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John Laurens x Large!reader

tw: assholes…saying mean things

You were always a bit on the bigger side. When you were little, it wasn’t as big of a deal, people were judged based on personality, not arbitrary things like look and size. But then, you grew up. People began judging based on attractiveness (especially potential suitors) and yes, you had quite the attractive face, but you were also on the larger side. And that was not considered “attractive.”

You had been rejected many times, fancying people with nobody fancying you back because you were large, well- until you met him that is. Him, John Laurens. The most gorgeous, adorable, caring man you’ve ever met. He never judged you based on your size. He loved you based on your smarts and concurring opinions on slavery and women’s rights. But it still didn’t make you any less insecure.

I was a crisp Monday evening when the two of you were walking through the streets of New York arm-in-arm in the market looking at all the vendors and their goods.

“John, I’ve got to go buy some eggs for my house. I’m just gonna go get some.”

“Alright, sweetie. I’ll be over here waiting for you.” He kissed your cheek as you skipped off to buy eggs.

You were humming to yourself, wondering how you could’ve ever gotten such an amazing courter. You payed for the eggs and began to head back over to John. You see a group of three attractive, twig thin girls trying to hang themselves all over him. Your cheerful demeanor quickly turned into panic.

You begin to head over while slowly walking, a little freaked out to see this. But above all, it hurt. It hurt to see him with other girls.

He had gotten them off of him and off to one side when he waved and smiled at you. You did the same back and began to pick up your pace. Then, the group of girls began to walk in your direction. The lead one changed her seemingly playful energy as soon as she turn away from john. She developed an arrogant smirk.. As she passed by, she bumped into you and whispered in your ear.

“Good luck with that one, fatty. He’ll dump you as soon as he’s laid ‘cause there’s no other reason someone would be courting someone as unattractive as you.”

It felt like someone had kicked you in the stomach. You heard her and the other two giggle as they walked away. You looked back at John, who was giving you a confused look. Then, in a moment of panic, you sprinted down the marketplace away from John, away from the girls, and to your residence. You ran in the front door, dropped off the eggs and ran immediately up to your room and shut the door. 

All of the girl’s comments and the comments people had said to you had flooded back to you at once. He’s too good for you. You need to loose weight in order to every be considered attractive to anyone. There’s no way someone in their right mind would be with you. These words felt like shards puncturing your heart as you sat on your bed and sobbed into your hands.

You then heard a knock on the door. It’s probably your roomate

“Please go away. I need to be alone right now. Go to the parlor.”

“(y/n) what’s wrong? Did I do something?” You looked up to see John Laurens peeking his head from behind the door cracked open.

The color went out of your face. “”

“Please, (y/n), if there’s anything I did, please tell me. I saw you run and figured you came hear. What made that happen?” The words that were said earlier in the day came flooding back.

“I- Okay. Those girls told me I was too fat and unattractive to be with someone like you and my worth was only to be a notch in your bedpost.” You struggled to hold back tears and stay strong. But it didn’t work very well.

“My dear, do you really believe the words of a few jealous girls?” he asked, concerned.

“But it’s not just them. I hear this all the time. From all sorts of people. Who say I too unattractive and not good enough for you and-”

He cut you off by walking up to you and pressing his lips to yours. You were dazed and confused for a moment but then melted into the kiss even though you knew at a moment like this it was a bad idea, wrapping your arms around him neck.

What am I doing? you thought as you broke away from the kiss, remembering the words so many others had said to you. 

“I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry. I can’t do this. I just can’t stop thinking about how I don’t deserve you.”

“(Y/n), if anything, I don’t deserve you. You are so kind and caring and gorgeous no matter what size you are. You are intelligent and care about the rights of people you don’t even know. I match wits with you and that’s why I love you. Not some superficial irrelevant reason. I want to spend the rest of my life with you have children and write against slavery and grow old with you. Gosh, (y/n) I should be the one apologizing, not you.” 

He turned to the door as if to leave, but then hesitated. You took this as your moment to run up to him and kiss him with all the passion and fire in the world. It felt like fireworks and tasted of old spices with the smell of books.


“Yes, my dear?”

“I love you too.”

anonymous asked:

Why do people say Richard is pudgy? He's literally a normal human being who isnt some 6ft tall god. He's freaking gorgeous himself!

Well nonny, I think people call my darling pudgy because he is! And you know what? That isn’t a bad thing! I don’t think there’s any of us who are calling him pudgy to insult him (and if there are then send them to me because I will fight them). The thing is, people don’t either have to be gorgeous or pudgy. Pudge isn’t a disqualifier from hotness, not in the slightest. 

I mean look!

Look at that tummy <3

That adorable, tiny little muffin top of cuteness 


Pudge? You betcha! But hooooly shit so hot. 

How dare this gorgeous, adorable man not wear a shirt??? The tummy rolls, the hot-itude, it’s too much for my poor heart to handle. 

See? All of those pics show a bit of pudge, and he looks fan-fucking-tastic in every single one of them. 

In terms of fanfiction and calling Gabriel pudgy? Well, here’s the thing. Gabriel? Eats a metric shit ton of candy. So it makes sense for him to have a bit of pudge! And me, as a writer and reader of sabriel, love that. I’m a bigger girl and not ashamed of it, and there is not a hell of a lot of mainstream media that shows girls that look like me as the leading lady who gets to fall in love and have sex and get the person of their dreams without having to go through some sort of makeover. And if they do get to find love it’s generally with someone that’s a similar body shape as them. While there’s nothing wrong with two plus size people dating each other there seems to be a general consensus that skinny people are not going to want to be with someone my size or bigger unless it’s some sort of fetish thing. But in Sabriel fanfiction we get to read about this character who is chubby fall in love with and have a relationship with someone who looks like a damn sports illustrated model. It’s absolutely incredible, and I’ll defend chubby Gabriel with my life. 

So yeah, Richard Speight Junior is so fucking hot that it melts my brain. He is also chubby. Is he downright huge? No. (Would it also be ok if he was huge? Yes.) In the grand scheme of things he is pretty average sized, but in hollywood terms he’s definitely a bit bigger. And I’m so, so, so ok with that, and it is so so so important that people have role models to look up to (and pine for hours over on tumblr) who don’t look like body builders or models. I love the shit out of Richard Speight Jr. and his chub, and that’s fine by me. 


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