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AU where everything’s the same, except Leo is constantly eating a bag of Doritos. 


I apologize to this sweet anon who asked me for this doodle but then I got caught up with school and just couldn’t get to it! Here’s some Reyna greeting Thalia back home.

still figuring out how to draw Thalia

also, I’d imagine that since Artemis’ crew would always be on the go and Reyna’s busy being a Praetor, Thalia and Reyna would hardly ever see each other but when they do get to see each other they cut off every thing for the day and spend some good time with each other

the great unknown

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Reyna was woken by something flashing in the corner of her room.

At first, she thought she was still dreaming, and she rolled over, pulling the blankets around her. Anything was better than the nightmares that plagued her like a swarm of locusts, following her wherever she went and invading her dreams and tearing out the nice bits to replace them with blood and pain and death, death, death.

The flashing didn’t stop. It blinked and blinked, and finally Reyna realised she wasn’t dreaming and there was actually something flashing in the corner of the room.

Groaning, she threw back the covers and dragged herself out of bed. She stubbed her toe on the way over and hopped one one foot to the source of the light, which turned out to be a glass of water on her dresser. The glass was bubbling ominously, like it was boiling, but when she touched it it was as smooth and cold as ever. Lights flickered inside the bubbles and inside the spray and mist that drifted away from the surface of the water, lights all the colours of –

The rainbow! Of course!

She scrabbled for a coin and tossed it into the spray. Immediately, the misty dissolved and a picture appeared.

The girl in the picture had spiky dark hair and numerous piercings. She was in the middle of saying something, her sky-before-a-storm eyes creased and worried. “Thalia?” Reyna said.

“Reyna! Thank God, I’ve been trying to get through to you all night, but there’s been some interference –”

“Probably the nightmares,” Reyna said sombrely.

“Really? I’ve never felt it that strong before. Something’s got a really firm bind on you, but I can’t tell what –”

Reyna cut her off. “Thalia, what’s wrong? Why have you Iris'ed me at –” she checked the time – “four in the morning?”

Thalia exhaled slowly. “Reyna, we need your help.”

“Did it kill you to say that?” Reyna said sarcastically.

Thalia ignored her. “Reyna, it’s Nico. He’s – he’s gone.”

“Gone?” Reyna’s mind raced. “Gone, like, killed by a monster, gone? Or gone, like, Percy Jackson in New Rome gone?”

“Gone, like, kidnapped gone.” Thalia closed her eyes.

Reyna sat down heavily on the floor. “What,” she began, aware her voice was steel-tipped, “do you mean by kidnapped?”

“I mean there was an attack on the camp as we were coming in. The monsters couldn’t get through the borders, but they were smashing up the forest and it felt like they were about to breach camp. Nico ran out there, figuring there were plenty shadows and he could get away if needed. But, uh… one of them got him, and I guess he didn’t have enough energy to dissolve outta there. They scattered once they’d caught him, and we don’t really know where they went.”

“Well, not really,” said a boy’s voice in the background. “But there was the tracking device – tell her about the tracking device, Thalia –”

“You tell her!” There was a short scuffle, and then a boy’s face appeared in place of Thalia’s.

“Hi, there. I’m Will Solace.”

“I remember you!” Reyna said, recognising the floppy blond hair and freckled skin. “What do you mean, tracking device?”

“My half-brother has a spear with a little tracker inside. Not very sophisticated, but with no other options…”

“So this tracker… it’s in the monster?”

“A cyclops, we think. Yes. The tracker embeds in the skin once the spear’s been pulled out, and so we have the monster’s general location down pat.”


“Good news: it’s not far? They’re in Nevada.”

“And the bad news?” Reyna said cautiously.

Will scratched his eyebrow. “They’re, uh. Heading for the airport.”

“Oh, for god’s sake. This is the last thing I need!” Reyna got up, extracting a crumpled camoflauge-print rucksack from under her dresser. She fished out some jeans and a T-shirt. “Get across country, ASAP. I’ll meet you by the Golden Gate. Clear?”

“As a bell,” said Thalia, and then the image dissipated with a little poof.

Reyna sighed as she stuffed the bag with spare ambrosia and nectar – which she found much more effective than unicorn draught – and several knives, as well as a change of clothes and her toiletries bag.

Then, slinging her rucksack over her back, she headed out of the house and towards the Senate. She had some people to talk to.

Frank Zhang was sitting in the middle of the raised platform in a pool of light from a desk lamp beside him, paperwork strewn around him. Rachel Dare and Hazel Levesque were crouched beside him, and all three were talking in hushed voices.

Reyna cleared her throat, and Frank looked around. “Oh, hey, Reyna,” he said easily – Reyna was still shocked by his transformation from socially awkward hopeless demigod to confident, strong praetor. “Is anything the matter?”

“Yes. I’m afraid I – well, I’ve just come to say that you should take on all responsibilities during my absence of the next few days.”

“Your… absence?” Frank seemed to notice the bag on her back. “Where are you going?”

“On a quest,” Reyna said decisively.

“What? With who? But there hasn’t been a prophecy, or – why?”

“I’m going on a quest with Thalia Grace and Will Solace, because Nico di Angelo has been captured by a cyclops.” Reyna brushed some imaginary dirt off her sleeve. “And it’s not a long quest. We don’t need a prophecy.”

“Besides, the Oracle’s out of action,” Rachel pointed out, at the same time Hazel cried, “My brother’s been taken? Again?”

“Yes,” Rachel said to both of them. “Anyway, I just came to tell you I’d be away. Thanks, bye.” She turned and walked out of the building, her bag bumping against her back.

Surprisingly, no mortals bothered her as she walked right out of the tunnel, past the guards, and onto the highway. Then again, to them, she probably looked like a homeless person, walking down the highway at four in the morning, heading towards the Golden Gate.

The wind blew through her hair, rippling in little eddies around her head. A wind spirit, probably – a friendly one, helping her along on her quest. She laughed, batting the wind away, and then realised that probably didn’t help her look more sane.

At the Golden Gate, two figures stood by one of the railings, staring off into the wind. “Already?” Reyna called.

The figures turned; seeing Reyna, one of them waved. Reyna fast-walked across the highway and joined them at the edge of the bridge. “How did you get here so fast?” Reyna asked.

“Working for a goddess has its perks,” Thalia said. “Also, we stole a pegasus.”

“You did what?”

“Borrowed,” Will corrected. “We borrowed a pegasus. It’s not stealing if you plan to return it.”

“Where, exactly, is this pegasus?” Reyna pinched the bridge of her nose.

“It’s, uh…” Will looked upwards. Reyna followed his gaze, and then had to grab onto the railing to stop herself from falling.

“You tethered a pegasus to the top of the Golden Gate bridge,” she said. “You tethered a pegasus to the top of the Golden Gate bridge.”

“Basically,” Thalia shrugged. “He’ll come down if we call him.” She clicked her tongue. “Bundy! Come here, boy. Come on, Bundy!”

“Bundy?” Reyna muttered to Will.

“After Ted Bundy the serial killer,” Will muttered back. “Thalia chose it.”

“What a surprise.” Sure enough, though, the pegasus wheeled around before coming to land beside them, its rope pulled taut. Thalia pulled out a knife and cut the cord.

“Jump on, ladies,” she said, swinging herself into its back. Grumbling, Will got on after her, and Reyna last.

“There’s not really enough space,” she said through Will’s armpit.

Thalia ignored her, and dug her heel’s into Bundy’s sides. With a sickening lurch, the pegasus took off.

Reyna had ridden a pegasus many times, but she’d never gotten over how awful takeoff was. Shutting her eyes, she waited until the squeezing, pressing feeling abated a little, and then opened them again.

And immediately regretted it. Thalia definitely did not know how to control the pegasus. They wheeled around the towers, and Reyna had to duck to avoid being beheaded. “Turn left!” she howled over the roaring wind.

“I don’t know how!” Thalia hollered back.

Reyna cursed. “They aren’t stupid! Just tell it!”

“Left! Go left, boy!”

Reyna dug her heel into poor Bundy’s right side and, sure enough, it turned left, swooping away from the bridge and up into the air. They shot through the clouds with a muffled rushing noise, and everything went quiet, apart from all three of their heavy breathing.

“Was it like this on the way over here?” Reyna asked eventually.

“Worse,” Will said miserably, looking rather green.

“I thought my first experience of flying around the Golden Gate on a pegasus would be positive,” Reyna mourned.

“Life is full of disappointments, praetor girl, and much of it is learning how to cope with them.” Thalia appeared to be getting the hang of steering the pegasus now. They ducked through another cloud and emerged in an unfamiliar place.

“There is is!” cried Will, pointing straight down. “The Reno-Tahoe International Airport!”

“Excellent.” Thalia dived down towards it, to the point where Reyna was pretty sure she was going to slip off over Bundy’s tail. She clung onto the folds of Will’s jacket and tightened her thighs around the horse, which only sped it up.

They landed on the top of the multi-storey parking lot with a crash that made Reyna’s bones vibrate. She slipped off the back of the horse and somehow landed in a cat-like crouch on the concrete.

“Come on!” Thalia cried, dismounting. “Will, where are they now?”

Will looked at something on his wrist and shrugged helplessly. “It just says they’re in this airport.”

“They’re probably catching the next flight,” Reyna chimed in. “We should get inside, and fast.”

Thalia looked around. They were standing on the very top of the multi-storey, with apparently no way down. “Over there?” Will suggested, pointing to some rickety-looking service stairs.

“Perfect.” Thalia patted Bundy on the rump and he took off into the air. She set off at a jog, and Reyna reluctantly followed, still out of breath from the pegasus flight. The stairs wobbled and shrieked under her feet, but Thalia ran down them without a care, and Reyna followed her.

The stairs ended in the top floor of the parking lot. A glowing sign pointed towards a lift, and Will took off towards it at full sprint. They got more than a few funny looks from early-morning commuters, but Reyna just made it into the lift by skidding inside, Indiana Jones-style.

The normal, everyday harsh lights in the lift felt a little surreal compared to soft morning darkness outside, and the sprint through the parking lot. Reyna jammed her finger against the ground floor button and then sagged against the wall, breathing hard.

She closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, everyone was staring at her. “Sorry,” she muttered. “Just in a rush – catch the next flight –”

“You going to England too, hon?” asked a middle-aged woman surrounded by a cloud of Chanel No. 5.

“England?” Reyna choked, then, “Yeah. Yeah, we’re going to England. God save the Queen?”

Thalia started coughing to cover her laughter, and Reyna shot a glare at her. Just then the lift pinged to a stop, and the doors slid open with a soft rush. Thalia sprinted forwards, clutching Reyna’s hand and Will’s ear, much to his protest.

The terminal was a short sprint away. Reyna hadn’t been for a run in so long, she’d forgotten what it felt like; if she hadn’t been running for Nico di Angelo’s life, she’d have enjoyed it.

Inside, people with smart suits and curled hair and large suitcases bustled every which way, watches gleaming on their wrists and coffees clutched in hand. Reyna ducked underneath arms and hopped over shoes until she reached the notice board.

As she reached it, a women’s voice sounded over the loudspeakers. “Would all passengers for flight 16XZ63R please report to Gate 28. This is the final call. I repeat, this is the final call for all passengers for flight 16XZ63R. Please report to Gate 28. This is the final call.”

“The final call…!” Reyna looked at Thalia, and found that the other girl’s face was set with determination. “Let’s go.”

“We need boarding passes! Passports!” Will sounded close to tears. “Oh, gods!”

“The toilets!” cried Thalia, taking off at a sprint.

“Thalia, we don’t have time for you to use the bathroom –” Will began, but Reyna cut him off.

“The Mist! She’s right – of course she is –” Reyna raced after Thalia, skidding into the ladies a few seconds after her. Thalia was already in a stall, tearing off several sheets of loo roll. She spent a few seconds carefully folding them and then passed one to Reyna and kept the others. “To security!”

“How will we get our weapons through security?” Reyna asked hopelessly. She wished her friends were there: Piper could’ve charmed the guards, and Annabeth would’ve come up with something smart, but she was just Reyna, just a girl with a knife. And soon she wouldn’t even have that.

Thalia snatched Reyna’s sword and tossed it aside. “No time to stress. Let’s just run.”

So they ran.

They screeched to a halt in front of security, gasping for breath. Reyna shoved the sheets of toilet roll into the man’s face and, unbelievably, it worked.

“Ma'am, sir, I’m afraid you’re cutting it very fine -”

“Thankyoubye.” Thalia snatched the paper from his hand and pushed them through, grabbing a plastic tray.

Reyna took off her shoes and belt, and laid her rucksack on its side in the tray. Then she pushed it along the conveyer belt, and the guard nodded at her to move through the metal detector.

Thankfully, it didn’t go off. Thalia and Will followed, and they weren’t pulled over. The woman behind the computer barely gave them a second glance as she ushered Reyna forwards to collect her bag.

“Thank God,” Reyna muttered, shoving her feet into her shoes, slinging on her belt and swinging her bag onto her shoulder.

Thalia chucked her tray in the vague direction of the drop-off point. “Gate 28 guys, let’s go go go!”

“Oh, please, no more running,” Will said. “I’m much better at archery than running.”

“I thought you were terrible at archery - oh. Right.” Reyna grabbed Will’s sleeve. “It’s the only way we’re going to make the flight, I’m afraid.”

They raced through the airport, following signs for gate 28. On their way, Reyna counted twelve restaurants, ten souvenir shops, five clothes shops, an Apple Store, a chemist and a bookshop.

Thalia tapped the side of the currency machine as they ran past, and Reyna looked at her, confused.

“For luck,” Thalia explained.

“We’re going to need all the luck we can get,” Reyna grunted. They rushed over several of those annoying floor-escalators, and finally - finally! - the sign for gate 28 came into view.

“We made it,” Will gasped, leaning against the desk. The woman behind it smiled at him.

“Oh, they always put the final call notices up early. The plane won’t be leaving for five or ten more minutes.” She checked their papers. “That’s three seats in business class, numbers thirty six, thirty seven and thirty eight. Have a nice flight!”

“Thanks.” Reyna stumbled down the corridor and up to the plane door, where a flight attendant checked their passes.

“Business class to the left, your seats are just up there. Enjoy your flight!”

Numbly, Reyna led them up the aisle to their seats. “Do you see them?”

Thalia peered around incredibly conspicuously. “Nope. No sign. They must have gotten into first class.” She sat down, and Reyna sank down next to her, with Will across the aisle.

“Guys, you realise what this means?”

“We’re going to London!” Thalia whooped and fist-pumped. “I always wanted to meet the Queen! Lizzie, here I come!”

“Thalia,” Reyna hissed. “I do not think you quite understand the severity of this. We have lied and cheated our way onto a flight. If anyone finds out, we are in big trouble.”

“Yeah, but they won’t find out.” Thalia closed her eyes. “Get some rest, praetor girl. There’s nothing we can do till we get there.”

Sure enough, Reyna slept off and on until the plane landed, and then it hit. They were in a foreign country, with no passports, weapons, or money, expecting to find a monster with a boy who was probably already dead.

Outside, it was drizzling and dark. A big sign proclaimed them to be at Gatwick airport. Someone had drawn a penis underneath it. Reyna had never been to England before, but so far it was matching all her expectations.

Just as they were filing into a queue to get up into Arrivals, Will grabbed Reyna’s hand, so hard she sucked in a harsh breath. “What -?”

“It’s them,” he whispered through his teeth. Reyna gasped and looked round.

Nico di Angelo was standing next to a tall, handsome fair-headed man. Reyna blinked, and the man rippled and dissolved into a bloodshot-eyed Cyclops. Nico was struggling a little, but the Cyclops had him by the shoulder.

Reyna didn’t dare draw attention to them, but she kept a close eye on Nico as they filed through passport control.

The man at the desk took her passport. “Good morning,” he said, checking it over. “All alright. Enjoy your stay!”

If one more person told her to enjoy something, Reyna thought she would gut them. Instead, she smiled at the man and walked forwards.

All through customs, she could see them, but couldn’t get close enough. Will vibrated at her shoulder, and Reyna patted him awkwardly on the back.

“We’ll get him,” Thalia said reassuringly, except from her it sounded more like a death threat than a comfort.

Finally, they arrived in the main lobby of the airport. It was surprisingly similar to an American one, except everyone was talking in British accents. “Ay up,” said a man as Reyna crashed into him. “You lookin’ for a lift?”

“No, we’re looking for a boy,” Reyna said, pushing past him.

The man clicked his tongue. “Ain’t we all.” Reyna ignored him, ploughing through the crowd until she was just behind Nico.

Very, very cautiously, she touched his arm. Without looking at him, she took a few steps ahead, so she was in his line of sight, and heard him inhale sharply.

She had no weapons. No way of besting the monster. What would a mortal do? What would a British mortal do?

A policeman stood near the doors, and Reyna felt inspiration spark. Shrugging off her bag, she swung it behind her and brought it down against the cyclops’s face. He gave a cry of annoyance and turned to her, but she was already bringing it down again.

The policeman appeared at her shoulder. “What’s going on here?”

Reyna burst into hysterical tears. “He – he tried to take my jewellery! I felt him touch my b-b-bag…” She dissolved into sobs. “He’s a criminal! A thief!” Between wails, she looked at Nico, and hissed out a quick, “Run.’

“What – I never –” The cyclops stepped backwards, holding out his hands.

“Sir? Did you take her jewellery?”

“No! Never!”

“But I thought I felt –” Reyna cried even harder, and the policeman patted her on the shoulder. People were stopping to watch.

“There, there, miss,” the policeman said. “Let’s check you have all your jewellery, shall we?”

Reyna peered into her bag, making a big pretence of rummaging around. “It’s all there,” she said, feigning confusion. “But – I thought –”

“Just a misunderstanding then, eh?” The policeman clapped her on the back. “Off you go, miss, sir. Enjoy your day.”

Somewhere, at some point in all the confusion, Nico had vanished.

Reyna found them kneeling by a pillar. Will was half kneeling, his arms wrapped around Nico, supporting him, and they were whispering to each other.

“Look at them.” Thalia pulled a face. “Disgusting. Have you ever seen anything so dramatic?”

“You should’ve seen my performance just then,” Reyna joked. “So what are we doing now?”

Nico looked round, eyes sparkling. “Well, we have the rest of the day…”

“Sightseeing!” Will exclaimed, and even Thalia seemed to agree.

“So, Reyna,” she said, as they headed towards the huge glass doors, “tell us about how you defeated the Cyclops?”

And as they stepped out into the weak British sunshine/drizzle, Reyna felt something she hadn’t felt in a long time.


SPQR: Legion of Super-Heroes - 11

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So the artist Leo and Piper were so excited about was missing in action. Jason smiled. Minor inconveniences like this were kind of endearing after the last few weeks. Sure, it was going to be a shame if the painter had skipped out before the presentation, but it didn’t really matter much. He wondered absentmindedly what might have caused him to disappear. Stage fright was the most likely answer. He could have had too much to drink or used his fifteen minutes of fame to make out with a celebrity. A guy about to graduate college would be a little younger than him, and without the kind of life and death experiences or scrutiny being Tempest brought. He could probably still afford to goof off or shrug obligations.

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Dinner Parties Pt. 1

I originally wrote this 2 weeks ago, but I reread it and I absolutely hated it. So, this is the revamp of Demigod Stories, starring Will Solace and Nico di Angelo. I will be posting this on Fanfiction and AO3 this afternoon.The second part will be out by this weekend. Enjoy :)

There are three specific things Hazel enjoys the most about her time in the mortal world: horses, animation, and parties. The fascination of the latter is purely directed toward another kind of party. Hazel does not worry about the Christmas parties or the casual Thanksgiving dinners; those were Annabeth and Jason’s babies, respectively. No, Hazel worries about something she considers more demanding. It is not during the holiday season that Hazel frets over decorations, the invitation lists and the menus. Nor does she fuss about transportation methods, closed supermarkets, and the inevitable clogging of the toilet due to someone’s irritable bowel syndrome. Oh no, there is only one event that turns the calm and rational daughter of Pluto into a dissolved mess of tears and aggravation. Hazel yells when the place mats are dirty, paces when her guests are late, and cries when her dessert is lumpy compared to smooth. It is the one time everyone makes themselves scarce two weeks ahead of time—the monthly Seven and Friends Reunion. So is should not be a surprise when the party comes up at the end of the month. If anything, he should have known in advance, but between all the excitement and stress, Nico forgot. So Nico should not be surprised when his sister calls him for a favor, except he is. He is very surprised.

 The morning starts with wet open mouth kisses to his vertebrae. It’s something Will likes to call pre-round four but Nico could care less. The sun is hovering high in the sky, and only the warmth of his boyfriend, the comfort of the bed, and the knowledge that it is Sunday makes the son of Hades stay in bed. The kisses get lowed to the middle of his back and Nico squirms, stopping all of Will’s romantic endeavors and wrapping a pale leg around his lover’s waist. Will’s chest is even warmer against Nico’s face and he cannot help himself as Nico tucks himself deeper in his boyfriend’s embrace, trying to stay as small as possible. Despite what he emphatically claims, the son of Hades relishes being the little spoon of the relationship, giving his trust to another person. His latest growth spurt caused some spooning awkwardness and he can only be thankful that Will is just shy of being Frank’s height. To make matters worse, Will has been working hard in medical school, leaving less time for him to wine and dine his demigod lover before taking him to bed. So, do not hate Nico if he admits, blushing, that he enjoyed the Broadway play, the fancy dinner at the restaurant, and passionate steamy romance from the night before. In order to avoid parting from his blissful morning, the demigod rolls himself into his lover’s arms and falls into a peaceful slumber. Or tries to once the screams start.

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Nico in House of Hades
  • Nico: Hazel what the fuck don't go in the storm
  • Nico: Fuck I'm alone with Valdez, he's hot
  • Nico: Hazel get the fuck back on the boat now that your back we need to go save my husband
  • Nico: Venice. Shit I miss my fam
  • Nico: I miss Mythomagic, idk I had a crush on my Poseidon figurine
  • Nico: Just another piece of shit minor god
  • Nico: What the fuck ha-Holy shit Frank is hella hot now
  • Nico: Oh shit Hazel's gonna die because of my husbands brother, how do I tell dad
  • Nico: *stares into horizon while thinking of Percy's abbs*
  • Nico: these fuckers don't know shit about anything
  • Nico: fuck I don't wanna go with Grace
  • Nico: the west wind is hot, oh fuck gay god backstory need to GO
  • Nico: oh gods Jason saw my gay
  • Nico: I'm so fucking gay, now people know, shit couldn't hide the gay
  • Nico: Jason I will come out when you eat out my ass and then fuck me along side Percy, and that's not gonna happen so
  • Nico: Bitch eat this poison, I had to now you gotta
  • Nico: Hazel baby no, please be alive, you all I got bro.
  • Nico: Omg Percy.....oh oh....he's with Annabeth. Not my husband, he'll never know of my love.
  • Nico: I held Percy's hand, the tears
  • Nico: I'm gonna bring the hella big statue to camp, I cant be near Percy, fuck I need to go cry alone
  • Nico: Percy stay the fuck away from me
  • Nico: Ah-huh yeah you too bitch, lets go Reyna cant stand these fucks
We’re Starting At The End [ch.8]

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Summary: The end of the world happens just like it would any other day, leaving Percy stumbling on his own until he runs into Annabeth. But the world isn’t that kind, and building a new life is hard when it keeps crumbling at his fingertips every step of the way. Zombie Apocalypse AU.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, The Walking Dead, or anything else you may recognize. The title is from Alone Together by Fall Out Boy.

a/n: Hey, guys! I’m super excited about this chapter, so make sure to come talk to me about it! Next week’s chapter is another one of my favorites, so if you don’t like this one too much, just sit tight! Also, make sure to go enter my fic giveaway bc you could win fic from me!


It’s late afternoon when Reyna comes back.

Percy stayed on guard duty for the rest of the day after he finished talking to Frank earlier. He’s been trying to keep an eye out for Octavian and his buddies too, but he hasn’t seen anything. He’s not sure if he should be relieved or worried about that.

When he finally spots Reyna’s car through the trees, it feels easier to breathe, and he calls out for the guys to open up the gate.

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