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I want to dedicate this video to some of  the incredible people I met on here because of GMW and to thank them for making it a pleasure to be in this fandom.

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can you all imagine everytime lucas asks maya out from now on
  • Lucas: You have plans tonight?
  • Maya: No
  • Lucas: Now you do, I'm taking you out
  • Maya: You're not my type!
  • Lucas: [giggles]
  • Lucas: How long before that gets old?
  • Maya: That's never getting old, sundance [kisses him on the cheek]

anonymous asked:

hey! i just discovered your blog and found out that you really don't like lucas or peyton (neither do i) and i wanted to know your reasons for not liking them (i wanted to see if they were the same as mine :))

I feel like when you asked this you maybe didn’t know that questions like these are things that I feel I have spent my whole life preparing to answer.  I hope you are prepared for a somewhat in depth explanation of my feelings on the subject. Also, there will be spoilers for late seasons so that’s my “spoiler” warning.

First of all, let me start by saying that I don’t always hate Peyton.  And by that I mean that there are a few moments that I don’t hate her, but I’m not here to talk about those.  I think my #1 reason for absolutely hating Peyton is that she broke Jake’s heart and, honestly, I will NEVER forgive her for that.  Mark Schwann even said that Jake and Peyton would have been perfectly happy together, but no she had to be with Lucas. Honestly, Peyton.  Jake is 100x better than Lucas and he has proven that he is responsible and committed.  Fuck you for breaking his heart.  Then, we can talk about how she was consistently a terrible friend to Brooke. I will admit that Peyton did like Lucas first and yes, maybe Brooke shouldn’t have gone after him before Peyton had a chance to.  But if I’m going to argue that point, I also need to bring up the fact that Peyton never said flat out to Brooke that she was in to Lucas.  Peyton was too busy being all wannabe loner I’m going to hide my feelings for this boy and hope my friend notices and maybe if I’m lucky he will like me back too.  Which he did.  But we will get to that a bit later.  Then Brooke starts dating this boy, and Peyton goes after him anyway.  Now that would be bad enough by itself, but NO.  She does this again.  Multiple times.  How could you fuck over your best friend like that consistently?  Remember that time you both burned the letter together because fuck boys we shouldn’t let a boy come between our friendship?  Remember, “He was on the door Peyton, he was on the damn door under me.”  Maybe treat your best friend with a little more respect?  Especially because Brooke deserves the world but she chose to have you and that boy in her life when she could have done SO MUCH BETTER.  THEN, you finally get the boy of your dreams, with the baby your best friend will probably never have.  Remember the time she said, and I quote, “You are going to have a huge role in this baby’s life.” Except the minute she gets home with the baby, her and her now-husband ride off into the sunset with said baby never to be heard from again.  Does Sawyer even know the girl she was named after (middle name, but still)?  Does Sawyer have a relationship with her Aunt Brooke like Jamie does? NO.  You literally just got the guy and the baby and fucking left.  Brooke CAME BACK TO TREE HILL FOR YOU AND YOU JUST LEFT WHEN YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED?  Selfish bitch.  AND THEN YOU DON’T EVEN COME BACK FOR YOUR BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING? WHAT THE FUCK PEYTON?  People always go on and on about Peyton and Brooke’s friendship, but honestly?  Haley proved to be a MUCH better best friend to Brooke than Peyton ever was.

Lucas time.  Oh Lucas.  Before I get into the good stuff, let me just say that I think the way he treated Haley in the beginning was awful.  I mean, I know the guy your best friend is into is currently treating you like crap, but get over it.  She’s doing this for you and she doesn’t deserve to be treated like crap.  I mean, when she got the tattoo, it was long past the time he was allowed to hold a grudge.  Get over it already and just accept that your best friend found a man that is a thousand times better than you and stop being jealous and just be a good friend.  Now… The thing with Lucas is that he literally just cannot make up his fucking mind and decides to destroy a friendship in the process.  I mean, who does that?  Selfish assholes that’s who.  He knows he wants to be with Peyton.  You know he knows that.  He knows that the whole time.  When he’s with Brooke.  When he’s with Lindsey.  Youkeep going back to Peyton so why the fuck aren’t you just with fucking Peyton? Why do you have to hurt other people in the process?  He gives Brooke all these speeches.  “You’re the girl for me Brooke Davis.”  “The difference is I love you, Brooke.  I wanna be with you, not Peyton.”  blah blah blah.  And then when Peyton asks him who he wants standing next to him when all his dreams come true, he says Brooke.  But he knows its Peyton.  And then when the moment comes, who does he go to? Oh, that’s right, Peyton.  Don’t worry about Brooke though.  She doesn’t care that you just fucked her over again.  Helped destroy her friendship with her “best friend” and then just leave her for her best friend.  I repeat, selfish asshole.  Okay, so then he proposes to Peyton when they’re 19, and gets all offended when she doesn’t say yes.  NEWSFLASH LUCAS:  You’re not Nathan and Peyton is not Haley.  There is only one Naley on this show and you certainly are not it. So he moves on and gets together with his editor and then starts fucking around with Peyton some more.  Like that time he said to her, “He’s not good enough for you.”  Excuse the fuck out of me Lucas, but who the fuck do you think you are?  What gives you the right to say that?  AND HE PROPOSED TO LINDSEY WITH KEITH’S RING! Does he not understand the meaning of that ring?  That was Peyton’s ring and he’s lucky as hell that she still wanted it in the end. Okay, and THEN he writes The Comet while he’s with Lindsey as if it’s just some book about a comet when he knows The Comet is about Peyton because she drives a comet and seriously Lucas are you still trying to pretend that you don’t want to be with Peyton.  Lucas literally spent 5 seasons playing the longest, most destructive, and most painful game of “hard-to-get” that I have EVER witnessed.  Finally, let’s not forget that he leaves with Peyton and his baby. As if he doesn’t have a nephew/godson looking up to him.  As if he doesn’t have a “best friend” (*cough*Haley*cough*) he’s leaving behind. He, too, just drives off into the sunset with his now-wife and his baby and forgets about everyone.  Where was he when Haley was going through her depression? Why weren’t you at Brooke’s wedding? Why did you disappear, and then, when Nathan gets kidnapped, you show up in an airport (with awful hair to match your awful insides), take the kids, and run.  At this point even Chris Keller is a better friend to Haley than you are.  (side note: in case you didn’t know, I love Chris Keller)

In conclusion:

  1. Brooke deserved better, and got it with Haley and Julian.
  2. Haley deserved better, and got it with Nathan and Brooke.
  3. Even Nathan deserved better, and got it with Clay and Julian.
  4. Jamie is lucky to have Uncle Skillz and Mouth and Aunt Brooke.
  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the world of Tree Hill without Lucas and Peyton.
  6. The selfish asshole and the selfish bitch were fucking perfect for each other.

“Write women who are friends with each other. Write women who get along with each other. Write women who love each other. Write a woman who has a moment of weakness and finds support from another woman. Write women who fight for each other. Write women who find strength in each other. It’s so important.” (x)

Soft side of a Killer

Imagine you watch a cute moment of Happy and his daughter. 

Your baby girl was 5 years old when Happy got out of his 14 month time in county; and you had been waiting patiently for your husband to be back home since the day you said goodbye at TM, leaving you with a 4 year old and a 2 month old pregnancy.  After 7 hard months on your own, you had little Peyton; Happy’s daughter as well. 

Charlotte, or Lottie, like everyone called her, missed her Daddy every damn day but would wait patiently until he came back from his…hunting trip with his friends. That’s the horrible and silly excuse Happy came up with. A hunting trip of a year and two months. 

But he was finally home again and after the huge dinner Gemma threw the same days the boys came back, you went home and spent an amazing time with your husband and Lottie, like the small family you 

Happy’s Mom also wanted to see his son after so much time, and you were quite busy planning towards road trip to Bakersfield. You were on the phone, with your hair in a messy bun and balancing Peyton on your hip, while talking to Marie, Happy’s aunt. “Yeah; Yeah, well Happy is taking care of Lottie on the living room, so, and I have to change Peyton, Marie, I think we’ll be there by lunch. Need us to bring anything?” Peyton constant babbling made you both smile and made you stress slightly. Marie on the phone kept talking as you nodded, being well aware she couldn’t see you. “Okay. Yeah, sure, tell Rosa we’ll be there in a bit. Alright…thank you; we love you too, see you in a bit.” You said hanging up the phone and taking a deep breath. Peyton smiled at you tugging at your hair slightly as you smiled at her. 

“Hap!” You yelled on your bedroom,changing into your pin up style red summer dress. There was mere silence in the whole house and that made you a bit anxious. To be fair honest you weren’t used to having him around anymore. You started changing Peyton on the big bed and once you were finished you walked downstairs, bags in your arm and stepped into the kitchen for packing snacks. “Hap; where are you?”

“Did you killed any animals, Daddy?” you heard Lottie’s soft voice ask. You arched an eyebrow and peeked through the window of the kitchen, smiling at the sight in front of you. 

Happy was sitting Indian style with Lottie in between his legs, with an open magazine in front of him while trying to do something to her hair. “No way.” Happy said, scrunching his nose at the image. “Killing is wrong.” You blushed slightly and smiled as you saw what Happy intended on doing. “So now I just…” he doubted for a second. “How is this thing going on your head?”

“It has to look like a princess…” Lottie said while brushing her doll’s hair. Instead of her so wished Princess hair, she had two really simple and messy normal braids on the side of her head. “Princess Lottie.” She repeated as she felt her dad tug on his hair slightly. Happy was so concentrated he didn’t noticed you staring and smiling as your heart jumped with joy. This was what it was supposed to be since the beginning. He pinned the two braids on top of Lottie’s hair with bobby pins and smiled at his work. 

“I think I’m done.” His raspy voice said. Lottie touched her braids on top of her head and knowing her, you were ready for her to throw a fit at Happy. 

Only she didn’t. She smiled and turned around, wrapping her tiny arms around Happy’s neck, as your husband hugged her back. “Thanks Daddy. Love you.” Happy smiled. “I think they will be better with practice; that’s what Mommy says. 

“I love you too, girly.”  Happy laughed slightly. “Yeah, your mom is quite smart. What about next time i shave your head?” Happy asked jokingly. “Just like Daddy….” Lottie’s eye opened wide as plates and denied as she smiled a bit ashamed at Happy. “It’s easier. You won’t be late to school.” 

She giggled for a few seconds. “Did you missed us?” The little girl asked as Happy went silent for a minute. You catched your breath and stared at the scene. 

“I did.” He said on the low as he placed a loose strand of Lottie’s hair behind her ear. He got up and lifted Happy in his arms, balancing her on his hip. “Are you excited to see grandma?” Lottie nodded as both of them walked to the kitchen. You tried to act normal as they entered the room and Lottie smiled at you, lifting her hands.

“Look what Daddy did, Ma!” She said, pretty proud of her loose plait on her head, almost falling an really weak looking. You held in your laugh and nodded, pinching her cheek.

“They’re quite good.” You complimented. “Why don’t you go pick Peyton a sweater and bring yours? We’re about to leave.” Happy put Lottie on the ground and she ran away upstairs. Peyton was now resting on her high chair as you packed Lottie lunch. Happy leaned on the counter and crossed his arms on his chest.

“You think they’re good, really, girl?” He asked, interested. You smiled and shook your head, closing the plastic lunch box. 

“I think you’ll do another 14 months for those, Killa.” You joked as Happy smirked, pulling you towards him with a calloused hand on the small of your back. You smiled, caressing his chest and pressing a small kiss on his lips as he grabbed a handful of your ass and massaged it slightly. 

“Welcome Home…” You whispered as you both smiled. 

gonna be working on a drabble today, as well as tags on blayne and my oc. i’m getting into the swing of things and definitely on the up and up right now :3


Do I know you?

AU where Lucas and Maya go to a concert but Maya is so short that Lucas lifts her on his shoulder so she can see over the crowd. This is before they were dating but they spend half the concert making out making their unofficial relationship an official one.

  • parents: ok but what do you want for christmas
  • me: you know what i really want? i want official lucaya having cute moments while hanging out with the hive five. i want them at topanga's sitting next to each other, holding hands, or in each other's arms without even noticing. i want maya to kiss lucas on the cheek when leaving and telling him he better text her back later. i want them to continue teasing each other and having amazing chemistry but in a romantic way. i want lucaya having serious deep conversations and not-so-serious conversations as well. i want them smiling at each other in class and going out on messy dates that they'll later tell their friends about. i just want them to be a real couple in public and to be cheesy in their own way, that's what i want.
  • parents:
  • parents: what

[Here] is where I had my heart broken three or four times,
I’m not sure.
I think eventually you stop keeping track.
This place is where my [world] burnt down
and I had to rebuild from the ashes,
the charred fragments that use to hold me,
pieces I wasn’t even sure I wanted anymore.
This is where I lost myself,
but that’s the only way to do it;
Lose yourself and so you can find yourself brand new.

You think [leaving] will be easy,
but it’s not.
I have lived and died here
and there are ghosts that look just a little bit like me.
They haunt you when you’re here

and they’ll haunt you when you go

—  Home - Peyton Scott

A series of examples of Cory not being ready for boys (2/?)