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everyone who meets harry: harry is a natural born star there's just something effortlessly magnetic about him he's just so special on his own without even trying. harry's team: you know what we should do? fabricate an intricate fake image built on nothing but lies to make harry seem like the heterosexual rockstar i wish i was when i was younger.

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I'm sorry for misunderstanding you btw. I do admit I thought you just didn't want to criticize what the azoffs had done because I know you do like them (they've done good things.) I just I've seen you go after Sony, modest, rusty and I expected some criticism during parts of Harry's promo and I didn't know if it was the azoff part that kept you from commenting. I realize now there was more to it, so I do apologize. Thank you for explaining!

Hey! No problem. You were nice in your ask and it just gave me an opportunity to clarify without having to answer the less charming asks saying the same thing :)

I’m giving them time to dig themselves out of this hole more than anything else. I go after Syco and Modest and Simon Jones because they’ve had MORE than enough time to show who they really are and to correct mistakes after the fact. They have not. They’ve only shown themselves to get worse as time goes on.

We have evidence that Jeff and Irving, et al, are very competent and are not complete assholes to their clients, so I’m just giving them some room to show me that is true in connection with Harry.

Also, and I’ll say this again, where Harry is concerned, I’m not going to lay all the blame at the feet of his team. This is HIS team. He chose them, he’s in charge. This isn’t Modest where he wasn’t given a choice and couldn’t leave.

So to my mind, whatever is going on has Harry’s seal of approval. There may be moves that someone makes that weren’t run by him, but just like we said with RBB and SBB, people that work FOR you don’t just do shit without your ultimate approval. Mistakes that are made can be corrected. Not everyone makes the right choice every time, but now they have the opportunity to course correct. We’ll see if they do.

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Why do you usually talk shit about Marvel? DOn't you like their movies? Pls explain

i mean, yeah i do, but it’s no secret that marvel has some glaring issues and has made some pretty big mistakes. 

up until now, there are a grand total of three main poc superheroes in the entire mcu (rhodey, sam wilson, t’challa). there are a grand total of 0 latinx/asian/middle eastern/etc. superheroes. where are they? it’s not like the comics have a lack for any of them, not really. plus the whitewashing of the maximoffs, and the ancient one in the upcoming dr strange movie is just really, really gross. 

this issue leads us to lack of gender diversity as well, because literally all of its current franchises are headed by straight white men: captain america, ant-man, iron man, thor, hulk, doctor strange. where are the women? fans have been calling for a black widow movie for years. yes, we do have some pretty kickass women already, like the aforementioned black widow, but after the embarrassment that was aou (don’t even get me started on joss whedon) she deserves so much better. and janet van dyne, one of the original founders of the avengers and the only founder who won’t get a solo movie, was horribly fridged in ant-man; she’s dead before the movie even starts. she deserves better. helen cho, the brilliant scientist who had like five minutes of screentime in aou and was then basically used as a prop to inadvertently help ultron? she deserves better. i could go on.

where are my lgbt+ characters? there’s plenty of suspicion in fandom that steve and tony, for example, aren’t straight. not to mention that it’s actually canon in the comics that loki is pan and genderqueer and that gamora is bi/pan but we don’t get to see any of that. that’s not to say that there needs to be evidence in the comics that someone isn’t straight (or a different race/gender/etc.), but it kinda goes to show that the writers pick and choose the facets of characters they like and conveniently ignore other parts.

speaking of the writers picking and choosing, marvel also does not handle disabilities well. clint barton is canonically deaf. it’s already been established in the mcu that tony has anxiety issues and ptsd but it seems like marvel has conveniently forgotten about that. honestly, given all their pasts, i expect pretty much all of the avengers to have some form of mental health problems, but, once again, we don’t get to see that.

and yes, we are getting a captain marvel and black panther movie coming soon, but it just feels like we’re accepting the bare minimum, because guess what, marvel’s very foundations were built on social justice as put very nicely in this post. marvel’s comics are way ahead in terms of diversity for the most part, and i understand that the comics and the mcu are different and it’s supposed to be that way, but sometimes the discrepancy feels so extreme that it stings.

i do enjoy marvel movies most of them at least but sometimes it’s hard to look past its issues. yes, i understand that you can acknowledge the issues of something and still like it, but at what point do you keep letting them get away with it and stop saying it’s okay? i talk shit because i hope that one day i’ll be heard. i know i will never get marvel to change by myself, that’s just unfeasible, but i hope that adding my voice to the chorus of others who also feel the same way will force them to listen. this isn’t an accurate representation of our society. it mostly boils down to social justice for me, because i know now that as a bisexual latina woman i deserve better. 

if you want to read some articles that probably explain better than me, here’s a few

so tldr: those of us in marginalized groups deserve better.

PSP Production Officially Ends In Japan 

- PlayStation Portable paved an innovative road for handhelds after its North American launch in 2005. The PSP aimed high by being the first handheld to offer multimedia entertainment while including a rich portable gaming experience. After 80 million units sold in 9 years, for a new generation to begin, an old one must end. 

Probably an Unpopular Opinion

Does everyone forget that Simon Cowell literally MADE One Direction… He formed them in his mind or on paper or whatever before they even got put together. There was no ‘i realised in 15 minutes i didnt want to lose these boys so i put them together as band’, he was always going to do it. So let’s be reminded that FROM THE BEGINNING this was rigged. 

Let’s also be reminded that while the live shows were going on, Simon would have done anything to get the boys to the finals. He so blatantly bent the rules with song choices etc to have more controversy on the judges table and pull at the heart strings of fans to vote for them. He would have recognised the fans and support of One Direction and he used it to their advantage.

So with all of this going on, and don’t get me wrong One Direction ARE talented, but Simon was always going to do whatever he could to make them 'the next big boy band’. In my opinion Simon rigging the show for One Direction to come in 3rd was a fantastic business decision for the boys and obviously for Simon/Syco. 

There are only a handful of talent show winners that have become successful World Wide. The fact that the boys lost The X-Factor but won the world is a much better marketing strategy, a better money making strategy and an extremely successful business move had they won The X-Factor and been tied to that name as 'winners’ for the rest of their careers. They were free to mould One Direction into whatever they wanted them to be, because they WEREN’T the winners.

I firmly believe that One Direction wouldn’t be as big as they are now if they were the winners of The UK X-Factor. 

sorry can i break from this a minute to acknowledge how LM management took a beautiful song about same sex couples who had to hide their love and made a video with Little Mix walking in London and Jason DeRulo doing a back flip in front of a fake London background filmed probably in LA over the summer YOU GO SONY ALWAYS PREMIUM QUALITY