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Jack Maynard Imagine - Parents know best

You opened your eyes, taking a few minutes to let them adjust to the sunlight. Lately, falling asleep while on car rides had become a common thing for you. You looked right to see Jack with his eyes fixed on the road, oblivious to the fact that you had woken up.

You yawned and rubbed your eyes before feeling a hand on your leg “Slept well?” he asked, as he looked briefly at you before giving you a small smile.

“Not bad” you said, looking at the GPS and seeing that you were twenty minutes away from Brighton.

Your best friend Jack had convinced - dragged - you to go to Brighton with him for the weekend. All your other close friends in London were back in their hometowns visiting their families, so you had nothing better to do. You weren’t in the mood to spend a whole weekend at home by yourself, anyway.

You had met Jack’s sister, Anna, before. A few months ago, she had stayed at Jack and Conor’s new apartment for the weekend, and the two of you immediately clicked. She reminded you so much of Jack, it was unreal. His parents, however, were a mystery to you. Conor couldn’t go with you, so at least you hoped Anna wasn’t away at a friend’s house or something: spending the weekend with Jack and his parents would just be too awkward.

But you thought you didn’t have reasons to be nervous about it. You weren’t Jack’s girlfriend, and you didn’t need to pass any kind of test to get his parents’ approval. Yet, it seemed to you as if you were slowly driving to death.

“Is Anna at home?” you eventually asked Jack, who was taking a sip of his fizzy drink.

“Yeah, I believe so” he answered “Why’d you ask?”

You shrugged “Just wanted to see her” you said, which wasn’t exactly a total lie. At least you knew there would be five of you.

Eventually, you pulled into Jack’s parents’ driveway, and you took a long while to admire the outside of his house. It reminded you so much of your own, you kind of wished your parents hadn’t booked that last-minute trip to Spain so you could visit them instead. However, when a young girl exited the house and walked towards your car, a bright smile on her face, your homesickness went away rather quickly.

“Y/N!” she called you as you opened the door to give her a hug. She wrapped her arms around your torso as you rested your chin on her head, a sudden smell of freshly washed hair hitting your nose.

“How are you, girl?” you asked her, mimicking the contagious smile on her face.

“I have so many things to tell you” she said excitedly, and you gave her that look girls gave each other when a juicy topic was about to come up. She nodded, as if she had read your mind, and you laughed.

“Hello Jack, my beloved and ridiculously hot brother, it’s nice to see you too” Jack said, imitating Anna’s voice, as he walked towards you with two bags on his hands.

Anna laughed and went to give her brother a hug “I’ve missed you as well, dickhead” the girl said. Jack rolled his eyes, but kissed the top of her head afterwards. You took your bag from his hands and walked into the Maynard household.

His parents turned out to be more than delighted with your presence. They confessed having watched your YouTube videos, and having burst out laughing more than once. The feeling of awkwardness you thought you’d have earlier, vanished as soon as they both pulled you into a hug.

Jack turned out to be the embarrassed one. As soon as you went upstairs to Anna’s bedroom for a quick catch-up, both of his parents had gone up to him, a suspicious smile on their faces.

“What?” Jack chuckled as he looked up at them from the sofa, his cat purring as he stroked her side.

“We really like Y/N” his mum said, taking a seat next to him. He already knew something was up. He gave them a look “I mean, we already liked her when we saw her on your videos, but she’s even nicer in person”

“Yeah…” Jack said, suspiciously. He let out another nervous laugh “Where are you going with his?” The silly smile on his face couldn’t go away. Whenever someone talked about you, his features immediately softened, and his lips curved up in a not so subtle smile.

“We are just saying” his dad spoke, his hands inside his pockets. Jack could tell he was nervous, because Conor did the exact same thing when something was on his mind “That she’s a really good influence for you. She seems sweet and down-to-eart, that’s all”

The cat jumped off the sofa, making Jack cross his arms “I’m…I’m glad you like her” Jack felt uncomfortable. Although you weren’t his girlfriend, you were the first girl Jack had ever brought home, friends and all. His parents were rather surprised when they saw you two got along so well, remaining just friends up to that day. Because for them, it was so obvious that their little boy had more than friendly feelings towards you, and they were surprised he hadn’t made a move yet.

“We do” his mum said, nodding happily “So, does she have a boyfriend or something?” she asked, trying to sound cool and casual, but she failed.

“Mum, I know where you’re going” Jack said, not being able to supress a laugh “Just drop it”

She gave her husband a knowing look. He nodded “Jack” he said “It’s fine if you like her, buddy. Your mum and I started off as good friends as well, it’s okay to admit it”

Jack’s heart skipped a beat, and he stood up abruptly “I’m going for a walk” he said, ready to leave, when his dad grabbed his arm “Buddy” his voice was friendly, yet firm. Jack stopped on his tracks.

He didn’t want to talk about it with his parents. Y/N was the first girl he had ever fallen for, and he was scared. He was sure that if he kept telling himself that he didn’t lilke her like that, his feelings would go away. But love didn’t work like that.

He turned his head to look at his parents, and after a long silence, he spoke again “I’m afraid I’d hurt her if I tell her” it came out as rather a whisper, but  his parents heard him perfectly.

His mum immediately pulled him into a hug, rubbing his back “Don’t be silly, Jack, please” she said, feeling the sadness on her son’s voice “Don’t you see how happy you make her?”

“I make her happy as a friend” Jack kept his voice low in case Anna and you decided to come downstairs “I’ve never had a girlfriend, I’m not good with feelings, I-”

“But there must be a reason why you like this girl so much, more than any other” his dad interrupted him. 

At that moment, Jack didn’t stop to think. He poured his feelings right there, in front of his parents, in a way he thought he’d never be able to do “I love how she’s so laid-back and crazy, yet she knows when to be serious” he blurted out “She’s also really funny, there has not been a day she hasn’t made me laugh. She’s sensible, and she takes care of me when I’m sick, which happens like, every day” he chuckled. His eyes were fixed on the floor “I don’t know, I just think I don’t deserve her, like, I’d just break her heart because I’m a fucking idiot”

“You don’t sound like an idiot when you talk about her” his mum said, grabbing his hand “Jack, the fact that you’ve never cared about a girl enough to stick with her doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to do it”

“In fact, you’ve done it already” his father added.

“Do you really think you’d hurt her?” his mum asked him “Because Conor told me not long ago that you almost got into a fist fight with a random guy at a club because he was all over her” 

Jack frowned “He told you?”

“It doesn’t matter, baby” his mum said, shaking her head “What matters is you look after her, and that’s no behaviour for someone who’d only hurt her if he’s with her”

Jack stayed silent for a moment, then nodded his head. His eyes were fixed on the floor again, too embarrassed by the topic to look at his parents “I like taking care of her” he said, almost whispering “And I’ve never felt that before for anyone”

His dad went up to him and clapped his back. There was no denying Jack was growing up, and his parents were glad it was because of such a lovely, kind-hearted girl “Why don’t you take her out for dinner tonight?” he suggested.

Suddenly, Anna and you irrumpted into the room, stopping abruptly at the sight of Jack with his parents “Did we interrupt something?” Anna asked, as she wasn’t used to see her brother looking so puppy-like. Soft eyes were uncommon for Jack, or so she thought.

“No, it’s fine, sweetheart” her mum said, smiling brightly at both of you “We were just catching up”

“We were as well” Anna said, turning her head to look at you. She winked “I was just about to ask Y/N when she was marrying Jack” she joked, making you blush.

“Anna, don’t be rude” her dad said, but he couldn’t deny he was amused by the situation. 

“It’s not like we were gonna invite you anyway” Jack spoke, putting an arm casually around your shoulders. He was back to his own sassy self again. Anna stuck her tongue at her brother before following her parents’ track to the kitchen area.

You then felt Jack’s lips pressed against the side of your head, a huge comfort speading inside your body. You loved when he did that “Wanna go out for dinner tonight?” he asked you, catching you off-guard “Just you and me”

You looked up at him, a small smile forming on your lips “Sounds great”

Anna entered the living room again, coughing as she walked past you “Wedding” she said after fakingly clearing her voice. Jack extended an arm to push her, and she ran away, laughing uncontrollably. 

“You’re not allowed to be the godmother to our children either” 

“And they’ll be bloody gorgeous” you added, making Jack push you  playfully as well. 

“They’ll just be weird if you’re their mum” Jack joked.

“You’ll love them anyways” you teased back.

“I love anything that has to do with you” he said, pulling you in for a hug.

“You’re stupid” you said, your head resting on his pounding chest.

“Shut up, Mrs. Maynard”

“What makes you think I’m taking your last name?”

“You love me way too much?” you hit him again. He grabbed your hands and put them around his neck. He planted a soft kiss on the tip of your nose

You smiled softly, still not used to all the things that boy made you feel “Maybe I do”

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My Painter - Conor Maynard

Hey there! I’m relatively new to this fandom but I hope you enjoy this little story regardless! I came up with the idea a while ago but I just got the inspiration to write it. I have a bit more planned for it, so if you want a continuation please let me know!
Also English is not my mother tongue so I apologize for any mistakes. Now enjoy!

Every  day I see him. Every day I walk by him and see the progress he’s made.  Every single day. I see him once in the early hours of the day when  going to work and when I make my way back home in the afternoon I see  him once again. Every day I see him paint non-stop. He only ever stops  painting to eat, drink or respond to curious bystanders.

He’s a  handsome young man and I don’t even know his name but seeing him has  become part of my daily routine. Every time I walk past the painter I  feel myself smiling. It’s not just that he’s handsome - though it’s  obviously a plus - but there’s just something about seeing him paint  that is kind of whimsical. When his brush touches the paper he has this  look in his eyes. It’s hard to describe but if you had seen his eyes you  just knew that he is meant to be a painter.

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Caught : Conor Maynard Smut


(I changed it up a lil bit srry)

You and your boyfriend Conor were staying at his parents house in Brighton for the week. All of his family were lovely, you got on really well with his little sister Anna, his parents adored you and you and Jack knew each other really well considering you almost saw him everyday back in London.

You had been staying at Conor’s family home for 6 days now and you were really enjoying it. It was a Sunday now and you and your boyfriend Conor were laying in his bed watching TV. His parents were downstairs preparing a roast dinner for you all and Jack and Anna were in their bedrooms.

As you cuddled into Conor, you noticed how cold you were considering you were only wearing pyjama shorts and a t shirt. Conor was only wearing boxers so he wasn’t much warmer.

“Aren’t you cold?” You asked Conor, shifting around a bit to try and get warm.

“A bit. Why? Are you?” He asked, looking down at you.

He looked so gorgeous. His brown hair looked so fluffy as he hadn’t bothered to style it today and you loved it.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Conor spoke again, his lips flicking up into a smirk.

“Like what?” You replied.

“I don’t know, you looked turned on, babe.” He laughed.

“You just look really attractive today.” You told him, pressing a quick kiss to his lips.

“Oh, why? Do I normally look ugly?” He chuckled, grabbing your hips a moving him onto on his lap.

“Shut up, you know what I mean.” You rolled your eyes and placed your hands flat on his bare chest.

“Come here.” Conor mumbled.

You leaned forward, pressing your lips to his again. The kiss was slow and passionate, you could feel Conor smiling. As the kiss went on, it started to get faster and more heated. Conor started getting desperate and his hands travelled down to your bum.

Totally forgetting that his family were also in the house, you began to rock your hips against his, making him groan.

“Y/N,” He warned. “Stop.”

You ignored him as he went back to kissing you.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and grinded against his member, feeling him getting hard already. Conor held in a moan but you felt his hands go up the bottom of your shorts, feeling his fingers against your bare skin.

“Con,” You breathed out, your lips going to his neck.

“You’re going to pay for being such a fucking tease.” Conor growled as he pushed you off him and pinned you onto the bed.

You lost your breath as Conor pulled your shorts down within seconds - your underwear was soon gone too. Conor kissed up your thighs, making you squirm as you watched.

“Aw, babe, look how wet you are. All for me.” He smirked, suddenly putting his lips against your core.

Your hands went to his fluffy hair, lightly gripping as he licked in and out of you. His tongue worked wonders against you and you accidentally let out a moan.

“Ssh, Y/N, my parents are downstairs,” Conor laughed, replacing his mouth with his fingers as he worked against your clit. “Does that turn you on? Me getting you off like this whilst me family are in the house?”

His words were too much and your hands grabbed onto the white sheet you were laying on.

Suddenly, Conor’s door flew open and he quickly moved so he was laying next to you, putting the duvet over you both. Jack walked in, a piece of toast in his hand.

“Morning.” He said to you both. You were trying to catch your breath back without Jack noticing. Conor had a grin on his face, finding the situation amusing.

“What’s up?” Conor asked Jack.

“I need to use your camera, bro. Left mine at home.” Jack told him, walking over to Conor’s filming equipment.

You felt Conor’s hand wonder down your body and you immediately knew what he was planning. You panicked, you knew Conor was going to try and get you off with Jack in the room whether you liked it or not. If you were being honest, it kind of did turn you on.

Conor pushed his middle finger into you and you breathed in, squeezing onto the duvet trying not to squirm. It felt amazing, the way Conor’s fingers felt inside of you was something you loved. The pleasure he gave you - that boy was talented.

“Where is it?” Jack asked, searching around Conor’s equipment.

“It might be in the drawer.” Conor replied, adding another finger as you bit down on your lip, trying to hold back your moans.

“Oh, I’ve found it.” Jack said and you were so happy, knowing he was about to leave the room. “Wait, the battery is dead.”

“The spares are by my bag.” Conor told him, a slight laugh coming out of his mouth.

When Conor added another finger - now totalling to 3 - the pleasure was too much. Your legs started to shake and you accidentally let out a small moan.

“What’s funny? Y/N are you alright?” Jack asked, noticing both Conor’s laugh and your moan.

You couldn’t reply. As Conor continued to move his fingers in and out of you, you tried to nod at Jack but it didn’t really work.

Jack’s eyes flickered from you, to Conor, to you, back to Conor and then back to you.

“What the- Bro are you fingering her right now?” Jack asked, his eyes narrowing in disgust.

Conor just laughed uncontrollably. But you ignored them, your high was just seconds away and Conor was still touching you, edging you closer and closer.

Your moaned into the duvet, pulling it over your face, not wanting Jack to see you having an orgasm. Your walls tightened around Conor’s fingers as you reached your high, the feeling so intense and amazing.

“That’s my girl.” Conor laughed.

“Oh my god- Did she just? What the fuck, you two are disgusting!” Jack groaned as he walked straight out the door.

“Fucking hell.” You breathed out, moving the duvet so it was no longer on you. Your temperature had definitely increased now.

“You alright, babe?” Conor asked, licking his lips.

“I can’t believe you just made me orgasm in front of your younger brother.” You shook your head at him.

“Relax! He probably loved it, bet he’s having a wank over you right now.” Conor laughed, making you look at him in disgust.

You’re real // Conor Maynard

Requested by anon - The boys don’y believe Conor when he tells them he’s got a girlfriend but when they meet her they’re really happy for him and a bit jealous

“Are you sure you’re ready to meet them?” Conor asked, gently stroking your cheek with his finger.

“I’m sure,” you replied confidently, all though you weren’t feeling that way.

Today was the day that you were meeting Conor’s brother and best friends and to say you were nervous would be a lie, you were absolutely terrified. You’d been feeling this since he suggested meeting them but seeing his face light up with excitement at the idea was impossible to say no to.

The thought that was terrifying you the most was that the boys may not like you. You knew Conor really respected and valued their opinions, especially Jack’s, and that terrified you because if they hated you Conor would probably leave you and you couldn’t cope without the ray of sunshine that always brightened up rainy old London for you.

So here you were sat outside Conor’s building in his car, staring into his mesmerising blue eyes trying to find the courage to get out of the car.

“Let’s do this then,” Conor leaned closer to you and briefly connected your lips before getting out of the car.

Walking up to his apartment you clung onto Conor’s hand with all your strength, the warmth and firm grip of his hand making you feel safe as you approached the door.

Just before he opened the door Conor placed his lips on your temple and mumbled “I love you,” against your skin.

As soon as you walked into the apartment you spotted the 6 boys that Conor had spoken about nonstop for the past week.

A boy with hair dyed blond looked up to see you both and a wide smile took over his face, he stood up and walked over to the both of you which gained the attention of the rest of the boys.

“so, you’re actually real? We were staring to have our doubts” Jack asked with a laugh as he pulled you into a hug.

“Nah, he’s just paying me to pretend,” you joked in return earning a laugh from all the boys.

“You weren’t meant to tell them that,” Conor laughed while giving you a playful nudge.

One by one the boys introduced themselves to you and each gave you a hug. Conor dragged you over to the sofa and pulled you down to sit on his lap, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist and resting his chin on your shoulder.

By this point all your fear has disappeared and you felt stupid for being so worried, they accepted you instantly and you could see why Conor spent so much time with these people.

You’d been sat cuddling Conor while the boys play FIFA as Conor whispered sweet nothing you’re your ear which were making you giggle when you heard Mikey’s voice. “Cor boys, look at our little Conny all in love,” he cooed, teasing Conor.

“oh shut up Mikey, you’re just jealous because you can’t get a pet cat to love you,” Conor retaliated gaining an eruption of laughter from the boys.

“Aww is Mikey embarrassed?” Jack asked squeezing on of his pink cheeks.

“shut up,” he mumbled in response.


It was now the evening and you’d spent the whole day having a great time with the boys. You were getting ready to leave as you’d agreed to go out with your friends tonight and you needed at least 2 hours to get ready.

“Do you really have to go?” Conor asked pouting at you as you slipped your coat on.

“I do,” you replied mirroring his pout. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he pulled you closer by your waist. “But I’ll see you tomorrow,” you kissed his lips softly letting yours linger on his for a moment before pulling away and leaving the apartment, blowing a kiss and winking at him as you closed the door.

“You really like her, don’t you?” Joe questioned Conor as he sat himself on the sofa, a smile still lingering on his lips.

“I really do,” he replied simply.

Sleep Deprivation- Conor Maynard Imagine

Author’s Note: Ok guys this is my very FIRST imagine! So please be nice. I just wanted to try and write this cute idea that came to me randomly, I hope you like it!

Word Count: 763

Summary: You and Conor recently had a baby. With being a new parent, Conor back in the studio, and sleep problems, it gets to be too much. However you don’t want pull him away from work. You want to handle it on your own. 


You were a new mother. It had been a little over 2 months since you and Conor had your little man. A beautiful baby boy named Everett. Everett Colin Maynard. For the most part he was a pretty happy baby, but he seemed to hate it when his dad was away.

Conor’s a great dad. Very hands on and involved. Which you loved, but he also had to go back to work. He was putting a lot of time into finishing his second album. Which meant many late nights in the studio. Leaving you and Everett alone. You didn’t want to make him worry and have him put his music on hold. You wanted to prove you could handle being a new parent. But sleep deprivation was starting to wear on you. The house wasn’t very tidy and you were getting stressed out. For whatever reason the past couple nights Everett would cry on and off nonstop. You just could not get him to sleep. You tried everything. Bouncing him, rocking him, feeding him, giving him a pacifier. Nothing seemed to be working. 

One night, you were sat in the nursery with your wailing infant. Rocking back and forth, trying to soothe him with a soft voice. 

“C'mon Everett. Shh…baby it’s ok. Please try to go to sleep. Mommy is so tired!” you pleaded.

 You instantly knew you needed some help, but you weren’t going to bother Conor. You looked at the clock which read 1 am. Surely Jack would be awake. You reached for your cell phone on the changing table and dialed him. 

It rang a couple times before you heard a sleepy voice say, “HHelllooo? What is it (Y/N)? Everything ok?" 

"Hi Jack, I’m sorry to wake you..but I could really use some help. I’m just so tired. The baby won’t stop crying….” You started to sob. “I’ve tried everything and Conor’s in the studio recording and I…I.." 

 Jack interrupted you, ”(Y/N) alright, alright. Try to take a deep breath for me.“

 You took a few deep breaths. 

"Good. Very good. Ok, I’m going to hang up now and come over to help straight away alright?" 

"Thank you Jack” you sighed.

~A few minutes later you heard the door unlock~

“Jack, we’re in the nursery."you called.

 Footsteps drew close to the nursery and the door creaked open. Everett still crying in your arms. You turned around in surprise to see not Jack, but Conor standing in front of you. 

"Hey! What are you doing home? I thought you weren’t going to be back for a couple more hours.”, you cried and pulled him in for a kiss.

He stood there and smiled at you. 

“Jack called me and said you were in tears and sounded absolutely exhausted. Why didn’t you tell me you were having a hard time with little man love?” he asked.

“I don’t know. ” you whined. “I guess I just didn’t want you to postpone your music any farther. I thought I could juggle everything and handle this new mom thing. But I’m not going to lie, it’s really fucking exhausting." 

He laughed. He brought his hand to your chin, so your eyes were level with his."Hey look at me gorgeous. We’re a family. Family is everything to me. As much as I love music and how hard I’ve been trying to complete this album, you two will always come first.”

Your heartfelt moment was soon interrupted by baby cries. 

"Now you give him to me and go to our room to get some rest. Go on! We’ll be fine!” he insisted. 

You handed the baby over to him and walked towards the door. Before you headed to go back to bed, you decided to look in on the boys. As you crept back towards the nursery, it was quiet. You peeked through the crack in the doorway to see Conor sat in the rocking chair. He began singing a lullaby and rocking gently back and forth. 

“Light up, light up.. As if you have a choice. Even if you cannot hear my voice I’ll be right beside you dear…” (Run- Snow Patrol)

He sang Everett one of his favorite early covers. Yours too.

You stood there thinking about how grateful you were to have Conor. Not only was he an amazing man, he was an amazing father. Even though you were exhausted, the house was in disarray, and you were kinda clueless about this whole parenting thing, you had your boys. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Conor Maynard Imagine - Perfect strangers.

You often wondered how the world of fame really worked. You woke up, went to work, then to a few parties, a premiere every now and then, and back home again. For you, being an actress in London had been quite easy since you started two years ago.

You thought you understood how the business worked. You guessed that getting the lead role for England’s most viewed TV show was important enough for your career to take off. But apparently, it wasn’t.

“His manager called me yesterday, said it would be benefitial for both of your careers” your manager told you. When you walked into the office at 9am on a Friday, the last thing you expected was for your him to having set you up for a blind date.

“Wait, wait” you took off your sunglasses and put them on the table. Your coffee soon followed. You sat down, your eyes wide open in surprise “I don’t even know this guy, and I am supposed to act as if I were his girlfriend?” You asked, emphasizing the word girlfriend.

“Look, Y/N, I know it sounds crazy, but they have a point” he said, leaning over his desk “It’ll give your show a lot of promo, and at the same time it’ll give publicity to his latest single”

“Oh, so he’s a singer?” you asked, getting slightly interested in the offer. You quickly brushed it off. You were not going to sell yourself like that “What’s his name?”

“Conor Maynard” your manager said. You shook your head, implying that you had never heard of him before “It doesn’t matter, I’ve heard he’s nice and all. I don’t think you should have any problems with him”

You sighed, passing a hand through your already messy hair “It’s not about the guy” you explained “It’s just that I don’t want to lie to the public like that”

“I know, Y/N, and you’re very caring for that” your manager said, nervously clicking a pen with his thumb “But it’s just for a night, you’ve been on dates before, right? Well, this is exactly the same”

You raised an eyebrow “The same?”

“Well, I don’t know what you do in your normal dates” he said, standing up. He stood besides the big glass window behind his desk. He always did that when he was nervous “If you agree, we’ll call the paparazzi and they’ll take a few shots of you, then you can go back home”

You didn’t want to do it, but at the same time, the same manager that was begging for you to go on that date was the reason your name was respected in the TV industry. How could you say no? “He agreed to do this?” you asked him “Conor, I mean”

“Yeah” he said, turning his head to look at you, hoping you would say yes as well “He recognised you even”

You would be lying if you said you weren’t impressed. And flustered. He couldn’t be that much of a dickhead if he was a famous singer, could he? You sighed and put your hands up in front of you, surrending “Fine, whatever, I’ll do it”

Your manager clapped his hands together and went over to you to rub your shoulders like a proud dad would have done. You suddently felt a little less bad, seeing him so happy “Great, Y/N, that’s fantastic” he said excitedly “I’ll call Conor’s manager right now and we’ll sort everything out for tonight”

“Tonight?!” you turned around abruptly, as he was already almost out of the door “But…that’s in such a short notice” The fact that it was a fake date didn’t mean you wouldn’t need at least three hours to get ready, and you already had a busy evening.

But your manager was long gone. You sighed as you took off your phone. If you were going out with that Conor - Maynard was it? - you sure were doing a lot of investigating beforehand.


Turns out Conor wasn’t as bad as you had expected him to be. You blasted a few of his songs while you got ready, and you hated to admit they were the catchiests ones you had heard in a long while. However, his undeniable talent and cuteness didn’t change the fact that going to that fake date was the last thing you wanted to do on a Friday night. 

Your manager had called a car to pick you up and drive you to the restaurant. The date was held in a cute, cosy place in central London you had been in a few times before. On your way to the restaurant, you quickly scrolled through his Instagram account again. 

‘Shit, Y/N, stop being a 9-year-old’ you told yourself ‘It’s just a date, two hours tops. You can fucking do this without being all dramatic on the inside’

As you were trying to convince yourself, the car stopped and you noticed you were indeed in front of the restaurant. You noticed that all the tables in front of the big glass windows were taken, so where were you supposed to be sitting for the paparazzis to see you? You didn’t have time to think as your door opened.

You thanked the driver and adjusted your top and hair before walking in. You weren’t wearing anything too extravagant, mainly because you didn’t want Conor to get the wrong idea. 

The metre then walked you over a small table strategically placed near the window, but not completely exposed. You thought the location was perfect for them to take pictures of you without making it too obvious that you wanted to be seen. How did managers think of every bloody detail?

Soon you spotted Conor waiting for you at your table. He was wearing a black leather jacket and a white shirt, and you blushed when you noticed you were matching. When he saw you, he got up on his feet and gave you a hug “Hey, Y/N, right?” he asked you. You noticed the nice smell of his cologne “I’m Conor”

“Nice to finally meet you” you smiled politely as you sat down in front of him. You had to admit the boy had given you a good first impression “How are you doing?”

“Good, yeah, I’m alright” he said as you opened the menus “Thanks” you both said to the waiter. He then looked at you, only to lean over the table “Look, I know this is weird, I mean, if you think about it it’s kind of crazy that we have to do this for publicity”

He laughed, and you found yourself smiling in response “It is, indeed” you agreed.

“The thing is, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do just for show” he said “I mean, we can hold hands and stuff, but it’s okay if you’re uncomfortable, I won’t do anything weird” 

“Thanks” you smiled. He was sweeter than you had expected “It’s really nice of you. We’ll see how it goes, yeah?”

He nodded “Yeah, sure”

Once the waiter took your orders, you started chatting about everything and anything. You noticed Conor was extremely rambly, and it was kind of cute when he noticed and stopped to say that he was rambling too much. He was also the funny type, something you would have never guessed from all the investigating you did. He always looked so serious in photos. He laughed at his own comments and talked too fast, which resulted in such a mess that made you laugh even more.

You were finishing your meal when, suddenly, your phone rang “Sorry, I need to take this” you told him as you saw your manager’s name on the screen. He nodded and you left for the bathroom.

“Is there anything wrong?” you asked abruptly. Why would he interrumpt your fake date if everything went as planned?

“Not exactly, but there’s been a tiny problem” he said from the other line.

You gulped “How tiny?”

“Well, turns out Harry Styles decided to have a date with a stranger at the same time as you guys” he sighed “The paparazzi got distracted, but don’t worry, we have a back up plan”

You sighed “I’m listening”

“You and Conor go to 1 Oak, which is ten minutes away on foot. They take pictures of you walking to the club, then entering it. You don’t have to stay there for a long time, since they’ll just leave afterwards” he informed you. 

You nodded, as if he could see you “Alright, thanks”

“How’s the date going, by the way?” you could basically hear his smile.

You rolled your eyes playfully “He’s not that bad” you told him “You thank God our zodiac signs are compatible, or else this would have gone way worse” you joked, making him laugh.

“Yeah, I totally chose him and not any other random singer because your signs are compatible” he said. You chuckled “Right, see you later. And have fun”

“See you” you hung up, sighing for the tenth time that night. 

When you told Conor about the change of plans, he seemed okay with it. He insisted on paying the bill, although you had told him it wasn’t necessary. You hated when boys paid just because you were a girl. But he ended up doing it anyway.

“Crap, now I owe you an ice-cream or something” you joked as the waiter took the bill away. 

He laughed “Sounds fair enough”

Once you got out of the restaurant, you caught glimpse of a camera flash by the corner of your eye. Almost involuntaringly, you grabbed Conor’s hand, catching him by surprise “Damn, you’re fast at this game” he commented, looking down at your hands. He intertwined your fingers together, sending a heat wave through your chest. 

“Used to it” you responded, trying not to think of how good his hand felt on yours.

You made your way to the club quickly as you told Conor about that one time you ate sheep poo when you were one, thinking it was chocolate. He couldn’t stop laughing “Is it weird that I did exactly the same?” he said, putting a hand on your stomach to stop you from crossing a red light that had just changed.

“Are you serious right now?” you laughed. 

“Actually, no” he laughed again “I’m not that stupid” he joked, pushing you with his shoulder. You gave him a fake angry look only to make him laugh again. You smiled. Shit, that laugh was addicting.

Once you got to the club, you saw another paparazzi “Quick, Conor, kiss me or something” you said suddenly, not really thinking your words through.

He stared at you blankly “W-What do you mean?” he asked, confused “Is there a pap out there or something?”

“Essentially, yeah” you said.

As another bright light flashed, you felt Conor’s hand on your exposed back, his other hand travelling to your neck. He leaned in slowly, brushing his nose against yours delicately “I can stop right here if you want me to” he whispered, but you weren’t listening.

Was he that hot at the restaurant? You shook your head slightly and closed the gap between you, feeling his smooth lips against yours. A few seconds later, he pulled away, and your lips felt cold again “Shall we go in for a bit, then?” he asked you casually, as if he hadn’t just given you the sexiest peck of your life.

You nodded and walked in ahead of him, his hand still resting on your back. As you paid for your drinks - it wasn’t as good as ice-cream, but he didn’t object - you noticed you couldn’t even look at him in the eye. It wasn’t rejection. You were confused. 

You didn’t want to go on that date in the first place. It was all a montage, all fake. So why were you feeling so weird inside? You had kissed other actors on camera many times, Conor wasn’t any different. Or was he? As he took your hand and dragged you to the dancefloor, you weren’t so sure anymore. 

“You alright there?” he asked sweetly, tapping your head with his finger.

You smiled “Yeah, why?”

“You just seemed a bit off” he said. A tall man behind you with too many drinks on his hand - and on his body - pushed you aside abruptly as he made his way to a crowded table. Conor put his arms around you and pulled you closer to his chest in response.

“You okay?” he asked, giving that guy a dirty look. When he looked down at you, you moved your eyes away from his. What the hell was wrong with you?

You hid your face on his chest, unable to do or say anything. You knew you had screwed up “Y/N” you heard him say, his voice sounding concerned. He put a hand on your chin and lifted up your head so you were finally looking at him in the eye “It was the kiss, wasn’t it?” he asked, a tone of regret on his voice.

“It’s not the kiss, Conor” you assured him “It’s me, I’m an idiot” you released yourself from his embrace, feeling cold again “I’m sorry, I better head home. Thanks for tonight” 

But he grabbed your arm, pushing you back to him “Don’t leave like that” he said, and you could tell by his eyes that he truly felt sorry.

You gave him a small smile “It’s okay, really” you said before trying to walk away again, but failing. Not because of Conor’s grip on your arm, but because you didn’t want to leave. You couldn’t find the strengh to move away from him, when all you wanted to do was to try those lips again “I’m an idiot” you said before walking over to him and hugging him again.

“Hey” he whispered “We are all idiots here”

You looked up at him again, not removing your eyes from his this time. All your life you had been scared of feelings, of emotions. You never let yourself be free, you never listened to your heart. But now you decided it was about time you bloody did as it told you.

You put your arms around Conor’s neck, his wrapped around your exposed waist. He leaned in, slower this time, and gave you a butterfly kiss. You laughed before he finally pressed your lips together again. But this time, it was for real.

“Way to turn a fake date into a real one” you joked once you pulled away for air, your noses still touching.

He let out a small laugh “I’d love to go on another fake date with you, miss” you smiled as he pressed your lips together again, hungrily this time. Suddenly, you didn’t care anymore about the paparazzi, or the fame, or anything outside that club. The only thing that mattered was that you had found someone special, someone who you knew would treat you like a queen. Because if he had been the sweetest while you were strangers, you couldn’t imagine how great he’d be when you become perfect strangers. 

Start Over?, Jack Maynard Imagine

-gif not mine but his smile <3-

- Jack and Y/N don’t get along at all and are forced to sped the day together-

-Sorry I haven’t been writing much lately, Ive been drowning in schoolwork.-


You were at your apartment with your group of friends. You were in your bedroom looking around for the two tickets you had bought a couple days ago. You were supposed to take your boyfriend but he decided to dump you two weeks before hand.

They were for a play and you were sure you could go on your own if worse came to worse. Maybe you could take one of the boys. When you find them you hold them up and say, “victory” proud of yourself.

You walk out of your bedroom and find Caspar, Joe, Josh, and Mikey all sitting on their phones. Oli was out of town on a book tour and Conor was on his way over with Jack.

“Do any of you want to go to a play?” you ask anxious to get a yes from someone.

No-one jumps up from excitement and you instantly felt rejected. After a minute of silent Joe finally gives in with a groan.

“I can’t today I’m too busy with editing” Joe gives you a small pout and you look to the other three.

“Josh and I have lunch plans and Mikey has that Tinder date” they all nod to you and you groan.

“Conor is coming over with Jack soon so maybe take one of them” Joe gives you the option and your eyes twitched as he said Jack’s name.

“I’ll ask Conor” you say walking away into your bedroom.

Out of all of the boys, Jack was your least favourite. Everything about him made you fire up inside and you wanted to smack him for most things he said. You knew he was definitely not fond of you either and the two of you both always tried to not be alone together. You always had to go out in groups so the two of you didn’t argue. When there was no other choice, the two of you would talk and one thing would lead to another and you’d be yelling.

You change into a cute dress which was cropped in the front but attached in the back. It was dark blue and looked great on you. You let your hair fall and you brush it out so it sat nicely.

You hear your apartment door close and you were excited to see if Conor could come.

“Hey Con” you smile brightly as you walk up and hug him, ignoring his younger brother.

“Wow you look great” Conor says, looking to the guys with a confused face, “Did you and i have plans?” he turns his head back to you.

“No but would you like to?” you ask pulling the tickets out magically.

“Ohh, Y/N I wish I could but I was gonna take Jack home in a bit and then make a video with Alex” Conor gives you a small frown and you sigh, “maybe Jack-“

Before Conor could continue his sentence you bluntly said no. Conor was taken by surprise and you look to Jack to see his face fire up.
“Good cause i didn’t want to go, not if its with you” Jack fires back and you had to stop yourself from yelling at him.

“You guys have to go together” Conor says angrily and you and Jack were both confused at his anger, “I’m sick and tired of you two not getting along, you’re going, Jack I’m leaving so you cant get home until you go with her” Conor gives you a quick hug and then leaves.

You look to Jack and frown.

“Looks like you got yourself a date Y/N” Joe laughs, stopping when you glare at him. There was still an hour before you had to leave and the boys all hung out for about forty minutes before they left too.

Eventually you were stuck in a room with only Jack and it was silent. You were both on your phones.

“Are you really gonna wear that?” Jack teases your dress.

“Yes i am and you’re gonna be seen with me” you angrily say, not removing your eyes from your phone. You became a little insecure about your choice during the silence which followed that conversation and you decided to get up and change.

You hear Jack chuckle when you get up but you ignored him. You search through your wardrobe  once again for an outfit and struggle. You didn’t know how you would look in anything. You didn’t know why you wanted to impress Jack, but you did.

Finally you find yourself a short black dress which was loose at the bottom but tight fitting around the top. You throw it on and head out to see Jack in the same position you left him in. He looks up from his phone briefly and lets out a small grin at your outfit before quickly hiding it.

“Is something wrong?” you ask crossing your arms.

“Didn’t think you’d actually change” Jack laughs.


“Because I didn’t think id be able to distract you from the time” Jack nods his head towards a clock and you turn your head to look at it.

“Shit Jack, we were supposed to me there 10 minutes ago!” you yell. Jack did a pretty damned good job at distracting you, considering you thought you had way more time.

You quickly call a cab and grab your purse to wait outside with Jack. The entire cab ride there was silent besides your foot tapping angrily. When you get there you run up to the front desk and show them your tickets. Jack followed shortly behind you.

The lady stared at your tickets and glared at the two of you huffing from rushing to the play.

“Sorry, no access for people who are late” she points to the sign behind her and you could feel the hatred in her eyes.

With out throwing a fit, you simply walk out of the building silently with Jack right next to you.

“I didn’t know they could do that” Jack says to you to break the silence.

You felt tears starting to form, you didn’t know why, but they were there, “Jack Maynard, you’re a dick” you say as tears begin to fall lightly.

“I’m a dick? I didn’t mean for you not to see the play!” he yells and you jump back from him.

His face lightens when you jump and you could tell he felt bad. Before he could say any more, you turned away from him and started walking. You didn’t want to get in a cab with him. It was only a play but you’ve been planning to see it for a while and you were excited.

On your walk home, you dried your eyes and just walked silently when a cab rolled up beside you. The door opens and you see Jack inside, he hands the driver money and then jogs to catch up to you.

“Y/N, look I’m really sorry” Jack says with a sincere look in his eyes.

“It’s whatever” you say angrily, not looking at him.

He stops you from walking and pulls you over to the side of the side walk. He looks you in the eye and you look away from him.

“Look, I’m really fucking sorry I’m such a dick to you” he apologizes again.

“You can say sorry but that doesn’t mean anything will change!” you yell, tears forming again.

“Well maybe we can just start over and try to be friends, I don’t think you’re that bad sometimes” he says giving you a half hearted smile. You laugh and he smiles wider, “see it is possible to get along”.

You shrug your shoulder in response, “I guess it wont hurt to try”.

“Exactly, now can i take you to a movie to make up for the play?” he asks trying to make up for what happened.

“Sure, but it’s not a date” you lay down the rules.

“C’mon, it wouldn’t be that bad if it was, would it?” Jack asks with a cheeky smirk.

“No it wouldn’t, but its not what i want right now” you laugh pushing his shoulder.

He nods his head and the two of you call another cab and go to the movies. You and Jack started to get along and you were surprisingly happy in his company.

All Started With a Song Part 2// Conor Maynard

Word Count- 491

Summary- conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n- (feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times) sorry that it’s so short! but its very important. please let me know what you think. because it’s so short i will put part 3 up tomorrow, i promise!

“What?” they asked in unison.


They waited.

“He just DM’ed me.” You said quietly. “Conor Maynard just DM’ed me!” you started crying.


“What did he say?!?!?”

“He wants to do a cover with me.”

“No fucking way!” Alice squeals once again.

“What do I say? How do I say it? Do I pretend to not know who he is?!?!” you questioned your best friends.

“Okay, say ‘thank you. And I would love to film with you… right after we hook up.’” Olivia says, causing Alice to snort.

“What? No!” you yelled, not knowing what to say.

After many minutes of bickering you settled with,

Hey Conor. Thank you, and that sounds like fun! When are you free?

You sighed grabbing the remote, he’d probably take a few days to reply. Might as well wait by binging Stranger Things once again.


You froze, there’s no way. It was probably Alice or Olivia.


I’ll free my schedule for you :) are you available next Friday?

You tried not to get to excited, he was just a normal person. You still waited a few minutes to respond, making sure not to click the notification.

After about 5 minutes you replied with,

Sounds good :) your place or mine?

You squealed, you might actually go to Conor Maynard’s house.

He replied later this time. An hour later.

Sorry, Jack got stranded. But mines fine, ill make sure to kick Jack and Josh out.

You giggled, of course Jack would get stranded.

Haha, if you insist on kicking them out me won’t complain. What time should I be there?

He didn’t reply until about 9 at night, but you tried not to think about it. He had his own life, it didn’t revolve around responding to you.

Sorry again :/ but is 4 okay? We can get dinner afterward?

You dropped your phone on your face, he wanted to eat dinner with you. You were baffled. This has to be a dream. It has to be.

Okay :)

That was all you said. It didn’t want to seem too crazy or fangirly.

Simple and sweet.

However Conor took it the wrong way.

“Jack I fucked up.” He said, running a hand through his hair.

“How?” he asked, not looking up from his FIFA game.

“I took forever to reply, and now she’s being short with me.” He sighed, dramatically falling onto the couch next to his brother.

“Dude, you’ve known her for less than a day. How can you already like her?” his brother questioned.

“I don’t like her!” Conor scoffed, “She just seems cool. I don’t want to piss her off.”

“Just don’t over think it bro.” Jack laughed, he knew his brother was crushing on this mysterious girl he knew nothing about.

Conor did the exact opposite. He knew he had to make it up to Y/n, but not because he liked her. He didn’t… did he?

Don’t Be Shy

Request (2)

You had first met Joe a few months ago at an event that you had been invited to. You were standing in a small crowd listening to the speakers, well half listening, half counting the bubbles that had formed in your glass of champagne trying to keep yourself from falling asleep when a stranger leaned in and brought you back to reality. 

“Pretty riveting stuff huh?” The stranger said tilting his head towards the stage. 

“Oh yes, very interesting.” You said before finishing off your champagne. 

“Looks like you could use some more, I know a few places around here that has a lot better champagne than this place.” The man said watching you place your empty glass on the nearby table. 

“We can’t exactly leave…” You started but were cut off. 

“Why not? Neither of us are speaking tonight, you’re not speaking tonight are you?” He asked with a hesitant chuckle and you shook your head. 

“No I’m not. Just here to listen.” You laughed but quickly stopped when the heads of nearby people turned towards your direction. 

“Then lets get out of here.” The man whispered. 

“I don’t even know you’re name.” You whispered back. 

“Joe.” Joe said extending his hand out to you. 

“Y/N.” You said taking his hand, giving it a slight shake before he tugged me out of the crowd. “Wait where are we going?”

“To get more champagne and to sit down somewhere because my feet hurt and I can imagine yours do too.” Joe said looking over his shoulder giving you a quick smile before looking down at your heels.

You felt yourself blush for some reason but you allowed the stranger to pull you out of the building and down the street to a nearby pub where you spent the rest of the night getting to know said stranger. 

You didn’t know that you could fall for something after 3 months. There was just something about Joe that made you trust him that night when you first met and that same something made you keep coming back for more. 

Joe felt the same way. In the pub that night he revealed that he had been admiring you ever since you walked through the door, wanting so desperately to talk to you. So when she saw how bored you looked listening to the speaker, he took his chance and luckily you went along. 

When he properly asked you out a few days later, you saw a different side of him. At first he was just a mysterious man that took your hand and lead you to a dimly lit bar and bought you a drink, but this date was different. He had asked you to lunch and he was no longer a mysterious stranger. He was kind and sweet and his eyes lit up every time he laughed, something you didn’t notice in the pub. Shortly after that date he asked you to be his girlfriend. 

The two of you spent the last 3 months doing everything young kids in love did. When you weren’t together, you’d stay up all night FaceTiming or texting each other, neither of you wanting the night to end. When you were together, you’d be all over each other. Obviously it’d be behind closed doors, Joe hadn’t anyone about you, not properly anyway. 

His parents knew he was talking to something and his mates knew something was up since he’d always opt out of joining them on a night out. They’d had their suspicions and kept their banter at a minimum as they did eventually want to met whoever Joe was hiding from them.

Just like they had, you had asked Joe when you were going to meet his friends. He talked so highly about them and you had seem them in his videos and really wanted to get to know the six other boys who made of the Buttercreams. Joe’s response would always be, “One day.” which would just cause you to roll your eyes and shake your head at how cautious he was being about you meeting his friends.

You were sat on Joe’s couch, your eyes scanning the words on the pages of the book you were reading while Joe sat everything up in his filming room. 

“Hey Y/N.” You heard Joe call out.

“Hmm?” You said, you’re focus not leaving your book. 

“So a few oftheboys….” Joe’s voice trailed off as he fumbled with his filming equipment. 

“What?” You said looking up from your book and glancing back towards the hallway where his voice traveled down. 

When you didn’t get a response you closed your book with a sigh and pushed yourself off the couch and made your way over to the room. 

“Whats up?” You said leaning against the doorframe watching Joe adjust his camera on his tripod. 

“You know how you keep asking to meet the boys?” 


“Well today is you’re lucky day.” He said stepping back from his camera. “A few of them are on their way over to film some videos.” 

“Oh is that so?” You smirked, grabbing Joe’s hands and intertwining your fingers. 

“Mhmm.” He said leaning down to kiss you. “I thought it’d be better to meet them in groups” He said before placing another kiss against you lips.

“Oh? And what group is this?” You said against his lips.

Joe didn’t answer your question, instead he cupped your cheeks and pushed his lips against yours again but this time more passionately than before. You brought your arms around Joe’s neck, pulling him closer to you as his hands moved from your cheeks and down to your thighs and picked you up and carrying you to the bed before laying you down without breaking the kiss.

He positioned himself between your legs and ran his hand down the length of your leg. Your skin turned hot under he’s touch even though you were separated by your jeans.

Joe had that affect on you. He could send your heart into a frenzy whenever he blinked and his touch made you melt. You couldn’t control yourself around him and you found it very hard to stop once things got started. 

Joe’s lips moved from your lips down to your neck causing you to let out a quiet moan as your hands moved to his his back, slipping themselves under his shirt and running over the outlines of his muscles. 

“Ahem.”  A voice said from behind them causing you and Joe to freeze. 

“We’ll this is something!” Another voice said as Joe got off of you and helped you sit up.

“Um hey guys.” Joe said shyly moving his hand to his neck, “Y/N this is Conor, Josh and Oli. Guys this is Y/N, my girlfriend.”

“Hi” You said giving a little wave as they greeted you. 

“Ok so are we going to film or would you two like to finish?” Conor said looking between the two of you causing your face to flush. 

“Didn’t even start.” You said standing up and giving the boys a quick smile before leaving the room and returning to your spot on the couch. 

“Ha! I like her!” You heard one of the boys say.

“Did you really think that you could get some before we got here mate? We don’t live that far way.” Another one said causing the other two boys to laugh.

“That wasn’t what we were doing. We just got caught up in the moment.” Joe’s voice drifted down the hallway. 

“Mate it was exactly what you were doing.”

“Awe mate don’t be mad, we’re only joking.” 

“Yeah mate, she seems nice…and fun.” You decided that that voice belonged to the one Joe called Conor. He had a very distinctive laugh he made after every sentence which made you unconsciously smile. 

“We understand why you kept her a secret. Don’t know if she’s ready for Cheed’s antics, or Randy’s.” The boy who had a South African accent said. 

“Yeah mate good thing he’s not here!” The last boy said; Oli, you said making a mental note. You liked Oli, he was the one who said that he liked you earlier. 

You sat on the couch, book propped open on your lap but you weren’t reading. Instead, you were listening to the boys film, making mental notes of each of the boys. You decided that Oli was sweet like Joe. He was quite but had some good comebacks. Josh was also sweet but in a different way that you couldn’t quite place. When the boys were filming his video, you couldn’t help but laugh at the amount of times he had to start a sentence over either because of his own mistakes of because of the boys. Conor was usually the one to get the laugh going with his side comments or just his general personality. 

You brought your attention back to the book on your lap when you hear the boys close of the last video. There were a few mumbles that you couldn’t comprehend before the boys filed out of the room. 

“So Y/N, sorry we had to meet you like that.” Oli said with a smile. Yep, you liked him. 

“No worries, it was bound to happen at some point.” You said closing your book, catching a glimpse of the blush on Joe’s cheeks when he came to sit down beside you. 

“If you’re not busy tonight, would you like to come to dinner with all of us? You could meet the other three boys but just know, you’ve been warned.” Josh said taking a seat on the couch.

“Yeah, I’d like that. If I don’t go who knows when I’d get to meet them.” You said nudging Joe’s arm before leaning your head on his shoulder. 

“They could just walk in on you two going to town…” Conor started but ended up laughing when Joe shot him a glare. 

You laughed a little at Joe’s reaction causing him to focus his glare to you. 

“Hey, don’t give me that look. You started it I do believe.” You said giving him a smile as you watched Joe’s face relax. 

“Awe you two are too cute.” Josh said causing Joe’s face to turn red for the 3rd time that day. 

“Don’t be shy love.” You said before lifting Joe’s chin and planting a light kiss his lips.

Just Tell Him

“It’s simple, Jack, just say the words,” Jack mumbled to himself, hands braced against the counter of the bathroom as he stared at his reflection in the mirror, “Just say them and it’s done.”

But even as he tried to work up his courage, Jack felt it falter. He was nervous, and possibly a little scared, at admitting the truth to his brother.

And that truth was that he was dating Joe.

The two had been secretly dating for about two months, deciding to keep it to themselves for a while, in order to explore and figure out exactly what it was. And Jack had quickly discovered that he was happy, well and truly happy, with Joe.

Now, Jack was back in Brighton with Conor for a few days, and he had talked to Joe about coming clean to at least Conor, not liking the fact that he’s been lying to his older brother. Joe had been more than happy to agree, and thought it was the right decision, especially considering how much the two were around Conor. Plus, once the older Maynard was told, they could come out to their other mates.

But first, Jack had to actually work up the courage to tell Conor.

Which was why he was currently standing in front of the bathroom mirror, giving himself a pep talk.

“Just say it, look him in the eyes and say it.” Jack stared at his reflection, trying to picture Conor’s face as he said the words he’d been too nervous to say: “Just say, I’m dating Joe.”

“You’re what?”

He spun around quickly, eyes wide as he stared at his younger sister, who was staring back at him, a smile on her face.


“Are you actually dating Joe?”

“You heard that?”

“Oh my gods, how long? Who else knows? This is amazing!” The youngest Maynard stepped into the bathroom, closing the door behind her as she kept rambling on questions, the smile still on her face. “I knew you two had a thing!”

“What? You did?” Jack relaxed a little, realizing that his sister was more excited than anything.

“It’s so obvious,” Anna rolled her eyes, leaning against the door, “Have you ever seen a video with the two of you in it?”

“Well, yeah, but…” He trailed off, his cheeks warming.

“So why are you talking to yourself in the bathroom?” She asked, tilting her head, her blue eyes studying him. They reminded Jack greatly of Conor, and the nerves returned full force at the thought of coming out to his brother about his relationship.

“Uhm, I’m trying to give myself a pep talk.”


“Because I wanted to tell Conor the truth.”

“He doesn’t know?” Anna’s face scrunched up in confusion, “But you two tell each other everything.”

“Not everything,” Jack protested weakly, “And he doesn’t know I’m dating Joe.”

“Does anyone?”

“You do.”

“That’s it?”


The two siblings fell silent for a minute, and Jack shifted on his feet, “How should I tell him?”

“Like you were telling yourself,” Anna nodded to the mirror, “Just say the words. What are you worried about?”

“I’m dating one of his best mates!”

“But Joe was also one of your best mates. I mean, I’m sure he still is, but he’s also your boyfriend now. It shouldn’t matter.” She shrugged as if it was no big deal, “Conor isn’t going to care who you’re dating. As long as you’re happy, and that the person isn’t with you to get something from you.”

“Joe’s not with me to get anything.”

“Well, I’m sure he’s with you to get something,” Anna smirked, and he let out a small groan.

“You’re like eight, why are you making comments like that?!”

“I’m almost seventeen!”

“You still shouldn’t be making those type of comments!”

“Will you just go tell Conor your dating Joe so you can finally relax?”

“Fine.” Jack muttered, pushing himself away from the counter as Anna stepped to the side, “But never say anything like that again.”

“No promises. I mean, have you met my older brothers?”

“True,” He laughed, pulling the door open, the two siblings stepping out of the bathroom just as Conor comes up the stairs.

“Uh,” He glances between them, “I know we’re a weird family, but I thought Jack was finally potty trained enough to go on his own?”

“Piss off.” Jack mumbled as Anna giggled.

“We were having a family meeting.” She told her oldest brother.

“And I wasn’t invited?!”

“It was about you, actually.” She replied, glancing over at Jack, “Tell him.”

“Tell me what?” Conor dropped the joking tone, glancing between his siblings, “Jack?”

“I…I have a secret.”

“Okay…” The eldest Maynard crossed his arms, eyeing up his brother, “What secret?”

“Uhm,” Jack looked over at Anna quickly who just smiled encouragingly, and he returned his focus to Conor. “I’m dating Joe.”

“Is that it?”


“Alright,” Conor shrugged, his arms falling to his side, “Anyways, Anna, mum was looking for you. It’s why I came up here.”

“Wait,” Jack shook his head, “That’s it? That’s your reaction?”

“Yes?” Conor asked him, giving him a confused look, “Did you want me to freak out or something?”

“I think he was expecting more,” Anna giggled again, slipping past Conor to head down the stairs, “Told you not to worry, Jack!”

“You were worried?” Conor looked at his younger brother, “Why?”

“Because…” Jack waved a hand, “I don’t know!”

“Jack, I don’t give a shit if you’re dating Joe, or Josh, or Mikey! Who you date is your business.”

“It’s not weird is it?”

“You dating Joe? I mean, it might take some getting used to, if you two act more coupley than normal, but nah. It’s not weird.”

“Wait, more than normal?”

“Have you two ever seen each other when you’re both in the same room?” Conor laughed, “Maybe that’s why it’s not that surprising.”

“So, you aren’t mad?” Jack asked hesitantly, “About me not telling you sooner?”

“How long exactly have you two been dating?”

“About two months.”

“Were you ready to tell me before?”

“Not really, no.”

“Then there’s your answer.” Conor shrugged again. “Jack, I just want you to be happy. If that’s with Joe, then great. And if you took two months to tell me, that’s fine. The fact is that you did tell me, and now we can move on and I can tease you about dating Joe!”

“Maybe this is why I haven’t told you yet,” Jack laughed, feeling the weight lifted off his shoulders, “Thanks. By the way.”

“No need to thank me, I’m your brother. I’m going to love you no matter what. Kind of written in the rule book.”


“Quick question though, does anyone else know?”

“Not yet,” Jack shook his head, “I wanted to tell you first.”

“Wonderful,” Conor grins, “Can I help tell everyone?”

“Oh gods, why?”

“You didn’t tell me for two months, you owe me.”

“You said it was fine!”

“Just let me help!”

Sighing, Jack headed for his bedroom, “I’ll ask Joe.”

Conor Maynard Imagine - Let go.

Raindrops hit the glass of your window with such intensity you thought they were going to break it. Once again you found yourself looking at the bright screen of your phone, alone in the dark, as a sappy rom-com played in the background.

Conor had been acting up recently, and you had no clue why. He seemed sad, lost, the spark on his blue eyes long gone. And it broke your heart, seeing one of your best friends like that, mainly because you could do absolutely nothing about it.

It wasn’t that you didn’t want to give him your attention. No, it wasn’t that. But Conor was a hard person to read, and even harder to get to open up. He never talked about his feelings, never showed any signs of sadness. You thought it was because he didn’t want to be seen as the weak one. You could relate to him to a certain extent, but you also knew he needed help.

But, how can you fix someone who doesn’t want to be fixed?

As you looked at Conor’s second sad retweet that day, you decided you had had enough. Enough of seeing him drown in his own tears, all because he was scared of being saved. He had saved you, comforted you so many times, you thought it would be just as fair if you were there for him too.

But deep inside, you knew it wasn’t just a matter of returning the favor. 

You didn’t know how it started, or when or why. The only thing you knew for a fact was that somewhere between meeting Conor and that day, you had stumbled with his everything, and you had fallen hard. Rock hard.

It didn’t take you more than a minute to put your shoes on, grab a jacket and the keys, and going out the door. Conor didn’t live too far away from your apartment, so you didn’t even bother in calling an Uber. You knew he was at home, because he had texted you an hour ago saying he would be writing new music all night, or at least trying to. Jack and the rest of the boys were out in Central London, so you knew he shouldn’t have been feeling at his best.

Essentially, it took you less than 15 minutes to get to his apartment block. The doorman knew who you were already, so he opened the door for you right away, guessing that you were going to see Conor. 

You sighed before gently knocking at the door. You didn’t exactly know what you were trying to do, showing at his doorstep at midnight, but you felt it was the right thing to do.

Few moments later, a rather confused Conor opened the door, staring down at you “What are you doing here?” he asked in a low whisper, and you thought his voice sounded weak.

You could tell he had been in bed. He was wearing his stay-at-home clothes, his hair was messy and his eyes screamed to be closed, but for some reason they just couldn’t.

You bit your lip unconciously “I saw your retweet” you said sincerely, although now that you said it outloud, it sounded kind of ridiculous “It’s like the tenth one this week, Con” you said, concerned, your eyes never leaving his.

He gestured for you to come inside, and he gently closed the door behind him “Conor, just tell me what’s wrong” you said, not being able to keep looking at his lost eyes any longer “I’m not going to judge you, or think that you’re weak. Everybody breaks down from time to time, it’s human” you said in the softest voice you could make.

He let out an almost inaudible sigh as he scratched the back of his head “I appreciate you coming to check on me, but I’m fine, really” he said. But he wasn’t even looking at you, and you knew he was lying.

You crossed your arms “You’re not fine, Conor” you stated “Stop pretending you are, there’s no point. You need to get it out of your chest”

He wasn’t still looking at you. You moved closer to him, scared of him rejecting you in any way. The last thing you wanted was to get hurt in an attempt to make him feel better. That would only break you.

When you were barely ten inches away from him, you took his cheek on your hand, caressing it with your thumb. He leaned in your touch, as you brushed the corner of his lips with the tip of your finger “It’s about my music” he finally said, and his voice was so weak you had barely heard him.

“There’s so much pressure on me right now to release a new album, it has practically blocked me” he confessed. Your eyes softened at the sight of him, so vulnerable, so human “I haven’t been able to write a song in weeks, and I feel like I’m letting everyone down”

“Conor” you whispered, imitating his voice “You’re not letting anybody down. It’s okay if you haven’t released an original song in some time, because you cover a song a week, and you share it with your fans. You haven’t abandoned them, they don’t feel that way”

He closed his eyes, and you could almost hear the pain “I know they support me, but sometimes it’s not enough” he said “I need to hear it from myself. I need to be happy with what I’m doing”

Your thumb kept brushing his cheek as your free hand reached for his, intertwining both of your fingers. He then looked at you, and for the first time in a long time, you couldn’t make out what his eyes were saying.

“You’re the hardest-working person I know, Con” you assured him “It’s okay to give yourself a break from time to time”.

He nodded, and you could tell the tension on his body had been released almost completely “Thank you, Y/N” he said, his voice still low, but at least it was back to normal “Thanks for worrying about me so much, even if you don’t need to”

You smiled “Hey, it’s what friends are for” you said, the word friends burning your throat as you said it.

“Right” he said, and he didn’t give you time to think before he pulled you in for a hug “Stay the night?”

You let out a small laugh, happy to see your dorky friend being back to his normal self, at least for the night “Of course” you planted a small kiss on his cheek, releasing yourself from his touch to go to the sofa, your bed for the night.

But Conor stood there, in the dark, watching you as you closed the courtains in the living room. What the hell was wrong with him? Since when had he been so mesmerized by your moves, your touch, by you? He couldn’t count how many times you had stayed at his place, crashing down at the sofa. But for some weird reason, now he couldn’t imagine you sleeping on his apartment, and not having you pressed against his chest all night.

He had been feeling like that for quite the longest time, he wasn’t going to lie. He didn’t know where his feelings came from, but it wasn’t like he cared as long as they could be satisfied. He had been okay with being next to you, hugging you, laughing with you. But now, all those little things were nowhere near enough.

Conor walked towards the sofa, where you were building up a comfortable sleeping spot for the night. He sat down next to you “Can I join you?” he asked, rather shyly. You nodded as your heart exploded inside your chest, almost making you feel nauseous.

He got under the blanket with you, pressing his body against yours so you could both fit in the long-legs section of the sofa. He wrapped an arm around your shoulders, as the other one embraced your waist carefully. You hugged his torso as well, and without a word, you placed your head on his chest, listening to his beating heart.

He lifted up your shirt just a little, so he could brush his fingers on your exposed skin. He drew small circles with his fingers, softly, as you felt yourself dozzing off. 

He was sending chills down your spine, and for some weird reason you were cold. You snuggled closer to him, in search of a little warmth. You felt the small pressure of his lips on your forehead instead.

You looked up to meet his eyes, the arm that had been protectively hanging around his waist, now lifting up to his face. The tip of your fingers traced a soft line on his jaw, as his eyes searched for yours. His hand moved upwards on your back, until they met the clasp of your bra. You held your breath for a second before his hand went down again.

You wrapped your fingers around his neck, almost like preventing him to go away. But he didn’t back up. He leaned in slowly, brushing the tip of your noses together as he let out the cutest little laugh you had ever heard. You smiled.

“I’m sorry if this takes you by surprise” he suddenly whispered “But I really need to kiss you right now”

Instead of saying anything, you slowly closed the gap between your expecting mouths, bringing your lips together in an agonizing kiss. Your tongues moved together in perfect sync, as his hand gently roamed your back. It wasn’t until that moment when you realised how bad you had needed him.

When you pulled away for air, neither of you moved away completely. Because now that you had finally known what it felt like, you didn’t want to let go of each other.

Secrets can hurt // Conor Maynard imagine

Summary: You and Conor are dating, but the fans don’t know. When Conor takes someone else to an award show, everything goes wrong.

A/n: So I kind if got this idea from vintagesugg. I loved this imagine so much that I kind of wanted to use it myself. So check that out and I really hope you like it. There will probably be a part 2. This is my first imagine ever so if you have any tips or see some mistakes, please let me know! Xoxo

C/F/N = Conors friends name

Secrets can hurt

“Babe come here. I want to cuddle”, Conor whined. You and Conor have been dating for 3 months. It has been the time of your life. The only downfall? The fact that nobody, except the buttercream boys, knew about you. So anytime you and Conor wanted to hangout or go on a date, you had to sneak around. It happened more than once that you needed to hide during a date, just so his fans wouldn’t find out. Conor had asked you multiple times if you minded the hiding and you everytime you said it was fine. But the longer you dated, the more it started to bother you. But you weren’t going to tell Conor that, of course. It would feel like making him choose between his fans and you and you would never do that to him. So anytime you could be all cute and touchy with him, you would. Just like now. You lied your head and his chest, listening to his heartbeat. He started playing with your hair. These were the moments that made it all worth it. “I love you so fucking much Y/N. You know that right?”, Conor said. You smiled to yourself:“ Yes, I do know that. And I love you too”, you answered him. Suddenly he sat up, throwing you off of him. “What the hell was that for?”, you asked picking yourself up from the floor. “I completely forgot. I have an award show tomorrow and my manager said I had to bring a date. I need to find someone. Do you know anyone who’s free tomorrow?”. You felt your heart shrink. Did he really just ask that? You felt tear brimming in your eyes. “I don’t think I know anyone who’ll be free”, you responded quickly. You needed to get out of that room. Having Conor watch you break down was the last thing you both needed. “Oh well, I’ll just ask C/F/N then. Hey where’re you going?”. “I’m going to take a shower”, you said quickly before running up the stairs. You barely made it in the bathroom before you broke down. You sat there for an hour before coming out and going straight to bed.

*The next day*

You were woken up by Conor kissing your cheek. “Hey baby”, he whispered,“ I need to leave now. The car is here”. “Okay. Eventhouhg you don’t need it, good luck babe. I love you”. He smiled at you. “I love you too Y/N”. When he left, you got up and started to your day. You made breakfast, went to the gym, tidied a bit and before you knew it, it was award time. Jack had called you about an hour ago to ask you if he could come over. So now you’re both sat in front of the TV. Both of you were scrolling through social media. Suddenly you saw your boyfriend on the red carpet. He looked so good in his navy tux. He was matching with C/F/N. They looked beautiful together and that hurt you because it wasn’t you standing next to him. All the photographers and reporters were yelling at them. “Turn this way”, “Put your arm around her”, “How did you meet”, and of course the question you knew was coming: “Is she your new girlfriend Conor?“. Before Conor could open his mouth, C/F/N immediately answered:” Yes, we’re together and love each other very much". You were in shock. Why didn’t Conor say anything? Jack could see you were getting upset. “He didn’t say it Y/N. Don’t worry, he loves you”. “He didn’t deny it either”, you said a bit hurt. Jack put his arm around you. “You know he can’t say anything about you. He doesn’t want to choose between his fans and you”. “Of course I know that but it just annoys me sometimes”. Everyone had now gone on the red carpet and was taking their seats. The show started and you and Jack were both stressing out. Conors song ‘Are you sure’ was nominated for best song. As the show got to the end, you were shaking. “And now the winner for best song. And the winner is …. CONOR MAYNARD”. You and Jack both jumped up screaming. But all of that quickly stopped when you looked back at the TV and saw Conor. He had grabbed C/F/N and kissed her full on the mouth. 

She’s the one bro - Maynard Siblings Imagine

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Not my gif.

You, Jack and Conor were staying at their parent’s house for the weekend, it was a last minute kind of thing on Friday afternoon but the boys were missing their family lots. Being in a relationship with Jack for three years, you were very welcomed in their home, his parents loved you and Anna treated you as her own sister.

It was Sunday afternoon when everything happened. Jack and Conor had gone to meet up with some friends while Anna had stayed around her boyfriend’s house the night before, which both brothers were not happy about before I reminded them about the many times they had you or another girl other.

You were sat editing my video you had filmed with the Maynard siblings before a loud bang echoed around the house. Worried, you placed the laptop on Jack’s bed and walked out his room.

“Hello?” You called out, bringing up Jack’s phone number just in case.

“Y/N?” You heard Anna whimper.

Running down the stairs you see Anna on the floor, red eyes and damp cheeks, “What happened babe?”

Sitting down next to her, you pulled her into your side, while she cried on your shoulder. “H-he used m-me as a bet.”

“Fuck.” Cursing you helped her upstairs, into her room telling her to change so you can go back down and get some junk food.

Once you were downstairs you phoned Jack. “Alright, love.”

“Jack? You and Conor need to get home. It’s Anna, he broke up with her.” You heard your boyfriend curse several time before him shouting Conor’s name.

“Coming now.” He hung up, leaving you to collect Anna’s favourite ice cream and chocolate.

Jack and Conor were around half hour away, and depending on traffic and Conor’s slowness it could be near an hour. Although with the worry for Anna you knew Conor would go over the speed limit, and if he wasn’t Jacks death threats would defiantly get him to go faster.

“Right I got phish food ice cream and galaxy chocolate.” Walking into Anna’s room seeing her red eyed under the blanket of her bed, smiling softy you climbed into her bed with her as she took the ice cream and started to eat it.

You weren’t going to ask what happened with her and her ex-boyfriend knowing she would need some time but she blurted it out.

“Last night, we did you…know, um, yeah well. This morning I woke up and he was speaking on the phone to someone and he was telling them about it.” She let out a loud sob and cuddled into your open arms, “When I asked why he did it, he broke up with me and told me It was a bet.”

She cried loudly into your chest while you repeat multiple death threats under your breath. Slowly her sobs died down and soft breathing was heard, feeling your own eyes slow close, you let the sleep take over.

Forty minutes later, Jack and Conor barged into the house calling both yours and Anna’s name, not hearing a response both boys ran up the stairs to Anna’s room.

Opening the door, the sight of you and Anna curled up bed, caused a smile to grow on Jack’s face. He loved you more than anything and the sight of you and his sister only caused his love to grow, he knew you were the one for him since the first time you met each other.

Closing the door, the Maynard brothers rested their backs on the wall opposite, it was peaceful as they tried to calm themselves down from the panic and anger until Conor spoke up.

“She’s the perfect one for you bro.”

Jack grinned before gesturing Conor to follow him into his room, walking into his room Jack smiled softly at the sight of his bed messed up with your laptop and glasses on the side.

Bending down he open the bottom of his draw before pulling out a black velvet box, turning around he faced Conor who looked confused. “I love her man.”

Lifting the top of the box, he watched Conor’s face turned to surprise before a massive smile grew on to his face that he looked like a Cheshire cat. Jack looked down at the ring before looking back up with Conor with a look of pure love on his face.

“She’s the one bro.”

Take Me Back - Jack Maynard



My eyes lazily opened as I heard the familiar sound of my phone going off. I rolled over and picked up my phone seeing who was calling it Conor. Why was he calling me? I slide my finger to answer and placed it on my ear. “Hello?” I asked in more of a question.

“Y/n, I was wondering if you could possible film a cover with me??” Conor asked. I sighed. “I don’t know Conor.” I said rubbing my eye. “I’ll make sure Jack won’t leave his room. Which won’t be hard.” He mumbled the last part. “What was that?” I asked confused. “Nothing, I’ll just make sure to keep him in his room.” He responded.

I let out another sigh as I turned to lay on my back. “At what time?” I asked. “Maybe in like an hour or two?” He questioned. “Yeah I guess I’ll come over then.” I simply responded. “He does miss you.” Conor brought up. “Conor.” I warned.

“It’s just. You’ll see when your get here.” He commented before hanging up. I sighed as I saw my lock screen and turned off my phone. I got up from my bed and went into my bathroom and brushed my h/l h/c hair and threw it up into a messy bun. I walked out of my bathroom and went into my closet and grabbed a red flannel and ripped skinny jeans along with a black graphic shirt. I quickly changed and walked into my kitchen.

I fixed up some breakfast real quick and ate. After checking the time on my phone I got up and grabbed the keys to my car and started to head for the front door to my apartment/ flat, locking the door after I closed the door.

I headed down the hallway to the elevator and hoped on hitting the garage button. The trip was quiet in till entering my car. I turned on my Pandora. Well driving to the guys apartment I sung along to one of my favorite songs that was playing which was f/s.

Once coming upon the apartment complex I parked on the side of the road and got out of the car heading into the building after hitting in the code that they gave me. I headed up the stairs and to the guys flat walking in since they didn’t lock their door.

I headed into the lounge and found the guys there sitting all on chairs. And then there was Jack. He was laying on the couch looking like absolute shit. With a red tear stained face. It hurt me to see him like this. But I didn’t understand why he was feeling this way. He was the one who broke up with me.

“Hey Y/n.” Josh said. Jack looked up as he heard my name. He looked over at me and his eyes sparked with hope. “You ready to go film?” Conor then asked standing up. “Yeah.” I said looking at Conor. He got up and came over. I followed behind him as he lead me up the stairs and into his room where he filmed. 

He closed the door and explained what song we were going to sing. It took us maybe about half an hour to an hour to film because of either one of us messing up and having to put it together. But after that I was about to leave in till Conor spoke to me again.

“Just talk to him. I know you miss him just as much as he misses you.” I looked at him for a while and nodded. I left his room and placed a piece of fallen hair behind me ear and walked down the stairs and in the lounge where Jack was but left. I sighed and went to check him room. When walking in I found him in his bed.

I carefully and quietly took off my shoes and placed my stuff down on them and placed my phone on his bed side table before sneaking into the bed with him wrapping my arms around his body. “I miss you.” I whispered. I felt him turn over and looked at me.

Slowly tears falling out of his eyes. It just made me want to cry. “Y/n.” He whispered. I felt myself slowly starting to cry. “I need you.” He cried out pulling me closer to his body. I laid my head on his chest as tears started to fall faster from before. “I need you back, I can’t function without you.” He whispered shaking a bit. I pulled back and looked at him with a small smile.

“I love you.” He said starring in my e/c. I knew Jack never said I love you to any other past girlfriend. And I knew he wouldn’t say it unless he meant it. I smiled at him and kissed his lips. “I love you too Jack.” I replied crying happy tears now.

“Can I please have you back as my one and only girl?” He asked scared I would say no. I smiled and nodded my head. “That’s all I wanted.” I whispered kissing him once again.

Coming home // Conor Maynard

Requested by @jelilybean - You’re coming home from the military and you get Jack to help you surprise Conor.

It had been 6 months, 6 whole months since you’d been able to see Conor properly. You were a medic in the army and had been deployed earlier this year, it’d been hard leaving Conor. Only seeing him on skype three times a week for a limited amount of time, not being able to kiss him or even touch him was one of the hardest things you’d ever done. You knew that Conor missed you but he didn’t complain, he always made sure to show his bright smile and hide the loneliness when you spoke but you could see straight through his act.

But you were going home, after 6 long months you were going home to him. They had allowed you to go home a month earlier than expected and you’d decided that you were going to surprise Conor. You’d gotten in touch with Jack and he’d agreed to help you out, he was going to pick you up from the airport tomorrow morning and then in the afternoon you’d surprise Conor.

“Jack,” you shouted as you saw him in the carpark, you ran towards him and he embraced you in a tight hug.

“Hey shorty, I missed you,” he pushed your body away from his and looked at you, “nope still haven’t grown any taller.”

You hit his arm jokingly and laughed at him, “nope still haven’t stopped being a twat”

Jack’s face feigned a look of shock and his hand came up to cover his heart, “Ouch Y/N, ouch.”

“Right, that’s the last one and he should be here any second,” Jack stated as he finished adjusting the last camera.

“Thanks for helping me Jack.”

“Any time shorty, now just remember I don’t want any indecent footage on here because I have to edit it,” just as he said this you heard a knock at the door.

“You’re such a dick,” you muttered quietly as you quickly left the room to hide.

Jack had been talking to Conor for 20 minutes now and you silently cursed him for taking so long, you were starting to get bored sat alone in his bedroom and you were desperate to finally see Conor.

Eventually you heard the line you’d been waiting for, “I’m just going to the bathroom.” A smile grew on your face as you realised it was time, you would finally see Conor after so long. You quietly walked down the hallway until you were stood in the entrance of the living room where you could see him.

He looked different to the last time you’d seen him, he’d lost weight without having you to make sure he’d eaten something and he didn’t look as happy and energetic as he used to do.

You cleared your throat to gain his attention and he stared in shock for a few seconds before he quickly got up and ran over to you. As soon as he reached you he pulled you tightly into his body, his lips joined with yours in a passionate kiss and for the first time in a long time you got lost in each other. Being wrapped in his embrace again felt amazing and his lips felt even better against yours than you remembered. You pulled away to catch your breath and Conor continued to place short kisses against your lips.

“Fuck I’ve missed you,” he mumbled against your lips.

“I missed you too, more than you can imagine,” you gave him one last kiss before pulling back so you could look at him properly.

“I love you,” he said with a big smile plastered on his face.

“I love you too,” it felt good being able to tell him this to his face once again, to watch the way his eyes lit up and his smile become that little bit bigger.

“I thought you wouldn’t be back for another month, what are you doing here? Are you okay?” You saw his eyes quickly scan your body for any visible injuries and you laughed lightly at his protectiveness.

“I’m fine Conor, we were granted permission to come back early as we weren’t needed any more.”

“Oh thank God,” he sighed in relief. He bought his hand up to your cheek and started to run his thumb along your cheekbone making you shiver at his touch.

“Now, what about you. Have you been eating properly Con?” his gaze dropped from yours and you instantly knew the answer “I’m gonna kill Jack, I told him to look after you,” you grumbled.

“I’m sorry,” he sighed, his eyes returning to yours.

“Don’t worry, how about we go get some food now? I’m absolutely starving,” he nodded in response, his arms fell from around your body but you didn’t lose contact for long as he grabbed your hand and laced your fingers together.

You shouted goodbye to Jack and then left his flat. You made sure to stay close to Conor while walking down the street and you made him tell you everything that had happened while you had been gone.

It didn’t take long for Conor’s energy and humour to return. Your worries of things being different were diminished, it was as if you’d never left. The only difference being that the only time you managed to pry Conor off you that day was when you had to go to the toilet but you weren’t complaining about that.



Word Count: 809 (Requested)

“I’m so excited!” Conor said, glancing at you while he drove. A contagious smile on his face that had been there since you got in the car.

“I am too Con!” You said as you reached your hand out to squeeze his free hand that wasn’t on the steering wheel.

You were 9 weeks pregnant and it was time for your first ultrasound. You were on your way to your doctor’s office. Your hand clutched your stomach as you couldn’t wait to get the first image of the baby. As it was still early, your stomach didn’t look much different, but you thought it was starting to become more visible.

As Conor parked the car and got out, you stayed in your seat for a moment to collect your thoughts. You were just a little nervous, you just wanted a healthy baby. The doctor would be letting you know if the baby was healthy, you just hoped for the best.

Conor came around to your side of the car and opened the door, extending his hand to you to help you climb out. He smiled at you as you walked hand and hand into the doctor’s office. Bright, happy colors on the walls of the lobby put you at ease.

“Y/N Maynard,” Conor said to the receptionist so the doctor would know you were there.

“Alright, the doctor will be with you soon, you can have a seat.”

“Babe, the baby is the size of a grape now,” Conor had been reading lots of pregnancy books lately, as he wanted to know exactly what was going on and what to expect. “It’s too bad we won’t know the sex yet, even though it doesn’t matter. As long as the baby is healthy.”

“Wow, a grape, that’s interesting,” you commented.

A nurse came out and called your name, leading you and Conor back to one of the rooms.

You got onto the chair and pulled your shirt up after the nurse instructed you to do so. Conor was next to you, and held your hand as the nurse put the cold ultrasound goo on your stomach. Meanwhile, Conor had pulled his phone to start recording the appointment.

“That’s freezing!” You said, the sensation making you let out a small laugh.

“Say hi to the baby, babe!” Conor said.

You waved at the camera as the nurse put the ultrasound scope on your stomach, a picture appearing on the monitor.

A wave of emotions came over you as you looked on the screen and realized that was your baby. You moved your hand to cover your mouth as tears formed in your eyes.

“Oh no! Are you having a mood swing?” Conor asked, noticing you were crying.

“No you idiot,” you laughed, “I’m just happy.”

The nurse was silent as she examined the screen, and you waited for her to speak.

“Okay guys, I’m just going to get the doctor really quickly, there’s something he has to see,” her words put the uneasy feeling back into the pit of your stomach and you clutched Conor’s hand tighter as she left.

“What do you think she means? Do you think everything is alright?” You frantically asked Conor.

“I’m sure everything’s fine babe, she just needs him to check something probably,” he tried to reassure you, but you caught a glimpse of uncertainty on his face.

You weren’t religious, but at this moment you shut your eyes and prayed to God that your little grape was alright.

The doctor made his way in the room, “Y/N, Conor, nice to see you guys. You’re looking wonderful Y/N.” He came over to the ultrasound with the nurse trailing behind him. “Okay, let’s have a look at what’s going on.”

You and Conor stayed silent as you waited for whatever news the doctor would give.

He walked over to the screen, “So here is your baby, looking good,” he pointed ot a figure on the screen, you let out an ‘aw’ and Conor was smiling with glee, “and if you look here there is baby number two.”


“There’s two?”

The doctor laughed, “Yes, two healthy babies. Congratulations you two, I’ll see you in a few weeks at the next appointment,” he said and left the room.

The nurse wiped off your stomach as you sat in surprise, “Congrats, see you guys soon!” She said handing you pictures of the ultrasound before leaving the room too.

Conor looked at you in amazement, he had stopped recording after the doctor left.

“Can you believe it Y/N? Twins!” He said excitly as he pecked your lips and pulled you in for a hug.

“Two grapes!” You replied, with a smile that went from ear to ear. You finally felt like you could relax. Twins, two healthy babies. You couldn’t ask for any better news.


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Attractive revelation(Jack Request)

“Hey girly!!!” You grin as Anna opens the door to you.
The pair of you had been friends ever since you were little and grew up living next to each other. However, since you now lived in London you always made sure to come and see each other as often as possible. You were 20 now so a few years older than Anna but you treated her like a sister and she replicated the feeling to you.
“Hiyaaaaa!” She replies, giving you a big hug.
“Its so lovely to see you!” You smile and bring your suitcase inside with you.
“Oh I forgot to mention that Conor and Jack are staying too. My parents have gone away so these two decided to come down” She explains, “But don’t worry I don’t think they’ll-”
“Hey (y/n)!” Conor calls, jogging down the stairs.
“Hello” You smile to both him and his younger brother.
Both of them smile back and you can’t help but think that Jack looks cute. You always thought he was. But you just wouldn’t say anything because he was your best friends brother.
“Let’s go take your bag upstairs” Anna cuts in, “I have too much to tell you”
You chuckle and follow her up to her room to sort all of your stuff out.
~~~Time Skip~~~
You and Anna had been sat on her bed chatting for ages now about everything the pair of you missed in each others lives whilst you had been away. What was it like living in London? Any fit guys? How was she getting on back here?
There’s a knock at the closed door to her bedroom and Jack soon opens it to stick his head in.
“We’re gonna film in a bit so would you mind filming with us? Both of you?” He asks.
“I don’t kn-” Anna starts to hesitate.
“Yeah sure, we’d love to” You pipe up before she can say anything more.
“Great, but pizza first?”
“Perfect” Anna smiles, closing the door behind him, “Well there’s something I never knew”
“What?” You frown innocently.
“Oh I don’t know, maybe your crush on my brother?” She raises her eyebrows.
“Shut up” You roll your eyes, “I’m just being polite”
“Yeah yeah sure, polite? I practically felt like the third wheel!” She exclaims.
“Come on, its not like that. Sure, he’s kinda cute but its not a big deal” You shrug.
“Jesus Christ (y/n)!” She laughs
You don’t realise how red you are now and it only fuels her laughter.
“What do you two want-” Conor starts, barging into the room until he realises he’s walked into something strange, “Did I just interrupt something?”
“No no everything’s fine” You shake your head, brushing your hair behind your ear.
“(Y/n) was just telling me something a little surprising” Anna raises her brows, “What did you want Conor?”
“I want to know what’s happening now. Food can wait” He crosses his arms.
“You really don’t need to know!” You exclaim, standing up, “Can we please just go get some food now?”
You barge through the pair of them and go towards the stairs until you hear Conor burst out laughing.
“I hate both of you” You grumble and jog down the stairs.
They follow closely behind you until Jack bumps in to all three of you.
“Right, pizzas ordered but they’re not delivering today so I need to pick it up” Jack explains.
“You two can go” Conor says abruptly.
“Why can’t you just go?” Jack questions, evidently confused.
“Me and Anna are in need of a good old chat” Conor nods, “Brother to sister and all that”
You can feel your cheeks burning as Jack goes to get his wallet and you can hear the two other siblings whispering together.
“Ready?” Jack pipes up, standing at the door now.
“Sure” You nod, swallowing the lump in your throat.
“Have fun you twoooo” Anna chimes from the door that quickly shuts behind the pair of you.
“Weird” Jack mutters under his breath and you can already see his siblings at the window from the corner of your eye.

A Feeling

“Y/N?” Joe questioned, swinging open his front door to reveal his neighbour.

“Sorry, I know it’s late, and this may sound completely ridiculous, but I just don’t want to be alone right now.” She rambled, hands flailing in front of her.

“You need to explain a little more,” He laughed, leaning against the doorframe.

“Right. Sorry.” Y/N blushed, lowering her hands, fingers twisting together. “I have this…feeling, that something is off. And I don’t want to stay in my flat alone tonight. I mean, I get it. We don’t talk much. I can go elsewhere. I’m sorry. I’ll leave.” She went to turn away, but Joe stopped her with a hand on her arm.

“Hey, wait. Hold on.” He smiled softly at her, “What type of feeling?”

“You think this is ridiculous.”

“Slightly. But I also don’t think you’d be standing at my front door at one in the morning if it wasn’t something.” Joe shrugged. “Do you want to come in?”

“I should just go…”

“Y/N, get inside. Please.”

“Alright.” She laughed, slipping past him as he moved to the side. The two wandered into the living room, sharing a quick, shy look.

“We have to be quiet,” He explained, “My mates are passed out in the guest room.”

“Jeez, I’ve really chosen a shit time, haven’t I?” Y/N winced, rubbing her arm.

“Can’t choose when you get feelings.”

“I must sound like a crazy neighbour. Don’t I?”

“Only slightly.” He smiled over at her. “Do you want a sweater or something?”

“If you don’t mind.”

“Come on.” Joe nodded towards the stairs, leading the way up to his room. She sat on the edge of the bed as she watched him walk over to the closet, grabbing a hoodie, and after giving it a quick sniff, he handed it over.

“Thanks.” She said, slipping it over her head.

“So, explain this feeling…” He prompted, flopping back on to his bed, his hands clasping together behind his head,

“Well, it was like someone was watching me…” She started, shuffling back on the bed to get comfy.

The next couple of hours was filled with them talking, starting with her feeling and on to other random facts about one another. They fell asleep, laying on the bed facing each other, fingers brushing together.

And when they woke up in the morning, Y/N blushed as she pulled away from Joe, who just laughed and asked if he was a comfy pillow.

“Shut up.” She mumbled, smiling as they both stood. “Thanks though, for last night. I guess I should head home.”

“Let me give you my number, so next time you need to escape a ‘feeling,’ you can just call.”


After the exchange of numbers, Y/N slipped out of the flat before the others woke up, smiling to herself as she made her way back to her own place. But when she opened the door, her body froze and fear washed over her like an ice cold shower.

With shaking hands, she quickly called Joe’s number, taking a hesitant step into her place.

“That didn’t take long.” Joe’s joking voice came through her phone.

“Can you come over? Please?” Y/N’s voice was small sounding.

“You alright?”


“Be right there.”

A minute later, Joe and two other guys stepped through her door.

“Shit.” One of them said, glancing around at the items tossed everywhere.

“Y/N?” Joe questioned, stepping closer.

“I…I don’t know what happened.” Her eyes darted around the flat, taking in the items tossed everywhere along with the scattered papers and broken picture frames.

“Have you called the cops yet?” Joe’s other friend asked, and once she shook her head, he excused himself, pulling out his phone.

“Jack, can you check the other rooms?” Joe nodded towards the other man, who nodded back before venturing further in. “Y/N, look at me.” When she did, he continued. “Conor is calling the cops. So that’s done. Now, we need to see if there is anything missing…”

“Oh gods. What if I stayed here?! There was someone here, Joe! Oh my gods, what would have happened…” Y/N’s hands started to shake as the fear grew in her chest, but Joe just pulled her into a hug, his arms wrapped tightly around her.

“Hey, you’re fine. You were safe. You weren’t here.”

“All clear.” Jack called out, walking back into the room. “Everyone alright here?”

“Just shaken up.” Joe explained. “Can you go check with Conor?”

“On it.”

“Y/N?” Joe asked softly once the other man was gone.

“Thank you, for letting me stay last night.” She mumbled, lifting her head to look at him.

“Glad I did.” He smiled softly down at her. “I don’t want to break in a new neighbour.”

“I get that.” She laughed weakly.

“And next time you get an inkling of a feeling again, you come right over. Because you have some good gut instincts.” Joe chuckled.

“Alright, I will.” She replied, relaxing back into his embrace. “And will you stay until everything is dealt with?”

“Of course. And then the boys and I will take you out for food.”