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How to dad?

Don’t ask Theo because he obviously has no idea.

I’ll do a commemorative picture later but AT LAST I HAVE FINISHED MY LOONY FILE , but you know what that means? Now I can make a normal file to laze about support-collecting!

Since I’ve never had MMorgan, I need an FMU, but to make me bother getting her supports I have to do something to make her interesting for me.

So, meet Pancake. She’s blind.

She has also proceeded to help Sully at least four times on thirty percent-ish or less Dual Supports, so I’m pretty sure she’s got some kind of hero crush on her. (Almost left Donny with nothing to level on, and we can’t have that)

The Prince’s Heart | Chen (EXO) ~ Part 6

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Errors, errors everywhere. Please excuse spelling errors or anything. I will fix them later. Sorry it took so long for me to put this next part, but here you go!

Sulli, Jennifer and Lee Hi were over your house once again. You all decided to have a girl’s day. These kinds of things are always held at your house. It’s a regular thing, so you weren’t surprised.

“Sulli help with the pancakes!” You called out, running to the fridge to grab the orange juice. Sulli, who was sitting on the couch in the living room, pranced in the kitchen. She stood in front of the stove, flipping the blueberry pancakes you were previously working on. While the both of you got breakfast ready, Lee Hi and Jennifer were cleaning the place.

It was a regular routine you all put in place. You walked to the small circular table that you called the dinning area. You set the four tall glasses down, filling them all half-way with orange juice. You placed the gallon of juice back in the fridge, grabbing 2 of the four plates you had seat out. They all already had scrambled eggs you finished earlier on them. You took the two plates and set them on the dining table. You grabbed the other two and did the same. After Sulli finished the pancakes, you ordered her to start of the bacon. You grabbed the bigger plate that had all the finished pancakes and started placing them on the four assorted plates.

As Sulli worked on the bacon, you began to clean the dishes that were taking space in the. As you scrubbed the pans, there was a strong knock at your door. You looked up from the soapy pans before you, to meet Sulli’s curious gaze.

“Were you expecting someone?” She asked, her brows scrunching up.

You shook your head, also confused. You rinsed your hands off, finding some tissues to dry your hands. You were about to leave the kitchen when Lee Hi and Jennifer walked in with their eyes wide.

“What’s wrong? Who is at the door?” You question them. Even though you wiped your hands off they were still damp.

“Jongdae’s parents…’ Jennifer whispered, shock and fear coloring her hazel brown eyes.

You took a step back, trying to collect your thoughts.

“Jongdae’s parents? As in the King and Queen?” You whispered, your face scrunching up with anxiety. The room was suddenly growing hot, and every mess seemed greater than before.

“Are they in the living room?” You questioned, watching as Sulli shut off the stove that was once cooking the bacon. Jennifer nodded, pointing her thumb over her shoulder.

“We cleaned the living room, don’t worry. I don‘t think you should keep them waiting.” She said, giving you a soft pat on the shoulder. You took slow steps, your feet making sounds against the tile floor of the kitchen. The pajama shorts and T-shirt you were wearing made goosebumps rise on your skin. Your hair was a tangle mess, which you pulled into a ponytail. You were able to wash your face and brush your teeth, but you don’t think you smell the best either. Before leaving the kitchen you looked over your shoulder at your friends.

Unlike you, who was trying to keep calm, the panic was clear on their face.

“Go in my room, get my phone and call Jongdae.” You hissed before walking forward, out the kitchen, past the dining room and into the living room. As you caught sight of them, your heart pumped up into your throat, making it hard for you to even swallow your own saliva. They both sat there on your tan couch, watching the news or your flats screen TV.

They weren’t dressed like you expected. They were dressed like normal people. You weren’t sure why you were expecting some type of royal garment on them. Jongdae’s mother wore a simple peach blouse and some black pants with some wonderful peach heels. She sat very delicately, her legs crossed at the ankles and hands sitting in her lap. Her husband, Jongdae’s father, sat with a white button up and some black slacks that look like they belong with a suit. Along with that he wore some black dress shoes. He sat focused on the news, mumbling something to his wife.

She would nod his way, smiling slightly. They looked like normal people, yet they had a sort of aura around them, that you couldn’t ignore. You also didn’t forget the two bulky bodyguards that stood at stood on either side of the couch. There were two more standing at your front door.

You stood there frozen, not sure what to do with yourself. It was one of the guards that noticed you. As he informed the two you were present, you looked at the other guards. You were hoping to see a familiar face. Neither Jacob or Jihoon were present.

“Y/N?” A husky voice said, snapping your attention away from the bodyguards. Both of Jongdae’s parents were standing, looking towards you with unreadable expressions. You panicked, your heart beating loud in your ears. You gave them both a 90 degree bow, holding it as you spoke.

“Your Majesty, Your Highness. Thank you for visiting my house. It is an honor. Please excuse my appearance, I was not expecting you.” You said before standing straight.

The both of them didn’t speak, staring at you.

“Would you like something to drink?” You asked, taking small steps towards the kitchen. Anything to leave the tense atmosphere of your living room.

The queen put one hand up, telling you to stop.

“It’s alright. We just wanted to speak to you.” The Queen said, looking towards the love seat across from them. You walked over to the seat, waiting for them to sit again before you did.

Looking at the two of them, you were reminded that the Queen is Jongdae’s step mother. The resemblance between Jongdae was very clear. You couldn’t find him in the Queen. The Queen looked towards her husband, waiting for him to speak.

“Y/N, we were supposed to meet you last week. I am sorry we had to leave so suddenly.” The King said, finally showing you a small smile.

“It’s okay, I’m sure you left for a good reason. Jongdae explained to me.” You spoke softly. You could totally hear the fear in your voice.

“We just returned, and decided to swing by. I’m sorry to catch you by surprise like this. Jongdae doesn’t even know we were returning today.”

“Oh really? I’m sure he’ll be happy you both are back.”

“Well, Jongdae told us you’re a chef.” The Queen questioned. Unlike the King, her face expression was still unreadable. Her eyes were heavy, and you could feel the weight of her gaze.

“Yes, I have been cooking my whole life. I went to college and majored in Culinary Arts. I am currently an assistant chef at a restaurant. I hope to open my own restaurant one day.” You asked simply.

“How long have you lived in Korea? Your Korean is wonderful.” The Queen barely gave you time to breathe before she threw another question your way.

“I’ve lived in Korea since I was 9, so about 12 years.” You answered kindly, “My family moved here for my father’s job.”

“Tell me about your parents.” The Queen was not giving you any slack.

“My mother is an English Professor at a college.”

“And your father?”

“My father passed away some time ago.” An awkward smile met your lips. For a short moment, you saw a look of pity in the eyes of both the King and Queen.

“What were your intentions when you decided to come to the marriage meeting? Most women with regular jobs like yours don’t have have courage to do such a thing. Most of the women meeting with Jongdae were Princesses or daughters of government officials.” It was the King to ask this time. It seemed the more you spoke, his tense attitude was subsiding. You couldn’t say the same for the Queen.

You chuckled, “I am surprised Prince Jongdae didn’t tell you. I was actually at the palace for a job interview. I was hoping to work in the kitchen. I ended up in the marriage meeting due to a misunderstanding.”

The King chuckled, but the Queen was not amused.

“So you were not there for Jongdae in the first place?” She exclaimed, almost scaring you.

“N-no I was not. I explained to him that it was a misunderstanding, but he still wanted to speak to me.” You explained.

When she didn’t say anything back, you cleared your throat awkwardly. You looked down at your feet, hoping this uncomfortable period of quiet would pass.

“We already had a fiance for Jongdae,” The Queen said making you look up at her.

“Really?” You tried to hide you bewilderment. Jongdae never mentioned that.

“Yes. Jongdae never seemed like that type to stick with one girl.” The Queen said.

“Oh really?” You replied.

“Yes, we were worried that he would never settled down, so we found a fiance for him but, he begged us to let him find a bride himself. It seems he has settled on you.” The way said settled made it seem like last resort.

“The fiance we had picked out for him was one that met the standards of a prince. She is the daughter of a government official, traveled abroad and knew 4 languages. She studied in Economics and Business. Her father is an old friend of the King and she was Jongdae’s childhood friend. She had all the qualifications to marry Jongdae. We were shocked when he rejected her.” The Queen paused, her eyes looking you up and down.

“I was curious what Jongdae’s taste was.” She muttered. The King shot her a warning glance, causing her to stop speaking.

You mustered some courage, and decided to speak your mind.

“Does Jongdae like her?” You questioned softly.

“Excuse me?” The King asked, a bit confused.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to know if Jongdae likes the fiance that was picked out for him. I understand she has all the qualities to marry the Prince of South Korea, but does she suit Jongdae? The way I see it, Jongdae is Jongdae before he is the prince. So if you focus on the prince aspect more than what Jongdae wants, he won’t be happy in the end.”

After you were done speaking, not only the Queen, but all the guards were staring at you with wide eyes.

Oh god, I just told the King and Queen about their own son! What an idiot I am.

You opened your lips, ready to apologize when you noticed the King’s facial expression. A smile pulling at the corner of his lips, a laugh sitting at the edge of his tongue.

“Wow,” He sighed putting his hands on his knees, “I think you are completely right.”

The Queen looked over at her husband, just as astonished as you were.

“I see why Jongdae likes you.” He stated, “You see Jongdae before you see ‘The Prince’.”

“But darling, what qualities does she have to be the Princess?” The Queen whispered.

“Jongdae likes her. That’s the only thing that matters,” The King said to his wife before turning back to you. The Queen didn’t speak much after that. The rest of the conversation was carried by you and the King. He even asked about Sulli, Jennifer and Lee Hi. The three of them filed into the living room, introducing themselves. They soon joined the conversation, which was full of laughs and chuckles.

Now that you had met the King, you saw a lot of him in Jongdae. Their personalities are very similar.

You were all talking when there was a knock at the door. You stood up to answer it, but one of the guards did that before you could. The moment the door opened, Jongdae walked in, looking around as if he was expecting some sort of fire. He wore a sharp dark blue suit, white undershirt, black dress shoes and his hair was gelled back. Everyone sat there blinking at him.

“I forgot that I called him…” Lee Hi muttered shyly. Jongdae looked over at his parents, and back to you.

“Is everything okay?” He asked, walking over to you. You nodded, smiling at him. You guess he was expecting to find you in tears or something. His arm wrapped around your waist, completely ignoring his parents.

“Jongdae,” You hissed trying to step away from you. His grip on tighten as he smiled. He didn’t even acknowledge the presence of his father and step-mother.

“You didn’t need to come, everything is okay. I’m sure you were busy.” You said, placing a hand on his chest.

“I only had one meeting today, it didn’t take long.” He informed you. He looked over at his parents before he spoke again.

“I had to make sure they weren’t harassing you.” He stated, a hint of playfulness in his voice.

Before you could protest, the King laughed.

“Jongdae, you know I would never do such a thing.” The King chimed, laughing some more.

“Well, it wasn’t you I was worried about.” Jongdae murmured, his eyes drifting to the Queen.

“Everything is alright.” You assured him, “I was just having a lovely chat with your parents. They came to get to know me.” Jongdae’s grip on your waist tighten and he pulled you against him.

“Jongdae!’ You hissed, “Your parents are right there!”

“Aww come on! I’ve missed you.” He cooed, leaning close to kiss you. You threw your head back, pushing him away with a bit of force. His arm dropped from your waist. You stared at him as a pout met his lips.

“Aww Y/N, don’t be like that.” He spoke in an exaggerated sad voice, wiping fake tears.

“It was a pleasure to meet you Y/N. It’s nice to finally meet the woman who has been keeping my son out of trouble.” The King said standing from his seat, smiling kindly.

You smiled back, bowing to both him and the Queen. The Queen’s face wasn’t that welcoming, but you still smiled at her. You walked them to the door, still talking with the King about certain things.

“I hope to see you again.” The King said, before turning to his wife, who had nothing to say. One of the bodyguards opened the door for them to leave. Before stepping out, the King turned around to look at Jongdae who sat in the love seat.

“Son, we’ll talk more when you get home.” Jongdae only nodded in response to his father. The King showed you one more smile before walking out the door. The Queen didn’t even glance at you as she walked out the door. All the bodyguards filed out, closing the door behind them.

The moment the door was closed, everyone let out a breath of relief.

“Wow, that went better than I thought.” Jennifer voiced, walking back into the dining room. You looked over at Jongdae, who had his eyes on you. When your eyes met, you both smiled forgetting about the other two people in the room.

“We made breakfast, it’s probably cold, but there’s enough if you want some.” You told him, walking over to him. He stood up from his seat, grabbing your arms and bringing you closer to him. He pecked you on the lips quickly, making your face heat up with embarrassment.

“Oh, just act like we’re not here!” Sulli said waving her arms in the air.

“Okay!” Jongdae almost sang, letting go of your arms. This time he wrapped one arm around your shoulders, and the other on your waist.

“I’m sorry about my parents showing up without a warning.” He whispered in your ear.

You shook your head, “I was worried at first, but they weren’t mean to me.”

“Not even the Queen?” He asked, pulling back slightly to look at you.

“She was a bit fierce,” You admitted, “But she wants the best for you, I can tell.”

Jongdae scoffed at your comment, “Yeah right. She is only concerned about herself and the image of the royal family.”

“She’s just a little high-strong, that’s all.” You reasoned.

“Hey lovebirds!” Lee Hi shouted from the dining room, “Are you going to come eat? We set a plate for his royal highness too.” She giggled before disappearing into the dining room. Jongdae removed his arms from around you. You headed into the living room, and he followed you. There were a few questions you wanted to ask him, you were planning to hold them till later.

Of course your nosy friends would never let that happen.

“So we heard you already had a fiance.” Lee Hi said casually. You choked on your scrambled eggs, rushing to grab your glass of juice.

“Lee Hi!” You snarled. She looked at you with a helpless expression, shrugging her shoulders.

“What? You were thinking that same thing!” You argued.

You looked at Jongdae. He sat beside you, moving his scrambled eggs around. You were hoping he wouldn’t say anything, but he quickly spoke.

“I knew my step-mother would bring that up. She probably meant Hyo-Jin, a childhood of mine. My step-mom was always trying to set me up with her.  It felt like everyone was pushing me into a corner, so I told them I would meet someone my own way.” He explained, glancing your way.

He looked from you face to the plate in front of you. He reached forward and grabbed one of your bacon strips.

“Hey!” You shouted, your mouth full of pancake.

He laughed at you, shoving the bacon in his mouth. Your eyes narrowed at him, “Your bodyguards aren’t here to save you!”

“They are sitting in the car in the parking lot, I’ll be fine.” He showed you a smug smiled, before winking at you. You stuck your tongue out at him, before picking up your fork once again.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Jongdae set his fork down, having it clink against the glass plate. He reached inside his coat and pulled out 4 golden envelopes. He hand one to each other girls, before giving you one.

“What is it?” You asked as all four of you opened your envelopes. Of course the other girls read it out loud before you could get yours open.

“You have been formally invited to Prince Kim Jongdae’s birthday Masquerade Ball!” Sulli read before screaming, causing you to wince.

“Thank you Jongdae! Thank you for inviting all of us!” Jennifer said, cheesing widely.

“Jongdae, this is really kind of you, but-” He cut you off before you could finish.

“Everything will be taken care of. I’ll buy your dresses and everything. You all just need to show up and look beautiful.”

“You don’t need to do that! We’ll buy our own dresses!” You protest.

“Too bad, I won’t let you.” He shot back, tapping your nose lightly with his index finger.

He saw your skeptically face expression, and reached forward, pinching your cheeks.

“Trust me, you’ll have fun.” He said smiling at you.

You smiled back and nodded, “I trust you.”



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