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Miss Right (ft. BTS’ J-Hope)

You were up earlier than you should’ve been, dressed and pressed against the window of the train cart with a bright, beaming and bursting with nuclear excitement Kim Taehyung beside you. You didn’t intend to be somber, but somehow it was impossible to match his energy as a million thoughts swam through your head (not that Taehyung’s energy was particularly easy to match on most days). Hoseok’s words nagged at you like an impending guillotine over your neck and yet the thought of seeing Jin again after all these time made your heart flutter, only you weren’t sure if that was a good sign.

The campus tour began with a student guide showing you around the buildings, dropping bits and pieces of history that you honestly couldn’t care less about. Some areas looked familiar from video calls with Jin and photos you’ve seen online and you didn’t hate the early morning breeze that ruffled your hair. Some part of you was already being convinced that you belonged to this sight of Konkuk University.

You glanced at your phone and wondered silently, hopefully, if Jin was going to call anytime soon. It wasn’t until you were sitting down for lunch that you and Taehyung actually talked like civilized people and not him, marveling at something and you grunting a reply.

They let you eat in the university cafeteria, wanting to give you the full experience and the first sip of kimchi jjigae was what actually woke you and not Taehyung’s careful inquiry of, “Y/N, are you okay? You’ve been spacing out.”

“I’m fine.” You mumble in between a spoonful of rice and a bite of pickled radish. “I just didn’t sleep well last night.”

“Why? Excited to finally see your boyfriend, huh?” he wiggled his eyebrows at you and would’ve nudged you with his elbow if he wasn’t sitting in front of you.

“Sort of.” You sighed, glancing at your phone again. “He hasn’t called me though.”

“Eyyy… He’ll call. I doubt he’d pass up the opportunity to see you when you’re so near. If not, he’d be a very bad boyfriend.” Taehyung went on conversationally, stuffing himself and humming a little because the food was quite good.

“I guess.” You muttered, before glancing at your phone again. “Isn’t it free time after lunch, are you planning on going to the club fair?”

He nodded enthusiastically, rubbing his kimchi-stained lips with a napkin, he proceeded to say, “Yeah, everyone else seems to be going too. Are you?”

“For now… I think I am.” You smiled at him and he clapped a little in excitement.

“Great! I heard it’s going to be so much fun.” He exclaimed and you can’t help but get affected by his positive energy.

“Is everyone ready?” Hoseok asked as he stepped away from their booth in the club fair. His question was answered by a series of yeses and almosts.  “We only have 15 minutes left before we start.”

“Not bad.” A deep voice remarked behind him and he turned only to find Min Yoongi, his friend from music production with headphones around his neck like an accessory he never fails to wear. Some days, Hoseok would look at him and see his uncanny resemblance with Yoonji, their names even sound alike, but he would never admit that to anyone.

“Ey, Yoongi-hyung! What brings you to our booth?” he asks gleefully, hands on his hips as he assessed the older man.

“Nothing much, just looking around.” Yoongi replied unenthusiastically and ran his eyes over the dance club’s booth again. He frowned a little, squinting his eyes and said, “Isn’t there something missing from your booth?”

Hoseok was just about to look when one of his fellow freshmen members called, “Hoseok-ssi, I think you forgot to bring the trophy from our club room?”

His eyes widened in horror and Yoongi smirked beside him, “Told you. You better run or else you won’t make it in time for the opening.”

“I’ll go get it!” he shouted back at the other members of the dance club. “We need all the members we can get this year.” He added with a short laugh.

Yoongi left just in time for Yoonji to come into view and ask, “Hobi, where are you going?”

“I’m just going to get our trophy from the club room.” He grinned at her, unable to take his eyes off her milky skin.

“Oh, well… can you pass by the publishing room and grab a few copies of our newspaper’s back issues?” she asked in a monotone and yet Hoseok beamed at her while nodding.

Your finger hovered over the call button as Taehyung dragged you to the open area where all the booths were. From where you stood, you can almost see where the little fair began and you knew that once you were inside, you will probably be too preoccupied to even answer a text. You sighed again for the nth time and Taehyung was increasingly getting fed up that he decided to let go of you and say, “I’ll meet you inside, ok?”

He was way too excited that he bumped into a guy that was running out of the fair. Just when you were about to chuckle and call him a klutz, your phone began ringing.

“Jagiya?” Jin’s voice was clear even through the phone that you felt like he was standing right beside you. You turned away and began walking off to the opposite direction from the fair. “Where are you? You’re still here, right?”

“Yeah, I am.” You looked around to get a little clue on where you were. “I’m in front of the statue of the bull.”

Jin chuckled a little, noting internally to tour you around a bit more thoroughly if you did end up going to Konkuk. “The one with the person or just the bull?”

You blinked for a second, trying to circle around the bull and see if there was a person, so you replied, “Just the bull.”

“Okay, uhm… I actually just stepped out of a really boring meeting to talk, but I’ll be done—“

“I can just go to you.” You cut him off, staring at your shoes as you kicked a pebble around.

“A-Are you sure? I mean, I owe you at least a cup of—“

“It’s fine, oppa. I just want to see you and talk to you as soon as possible.” You reassured him as you continued kicking the pebble further.

“O-Okay, so can you try getting to the student council office? I think if you’re facing the bull, you should take the path on the right then just walk and you’ll see a really tall building. You can wait in the lobby and we can go for coffee afterwards.” He spoke really hurriedly and part of you can sense if he was wondering whether you were mad or not.

“Okay, Oppa. I’ll see you in a bit.” You said curtly before following the directions he pointed out.

You began walking uphill, but you couldn’t see the building that he was describing. You tried looking back and around to see if you can ask anyone, but you were the only one around that is until you see a guy carrying a trophy and a stack of newspapers, tied flimsily by a string.

You gathered your courage and stepped in his way. With a smile, you asked, “Hi, excuse me. Do you know where the student council office is?”

When he finally realized that you were talking to him, he stopped abruptly and turned to you. His dark brown hair caught the light of the sun, making him look bronzed and glowing. You were tempted to ask what highlighter he used, but you held it in knowing that he probably wasn’t wearing any.

He smiled easily, but you can tell that he was breathing really heavily, his chest heaving up and down and you began wondering just how steep the hill could be. “I’m sorry, the student council office?”

You nodded, taking a step closer to him, prepared to speak again in a clearer manner if he still didn’t hear.

“Oh, you have to walk a bit more, then there’s a really tall building. It’s in the 6th floor.” His voice was as cheery as his smile, leaving you with no choice but to trust in his directions.

“I see. Alright, thanks!” you glanced at his full hands again. “Do you need help with that?”

“No, it’s fine!” he laughed, waving the trophy around as if it was the motion he wanted to do with his hands. “But hey, are you here for the campus visit?” he asked, nodding to the campus pass you wore around your neck.

“Yeah and I’m already lost.” You confessed and he laughed, making your grin a little bit wider.

“Happens to everyone, but our club is actually part of the fair going on. Maybe you can go check it out?” He offered innocently.

“Maybe after I’m done with my… business?” you answered with uncertainty, but not wanting to be the one to wipe the bright expression on his face.

“Ok! See you then?”


Maybe Jin took a while, maybe he took two minutes, but you couldn’t really tell. What you knew, however, was that you weren’t ready to see him when he was standing in front of you. Your heart was beating too fast and your hands felt cold, yet you were sure–above everything else–that you were happy to see him.  

There was, of course, an air of awkwardness that hung around the both of you. You hadn’t seen each other in months and haven’t talked properly in weeks. Jin, who was always confident and acted like the gentleman that he was, didn’t know what to do in front of you.

A terse, “Hi.” was the first word that felt appropriate to say as you sat up from your seat in the lobby and stood close enough that you needed to slightly crane your head to meet his gaze.

His kind, comforting yet vigilant gaze as he said, “Hi, Y/N.”

And sometimes words fail. As if someone had pushed you, you were in his arms two seconds later. His broad shoulders covered you and held you close. He breathed in your scent, as you did while pressed against his chest, not ashamed in doing so until he finally said, “I missed you so much.”

You suddenly remember what Hoseok said because the moment Seokjin said those five words, you knew the answer to the impending question in your head.

“Me too.” You pulled away slightly just to look at his face again. You could now see the tired glaze over his eyes and the bags that framed them. You reached up to fix his hair and glasses.

He smiled and suddenly the rules do not apply anymore. The thought of breaking his heart evaporated from your head almost instantly.

Jin took a step towards the door and held out his hand to you, waiting for yours to join it. “Wanna take a long walk and get coffee? Like old times?”

You wrinkled your nose at him, but ultimately slid in your fingers in the gap between his. “Won’t I get in trouble for not completing the campus tour?”

“Well… At least we’ll get in trouble together?” he cheekily asked as you began to head out.

You both laughed and for some reason, you felt like that marked a turning point in your relationship with Jin. It was the first spark of change and even though you knew  it was coming, you weren’t afraid. You may not be sure about anything at the moment; you weren’t sure about your dreams, about Jin or about yourself but…

For that moment, at the very least, you thought you’re going to be okay.


And eventually was good enough for you.

“I can’t believe you’re really here with me…” He finally remarked after a short moment of silence as you walked slowly around the more scenic path. He looked at you and if he could, he would’ve seen through you. “…holding my hand and just… here.”

You chuckled at the sheer unabashed wonder in his voice. “Yes, oppa. I’m here.”

“You’re smiling at me. It feels strange. I should be really happy, but instead, I keep wanting to apologize.” He sighed, unknowingly holding your hand tighter. A part of him was afraid that if he brought up the topic, it would ignite another fight just when he got to see you and hold you, but the other part whispered that he needed to make amends.

“Do you have to apologize?” The question was simple when it left your mouth, but as each second passed, it weighed on JIn more.

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” he halted and stood before you. He took your other hand to hold both in his. “You have to know that I said all those things because I was worried. Maybe, some egotistical part of me also thought that you were shaping your dreams around me and you know,” he looked at you for some confirmation that you knew where he was going. “…that shouldn’t be the case ever. Your dreams are yours and I, or anyone for this matter, shouldn’t compel you to think otherwise.”

You knew that he had a lot to say, so when you didn’t reply, he continued, “I believe in you, Y/N. Of course I do! If I didn’t, we wouldn’t have gotten this far. I believe you can do anything you wanted to do. It was wrong of me to assume that you can only want the same things—“

“I changed.” You admitted while squeezing his fingers too. A soft wind blew your hair around and he naturally tucked it behind your ear. “I wasn’t aware before and maybe we both denied it, oppa. We both changed during the time we were apart, but we tried to hold on to the ‘us’ from a year ago.”

It was easy to see what went through Jin’s mind the moment you spoke. He gulped and searched your eyes. He was begging you not to ask him to do something he couldn’t.

“But we aren’t those people anymore.” You say slowly and he answered with an equally slow nod. “Maybe we should stop searching for those people in each other.”

Jin was at loss for words, he honestly didn’t know where you were going with the talk and frankly, a part of him didn’t want to find out. He wanted to just kiss you, so that he didn’t have to hear what you had to say, but he respected you too much for that. He respected the strength in your gaze and unwavering voice, the woman you became while he wasn’t with you.

“Look at you, look at me,” you cracked a smile and swung your interlaced hands. “…I’m smiling, we can be happy like this. We’re doing fine and we’re going to be better. I know that I don’t have to convince you to believe in me…”

“The fact of the matter is—Y/N, if I didn’t believe in you, I wouldn’t be standing here now.”

You smiled proudly at him and Jin felt himself relax. “That’s right. I know, oppa. We’ll be fine.”

It wasn’t a mantra, it wasn’t a wish… you knew in your bones and skin and in your heart, you knew.

Jin raised your knuckles to his lips. “Thank you.”

Hobi immediately earned a slap on the shoulder from a very agitated Yoonji the moment he returned. His golden skin glistened even more under the sun as a noticeable glaze of sweat covered his forehead.

“What took you so long? The people are already here!” she scolded, eyeing Hoseok and his somewhat frenzied state. “Are you okay? Why are you breathing so hard?”

Hoseok offhandedly dismissed Yoonji’s comment. He didn’t even notice that he was catching his breath until she pointed it out. Instead, he tried to change the subject by asking, “Where should I take these newspapers?”

Yoonji blinked a few times, it was unlike Hoseok to be so dismissive and she wasn’t used to it, but she let it go. “O-Oh, here…” Yoonji pointed to a corner in their booth and Hoseok dropped the back issues of the newspaper while still clutching onto the trophy. He smiled at Yoonji and patted her head a bit before turning around to return to the dance club’s booth. He was at least until he heard a meek voice saying, “Thanks, Hobi.”

He whipped around and only saw Yoonji busying herself with arranging already organized newspapers, so with a grin he replied, “No problem, jagiyah.”

But before he could return to the booth, a shadowy figure blocked him. Shadowy in the sense that despite his deathly pale complexion, he always wore black clothes.

“Yoongi-hyung! You surprised me!” Hoseok jumped, trying to sidestep around the older boy who was heavily scrutinizing Hoseok.

He hummed with a hand on his chin, set on teasing Hoseok as much as he could. “There’s something weird about you… You look like you either committed a crime or fell in love at first sight.”

“Ey, hyung!” His tone was enough to deny the accusations and Yoongi just stared at Hoseok’s back after he pushed past him.


Hoseok sighed when he finally placed the trophy on its designated table just in time for a lone visitor to stand in front of their booth. Hoseok readily grinned at him, excitedly asking, “Hi there, interested in joining the club?”

“O-Oh, I’m not a student here. I’m just here for the campus visit.” He murmured, nervously running his small, stubby hands through his hair.

Another student wandered to the booth, taking the spot beside the other boy, but this one had the same, if not darker, glowing skin as Hoseok and a grin permanently plastered on his face. He nudged the boy beside him slightly. “I’m not a student here yet too, but doesn’t the dance club sound interesting?”

“Oooh… It is! It is! You came to the right place. What’re your names?” Hoseok asked, handing out the flyers that he didn’t even care to read, but he was sure they only contained the good stuff.

“Kim Taehyung.”

“Park Jimin.”

The two boys said at the same time, though the former said it more enthusiastically.

“Eo, nice to meet you. I’m Jung Hoseok. Are you guys planning to be in dance?” he asked with his hands clasped tightly in front of him.

Taehyung and Jimin glanced at each other before turning to Hoseok. “Maybe?” They both said and Hoseok beamed excitedly before explaining the summer training program that their club was organizing, something that might interest them.

But Taehyung’s eyes lingered on Hoseok a little longer. He thought, ‘Jung Hoseok? Why do I feel like I’ve heard that name before?’

You were stuffing yourself with pancakes that Jin had insisted on buying you. At this point, you two had reverted to chatter, catching up with each other’s lives over delicious confectionaries and coffee. You told him about Taehyung’s secretive obsession with a newfound ambition that he refuses to tell you and he tells you about how Namjoon is making his head burst whenever they review notes for Philosophy. He also warned you about taking the deadly Dr. Yoo.

Soon enough, the sun was already setting and you were almost sure that the campus tour was already over. Why Taehyung seem to have completely forgotten about you remains a mystery, but you just knew, after you checked your phone for the time and placed it on the table, that he won’t remember that he was with you until he’s on the ride home. It has happened before and it can happen again.

“I think I should be heading back.” You shot a small, bittersweet smile towards Jin. “Or else, I might have to catch a ride home by myself.”

“I can drop you off.” Jin said it like it was the most natural thing to do in such a situation.

“In Daegu?” you choked back a laugh as you looked at him incredulously.

“I did promise you that I’d go visit some time, right?”

Your eyes widened. “Do you mean it?”

“When do I say things I don’t mean?” he complained, crossing his arms and leaning back on the chair.

“When you tell me you’re full, but then always eat dessert afterwards.” You pointed out with a sly smile.

“Except that!” he laughed with you. “…and I mean it every time; it’s just that my stomach has a mind of its own.”

You rolled your eyes and began standing up, “I’ll just freshen up then we can go?”

The moment you were out of his sight, your phone began ringing and Jin reached over to decline or accept it depending on who was calling, but to his surprise, he sees a familiar yet unfamiliar name.

‘Jung Hoseok-ssi? Do they know each other?’ He thought. Before Jin could stop himself, he already declined the call, opened your messages and skimmed through your conversation with Hoseok, who before that day was simply an acquaintance that Jin had met through Namjoon.

The sheer fault in what he was doing was enough for him to hastily place the phone in its former position. You came back a second later with a pretty smile on your face, asking Jin if he was ready to go, but even when he held your hand as you two exited the café, his heart wasn’t at ease.

It’s not that he was jealous or suspicious. He just felt incredibly insecure.

And so he pulled you close and cupped your cheek, pressing his lips against yours with passion that you hadn’t felt from him in a long time. You eventually responded, closing your eyes and slightly parting your lips as you held on to his wrist. Jin only captured your lips harder, his hand went lower to wrap around the back of your neck. You were aware by now that some people were staring and recognizing Jin, but you tried not to care until he pulled away and his intense stare met yours.

You were sure you were blushing and his neck probably matched the shade of red on your cheeks. “Wh-What was that, oppa?”

“I… I don’t what came over me, Y/N. Sorry, I don’t… Sorry.” He increased the distance between you and reverted back to holding your hand.

“N-No… It’s fine. Are you okay though? Is there something bothering you?” you read through the chaos in his eyes. He was never one to hide his feelings very well, one of his many faults.

“Y/N… I guess, if there’s anything… I’d just like to tell you again that I believe in you and I will support you whatever you choose to do.” ‘Whether it included me or not…’ he thought to himself. “If I wasn’t certain that you’d come through… If I didn’t believe in you, I wouldn’t have loved you at all.”

Your brow furrowed, but you nodded nonetheless.

And later that night, when Jin reluctantly let go of your hand to go back to Seoul, you could only hope that things get better from thereon.

But they don’t.

Genre: Romance/Fluff/Angst/College!AU

Pairing: ReaderxHoseok, ReaderxJin

Summary: Hoseok’s ex gives him the wrong number and ends up texting you instead. With the two of you in complicated relationships, you begin to develop a strange, but working friendship. Did fate really make a mistake or will a mistake eventually turn out to be fate?

1: Missed the Number? 2: Missing Him 3: Miss Wrong?  4: Miss Stranger5: Missed Him 6: Miss Y/N 7: Missed Us 8: Miss Maker 9: Missed No More 10: Missed Her 11: Missed Smiles 12: Miss Maybe 13: (Miss)ter Wrong? 14: Missed

Miss 14.5 Miss 16 Miss 17 Miss 18 Miss 19 Miss 20 Miss 21 Miss 21.5 Miss 22 Miss 23 Miss 24 Miss 25 (Tentative END) Miss 25.5 Epilogue

a/n: Main insp and basically plagiarized off of See I’m Smiling and If I Didn’t Believe in You from the incredible musical The Last Five Years. PLEASE DON’T KILL ME because this is where the real fun starts. I was about to say something but I forgot again… Edited: I REMEMBERED. Am I the only one who imagined Yoongi changing into Yoonji and then changing into Yoongi during the scenes? Isn’t it weird that their scenes don’t overlap? This is a conspiracy! 

The arise of the Queen of Gotham (part 1)

Disclaimer : this imagine contains violence, sexual parts.


It happened last night in between eleven thirty and midnight. The parents of the victim told us that he was coming back from a get-together at a friend’s house when he was savagely attacked and killed. The commissar Gordon was clear when our investigator ask the question: it’s another attack of the Joker. The police man suggest that anybody should stay inside their house during the night to lower the chance of a third crime this week. Anybo-”

I brutally shut off the TV, smiling wickedly. If only they knew. If only they could see the fact that there isn’t just the Joker who can cause trouble in this city. Women are totally able, too.

But no. All of their fucking attention have to go to the sexy green haired man. When was the last we really heard of him ? Without him being confused by me ? Three weeks ? Maybe four ?

What, is he already out of jokes ?

When he first started, all of the medias was talking about him every day, of every week. There was always something to laugh about.

Poor him. He doesn’t know what he’s missing. If only he was there yesterday.

A maniac laugh come out off my mouth when I think about the guy I killed last night. He was pretty. Brown slicked back hair, sharp jaw with a little bit of beard, baby blue eyes. But boy, he wasn’t funny ! Maybe if he would have been, we could have had a quick fuck in between that container and that pile of cartoon box before I give him my gift : a bullet in between his eyes. But he was a coward.. A fucking pussy with a dick that didn’t even measure more then 5 inches.

What was his name ? James ? Mark ? Ethan ?

I can’t remember.

But I remember the smell of piss that filled my nostrils when I pulled out my gun to shoot him in both of his knee cap.

The girly scream that he let out when I pushed the trigger of my gun.

The splashing sound that echoed in the alley when his brain came out of his head to paint the brick wall that was behind him.

I almost came there and then. My panties was so wet it felt like I was keeping one of the great lakes in my pants. When I got home, I directly went into my bedroom and masturbate for a good chunk of the night. The pills in my dildo were empty by the morning. And my pussy was still asking for more. Pulsating, aching for my big blue toy to keep fucking me.

I’m no crazy. I’m an artist who live for her art. People don’t understand that. They’re too short of mind. Too much boring.

I frown at that tough.

Why can’t they get the joke fore once ? ” I ask Edgar, my old English Bulldog who’s looking at my with half of his mouth stuck behind his teeth.

I laugh at the sight. I take a short look at my wrist watch. It’s midnight. Time to go to work.

Idiot” I say while caressing the top of his head. “Mommy have to go do her art, OK ? Don’t worry, baby, I’ll be home before the sun’s up.”

I give him a quick kiss before taking my black bag that contains all of my material. I put my shoes on, take the key of my car and go outside after saying another goodbye to Edgar. I lock the door of my apartment before going down the four story stairs as quiet as possible to make sure that nobody is aware of me leaving.

I open my car’s door, start my engine, and leave my parking spot, already swimming in daylight on what was about to come.


I drove for a good thirty minutes before I get into the city of Gotham. I live in a rural spot, away from the Bat and company. Away from the boring people.

I park my car near a bar. I can hear the loud music going and see it pushing against the giant window, asking to get out so it could share its beat to every one in Gotham. I watch the big closed doors, who’s guard by a big guy in a black and white suit. My eyes fall on him. Could it the lucky one of the night ?

I check him out.

6’ foot tall, maybe more and all muscle. His jaw is well defined and a pair of glasses lay comfortably on his pointy nose. His arms are tensed under his suit. Probably his way to show out his muscles that he took 5 years of intense training to achieve.

Or maybe he’s just trying to attract girls.

A girl in a little black dress pass in front of him. She’s the only one I see coming out of the club since have been here (which is already been 10 minutes). I can see the subtle move that his blond head do to have a better look at her round butt.

Definitely a show off for the girls.

I see his mouth forming some words to the girl. She rolls her eyes and walk away. I laugh hysterically alone in my car while shaking my head on both sides. That’s way to easy. That guy is a gift of the gods, a sign that they like my work. I take my backpack from the passenger sit and pull out the most slutty dress that I have in my dresser.

It’s red and short and show a lot of cleavage. I take off my blue shirt rapidly and pass the dress over my head. I lift my waist of the sit and pull down my mini short. I look into my bag for my high heels and swear when I see that they are missing. Well I’ll have to do without them.

I apply a little the of mascara and the bright red lipstick that I always keep inside of my glove compartment and replaced my hair quickly before taking my little purse with me. I go out of my car in the most seductive way I can when I know that his eyes are on me.

I walk towards him while flashing my perfect white teeth. In less then ten seconds I’m by his side and shooting my most innocent look.

Well, hello there beautiful” he say, in a tone tone that’s meant to be sexy.

Hi, handsome,” I response, playing the game. “I’m looking to have the most fun tonight, so… Is it inside or with you that I can get that ?”

I grin is form on his lips.

Well it depends on what kind of fun you want ?”

The kind that you need to be naked with another person to have.”

He laugh gently and I join him while playing with a strand of hair.

I finish my shift at 2 o’clock, think you can wait until then ?” He asks with a hint of hope in his voice.

Oh no buddy. You’ll be dead by then.

Well, I don’t think I can. My pussy really need a good fuck right now. We could have our fun now, don’t we ?”

He bite his lower lip, uncertain.

I’m afraid not, sweetie. I could loose my job.” He explains, his voice torn.

You won’t even need it tomorrow you stupid jerk.

Oh c’mon baby, I really need your big cock inside my little pussy. Plus, there wasn’t anybody who went inside or outside in what, like 15 minutes since we started to talk. You’ll be back before someone can see you were gone, I promise.” Or not.

A short laugh come out of his mouth.

Guess that you’re right. C’mon lets go there,” he says, pointing to a dark alley in between the bar and a industrial building.

A clap my hands together while jumping in excitement. I walk quickly to the alley, mister following close behind me. I can’t even make more then five steps before I feel his hands on waist turning me around. He push me against the brick wall as his mouth attacks mine. Our tongues start to battle together and I can feel his hands coming on my breasts, massaging them roughly.

I can feel his hard member pressing against my core. I separate our lips and grin at him, raising my left leg to rest it against his waist, my foot fluttering his butt, pushing him closer to me.

Are you excited , baby ?” I ask him, while he kiss my the valley of my breast. I take his head in between hands and raise it eye level to me. “Do you want to see them ?”

He nods his head. I slowly take off the straps of dress. I can feel my nipples harden as the cold hit them. I was, indeed to say, braless. I look back into the guy’s eyes to see them directed to my perfectly round breast. They were burning with desired. Like the last time, I take his blond hair in between my palms. I direct his head to my pinkish nipple. He doesn’t waste anytime and start sucking on it.

I let out a moan of pleasure at his actions. He takes it in between is front teeth, biting on it before pulling on it like an elastic. When he reach the point he cannot go farther, he start flicking the tip on his tongue over my aching nipple, while playing with the other with his fingers.

My chin his resting on the top of his head, my left leg still wrapped around his waist and my hands are running along his many blond locks. I moan in his hair while rubbing myself against the front of his black jeans. I can feel my the wetness of panties dripping against his pants.

I’m close to coming. So close I can already fill it. I can fill, the soon to be come, droplets of his blood hitting my face.

But he pulled away. He fucking pulled away.

He’s all smiling, a mischievous look establishes itself on his face.

You can’t cum until I told you so,” he says, feeling proud of himself.

I look at him in disbelief. I don’t move, don’t think for a good five seconds, before I start laughing my ass off. My god ! This guy is the , most pathetic man I’ve ever seen ! And believe, I saw a lot of men in my short life.

It’s his turn now to look at me curiously. Perplexity is written all over his face while he watch me calm down.

Oh god, haha, you’re, hahaha, you’re so pathetic ! HAHAHAHA ! Did you really though for one second that you were calling the shot here ?” I ask, my tone turning suddenly to angry.

Who the hell do you think you are to call me pathetic, you slut ?”

I take my purse off the ground and open it.

You know, you really should watch your mouth.” I tell him while searching in hand bag.

And why should I ? What ya gonna do ? You gonna kill me ?”

I laugh at that.

Damn, ten points for you,” I say taking my gun out off my purse.

His eyes went wide, sweat forming on his forehead, exactly where I’m pointing my gun. A sadist smile is forming in my lips. I slowly lower my gun so it’s now have is no longer erect meat as target. I pout.

Why it isn’t up anymore, baby ? Don’t you want me ? You wanted me two minutes ago !”

He is swallowing is saliva with great difficulty. I take a step closer to him, to the tip of my weapon now against pressing the front of his jeans. I put the hammer down and a subtle “click” can be heard on top of his laboured breathing. I suddenly feeling a little bit of humidity on his pants. That’s when the smell hit me. He fucking pissed his pants.

I laugh, again.

You’re sick ! You completely lost your motherfucking marbles !” He yells.

My laugh stops abruptly. The bang of that came out of the barrel of my gun is followed by a screams of agony.

I look at him without emotions on my face. I roll my eyes of boredom as he keeps screaming for his mom. I kneeled beside him, doing a little reprimanding sound while moving my finger in front of his face.

Shut the fuck up, you gonna disturbed the party,” I say, pointing to the bar. “Now, now, now. You know, I was planning on letting you live longer then that. I was going to wait until you make me come. And I would have made your death really fast, but god, you HAD to screw up everything, didn’t you ?”

I look at him, them behind him. I can see his cock laying against the wall, in a bloodbath.

It’s so… Small.

Wow. Mom nature wasn’t really generous with you when you were born.” I tell him, pointing to his ripped of member.

Y-yo-you f-f-f..”

You-you-you ? What, the cat got you’re tongue ? You forgot how speak ? Do you want me to buy you a dictionary ?”

YOU FUCKING BITCH !” He yells at me.

Two bullet take their spot inside of him. One in his right knee cap, the other one pass between both off his cheeks, making his mouth visible from the outside. It broke some of his teeth while making his way.

Another wave of screams can be heard under the gulping sound of the blood in his mouth.

Honey, you should really watch your mouth, it could get you into trouble,” I scold him like a mother.

Why are you doing that to me ?” He asks.

Well, fist of all, you didn’t let me cum. Second I was bore- oh did you see what time it is ! Edgar is gonna wonder where I went !”

I raise my gun toward the middle his head.

No, no please !

I push the trigger. The bullet is stuck in less then a second inside of his head.

I swift my head quickly to the side, where the end of the alley s, thinking I saw a sadow or something moving there. There’s nobody. I rapidly put my breast back inside my dress and I exchange my gun against my keys inside my purse.

I walk fast to the edge of the alley and check in every way to see if there someone who’s leaving, or running away. Again, there’s nobody.

I quickly move away from the alley and walk towards my car. I unlock the doors in distance. When I’m finally close enough, I can see something on my wind-shire. It looks like a ticket.

I swear loudly while approaching it. I take it angrily in my hands, ready to tore it into pieces, when I remark it isn’t a parking tickets. It card. More precisely, it’s the joker’s card. I turn it around and see big letter written in red sharpie :

I’ll come get you soon, my Queen.

Then There Was You - Alec Lightwood

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Authors Note 

Hey Everyone, seen as though the first chapter went down really well I decided to post the second straight away for you all! Hope you enjoy :D 

Warnings: some swearing  

Part one


Chapter Two - Needed nor Wanted 

Hayley’s POV

After a couple of seconds i pulled my hand away.

“ If you would excuse me, i think i will go unpack my things” I say with a small smile, whilst beginning to walk away from Alec. Only to be pulled back. A hand on my wrist.

“ You’ll get lost, let me help you ” the boy whispered in my ear from behind. His hot breath on my neck made me shiver. And the small proximity between us made my breath hitch in my throat.

“ Thanks but no thanks” i say walking off, turning to glance at the older Lightwood when i make it to the door.

His face was priceless,mostly shock. Had the guy never had somebody say no to him before?

After eventually finding my room, I close the door and start to unpack my clothing. The room was identical to the mine back in Idris. As a Shadowhunter you have the same as everyone else, everyone is equal. I love that about our kind.

I hung my jackets on the coat rack which was near the door, my jeans and tops in the wardrobe. I finally made it to the bottom of may case where I found my training gear. Then an idea came to me, i haven’t trained in a while, why not have a session now?

I quickly change into my leggings that cut off just under the knee and kept my sports bra on from earlier. And slipping on my blue Nikes before heading out the door. I bump straight into Jace.

“ Well… your eager” he laughs whilst gesturing to my outfit.

“ You know me, always prepared for battle” i say happily as we walk.

“ Do you know were the training room is? ” he asks looking at the paintings on the walls as we pass.

“ Im sure i’ll find it” I say looking at my watch, it was 9:56pm.

“ i better get going if i want to get cardio in” I say beginning to jog down the corridor. “ catch you tomorrow Jace” i wave, he smiled in return.

Surprisingly, I found the training room quite quickly. I decided to start with hand to hand combat with a dummy, i really needed to work on my kicks. About 15 minuets into the session, i started to get aggressive with my punches, just letting off steam i guess.

Then suddenly the dummy fell from my powerful kick. I stepped back, catching my breath.

Then out of nowhere i hear clapping. I turn quickly only to see Alec propped against the wall. With a cocky smirk on his face. He was beginning to annoy the hell out of me.

“ Quite good for a newbie” he says sarcastically.

“ Excuse me?” I say in a mocking tone. Who does he think he is? Ive been training for 7 years!

“ Well you are obviously not fully trained are you? Maybe a couple more years and you will be ready for a mission” he says moving towards me.

“ Im sorry you feel that way but you really need to go get your eyes checked. I trained at the academy in Idris, and passed every exam with flying colours” i say with an innocent smile, i wasn’t going to let him get to me.

“ Im very sorry Miss Perfect but if you are as good as you say you are why are you in New York? ” he says firmly finally reaching me. He looked down on me like i was a child, damn not a good time to be short.

“ I dont think thats any of your business now, is it?” I say with one of my classic eye rolls.

“ Im next in line to run this Institute, Im entitled to know why you are here” he says crossing his arms.

“ And I’m entitled to my personal life, so if you would kindly just fuck off” i say sweetly will a smile, doing a shoo action with my hands.

He rolls his eyes and storms off in a huff.

Once he left i didn’t really feel like working out anymore, so i headed back to my room.


“GOOD MORNING” i hear Izzy say whilst jumping on my bed.

“ aghhhhh” i mumble back, snuggling myself further into my covers.

“ Come on Hayley its 8:30” she whines shaking me.

“ Its too early” i whine back, only to have the covers pulled off me.

“ Oh My God its bloody freezing!” I shudder, cuddling myself trying to keep warm.

“ Nice Pjs” Izzy winks.

I jump up realizing i had very short shorts on with an oversized t-shirt ( which was Caleb’s, mine now ).

“ its breakfast time, you don’t have time to change if you want to get food” she states grabbing my hand pulling me out my room. Luckily she was wearing the same sort of Pjs as me, at least i wont be the odd one out.

We race into what i presumed was the dining room, and i instantly spot Jace talking to the one and only Alec. I automatically rolled my eyes. Im pulled through all the tables of hungry Shadowhunters earning a couple wolf whistles, I’m guessing from what me and Izzy were wearing.

“ Right im having pancakes with Nutella, what you going to have?” Izzy asked turning to me, finally letting go of my hand.

“ I’ll have the same” i yawned, which made her laugh.

We grabbed our food and headed towards the table Jace and Alec were seated at, great..

“ Good Morning!” Izzy chirped as we sat down. I just sent Jace a smile.

“ Morning” the boys mumble.

“ Looking good girls” a cute boy says sitting down next to me.

“ Thanks Jed” Izzy smiled.

The boy, Jed, then look over to me and gave me a cute boyish grin, which made me blush.

“ I don’t think we’ve been formally introduced, I’m Jed” he says with a smile holding his hand out for me to shake, i gladly accepted it.

“ Hayley” i smiled back.

“ Its a pleasure to meet you Hayley” he says bringing my hand up to his lips, he softly kissed it and let go, making me blush even more.

“ Shouldn’t you be with your girlfriend Jed?” Alec glared. Woah what got into him.

“ Unfortunately, she dumped me for Ashton, as you can see” Jed glared back at Alec pointing over to a couple making out.

“ Well shouldn’t you be on a mission or something, because i would prefer it if you left” Alec says taking a sip of his water.

“ Fine.” Jed says strongly “it was fantastic meeting you Hayley, we will have to train together sometime” he smiles to me whilst standing up.

“ For sure” i return his smile.

As soon as Jed leaves i turn to Alec, if only looks could kill…

“ why are you so rude?!” I whisper/shout across the table to Alec.

“ Im am not! I just state my opinion ” he spat, woah! Okay if he wants to fight then game on buddy!

“ well your opinion was not needed or wanted!” I threw back, standing up, good job i had finished my pancakes.

“ well your not needed or wanted here!” Alec roared back, standing up himself. Ouch.

“ Fine i’ll leave!” I shouted .

“ Good!” He shouted in reply.

I grabbed my plate and took it over to the sinks. And stormed out the dining room. As soon as i made it to my room the tears began to fall, i slammed the door and slid down it till i was sat on the floor.

Was I really not wanted? Did everyone feel the way Alec did towards me?

I grabbed my knees, hugging them closer to my body and began to cry.


Alec’s POV

As soon as Hayley left the room i sat back down. My God that girl frustrated me so much.

“ Dude! What the hell is wrong with you?!” Jace yells at me.

“ She’s fucking annoying!” I say back, poking my food with my fork.

“ You’re the annoying one Alec! What has she done to you thats made you hate her so much?” Izzy speaks up giving me a glare.

I didn’t answer, because i didn’t have a reason…

“ Exactly! Shes been through so much shit Alec, thats why she moved here okay?!” Jace says before getting up and leaving, i presumed to follow Hayley.

“ I love you brother, but sometimes i wish you weren’t such a child” Izzy whispers before leaving.

I drink the rest of my water and head to the training room.

Steps To Learning La Vie Boheme Dance (Hollywood Bowl Version)

(I know the descriptions of each step are weird, but I’m not a dancer dont make fun of me for not knowing how to describe this)

step 1: swirl in chair

External image

step 2: swirl in chair with arms on table

External image

step 3: on table, face down, arms out (slowly slide back)

External image

step 4: shoulders up and down

External image

step 5: various hand gestures

External image

step 6: pose

External image

step 7: swipe swipe swipe right, clap, swipe swipe swipe left, clap, slide arm to right

External image

step 8: various motions around head (“going mad”), shoulders up and down

External image

step 9: arm out- hand on person to left’s shoulder/chest

External image

step 10: left arm up and slide down, clap, right arm up and slide down, clap

External image

step 11: point to left, move it towards right

External image

step 12: stand up wave

External image

step 13: not even gonna try explaining that

External image

step 14: arm out in front of you from left to right, right arm, left arm,

External image

step 15: shake yo butt, pose

External image

and you’re done with the group moves! the rest of the song includes fairly simple moves for each specific person that aren’t too hard to learn.

when you’re ready to speed it up:

Make A Memory (Part Two)

Description: The reader wakes up in a hospital bed with no memories of the past 4 years of hunting with the Winchesters or of angels. So of course, it’s all hands on deck to help the reader remember.
Words: 2,214
Warnings: 1 or 2 little swear words..!
Author’s Note: 2/2 Hope it’s okay! I do suggest reading Part One  here first if you haven’t already. This section was brought to you by Strepsils, caffeine tablets and copious amounts of strong tea.


“So tell me that one more time because I swear you just said you want to let the trickster play with Y/N’s mind?” Dean said shaking his head in disbelief.

“He would just be recreating certain memories for her to immerse herself in that we ask him to. Physically reliving moments is more likely to fix her memory than just telling her about them.” Cas said back calmly.

“After what he’s done to us before? I don’t like it.” Sam ran a hand roughly through his hair before letting out a breath. “Where is he?”

“He’s not far away and he’s ready when we are. I think we can trust him, he liked Y/N.” Cas replied.

“What if he has a sadistic moment and thinks it’s hilarious to throw in a monster that can kill her?” Dean said bluntly.

“Then I have my angel blade.” Castiel said patting his coat. “It’s our best chance.”

“He has 15 minutes, and that’s being generous, no poking around in there for longer than that. Agreed?” Sam grumbled.

“Fine. I’m taking all the holy oil from the impala, though.”


You were feeling better, a rest has given you time to clear your head and it had done you the world of good. In some of your spare time, you had gone through your phone in an attempt to jog your memory. You had gathered a little more information by doing that, but still no major breakthroughs. It looked like you had traveled around a lot in the past few years judging by area codes you had rung. You barely recognised any of the numbers in your contacts and you had sent and received some bizarre messages to say the least. It was strange to see messages that you could see you had written yet having no idea what they meant, sometimes they were simply asking things that you needed such as salt, cleaning equipment and food but other times you felt as if there were inside jokes you were missing.

Stashing the phone back into a duffle that Dean had brought into the room, you changed into some clothes that the boys had brought for you for going back ‘home’. They apparently wanted to make a stop off before you could go back for something that they thought would help trigger your memories. You had readily agreed, the men were concerned for you and if anyone could help, it’d be the people you had apparently spent the past 4 years with.

It wasn’t a long drive to the diner they wanted to take you to, you were meeting another friend there who seemingly had a plan. As you walked in through the door, you noted how quiet the diner was, empty tables were dotted around and there didn’t appear to be any staff in the main room.

Suddenly, the doors to what must have been the kitchen swung open to reveal a cheery looking man.

“I almost thought you weren’t turning up!” He said as he dramatically jumped around the side of the counter. “Y/N, may I say you are looking lovely.” He said wiggling his eyebrows cheekily at you.

“Thank you, um, I’m so sorry, I don’t remember you?” You laughed out.

“Oh. I have a few names, you called me Gabriel last time we saw each other, though.” He clapped his hands together and looked to the Dean and Sam. “Oh, Bats and Robin, my favourite duo, I assume Castiel told you the plan?” He said with a grin.

“Yeah. He did.” Dean said without the slightest smile cracking his face. It was odd to you that he didn’t, Gabriel was loud but he seemed to be friendly.

“You’ve got 15 minutes.” Sam glared at the man.

“15 minutes?” You said nervously.

“They didn’t tell you? It’s fine Y/N, really! I’m just going to read your little brain there, chop together your greatest hits of memories and let you step back into them!”

“You… You… What!?”

“It’s fine, take a seat, it seems strange, I know, but go with it.” Dean said, trying to encourage you.

At this point, you were pretty sure that you had been picked up by men who were entirely insane, but the expecting faces didn’t seem to mean you any harm. You sat on the end of a chair and looked up with a raised eyebrow.

“Look, you guys, I think I just want to go home.”

Before you could say another word in protest, you saw Gabriel flash you a smile as he clicked his fingers and you saw black.


“Rise and shine, Y/N!” You head Dean’s voice somewhere to your left.

You rubbed your eyes as you tried to remember where you were. The bed you were lying on looked to be in a cheap motel room.

“Wait! How did I get here?” You sat bolt upright and looked around wildly. “Where did Gabriel go? And cas and sam? What the hell is happening?”

“We’ve got a lady to interview at about 9am so you may want to get dressed fed style.” Dean said, ignoring your earlier comment.

You shakily stood up to see you were in shorts and a T-shirt, the shirt was one you wore a lot in college for bed. You caught the small TV on a news channel out of the corner of your eye. The reporter was talking about unrest in a country as per usual but the date was what caught your eye. 12th July 2008.

2008? That couldn’t be right. That was part of the time that had gone missing in your memories… Unless Gabriel had managed what he said… That was ridiculous.

You watched the news reporters as they spoke about recent events.

Before you could form more of an explanation, Sam came in through the motel room’s ront door wearing jogging clothes and dripping in sweat. He made a beeline straight for you and enveloped you in a sweaty, hot bear hug.

“Gross! Get off of me!” You laughed. “Now I’m going to need a shower too, you jerk!” You watched as your hand playfully slapped him across the back of the head.

“You’ll survive!” He grinned as he grabbed a spare set of clothes and headed off past a smirking Dean, towards the small bathroom.

You blinked dumbly in shock. None of those words or movements had been your own, you had simply been watching yourself do it from within your own body. You could remember the happy feeling of joking with the younger Winchester, but it felt like it wasn’t you currently controlling it.

You blindly rubbed your hand over your face in an attempt to clear your thoughts, everything had been so surreal in the past 24 hours, you were probably just sleep deprived. It still didn’t explain the fed interview comment about either, though. Coming to think of it, no one had mentioned what job you’d been doing for the past 4 years. Taking a deep breath you looked up to question Dean, only be met with a different room.

You walked forward a couple of steps and stared around wildly. You weren’t in the motel anymore. It was a cosy looking room of a house, the walls were lined with books and stacks of papers and oddities littered a desk at one end. There was a small couch that looked very well worn and you felt yourself instantly gravitating towards it and slumping down.

“Y/N, you better not be on that foot, for Christ’s sake.” A gruff voice shouted through from a room next door.

“I’m not Bobby, promise!” You yelled back through.

“Dean is going to be here in less than 10 minutes and you are not ready to go back out there.” Bobby said as he rounded the corner of the room. He held a drink in his hand and a packet of pain killers.

“I’ll be fine. Dose me up and I’ll be out there in no time!” You rolled your eyes and held your hand out for the water.

“Idjit.” Bobby muttered as he handed it over.

You blinked a few times and Bobby appeared to freeze in place. You felt as if you were missing something, like that perfect word on the tip of your tongue that you couldn’t quite remember. You weren’t in control again, it was like a dream or a very vivid hallucination.

“How angry are they?” You said looking up at Bobby.

“You snuck off to kill the one thing they told you not to, they’re pretty pissed!” Bobby said back.

“You know I did it to protect Cas, they get it, right?” You bit your lip nervously.

“They do. You’re still gonna get an ear full though. It was a demon, Y/N, a powerful one too, it’s blind luck that you’re alive. That was damn stupid.” He shook his head before taking your empty glass and walking out of the room.

Demons? Something was ringing a bell in your mind. It was crazy but there was something… A faint itch that you needed to scratch. You strained to remember a scrap of anything.

Suddenly you were sitting in a hard metal chair as opposed to the comfy sofa. A quick look around the room told you that you weren’t in a friendly household anymore.

There were candles dotted around the room and strange symbols marked out everywhere. There was one window but it was high and out of reach.

You tried to get out of the chair only to find your hands and feet were secured with fibrous rope that cut in deep. You felt the panic beginning to rise in your chest and you swallowed hard.

“Tsk tsk, you’re not going anywhere, pet.” A voice snarled close to your ear. “I’ll hand it to you, you’ve lasted better than I expected, but your friends still aren’t here, are they now?”

You felt long fingernails dig into your shoulder and you winced in pain.

“Since when do djinn keep victims awake?” You spat at the voice behind you.

“Oh, since you and your family killed each of my family one by one. Besides, you’re not a victim Y/N, you’re a guest.” He said as he yanked your head back by your hair.

You squinted up at the man’s face, tattoos covered nearly every inch of it. You felt a spark of recognition, but a bright light obscured your vision and you heard your captor scream out in pain. A figure has appeared not 6 feet away and in a few long strides had impaled your assailant on a long blade from behind. As the bright light faded you tried to pick out the features of the figure and you felt your breath hitch in your throat. Your eyes met Cas’ stunning blue ones but you both saw it happening a second too late.

“Cas-” You attempted to get his attention but the Djinn grabbed your arm, the last thing you saw was a wicked grin and his arm begin to glow before your vision went dark again.


“Y/N? Hello?”
“It’s been 20 minutes.”
“How is she?”
“She’ll be just peachy.”
“Gabriel, I swear to God this better have done something.”
“Trust a guy for a moment, would ya? It’ll be fine!”

You felt the pounding in your head and let out a groan. “I’m back.” You muttered prising your eyes open one at a time. “That was a bitch.”

“Hey, hey, shh, don’t get up too quick.. Do you remember anything?” Sam said, eyes wide.

“I… I think so. Angels, demons, ghosts, guns and a world that won’t give us a break. That about cover it?” You grimaced as he offered you a hand.

“We thought we couldn’t get you back for a little while there. Even Balthazar and Michael didn’t know what to do.” Cas said before replacing his worry with a calmer look and saying “but I’m glad you’re okay.”

“Look, we are so sorry we didn’t get to you sooner. That djinn threw every last ounce of strength he had left into messing you up.” Dean said as he walked over and gave you a quick but tight hug. “You sure, you’re okay?”

“As okay as I’m going to be.” You gave them a weak smile. “Can we just go back to the bunker and avoid djinn for a few days now?”

“Sounds like a plan!” Sam nodded.

“Well this is all very cute.” Gabriel muttered, rolling his eyes.

“Oh shut up!” You gave the archangel a smile. “Thanks, by the way.”

“You’re welcome kiddo, just do me a favour and keep reminding those two clowns that they were wrong about me.” He winked.

“Will do.” You said back.

He gave you a final nod before clicking his fingers and disappearing.

You leaned back on table and looked between Sam, Dean and Cas… The amnesia was the worst problem you’d had since being with the guys and it was comforting to know how much they’d do for you. You knew the hunting life was not safe, but having not been able to remember it all for a while made you realise that it was your life now and you enjoyed it.