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- love on the ground by @hedaswolf

Today, February 28, 2017 marks the 78th anniversary that Kars was defeated by Joseph Joestar; resulting in the last of the pillar men himself to be launched out of earth’s atmosphere, leaving him to float in the vacuum of space for all eternity. Kars has now been floating in space for 28,490 days. That’s 2,461,536,000 seconds or 41,025,600 minutes or 683,760 hours or 4070 weeks of endlessly drifting through the vast nothingness of space. 78 years and still going, never to return ever again(unless you read the novel, but thats non canon so who cares)

“Show Don’t Tell”? Not Always. Here’s When to Use Summary.

I was inspired to write this post after getting a great anonymous question in my Ask: “What’s your opinion on the whole ‘show don’t tell’ advice? Do you have any tips for when to show and when to tell?”

Here’s my response:

I honestly think that “show don’t tell” is one of the most over-quoted and least-understood pieces of writing advice out there.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, “show don’t tell” means that instead of explaining or telling something to your reader (“Sheila was reckless and impulsive”), you should show Sheila’s impulsiveness through action or dialogue. For example, “Even though her rent was overdue, after she got her paycheck Sheila spent $400 on an antique toilet.” This would allow the reader to draw the conclusion that Sheila was impulsive for themselves, rather than being told.

Theoretically, this is great advice for new fiction writers, who, left to their own devices, tend to write their stories entirely in “telling” mode.

But summary (telling) has a place in fiction as well, and it’s an important one.

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for inktober can you draw the scene in Claudia Bolyen's novelization when Scorpuis and Albus kiss? it's adorable to read it be cool to see it drawn.

[ InkPenciltober 2016.10.17 - Scorbus kisses♡ ]

(I had a bad feeling that I’d mess these up if I went over them with a pen, so I just kept the pencil sketches as is and touched them up digitally;; )

Scorpius’ cheek peck and Albus’ “trial run” kiss. IT’S BEEN A HALF DECADE SINCE I LAST DREW KISSES I hope these are good enough to do @claudiaboleyn‘s Act 4 Scene 14 some justice! <3

Going back to school after break;

Teacher: So guys what did you do during break? Go to a foreign country? Read some interesting novels?

Me: *thinking about the shit load of fanfics I read and tv shows I caught up on*

Also me: something like that.

Yoongi x Reader - You’re mine

Part of the ‘Married to You’ Series.

Summary: The intentions of your CEO father somehow land you in an a partnership of a different sort with Min Yoongi. Perhaps your father knew that he was the right man for you all along - in both business and in love?

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Arranged marriage

Author: Pilot

You still can’t believe he wrote it into his will. What kind of game was your father trying to play, even before he passed away? It was typical though, of your father. To back you into a corner that you couldn’t get out of. Who were you to go against something written into his will? What you couldn’t understand though, was that your father had actually found someone for you to marry. And that someone, had agreed to it.

Min Yoongi.

You laid your eyes on him. He sat in what was once your father’s seat, spinning a pen around in his hand as he listened to one of the other managers drawl on about profits, an uninterested look on his face.

As one of the managing directors of the company that carried the communications and public relations portfolio, you had had very little to do with Min Yoongi. Until ten months ago.

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kaijo boys trying to pick up girls
  • KASAMATSU: why would you want to go for the girl who just rejected kobori?!
  • HAYAKAWA: because i'm in charge of rebounds!

READ MY BOOKSHELF | elantris by brandon sanderson

“Elantris was beautiful, once. It was called the city of the gods–and anyone could become one. The Shaod, it was called. The Transformation. When it came, the fortunate person’s life ended and began anew; he would discard his old, mundane existence, and move to Elantris. Elantris, where he could live in bliss, rule in wisdom, and be worshiped for eternity.

Eternity ended ten years ago.”

pretty sure by now that fics ruined published novels for me. not because they’re bad, but rather because the quality of some of them is so damn astounding that actual published authors just wind up letting me down

The problem with receiving a Good Classical Education is that I’m going to college in a few weeks and this is going to be my fourth time reading the Lattimore translation of the Illiad for school.

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Recently you answered an anon and mentioned how a belief in spirits is directly tied up in traditional witchcraft since it is from spirits that a witch divines her power. I was wondering if you'd be willing or able to speak a little more on the relationship between spirit belief and trad. witchcraft.

I will add a disclaimer here first, stating that this is traditional witchcraft as I know it, and that others may have other opinions and practises. Traditional witchcraft is not a monolith. 

Okay, so on to your question. Traditional witchcraft is animist. It (broadly) believes in spirits of many things. This is largely where differences come from, because localities are so different. Swamp spirits are not going to be the same as desert spirits, because the environs are so different. They are not going to want the same things and they are not going to have the same ways of relating. That’s not a bad thing. However, because of this, a witch surrounded by swamp spirits isn’’t going to be able to teach someone traditional witchcraft who is in the desert. It’s sort of like learning proper etiquette for meeting people in America and then applying that to Japan – it doesn’t really work. It may get across, but it will be awkward and look exceedingly stupid. 

I have gotten asked multiple times for books suggestions on traditional witchcraft, and every time I stumble. Partially because I just haven’t read many, and partially because it’s not something that can be learned from a book, and me talking about how I love to read Three Books of Occult Philosophy because I am a giant nerd who writes theories on well, magical theory, for fun isn’t going to help anyone understand traditional witchcraft, because it isn’t, it’s ceremonial

My first experience with modern witchcraft was mean teenage girls who had gotten a copy of To Ride A Silver Broomstick by Silver Ravenwolf, and after reading it, were witches. I had no idea how to relate to it.I grew up in a little town where books on witchcraft just wasn’t a thing. I grew up in a family where books were supplementary, if anything. My father hasn’t read a book since he graduated high school. 

In my last post post I likened modern witchcraft to wizardry in Dungeons & Dragons and I still agree with that. The wizard takes time and study to learn and research and tap into magic. My understanding of modern witchcraft is that it believes everyone can practise magic, and that everyone has the capacity for magic, all on their own, they just have to learn and find it, then exercise it like a muscle. There are tons of starter books, tons of posts on tumblr about new witches, and that’s all brilliant! I am not crticising any of it. 

Traditional witchcraft, on the other hand, is not so…independent. It will absolutely accept that people are born with power, and some people more than others. It also accepts that anyone (and perhaps even everyone) can do magic. However, traditional witchcraft stalls there. It doesn’t say ‘read this in a book,’ it doesn’t say ‘power is inside you.’ Traditional witchcraft is taught by the spirits you work with, and especially the spirits you initiate with.These spirits are the ones who teach you, they are the ones who guide your feet. They are the ones who power your workings, beyond that which you could hope to achieve on your own. In many circles to try and teach traditional witchcraft fully to another person will literally kill the witch fire in you, because you have given it to someone else – you are human and thus, not able to light someone’s witch fire without losing your own. This is why people like @ofwoodandbone and I will say that we can’t tell someone something – it isn’t our place, and for that matter, it may not be right for that person. It may be something that our spirits have sworn us to secrecy on and we cannot share, even if we wanted too. (And why would we want to, when the witch learns so much more from the journey?) This is also why someone on a trad path may not call themselves a witch until they’ve completed The Death.

Someone who initiates with the Witch Father is going to have a very different experience and a very different craft from someone who initiates with Melusine, just like how, in my analogy from my last post, the Warlock in D&D who is pacted to an Archfiend is going to have a different skillset and spell list than one who pacts with an Archfey. They’re both warlocks, their classes are the same, but it’s not universal, and it’s going to be very different from that wizard. Why? Because their spirits are not the same. Spirits are not some homogeneous blob, some Jungian universal memory with no personality. No – what my ancestors and spirits are going to want served at Supper are going to be different than what yours do. 

For example, some people have guests remove their shoes once they enter the home, because shoes are dirty. Other people find this disgusting, and don’t want people taking off their shoes, because feet are gross. So it is with spirits – they tell you – they teach you – what it is they want of you. That relationship is why spirit belief is vital – you can’t learn it from books just like how you can’t get a girlfriend by reading romance novels – you have to go out there and meet the girl. 

Ahsoka - thoughts on the novel

I finished reading @ekjohnston‘s Ahsoka last week and have been slowly gathering together my thoughts on the book, so here you all go …

Originally posted by xi-ca-no

  • One of my favorite things about reading any of the novels is getting inside a character’s head. It never fails to make me love/appreciate them 1000x more, and this one was no exception.
  • This book provides a really good bridge between the wild child we see her as early in The Clone Wars, and her unorthodox but measured approach to missions in Rebels. She’s got a great, logical mind, and only occasionally lets her emotions get the better of her.
  • All the flashback/interlude scenes were brilliant, but Rex and Ahsoka mutually faking each other’s deaths took the cake for me. 😢
  • Ahsoka’s thought processes as she chooses planets to hide on has given me a fascinating new theory answering the “why another desert planet?” question/complaint about The Force Awakens, and I really need to write meta for it. SOMEONE REMIND ME TO DO THIS.
  • I am so, so happy that Bail Organa is able to track Ahsoka down and provide her with both resources and protection relatively soon after the Clone Wars. That man has become my hero more and more. And in doing this, she really saves him as well by allowing him to focus on his front as a politician while she runs the intelligence networks instead.
  • Speaking of Bail … BABY LEIA. Oh gosh, I would have read the book just for those snippets, had I known she’d make an appearance. She’s precocious already as a toddler. And daddy Bail is precious.
  • Bail worrying about Leia possibly having “her father’s gifts” and hoping she’s more like Padme. MY HEART. 😳
  • Having Ahsoka and Leia in the same orbit for ~16 years opens so many potential cans of worms, though.
  • While I’d guess from Bail’s extraordinary ability to keep secrets that he never tells Ahsoka the truth, and that he probably funneled Leia’s latent talents into her diplomacy skills and relief work as quickly as they appeared, it’s hard not to imagine and long for an alternate universe where Ahsoka was allowed to train Leia all that time.
  • Seriously, I want this now so badly. (I mean, I know why it wouldn’t work AT ALL for practical and continuity reasons with the original trilogy, but I still want it, haha. I need an AU stat!)
  • I loved that the book looked more at the problem of protecting Force-sensitive children and that it’s been a mission of Ahsoka’s since the beginning. I really need to rewatch “Future of the Force” now with that in mind. Hedala was precious, and I dearly hope her family is able to keep her safe.
  • Don’t imagine Bail asking Ahsoka questions about the best ways to hide a Force-sensitive child and redirect their abilities after each time she discovers another one and then putting her advice into practice with Leia.
  • Random thought of the day: the idiotic cleaning machine in Ahsoka’s little house on Raada is a roomba, and no one can tell me/make me picture it otherwise.
  • This book continues the long and glorious tradition of girls crushing hard on Ahsoka and her being an awkward, clueless potato. Her confused reaction when Kaedan says “I could kiss you,” and the exchange that happens afterwards is priceless.
  • Honestly, at this point I’m pretty convinced that Ahsoka is simply hapless when it comes to romantic relationships. 1. The one major crush we see her have on Lux Bonteri is a hot mess. 2. She never seems to pick up on the feelings of all the girls who like her. And 3. from what I have seen of The Clone Wars (someday I’ll actually finish it all instead of jumping around), she was oblivious to Anakin and Padme’s relationship, despite years spent working closely with both of them, separately and together.
  • I wanted her to be able to pass Bail’s ‘test’ so much when he referred to toddler Leia as “already a lot like her mother,” but was not at all surprised when Ahsoka didn’t figure it out.
  • (That line! 😭)
  • I can definitely get behind aromantic/possibly asexual Ahsoka.
  • “You certainly have a sense for drama.” Haha, yes, my dear not-padawan, always sass before a fight. Your masters have taught you well. 😂😂😂
  • I love the way that Ahsoka uses her petiteness to her advantage when it comes to fights, tricking her opponent into underestimating her in order to give herself the tactical advantage.
  • The juxtaposition of narrative tension with meditative calm in the moment where she assembles and activates her new lightsabers was perfect.
  • Overall, it was a great read, and will definitely deserve a reread in the future. The writing is solid, and I’d place it on par with Catalyst and Bloodline. 😊


Baby Genius

Grouping: Reader x Namjoon

Word Count: 2.3k. slice of life? porn? porn of life? lmao

Summary: In which you’re very smart and namjoon has a tiny garterbelt fetish

a/n: guess who’s been drinking again????? guess who’s birthday it is?? namjoooon! yikes this isn’t edited sorrryyi tried to bang this out in one take im sorry ok classes were rough and i like wine

Your feet are killing you from standing for almost 2 hours in heels, but the feeling of accomplishment you’re experiencing is more than enough to distract you from the pain.

I did it, you think to yourself, I defended my physics dissertation. It’s true. You did do it. Months of research and writing and editing and rewriting all amounted to the talk you gave this evening in front of the most esteemed faculty of your university. You get hit with a rush of endorphins and barely register the sound of Namjoon opening the door to his apartment in front of you. You trail behind him as he enters and stay back to lean on the door after it closes. 

A crazed giggle bubbles out of your mouth as you realize you can finally breathe. You don’t have to pull any more all-nighters, eyes burning red as you pore over dense academic texts and piles of data. You can finally have leisurely days and sip a glass of wine before bed. You can go out on dates with your boyfriend again. Hell, you can read a novel. Or go to bed early. The possibilities are endless.

You sigh happily as you remove the cardigan you wore over your little black dress and move into the living room to find Namjoon undoing his tie in front of the window. Pulling your brastraps through the arm holes of your dress, you discard your bra on a near chair and walk over to him.

“Hey,” you whisper once you’re standing next to him, “I’m done with my dissertation.”

“I know. I’m so proud of you. You were great up there.” 

He smiles down at you and you realize how much you missed seeing him without stress and sleep deprivation ruining the moment. When he steps behind you to wrap his arms around your waist, you let yourself fall back against him immediately. 

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Real or Not Real?

Me: What should I write today?

My Brain: Something angsty and full of feels.

So yeah, here we are. This is an angsty one-shot I got inspired to write after playing Episode Prompto and re-reading ‘The Hunger Games’. That scene with Katniss and Peeta before the epilogue jumped out at me, and…yeah.

Angst, feels and a bit of fluff are to be had.

This is set eight years into the ten years of darkness. There are no spoilers on Episode Prompto here as well, save for the dialogue in the trailer.

E/C means “Eye Color”.

You can interpret this as M! or F!S/O…whichever way you like.

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Real or Not Real?

It was another quiet night in Lestallum. You and Prompto had just come back from another series of daemon hunts, and you both almost immediately crashed onto your shared bed in the Leville, the once grand hotel now serving as a shelter for both refugees and Hunters alike.


You stirred from your slumber to hear your boyfriend’s quiet whimpers beside you. You let out a soft yawn before turning around to face him, ready to shake him awake from one of his now-frequent nightmares.

Ever since you and the others rescued him from Zegnautus Keep and returned to Lucis, he just hadn’t been the same. Sure, he still smiled a lot. Yes, he still cracked a lot of jokes and made plenty of pop-culture references almost every time he opened his mouth. It was almost as if his best friend hadn’t been sucked into the Crystal at all. Yet despite the smiles and laughs you offered him during these times, you knew that it was all just a facade.

Then came a phase of white-hot anger. This scared you more than you would care to admit, but Gladio and Ignis reassured you time and again that this was perfectly normal. That this was necessary. The two of you fought a lot in those days, usually over the smallest things like raising your eyebrows at him in the then-rare moments he would sing like he used to. This was remedied through taking up various daemon hunts, their appearance rate during that period lower than it had ever been (or will be).

What were heated gazes at you or his foes turned into blank stares. When the two of you weren’t out fighting daemons or doing your usual couple stuff, he would just look off into the distance, clear sky blue eyes becoming clouded over with mixtures of grief, guilt, and a few other emotions you couldn’t name for the life of you. A hug or kiss from you would usually remedy this, but they stopped working after a while. Especially when they were coupled with mutterings of ‘If only I were stronger’ or ‘Why not me…Why did Noct have to be taken away’.

Now, his grief was translating itself into nightmares.

“Prom…” You whispered tenderly, giving him a light shake. “Wake up, you’re dreaming.”

“No…I’m not…” He mumbled as he began to tremble under your hold. You immediately sat up and shook him a little harder, knowing full well which nightmare he was experiencing this time.

“Prompto, please wake up,” you said a little louder as you heard your voice crack ever so slightly with fear. “You’re dreaming, he can’t hurt you anymore.”

‘Damn it! Why is he so hard to wake up now of all times?!’

“I am not…One of your experiments!” He yelled, now a mess of thrashing limbs as he tried to squirm out of your grip. You immediately tried to pin him under you, concentrating your weight on his arms and legs as you remembered the last time it got this bad.

He woke up to see you crying in the corner, begging him to put down the gun aimed at your head. 

“Prompto! For the love of the damn Astrals, please wake up!” You were sobbing now, your chest tight as you saw his pained expression. It had been eight years now, the both of you grown into much stronger individuals and yet…

He was still so broken.

As your tears dropped onto his face, his eyes immediately snapped open, sky blue meeting E/C.

“Y/N?” He croaked out, voice somewhat hoarse from yelling. “What happened? Why are you crying?”

You felt yourself go weak as you collapsed on top of your lover, sobbing uncontrollably as he held you close.

“You idiot…you scared me,” you managed to choke out. “I thought you’d never wake up!”

“I’m sorry, baby,” he murmured into your hair, stroking it gently. “I’m really sorry.”

The two of you remained like this for what felt like a lifetime before you adjusted yourself so you were lying down beside him once more. He followed suit, turning on his side to face you. You stared at each other in the darkness, neither one speaking for a long time before you decided to break the silence.

“Real or not real,” you said. “Go.”

You had read this in one of Iris’ novels when you had gotten back from a hunt a few weeks ago. She lent the series to you immediately after you poured out your heart to her about being at a loss as to helping Prompto with his nightly terrors. Since then, whenever he would wake from a nightmare, you two would play this little game.

“Okay,” he replied softly. “My name is Prompto Argentum. Real or not real?”

“Real,” you nodded before asking a question of your own. “We’re currently at the Leville in Lestallum. Real or not real?”

“Real,” he said after taking a quick glance around the darkened room. He sucked in a breath before giving you his next question. “My best friend got sucked into the Crystal eight years ago…Real or not real?”

“Real, though I wish it wasn’t,” you sighed, remembering the moment when Ardyn had told the four of you what had become of Noctis. “You are a Lucian, a true Crown citizen through and through. Real or definitely real?” Your words came out a bit more forcefully than intended, causing you to wince.

“N-not…” Prompto began before you shut him up with a kiss. He didn’t reciprocate at first due to the shock, but soon, he was kissing you back with equal force. When you two had pulled away for air, you asked him the question again.

“I said, real or definitely real,” you whispered. “There wasn’t anything with ‘not’ in there.”

“But Y/N…” he spoke before you put up a finger to his lips to silence him.

“No buts,” you said. “Now, please answer my question.”

“Definitely real then,” he chuckled lowly.

“Good answer,” you replied, a smile playing on your lips. “Now, your turn.”

The two of you spent a long time asking each other things, verifying what was reality and what was illusion. At the end of it, it was Prompto’s turn once again.

“You and I said that we will love each other until the day we both die,” he said, his voice full of tenderness. “Real or absolutely real?”

You got misty-eyed for the second time that night as he asked the question, remembering the day the two of you became lovers.

“Real,” you whispered. “Absolutely real…Now and forever.”