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dear diary i am never ever ever ever going to get over how shou just decided he was ritsu’s best friend and ritsu just kinda. he kinda ended up rolling with it 

Summary of all the level files

Level 0: intro ?
level 1: Brian date 3
level 2: Scene where Amanda tells you to see Hugo
level 3: Scene where you go to the bar or go to Joseph’s house
level 4: Meeting Brian in the park
level 5:Something about Joseph his kids and the school????
level6:Meeting Mat 
level 7:Meeting Robert in the bar
level 8:Going to the new house with Amanda
level 9:Running into Craig
level 10:Damien date 2
level 11:Workout with Craig
level 12:Bacon scene with Amanda
level 13:The code says you meet Damien at night somehow???? but it’s the scene with Amanda while watching tv
level 14:Going to the mall with Amanda
level 15:Dadbook quiz
level 16:Waiting for Amanda to get home
level 17:Craig date 3 dads may have four ends
level 18:Cult ending
level 19:Damien date 3
level 20:Graduation party
level 21:Hugo date 2
level 22:Hugp date 3
level 23:Code for ui
level 24:Mat dadte 2
level 25:Mat date 3
level 26:Robert date 3
level 27:Some sort of user input mentions robert
level 28:Code for the user viewpoint
level 29:Robert date 1
level 30:Build that dad code
level 31:Code for the points system for dates 
level 32:Nothing story related but I couldn’t figure out what the code was for
level 33:Beginning of the game 
level 34:Returning home from the bbq
level 35:Brian date 1 

level 36:Brian date 2
level 37:Craig date 1
level 38:Craig date 2
level 39:Damien date 1
level 40:Hugo date 1
level 41:Joseph date 1
level 42:Joseph date 2
level 43:Joseph date 3
level 44:Mat date 1
level 45:Robert date 2
level 46:Code for the dadbook itself
level 47:Code for fishing mini-game
level 48:Code for the golfing mini-game
level 49:Start menu
level 50:The bbq
level 51:More ui stuff
level 52:When Amanda gets accepted to university
level 53:When Amanda talks about her friend drama
level 54:I think it’s code about the text messages
level 55:Walk Mary home code
level 56:Credits
level 57:Whittling mini-game(It doesn’t seem to have any triggers)
level 58: I have no idea what this code is for but it seems to be a mini-game
level 59:Piano mini-game
level 60:Skeeball mini-game

Things that I found interesting:
The variable for whether you slept with Robert or not is “FuckedRobert” which I found funny
It seems that each dad actually has four endings. The point system in the game is Daddy points,Dad points,Bad points and Baddy points. The dadbook adds and takes these points depending on your answers when you date the dads.The points you have carries over so you do badly on a date or not get all the daddy points and still get the “Daddy ending”. 

The only baddy ending I can think of is Robert’s when you sleep with him. The code made it seem possible for all the dads. 

I think it goes

Daddy ending: Getting together or self improvement in some form
Dad ending: Friendzoned 
Bad ending: Never gotten one
Baddy ending:The dad hates you or you have no relationship

I only saw that Craig needed over 20 daddy points to get his Daddy ending. I’m not sure about the others.

BTS Reaction to you never going out

request: Heyy~♡ Can I have a BTS Reaction, to you never going out because you don’t like people? (That’s me haha) Like, what they would do to finally get u out of the house/apartment (whatever)? Thank youu~~ and I love your blog, btw!!♡♡

A/N: when you’re anti-social af (aka me lol) anyone else?

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-Kim Seokjin-

Jin wouldn’t understand why you didn’t like people or going out, unless it was to get food. Jin wanted to take you on dates, but with you being ant-social it was quite hard. He would do anything to get you out of the house.

“(Y/n) you need to get out of the house! Please let’s go do something?”

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-Kim Namjoon-

Namjoon would literally try to drag you out of the house. He would also remind you about how you would always complain about having nothing to do. Namjoon tried to trick you into thinking you would be going out to get food, but it didn’t really turn out well.

“You’re the one who says your always bored! Let’s go and do something then.”

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-Min Yoongi-

Honestly Yoongi wouldn’t mind that you didn’t like going out. You both didn’t really like people so he was cool with that too. But there are times when he actually wants to try and do things couples do together.

“Hey (y/n) let’s try and go on a date this time instead of just sleeping in bed.”

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-Jung Hoseok-

Hoseok would try whining as a way to get you out of the house, knowing you hated it when he did that. He wanted to be able to go on dates with you. Hoseok will try and plan activities that sound appealing to you.

“How about we go and watch a movie you like (y/n)? And after we can get food?”

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-Park Jimin-

He would understand that you didn’t like people but would constantly try and get you to stop hanging around in the house. Jimin would even try to bring you to practices with him just so that you actually went out.

“You know what? Just come with me to practice please? You really need to get out of the house.”

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-Kim Taehyung-

Taehyung would joke around about how you had no friends because you were so anti-social, but in the end he would plan little staycations that didn’t involve staying home. He hoped that if he got you doing fun activities you’d begin to go out more.

“Okay this week we’re going here and doing this. And yes you need to go (y/n), you’re beginning to be a lot like Yoongi-hyung.”

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-Jeon Jungkook-

He wouldn’t want to be constantly nagging you about getting out of the house, but there are times when he really wished you did. But to make you happy, he would make little dates involving the both of you going outside to the backyard.

“We’re having a picnic in the backyard (y/n), let’s go babe!”

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Jealous / Jeff Atkins

Jeff wasn’t really the jealous type at all but when it came to you talking to some of his friends he couldn’t help but get it. He knew what his friends were saying about you and he still couldn’t believe that you were his. So as he watched you laugh along at something Justin had said he couldn’t help but walk over to you.

“Hey Baby you ready to go?” He asks as he put his arm on your waist protectively. You smiled as you felt him next to you. Justin didn’t really pay attention he just told you another joke as jeff then fake laughed.

“Really fun dude, but we have to go now” as he takes your hand before guiding you out of the house. As you got outside you stopped, stopping jeff with you. He turned to you as you looked at him.

“What?” He asks as he takes a step towards you. You still didn’t say anything as he put his hand on your cheek.

“Baby seriously what’s wrong?” He asks again as you sighed.

“Why did you drag me away like that? You love parties so what’s up with you?” As he looks down.

“Nothing wrong, I just. I’m not feeling well” but you could see right through his lie.

“That’s a lie, you were litteraly beer- ponging 5 minutes ago” as he looked up at you and then back down. You took his head in your hands.

“Tell me what’s wrong? You know you can tell me anything” he nodded as he sighed.

“I just, i don’t like you being around them, because they talk about in ways I’m only allowed to talk about you. ” he started as you looked at him.

“And let me guess, when I talked to Justin you got jealous.” You had a small smile on your face. He nods.

“I knew it! I literally saw your clenched jaw from where I was standing” you laughed.

“But you know that I love you only right” as he looks at you.

“Maybe you should show me” he smirks as you laughed.

“Then maybe I should” as you got even closer to him if that was even possible before connecting your lips to his. He sighed into your lips as you smiled. You pulled your lips away as he smiled at you.

“I love you y/n so much” as he pecked your lips.

“I love you more Jeff, no ones ever going to take me away from you” as he intertwined his hand in yours.

“I like that idea a lot” as you drove home so you both can cuddle and watch movies.

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I spy so many rooftops through the crack in my attic,
is one of them yours?
Tonight the setting sun soaks the sky peach, 
this streaming amber light may seem to project optimism,
but out of seven billion people in shotgun shacks or LA mansions,
can we lift every roof to check for our soulmates,
without breaking their weathered slate shelters?
Taking a meander through an alleyway,
maybe you’re in the house with those perfect window boxes,
we could take Saturday trips to a garden centre,
if you’d like,
you’d probably say that I’m the prettiest flower,
and through gritted teeth, I’d try to believe you.
I look into every windscreen and under every bike helmet,
and imagine summer picnics and winter walks,
or eternal talks under the stars,
turning over every rock as if you’re going to be there.
But maybe you’re in the house with the echo of aggression,
from an angry girl that you thought was the one,
her words spewing hate into the roadside where I stand,
I’d hope you’d wish for better.
What if you’re stood on a clifftop?
So bursting with contempt towards this cruel place,
in another life I could’ve coaxed you from that ledge,
but our paths haven’t crossed yet,
and now they never will.
—  the death of a soulmate
You know how he can be

You tried to keep your worries as hidden as possible so you could tell the cabbie your address.
It was going to be bad and you knew it. The last time John messaged you to come home as quickly as possible was when Sherlock was shot. And you were not ready for something like that again. You never really were.
You felt a burning pain rising in your chest as you watched the city lights hoping the ride wouldn’t take too much.
You paid the cabbie and rushed up the stairs expecting the worst. The room was silent when you entered and the only source of light was the fire from the mantelpiece.
You heared footsteps coming from the hall and you saw John approaching you as you watched him.
“I have to let you know what state he’s in before you go in there. Someone started a fire while we were in that old house looking for footprints. I was in the garden but he was upstairs. He refuses to go to the hospital and he doesn’t let me help him. He told me he’s fine. I’m sorry, you know how he can be.”
You gave him a quick nod and rushed to the room.
You were surprised to see pure darkness so you went on one side of the bed to turn the lamp on.
“Don’t.” his deep baritone voice said.
You stopped startled to hear him and waited a few seconds until your eyes adjusted to the darkness so you could see his silhouette.
He was standing on the other side of the bed with his head down and his hands on the edge.
You knelt down and slowly moved your hands to touch his face but you felt his hand grabbing yours to stop it from the contact.
“I’m fine. John’s making a fuss over nothing.” He said in cold tone. But you knew better.
“Let me see.” you told him barely holding up your tears.
He sighed, tilting his head in a firm ‘no’.
“Let me see.” you repeated raising your voice, feeling annoyed by his attitude but cursing when your voice cracked halfway through the sentence.
He let go of your hand allowing you to finally touch him. You brushed his hair from his face and you gently cupped one side of his face but stopped when you saw him flinch.
“Look at me.” you pleaded. After a few seconds you felt his head rising.
His beautiful eyes were watching you carefully as you looked at his bruised lip and the fresh cut on his temple.
“Where?” You asked him knowing this couldn’t be everything.
“My back.” he quietly admitted after a while.
“I need to see it. Take off your shirt.” You said softly, barely audible.
He gave a stern look in response to that “No need. It’s not bad. Barely feel it”
“Don’t.” You answered sadly while he looked at you surprised at the way your tone shifted. “Don’t tell me it’s ok. Stop pretending you’re not human and that stern look you have when you’re around people. Your eyes decieve you. I may not be a detective but I see the sadness they reflect every time you think no one can see you. I see the loneliness you feel when you look outside the window or when you think. I don’t only see it Sherlock, I feel it like it was my own. And it is. The burden you carry on your shoulders it’s mine too. Because you are as human as I am and I care about you.”
You went to get the first aid kit from the bathroom leaving him alone hoping he understood what you meant. When you returned, he was already facing the opposite side.
You slowly approached, feeling him tense as you gently touched his bare back to take care of the still rather fresh cuts and burnt skin while trying very hard not to cry in his presence.
After you finished you saw him turning around trying to button up his shirt against the pain he was feeling.
“Let me.” you told him waiting for his approval and helping him as soon as he nodded. He took your hand in his as you finished and your eyes met again.
“I feel it too.”
“Your pain. How you worry about me. How kind you are even when I’m a pain in the ass” he told you sincerely making you smile a little.
You looked at him thinking at how much he’s been through and how much sadness you could still see in his eyes now and for the first time tonight you allowed yourself to cry in his presence.
“I wish I could take it away. I’m so sorry.” You confessed.
“You are. Every time I feel you close to me I forget about the pain, and that’s all I need. Stop blaming yourself. You are not the one causing pain. You are the one taking it”
You felt his arms wrapping around you while you remained still, afraid to touch his back and for the first time tonight, you felt peace.

My first ever fanfic. Please be kind.

Jamie: Hey Emmi!

Emilia (startled): James Andrew Livingston! Don’t scare me like that!
How’d you get in my house…wait ….you’re not going to blow up any of my stuff again, are you?

Jamie: I got in with the key. Duh. And very funny. I’m not blowing anything up, just showing you my newest invention!

Emilia (panicing): No. Not in my house. Outside. 

Jamie: It’s a new disappearing potion, look! *throws*


Jamie (voice fading): NINJA VANISHHHHHHH!

Emilia (muttering): Idiot. Coming to my house just to mess up my floors. I’m going to work <_<

Old Fashioned Bubblegum (closed)


Tyler cornered Wilford after classes had ended for the day, pushing him against the wall of lockers. “You loser, you’ve been dodging me all day, what the hell, man? What’d I do? Today’s the day we normally go to my house, and suddenly you’re trying to leave me standing here alone?”

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Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.


a summary of kim himchan in Episode 1 of JUNG DAE MAN