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Stranger Nights and Anxiety Frights - VLD Fanfic

Written by: quiznak-its-lance

{ This is a verrryyy small short of the Voltron fanfic I’m working on and I’m not sure where it’s gonna go but here it is *jazz hands* }

“$9.87 please” Trembling hands fumble for the money in his wallet. He wasn’t good at this. Fuck, he was not good at this. Lance could already feel the fear settling in the pit of his stomach as he hands the cashier his money.

While he waits, his damp blue converse shuffle on the white tile of the convenience store floor and his heart sinks again at the thought of the downpour outside.

“Thank you for shopping at Zarkon’s have a good day” The cashier’s dreadlocks were a weird shade of grey, the slight wrinkles on her face and her glare made Lance cringe and grab his bags as quickly as he could.

The rain practically drowns him as he rushes to his car; the droplets running down his caramel skin as he yanks the door open and jumps inside. Breathe in… Breathe out…

Lance steadies his hands on the steering wheel, not even thinking when he places his forehead against the cool leather. His breathing evens and he laughs dryly.

“Dumbass…” He reaches down to the plastic and pulls out the cigarettes and lighter he had just bought.
His nimble fingers take one out and lights it.

His mind instantly relaxes. He knew he was gonna get yelled at once he got back to the dorm, but it was worth it. Or so he thinks as he watches the tiny embers flicker as he taps the stick against the window.

So much for quitting…

Are You Ok?

Happy birthday Thick Cock Daddy Hunter, you gorgeous hunk of a man! 47 and fine as hell! 

Triple H/OC. For Anon: Triple H and younger new assistant reader on a long flight in the private plane, all alone, and after falling into each other during turbulence she’s left desperately aroused from how strong and huge he felt. Tries to get herself off for a few minutes in the bathroom with whispered begging and pitiful unsatisfying results that he couldn’t help overhearing and… much dirty sexy sinful goodness.

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