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Today, February 28, 2017 marks the 78th anniversary that Kars was defeated by Joseph Joestar; resulting in the last of the pillar men himself to be launched out of earth’s atmosphere, leaving him to float in the vacuum of space for all eternity. Kars has now been floating in space for 28,490 days. That’s 2,461,536,000 seconds or 41,025,600 minutes or 683,760 hours or 4070 weeks of endlessly drifting through the vast nothingness of space. 78 years and still going, never to return ever again(unless you read the novel, but thats non canon so who cares)

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for inktober can you draw the scene in Claudia Bolyen's novelization when Scorpuis and Albus kiss? it's adorable to read it be cool to see it drawn.

[ InkPenciltober 2016.10.17 - Scorbus kisses♡ ]

(I had a bad feeling that I’d mess these up if I went over them with a pen, so I just kept the pencil sketches as is and touched them up digitally;; )

Scorpius’ cheek peck and Albus’ “trial run” kiss. IT’S BEEN A HALF DECADE SINCE I LAST DREW KISSES I hope these are good enough to do @claudiaboleyn‘s Act 4 Scene 14 some justice! <3

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fic prompt: we never see anyone reading a fiction book for pleasure at hogwarts. what gives? how does it change?

I’ve often wondered about this. Does the library have a fiction section, or is it all non fiction magic textbooks? Is there a YA section? Do younger students still read books about horses or child spies? Is there a series about a kid whose parents were aurors and gets recruited after their death?

The Weasley shop definitely starts selling joke books and comic novels, that probably spread like wildfire through Hogwarts.

The professors enjoy trying to predict what the next teenage girl book series craze will be (Dumbledore sets up a book club among the faculty when a muggle book series becomes popular because it’s everything he loves about the Muggles. McGonagall and Snape get into it about unhealthy male love interests and are eventually banned from the club. That doesn’t stop McGonagall from loudly lecturing about toxic relationships and gross boys, while everyone freaks over the fact that she read the series.)

WHAT WOULD WIZARDING LGBT BOOKS BE LIKE??? Are the Arthur/Merlin romance novels? Are they controversial???

At least one person has a radio show dedicated to reading Muggle books about magic and discussing how absurd Muggle ideas of magic are.

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I totally feel you on the winter love, Nick! I was born in the *bad Cajun accent* deep South in the US and all I've ever wanted is to live somewhere where it snows more than once every TEN YEARS. Winter just ended for me but I already want it to be cold again because it was so NICE when the weather wasn't so humid you could literally feel the stickiness in the air :'(

IT’S THE WORST, RIGHT? We had a few days last week where the Humidity rating was at 100%. I was dying. The whole time. 


Terezi Week Day 5: 4U

oh boi ive been planning to do this since janeweek! :D

Imagine this AU as crime novel trilogy, the Terezi part is legal thriller. She’s involved in tangled web of mysterious case of Gamzee Makara. All evidences points ot that Makara is the perpetrator of recent serial murder that happened in Alternia City; but something doesn’t feel right. The whole case feels like mismatching puzzle pieces that stuck together with a glue. A glue called lies. Can Terezi prove her client’s innocence and unravel the truth? Is the possibility of ‘real culprit’ exists?

and you bet my ass that there will be obligatory romantic tension between Ms. Pyrope and the opposing Detective Crocker.

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Hi, I just want to ask for a headcon with Ratchet, Rung, Forth Maximus, Nightbeat, and Hotshot (If you now the Armada series) being my date for valentines day? I normally don't hate valentines day but this year is just being so rough. So having something nerdy like this might cheer me up more and make me feel not so alone or love. You don't have to do this I just thought I ask. Thank you, I love you little headcon you do on this blog, it a really wonderful blog. >///<

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope things start looking up, anon!



  • He knows what Valentine’s Day is from his time on earth.
  • Most of the day he’s busy, but he planned around his schedule for a date that evening.
  • When you return to your habsuite that night it’s all fancied up with lights and crystal decorations (not healing crystals, those aren’t a thing…)
  • He gives you a finely crafted heart-shaped box Ten helped him make. Inside there are your favorite earth candies. Yea, he has contacts. He might’ve pulled a few strings. 
  • He spends all night showering you in affection. He’s very passionate ;)


  • He found out about Valentine’s Day while doing research on earth culture.
  • With the help of Ultra Magnus, he figures out how to make sweets for you.
  • Totally writes you the mushiest-gushiest love letter. He wraps it up with the sweets and meets you on the observation deck for your date.
  • Ten helped you with Rung’s present. It’s a model ship of the Lost Light. Rung is absolutely overjoyed. 
  • You spend the first part of the date putting together the ship and talking about how much you love each other, but Rung keeps pausing to kiss you. 

Fort Max

  • Didn’t know about Valentine’s Day and freaked when you handed him a home-made card. Even when you tell him it’s okay, you wanted to surprise him, he’s still feels bad.
  • You suggest doing something together and it turns into an awkward game of “I dunno, what do you wanna do?”
  • You end up going to Swerve’s but there’s nothing there for you to drink. Max looks like he might implode. 
  • He tells you to wait and runs up to Swerve. When he comes back he’s blushy.
  • Not a minute later a love song starts playing. It just so happens to be your favorite. Fort Max is a blushing, smiley mess as he wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day and asks you to dance.
  • You have to stand on the table and you’re kind of just holding his servo, but it’s still nice.
  • Expect lots of lovin’ that night :)


  • Valentine’s Day? What’s that? Was he supposed to get you something? No? Then what do you do?
  • He does some quick research and buries you in useless facts about St. Valentine and pestilence and hearts mushed together. This Valentine’s Day thing is making less and less sense to the both of you.
  • He does want to take you on a date, though. Of course, Swerve’s doesn’t serve human drinks so you grab some from your habsuite. You enjoy some highgrade and wine in his habsuite.
  • You end up “borrowing” some of Rung’s datapads and going through all the romance novels he has. You read the lovey-doviest parts out loud to each other. 
  • It actually ends up getting awkward quick because turns out Rung is into some… pretty risque stuff.

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i disagree. people are free to watch a show for whatever reason they want to watch it for, being it a ship, an actor, a character or whatev! and no one can dictate what fans should or should not watch a show for. derek fans are NOT wrong for watching tw for their fave character, stiles fans are NOT wrong for watching tw for their fave character and sterek or *insert ship* shippers are NOT wrong for watching tw for ther favorite dynamic. you can't force people into liking someone or something

No.  You can’t force or dictate anyone into liking what you want them to like.

As for ‘wrong?’   Tell me this.  You’re an author who wrote a 1000 page novel.   You find out that every single person who has read your book only reads the first and last chapters.   Are you going to think that they are reading your novel right?   Are you going to be satisfied with their behavior?  Or are you going to suggest that perhaps they are reading the book wrong.  

So no, you can’t force or dictate anyone into liking what you want them to like – you can, however, comment that if they only read the first and last chapter of a book, they are reading it wrong.

Note, he didn’t say that you were wrong for liking Derek or Stiles or even shipping Sterek.   I’m sure he likes those characters.  He said, in his full quote, that if you watch the show ONLY for a ship, you are watching it wrong.

You can still ship anything and still pay attention to the whole story.  Or you can warp your experience by only focusing on ‘things you like.’  Just recently, I saw a Stydia shipper talk about how during 6a, they didn’t pay attention to the show if Lydia wasn’t on the screen.   This same person, of course, was absolutely confused by how things worked in the series finale.   Q.E.D.

Nice Calming Tip:

When you are stressed, sad, or simply not feeling quite yourself, go find every book that you read and loved in your house and spread them out in some way where you can see them all. For me, that’s making a sort of radial pattern of just books so I can turn and see them all. Maybe you stack them and lay in front, reading all the titles. Just look over each copy and let yourself go into how you felt reading each novel/novella. Did it lift you up? Inspire you? Break your heart? Lose yourself in silently(or out loudly) retelling the stories, and wow it’s just really really calming and fantastic.

My two cents (This might be controversial but it needs to be said)

( Please note that this is only my opinion and is not meant to offend anyone if my argument is improperly worded )

So I have a lot of stuff in my inbox talking about the whole 2B9S situation and the romanticization of it. Basically, the argument I see against it is that:

the only reason I like the ship is because its heterosexual and therefore fits my worldview.

it’s kinda sick to romanticize their relationship because she doesn’t love him, only kills him.

The reason why I haven’t answered these is because these people did not use the anon feature and I don’t want to put them in a situation that opens their blogs up for harassment. So I’ll be referring to them as “User 1” “User 2” “User 3” and “User 4” to protect their identities.


First off, I would like to say that I don’t understand the argument that on this site, it’s perfectly fine to bash and assault heterosexuals simply for the their sexuality. To me, it’s flat out disgusting when I see it happen to anyone. It’s discrimination and pretty hilariously ironic that the same people who say they include everyone will shoot you down the moment you say you’re a heterosexual or are fine with heterosexuality. Like shrug emoji you’re literally contradicting yourself in one breath. Make a gay joke? Get the hell out of tumblr. Bully and mock a heterosexual? It’s perfectly fine, welcome to the club :D

I have no words for how ridiculous you all sound.

Secondly, I am not heterosexual. Why is this important? Because the argument that I only like a heterosexual ship is because I’m heterosexual is absolute bullshit. I don’t give a flying damn what sexuality the characters are, if I see good interaction between them and strong romantic leanings, you can bet your ass that they’re getting shipped. So the argument of Users 1, 3 and 4 are invalid right then and there.

I realize that most people would assume that I am heterosexual just based off of the fact that I don’t talk about my sexuality anywhere in my profile, but that’s because I do not fucking matter. This is not a personal blog. On occasion, I post things about myself, but only when prompted. Very rarely do I post anything about myself without something shippy backing it up. In my bio, I have one word descriptors, no mention of my age, sexuality, race, country of origin, nothing. I haven’t posted a single picture of myself or anything remotely close to it. Notice, I haven’t even said what sexuality I am, I just said I’m not heterosexual.

Why? Because I am legit a trashy, boring human being and no one wants to visit a blog about that.

Anyways, onto their second point…

romanticizing a relationship filled with murder.

Now, I can see why some people wouldn’t get why this is such a draw for me, but in my opinion, this is where strong bonds are formed: in fire and suffering. 2B truly cares about 9S and in the novel, which I recommended you go and read, it’s pretty much confirmed that she detests hurting him. In her mind, she’s not strong enough to protect him any other way than killing him; she can’t run from who she is and therefore can’t desert with him and she knows that if he runs, she’ll be one of those who has to hunt him down anyway.

She’s trapped in two options, kill him now or kill him later. And that right there is that juicy conflict that I love so much in romances.

Maybe it is a bit deranged to see people falling in love over the fact that she has to kill him, but 1) everyone is deranged in Yoko Taro games, and 2) I don’t see it that way.

I live quite far away from my family and we only get to see each other once a year. I treasure each of those memories because I know eventually, it’s going to end and we’ll have to say goodbye. Take that to the extreme and you have 2B’s relationship with 9S. She treasures each moment she spends with him because she knows it’s going to end in torment. It’s beautiful and at the same time heartbreaking because in the end, she only wants to see him in a place where he can be happy.

I don’t see this as “sick romanticization” as User 2 put it, I see it as a conflict that plagues them throughout their relationship, something they need to overcome together.

In conclusion, I’m not trying to convert anyone, you have what you like and I have what I like, but I feel that it’s unfair to place every 2B9S fan in one group of “heterosexual ship because heterosexuality” because that’s not how any of us work. We see the forest for the trees. If it was a homosexual ship, then the fandom would be exactly the same and I think this is what these detractors are missing in their arguments: the humanity of us 2B9S fans.

BSD Novel: Dazai Osamu and the Dark Era (Chapter 4, Part 1)

Apologies for the delay on this. The week’s been really busy for me, so updates on these might be slower than I’d expected, but I wanted to get this chapter rolling first. Chapter 4 is slightly longer than the rest, so I’ll be estimating around 11 or 12 parts for this chapter.

Let me just take this moment to warn you for violence and general pain and suffering for the entire chapter, just in case you weren’t already aware what you were getting into. Without further ado.

Please thank @nakaharachuyaa @mlntyoonqi @bananasaurr!! Best proofreaders I could ask for.

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Here’s the thing about reading a life-changing historical fiction novel. Once you read one, there’s no going back. You need to read another. And another. And another. That’s how we felt after reading SALT TO THE SEA (out in February!) a heart-wrenching story that pulls back the curtain on one of the greatest untold tragedies in history, so we decided to share the love and round up 8 reads that will get YOU hooked on historical fiction:

1. Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys

Four voices. Four secrets. The lives of four young people come together at the end of WWII, weaving a story that brings to light the greatest maritime disaster in the history of the world. It comes out February 2 but you can read the first chapters here!

2. The Passion of Dolssa by Julie Berry

Who knew medieval France was so…scary? Matchmaker and tavern-keeper Botille has a secret: she’s hiding a branded heretic, Dolssa, in their town of Bajas. But how long can they avoid the wrath of the Church? THE PASSION OF DOLSSA comes out April 12 but you can start reading it here!

3. The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman

Beware of the shadows in Regency London, especially when demons have infiltrated every level of society. THE DARK DAYS CLUB comes out January 26 but you can start reading it here!

4. Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys

Everything changed for 15-year-old Lina one night in 1941, when Soviet officers forced her family apart into Siberian work camps. A tale of survival, strength, and love that will make you want to hug the person next to you.

5. All The Truth That’s In Me by Julie Berry

Two years ago, Judith returned to her village having been permanently mutilated. Now, the town is being attacked and she has to choose: continue to live in silence, or speak out and change the lives around her forever.

6. Flygirl by Sherri Smith

When America enters WWII, Ida Mae Jones sees her chance to chase her dream of flying – but she’ll have to deny her true self to do so in this empowering story about deciding who you want to be. 

7. A Mad, Wicked Folly by Sharon Biggs Waller

In 1909 London, Victoria’s expected to become a wife and mother, when all she wants to do is become an artist. But how much is she willing to sacrifice to pursue her dreams?

8. Under A Painted Sky by Stacey Lee

Sammy and Andy are headed on the Oregon Trail to the California gold rush…except Sammy and Andy are actually Samantha and Annamae, girls in disguise who find out there aren’t many places to hide on the open trail.

I’m pretty sure Jack Zimmerman uses the little case iphone headphones come in when he’s not wearing them. Ransom and Holster watch him wind them up and laugh, but when they’re shaking out theirs and untangling them, Jack just smirks at them.

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I understand that you've fallen of the TOG bandwagon ( tbh I have too at this point ! ) but are you still going to read the next two novels in the series ? Or at least follow up on tumblr to see how it ends ?

I have a Thing about finishing series so I’ll probably at least read the next two but probably won’t blog about them all too much. After acowar (and depending on what the spinoff series is about) I’ll be done with SJM though. We’ve had good times (and bad times) but I’m ready to carry on after this. 


12 Kingdoms AU doodles because I’ve been thinking about it for a while but it didn’t turn out the way I like lol

> Why is it you?!!!
> It’s you who just decided without asking me though?!

I’m going to puke ideas under the cut

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Can you do headcannons for GOM + mayuzumi as husbands?



  • He is the early riser in the relationship, and on Sunday mornings, you can always expect him to wake up early, make some coffee, and sit at the breakfast table reading his newspaper. 
  • He always gets you jewelry to profess his love (like a really nice ring) or maybe roses OMG, yes AKASHI DOES ROSES ALL THE TIME UNNECESSARILY for anniversaries and just random days where he feels like you’d want flowers. 
  • He doesn’t like coming home late, and when he does, he always sleeps in the next morning with you, curling around your figure in the blankets. 


  • At first, the whole husband aspect really confuses him bc he’s like “What am I supposed to do differently??” but once you have a kid, he becomes more mature and very fatherly. vERY fatherly.
  • He uses marriage as an excuse to have sex more frequently bc this is AHOmine. “hey babe, we’re married so i don’t need to ask you if we can have sex right?” “baaabe, i’m basically tied with you FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.” 
  • Aomine attempts to cook and is actually decent at it. He prefers tossing salads for you though instead of cooking. although when you’re in the mood for bbq, he has to handle the stove. 


  • He pampers his spouse and is SO SO proud to be their husband like, the childish personality of Kise has only mildly settled down. 
  • Still insists on going on weekend dates, and this only changes once you have children so your schedule gets a bit more busier. 
  • After he married you, he stops modeling for any shoots that require him to be intimate with others. He prefers solo shoots and if he can’t get any of those, he says he’s fine being a hand/feet model LOL. 


  • Your house is full of lucky items and sometimes you find like a random sock puppet in your  bed but you’ve grown to not question it LOL. Midorima usually brings you your lucky item as well, and he just quietly places it in front of you every morning before you go to work to show that he cares. 
  • On top your bedroom ceiling, Midorima attaches these glow in the dark canvases that have constellations and stars so that you can always stargaze together at night in the comforts of your bed. 
  • Before you go to sleep, Midorima always reads magazines or novels and you just lay on his chest while he reads peacefully. 


  • His appetite for sweets has yet to quell, although with your help he has eaten a lot more healthier. Your house has separate cabinets for his junk food and treats and then you have your REAL food.  
  • No matter what, he always wears your ring. He always admires it in the light (as you were the one who proposed) and he just has this dorky smile whenever he focuses his attentions on the engravings of your initials. 
  • To your surprise, he doesn’t become a potato couch husband. Although he does eat a lot and sit around, he will help around the house if you boss him around aND HE WATERS THE PLANTS DAILY.


  • He doesn’t have coffee in the morning, but rather hot chocolate. He has different flavors of hot chocolate for every mood he’s in (ex: peppermint, french vanilla)
  • Becomes a lot more dominant in your relationship since the marriage. He feels like he should take on a lot more responsibility as he is your husband now, and goes out of his way to show that he cares. 
  • You both walk Nigou together until you have kids and then your kids fight over who to walk him. 
  • Your house is one of those homes with matching plates and table cloths because matching sets make Kuroko happy and he always drinks his hot chocolate with the same dorky mug that says “husband” on it o m g, 


  • He reads to you a lot. You have a lot of work from the office, and some mornings, he just sits around and reads a passage from the morning news for you while sipping on his tea. 
  • He’s like an old man after he got married. He starts giving you tender forehead kisses, calls you “my dear” and it makes you cringe until he gets really passionate UNDER THE BLANKETS. 
  • Chihiro laughs a lot more when you move in. He’s no longer alone anymore and he enjoys your company. He always tries to come home early to spend some time with you, whether that be having dinner together, watching a movie, or playing board games.