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Ok but Percy Jackson isn’t just cute or even just hot he’s ACTUALLY ATTRACTIVE BECAUSE OF HIS PERSONALITY like he’s relatable to the readers and he’s not disturbing with millions of sex jokes and he respects Annabeth and gives her credit for how badass she is and admits his faults and ACTUALLY TRIES TO IMPROVE THEM and he loves his mom and he’s just so respectful??? Like???

Imagine lifeguard Dean saving you from drowning.

“Charlie that’s not funny!” you remember being the last thing you said that was actually a full sentence.

The words that left your lips after she had pushed you into the water were muffled by, well, your drowning. You didn’t realize it when darkness surrounded you but it was fast and it was effective, and as the water filled your lungs you actually thought that that was it. That was the end. Such a shame considering the cute green-eyed guy you had seen about an hour ago and wanted to really talk to him, not that you’d ever get the guts to but still- there were more chances with you alive.

The first thing you heard when you started being brought back to consciousness was your friend’s pleas for both you to wake up and someone else – Dean wasn’t it? - to try harder. You heard a gruff voice, pleading for you to open your eyes as well, while pushing down on your chest. And as that you felt the water in your lungs move… up your throat. Before you could fully comprehend it your eyes snapped open and the water left your mouth, pouring out as you coughed uncontrollably.

“Oh thank Chuck!” you heard your friend let out a big sigh of relief and a pair of arms hug you “I’m gonna go call Gabe, I’ll be right back!” she whispered to you and still coughing out some water you gave her a weak nod. In an instant she let go of you and you fell back on the sand, blinking the tears away from your eyes. It felt as if you seeing stars for a moment… and then probably a god standing over you or was it…?

“You” you whispered, squinting your eyes, the sun not making it any easier for you to see. But you could never mistake those eyes for anything in the world.

“Well, if this isn’t my most lucky and your most unlucky day, then I don’t know what.” he said in a rough voice, grinning down at you.

You tilted your head to the side, smiling slightly and almost feeling your cheeks heat up as you realized what had happened “You… you saved me?” you asked in a whispered and he chuckled.

“I wouldn’t really that, but yeah I guess.” he gave you a boyish grin but you shook your head.

“You saved me.” you stated this time “I drowned and you just… saved me.”

“Well, it is my job.” he shrugged “But I must admit that I wouldn’t forgive myself if I let anything happen to you, beautiful.” he smirked at you and you bit your lower lip.

“Still, thank you for that.” you said, clearing your throat that burned slightly and getting up in a sitting position.

“Don’t, I actually never thought my job would get this enjoyable to be honest.” he chuckle “Damn it, this sounded so wrong.” he made a face but you still giggled at him.

“It’s ok, do you want me to be honest too?” you asked, looking up at him into his green eyes , and boy did you try not to get distracted by the droplets running down his hair,and beautiful face, and neck, and chest and- ok not.

“What?” he asked with a half smile.

“I actually never thought I would like almost drowning to death so much.” you said shepishly and his smile turned intoafull grin that actually took your breath away. Your fingers danced over your lips as the thought of him giving you CPR, and boy were those lips just made for that. You felt your cheeks burn as you realized how even for a second you let your thoughts wander to all of the things those lips could exactly do, so you just shook your head at it.

The only thing you hated about the situation was that you had passed out and didn’t remember a thing about it.

“Well, I must say it’s not everyday I get to save a gorgeous woman like you.” he shrugged so smoothly it just surprised you for a moment.

“Oh I almost forgot, I got carried away for a moment. (Y/n). Name’s (Y/n).” you extended your hand “Can I at least know the name of my savor?” you asked shyly, wanting to be as smooth in flirting but knowing you were already failing miserably.

“Beautiful name for an even more beautiful girl.” he said with a smirk “Name’s Dean, sweetheart.”

“Dean.” you said the name, loving how it sounded in your lips “If I may ask, Dean: Are you as good at your job as you are at flirting?”

His eyebrows shot up and he lowered his head to let out a soft laugh, and you mentally congratulated yourself for how smooth you were and how cool you sounded.

“Well, would you like to find out?” he asked with a smirk.


Prompt: “I’m not wearing a dress.” And “I’m not wearing a tie.”
Pairing: Robbie Reyes x Reader
Warnings: None
Word Count: 500
A/N: I love Robbie and there is a serious lack of imagines for him. So here is my contribution. Sorry it’s so short but I kinda lost where I was going with it. I hope you like it as please feel free to request anything!!

Prompt list.


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Living with the Reyes’ had its ups and downs. For the most time, it was awesome. But there were certain situations Robbie managed to guilt you into that you would rather not do. This time it was Gabe’s parents evening. Since Eli had been put behind bars, you had been tutoring Gabe and helping Robbie keep his new persona a secret. It bugged you that you had to lie to Gabe about where Robbie was all the time. It killed you knowing where he was.
“C’mon. You’ve gotta get ready.” Robbie said from the doorway of your shared room.
“Do I have to go?”
“Yes, you promised Gabe, remember?” He smirked.
“Fine, but I’m not wearing a dress.”
“And I’m not wearing a tie. It’s a parents evening, not a movie premier.” He laughed.
The parents evening had gone fine. The teacher praised you for helping Gabe get his grades back up after the accident and what had happened with his uncle. You were back at the house and Gabe was fast asleep in bed. Robbie had suggested you both watch a movie considering you hadn’t had a night to yourselves in such a long time. You were happier that he wasn’t off hunting people while on fire. You were situated against his chest but twisted so you could pull his lips to yours.
He pulled back and smiled. “I love you.”
“I love you too. Even if you do spontaneously combust.” You laughed.
“Really, (Y/N).” Robbie looked at you funny.
“What it’s a point. I’m not gonna run at the first sight of trouble.” You said seriously wrapping your arms around his neck.
“I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you.” He whispered.
“I could say the same, Reyes.” You murmured before connecting your lips again.
“You two should get a room.” Gabe’s voice suddenly came from the doorway. “In fact, don’t ‘cause yours is right next to mine.” He muttered.
You and Robbie just laughed.
“What are you doing up anyway?” Robbie called.
“Needed a drink.” Gabe shouted as he wheeled himself back into his room.
“Jesus, we should turn in.” You said as you looked at the clock on the wall. Robbie turned the TV off and swept you up into his arms. “Robbie! Put me down!” You whisper screamed to not disturb Gabe.
“No way, Chica.” He laughed and carried you into your room.
He dropped you on the bed and then laid down next to you. Neither of you could be bothered to change clothes so you just fell asleep in your clothes.

I know other people have already posted rants about this so I’ll probably sound like a broken record, but I need to get this off my chest. 

I was never the biggest fan of Kate, and throughout most of the season I was fairly indifferent to her, but her actions in episode five made me really dislike her.  (fyi if you’re a fan of Kate I’m not trying to bash you or trying to get you to dislike her, I just wanted to explain my viewpoint on the matter. If you completely disagree with everything I said, feel free to message me so I can hear your side of things!)

Back in episode one, she told Javi that sometimes she wanted to leave Gabe by the side of the road. Even though she claimed it was a joke, I just could never fully bring myself to like her character that much after she said that. I mean, they were in a cramped van and Gabe was literally sitting a foot away from her, and she straight up said that she wanted to ditch him? He may have been sleeping at the time, but he could have also been pretending to sleep and listening to Kate and Javi, which is something that Mariana admitted to doing, so he or Mari could have easily overheard Kate say that. And I don’t believe a parent should ever say something like that, even as a joke, let alone in a setting where their kid could hear it.

Kate was also willing to let David, the man she spent 95% of her screen time complaining about, who she tried to get away from at every chance she got kidnap her stepson? After she watched David physically abuse him? I know the first time David hit Gabe it wasn’t intentional and he clearly felt horrible for what he had done, but the second time he literally smacked him in the face with a wrench and proceeded to try to kill Javi without missing a stride. I don’t know about anyone else but there is no way in hell I’d allow a fourteen year old boy, whether he was was son or not, to be in the custody of someone that unstable. 

I know Gabe had said he would go with David before the fight broke out but I can’t imagine that he would still want side with David after all that, especially since when you go after Gabe he tells you he had tried to stop David from leaving and that’s why their truck crashed, revealing that he hadn’t willingly gotten into the truck and left with David. Even if Gabe did still want to try to fix David, as he told Javi, I would never let him put himself at risk like that. It really angered me how quickly Kate brushed off the fact that Gabe was with a dangerous and unstable man who she herself could barely stand to be around. When I played episode 5 I went after Gabe the second the choice became available to me, not being able to bear the thought of losing him or of him being in danger. I honestly felt like Kate just saw David taking off with Gabe as a way to get rid of David once and for all and didn’t really care if it cost Gabe’s life to accomplish that. 

And the fact that if Gabe dies she just seems sad for a few minutes then turns to Javi and tries to get him to start a family with her? Their entire family–everyone they cared about–just died, and she already wants to replace them and move on like they didn’t even matter? That just didn’t sit right with me. 

I also didn’t like that Kate was trying to hit on Javi before the apocalypse even started and wanted to have a relationship with him without even talking things through with David, who is known to be hot headed and irrational at times and would obviously go ballistic and blame Javi if he found out that his brother was dating his wife–which is what did end up happening. I know from Kate’s point of view their relationship had ended years ago but David clearly didn’t see it that way and she  should have talked to him before trying to get with Javi, I mean she literally still wore her wedding ring…

This entire season revolved around the idea of family and how far you’re willing to go to protect the ones you love and in my opinion, Kate completely violated that. She put trying to seal the breach in the wall over protecting her family because she felt responsible for it, but honestly that didn’t make sense to me either, seeing as it wasn’t her fault that someone threw a bomb at the truck she was driving, causing her to crash.

I know that was pretty long so I don’t expect everyone to take the time to read it all, but I needed to say it, so thanks if you actually read it:)

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Day off with Reaper too? ^^

I’m battling through a migraine at the moment, and I apologize if this isn’t as great as it could be :)

  • Don’t expect to leave your bed early in the morning because Reaper would just wrap a tendril around you and pull you back under the covers
  • Days off would be impromptu, something that was self-indulgent for the two of you
  • On days like these, Gabe could afford to leave the Reaper persona behind and show you what he was really like behind the mask
  • Sometimes he would tell you about his past, but he wouldn’t directly mention the people involved in the story
    • It would take a long time until Gabe truly divulges who he was actually talking
  • The anecdotes could range from a comedic and lighthearted tone to a somber and painful mood
  • Either way, they end with a makeout session and the two of you spooning along with a few comforting words
    • No matter what, Gabe will always be the big spoon
  • Even though the two of you won’t go to a fancy restaurant or the like, you go through with the effort of getting Gabe off base where no one could disturb you
    • The two of you don’t go back to the base until the sun begins to set
  • When the two of you are back on-base, you and Gabe simply go to bed
    • Even though he may not sleep for awhile, that doesn’t mean he can’t help you go to sleep if you’re tossing and turning
  • You remind Gabe that he was and still is human, despite his wraith-like appearance and he doesn’t hesitate to tell you that just as you’re about to fall asleep

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Knight in a Tux

“You know, I kinda dig the new ‘you’.”

Castiel rolled his eyes, focusing his attention to the tall mirror in front of him. It was his brother’s idea to wear a tie to the banquet. Every other day he would’ve only been caught wearing a tee-shirt and jeans. But no, tonight was oh so special for his brother so Cas had to put on dress pants, a white button down, and a blue tie.

“Actually-“ his best friend stood up from Cas’ bed and strode over to him, “-you need to under a couple buttons and let the tie hang loose a little.”

Cas followed Dean’s instructions and did appreciate the tips. But he still couldn’t manage a smile as he looked at his reflection. His appearance wasn’t the only thing bothering him about tonight. “My mother is going to be there.”

Frowning, Dean shrugged and clapped his best friend on the shoulder. “It’ll be fine.”

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Gabriel x reader

WARNING:- THIS IS SMUT (so by warned ;) ) honestly this started as a bit of fluff but smut took over :P hope you enjoy :)

You couldn’t believe what you were seeing, the man - well angel - you mourned for, broke your heart over was standing in front of you next to Cas.

“Bet you thought you’d never see me again” he joked to Sam and Dean his eyes not meeting yours.  

“Cas what the hell man?” Dean asked, demanding an explanation from Castiel as to why the Archangel was standing in the bunker. 

Cas explained, in great detail, what Gabriel was doing here and honestly you didn’t take a word of it in except that he had faked his death,  that’s where you stopped listening. Gabe’s eyes had finally met yours and you hadn’t looked away since Cas had began talking. 

You could almost feel the burn of danger in your eyes as you glared at him, he faked his death? He’d been alive all this time? Never once letting you know? The reality of betrayal finally kicked in and you felt the unwelcome presence of the lump in the back of your throat you always got before the tears arrived.  

You stood abruptly from you chair in the library, the wooden legs scraping across the floor drawing all eyes in the room to you. 

“Excuse me” you said eerily quietly as you head towards the door

“You ok Y/n?” Sam asks carefully, you turn facing only him. 

“I’m fine Sammy” you reply with a sickly sweet smile,  you see Gabriel visibly gulp at your voice. It took alot to upset you but when you were upset, the people around you had best find shelter because all hell will break lose. 

You turned slowly back around, the plastic smile never leaving your face and you continue on your way. The remaining residents of the room not speaking a work until they thought you were out of ear shot. 

You heard a low whistle which you knew to be Dean

“You are in some serious shit! Not that I can blame her, what you did to her you deserve everything you get” you heard him growl “Oh and heads up, she does have an angel blade" 

Ah…yes, yes you did! Smiling evilly to yourself as you continue to you room, tearing open your cost and retrieving the blade within. You turn towards the door just in time to see the cause of your pain walk in. 

Eyes narrowed at him, you realise he’s not looking at you but at the blade in your hand. You can’t help but let a smirk appear on your lips, a smirk that would have but Lucifer to shame. 

“Y/n sugar why don’t we put down the angel blade and talk like normal people?” He says voice shaking slightly

You let out a small cackle “no, see I’m not normal - I’m a hunter and you’re not normal - you’re a lying, two faced, cheating, son of bitch Archangel! So I think that this” You say waving the blade back and forth in your hand “will be staying where it is” Gabe’s eyes shot to yours to see nothing but hurt staring back. 

He stood there silent. 

“How could you? How could you do this to me?” You whisper “I mourned you, do you even care how you made me feel?” You demand your free hand folding into a fist, shaking with anger.

“Oh sugar,  of course I do….” he made to move closer,  before halting to a stop as you raised you angel blade to keep him away from you. 

“Don’t!” You warn, livid that he thinks this would have been so easy. “Don’t do that! Try and make this easy on you! You let me think you were dead!” You scream, not caring that the entire bunker could probably hear you.  

He went to open his mouth before you cut him off

“No! You don’t get to speak! You stand there and listen!”  

He held his hands up in surrender making no attempt to move or speak. 

“Do you have any idea what it was like? To see you lying there? I ran back in, Lucifer be dammed. I came back for you” anger melting away into sadness as you remembered that night, “Sam…Sam had to carry me out, I was catatonic. I didn’t speak for days! Just wept!” your hand that held you blade began to shake as you held it up to him. 

True to his unspoken word he made no comment just stood there as you poured out your pent up emotions

“And then there was HER! Seeing that bitch all over you, no warning as to who she was to you….If it hadn’t been for Dean I…I saw red ” you let out a sad chuckle 

“I was about this close” you say holding your index finger and thumb barley parted “this close the running across that room and ripping her off you by her hair!“ 

He started to laugh, but the fire in your eyes stopped him  dead. 

“You should have told me that you and she were….I felt like an idiot, although it all made sense after a while. What would an angel see in me?“ 

Gabriel had enough “Oh please!” He drawled out in his annoyed voice “stop with the self wallowing princess, Kali and I were over a long time ago…It was needed to get you out of there safe" 

“What did you just say to me?” You snarl, your grip tightening on your blade.

“OH you heard me, boo hoo my boyfriend kept secrets from me…" 

“SECRETS?!” You scream out so loud you thought you felt the room shake. “YOU LET ME THINK YOU WERE DEAD! For years Gabriel!” You choke out, blinking back to tears stepping forward angrily, before you realised he’d just refered to himself as you your boyfriend,  he’d never done that before…In fact he went out of his way not to label your relationship.

The angel blade getting too close to Gabriel’s chest for his liking.

“Y/n put the blade down or I’ll do it for you” he tried to sound steady and intimidating but you see something flash behind his eyes so quickly,  you thought you’d imagined it. Fear. 

*Why is he scared? He’s an angel…like Cas…oh…he’s losing his power like rest who fell…*

“Oh really?” You drawl out “what are you going to do Gabe? Teach me a lesson? Snap me into another dimension?” He swallowed slowly

“If I have to…” you start laughing 

“Oh please! Look at you! Poor little Archangel!” He frowns at you “Gabriel if you had any power you would have snapped your fingers and zapped this away the second you walked through that door” you pointed your hand towards the half closed door to your left. Unfortunately for you, you pointed with the hand you held the angel blade. 

Gabriel moved so fast your brain almost couldn’t register it. He moved in took the blade from your hand throwing it on your bed, before gathering you in his and pulling you flush against his chest. You look up at him shocked

“You forget sugar, I’m a soldier. I can disarm people without snapping a finger” He smirked 

You shove against him, to make him let you go. You step back from him breathing heavily.  

He reaches for your face, but you pull away shaking your head

“You left me…” you whisper “you have no idea…”

You see him eyes darken and his shoulders tense. You knew he was gonna blow.

“DON’T I?” You jump backwards in shock, he paced, waving his arms around “you think I haven’t watched you? The only thing I ever did was watch you!" 

You had to look away from him intense stare, your eyes fall to the floor.

He took a breath "I had to watch you let me go… move on with your life…” your eyes snap up to his, you begin to drown in pools of honey. 

“Let you go? Move on?” You shake you head at him 

“When exactly when did I do this? Oh was that when I’m hunting 24/7 to keep occupied? Or was that when I still cry myself to sleep some nights? Or when I still wake up screaming for you when I see you lying on the floor in that hotel in my dreams?” Tears now slipping from your eyes at you decoration of feelings.

He steps closer and this time you don’t move away.

“You were it for me Gabe…if I wasn’t with you…what felt for you…I loved you!” You shook your head finding yourself unable to find any more words.   

He stood there staring at you before deciding a course of action. He rushed forward once again pulling you to his chest before kissing you. Pouring years of built up passion and need into you. You hand dives into his hair gripping tightly making him moan. 

After a few minutes you both pull away. Gabriel looking down at you smirking lightly.

“Still love me?” He asks being cocky running his hand down you hair. You run you hands down his chest pushing him away slightly, you out on your sweetest smile. Dropping you hands from his chest, before pulling your right arm back and punching him straight in the jaw and kneed him in the groin.

Yes it hurt, not as much as it would have if he’d have been at full power, but he was almost human and you felt the pain was worth it to wipe that smirk off his face. But you would at the very least have some bruised knuckles in the morning. 

You here a groan and a snort of laughter from behind you. You turn to see the rest of team free will standing at the door. Dean and Sam laughing and Castiel grimacing. You smile yourself, before turning back to your Angel.

“You really thought it was going to be that easy? Good lord Gabriel! You do remember who you are dealing with? ” Cas said from behind you. Which caused you to smile. 

Gabriel, who had been curled over elbows on his knees since your two blows, though still standing…that’s how you remember he’s an angel, those blows would have taken a human to the ground. 

“Yes thank you brother!” He ground out in pain, which made you feel proud “I forgot for a second that my girlfriend was violent” he straightened up, face still full of pain

Your face no longer holding a smile but one of shock. He called you his girlfriend! 

“What?” He asks. You turn to look at Sam, Dean and Cas who seem as shocked as you. Though Gabriel was still confused. “What?” He asks again

“What did you call me?” You say quietly so afraid to break the spell.

You hear the boys clear their throat and excuse them self’s but you pay no attention,  you only have eyes for Gabe.

His face goes white when he realised what he’d done.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about” he says trying to hide behind his trickster persona, but you push him.

“Oh no! You don’t get to do that after everything! You call me your Girlfriend!” He gulps shaking his head “and earlier you refered to yourself as my boyfriend" 

"No I didn’t” he insisted, glaring you shrug.

“Ok fair enough, maybe I miss heard” he nodded in agreement “but it’s ok, you know why? Cause Cas was here a second ago when I thought I heard you say it so I’ll just ask, oh Ca..” you say walking towards the door, but you don’t get to finish 

He grabs you spinning you around and slamming you against the door knocking all air from your lungs as your back hits the wood. His face centimetres from yours breathing heavily, hands either side of your head.

“Fine” he snarled out “I called you my girlfriend and I said I was your boyfriend,  happy?“ 

Happy? You were fucking ecstatic! He’d just refered to you as a couple,  more than he’d done in the hole time you were together! But you weren’t letting on, despite the happy dance you were doing in your head

"Why?” You ask simply, he frowns at the question 

“Because I hate to be the one to break it to you sugar lips, but that’s what we are! We’re a couple!” Your heart lept “you are mine” he said stepping into your body. 

You were about to push him away, rip into him for claiming you like a piece of meat, when he added “and I’m yours” he sighed, looking at you lovingly “all yours, always have been…from the second I saw you in the college” you melt. Glad you the door behind you to hold you up. Smiling at the memory of you first encounter with the trickster. 

“Oh Gabe..” you lean forward claiming his lips in yours, the kiss was simple and sweet. You pull away to feel a tear fall from your eye.  He wipes it away tenderly

“Don’t suppose, this means I’m off the hook?” He asks although he already knows the answer 

“Bitch please!” You quote him making him smile “to quote you brother, do you remember who you’re dealing with?”

“Yeah I figured not..” He sighs “and its not like I can snap us away for a romantic getaway either.  So what do I do?” He asks honestly not knowing how to get you to forgive him.

You smile “it’s simple sugar” you state pushing away from the door pushing him away from you as you go “you do it the human way” He frowns unsure of your meaning “you work for it. You messed up Gabe,  majorly….you’ve got ALOT of grovelling to do”

He nods “so were do I start?”

You think "well…I got into a rough fight with a vamp yesterday and I’m aching like a bitch” you say walking over to your bed before sitting on it.

“You can massage my shoulders” he smiles wickedly waggling his eyebrows. You blush despite trying to remain stern. “Just my shoulder Gabe” you say with a warning tone.

He nods again, climbing on the bed behind you “I can do that" 

After a few minutes of a wonderful massage that had you moaning like crazy, you felt Gabe slow his movements, and shift behind you. You suddenly feel his lips on your neck,  you gasp in surprise.

“Gabe…” you murmur “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Nothing baby,  just trying to be thorough” he replied breathy as he sucked on the sensitive skin behind your ear, causing your eyes to roll back. 

You smile to yourself wickedly, *this could be a fun night*

You let out a deep moan and he bites the skin, marking you as his. Smiling into your neck, massage forgotten he runs his hands down you sides. Burning a pathway in your skin beneath you clothed with his fingers.  

You were in a internal boxing match between you brain and heart.

Your brain telling you to push him away and you heart telling you to go for it you loved him, and right now the heart was winning. 

He pulled you further back between his legs as he sat on his knees,  his excitement obviously pushing into you back. You both groan at the friction.

That was the final swing the knockout out you brain and your heart won the fight, you wanted him so badly. 

“Fuck it” you say pushing off him and turning around, you straddled him. His arms Instantly wrapped around you. 

“Thought I has ‘alot of making up to do’” he asks smirking you don’t have the heart to glare instead you look at him with hooded eyes.

“You do, and you can start here” you say as you ground yourself against his growing erection, causing you both you moan. Staring deep into his eyes you whisper “make love to me" 

Gabriel was not someone who had to be told twice. The split second those words left your lips, he grabbed your hips, flipped you on your back, held you hands above your head and dove his tongue into you mouth to meet yours making you whimper at his dominance.  

That was one thing you always loved about Gabriel,  although he was gentle and never took things too far, the way he towered over you, pinning you beneath him. The way he slammed into you, gripping your hips so tightly he left bruises.  He made you feel unbelievably feminine, and as a hunter that wasn’t something you felt often. 

His lips left yours, pulling away from you making you cry in protest. He smiles down pulling your body up by your arms pulling you to him, ripping off your shirt and bra, the gently pushing you back to the mattress with a firm kiss. 

He moved to your neck suckling and biting, leaving a trail of marks as he went. You knew you’d be annoyed in the morning when you’d have to hide them, but for you were in too much bliss to care. 

He pulled away again, but only to remove his shirt. He dove back down immediately finding your breast, taking it in his mouth teasing your nipple with his teeth biting lightly making you gasp before sucking to sting away. You arched up to him as he moved to repeat his action on the other breast. 

You dig your hand in his hair pulling lightly as he sucked you breast. You needed more, you rolled you hips up into his, trying to relieve the burning between you legs. Gabe’s hand snap down to your hips stopping you shaking his head. 

"Please Gabe, I need you” you beg,  your voice full of lust.  He smiles down at you rolling your nipple between his finger making you squirm beneath him.

“You’ll get me baby, just not yet” he teased, kissing you and the lips before leaving a trail of hot, wet, kissed down the centre of your body. 

He stops at the edge of your jeans, looking at you like a predator on the hunt making you shiver with anticipation. Flashing you a smile,  he pops the buttons on your jeans. You hold back a moan, or you think you do…but by the way he’s laughing against you skin it must have slipped out.

He grips the side of you jeans, hooking his long fingers into the sides of you panties too, and without a warning he pulls them off in one. The friction against you pussy,  making you cry out and throw your head back. 

You slow your breathing, as you feel Gabriel’s hands slid up your thighs. Your breath hitches as you see him lie between your legs and blowing air onto you pussy.

“Gabe!” You moan 

“Fuck baby, look how wet you are” he looks up at you

If you had to be trapped in just one moment forever, it would be this one. Him looking up at you, with nothing but love and want in his eyes. The weight of the world gone from both your shoulders, there’s just the two of you. 

You reach to touch his face “for you Gabe” you whisper “only for you baby”

He reaches out and kisses your hand before kissing your thigh and finally he’s there, his lips ghosting over you. You beg him, but he ignores you. 

You are almost crying when he finally dives in. Latching onto your clit sucking lightly as he slips his fingers inside you hitting your g spot like he had a thousand times. You’re falling apart in his arms and he’s enjoying every second of it. 

“Gabe…baby..oh fuck!” You cry as you came hard. He laps at your juices as you writhe on the bed coming down for high. “Fuck baby you taste even better than I remember!” He says his voice so husky.

You look down at him after a few minutes to see him, arm propping up his head looking very pleased with himself and you’ve never seen anything so sexy. You lift you hand making the come hither motion with your finger.  He crawls up your body and crashes his lips to yours. There nothing in the kiss but pure passion. Your hands drop to his jeans unfastening then, you go to reach your hand in eager to please him like he did you. But he grabs you wrist. You look at him in confusion

“Not tonight baby” he says kissing you again only this time with so much tenderness it makes your head spin. “Tonight is all about you” he kisses you again, harder showing that there no room for argument. 

He moves away removing his jeans. You shiver as he does, you can’t tell if it’s from the cold from the absence of his body or from wanting him so badly.

Gabriel didn’t care either way, you groaned as he frees himself from his jeans, you pant at the sight.  It has been so long since you had him inside you, you were tingling at the thought. 

You feel yourself wet and ready for him again as you caress your breast making yourself moan as he slides slowly up your body mesmerised by you hand touch your chest. 

He catches your gaze, his honey gold eyes now practically black with lust. With a wink he pushes your legs up, rubbing himself over your slit before sliding into you at an agonisingly slow pace. You eyes roll back in pleasure and your breath catches, you can’t breathe it feels so good. 

Gabriel freezes “breathe baby, come on” he says as he reaches down to kiss your cheek. You suddenly gasp for air. “That it, that’s my girl” he kisses you lightly

“Gabe” you whimper “Oh fuck, feels so…” you fail to produce a coherent sentence with the pleasure that fills your head. 

“I know y/n, I know baby feels so fucking good” you nod, as if he read your mind. “You ok?” He asks readying himself to move again 

“Please” you beg breathlessly he moves again. You try to focus on every nerve being touched as he slides in filling you perfectly. 

“Fuck!” He snarls as he pushes all the way into you. “Baby you feel so good, Fuck y/n it feels like home" 

He reaches down to claim your mouth once more. He was right nothing else could ever feel this good. His lips where still on yours as he began to move. Sliding out of you almost completely. 

You scream into his mouth as he slams back into you. 

He keeps a slow steady pace, you plead with him to go faster "Gabe please baby, I need to to move” you groan as you wrap you leg tight around his waist and pull him into you, his pelvic bone grazing your clit. You throw your head back. 

You hear him chuckle as he picks up pace a little but not enough then he stops inside of you, he’s teasing. You growl with need and look at him, you flex your inner walls around him and sigh with pleasure. Suddenly he’s not laughing anymore.

“Tell me what you want y/n” he says grinding into you still buried to the hilt making your cry. You move your lips to his ear and say in a low sexy voice

“Fuck me Gabe,  please baby make me come on your cock” he realised an animalistic growl you’ve never heard him make, and before you can think he starts moving his hips again.

He pulls out of you completely before slamming back into you making you scream with ecstasy. You can feel your orgasm building and you start to see stars.

“Gabe I’m so close” you mewl clawing at his back

“Me too y/n I’m right with you baby” he pants.

You scream as you come hard, tightening around him. Gabriel groaned as your muscles clenched around him. 

“Fuck y/n” He shuddered, his own orgasm consuming him, before falling into you.

You wrap your arms around him holding him close. He pushes up to kiss you deeply.

“Well I’d say someone enjoyed herself” he smirked sweat slick hair falling in front of his eyes. “Especially from all the begging” he wagged his eyebrows

You giggled, “You did it on purpose,  you just like hearing me beg” you reply blushing looking away embarrassed.  

He grabs you chin making you look at him. 

“There is nothing more sexy than hearing you beg me to fuck you,” you gasp  at the look in his eye. You feel your inner muscles clench at his words. As you tighten around him causing him to groan, “Fuck” he drops his head to your shoulder. 

You giggle again muttering a half hearted apology. 

He laughs as you feel him harden again inside of you. You close you eyes, loving the feeling . He suddenly flips you both over so you straddle him. 

“How about I make things up to you some more? ” he asks raising an eyebrow. 

You laugh “well its only right,  you do have a lot to make up for” you wink down at him as you roll your hips

“Fuck! God I love you y/n ” he states no hint of teasing. 

You push forward bringing your lips to his,  you hips rising as you do, before you can move down he slams up into you making you scream his name. 

“I love you too” you pant “just never fucking leave me again” you pray to him.

“Never, never again. That I promise you”

Ella screwed her eyes shut as they changed a dressing on her side, it was the last of what magic couldn’t heal. Despite it being blackened and burnt it was getting better, there had been acid in the shot that was fired at her and she hadn’t intended to be in this much pain. Maybe pain had a way of helping her because she was feeling so light, like all of the black had been sucked out of her, or the most of it because she could still feel it scratching at the surface. 

“Come on, Ella, try to drink something, eat something, it will help with the healing.” Cooed one of the nurses. Ella could still feel the fear of what had happened, anyone that spoke to her was met with wide eyes and terrified whimpers. When someone rose their voice her eyes filled with tears, maybe this was the kind of crazy she was underneath. Maybe the experience with seeing a family that was very much dead had left an impression on her. But with shaky hands she took up the cup of warming coffee that had been placed beside her and she attempted to drink something at least. “That’s the way, we’ll be back later.” The nurse said in with just as much cooing as before. Ella’s wide terrified eyes shot up when the nurse left, she was sure she heard someone out there. “H-h-hello?”

I loved you then, I love you now.

Reaper’s hunt is over, Jack Morrison is finally at his mercy and yet why is he the one who feels like he’s coming apart at the seams as memories he had forgotten are brought back to the surface. Written for Reaper76 Week 2017: Day 1 Prompt: ‘How we were’ (History/Decay).

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

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