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I want to dedicate this video to some of  the incredible people I met on here because of GMW and to thank them for making it a pleasure to be in this fandom.

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And thank you to the Nonnie that reminded me of this song xx

can you all imagine everytime lucas asks maya out from now on
  • Lucas: You have plans tonight?
  • Maya: No
  • Lucas: Now you do, I'm taking you out
  • Maya: You're not my type!
  • Lucas: [giggles]
  • Lucas: How long before that gets old?
  • Maya: That's never getting old, sundance [kisses him on the cheek]

Do I know you?

[Here] is where I had my heart broken three or four times,
I’m not sure.
I think eventually you stop keeping track.
This place is where my [world] burnt down
and I had to rebuild from the ashes,
the charred fragments that use to hold me,
pieces I wasn’t even sure I wanted anymore.
This is where I lost myself,
but that’s the only way to do it;
Lose yourself and so you can find yourself brand new.

You think [leaving] will be easy,
but it’s not.
I have lived and died here
and there are ghosts that look just a little bit like me.
They haunt you when you’re here

and they’ll haunt you when you go

—  Home - Peyton Scott

AU where Lucas and Maya go to a concert but Maya is so short that Lucas lifts her on his shoulder so she can see over the crowd. This is before they were dating but they spend half the concert making out making their unofficial relationship an official one.

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heatheroreilly Who you going for tomorrow? Love Peyton but got to go with Carolina!!!! #keeppounding