you go dallas

lhatcher15  asked:

Dally's little sister but is dating Ponyboy

🍑 Since you’re Dallas’s sister, you hang around the boys often

🍑 When Pony flirted with you before you started dating, you thought he was just being friendly

🍑 If you go out with Dallas, Pony wants to tag along

🍑 He subtlety tries to hold your hand

🍑 ^^Like does that hand brush thing

🍑 Eventually Soda finds out about Ponyboy’s crush

🍑 Tells you the next time you’re at their house

🍑 But he shouts it

🍑 So Dallas knows too

🍑 Gives Pony The Look™

🍑 “So you like my baby sis?”

🍑 Pony can’t form a sentence

🍑 “Dallas leave him alone.”

🍑 Soon you and Pony are actually dating

🍑 Dallas will literally come with you on EVERY DATE

🍑 You eventually have to tell him to take a chill pill

🍑 He hates it when Pony holds your hand

🍑 “Don’t touch my sister, Ponybitch”

🍑 “Dallas Tucker Winston. Be nice. He could be your future brother-in-law”

🍑 Pony with his tomato cheeks

🍑 When you kiss Ponyboy, Dallas will literally yell at you both to stop with the PDA

🍑 But he calms down after a month or 10

🍑 Doesn’t mind you going on dates with him

🍑 Still hates the PDA