you go zoe

you will pry the headcanon that hange’s handwriting is illegible to everyone but moblit from my cold, dead hands


I know you want to push people away,
but I like y o u, Pin. I like you. And there
is nothing you can do to change that.

Root: Okay, all the straight™’s of the company are gonna assume we’re one of them. So we’ll be like gay secret agents!!!

Shaw: Bi spy!

Finch: It’s an ace case.

Zoe: Pan with a plan.

Reese: …

Reese: Secret gaygent.

The Secret (7)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.

Baekhyun stared blankly at the schedule printed out in front of him, seeing the black shapes of the words but not being able to focus enough to read. His mind was still reeling from what he had learnt, trying to process it and make sense of it. So he had a daughter: for five years he’d had a daughter he didn’t even know about.

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I’m just saying… a writer doesn’t make two characters complete opposites in both personality & cleanliness & make them badass fighters who torture people together just for the hell of it. That shit has meaning.


Fresh and clean ~

15 minutes earlier…

Levi: Hange. You’re gonna have to actually clean yourself.

Hange: Nah.

Levi: ….you’ve got literal dirt on your forehead. I can see it from here.

Hange: ….Nah.

Levi: …..

Hange: …… 

Levi: …… >:[


Yahoo I’m finally done with this work (:

See I’m part of an Illustration collective and we’re going to release our own designed deck of cards soon, so we had a draw. Each of us had to pick 4 cards and I got these. I thought it would be fun to make them based on my fav quartet

That was a long waiting lapse so I’m really sorry. Thank all of you who stick to me you’re osom :B and for those who didn’t it’s ok you don’t have to stay, this kind of things will happen to me often so there’s no way you’ll get along with this blog (: 

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Through thick and thin

Hey… hey… I wrote a full thing about you being Zoe’s best friend and getting pregnant with Connor’s kid… I’m super proud of it but I wrote this at 2am so… if I missed any mistakes let me know!

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“I’m pregnant…” the words still sounded foreign in your mouth as you told Zoe. You had just had the courage to tell Connor a few days ago and now… now you have to tell your best friend

“Your… your what? With who!? I didn’t know you were seeing anyone??” Her tone was shocked, eyes wide as her eyes flicked down to your stomach.

This is where things got hard, your body shaking as you forced the words out of your mouth “Connor…” you whisper “it’s Connors baby” you could feel the tension in the room rise as she suddenly sits up from the bed

“Connor?! My psycho brother!? You… not only did sleep with him but you got knocked up with his kid!? Why would you do this to me?”

“To you? This isn’t about you! Zoe I… I love Connor and I want you to be apart of this kids life!” You found yourself yelling, tears running down your face as you watched Zoe’s face twist in pure anger.

“No. I… forget it, I don’t want anything to do with this. If you want to raise a child with that monster than that’s your business” she spat, glaring at you before storming out of the room leaving you alone.

Your shoulders shake as sobs take over your body, you didn’t even realise Connor had entered the room until he pulled you into his chest, his arms wrapped around you tightly.

“It’s okay… we can figure this out together somehow, I promise”

You won’t lie it was rough. If you thought Zoe reacted badly she was nothing compared to Larry. You can still hear his angry words as he pointed at you and talked like you weren’t even there… how Connor moved between you and him protectively as he stood his ground. In the end Larry kicked Connor out of the house when he stood by your side.

You caught Zoe’s eyes while you helped Connor back up his stuff, her eyes seemed regretful as they flicked between your growing stomach and Connor but she retreated back to her room in silence. Slamming the door as she did.

As you packed the boxes into the Murphy’s old car Cynthia slipped money into Connors hand, tears in her eyes “I’m proud of you… this isn’t going to be easy but don’t hesitate to ask me for help” her voice was genuine as she pulled away from her son, a nervous smile on her face. Connor just nodded, a small thank you leaving him as he clutched the money to his chest. He didn’t look back as he pulled away from the house but you could he’ll he was scared by how hard he was holding your hand.

He told you later that day that he would forever be grateful to his mother for that money, thanks to her you two could put a down deposit on a small little apartment downtown. It wasn’t fancy, just two bedrooms and the smallest bathroom you’ve ever seen but you two called it home.

As your stomach grew Connor stayed by your side through every appointment. When he found out you were having a son Connor cried as he saw the ultrasound, he kept a photo in his back pocket at all times and you… you sent one to Zoe. You don’t know why, perhaps it was natural to try and share something this important with your best friend.

You didn’t hear anything back.

The nursery was small much like the rest of the apartment, the room only big enough for the basics but Connor made sure it was perfect. You cried when you first saw the panting he did on the wall. The night sky was scattered across your sons bedroom “that way he’ll know there’s always light even in darkness” you sent Zoe a text about the nursery, she read it right away but didn’t reply.

At seven months problems arose, the doctor said it wasn’t major but you worried yourself sick when you googled preeclampsia at home. Connor held you tight and kissed your stomach that night, his smile never dropped but you could see he was worrying to. You were going to message Zoe to share your concern but… you didn’t want to bother her.

You grew closer to Evan through the pregnancy, he would often take you out while Connor was at work. You would have gone crazy if he wasn’t there to ease your worry but as your due date got closer you found yourself spending all night reading pregnancy books. You couldn’t help but miss Zoe, you were sure she would know what to say to help you relax.

At eight months someone was knocking at your door, someone who you didn’t expect to see, Zoe. Her eyes were wet when the door opened, her hands clutching a plastic bag tightly. “I’m sorry” her voice was shaking “I…I was being a selfish bitch and treated my best friend like garbage when she needed me most” she didn’t have to say anymore, your hugged her right there in your doorway as you two cried in each others arms.

For the rest of the day you two talked and caught up. You told Zoe about your anxieties and she comforted you the way only a best friend could, she even gave you blanket. It was poorly knitted and crooked but Zoe claimed she wanted to give something she made herself. It was added to the nursery that day.

Connor was hesitant of Zoe at first. He would send glares or pass some passive aggressive comments whenever she was in the room. Connor knew how much you were hurt the day she abandoned you, he didn’t want to see that same thing happen again especially this close to your due date. Part of you expected her to be pissed, go back to yelling and fighting with Connor whenever they disagreed but that didn’t happen. Zoe admitted her mistakes and kept apologising, she even apologised to Connor personally. You wouldn’t have believed it if you didn’t see it yourself but eventually the two Murphy siblings were having coffee together and joking like they were old friends.

At nine months you were in hospital. Screaming and squeezing Connors hand as you pushed, looking back on it you were surprised you didn’t break his hand. “Your doing great Y/N just keep holding my hand” he whispers, pushing your hair out of your face “I love you… I love you so much” while you appreciated the words your positive you glared at him and spat the words “you fucking did this to me Murphy” at him more than once.

At 4:20am you heard crying. You were sure if you weren’t as tired as you were you would have made a joke about Connors son being born at that time, instead your eyes followed your new born as the nurses cleaned him up. You didn’t let go of Connors hand until it was announced that while he was a little smaller than expected he was perfectly healthy.

You and Connor both teared up in that moment.

Ari Elijah Murphy was the cutest baby you had ever seen in your life. Maybe you were being a little biased towards the fact but you couldn’t care less in that moment. Ari’s eyes were just like Connors… right down to the little patch of brown in the sea of blue, you claimed he was a little clone of him but Connor insisted he took after you. In the end you two decided he was the perfect little mix of you both.

Zoe was the first one to see him. A small sob escaping her when Ari reached for her hair, wrapping it around his tiny little fingers. She couldn’t wipe the smile of her face as she cooed over her nephew. You glanced at Connor seeing if he was thinking the same thing as you, it was now or never.

“Would you be his godmother” you spoke suddenly, a smile on your face “clearly he already likes you and… we can’t picture anyone else caring for him as much as we do” Connor stayed silent but he had the smallest hint of a smile on his face.

“Wh-what? Me… Even after…” she trailed off, as of she didn’t quite believe this was happening.

“We all make mistakes… I’m the king of them at this point” Connor sighed, a small laugh escaping his lips “but it’s how we recover from those mistakes that make us a better person”

Zoe nods, biting her lower lip as Ari once again reached out for her, a small whine coming from him when he couldn’t reach her.

“I would love to… thank you” she whispers. He head lowering to hide her tears.

“Your my best friend Zoe… I wouldn’t trust anyone else”


ARMIN by Elvendashears

One of the oneshots i was planning on doing that relates to my other story “That Girl”.

yo! hope you guys had fun reading!

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you’re laurel, but you’re not my laurel | quentin + black siren

I started this back in July because @clarkebiprincess had just gotten into Arrow and she brought a little life back into me concerning my once love for the show and especially for Quentin and his relationship with Laurel.

So I present you this - cut short because after a certain point I had no idea what to do with it, haha.

On The Contrary, My Dear...

Anon asked: Ommmmmggg I am I’m need of sassy old couple obi-wan x reader in a new hope, maybe from Luke’s point of view or something but I just. Want to grow old and sassy with obi on tatooine I love it like?? Maybe the reader was a Jedi too Idk whatever I like you’re stories a lot good job congrats keep working and improving friend you go

Author: Zoe

(A/N: I haven’t written a snarky old couple before, but I’m loving this idea!)

Plot Summary: You and Obi-Wan have known eachother since your teenage years, training side by side as padawans underneath your respective masters. After his battle against Anakin, he took a heavy toll on his shoulders, both physically and mentally. Now, together in exile on Tatooine, you both follow the Jedi Code to some extent. I mean, two Jedis aren’t supposed to get married and grow old and sassy together, right?

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“Darling, how’s training with Luke? Any hints of his father?” You asked, brushing a few strands of gray hair behind your ear.

“On the contrary, my dear, he’s not much like his father. There is Light within him.”

“I do hope so. You’re getting too old for fighting.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? I’m still as sprightly as when we were in the Academy!” 

You chuckled, pressing a chaste hiss to his cheek. “But of course, dear.”

“Luke, you can stop now.” You outstretched your hand and placed it on the young boy’s shoulders.

“What are you doing? He still has much to learn.” Obi-Wan walked to your side.

“The boy needs a break, he’s getting there, but he needs to recharge his energy.” Luke removed his helmet, smiling up at the two of you.

“Thank you, Y/N.” He sighed and collapsed into his seat.

“Oh, alright, but don’t think that I’ll go easy on you next time, Luke. You’re only taking the first steps to becoming a Jedi.”

“Says the man that always became too flustered during our sparring sessions at the academy.” You muttered.

“I heard that, darling!” Obi-Wan yelled from the doorway.

“I love you too!” You yelled back, sarcastically.

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