you go Eleanor!

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He swallowed a sigh that wished to escape his mouth as he continued to wait. Yet another day he could only foresee awkward silences and comments coming his way. Wonderful. He couldn’t wait till this phase of their relationship was over. It would certainly make his job easier that was for sure. Though Cullen was still a little miffed he had been assigned this duty. He much rather be out on a patrol or anywhere else that would possibly get him a chance to see some action. The only action he was going get was glaring at anyone who the princess didn’t wish to talk to. Yes, just grand. 

Straightening his back a little and pushing those thoughts as far out of his mind as he could get them, his amber eyes scanned the hallway and waited for Eleanor to find him.

I don’t know how accurate this is but here’s Orion


Reporting on demon apocalypse; to 100% crack!fic or to 79.3% crack!fic, that is the question.

Guys, it’s February. Do you know what this means? I’ll have to do math to figure out the days from now on. So… 31+1=32. Ouch, my head.

Day 32 should delve deeper into crack!fic territory but once again, it’s not by means of crack!shipping. I’m going to make up even more half-assed demon shit, I’m dragging Simon Reese into this (did you really not see that coming?)… I’m going all out, basically.

So sit tight and please reach for your safety belts, kids. This is about to get wild.

Edmund: “I guess I’ll have to go now. I’ll see you soon?”
Eleanor: “Oh! Before you go..”

Eleanor leaned towards Edmund and kissed him quickly but it was perfect. Even though it was a bit awkward and came as a surprise… it was what Edmund had waited for the whole day. The real first kiss. But he had been too shy to make the first move. 

Now there was no going back, and Edmund liked it that way. She was wonderful. Edmund was falling had fallen for her.