you gonna work now jfc

So not only is chapter 50 animated coming out right between my two most difficult exams of the year, it’s also on the same day my father comes back home for a while…uurghhh

Uhhhh correct me if I’m wrong but with the most recent TG spoiler isn’t it now confirmed that Hide is the ONLY one of Kaneki’s most precious people to NEVER lay a hand on him? Touka, Kaneki’s mom, Hinami, they’ve all physically hit him but Hide has never done such a thing, always placing his hands on Kaneki’s shoulders and just comforting the other? Dear god I hope he’s alive, Kaneki might not survive without Hide.

I find it really funny that all the Anti’s think about is sex, sex, sex between Bill and Dipper, then proceed to call us the one’s trying to “sexualize” them together or disgusting.

Um, if you don’t know, Shipping ISN’T about fucking sex. So how about you Antis get those thoughts out of your minds before you say that stupid shit to us. It’s hilarious when you guys think that way.

It’s not about a “sexual relationship” Seriously, quit thinking that you gross turds. So don’t go trying to give your additions when THATS all you think about. 

We didn’t go “OH Yea! I want Dipper/Bill to fuck eachother!”

No, it’s called reading fanfics that make you interested because of the Protag/Antag dynamics.

All you Antis who keep thinking that BillDip is all about the sex really get on my nerves, especially when you accuse people that they are disgusting for shipping it when sex between them is all you think about.