you go tumblr servers

baddrummerboy15  asked:

I hope you haven't touched Amino. The amount of metagaming, godmodding, and over powered characters is hell. And, may I ask, do you prefer tumblr roleplays? Or would you go to a larger server of other roleplayers? I assume the former, but I am curious!

[I haven’t and I don’t really plan too. Too many people in one place for me as I can think about the chaos that must unfold there. It is the former. I also don’t mind servers that got a couple of people that knows how to keep things in order. I use discord, so…

But, like, I don’t understand the need to have such powerful characters. Like there’s powerful and then there’s WHY ARE YOU THIS POWERFUL?! I mean, My Asriel isn’t to say powerful just very knowledgeable but that’s based on in-game facts. While his power is just only compared to what he can do in the game while being trained to be able to use fire magic which I need to write up. But, at least with that, I’m establishing that as his life progresses. Yet, Asriel is still weaker to Chara and of course, that’s common sense. Humans are just known to be stronger than the monsters by default. Of course, Asriel is a bit stronger than normal monsters because of his experiences and the fact that he is a Boss Monster. But, you know… at points, Undertale itself or their AU’s can make it confusing on what is a good standard. ]