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omgcp-themed asks!
  • Jack: Tell us about something you’re passionate about.
  • Bitty: What happened the last time you had a crush?
  • Shitty: How do you define your gender & sexuality? (If you don’t want to say, just write “I have no deets, man”)
  • Lardo: How do you express your creativity (writing, drawing, music, etc)?
  • Ransom & Holster: Do you have a best friend? If so, how did you meet them?
  • Nursey: Are you a naturally calm person?
  • Dex: What’s an issue you’d fight someone over?
  • Chowder: Would you say you’re a friendly person?
  • Tango: What’s the last question someone asked you? (besides this meme)
  • Whiskey: Are you introverted, extroverted, or somewhere in between?
  • Mandy & Jenny: What’s some of your favorite music?
  • Parse: Tell us about something you’ve done/haven’t done that you regret.
  • Bad Bob & Alicia: Who do you look up to?
  • Suzanne & Coach: What’s your hometown like?
  • Hall & Murray: Do you play/watch sports? If so, which ones?
  • Georgia: Describe a difficult choice you’ve had to make.
  • Johnson: Write & answer your own question!
  • Señor Bun: not a question, just saying hello and hoping you have a nice day! :)
On History and Pie

Summary:  A nonathletic!Jack fic, where grad student and history nerd, Jack Zimmermann meets the cute Samwell student/baker Eric Bittle at the Bread and Butter Bakery.  Will the two make a love connection?  For @devereauxsdisease and @victorineb who love this incarnation of Jack as much as I do.

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They’d chatted at the bakery enough times that Bitty was able to pull the information from Jack. He’d started coming to the bakery about four weeks ago, and during that time Bitty became more and more charmed with the second year grad student.

He always sat in the corner armchair, ordered a black coffee, two macarons and a slice of whatever the pie of the day was. Bitty first noticed him when he came in to order a slice of Weary Willie cake.

Bitty loved his job at the bakery, it gave him some extra cash while he attended Samwell. Whenever Bitty was there, he was the de facto person in charge. Shirley and Spencer, the owners of Bread and Butter adored Bitty.

“We never had any kids of our own, so you’re the closest thing to it, Bitty,” Shirley said to him one evening over a cup of earl grey tea.

So Bitty stood there, face to face with the bluest eyes he’d ever seen the first time Jack walked in. The Clark Kent glasses in front of them did nothing to hide the fact that they were beautiful. It was a good face, a handsome face. He was burly and tall, and Bitty loved that. He smiled, and Bitty’s body language invited Blue Eyes to speak.

“Can I get a slice of the Weary Willie cake?”

“Sure can, handsome,” Bitty said as he began to ring up Blue Eyes’ order, who blushed furiously. “What else can I do you for?”

“Coffee. Black. Medium, please,” he replied looking down at the counter.

“Why don’t you go find yourself a seat and I’ll bring it out to you,” Bitty said with a warm smile.

“Thank you,” Blue Eyes said softly and then turned to walk toward the corner armchair.

When Bitty approached, Blue Eyes had pulled out a laptop and several textbooks, the one on top of the pile was called Foundations of Modern European Intellectual History.

“Doing a little light reading, huh?” Bitty said as he put the cake and coffee on the side table.

“Oh, haha. Yes.”

“Do you go to Samwell?”

“I’m finishing up my masters in history there,” he said as he held up his book.

“That’s great. I haven’t seen you here before,” Bitty said wanting to know more about History Blue Eyes.

“I saw the chalkboard outside listing the Weary Willie cake and the history nerd in me became curious.”

“Look at you! You certainly are a history major.”

“Did you make the cake?” Jack asked raising his eyebrows.

“Sure did. My moomaw had the recipe from her mama.”

“Well, it’s not often I find a somewhat obscure historical reference on my way back to the history building.” 

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a comprehensive list of my favorite things abt the update

-my doofus son derek nurse handing out fliers to “managerial” types
-william j. “soft same” poindexter
-um, you don’t go to Samwell????? (she doesn’t even go here 2.0)
-hell fuckin yea a brand new gorgeous funny female character of color LIKE sign me the fuck up
-lardo. lardo listen to me. im you. im you.
-ransom and holster aka my Large and Loving boys
-chowder, less commonly known as my Aesthetic (he’s my sweet sunshine smiley boy and i lov him)
-i just really loved this update and HOLY the panels were all so busy?!!! imagine the effort all hail literal goddess ngozi

Little Sour Hearts

this would be the Holster/Esther Shapiro 6k Valentine’s Fic literally no one asked for. enjoy <3

Valentine’s Day 2013 – Freshman Year

Holster doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day. It’s some Hallmark Holiday based on a Christian saint of some sort, and it’s an excuse to be sickeningly sweet with someone you love, and a good day to have just dumped your significant other the night before so you can go to the single’s bars and get wasted. For Holster, it’s always been a day to gorge on chocolate. It always was in Juniors and he doesn’t see any reason to change now that he’s in college.

“What are you doing for Valentine’s Day, bro?” Ransom asks, buttoning one of his nice shirts and holding up a couple different ties to judge their relative colour.

“Being bitter,” Holster says. “What are you doing?”

“Girl from my bio class,” Ransom replies.

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anonymous asked:

Pair meet each going to adopt a puppy at a shelter

Dex had just finished taking the last of the older dogs for their walk and had settled them in their kennel with a rawhide when he heard the bell over the door chime. Cursing because he was hot and sweaty and doing an amazing impression of a tomato, Dex hurried up to the front, hoping it was someone who actually planned to adopt. When he stepped out, he was not at all prepared for someone that attractive to be waiting and checking out the pictures of the animals.

Dex hung up the leash in his hand and tried to remember how to do his job. “Um…hi. Can I help you?”

Dex and the hot guy were about the same height so it meant that when the hot guy turned around, he could stare right into eyes that seemed to sparkle with concealed amusement. “Yeah, I wanted to adopt a dog.”

“Great!” Dex put on his brightest smile and moved out from behind the counter. “If you follow me, I can take you to the kennel. We’ve got lots of great dogs looking for a great owner.”

As he opened the door, Dex cringed. He’d been so flustered by that 5 o’clock shadow and the tattoo on a strong, muscled arm that he’d forgotten to ask for a name or even give his own. “I’m Dex, by the way. If you have any questions, I mean.”

There was a soft chuckle from behind him. “I’m Derek, though my team calls me Nursey.”

The moment they walk into the kennel all the dogs start barking at the newcomer and Dex smiles. He loves seeing them all get excited and eager for someone to possibly take them home.

Once the dogs had quieted down, Dex asked. “Team?”

Derek smiled at him and Dex felt his heart start to beat faster. “I’m on the Samwell hockey team. Just got offered a room at the Haus and after a bit of prodding and pleading, I got them to agree to let me have a dog.”

“Well, I’m sure we can find the perfect dog for you and your team.”

“I hope so. I want all the guys to think that I’m chill and nothing gets to me, you know? And I think a dog will help me stay relaxed.” Derek’s cheeks went red. “I’m going to shut up now and stop rambling.”

Dex gave Derek a genuine smile. “No. It’s okay. I definitely understand. It’s part of why I started working here. Being around the dogs really helps. My friends say I can be a little high strung and..” Dex peeked over at Derek and bit his lip, “and you don’t need to know all that. You go to Samwell too?”

“Yup! I’m a sophomore and still have no idea what major I want to pick.” Derek nudged Dex with his shoulder. “Now show me some dogs. Maybe someone who’s as ‘chill’ as I like to pretend to be?”

“Do you like big dogs? Little dogs? Certain breeds?” Dex pointed to a few of the kennels and when he didn’t get a response, he remembered a pair of dogs who had recently been abandoned. He reached out for Derek’s hand and pulled him over. “Actually, I think I have just the dog for you.”

Inside the kennel, Dex brought Derek to was a sleepy basset hound and another larger dog which seemed to be a mutt. “Josie here is probably one of the most ‘chill’ dogs we’ve ever had come in. I think she might be perfect for you. Do you want to meet her?”

Derek blushed and knelt down to get a good look at Josie. She lifted her head and regarded the newcomer before shuffling over and sniffing at Derek’s outstretched hand before letting out a soft bark. “Yeah. That would be nice.”

“Stay right here and I’ll grab a leash.” Dex could hear Derek talking quietly to Josie as he fetched the leash and when he came back, Derek was sitting on the floor in front of the kennel, still talking. “You two seem close already.”

Derek stood and let Dex get Josie out of the kennel. He ran a hand through his hair and Dex watched the hand a moment, almost forgetting to hand over the leash. Once Derek had the leash, Josie padded around his legs and sat.

Derek knelt again and ran a hand over Josie’s ears and sighed. “I think you’re right.” Josie licked at Derek’s fingers and Derek smiled. “She’s the one. I’ll take her.”

“Great! Follow me out to the front and we’ll get you set up. Josie here has already been spayed and her shots are up to date. So there’s not too much you need to do.”

As they walked toward the front, there was a bark from the kennel Josie had been in and both Derek and Dex looked over to see Josie’s mate scratching at the door.

“What’s his story?”

“Jack? He and Josie came from the same house. We figure they were friends and lived in the same house. They’ve been close since they came in.”

Derek’s face fell. “I’d hate to separate them. Especially since they were raised together.”

Dex bit his lip. “Actually, you don’t have to worry. I was planning on adopting Jack soon.”

Derek beamed at Dex, happiness sparkling from his eyes. He took a step closer to Dex and leaned in close. “That’s great! Maybe we could get the dogs together to let them play?”

Dex knew his face was red again, but the way Derek’s words moved over his skin was electric. “I’d like that. After we fill out your paperwork, I can give you my number?”

“I’d like that.” Derek followed Dex out front and filled out the paperwork. Once he’d finished, he looked up to find Dex holding out a post-it note. “What’s that?”

“My number. If you still want it.”

Dex started to pull his hand back, but Derek caught him and took the post-it. “I do. Was gonna hand you my phone so you could put your number in, but this definitely works too.”

Running a hand through his hair, Dex tried to think of any reason to get Derek to stay a little longer. “I hope everything works out with Josie. She’s a great dog.”

Josie was leaning against Derek’s legs, tongue lolling out happily. “I think she’s going to be the perfect fit.” Derek took a deep breath and look Dex in the eye. “I know this is probably stupid, but is there any way you would want to come with me and help me pick out some supplies? That is if you’re done here or could take a break?”

“I can do that. Let me just tell my boss. My shift’s just about done anyway.”

Derek’s face lit up and he shooed Dex toward the door. “Go, go.”

Dex laughed and hurried back to let his boss know he was leaving and then hurried back to where Derek was waiting. “We’re all set. There’s a pet store just down the street that has a great selection.”

They walked out together, Josie plodding along behind them.

Snowmen and Snowball Fights

Dec. 14 - Building a snowman (Frozen duets optional)

“You two have an unfair advantage,” Bitty says with a hand on his hip. He’s knee deep in snow and his toes are starting to go numb.

Nursey and Dex are lifting the middle section of their snowman onto the bottom part. Both sections are perfectly shaped and monstrous, already almost taller than Bitty.

“How do you figure?” Dex asks as he packs more snow around the bottom to secure it.

Bitty gestures to himself and Chowder. “We grew up where it never snowed.”

“Weak,” Nursey says as he tosses a snowball towards Bitty and Chowder’s sorry excuse for a snowman. It’s leaning forward and no matter what they do they can’t seem to fix it. “You’ve seen a snowman before right? You get the general concept.”

“There are five dozen sugar cookies in the kitchen right now all frosted like snowmen,” Dex adds as he shoves Nursey to the side so he can smooth out the front. “No excuses.”

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Samwell Women’s Hockey Team

so people in the chat mentioned this post and I got to thinking about the SWH Team…

  • So I’d imagine that the women’s hockey doesn’t actually much like the men’s hockey team, especially at first. Just because the Men’s Hockey team does get so much freakin’ attention.
  • So it’s part resentment, part the fact that, well the Men’s Hockey team can be a little bit obnoxious, and part the fact that at one point the Women’s Hockey Team was forced to have morning practice just because Jack Zimmermann pulls some strings with the men’s coaches and then just when everyone got used to getting up early and getting practice done with, the next semester, they switched back. Like, okay, fine, men’s hockey. just take control like that. it’s fine. not rude at all. whatever
  • Bitty finds out about this anger (because he sits next to Cat in class and Cat tells everyone everything) and immediately makes the Women’s Hockey Team Apology Pies. He makes Jack help because even not knowing the full situation, he thinks as Captain, Jack should help. 
  • This does not go over as well as expected because right as people are about to dig in (and this act would definitely end the hatred because Bitty’s pies have ended many a family fight, including but not limited to, the pig farm debate of ‘07 and the manure madness of 2011), Captain Morgan Swan puts a halt to this. Because this is not Swan’s first time around the block and she knows a freakin’ frat-boy prank when she sees one.
  • So despite Bitty’s horrified face that he would never put laxatives in a pie (”ma’am, i would never defile any baked good like that, my god!”) and Jack’s just as horrified, if a good deal less animated, insistence that he would never interfere with a team’s practice, the girls put down their pies and walk away, plotting their revenge (they sort of get it by the fact that the Haus then has to eat 14 pies before they go back and everyone gets sick.)

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i hope you like soft dex and awkward nursey cause Oh Boy 

(”quit it or i’ll bite")

“Shitty I swear to God if you don’t give me that cute ginger librarian’s deets I will kick your ass in the Annie’s parking lot until you do,” Nursey hisses. They’re tucked into the corner of the nonfiction section, unopened binders and textbooks thrown carelessly on the table to make them at least look like they’re studying.

“Ok, first, pretty sure he’s not an actual librarian, you need, like, a degree for that. Second, are you sure? He looks and acts like a pissed off cat ninety percent of the time. Third, why the Annie’s parking lot? You could just do it here,” Shitty laughs quietly. Nursey chooses not to respond to the last question and furrows his brows.

“Yeah, man, I just think he’s cute. Why not, y'know? If he ends up being an asshole I can just stop talking to him, it’s chill.”

Actually, it is definitely not chill, the absolute opposite of chill, in fact; Nursey had been doing his homework in the public library for the past month just to catch glimpses of this stupid boy. Shitty’s right, his mouth always carries a small hint of a scowl, but Nursey sees how his eyes melt every time he helps a child find what they’re looking for, how the lines on his forehead soften when he puts in his headphones while shelving books. Nursey wants to wine and dine this motherfucker, learn about his hobbies and the music he likes, maybe swipe his thumb over the cluster of freckles that decorate the other boy’s hand. If this doesn’t work out, he also may or may not have to throw out a couple of poems that are scribbled out in his notebook, and that would be a total waste of a good slam performance.

“Ok, ok, it’s your funeral. His name’s Will, from what I remember. I’m pretty sure he’s the same age as you, and good news, he played hockey in high school, so you two have a little bit in common. I took a comp sci class last year just ‘cause and he was mad good at it, like, he was doing hacker-level shit. I’m pretty sure I saw him making out with another dude at our last kegster so you most likely have the green light for flirting with him. And the last thing I know is that under that charming appearance lies a snappy little lobster, probably, so watch out,” Shitty says, moving his hands like claws for emphasis. Nursey laughs, a little too loudly for their location.

“Good thing I’m in the mood for fishing, then,” Nursey declares as he grabs a random book from a nearby shelf and makes his way over to the front of the library. He can hear Shitty whisper-cheering him on, which doesn’t really help much, but the effort is appreciated.

As he nears the front desk, Nursey can finally read the name tag that’s pinned to Will’s collar: William Poindexter. Nursey almost chuckles, because that is definitely one of the nerdiest names at Samwell, but it is kind of fitting. There’s no one in line, so Nursey walks right up and sets his book down, which causes Will to look up from his computer.

“Did you find everything all right?” Will asks, and for once he doesn’t look irritated, just distracted. His voice is unexpectedly soft, probably because he’s trying not to disturb any of the other patrons, and Nursey has to resist the urge to lay his head down on the counter.

“Oh, uh, yeah,” Nursey answers, and mentally slaps himself. This should be easy for him; he’s flirted with tons of other people at varying stages of sobriety, but this is the first time that he’s actually been nervous. Will picks up the book to scan it, his eyebrows raising as he reads the title.

“Are you a bio major?” Will asks offhandedly as he searches for the scanner.

“Oh, no, creative writing,” Nursey replies, surprised that Will is actually initiating conversation. From the way Shitty talked about him, he half expected Will to beat him up the second they made eye contact (but to be honest, he doesn’t think he would really mind that).

“So you read about ‘the effect of temperature and soil water content on forest drought stress’ for fun?” Will asks, a hint of a smirk in his voice. If Will wasn’t currently chirping him, Nursey would actually be happy at the progress he’s making; he hasn’t gotten yelled at yet, at least.

“Haha, it’s…for a friend?” Will snorts, and it’s close enough to a laugh that Nursey’s face floods with warmth.

“You go to Samwell, right? I mean, you probably do since the campus is like two minutes away, huh. I feel like I’ve seen you around before.” Nursey feels like a dumbass; of course he knows Will goes to school with him, he just wants to keep the conversation going.

“Yeah, I live in the dorms, so you’ve probably seen me walking to class half-dead in my pajamas,” Will says, typing something with one hand into the computer, and Nursey chuckles in agreement.

“Do you play any sports?” Nursey asks, leaning against the counter, his facade of calmness hanging on by a thread. A small voice in his head chants common interest common interest, but he pushes it out of his awareness.

“Nah, not right now. I used to play hockey in high school, but I stopped after graduation. My scholarship is for academics, so I don’t want to lose it because of sports getting in the way.” The lines on Will’s forehead reappear, and his eyes lower. It’s different from his usual expression, though, more sad and thoughtful, and Nursey absolutely aches. “I still love it though, I sometimes wish I could play again, y'know?”

“Dude, I’m on the hockey team, you can always come practice with us! It can’t hurt to have an extra player, Dex,” Nursey offers, hoping that he doesn’t sound like he was waiting for this opportunity.

Will’s ears turn a flattering shade of pink, and Nursey doesn’t know if it’s from the offer he just made or the nickname (Oh my god! I just called him Dex! What the fuck!). Will scratches the back of his neck, seemingly embarrassed.

“I mean, if you wouldn’t mind? Fair warning, I might be a little rusty,” Will says. Nursey is just about ready to cry with joy.

“No problem dude, can I get your number? So we can plan a day, and stuff.” Derek Malik Nurse, your mamas raised you to be stronger than this, stop shaking, fuck–

“Hey, I don’t give my number out to just anyone. I don’t even know your name,”  Will jokes. He’s smirking again, but there’s a blush creeping down his neck.

“Oh shit, my name’s Derek! Everyone calls me Nursey, though. And…I could take you out for coffee? My treat?”

Will doesn’t answer, just turns around and finishes getting Nursey’s book ready. When Nursey opens the front cover, there’s a phone number scrawled out on the receipt. Underneath it, a message reads, “actually, I’m more of a tea type of guy”.


“Not gonna lie, I totally thought you were an asshole before I actually talked to you. But you were like, super nice the whole time!”

“Only ‘cause you were bumbling around like a middle schooler with his first crush.”

“Ok, I’m revoking your tea privileges, time to take this back–”

“Hey! Quit it or I’ll bite!”

“On the first date, Poindexter? I thought you were classier than that!”

FIC: ASoIaF/GoT, Jon/Sam

Title: To Those Who Look
Pairing: Jon Snow/Samwell Tarly
Length: ~5000 words
Rating: a lot of kissing but nothing below the belt
Summary: HS AU. Sam has freckles. They’re distracting. 

To Those Who Look

half the world

Nursey doesn’t even remember what they started fighting about. But it turned into something bigger, something about attitudes and relationships and how people talk to people. Then politics got involved, and they ended up taking potshots at each other. Dex accused Nursey of privilege. Nursey accused Dex of having no empathy. And then Dex came out with something so wrong-headed that Nursey was actually left aghast and speechless for a few seconds.

“You know that’s not the way the world works, right?” Nursey said.

“Like hell it’s not.”.

“The world is more than your individual experience,” Nursey told him pointedly. “Maybe you’ve been too stuck in your small-town mentality to get that, but there’s a whole lot more out there. How can you go to Samwell and not get that? What the hell has your life been like?”

He didn’t think he’d said something that bad, but Dex stopped short and gaped at him.  Then, without a word, he turned on his heel and left.

And ever since, Nursey’s been lost.

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