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Still not over Amara's reaction/facial expression when Dean pretty much yells Cas' name when Lucifer is incapacitated (is that the right word? Idk, but I think you know what I mean)

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Yep and then she proceeds to use Cas to get to Dean and it works.

Then she only contacts Dean through touching Cas’ heart and when Dean hears the word “Angels”.

Dean goes and puts himself in harms way with Amara to save Cas.

Dean reconciles Amara and Chuck through distinguishing familial and romantic love and what she actually wants.

Amara tells Dean that something is stopping him from having it all, what he wants and that she will give him what he needs.

Then she resurrects Mary, enabling Dean to follow his path to self acceptance and starting to believe that he deserves good things, that he is allowed to have what he wants and coincidentally starts giving Cas mixtapes, telling him he is devastatingly handsome, worrying about him unashamedly and outloud for 6 consecutive episodes and acting like hunting husbands then worried husbands all season.

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Amara and season 11 just don’t work without Destiel

Based on my thoughts and seeing a lot of others thinking the same I went through and rewatched season 11 focusing heavily on Amara’s scenes, in the end putting them back to back to really look in detail and wowzers, that was eye opening.

As well as all the huge amounts of subtext throughout the season as usual, if you watch all of Amara’s screen time and follow her interactions with Dean and her overall storyline (which is the whole of season 11′s overall storyline, just saying) it just does not function without Dean and Cas’s bond. Without Destiel this whole season just… doesn’t work.

So, just looking at the obvious parts (I won’t go into too much detail as I wrote a whole other post about Amara as an exposition for Dean’s feelings here….).

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The real ‘upping the game’ in the exposition of Dean and Cas’s feelings towards each other and, coincidentally, the overall arc of the season, comes from THIS POINT, where Amara is textually and visually put forward as a love interest for Dean. There is a clear parallel of Dean/Amara and Dean/Cas throughout the season 11 narrative and it is from THIS point that both Amara and Cas are portrayed romantically, directly mirrored and used in each others’ narratives. This is not a coincidence. 

If it were more referenced beforehand perhaps I may be a little more forgiving and allow more of a ‘platonic profound bond’ reasoning but it is precisely because of this clear move into a love interest role for Amara that Cas and Amara are then clearly portrayed as ‘good bond/love’ and ‘bad bond/love’. One is forced on Dean against his will and he clearly rejects it, one is at its core based on free will and he clearly is doing everything he can to save Cas, even going up against Amara to do this, a very well done full circle of parallels leading into each other… *ahh narrative tie-ins and mirrors - sighing with contentment*.

SO… Since the midseason finale and this scene:

We have the Amara/Love monster who tells us textually that she can “feel the love that you feel”, she uses the particular and relatively precise and uncommon word ‘longing’ which we all now clearly associate with Cas and praying, she talks about his feeling shame… Then moves onto Amara, reminding him of Dean’s way ‘out’, of the ‘bliss’.  For me although this isn’t Amara, the love monster does actually use the words “who I am doesn’t matter” and therefore it’s clear that the information she’s giving us is what is important. This is a clear exposition.

Dean then clarifies to Sam that “to call it desire or love…it’s not that”. So the love monster from Love Hurts - who was talking about Dean’s love and longing and shame… She uh, wasn’t picking up on love for Amara as Dean has explicitly told us that is not what he is feeling. So…. who might it have been referring to? 

The attempting expelling of Lucifer. Is just so much Destiel and has been covered so many times. All I’m going to say here is that despite “God’s freaking sister”, one of the two most powerful beings in the universe, being right there, Dean’s main concern is Cas to the point that he calls out for him in front of everyone else and reveals his weakness, not a particularly restrained or smart move for a trained hunter. Amara and Lucifer both notice this and we are meant to notice them noticing
Why is this important? To clarify that Dean’s bond with Cas and his worry for him outweighs his bond with Amara.

The longing scene. Again, much meta-d. Basics being, Dean is longing for Cas (while actually muttering ‘where are you Amara’ clearly worried for Cas as it is Cas not Amara he is talking to Sam about around this scene. Amara has an actual real, substantiated ‘bond’ with Dean through the mark, sure, but it IS NOT AS STRONG AS HIS BOND WITH CAS (which as far as I’m aware doesn’t actually have any real basis unless the hand mark or something has a role but hasn’t been touched on for 8 years so I’m going with no), ergo Amara has to use Cas to find Dean. Then yes, she totally manipulates him into coming to rescue Cas/Lucifer because Dean is such a good friend

After this we get another very interestingly subtextual scene where Dean and Sam are interviewing Donatello and it is only once Sam mentions the word ‘Angels’ that Amara again immediately finds and comes to Dean.

Again proving that Dean’s bond with Cas is stronger than his bond with Amara.

I particularly love the near-finale narrative, after she expressly tells Dean she cares for him and wants him to be happy, to have bliss - the sandwiching of Mary and Cas in her story which is so relevant to season 12 - how Amara shows that she is capable of just de-materialising Metatron in an instant because she is attacked and angry, she then notices Mary’s picture, she then is again attacked and angry but ‘saves’ Cas, essentially ‘resurrecting’ him from Lucifer’s control, then of course resurrects Mary.

( #Narrative parallels and tropes are a thing is one of my favourite tags).

These are all writing/directing/production choices that were made to show these scenes one after the other and revealing her choices here. Are we not supposed to wonder why she made these choices? 

Are we not supposed to wonder why Amara, all powerful being, is incapable of contacting Dean without going THROUGH CAS (who Dean expressly states is “small fry” in comparison to her), or having a conversation with him where Cas isn’t in some way referenced once she is herself portrayed as a love interest? 

Or why the writing/directing/production team made these choices? 

There is a clear narrative being told here.

If you watch all of Amara’s screen time throughout this season it is just so clear what she is exposing, what her interactions with Dean are based on, how her storyline does not function without Dean and Cas’s bond. I’m not saying her story is pointless, it clearly isn’t, just that it rests on their bond so this shows how extremely important to the whole story their bond is.

Any why? Why are we being shown all this, why are we being encouraged to question all this? I was just reading @charlie-minion’s excellent overview and loved this post with great insight: “The question in season 9 was “who do you love?” Whereas I think the questions in season 10 are “what kind of love do you feel?” and “whose heart are you gonna break?”. 

There is a clear and ever evolving question about Dean’s feelings throughout the seasons which has now kept on into season 12. I think these questions have been more or less answered now, the questions for season 12 and moving forwards are “is this love reciprocated”, which has already been answered textually, “will you be able to admit to this love” and “what are you going to do about it”…

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You know where, in the last episode, they said that most things God touched (while on Earth) received His power or something like that? Well, all I could think of at that moment was this:

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RvB sold me more on wash and Maine’s friendship than wash and York’s friendship (esp since York’s lines at wash are negative more often than not) but then like I don’t know what to do with the fact… that washington sits next to york… at literally every opportunity…


There you go. Jared BTS season 11. Jared’s like “NO…MY MERIDA”

Ruth is adorable ^_^ ❤

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There can be beauty in getting lost. Sometimes, we have to get lost to find each other. And sometimes, we find each other, only to get lost all over again. We can’t always control it, the things that will set you adrift. And as you stand there on your front porch, staring at the life you’re about to leave behind, you have to accept it’s gone, it’s lost — just like you. All you can do now is stand very still, breathe in the moment, and try to be open to wherever the wind is going to take you next.
—  Meredith Grey

Espargabros, Moto2 Catalunya GP 2011


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You felt your heart leap to your throat and you literally could not breath. You didn’t think you’d get to see him again. This soon, anyway. It had not been too long before your breakup which of course meant the pain was still there and the wounds fresh to hurt you 24/7.

Not that you were going to get rid of the feeling so easily. You knew it the moment you had uttered those words to him ‘I thibk it is better if we take some timw to ourselves. Alone. Away from each other’

As you thought back to it now you didn’t know what had gotten over you but maybe the distance and you getting to see him less and less as time went by was just too much for you to handle.

Not that you could ever forget how it felt having to say goodbye to him.

And it wasn’t like the media let you to. The first you officially announced it they went crazy and months after that they would not stop talking about how 'The match made in heaven breaking it off’. At some point you wanted to break your TV, pc and phone and tear apart every single damn magazine. You always were an issue since everybody believed you were perfect for each other and your story was well known (in genral lines) but after the break up hey would not stop bringing everything back. And along with that came the memories and it broke you ten times worse.

The tears would run hot for hours you clearly remember and you remember how you clung to him and he to you as you hugged for presumingly the last time.

Not as it seemed.

“Hey” his voice was hoarse as he looked deeply in your eyes.

You didn’t know how much you had missed that green until now.

“Hey” your voice was equally low and rough.

It’s been only one year and he had not changed one bit. Still as handsome as you remember him and still able to make your heart skip a beat just like the first day you met him all those years ago.

“Didn’t know-” he swallowed “-Didn’t know I would be seeing you here”

“Uh yeah I actually thought it would be cool to audition for a small role as a change” you shrugged slightly trying to avoid eye contact with him at any cost.

“Seems like you weren’t the only one” he sighed and at that you did look at him.

Bloody great.

“So-” you cleared your throat “-How’s it going with Supernatural? I heard season 11 is one of the best huh?”

“So we think” he tried to fake a smile “But yeah things are going well… What about you? Anything new… in personal life maybe?”

You instantly felt a lump form on your throat and tears well up. He knew. Of course he knew. You could practically hear it in his voice. You could hear the pain and… anger with himself that he let you go without putting up a fight.

“Not… much” you mumbled hoping that maybe just maybe he was asking because he really qanted to know and he had no clue about-

“Oh. Because I heard differently. You and Chris look like a nice couple by the way”

Of course luck was not with your side. And at this point there was not much you could say. No real way to explain what your relationship with Chris really was.

An attempt to forget him for his own well-being.

“Uh yeah yeah. Well about that-” you blinked the tears away and shrugged “Well we still wanna see where it goes. Nothing’s too serious or… something” you trailed off mumbling as you looked down at your hands, fidgeting with them.

“Oh” he mumbled nodding his head and looking away as he let out a long sigh. He ran a hand through his hair before looking back at you.

He felt his heart shutter as realization downed on him that everything was lost. Because he had lost you officially.

And now he would have to put up with that just like seeing you and Chris on set in the movie that he was going to be in as well. Reality was getting harder and harder and he was about to reach his breaking point.

Only you were not going to be there to hold him but a few feet away in front of him and in another man’s arms.

Season 11 production - Block 3 Day 6 - Day 36 overall


8:00am. Day 6 of 15: BLOCK 3 (eps 1105/1106) has begun with 6 scenes from 1106 for dir. Pierre Tremblay.🌞Sunrise🌞was at 5:27am

This morning it’s sunny and lovely. A great day to finish exterior filming prior to hiatus. Lots of action today; riding & racing.

Remember season 10? Amy was carrying baby ____ & was not seen on a horse outside of dream sequences? Not this season! Not today!

In my last tweet I meant to emphasize in season 11 you are going to see Amy riding a lot! Today @Amber_Marshall is doing that! 🏇🏿

Guest star on episode 1106: Ted Atherton. His 1st day is today. Ted received a Gemini nod for “Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy.”

Lunch is happening on set right now. Half the scenes have been shot; half to go. It’s likely to be cloudy for those three scenes.

Back on set, you can file this under “You Can’t Keep a Good Goat Down.” Yes Heartlanders: Floppy is in scenes today! 🐐#GoatPower

Production is on hold for 30 minutes as the crew waits to see what the clouds are holding. A bit of rain is fine, but only a bit.

It was a long day with weather causing grief but the day is done. Cast & crew will be back tomorrow at 9:00am. #HLinProd tweets then.👍🏻🙂👍🏻

[meta] Two Steps Back: The Show’s Not Over Yet

[excerpt] Here’s the thing. In the season 10 finale, I don’t see Sam-and-Dean as healthy and equal and loving and back-together, not like in season 5. Nothing like in season 5. That hasn’t changed. But everything else has. What I see is much darker, much less healthy, but so much more fascinating because of how it was brought about. What I see has made me unspeakably excited for season 11, and (you knew this was coming) I’m going to tell you why.

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Red Meat - DID YOU MISS the MOST Wincestified NEW EPISODE OF SPN?!



Can you say Romeo & Juliet, anyone? THIS EPISODE WILL DESTROY YOU and remind you why Supernatural has lasted for 11 going on 12 seasons all in one fell swoop. <3333

THIS is why this show is so gorgeously long-lasting. These boys. And their endless love.