you go mercedes


I just want to turn to God for the answer


The Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain will take you everywhere you want to go.

[Mercedes-Benz E 220 d 4MATIC All-Terrain | Fuel consumption combined: 5.1 l/100 km | combined CO₂ emissions: 137 g/km |]

#MBsocialcar by Florian Haizmann


Shocked you look to the mutant in the cage who tries over and over again to get out of their. Your father brought you here, thinking it would be funny to watch this ‘creature’ like he calls them.
Mutants as you are one.
The only difference between you and the boy in the cage is that your mutation isn’t physically but spiritually.
“Stop.” You whisper as the blue mutant gets electrocuted.
Your father cheers as you go closer to the cage.
“I will save you.”
Certainly the Mutant can’t hear you, but for a moment he looks at you before he tries again through teleportation to get out of their.
You concentrate on your power.
The first persons are easy, they fall on the ground like dominoes. Pain shots through your head, sweat running down your back and you hear someone scream.
'Let go. Let go, Mercedes.’ You hear a voice of a man in your head.
In slow motion you turn around. The last thing before everything goes black is a man in a wheelchair.

“Kurt, you don’t help her when you don’t eat.”
Your eyelids are heavy and before you can wonder who Kurt is you fall asleep again.

“When was the last time you slept? Two days ago?”
That was the voice from your head.
“We will, I will tell you when Mercedes wakes up, I promise you.”
Someone sighs sad and you wonder who they are and where you are.
Maybe someone kidnapped you?
Suddenly you feel warm hands on your head and you wanted to push them away.
'Don’t, Mercedes. Your body is too weak.’
Again the voice in your head and you ask yourself if he can hear you when you answer.
'Yes, yes, I can.’ His voice sounds slightly amused. 'I‘m Charles Xavier and you’re in my school. But that’s not important now. Important is that you are save like the mutant you helped.’
You feel relieved and feel like your tense muscles relax.
'Sleep now. We talk later.’

You don’t know how much time has passed as you finally open your eyes.
The first thing you notice is a blue tail who moves relaxed in the air. Then you notice the hand on your arm and the sleeping face.
Charles Xavier didn’t lie, he was save.
Is that the Kurt who didn’t eat?
“You are awake.” Charles Xavier says with a smile.
He is the man in the wheelchair you saw before you collapsed.
“How long did I slept?” Slowly you sit up and Kurt (?) mumbles something as his hand slips from your arm.
“6 days.”
He tells you that your father thinks you’re on a school trip and that Kurt didn’t leave your side since you came here.
“Professor, with whom are you talking?” Kurt asks drowsily.
“Hey.” You say as Kurt looks at you with widen eyes.
“You..You are awake.” His tail wiggles excited and he pulls you in a hug. “Thank you. Thank you so much for saving me.”
“It’s ok.” Amused you watch his tail how it wiggles faster when you stroke over his back.

Fic: More Bird Talk: Kurt Hummel Talks About Sex in Six Conversations

Words: 7400

Rating: Mostly R with a touch of NC-17 for good measure

Summary:  Kurt Hummel growing up in six conversations about sex. Canon compliant from early!klaine to present day NYC. This is the companion fic to All That Bird Talk: Fives Times Blaine Anderson Talks About Sex.

More Bird Talk


Kurt’s only job is to be himself. At least according to his dad. And his dad seems to mean that even if he’s wearing sweaters to his knees, singing girl songs, or wanting to know what boys’ lips taste like (though he doesn’t tell his dad that part). And though he’s pretty sure that making his dad a significantly healthier dinner than hoagies, and helping out at the garage on weekends, are also on his list of jobs, he knows that as a gay kid growing up in Lima, Ohio, he’s pretty lucky. Not every dad would voluntarily ask to re-listen to ‘Rose’s Turn’ after hearing it belted it out in anger by his son.

But even having a dad that cool doesn’t prevent him from being lonely.

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“What Has Been Seen” - Kurt/Blaine

Anon prompted: Sam walks in on Kurt and Blaine doing real wanky stuff on Mercedes’ couch somewhere between 5x14 and 5x20 and they get lectured by the diva herself.


Warnings: super light D/s 

~2100 words | AO3

Sam cradles his paper grocery bags in one arm, fumbling with the keys to his (and Mercedes’ and Blaine’s) apartment. He can’t wait to dump the bag on the kitchen counter, take his newest pint of Ben & Jerry’s to the couch, and settle down for another Facts of Life binge. Blaine’s out on date night with Kurt, Mercedes is working at the studio, and his next photoshoot isn’t until tomorrow afternoon; it’s a perfect opportunity to stay up late following Mrs. Garrett and the girls’ wholesome lesbian adventures.

He finally gets the door open—nearly losing his beloved ice cream in the process as it tilts dangerously towards the edge of the bag—and immediately hears the sounds of porn.

Wait. What?

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Stills - Episode 22 - Fearlessly and Forever

Remember this?
“You wouldn’t want to miss our wedding, would you?” That made Mercedes go completely still and her mouth drop open while Rachel gaped at them. Tina yanked her attention away from Mike for one of the first times all night. “What’s going on?” she asked.“I don’t know but I’m already excited!” Sam gleefully joined a noisy Blaine-Kurt-Mercedes-Rachel hug. “Kurt? Blaine? What–” “May 31,” Blaine gasped from somewhere near Mercedes’s armpit. “Here in New York.” A pause. It just seemed so final, so concrete for Blaine to say once and for all, “We’re getting married on May 31.” (x)

The Season Finale of Glee Season Fix airs tomorrow, May 31 at 6pm EST.
(stills by alwaysfallingforanidea)

Just had a vision of Sam having the dog sing “And I am telling you, I’m not going” to Mercedes doing an impression of her lol

“and you, your gonna love me…”