you go kirsten


Requested by princessjsuarez

For the prompt: “Kirsten and Cameron are watching movies and Cameron tells her to pick one out while he goes to get popcorn. Then Kirsten sees a disc that says “Cameron’s high school musical” on it, with Cameron dancing and singing, and she plays it.

“Every time you let me pick the movie you complain.” Kirsten reminds Cameron, sifting through his extensive collection of Blu-Rays.

“That’s not true.” He argues, peering at the title in her hand. “But we’ve already seen The Princess Bride twice.” She sighs, fixing him with a pointed look. He throws his hands up in surrender.

“Fine. I’m going to go make popcorn. You choose whatever you want. Except-”

“Go!” Kirsten commands, pointing toward the kitchen. He shuffles off, sulking. She turns back to the movies, which are organized first by genre, then alphabetically. Next to Hercules, she finds a title that surprises her.

“High School Musical?” She reads aloud, glancing back at the kitchen. She can’t imagine why Cameron would have that, but figures that aside from the Princess Bride, it’s probably her best bet at getting back at him for critiquing her choices every week. It’s a blank case, probably a bootleg, and she slides the disc into the player with a smile on her face. He’s going to be extremely annoyed when he comes back to find a Disney Channel special playing, but he did tell her to choose whatever she wants.

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Camsten - Almost There (repost for mobile users)


Linus stared at his computer screen as he checked over the memory-mapping a final time before the stitch. Everything seemed to be in order, so he looked over to where Camille sat at Cameron’s desk, reading something on her tablet.

“Hey, we’re ready to go. Did you call Kirsten?” He called to her. Camille looked up at him and nodded.

“Yeah, she said she was on her-” She was interrupted by the elevator doors opening behind Linus, letting in the sound of raised voices. Linus spun in his chair and saw Kirsten walk into the lab with a sour look on her face. Cameron was keeping stride next to her, gesturing his hands wildly as he shouted.

“-You could have been killed, Kirsten!” Cameron came to an abrupt halt as Kirsten stopped in her tracks and spun to face him, her expression furious. When she spoke her voice contained such pure fury that Linus shivered.

“You mean like when you stopped your own heart and almost died?” Her voice shook almost imperceptibly on the last word and Cameron balked, falling silent. As he hesitated, Kirsten turned on her heel and strode away to the changing room, effectively ending the conversation.

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