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  • Ok so this year i started running but i was pretty crap at keeping up, but next your, it's one of my resolutions to do better. And I think #runwithdan is going to help keep us all motivated! Don't ever make fun of anyone excersizing. Instead, why not make it fun, and we can all share our experience! ^-^ LET'SA GO!
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I am so fucking proud of dan. I am so, so, proud of him. He made the internet takeover special, and that was amazing. I watched it about two times today. I am so proud of him. I want to give him a hug. Must people do the ‘yadda yadda… It gets better…’ Speech once so they can be seen in a good light, but dan is being educational and helping people. And he faces a ginormous amount of hate everyday. But damn it, he is just such a good person and I want him to know that and I know a lot of other phan girls say they want to protect him, but I don’t want to protect him. I want him to be strong. Because I know he is. And he is such a beautiful human being and I am so proud of him and his video quality has skyrocketed and the radio show was amazing and I just really want dan to know he’s important. You are an excellent person. And I am so proud.

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Im supposed to be doing my English coursework- but your blog has sucked me in and I love it.

thank you anon! :’D

dan will hug you for me 

no but seriously I want you to do well! do as dan and phil would be proud of and instead of procrastinating just get it over with ^.^
my blog will be right here when you get back! <3


Now we know that Phil has eaten sushi off someone’s body winkwink nudgenudge

Tiny Little Dreamer

Title: Tiny Little Dreamer

Genre: AU, Fluff, Platonic, Coffee Shop AU

Word Count: 3, 053

Warnings: None!

Description: There is a strange guy who sits at the corner outside the coffee shop that Phil visits every day and no one seems to notice him. So, with building up all his courage, Phil talks to him and finds out why that is.

Author’s Note: I just realized I wasted my entire senior year of high school writing phanfic. (Please remember that this is fiction.)

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the lipstick massacre (dan howell imagine)

You walked ahead of Dan into his surprisingly clean room. Shoes were lined up neatly against his walls and his bed was (somewhat) made up.  You set your bag down near his desk and sat down on his bed. “Wow, this is the first time I’ve actually seen your room clean,” you laughed. “Hey! My room is clean in most of my videos!” Dan said, attempting to defend himself. “Yeah Dan, I’m talking about in real life. Every other time I’ve been over to collab it’s been a mess! We always have to throw things out of the camera view so we can shoot a proper video!” you said in a rebuttal. Dan just scoffed. “Ok then, you have a point. What can I say though? Messy is part of my aesthetic,” he smirked content with his argument. “Trash queen meme Dan Howell strikes again,” you laughed.  

“Sooo do you want to shoot now or just chill for a moment. You must be tired from the flight over from America,” he asked you taking a seat next to you. “I choose….. sleep!” you announced, throwing yourself on the bed and spreading out, leaving no room for Dan. You and Dan had know each other for about only a year but it felt like much longer. You were both comfortable with each other and always felt at home with each other, despite the place. 

“Move! Give me some space! This is my bed,” he playfully whined as he moved your feet over. You sat up and criss crossed your legs, allowing him to adjust himself. He had his 3DS out and you could hear the menu music for Super Smash Bros on. “Hey, wanna play a few rounds?” you asked him. “Sure but I’m not that go-” “Shush Howell, stop being humble. We can all see through that bs pretty easily,” you said as you reached over the side of the bed for your bag which had your 3DS. As you reached over you noticed the not so faint red stain still on the carpet. 

“This is still here?” you asked, pointing to the stain. “Yeah, we can’t get it out. We’ve tried everything. It still won’t come out,” he let out a sigh of defeat. You got your bag and rustled around until you found your makeup wipes. “Tried these yet?” you said tossing them to him. “What?” he said as it him on the side. “Makeup wipes?” he asked. “Yeah, they remove….makeup….” you said slowly to give him time to comprehend the idea. “Oh shit! Why didn’t we think of this before!” he said. “Probably because you and Phil aren’t girls,” you laughed. “Don’t worry about it though. Get over here. Let me show you the wonders of makeup and makeup removerrrr!” you sang the last part. “Makeup?” he questioned suspiciously. “Yeah!” you said, pulling a tube of lipstick out of your purse. “You owe it to its (you motioned to the tube lipstick) fallen brother and to all of the girls who cringed when you massacred that tube of red lipstick on video” you explained. “Fine, well, if I do it then will you get the stain out of my carpet?” he asked. “Of course! I’ll do that first!” you said pulling out a few wipes. 

After ten minutes (and an empty container of makeup remover wipes) of scrubbing, patting, and wiping the carpet was almost fully back to its original color. Only a very faint stain remained but you’d really have to look for it in order to notice. 

“Phew, that was enough physical exercise to last me for the week,” he said throwing away the used makeup wipes. “Ok, now that that’s done. It’s time for the other part!” you said enthusiastically patting the seat next to you on the bed. “The other… part?” he asked. You held up the tube of lipstick reminding him. “Oh that! Do I have to?” he moaned. “Yep, we had a deal, Howell” you frowned at him as you once again pat the spot next to you. “Fine,” he said taking the seat. 

“Ok, so this is a light neutral color form Lancome, which is a really nice brand of makeup,” you uncapped the lipstick and showed him. His arms remained crossed and his face, unamused. You delicately swabbed the lipsticked against the beginning of your forearm. It left a short stroke of a slightly shimmery color that could only be compared to that of the beginning stages of a cherry blossom. A spark of interest appeared in Dan’s eyes but was quickly gone when you giggled at his reaction. “Ok, when you apply lipstick you NEVER, and I mean NEVER unwind the lipstick bullet all the way out of the container. That’s what screwed you over in your video. That was the first mistake you made.” You demonstrated this by slightly winding the lipstick out of the container so that just enough could be used to apply. “The next thing makeup sin you committed was the amount of force you used while applying the product. It made me cringe so hard that I actually had to take a moment to walk away from the computer for a few minutes. No, I’m not exaggerating,” you lectured him. “Ok! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Are we done yet?” he asked. 

“Nope! Now comes the fun part! Redemption!” you said with a devilish smile. You held the lipstick in one hand and scooted closer to him. “What are you doing?” he asked. “Putting lipstick on you! After this you will not only be forgiven, but reborn!” you said excitedly. He uncrossed his arms so he could groan with his face in his hands. “Don’t worry, I won’t take any pictures” you told him. “Fine! Let’s just get this over with,” he sighed as he put his hands to the side of him to balance himself out. You got on your knees and brought yourself as close as you could to him without exactly being on his lap. You began to gently apply the lipstick to his lips. With each small dab of makeup you could feel your face gradually getting hotter. What was going on? Dan was your friend. You couldn’t just- but the urge to kiss him grew stronger and stronger. You were so close you could smell faint scent of his cologne from yesterday and feel his breath hot against your mouth. Before you could do it yourself, Dan leaned in and kissed you. 

It was soft at first but soon became more lustful. Tongues danced and teeth gently nibbled at lips. At some point you had ended up on his lap and his hands were now helping you grind your hips into the crotch of his jeans.

But before anything could go further you felt a slight smush against your hand and his sheets. Looking down you realized that your once in tact lipstick was now a mess on his sheets. 

“Oh crap!” you said looking down to yet another lipstick massacre. Dan just laughed and soon you were laughing with him. “Don’t worry, we know how to take care of it. But I’m sure it can wait…” he said as he hands played with the clasp of your bra. “Mhmm,” you said leaning into him to give him another kiss. “It can wait….” 

And a few hours later…. it did get taken care of.