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But if you want to leave, you can. I’ll remember you. I remember everyone that leaves.
—  Lilo and Stitch
Vegas Wedding - Auston Matthews

A/N: I don’t know, dude. I just write shitty imagines and hope for the best.

Word count: 1236

Warnings: I’m sure there is something.

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“Come on big boy, get in the car.” You chuckle, holding him by the arm as he pretty much falls on the seat.

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As a white person, I’m gonna side-eye other white people who complain about how Selena fans still celebrate Selena when white people have not shut up about Elvis in 60+ years (and he’s been dead for 40 of those years.) 

Selena fans, keep celebrating her all you want. I’m sorry you lost her way too early.


Request: Could you do a destiel one where the reader is listening to Elvis on headphones then CAS gets into it and he wants to buy some music of him on his own and he asks Dean to drive him to the store and then Dean asks what music he wants. CAS tells him not to make fun of him for it then admits it’s Elvis and he says “I can dig Elvis” and Sam breaks down crying with reader is just comforting him. Idk but PLEASE. -phan2k15

Word Count: 1,443

Pairing: Dean x Cas (destiel), Sam, Dean, Cas, x Reader.

Warnings: None? I don’t think?

A/N: tHIS KILLED ME OK but I loved the idea so thanks for requesting!


“You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog

Cryin’ all the time

Well, you ain’t never caught a rabbit

and you ain’t no friend of mine” You danced to the music, dancing around your room letting the music blast knowing Sam and Dean weren’t home for the day, letting the music take over.

“Well they said you was high-class

Well, that was just a lie

Yeah they said you was just high-class

Well, that was just a lie

Well, you ain’t never caught a rabbit

and you ain’t no friend of mine-” you stopped paying attention to the music and dancing when you realized Cas was in the doorway watching you, making you feel embarrassed. “Cas! God don’t you ever knock?!” you yelled with anger, turning off the music coming from your Ipod after.

“Don’t use my father’s name in vain, Y/N.” he warned, giving you a mean look. “S-sorry, just..why are you here? If you’re looking for Dean him and Sam went out earlier and won’t be back till late tonight.” you sighed, rubbing between your eyes and on your nose. “Oh- well I was looking for him, but then I heard and it was pretty.. catchy as you humans would say?” he said with a confused look.

“You liked it?” you asked with a smile. “Yes, what is it?” “Elvis. He’s a really good singer” “May-may you play more?” He asked, sitting on the corner of your bed. “Sure thing! you said happily, finally finding someone who had the same music interest as you. You could never tell Sam and Dean about your love for Elvis because they’d probably make fun of you, even though Dean likes classic rock himself.


"Hey Y/N? We’re home!” Dean yelled from the kitchen, walking into your room after. “Hello Dean.” Cas smiled, standing up to give him a warm hug. Dean wrapped his arms tight around him, taking in his scent and smiling to himself. “I missed you, but what are you doing here?” Dean asked. “I stopped by to see you but you were gone so I spent time with Y/N.” he smiled at him, then smiled at you, making you smile back.

“Ah, what’d you crazy kids do?” Dean joked, sitting on the edge of your bed with Cas next to him. “We listened to music, Can you take me to…to…uh…what is it called?” Cas asked you, looking at you with confusion and sadness that he couldn’t remember. “The music shop down the street.” you smiled. “Yeah, the music shop. Can you take me so I can get music, please?” he asked his boyfriend, giving him puppy eyes that he knew always worked. “Ahh okay, only for you.” Dean smiled, brining him in for another hug, making you smile to yourself.


“So what kind of music do you want babe?” Dean asked happily, looking at him then looking at the road. “Um..Y/N told me you might make fun of me if I tell you..” Cas said awkwardly, folding his hands in his lap and looking out the window, feeling his heart pound faster and faster, not to help whenever he’s with Dean it pounds so much he thinks its going to explode, but that’s how much he loves him.

“Babe, I know I joke around with you but I won’t make fun of you. Besides, if you don’t tell me how am I suppose to know what to get?” he laughed, taking his hand and holding it, giving it a tight squeeze for a second. “Elvis. I want some Elvis records.” Cas sighed, scared for his reply.

“Elvis huh, so Y/N got you into Elvis?” he chuckled to himself, making Cas upset. “Y-yeah..” “Awesome, you need to know some good music.” he smiled at him, taking Cas to surprise. “You mean, you don’t think its funny?” “Nah, I actually like Elvis to be honest.” Dean smiled, pulling into the music shops driveway.  "Now let’s go get you some Elvis records buddy.“

"Hello, do you know where we can find some Elvis records?” Dean asked the lady at the stand politely. “To your left, can’t miss it.” she smiled, and they left with a thank you. “Holy cow! they have tons!” Dean laughed, looking at the row of records all by him. “I- I didn’t know there was so much, which do I choose?” Cas asked confusingly, biting his lip trying to decide which is right, and which isn’t.

“This one’s pretty good, do you want it?” Dean asked, showing him one of the records. “Yes, that will work.” he smiled happily, hugging the record to himself. “Ok now, don’t fall in love with it.” Dean winked at him, making Cas blush. They paid the lady and left to go home, to listen to Elvis for god knows how long.


“We’re back!” Dean yelled happily, laying his keys on the stand and hanging his coat up, Cas following behind still holding on tight to his record. “Ola amigos! Cas, did you get it?” You smiled, running up to him and leaving Sam behind at the table while Dean goes and sits with him. “Is this the right one?” he asked, handing you the record. “Yup! Nice work dude, you too Dean.” you said patting his back and walking over to Dean after, sitting at the table. Sam swallowed the lump in his throat, remembering Twist And Shout, the fanfic he read. He always found his brother and his boyfriend adorable, like they were meant to be. One day he was doing research, and came across Twist And Shout.

“What begins as a transforming love between Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak in the summer of 1965 quickly derails into something far more tumultuous when Dean is drafted in the Vietnam War. Though the two both voice their relationship is one where saying goodbye is never a real truth, their story becomes fraught with the tragedy of circumstance. In an era where homosexuality was especially vulnerable, Twist and Shout is the story of the love transcending time, returning over and over in its many forms, as faithful as the sea.”

He had to read it. It sounded so interesting, so magical and so amazing. But he never expected it to make him cry for 3 hours into a pool of his own tears. “Uh- wow Dean, surprised you allowed him to get Elvis, isn’t he a little…old school?” Sam asked nervously, trying to hold the tears and thoughts back. “Hey, I can dig Elvis. He’s a cool dude” he smiled, wrapping his right arm around Cas’s shoulders and hugging him tightly, making Cas smile softly.

Fuck, of course he had to say those exact words. Sam’s really regretting reading that story now, more than before. “Uh- I have to..use the..yeah bathroom.” he said shakily, pulling out his chair and leaving as fast as he could before he bursts into tears in front of everyone.


“Wise men say, only fools rush in…But I..can’ in love with you.” Sam heard the record play, making him cry more. He really felt like a teenage girl right now but who could blame him, that story was sad as hell.

*knock knock* “Sammy, you okay in there?” You asked, leaning your head against the bathroom door. “Y-yeah, I’m fine just..don’t feel well.” he lied. “Let me in.” you ordered, and he listened. He unlocked the door and you ran straight in, closing it after. You turned around to see his cheeks all puffy and red. His eyes looked swollen, and his lip was quivering. “Sammy honey what’s the matter?” you asked softly, sitting next to him on the floor and wrapping an arm around his shoulder, leaning his head on your shoulder.

“It’s nothing…It’s just…hard.” he cried.

“You read it too, didn’t you?” you asked softly, rubbing up and down on his shoulder, knowing exactly why he was crying because you also, have read it too.


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Cognitive Functions On A Date: Ne and Ti
  • Ne: *dances with Ti, singing* Every night in my dreams
  • Ti: *dances finishing Ne´s line in their head* I see you
  • Ne: *hip thrusts* I feeeeel you!!
  • Ti: *thinks* That is how I know you... go onnnn?
  • Ne: *Elvis stance* Far across the distaaaancee!!
  • Ti: *mumbles* And spaces... between us!
  • Together: You have come to show you... go on~~
  • ......AWKWARD PAUSE......
  • Ne: *loud* NEAR!!!
  • Ti: *silently* Far~
  • Together, yelling: WHEREVER YOU AAAARE
  • Te: *interrupting* Shut up
[TRANS] The Musical 'Magazine PS: The 2nd Puberty That Passed Safely, Sunggyu [No.153]

Sunggyu, who is the leader of the group INFINITE that’s famous as the ‘group dance idol’ and who also released solo albums, came back to musicals with <All Shook Up>. Sunggyu, who was being a crybaby throughout the interview and saying ‘It’s so hard. So hard!’, talked not only about being a singer and a musical actor, but also deep thoughts about himself.

-I heard that your leg was injured until very recently. Is it okay now?
It has been around two months since my injury. My ankle ligament got torn. It’s still undergoing rehab. I actually couldn’t practice the dance for <All Shook Up> a lot of the times because of my leg. I think I need to recover fast and practice. It’s gotten a lot better so I think I can start dancing in 1-2 weeks.

-You used the expression ‘The 2nd Puberty’ when you were promoting your solo album last year. Did it pass okay?
Ah, I’m cringing. Why did I say that? (Laughter) I think so. I’ve gotten a lot more mature. I think I said that because I’m constantly going through puberty. I feel like I’ve gotten a little more mature than before. Actually, I’m not so sure. (So there might be a 3rd puberty?) I think it can definitely come. (Will it be around the time that your next solo album gets released?) When that time comes, maybe I’ll become very sensitive again and another period of turbulence will hit.

-I think you’re the type of person whose normal daily life differs a lot from what the public sees. I feel like that gap would be hard to get adjusted to. How is it?
So, I think a lot of people think that I’m a fun and a funny person. In real life, I do like to joke around and stuff, but I’m not as funny as you’d think that I am. I was sad when I would go on a lot of variety shows after releasing solo albums and performing on stage, and there were people who said that they couldn’t get used to [that gap]. To be honest, I was sad when I heard that. My real life, I still don’t really know what it is. I’m still confused as to who is the real me. But one thing for certain is that the person you’ll see on TV variety shows is probably me, and the person performing on stage is also me. I think that all the things that the public sees has a part of ‘human’ Kim Sunggyu.

-<All Shook Up>’s Elvis and Sunggyu are both singers. To put it nicely, how does it feel to be crazy about music? To write music and be inspired all day?
I think Elvis is cooler than me. Elvis in <All Shook Up> is a free spirit. I’m a person who wants to be free, but in actuality not free. When you go into that, Elvis is a character who is a lot cooler than I am, who makes me think, ‘I want to live like this.’ That’s why it’s so fun during <All Shook Up>. I think we actually do have similarities. When I’m working on a song, I’m completely absorbed in it, but he’s a person who is still a lot cooler than I am. Very free and crazy in love.

-It’s already your fourth musical. You’re no longer a newbie in musicals. Compared to when you first started out, your thoughts about musicals must have changed a lot. How have they?
I’m still very shy. I was 23 when I started out and now I’m already 28. So compared to then, I’ve definitely gotten more used to it, but for the first musical, I was worried and thought ‘How am I gonna do this?’ It was more nerve-wracking than a concert. I have more ambitions now. I think about what I can do to do well and to plunge myself into it.

-Your goals as INFINITE’s leader, a solo artist, and a musical actor must be all different. Between all these different activities, have you ever gone through an identity crisis?
Right. I can’t do anything about what my job is. It’s always confusing, but even in real life I’m a bit confused. When promoting as INFINITE, I have my members. In the early days of INFINITE, I thought, ‘I hope we become successful soon.’ But when I was promoting as a solo artist, I thought, ‘I need to show people what my music is like.’ At first I thought of musicals as a big challenge but now I’m very attracted to it. There are different goals, but the one common thing about them is that they’re all a part of me, so I think more about how I can show [those different parts] better.

Translated by: togetherinspirit7

Of all the things to catch my eye in a movie, it had to be Elvis’ lunchbox.