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Saturday Night Live.

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Request: You go with Shawn to SNL to support him ??

Okay so i kind of got carried away and i don’t think i’m very good at the argument part but i hope you enjoy it, sorry about the delay as well!!

The past few days have been a strain on our relationship with three days of continuous fighting about the smallest things and even though when were together we may be fighting there is still some sense of comfort rather then him spending long hours in the studio. Until, I thought Shawn would understand if I helped out a colleague at work instead of going on our date. We plan dates whenever we can and since I’m in town we thought we should. It was Shawn’s turn of organising but when my colleague asked if I could cover their shift due to her husband in hospital and kids at home, of course I said yes. Little to say, Shawn was not impressed

My little part time job I have in Pickering at a small café is lovely, especially because I’m not always there. They allow me to work when I’m visiting and understand when I need to go home.

From there, every little thing I did seemed to be wrong and Shawn was always quick to pick me up on it. I didn’t say anything, I may have rolled my eyes a few – hundred -  times which I’m sure he noticed and probably shook his head at but what was I meant to do. I apologised multiple times, I even baked some muffins and as bad as I do feel, he shouldn’t be making me feel worse as this is the first date I’ve ever missed and he has missed quite a few with no good reason. In other words, I am containing my anger towards him.

Both our frustration levels are through the roof with each other and things only get worse when he tells me at 6:00am, that he is going to be late in tonight because he is working and then he left. I screamed. As soon as he closed the front door I screamed. I didn’t care if he could hear me I needed to let it out until my throat burned. That night Shawn didn’t get in until 10:00pm and then slept on the lounge. I know it’s not that late but when you have a plane to catch at 5:00am it makes me mad knowing that he knows how to look after himself but doesn’t.

Today, I can feel that I’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Normally with these fights I’m the one that likes to keep my composure and not like for Shawn to see me emotional when it is over something petty. But today is not a good day. I decide to keep to myself the best I can, so when I go to make some breakfast I just quickly grab some muesli and yoghurt and head back to the room and start getting changed before we leave.

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  • Interviewer: What did you think of the three who were with you in those final rounds [for best SNL star]? It was you, Will Farrell, Eddie Murphy and Phil Hartman.
  • Bill Hader: No women. I don't know about that. There's some really funny women at SNL, man.
  • Interviewer: What woman would you put in there?
  • Bill Hader: Kristen Wiig, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Gilda Radner, Larraine Newman, Jan Hooks, Nora Dunn, Molly Shannon, Molly Shannon, Molly Shannon, Molly Shannon! I mean, come on! I don't know about that. That's very flattering. But yeah, there should be a woman in there somewhere.