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danger is our middle name!

  • Voltron canon: The OG Paladins were five inspiring Leaders.
  • Me in my AU: Did you know one of the former Black paladins was a masseur.

So, admittedly I had forgotten today was the day bleach ended, and it occurred to me in a sort of existential heap that that means that over a year ago today i first contemplated actually… joining… a fandom?! Wild thought, I know. But here’s a thank you. I’ve written a bit of a warm up drabble-esque …thing. I haven’t brushed up on writing in a while now, but I hope you take some enjoyment from it nonetheless. Also, here is a bop.

Bleach. Ichiruki. Post TYBW. Inspired by the lovely @kingkuchiki.

“Rukia… Kuchiki.” He tests it on his tongue, as he has done religiously for the best part of his non-existence.

But see, it becomes an entirely different thing when post war reconciliations turn muscles to honey and vision to soft, corrosive haze. Because god- he had thought this their swan song, and so the possibility of several thousand more swan songs passing - or perhaps the sheer delight in his naivety to it all - sends his voice carding just a little lighter through the air.

Rukia rewards him with a kiss to his lips and an oozing hug. He is not quite sure where the remnants of his shihakushō end and the ribbons of Hakka no Togame wither, though he is entirely sure that he does not mind.

She is beating in his view like a bird, like a kaleidoscope of ice, spiralling unfathomably tall. White blush. Flickering light. Gorgeous ocean eyes- heating, heating, heating his gut. Her bankai is truly stunning, he doesn’t think he’s ever seen it look more beautiful than now, fragmented by his lashes and his lazy slitted-view. He reaches out his hand to her cheek, and smiles.

“We did it.” Her voice is the cusp of a wave, rasping with fatigue and battle-field grit; flooding oh so cooly into his senses. Her crown jewels shimmer, depositing ice onto his face.

      She laughs at the way his nose scrunches.

He laughs, picturing Ywach, shrivelled up to nothing - void - and their future so bright and full and bursting in retaliation - as much as the soaring in his chest. 

Rukia is so wonderfully alive that he almost mistakes the heat of the sun for a phoenix.

neat idea for people who disagree with my posts: MAKE YOUR OWN

okay so i have some complaining to do: first of all, what is this post doing in fp jones tag??? it has nothing to do with him. I am super annoyed about people tagging their posts with tags that have nothing to do with the post (so just for attention), and I’ve had to unfollow some tags because of this. 

My second point: This shouldn’t be in bughead tag either. I’m not even hardcore bughead shipper but this is the kind of negativity we don’t need when we’re searching posts about our ships! And yeah I get it, bughead shippers can be really passionate about their otp sometimes but guess what? It’s not anyone’s busyness to make fun of them bc everyone should be able to enjoy their ship of choice!!

And my third (the most important) point: The world is so scary. Like fucked up things happen all the time (I literally just read that there was a horrible stabbing incident not far from where I live today). I get scared very easily and if I don’t have something to take my mind off of these things my mental health will end up in a really bad place. So if these people have something - a show, a ship, an actor - that make them feel happy and safe for even awhile, please, let them enjoy it. + every one of us sitting in a dark room and crying about nuclear wars doesn’t save the world, loving and enjoying life is the best we can do. 

Also I cropped the blog who posted this out bc I don’t think that’s what matters here. I just wish we could all enjoy this fandom! :) 

Okay, so if we never left the HYYH era and are not leaving the Wings era. Why did they do the final stage of wings then?!

like legitimately i don’t know WHY but i felt like i could trust rick a bit more with these sort of issues but to just like shit on lesbian and bi girls the way he just did i’m so? like ok we get it asshole you think reyna is straight and you’ve never talked to a lesbian in your life! you don’t need to go on in complete ignorance about something you obviously know nothing about! like quit speaking out of your ass you’re a cishet white dude telling the lesbian/bi girls who read your books (because that’s who would be asking and reading the answer) about what stereotypes to avoid for them are like where do you fucking get off! you want to be a good ally? don’t tell young lesbian readers that a character couldn’t be gay like them because acting how a lesbian acts is a “””harmful stereotype”””

Regardless of other factors, do you believe asexual people have the right to be part of this community because of their asexual identity?

Yes: 94.2%, 1838 respondents.
No: 5.8%, 113 respondents.

Regardless of other factors, do you believe aromantic people have the right to be part of this community because of their aromantic identity?

Yes: 92.2%, 1771 respondents
No: 7.8%, 149 respondents

Meaning of the letter “A” when appearing in LGBT[…]+ acronyms:

  • Asexual: 95.4% of respondents, 1936 total
  • Aromantic: 80.7% of respondents, 1639 total
  • Agender: 66.7% of respondents, 1353 total
  • Ally: 13.9% of respondents, 282 total.

Top 20 McCall Pack Dynamics: (as voted by my followers)
   ⇾ #1. Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski

“Scott, just listen to me, okay? You’re not no one. Okay? You’re someone. You’re Scott, you’re my best friend. Okay? And I need you. Scott, you’re my brother. All right, so if you’re gonna do this, then I think you’re just gonna have to take me with you.”