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In The Place To Be

Author: Zoe

Word Count: 3043

Warnings: Getting kicked out, drinking, thinking a pole is Jennifer Lopez, probably cussing knowing Zoe

Note: The fact that the reader is Bi is mentioned once

Another Note: This was supposed to be posted on Saturday to make up for not posting anything on Friday but Zoe and I were both doing stuff and we were too busy to post anything. Sorry!

It’s been a rough day. You were late to the bus, had TSA mess with your crap, juggling four bags (your only possessions now), and having your flight rescheduled for three days. Three. And the damn cherry on top? This was all after being thrown out of your home.

Yeah it’s been a bloody great day.

So here you sit at an airport, looking at the canceled flight sign two meters away. It at least the airport wasn’t too disgusting, you tried for optimism and failed as you saw the disgusting bland color of the walls. Oh and of course growling under your breath because you no longer have a penny to your name.

Or you had two-hundred dollars and a savings account but those you couldn’t spend that money on a hotel because god you have school, and then soon a rent. It’s gonna be a nightmare.

Water it is, you think as you stand up and haul your bags around beside you. Three days of staying in uncomfortable chairs, trying to sleep while simultaneously keeping an eye on your bags, and eating trashy airport food.

Life was looking great.

(Oh boy, and that was only the monetary stuff because no way were you touching the emotional stuff till you had access to a shower.)

After sitting down you managed to wrangle a notebook out of your bag to write. This chaos should be documented, shouldn’t it?

While your hand scrawled across the paper with alarming speed a man slammed into you with a cup in hand. “Aw hell, I’m sorry. Oh your shirt is wet and brown, here.” The guy scrambled for napkins at the counter you sat near. (Waitwasthatacoffeeshop-)

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He Was

Author: Zoe

Word Count: 803

Trigger Warning: Death, period typical racisim (which no one important condones don’t worry pals)

He said each word like a note. Sentences were songs. Paragraphs were symphonies.

You were entranced by them.

You were entranced with the words. Not the man who spoke them.


Not after what he did.

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Zoella Apartment Tour

“So Y/N and I are currently heading to Zoe’s London apartment.” Joe says to his blogging camera as we walked down the sidewalk together.

“You mean her apartment that isn’t really her apartment.” I chime in, leaning in to get in shot. Joe chuckles before nodding in agreement.

“Her official Zoella apartment.” He corrects himself, turning the camera to point down a ways as I wave at Zoe. “Oh look, she’s already vlogging. Us Suggs are good at vlogging each other!”

“Hello you two.” Zoe smiles, her camera pointed at us.

“I am so excited to see what you have!” I tell her, as we head up the stairs.

“Is this part of it?” Joe asks, pointing at a tree located outside someone else’s apartment.

I roll my eyes at him as Zoe jokes around before we move to the actual Zoella apartment door.

“Will you just go in?” Zoe tells Joe, following him being a complete dork asking about every single thing.

“Hurry up, will you. I want to see what Zoe brought out.” I push him gently, smiling at his dorkiness.

“Alright, alright, I’m going.” Joe finally opens the door, heading in. “Oh, hello!” He greets the others in the room, his camera panning around the room.

“Wow, Zoe. This looks amazing.” I tell her, Joe and I laughing as we notice the Christmas tree.

“Come on, I’ll give you the grand tour!” Zoe grins, grabbing my hands and leading me further in the apartment, Joe trailing behind us, camera in hand.

“Oh, that’s a cute one.” Zoe showed me the developing photograph her and I had just taken, grabbing a pin and handing them both to me. “Pick a spot, I want to fill this board with pictures! Come on, Joe. You’re turn.”

I hear the click of the camera behind me and I place the photo of Zoe and I onto the board, turning to grab Joe’s camera and clicking it on to record for a bit.

“So I get some goodies to take home, right?” Joe asks, only half joking.

“Yeah, but there’s more to see still.”

“How much stuff do you have?” I ask, laughing as we follow her into the other room.

“Can I get in there?” Joe asks excitedly, pointing at the bathtub full of white balls printed with the letter Z on them.

“If you want.” Zoe giggles.

“Why am I dating such a dork?” I sigh, but still smiling as Joe submerges himself in the bathtub.

“Because you love me!” Joe replies, ducking down into the balls.

“And questioning that every day.” I tease him.

“Oh, and take some of these too. They smell delicious.” Zoe says, adding another one of her products to the bag.

“Are we leaving anything behind?” Joe asks, panning his camera across all the goodies Zoe was giving us.

“Shh, free stuff is great. Plus your sister is right, that does smell delicious.” I peak into the bag as she hands it to me. “Thanks, Zoe.” I smile at her.

“Cheers, Zo.” Joe pulls her into a hug. “Good job, it all looks great.”

Zoe hugs me as Joe swings the camera around the room, waving goodbye to everyone.

“Your sister is amazing.” I tell him as we leave the apartment, Joe grabbing the bag of goodies from my hand as he tucks his camera into his pocket.

“I know…makes me feel like I’m slacking.”

“Don’t worry, babe.” I link our hands together. “You’re still my favourite Sugg.”

“Until Zoe plies you with more free stuff.” Joe rolls his eyes at the bag hanging from his shoulder.

“Probably.” I reply before we both start to laugh.

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a. - age: 18
b. - biggest fear: leaving my dog behind when I go to uni later this year
c. - current time: lunch time!
d. - drink you last had: water
e. - everyday starts with: with a chocolate microwave pancake for breakfast which has probably taken 12 years off my life
f. - favorite song:  NW5 - Madness
g. - ghosts, are they real: nah
h. - hometown: London
i. - in love with: sougo okita + armin arlert
j. - jealous of: people who have the ability and motivation to go home and do serious revision
k. - killed someone: no!
l. - last time you cried: the other night listening to vale decem then watching tentoo and rose kissing and ten seeing rose just before he regenerates
m. - middle name: my great grandmother and aunt’s names
n. - number of siblings: 1
o. - one wish: please let me get into my first choice uni!!!!!!!
p. - person i last called/texted: called my Nonna, texted my friend who may be moving back to New Zealand :(
q. - question you’re always asked: why are you quiet / say that again / what did you say i didn’t hear
r. - reason to smile: ao no exorcist season two, 3 free! movies, and me nearly having caught up with the gintama manga!
t. - time you woke up: around 11am despite staying up until 4am reading gintama
u. - underwear color: pink
v. - vacation destination: Japan
w. - worst habit: picking my lips and face if acne was a person it would be me
x. - x-rays you’ve had: my left hand - i caught a volleyball wrong (HOW) and fucking broke my finger. I wouldn’t survive in the world of haikyuu!!
y. - your favorite food: sushi and chips
z. - zodiac: capricorn



“My dad was a party man. Machine politician. Did what he was told. Right up until the cops showed up, put the cuffs on him. The local press was camped out on our lawn for weeks. Then this guy showed up, the guy that the party would send to deal with… uncomfortable situations. He said two words. And those reporters? They packed up, and they left, and they never came back. And I realized, that’s what I want to be. The person who knows what to say, and always has something to trade.” - Zoe Morgan


Happy Birthday, Zoe ( hoseoktagon ) I hope your day is filled with lots of love and smiles~