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Tran's The Man

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You blinked tiredly, the world coming into focus around you. You glanced at the clock on your nightstand. You grimaced. 4 AM. You stretched your arm out, looking for the man that was beginning to occupy the other side of your bed less and less. Kevin was always reading the tablet. He never took a break. You made his meals and did his laundry. You basically ad to force him to come to bed, (which wasn’t awesome for your self esteem) and it was becoming more and more frequent. You rolled out of bed, groaning irritably and emerged from the room you and Kevin usually shared. You wandered into the library, your eyes narrowing in slight frustration.

“Kev.” You muttered, approaching the back of his chair.

“Hey, babe.” He replied absent-mindedly not even glancing at you from the stupid piece of rock in front of him. Clearly, you understood why he took his job so seriously. He was incredibly committed, working as fast as he possibly could in order to save as many innocent lives as he could. He thought it was his responsibility, like their fate was resting on his shoulders. You did everything you could to convince him that he was wrong; none of this was his fault. You were convinced it was because of his mom.

“Kevin it’s time for bed. Actually, it’s way past time for bed. Come on,” You told him, nudging his shoulder. He shook his head simply, his fingers skimming over the dark stone.

“Kevin, I mean it.” You said much more firmly, turning to stand in front of him.

“You know what I’m doing is important.” You sighed, not wanting to have this argument again.

“Sweetheart,” You began, sliding into his lap, pulling his gaze away from the tablet.

“I know you’re doing good work. But you need to sleep. You’re going to fry, and then you won’t be any good to anyone. I need you around. And functioning.” You plead, taking his face between your hands, pulling him to look up at you. He sighed.

“I could use some convincing.” He hinted, a small smirk covering his features. You ran your fingers through his hair, tugging at the short strands. His eyes fell closed and he let out a soft hum. You kissed him tenderly, your hand sloping down to the nape of his neck. His hand tugged your waist, pressing your hips closer to his.

“Nice try, Kevin Freaking Solo. It’s bedtime.” You smiled, kissing him once more. You stood and pulled him out of the chair, taking his hand in yours.

“You know, you can be very persuasive Y/N.” He said with a knowing grin, following you back into your bedroom.

“Oh I know. You’re lucky I use my powers for good.” You got into bed, pulling him in beside you. He slipped under the covers and hooked his arms around you waist, his head resting on your chest. You ran your fingers through his hair and closed your eyes, enjoying how close he was if only for a moment.

“I love you.” He muttered, his grip on you tightening a bit. You smiled.

“I love you too, Kevin.” The next morning you awoke to find him still beside you. You carefully crept out of bed and carefully out of the room. You sauntered tiredly into the kitchen to start preparing breakfast for him. Dean was seated at the counter, a mug of coffee in front of him along with a newspaper.

“Morning.” Dean said groggily, setting the paper on the counter.

“I see you got Kev to go to bed. Your ‘womanly charms’ wouldn’t have had anything to do with that, would they?” You simply rolled your eyes in response and removed a pan to make some cinnamon rolls.

“Well whatever you did, I’m glad. That kid needs to get some rest or he’s going to burn out.” You nodded in agreement, spreading the rolls across the cookie sheet. You stole the paper from Dean and joined him at the counter and made pleasant conversation while the pastries finished backing.

“Seriously, he’s lucky to have you.” You smiled and turned to face the eldest Winchester.

“Thanks, Dean. But you guys can’t forget he needs his rest. You guys can’t push him too hard, he already feels bad enough as is.” Dean didn’t respond, he only nodded. The oven dinged and you removed the cinnamon rolls, leaving a few for the boys and grabbing some to share with Kevin. You laid the tray beside him and crawled into bed. You kissed his cheek and his eyes fluttered open.

“Good morning.” He mumbled tiredly, sitting up.

“Breakfast.” You smiled, nudging it towards him.

“Thank you. It’s perfect.” The two of you leaned against the headboard, sharing the cinnamon rolls and using the icing for things other than the cinnamon rolls.

Hello old friend (Kevin x reader)

Words: 924

Warnings: none :)

Fic song: Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning


Anonymous said:
Hello! c: I would like to request a oneshot! So, could you make one where Kevin & the reader started dating & Dean & Sam tease Kevin about it but they don’t know that it is the reader & when the reader visits Kevin at the bunker & when Dean & Sam see that it is her they are shocked because they know the reader because they have bumped into each other during hunts because the reader is also a hunter. Please & thank you!

A/N: Here is Kevin’s one shot I posted a week ago, but I think that it’s way better than old one so I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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Kevin rolled his eyes at one of Dean’s infinite jokes about relationships. Ever since Kevin announced to Sam and Dean that he has a girlfriend, they teased him and made stupid jokes, that only they found funny. It was kind of funny at first, but when you hear the same joke 100. time it gets quite annoying.  

Kevin got up, to leave the room, sick of their jokes, but Dean stopped him

˝Where are you going Kev? ˝ he asked, blocking the exit.

˝Out. ˝ Kevin answered simply, trying to get past Dean.

˝He’s gonna visit his girlfriend… How cute. ˝ now Sam teased, making Kevin roll his eyes again. Then Sam and Dean, both aww-ed and started making kissing voices.

Kevin quickly grabbed his jacket and almost ran into the garage. Sam and Dean were like older brothers to him and sure he loved them. But the last few days he just couldn’t handle them. He sat in his car and raced out to the freedom.

After a few minutes of the drive, he grabbed his phone and dialed your number.

˝Hey sweetheart, wanna hang out? ˝ his sweet voice reached you trough  the phone. A smile spread over your face.

˝Yeah sure. ˝

˝I’ll be at you in 10 minutes. ˝ he promised before hanging up.

Little less than 10 minutes later the bell of your little apartment rang. You opened the door, letting Kevin in before wrapping hands around his neck, uniting your lips with his.

You and Kevin have been dating for almost a month now, but still somehow his every touch made so called butterflies in your stomach go crazy. You had a huge crush on him for almost two months before you two started dating. And even though you are pretty confident, you’d never believe that Kevin could like you.

˝What’s wrong Kev? ˝ you worried when you saw his, not so happy, face.

˝Nothigh baby. Just Sam and Dean are annoying me. ˝ he chuckled, before pressing a kiss on your lips.

˝Well I’d love to kick asses to that Sam and Dean. ˝ Kevin laughed and wrapped his arms around your torso while rocking you back and forth.

You loved you two like that. Neither one of you needed to say anything, you just quietly danced, looking each other in the eyes. In those times you two really connected and if you could, you’d stay like this forever.

˝Would you come to the bunker? ˝ he asked suddenly, backing away for an inch.  

˝Yeah sure. ˝ Smile spread over Kevin’s face at your answer.  He asked you that a few times before, but your answer was always no. Not because you wouldn’t trust Kevin or anything, you just didn’t feel like it. Maybe it was too early, because it just didn’t feel right before.

It took you a few minutes to pack a bag for over the night and soon you joined Kevin in his old Camaro. The so called ‘bunker’ was only 20 minutes drive away from you, and you were finally able to see it. Kevin talked a lot about it and he absolutely loved the place.

Soon you figured out why. The bunker was something special. Not only it had special equipment, but the energy in it was something special and it reminded you of days you hunted a lot. It made you miss regular hunting.

Kevin took you to the library.  Two very familiar man were sitting behind one big wooden table.

˝Sam, Dean this is Y/N. Y/N this are Sam and Dean. ˝ Kevin introduced you to them.

˝Dean? Sam? ˝ you asked in shock, looking at older and younger Winchester.  You worked a case with, few years ago. For a second they both looked confused, but then Sam remembered.

˝Oh god. Y/N! ˝

Kevin’s confused look traveled form you to Sam and Dean and back. He had no idea what’s going on and after Dean stood up to hug you, he had to sit.

˝You know each other? ˝ his wide eyes kept traveling and his mouth slightly opened.

˝Yeah we worked a case together a while ago. I can’t believe you two are dating. ˝ Sam shook his head, before hugging you.

˝I saved their asses when we hunted a Wendigo. ˝ you explained.

˝She was bad ass back then. ˝ Dean added and you looked at him, surprised that he admitted that you saved him.

Then you remembered that something almost happened between you and him there. You and him drank quite a lot alcohol after that hunt and almost ended up in bed together. Thanks god, you were too drunk and passed out before anything could happen.

˝We need to catch up later Y/N. But we need to go now, right Dean? ˝

Sam and Dean left the bunker, leaving it all to you and Kevin. As soon as the door closed you turned to Kevin giving him a kiss on the cheek.

˝What was that for? ˝ he asked, smile again all over his face.

˝Because I love you. And because I met old friends again because of you. ˝

Kevin chuckled, pulling you close to him. His lips found yours and he pressed his lips on yours, hungrily uniting them into passionate kiss you did not expect. He pulled away after you both ran out of air.

˝What was that for? ˝ you asked, trying to catch your breath.

˝It was because I love you. ˝ he laughed, pressing his lips on your once more.

Fic-a-Day in May - Day 14

Based on a prompt: Mickey and Ian taking body shots off of each other at the Alibi.

It was a Saturday night and the Alibi Room was buzzing.

Sure, there weren’t a whole lot of people but everyone was running on a high, it was just a good night in general.

Mickey sat at the bar with Ian as Mandy danced with Debbie. He had a beer in one hand and the other hand on Ian’s knee.

“Still think the Sox were robbed,” he said, taking a big swig and Ian chuckled.

“You’re too biased to form a logical opinion,” Ian grinned. “Finish your damn drink.”

“What, gonna turn in early or somethin’?” Mickey asked, finishing off the last of his beer.

“Maybe,” Ian shrugged.

“You guys are leaving already?” Kev said from behind the bar. “Early night for the two of you ain’t it?”

“I never said I was done drinkin’,” Mickey said.

“That’s what I like to hear,” Kev said. “Two of you want a couple of shots?”

Mickey gave Ian a grin and he rolled his eyes with a playful eyebrow raise.

“Make it two tequilas,” he said.

“Lemon or lime’s a buck extra,” Kev said.

“Of course it is,” Mickey said.

“Bring it on,” Ian said and Kev poured two shots and handed them a salt shaker and some lemon wedges.

Mickey went to grab the salt but Ian caught his wrist in his hand instead.

“Oh no, we’re gonna do this my way,” he said, taking the salt from the table. “And you can’t say anything about it.”

He licked the inside of his wrist and shook the salt over it to make it stick. Mickey just shook his head.

“You love makin’ a scene don’t you?” he said as he grabbed Ian’s hand to run his tongue over the patch of salt.

He dragged it slowly before he was pulling away to do the shot and then suck on the lemon wedge.

“Was that so hard?” he said with a smirk and Mickey kicked his shin gently.

“Alright wise-ass, your turn,” Mickey said, dragging his thumb over his tongue and then wiping it on his neck. “Get the damn salt.”

Ian shook a little over the spot on his neck and Mickey grabbed the lemon wedge, shoving it between his teeth and looking up at him with a wicked gleam in his eye.

Ian laughed for a moment before his lips were parted over the patch of salt and he was sucking gently on his soft skin. It wasn’t just the salt he was tasting, it was Mickey, and that was something he always found to be exquisite.

He pulled back after only a few moments too long and took the shot, pulling Mickey in to take the lemon from between his lips.

“Hey, who said you could start the shots without me?” Mandy said, slightly out of breath as she came over and leant on the bar. “Kev! Catch me up!”

He took out another glass and poured her one, only she took the salt off her own wrist.

“Man, it’s been a long time since I did body shots,” Kev said. “You wanna do ‘em properly?”

He had a big grin on his face and Mickey just shook his head. “I don’t think so.”

“Yeah, come on Mickey, get up on the bar,” Kev said and Mickey laughed as he shook his head.

“No fuckin’ way,” he said.

“Well you’re fucking boring, Ian, up on the bar,” he said.

Ian shrugged, hopping up off the seat and Mickey grunted in frustration.

“Shirt off, you know how to do it?”

“I worked in a bar for a while, I know how to do it,” Ian said, stripping his shirt off with a few jeers from around the room.

“Show off,” Mickey muttered.

“Alright Mickey, ready for another one?” Kev asked with a grin as Ian sat back and Kev readied the bottle of tequila.

“I am not doin’ a shot of you,” he said.

“I’ll do it!” Mandy said and Mickey glared at her.

“That’s the fucking spirit!” Kev said. “Ready?”

Mickey folded his arms tightly as Kev poured the tequila over Ian’s navel and a little up the crease between his toned muscles. Mandy grinned as Ian put the lemon between his teeth and she pulled her hair back as she ran her tongue over him and used it to drink up the last of the liquor.

She leaned over to his lips and took the lemon, lips just brushing Ian’s before she was pulling back and taking the lemon from her mouth with a loud grin. Ian propped himself up a little and gave Mickey a look, to which he rolled his eyes and got up from his stool.

“Alright, alright, no more lickin’ on him,” he said, giving Mandy a friendly elbow in the side. “Pour another one.”

“There you go!” Kev said and Ian gave Mickey a wink before he lay back down.

He poured more tequila over him and Mickey mumbled to Ian before he leant it.

“The things I do for you…”

He left a kiss on his navel, the liquor harsh on his tongue but he hardly cared as it dragged across Ian’s taut skin and his fingers grazed his side. He kissed his way up his chest, tongue catching the liquid before it dripped down his side.

He pulled his wet mouth away, looking up to Ian’s mouth where his lips held the lemon in place. As Mickey dipped his head down to take it Ian cupped the back of his head with his hand and held him there a moment, letting him go once he sucked down the sweet juice of the lemon.

The people standing nearby cheered and Mickey rolled his eyes, throwing the lemon rind at Kev before sitting back on his stool.

Ian got up with a grin, taking back his shirt and hopping off the bar, taking Mickey by the scruff of his jacket and kissing him properly. He sat down beside him and put his chin on his shoulder.

“That was fun,” he murmured and Mickey scoffed.

“Oh you liked having my sister’s lips all over you huh?” he said and Ian chuckled.

“You know, it almost felt the same, except her lips were just lips and yours… well yours were the only ones I really felt…” he whispered.

Mickey shook his head. “How many of those shots you had?”

“Come on, make it an early night,” he said. “We can grab a bottle… I know of a few places I’d like to lick that off of but they’re not really appropriate for a bar…”

A sly grin slipped onto Mickey’s lips. “That so, huh?”

“Let’s get out of here.”

Mickey grinned, he didn’t need much more convincing.