Say, why don’t I take some good cuisine I’ve learned from my time here in Mexico for your wedding. Where is it at?” He asked before chucking and resting his hands on his hips.

“We actually don’t know, we haven’t been able to find an affordable and quick venue. It might just be in the middle of the desert.” Isaac said with a chuckle. You were quiet, letting them reconnect and enjoy each other.

“Well consider that a non-issue. I’ll rent out this place to you guys in exchange for an ability to cater the wedding.

“Oh, sir…you own this place? You are way too generous. Thank you!” You said before letting a small tear roll down your cheek from all the excitement.

“Mister.Kendrick, I will forever be grateful. I don’t know how to repay you. This is a dream come true, because your restaurant is more that my fiance and I have ever dreamt of!” 

The old man just laughed and patted Isaacs back, before giving you a cheeky smile.

“A wedding is a gift. And one day, I just wish you will bring your children and remind them of that.” He said.

You have never been happier.

Something - Warren Worthington III (Angel) x Reader

Based on a post I saw on Pinterest.

Contains spoilers for X-men: Apocalypse

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You saw the jest come crashing down from the sky. A scream of his name escaping your lips as you ran towards the wreckage. Your hands burned as you shoved away anything blocking your way.

“Warren?” You cried, “Warren!”

The tears streamed down your cheeks, angry, desperate tears.

Then you saw the silver of his new wings and you slipped into the carcass of the jet to reach him. You landed beside his crushed body, a slight moan escaping his lips.

You took his face in your hands after freeing him from the rubble.

“(Y/n)?” He blinked, confused.

You nodded, tears falling onto his charred hair. “Come on.”

He shook his head, bringing a finger to your lips then his, your little symbol for a kiss. You smiled sadly, pressing your lips to his. His lips were warm and feverish and only sparked fear in you.

“Why are you so cold?” He asked.

“It’s not me, it’s you.” You whispered, helping him sit up. “Come on, stay with me, Warren.”

He groaned in pain, falling back down.

“I can’t. There’s no point. I have nothing.”

You bit your lip, hurt, but knowing he didn’t mean it.

“You must have some reason to survive, something to look forward to?”

He looked away thinking, “Alright… If I survive, will you marry me?”

You laughed, shocked. You kissed him, careful not to cause him pain.

“Is that a yes?”

“Oh yes. Definitely. Now let me help you up you gorgeous idiot.”

Warren grinned, kissing you one more time before letting you help him up.

The Curious Incident Concerning Baz Pitch, Simon Snow, and a Bag of Candy Canes

December 13!! - @carryon-countdown

Take that, Baz thought as he ground his foot into the gas pedal and sped past the black car into the only 2-hour-long parking spot in the lot. He turned around in his seat and looked over his shoulder, just in time to see the driver throw a nasty glare his way. Baz smirked. Sucks for you.

Turning back around and unbuckling his seatbelt, Baz grabbed his recyclable shopping bags before getting out of his car and entering the terrifying zoo that was Party City. He readjusted his bags on his shoulder and grimaced, looking at the people behind the display windows fighting over stocking stuffers and strings of lights. 

Really, he should have known better than to come to Party City. On December 24st, of all days. The only reason that he was here was because of Mordelia. Supposedly, in the Pitch household, it “isn’t Christmas until you eat a gazillion rainbow-striped candy canes.” Which, no doubt, was something Baz didn’t quite agree on. But, when Mordelia wants candy canes, Mordelia gets candy canes, so Baz sucked it up and entered the madhouse. He tried to appear cool and collected as he walked through the aisles, but that was (a little) hard to do when there were jumping, skipping, pulling, and grabbing people populating every square inch of the place. Silently cursing his sister’s obnoxious puppy-dog face and her perfected talent in persuasion, Baz elbowed his way past the last mob of holiday-crazed tweens and, at last, came to a stop in front of the candy section. He scanned the aisle for fruit-punch-flavored candy canes and sighed in relief when he found one last bag nestled in between some jelly beans and chocolate Santas. He bent down to pull the bag out from behind the other candy and – what the hell?
Baz spun around so fast that he almost got whiplash. “Excuse me,” he said to the (holy mother of God he was gorgeous) blonde guy that had suddenly appeared directly behind him.
Baz gestured to the guy’s clenched fist, where his bag of rainbow candy canes currently was. “I was going to get that.” When the stranger didn’t say anything, Baz gestured again. “It’s mine.” And yes, Baz was aware that he sounded like a possessive five-year-old, but it really couldn’t be helped when some stranger just suddenly comes from behind you and steals the last bag of candy when you were literally just about to grab it. Baz raised an eyebrow at the stranger’s silence and crossed his arms. “Well?”
Seemingly snapping out of his trance, the stranger shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. (Curls curls curls curls). Then he smiled and stuck out his hand in a handshake. (The hand that wasn’t holding Baz’s candy.)
“Hi. I’m Simon.” Baz blinked. Then he blinked again. Then he uncrossed his arms, attempted a smile, and shook Simon’s hand.
(He tried to ignore the fact that Simon’s hand was really soft. And warm.)
(It didn’t really work.)
“I’m Baz.”
Simon smiled again. It seemed natural for him, all of this smiling. But it made Baz’s cheeks hurt, so he stopped and focused his attention on the reason that he was here. He looked at the candy-cane bag. “Well. It was nice meeting you, but I really should be going, so…can I get the bag back?”
“Back?” Simon furrowed his eyebrows. “But I grabbed it first. So, technically it’s not yours.”
Was this guy serious? Forget Simon’s totally irresistible looks, this guy was a complete and utter imbecile. Baz exhaled loudly, not caring if Simon thought he was being rude. (Okay, well, maybe he cared a little bit.) (But still.) “You saw me! I was literally just about to take the bag when you came around from behind me and stole it.”
Simon shrugged.
“You took. it out of. my hand.”
“Well, who’s hand is it in now?”
Baz gaped. Baz narrowed his eyes.

Baz lunged.

It started off as an innocent move, it really did. He was just trying to retrieve his bag of candy from the blonde boy’s grip, but Baz supposed he must have caught Simon off guard because the next thing he knew Simon was falling backwards onto the floor and Baz lost his balance and fell after him and now he was lying on top of Simon and Baz didn’t know which of the two of them was more surprised.
It was during this exchange that the bag of candy canes went flying out of Simon’s hand and onto the floor beside Baz. And Baz was thinking that now would be the perfect chance to grab the candy, run back home, and forget about this whole scene. And then he was thinking that he still needed to buy his Santa costume. And he was also thinking that Christmas Eve was a pretty cheesy day to meet your soulmate. And then Baz stopped thinking altogether because that was when he realized that his hands were on either side of Simon’s head and he was basically straddling him.
 An indistinct part of Baz’s brain was screaming at him, saying that he should ‘get up and get moving,’ but he ignored it because the overwhelming blue, blue, blueness of Simon’s eyes washed away any other intruding thoughts. They were like vibrant puddles of liquid sunlight, and Baz was drowning in them.
But then common sense took over and Baz looked away and checked his expression because he was 99% positive that he was smiling like an idiot right now. 

When Baz worked up the courage to look at him again, it was Simon who was smiling like an idiot.
He raised an eyebrow, although he was pretty sure the effect was ruined due to the two spots of red coloring his cheeks. “Yes, Simon?”
“Can I get your number?”

On December 24th, 2016, Baz realized that smiling like an idiot wasn’t always a bad thing – especially when you had another gorgeous idiot to smile with. 

Title: Kiss and Make Up
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: 1,225
Characters: George Weasley x Reader, Fred Weasley
Reader Gender: Not specified
Warnings: Arguing + a few swear words
Notes: Requested by anon on my old blog.

Originally posted by usagimalin

       You couldn’t even remember what started it. But for the past two weeks, you and George had practically been at each other’s throats. The two of you barely spoke to one another, and when you did, it was nothing but false politeness. You didn’t want to think about how badly your heart hurt, seeing the man who held your heart so angry with you.

       You were a Gryffindor like the twins, and you three did everything together. Being that you were a year younger than them, you didn’t have any classes together, but your time outside of class was always spent with them. Until two weeks ago.

       No matter how hard you tried to remember, you couldn’t recall what had started the bickering. George had done something petty that had pissed you off, and he refused to apologize for it, which only made you more angry. It only escalated from there.

       A few days ago, after a solid week of bickering and making snide remarks toward one another, you both snapped.

       “Why are you acting like such a bitch, Y/N?” George inquired, his voice filled with annoyance. You were sitting in the common room, helping Fred with his homework, acting perfectly normal toward him, but George kept trying to get under your skin. He was sitting across from you and Fred, and he would not stop tapping his pencil, knowing it annoyed you. He also kept hexing your quill so that it wouldn’t write what you wanted it to; instead, it would write something such as “George Weasley is gorgeous,” or “George Weasley is a positively delightful human being.”

       “Me? You think I’m being a bitch? You’re the arsehole who won’t leave me alone,” you said, crossing your arms and glaring at him. You heard Fred give a faint sigh next to you.

       “Yes, you are being a bitch. You have been for the past week. Actually, I think you may have been for your entire life and I just never noticed until recently,” George said, smirking slightly at his revelation, clearly thinking himself to be hilarious.

       “Go to hell, George Weasley. You’re not funny, and you never have been,” you snarled, gathering your books and standing. George stood too, clearly furious at your insult.

       “You’re an absolute bitch, and you always have been. I’m shocked that I was ever friends with you. I’m shocked that you have any friends, actually,” said George, his voice rising with anger.

       “Just go straight to hell, George. Maybe then you’ll leave me alone.”

       “Is that what you want? You want me to leave you alone?” George yelled.

       “It’s what I’ve always wanted; you’re so bloody annoying. You’ve just always been too full of yourself to notice.”

       “Well consider your wish granted, Y/N. I’ll never so much as acknowledge your presence ever again,” George said bitterly, storming off in the direction of the boys’ dormitories.

       “Then I shall consider myself the luckiest person in the world!” you yelled at him, stomping your way up the stairs towards the girls’ dormitories.

       Five days had passed. You and George never even looked at each other- well, not while the other was looking. You would sneak glances at George while he was occupied with something, the pain in your heart growing stronger with each passing day. You felt bad for the things you had said to him, but your guilt lessened when you remembered the things he said to you.

       Little did you know, when you were busy with something, George would gaze over at you, his heart growing heavy when he thought about the things he had said to you. He regretted every word of it, yet at the same time, he was far too stubborn to apologize.

       On the sixth day, Fred had had enough.

       You entered the common room and made your way over to Fred, planning on sitting with him, but you stopped when you saw George next to him. The two of you glared at one another, then you turned and walked off towards your dormitory. Before you reached the steps, you heard Fred snap.


       When you turned, eyes wide, you saw that George was staring up at his brother with the same expression- along with everyone else in the room. Fred had stood, and his hands were in fists at his sides. He yanked his brother up into a standing position and shoved him towards the couch in front of them, and motioned for you to come over, looking infuriated.

       “Sit,” he said sharply, pointing at the couch. You and George shot disgusted looks at one another before sitting on opposite ends of the couch. The two of you crossed your legs and arms, then looked at Fred.

       “This fighting is bullshit, and it’s going to stop right now,” Fred said sternly, sitting down on the couch in front of you and George. “Y/N, you’re my best friend, and George, you’re my brother. You two used to be best friends. Hell, you two used to be practically in love, although neither of you would admit it. So for the love of Merlin, just kiss and make up already!”

       “She started it,” George said at the exact same time you said “He started it.”

       “I don’t give a damn who started it. Just end it,” Fred said earnestly. He then eyed the two of you for a few moments, before standing and walking off towards his dormitory.

       You and George sat in silence for a few minutes, both of you far too prideful to apologize first. You glanced in his direction, and saw that he was already looking at you out of the corner of his eye. Each of you gave a defeated sigh and turned towards each other. You raised one hand and silently counted to three, then you both spoke at the same time.

       “I’m sorry I acted like such a bitch, but you had no right to be so rude to me in the first place,” you said, as George said “I’m sorry I acted like such a prick and I had no right to call you a bitch.”

       Not having expected him to admit that he was wrong, you silently stared at George. He looked away from you and continued.

       “I started acting like an arse because I got angry that you were spending so much time with that brunette boy in your year. You started acting rude back, and eventually I forgot why I had been upset in the first place, but my anger was still there. It just sorta escalated from there,” George confessed, his voice barely above a whisper.

       You gawked at him, thinking that what he had just said was perhaps some sort of twisted joke. When you saw how nervous he looked, you realized that he was completely serious. A soft smile found its way to your lips.

       “You idiot,” you said softly. George kept his head down, fully expecting you to unleash a rant upon him. When you scooted closer to him, placed your hand underneath his chin, and gently tilted his head up, he looked at you with wide eyes. “You lovable, gorgeous, incredible idiot.”

       “So you think I’m gorgeous, eh?” George said, wiggling his eyebrows.

       “Don’t ruin it. Just shut up and kiss me.”


Closing Argument StevexReader

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Request (Anon): Can I have a steve imagine where he and the reader are always arguing (whether in missions or not) but he only does that bc he loves her and he only wants to protect her? :) - UM YA THIS IS CUTE I DIG IT

Words: 1371

Warnings: Language?? A LOT of insults aha!

“Steve, incoming!” You called, knocking a HYDRA gunman to the ground with the heel of your boot before he could shoot you in the face.

Steve grunted and turned around to take down a whole squadron of enemies, his shield flashing in the dim light. When he finally punched the last opposing solider in the face, knocking him out, he was slightly out of breath. The magnet on his wrist pulling his shield back to him and he put it around his back. 

“Thanks for the warning, but I don’t need your help.” He standoffishly hissed.

You narrowed your eyes and he gulped nervously, knowing he was in trouble. “Listen here knuckle-head, we’re part of a team and a team has to work together.”

He took a deep breath and raised an eyebrow in return, “Then why didn’t you ‘work with me’ when I asked you to stay back at Headquarters?”

“Because I can take care of myself! And you know, surprisingly, you aren’t the boss of me!” You huffed, walking down the stone hallway, gun poised for any surprise attacks. You could tell from the extra foot steps that Steve was following you from behind, his feet slightly dragging.

He sighed, “Look Y/N, I’m sorry I - “

“No. You look Captain Rogers, I get that someone pissed in your cornflakes this morning, but it’s not really my main concern right now. So please shut up and continue with the mission so we can leave because my computer and I have a date with Netflix tonight.”

He fell silent and you were almost disappointed. Normally the two of you argue way more than this on team outings, Steve constantly trying to tell you what to do. Regardless of the fact that you’re 100% human with no superpowers, you could easily handle your own on the battlefront. If only Steve could understand that. But he normally didn’t give up this easily, so his silence was a change. 

You approached a T-split in the tunnel, the path leading in two very opposite directions. You touched your earpiece, “Steve and I are splitting up, there’s a divide in the tunnel.”

“There’s no other way?” Natasha asked over the walkie. “Steve?”

Steve stepped forward, tapping his ear. “We could explore one tunnel, then double back and - “

“No.” You cut him off swiftly, “That’ll take too much time. It’ll be faster and more efficient if we just split up.”

Natasha sighed, “Do what you have to do but just be careful.”

You turned to Steve with murderous eyes, “How dare you undermine my decision? Never mind, that our other team members were listening! How could you?”

“I thought I was helping!” He retorted angrily, his hand balling into fists beside him. “Why are you being so difficult?”

“Because you’re so goddam controlling all the time!” You roared back at him. “This is my first mission where I get to call the shots and you’ve literally questioned all of them. Then, to top it all off, you stand there and make me look like I’m unable to make decisions in front of my teammates. So yeah, maybe I’m being difficult, but you’re just fucking impossible! I’m so done with you right now.”

You quickly turned on your heel and marched away from him, leaving him with his mouth partially hanging open.

The point of the mission was to find the control room and to backup the software, files and everything else onto a back up drive and then destroy HYDRA’s intel. The divide meant that either Steve would find the right room, or you would. 

As you continued down the hall, checking each dark and empty room for what you were looking for, you started loosing hope. The last thing that you needed right now was for Steve to complete the mission before you, making you look like shit.

So when you threw open a bright red door and there were computers lined up in rows upon rows, you practically squealed with excitement. You were about to tell Steve you found it, but thought better of it. If you get the intel now and complete the mission yourself, then that’ll show him to question your authority ever again.

The download started off simple, the driver was loading quickly and it looked like you’d be making record time. But once the files were on the drive and you started trying to delete the excess files, an alarm sounded.

“Shit!” You pressed your hand to your ear, “Steve I found the room, the drive is loaded, but I - Ow fuck!”

A searing hot pain blasted into the back of your shoulder, then another to your thigh. You bit down on your lip to keep yourself from screaming out, you fingers deleting everything quicker.

“Y/N?” Steve called over the earpiece, his breath heavy like he was running. “Are you ok? What’s going on? I’m coming hold on.”

With the last file gone and two more shots - your abdomen twice - you slid to the ground in pain, hiding behind the desk for cover. The pain was too much now and you were sobbing silently at the horrible feeling spreading through your body. You spoke into the earpiece as steadily as you possibly could, “I’m down.”

The HYDRA agent was getting closer and the bullets from his machine gun were raining down around you. There was a loud bang and the gunfire stopped suddenly, a series of grunts taking place before the silence.


“Here.” You gasped through the pain, your arms wrapped tightly around your middle as if to physically hold your body together. “I’m here.”

When Steve saw you he swore, running to your side and picking you up in his arms. “You’re going to be ok. Everything’s going to be fine Y/N, I promise.”

You lay your tired head against his shoulder, hardly feeling the bumps as he ran through the enemy base. “Aren’t you going to yell at me?”


“Why not?”

“Because you didn’t do anything wrong.”

You were confused, the dizziness from blood loss was leaving you dazed. “You make no sense.” You whispered to him drunkly, a few seconds later losing your consciousness completely.


The first thing you saw when you woke up was Steve Rogers, laying face down on the end of your hospital bed. “Steve?” You mumbled groggily. 

His head snapped up, looking like complete and utter shit, a smile quickly replacing his frown. “You’re awake!”

You flinched at his volume and he uttered a shy apology. You felt very confused and even a little hazy, looking over you could see the IV dripping into your bloodstream and you figured that explained the lightheaded feeling.

“What are you doing here?” You questioned, “Come to tell me off for my stupid decision making skills?”

He chuckled, reaching out to grab your hand. “Y/N, I’m sorry that I was such a pretentious bastard before.” You hummed in agreement and he rolled his eyes before continuing. “You got the job to lead this mission and I was happy for you, until I saw how dangerous the plan was. So I wanted you to stay home that way you’d be safe. Then, I suggested we explore the tunnels together so that I wouldn’t have to leave you alone. I was trying to protect you, you silly girl.”

You blushed slightly at his confession, trying to frown at him but you started to giggle like a schoolgirl instead. “T-That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! You should have just asked me to dinner if you like me…”

He grinned, finding amusement in your drug-induced bluntness, “Would that have worked?”

You wagged your finger, encouraging him to come closer to you. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, thinking your were going to whisper in his ear. Instead you grabbed his face with both hands and pressed your lips gently against his.

“Yes you stupid, gorgeous, idiot.” You giggled, “Dinner would have worked. It also would have saved us a lot of arguing.”

He laughed, brushing your hair off your face and gently nudging you back down on the bed. “Ok, ok! Now lay down and get some rest you crazy druggie, we need you healthy again.”

Well that was really fun to write! I like writing banter, so that was a nice theme to expand on! I really hope you enjoyed it Anon! <3


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Steve x reader 

Word count:2036, sorry its long.

A.N: Sorry it took me a while upload, I hope you enjoy this, I will be writing a Sebastian Stan x reader one very shortly.


“Do anything fun Saturday night?” Nat asked Cap as the four of us got ready for the mission.

“Well, all the guys from my barbershop quartet are dead, so no not really.” Steve joked and shook his head.

“Coming up on the drop zone Cap, Barnes and Y/L/N.” You heard one of the pilots over the overcome.

“You know if you ask Kristen out she’ll probably say yes.” Nat stated.

You rolled your eyes and slipped on a hand gun on you holster, Bucky who was beside you chuckled at your action.

“You were always the jealous type doll.” He smiled and pinched his cheek.

“That’s why I don’t ask.” Cap yelled at her as he placed his helmet in his head.

As you three were going to jump off the airplane an agent spoke up “Were they wearing a parachute?” He asked worriedly.

“Nope.” Nat sighed and at how reckless the three of you are together.

The three you landed safely on the roof “All right guys we have to do a quick sweep of the top floor and with that we will have full control.” Steve told you the plan once again.


You moaned as plopped onto the couch that was in the helicarrier.

“My whole body aches.” You complained to Bucky and Steve that were in the same with you.

“Maybe you should of listen to me when I told you to stay close and not run off and gotten yourself blown up.” Steve warned.

He was always so cautious of you even back in the 40’s, even when he was skinny and fragile and you were the one that was supposed to be taking care of him which you did along with Bucky. What it seemed was that you had a tremendous crush on him but Bucky on the other hand he always teased you about it and it has continued.

“Steve shut up and stitch me up.” You groand ripping your pants leg off revealing you huge gash on your thigh.

“You got hurt!” He panicked and quickly walked over to you and crouched down to look at your thigh not even caring that he was touching your bare thigh “Damn it Y/n you could of gotten badly hurt or killed!” He yelled at you getting up from your side and walked over to Bucky to get the med kit.

“Calm down Stevie we’ve done this before just stitch me up and I’ll be good in a couple of hours.” You smiled at him.

“Y/n last time I did this was just before going into the ice so don’t say it should be like the last time.” Steve kept going on.

“ Will you guys shut up you fight like a married couple.” Bucky told you both and walked out of the room to your guess was to talk to Nat.

There was an awkward silence for a while until you decided to break it.

“So how about we go to that pizza shop we use to go back in the day,maybe this friday? I feel like we haven’t hung out together in weeks, only on missions.” You hoped he would say yes since you really missed him.

“I would love to doll but I have a date with a girl that Nat set me up with.” He told you.

You let out a sighed and nodded

“Yeah alright, whatever.” You told him and stood up hoping out of the room searching for some crunches since your leg was hurting but you didn’t want to be with Steve at the moment.

“Y/n you can’t walk on your leg you’ll open them up.” Steve warren.

“I don’t care.” You gave up on finding the crutches and just limped your way out of the room.

You heard Steve sighed and get up, you were soon been lifted in the ground which caused you to yelp, but you didn’t say anything since you know that he would not listen so you just leaned back onto his chest.

“Were are going?” Steve questioned.

“To Bucky.” Was all you told him.

He sighed and stopped and placed you on the small couch that was on the hallway.

“Y/n stop doing that.” He sighed and say in front of you.

You just crossed your arms and  stared at him not speaking.

“I’m being serious doll, please talk to me.” He begged “I’m so sorry we don’t hang out anymore, I’m sorry I’m never there for you. I’m just so busy with the missions and all these dates that Nat has been setting me u-”

“That’s the point Steve you’re always busy going on these..” You paused for a second debating weather or not to tell him.

“Busy?” Steve questioned, god he was so clueless.

“Busy on all these..missions I feel that a don’t spend any more time with you that we’re drifting.” You looked him in the eye this whole time.

“We will hang out this Saturday just you and me, and maybe Bucky.” He gave you one of his breathtaking smiles.

“Yeah I’ll like that, and we will invite Bucky.” You smiled at him “Now take me to them.” You order.

“You should be resting sweetheart.” He warned you, but gave in since you will not take no for an answer.


“Why does she have to keep and setting him on date?” You asked Bucky as you shoved some popcorn in your mouth.

“He’s lonely and he’s been saying that he want’s to get back in the game.” Bucky told you as he sat next to you on the couch.

“Buck a relationship is no game, plus he want’s someone with the same life experience. Like hello I’m right in front of your face you big gorgeous idiot.” You sighed and leaned forward to fix the pillow under your foot.

“Why don’t you tell him that and not me, plus in opinion you would both make a cute couple.” Bucky teased you “Y/n and Steve sitting on a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g. First comes love.Then comes a baby on a baby carriage, suc-” But he was cut off by Steve walking into the room.

“Do I look good guys.” He asked, this was one of his routine he would come in ask if he looked alright while you and Bucky thought how he looked.

“You looked fine Steve, go you’ll be late.” You tried to make him leave but he sat down on the other side of you.

“I still have a half an hour left.” He told you and reached over to get the remote control.

“Stevie, Y/n has a problem.” Bucky spoke up.

“No I don’t.” Both you and Steve spoke at the same time.

“What is it?” He sounded concern.

“Well will you belive that ur beautiful Y/n doesn’t believe she’s good enough for someone.” Bucky told him, you quickly jabbed your elbow on his rib.

“What that’s crazy you’re beautiful Y/n, and if that idiot doesn’t see it you shouldn’t even be interested on him.” Steve looked at you with his big blue eyes that made you want to melt.

You cleared your throat and looked at Bucky “See Buck I shouldn’t even be liking him.” you empathized ‘him’.

“I call bullshit.” Bucky got up from the couch and stood in front of you two “I’m sorry to the both of you but I know damn well that both you idiots like each other, Steve I know that you like her ever since back in the day. You should’ve seen how devastated she was when she heard about Peggy and how she would cry herself to sleep because she would never be good enough for you. She didn’t want to say anything after the serum because she thought that you would think that she only liked you for your looks.” Bucky let out “If you would excuse I’m going to head out now.” He excused himself and walked out.

You didn’t dare to speak let alone look at him, but you both knew that sooner or later you would both have to speak.

“Would you like anything to drink?” You asked but mentally cursed because you couldn’t risk opening up your stitches.

“Y/n.” Was all he told you before speaking up again “Why didn’t you tell me?” He questioned almost sad.

“Why didn’t you tell me? You had just the same chance to tell me then I had to tell you.”You stated.

“Y/n I’m being serious now, I like you, like a lot. I kept going on these dates thinking that I would find a nice girl,granted she was never you nor would she ever be but I still tried to find someone. Just look at yourself your breathtaking, you make me feel good, safe like I’m home.” He was now facing you and he had grabbed you hand to intr wind your finger.

“Steve Grant Rogers you are such an idiot.” You let out.

Which caused him to give you a ‘wtf look’ “I just told you how I feel and you call me an idiot. I guess Buck was just playing around, you know that’s pretty messed up even for the two of you.” He stood up to leave, but you pulled him back.

“Steve you’re an idiot.” you told him again but he interrupted you before you could speak.

“Thanks I think we’ve established that so I’m going to go now before you call me something else.” He stood up once again.

“Steve again please don’t go or else I’ll actually call you something else, I like you as well as an like like. I can’t believe you didn’t see it back in the day I was basically drooling over you before you took the serum. Every Time you would come back home and I would see you all beat I would honestly want to go and give those fat heads a piece of my mind, every time we were out and away from home I would get homesick but somehow some way I always felt like a piece of you was home to me and now that you and Buck are the only thing I have I feel like you two are my only home. So Steve yeah I do like you.” You told letting out a breath you didn’t even realize you were holding.

Steve started to get closer which you followed his lead as your lips were about to touch Steve spoke up.

“Can I kiss you?” He questioned.

“You were always such a gentleman Stevie.” You told him and that was all he need to close the space.

The kiss, the kiss was everything you ever wanted you always dreamed it was filed with so much passion. You placed one hand on the back of his headed to bring him closer if that was even possible and you felt him place a hand on your caressing it ever so slightly, it caused you to get goose bumps.

You both pulled away much to your disappointment and leaned back on the couch.

“You’re late for your date.” You told him which caused him to stand up quickly.

“Shit I have to call her Captain America never stands up a date I have to call her at least.” Which he quickly did, which involved a lot of ‘sorry’s’ much to your entertainment if you might add.

He finally hung up “Finally you done.” You pulled him in for another kiss, you pulled away from him but he would still give you little pecks.

“How about a date tomorrow?” Steve asked, he seemed cocky since he knew his answer.

So you decided to play with him “Hmm I don’t know, I do have a big day planned tomorrow with Bucky I wouldn’t want to cancel on him, you know because he’s my best friend and all.”

“Cancel it.” He pulled you in for a short sweet kiss.

“Alright Captain.” You told him.

“Ugh I’m going to puke, you’re both disgusting but still oddly cute. And you were going to ditch me for this big baboon.” Bucky came busting into the room scaring you both.            

Episode 12 was full of so many wonderful things, but this:

The fact that “light appears in the dark color of Haruka’s eyes” (x) after hearing Rin calling out to him is still one of my favorite things ever. It’s such a poignant, beautiful detail and it says so much it honestly kills me. Even more so because it’s a fact that they always, always made Haru speak through his eyes to make up for his silent nature. 

It’s been nearly a year and I’m still not over it ;~;