you go annie you're doing it right

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  • Donna: Hey, where are you going now?
  • Josh: Sam and I were going to punch up the speech for the thing, and we need funny people.
  • Donna: Yeah?
  • Josh: You know any? ...See that? That right there? It's the oldest joke in the book -
  • Donna: You're telling me.
  • Josh: Hey, Ado Annie, I sent you flowers! I think what you're trying to say is "Why, thank you, Josh! They're beautiful! Not many bosses would have been that thoughtful."
  • Donna: Yeah? Because I think what I was trying to say was "Shove it!"
  • Josh: Okay, then.
  • Donna: Do you want help with the thing?
  • Josh: Yes, I do, because you are an hysterically funny person. Did you see how I used "an" there properly?
  • Donna: Yes, I did.
  • Josh: You crack me up.
  • Donna: You know, Josh, there are times when, to put it quite frankly, I hate your breathing guts.