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“I’ll do the firngering” - David8 to Walter (both played by Michael Fassbender)

I went to watch Alien: Covenant…..
I didn’t know I needed this in my life XD
I honest to God heard someone scream “Holy fuck” in the middle of the movie theater,
I LAUGHED my ass of and said “Yeah Boy!! Go get some!!” Thank god my mom doesn’t understand English
Seriously if you read this do yourself a favor and go watch it if you haven’t.
Honestly separated from gay selfcest it’s a really good movie with a lot of winks to the very first movie and decent if not great effects!!!

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Way to erase McCree's mexican roots by making him Hawaiian :/. Why do people racebend PoC's??

Hey friendo, I’m gonna assume that you never saw the movie “Superbad” (Go watch it, it’s hilarious), but there’s a character that has a fake ID that say’s McLovin and is from Hawaii and he uses that to try and buy liquor.

As I’m not American I have no idea what an American driver’s license looks like, so I just copied the one from Superbad. Also it’s a fake ID, so it literally could say that McCree was from anywhere. And even if he was a Hawaiian resident, that does not make him a native, and I’ve been told native Hawaiians don’t really appreciate that line of thinking.

Furthermore, while it’s a popular fanon that McCree is at least partly Mexican (which I love very much), it’s not canon. People can have different opinions on that subject and that’s OK. And until Jeff Kaplan or Michael Chu or any other member of the overwatch team give us more insight into McCree’s background it’s open for interpertation. And to be honest, it’s pretty awful to attack someone when their headcanons are different from yours.

If you want to talk about this any further, come off anon and we can discuss it in private.


Obvious Child (2014)

I watched Ghostbusters over the weekend and LOVED IT! Such a fun, entertaining movie! And then when I saw everything happen on Leslie Jones’s twitter, I wanted to show support and did it by doing some fanart! I had an affinity for Patty especially in the movie, in high school, I was the girl more interested in arts and humanities hanging out with science and math gals. I could definitely relate to Patty as all of the science jargon flew over her head, but she brought something different to the team that the team needed. Patty had knowledge of New York history, she was intelligent in her own right, not to mention incredibly brave and hilarious! 

Anyway, I’m definitely rusty when it comes to finished illustrations because I’ve been so focused on drawing boards but this was really fun to do <3

If you can, please go watch Ghostbusters!! It’s a great, hilarious movie!!

The Costume

Title: The Costume

 Prompt: Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I decided to write a Halloween fic for my six favorite characters! :D  Make sure to check out the other ones as well

 Summary: Cas needs a costume for your Halloween party at the bunker.  So, you are happy to help…

 Warnings: Dirty thoughts.

Check out the other stories for: Sam, Dean, Gabriel, Crowley, Lucifer

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Masterlist of FanFiction 

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 You were so excited for tonight.  You had convinced the Winchesters to have a little Halloween party at the bunker. Nothing too big, just you, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Crowley, and Rowena.  You had all the food ready to go, all hilarious looking dishes.  You had decorations up, movies rented, enough alcohol for everyone to make it through a party with Rowen and Crowley…which only left one thing left, your costume.  

Sam and Dean went out earlier in the week to get theirs, but you had been busy with a Salt and Burn case to get one yet.  So you grabbed your keys and started heading for the door.  “Going to pick a costume.  See you guys later!”  You shouted over your shoulder.

You heard some mumbles behind you before Sam yelled at you to wait.  Turning, you saw Castiel looking at you quizzically. “What’s wrong, Cas?”

“He didn’t know he needed a costume.  Take him with you.”  Dean said quickly before taking another bit of his burger.

“Sure!  Come on, Cas! It will be fun!”  You said cheerfully as the angel sighed and got up from his seat to follow behind.

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Now stand aside, worthy adversary.
-‘Tis but a scratch.
A scratch? Your arm’s off!
-No it isn’t.
What’s that, then?
-… I’ve had worse!

any pirate movie becomes hilarious when you understand that a knot is a little under 2 kph. suspenseful music playing and men yelling as the ships approach each other at a brisk jog, at the speed i drive when im trying to squeeze my car between two others idling in a parking lot.

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‘the only two people in the movie theater’ au CAPTAIN SWAN IF YOU PLEASE AND THANK YOU HILARY

Emma figured the movie was going to suck – something like the fourth or fifth installment in an action franchise that’s long since worn out its welcome, but Hollywood has nothing better to do than make another one – but not to the point of there being literally only one other person in the theater, sitting where she usually sits, the middle seat in the back row. (Seriously, it’s bad enough that she’s taking herself to a movie because there’s literally no one for her to go with – now her seat is stolen too.) And because she’s feeling contrary, she marches right up to them – him, actually – and says,”Scuse me. Mind moving?”

He glances up at her, one dark eyebrow cocked, and it is in that moment when Emma realizes she’s made a horrible mistake. Of course he would look like that, and of course he would appear inordinately amused that the only woman in the theater couldn’t keep herself from talking to him. “There a problem, love?”

“No.” Emma hunches defensively. It’s a rainy spring afternoon in Boston and she’s between jobs, so what if she wants to turn off her brain with testosterone and car chases and mindless explosions? “I just – that’s where I sit.”

He makes a sardonic gesture at the spread of empty seats all around them. “Plenty of choice, isn’t there?”

“Yeah, sure, whatever.” Emma glances away again, already feeling stupid. “Should get here earlier next time, huh?” Although it’s still half an hour until the previews start, let alone the feature. Better than sitting in her empty apartment.

He grins crookedly. “You could sit on my lap if you want. I am a gentleman.”

“No thank you.” Emma crosses her arms tightly over her chest, wondering if she wants to spend two and a half hours in a dark, enclosed space with a pervert, even one who looks like the beautiful guardian angel of perverts (and has a British accent, for that matter). But something – she doesn’t know what, maybe a realization that no matter what he looks like, he too wouldn’t be alone in a movie theater with some crappy midday matinee if he had anything better to do – makes her thrust her hand at him like a challenge. “Swan. Emma.”

He blinks, then shakes it with the utmost suave self-possession. “Jones. Killian.”

Emma gives him a demure, closed-mouth, fuck-you smile and takes a seat next to him. “This your kind of movie?”

“Not at all, really,” he says, stretching his legs out. “Yours?”

Emma shrugs. “First one on the marquee.”

“Same,” he says, digs around on the floor, extracts his jumbo bag of buttery popcorn, and offers it to her. “Not in danger of thinking about it too much, eh?”

Emma’s startled, but doesn’t answer, helping herself to a sublimely delicious greasy fistful and munching. He doesn’t pull it away, seemingly content to let her have as much as she wants, and while she keeps a close eye on his hand in case he thinks to try to put it somewhere it shouldn’t be, he does no such thing. They sit patiently through thirty minutes of ads, then fifteen minutes of previews, until the movie finally starts.

It’s as shitty as expected, but there’s no one to tell them to shut up. They heckle the characters for their bad decisions, openly lampoon the gaping plot holes, and throw popcorn at the screen during the cheesy sex scenes. (They do appreciate the car chases though). By the time the credits finally roll, Emma has the oddest feeling that she’s been on a date, or had a day out with a friend without realizing it – especially when they emerge into the damp, blustery evening, and Killian Jones insists on waiting with her until her bus comes. As the doors swing open and she’s about to step on, he says abruptly, “See you again sometime?”

“Maybe.” Emma pulls out her MBTA card and swipes it. “Later.”

“Later,” he says, touching two fingers to his brow in a sort of salute. “Good night then, love.”

(She’s not going to make any plans. Not expect anything at all.)

(She returns to the theater the same time, next Saturday.)

(He’s standing under one of the cardboard cutouts advertising upcoming features, pretending to look casual.)