you go dan

  • phil with a speech jammer:hi my nameiisss fff....wait wait ok hi my name is phil *yelling* so you should totally watch you should totally watch amazingphil theres theres great videos theres on
  • cat with a speech jammer:catrific is a youtube channel that alright catrific is a youtube channel that you should s-s-s-suscribe too
  • dan with a speech jammer:hi my name is dan and you should watch my youtube channel danisnotonfire bc i make really funny videos about myself & you know when you watch someone thats really terrible & someone relatable it kinda makes you feel better bout your life *drops the metaphorical mic* alright guys time to leave the video good luck with the challenge

Ok but maybe it was Phil who needed to hear he had a #1 trash fan? Maybe he had start feeling down about all his ideas being stolen and everybody looking only at his best friend and just feeling left out on the YouTube community? But maybe Dan saw that and say no, you are amazing on every sense of the word and im the biggest fan you would ever have and watch me tell everybody just that. Freaking watch me turn down anyone who make wrong to you im not letting my best friend be erase.

I know I mostly just reblog stuff but hear me out

I am so fucking proud of dan. I am so, so, proud of him. He made the internet takeover special, and that was amazing. I watched it about two times today. I am so proud of him. I want to give him a hug. Must people do the ‘yadda yadda… It gets better…’ Speech once so they can be seen in a good light, but dan is being educational and helping people. And he faces a ginormous amount of hate everyday. But damn it, he is just such a good person and I want him to know that and I know a lot of other phan girls say they want to protect him, but I don’t want to protect him. I want him to be strong. Because I know he is. And he is such a beautiful human being and I am so proud of him and his video quality has skyrocketed and the radio show was amazing and I just really want dan to know he’s important. You are an excellent person. And I am so proud.

this video was just……i mean the discussion about the weddings and engagement sounded very “them” and it seemed as if they were talking about themselves the whole time i could just picture all of the tumblr posts whenever they spoke. I was like “guys u need to be more subtle, you’re literally talking about yourselves” wow so romantic d&p