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I want to meet sunny! I just like dogs. What kind of dog are they?

Tord: Sunny’s the golden retriever you guys gave Tom after Weiss. We decided we couldn’t care for her as well as Weiss so we gave her to Paul and Patryk.


“You’re my best friend.”


I actually have had more dogs in my life than cats I would say. When I was… In our house… as a family we had both, we had a dog and two cats. We had a golden retriever called Muffin, named after her mother Crumpet, who was my best friend in the world… And she was around for ten or twelve years, and we had two cats called Orlando and Grace. (…) I love dogs too, I’ve always wanted to have a dog actually as, you know, for myself but… I travel too much, it wouldn’t be right.”


“Like master, like dog”

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Rich stared at his phone screen, huffing slightly.

“I don’t understand,” he mumbled, typing away on the device.

“Don’t understand what?” You inquired, peering at him from your spot on the couch.

He quirked his eyebrow and frowned.

“Why am I always portrayed as a corgi? Why not something like a german shepherd, or a golden retriever?”

You narrowed your eyes before bursting into laughter. “Really? Rich, look at you, and then look at a corgi. They’ll be the same picture. And anyways, corgis are cute, lovable, and funny, just like you.”

Rich’s lips lifted into a smile.

“So I’m cute?”

so today a girl in my class was telling me about how her uncle recently adopted a dog from turkey

and apparently the story is, that in Turkish culture it became a symbol of great wealth if you owned a golden retriever. so lots of Turkish people bought these dogs for show but when the dogs grew up the people were like nvm this is too much work and just kicked the dogs out to the streets where many were dying of starvation

hence an initiative was started, called Golden Rescue I believe, where they go into turkey, save these dogs and bring them into North America for adoption.

and I freaking love animals, so this is such a cool thing to do.

but there’s a number of lessons we learn from this story, and they are as follows:

Lesson 1: white people will walk into your country, walk straight past the 2.7 MILLION syrian refugees starving and begging for a home, and head to the dogs of your country to save them.

Lesson 2: white people will then bring these dogs back into north America and adopt them as part of their families and give them love and respect and cherish them as one of their own, while providing for their every need.

Lesson 3: white people will then refuse the entry of literal human beings fleeing from genocide and starvation in their countries but will bring the DOGS of your country back to their own homes and save them and give them a loving home.

Lesson 4: if you were to tell the story of the dogs being rescued to any openly racist white animal lover, you know full well they would have unending sympathy for those dogs.

And then they’d turn around and protest refugees from entering their country.

Lesson 5: And the last lesson we learn from this is the lives of dogs matter more than the lives of those human beings whose cells produce more melanin. black and brown lives don’t FUCKING matter in the slightest under this system andsuch a system is vile to its core. It must be uprooted and destroyed.

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You said you wanted a puppo that doesn't get big and I'd just like to inform you that Golden Cocker retrievers are considered the "forever puppy" because after they reach the age of 1 or 2 they don't grow any bigger :,)))

Ooooo. Noted.


The golden retriever reunion today was adorable. Daisy was nervous to be around so many dogs (especially because she was the smallest aside from one puppy) but was happy to see the rescue group’s owner again. He still remembered her after ten years which I found incredibly heartwarming.