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Dive Right In (Part 2)

Summary: In order to not pay out-of-state tuition, you ask your childhood friend, Bucky Barnes, to marry you. Things, as always, never go as planned. (College AU).

Word Count: 1,221

Part 1

A/N: @howlingbarnes is your best friend. And this story kicks off with Bucky’s personality shining through :D LMK what you guys think!

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Arriving before Bucky and Steve, Kayla and you were assigned a booth by the hostess and you slid across the seat to take the middle seat. Kayla placed her purse next to you.

“Gonna go to the bathroom,” she said. “Be right back.”

“Wait, what do you wanna drink?”

“Water! I’m thirsty.”

“For Steve,” you said with an exaggerated wink.

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advice for the signs
  • aries: you're full of ideas and they're always amazing! you are so much smarter than you give yourself credit for, even though you try to appear like you're a bit of a daredevil, you don't always like to come too far out of your cozy little comfort zone. but I promise, if you come out a bit more you can experience so many exciting things, and your abilities will make you shine like a star in the night sky.
  • taurus: not only are you are a badass, you're also super cool. if there are any haters its only because they want to be like you - really though. you just have an aura about you that pulls people in and once they get to know you, they don't ever want to get away. people want to overindulge in you, and if that wears you out then take a break and don't feel bad about it, your friends know you'll come back at the end of the day.
  • gemini: you're not a two-faced backstabbing bitch, you are a beautiful person who struggles with having to listen to an angel and a devil on your shoulders all day, which I can only imagine is super tough but you've done an incredible job to even come all this way and you should be so proud of yourself, I know I am. and lets take a moment to appreciate how you can walk into a room and suddenly be everyone's best friend with your natural charm and easy-going nature. you could take a bullet in the chest and your smile won't even falter. you're so determined to get what you want and you're so passionate and just everything you do is admirable. keep going, you rock this world.
  • cancer: if we're being real here, you don't actually cry *that* much. this is what it is - you have so many emotions swirling inside of you and they are like a beautiful storm of bright lights. and you should continue to let that out and share that beauty with everyone! but even with all that, you can be pretty hardcore and you are so strong, inside that whirlpool is a fire than burns bright, you should show people your intense passions as well as your caring side.
  • leo: you are amazing, and everyone around you knows it. if you're being too hard on yourself, lighten up a little because so far you've done everything right. everything happens for a reason, and if you feel guilty or sad about something just remember that your experiences have shaped who you are today - a beautiful, wonderful, magical creature with sparkling eyes, a loving soul and fabulous hair.
  • virgo: you work so hard to be on top of the game and I know how stressful that can be, but trust me when I'm saying that if you're doing the best you can, please don't push yourself any further. I'm sure you know what it feels like to get 3 hours sleep only to just scrape everything in on time, but you're doing just fine and please remember to reach out to your friends and loved ones and talk about how youre feeling. honestly, letting out any negativity makes you feel so, so much better, and you deserve the best.
  • libra: it's not that you're indecisive, you just like to weigh out all the pros and cons of a situation before you go into something - which is such a good idea, and I admire you for that. I bet you wish you had a crystal ball and could see the future to know how your decisions will turn out, huh? but the reality is that you should stop worrying about about the future and live in the moment. if you're not focusing on the present, you won't get to where you want to be in the future, and we definitely don't want to see you somewhere where your talents aren't being showcased.
  • scorpio: your personality is just so magnetic and you're so hypnotic, so many people absolutely adore you and would do anything for you - but sometimes they might not be 100% certain that the feelings are mutual. now, I know you love your friends and family so, so much with a fiercely strong love, but would it kill you to tell people that you love them and how you're feeling sometimes? everyone is here to help you and guide you on your journey to reaching the stars, but you can't build your rocket ship without the help of others.
  • sagittarius: you are incredible and so smart, it actually makes people stop in their tracks when you open your mouth and spout some beautiful, philosophical words of wisdom. or even just opening your mouth to say anything. everything about you is great but I'm not sure you appreciate yourself as much as you should. all the friends you have who love you should be an indication of how great you are. if you don't learn to love yourself, you might not be able to see through and out of your own little bubble and actually notice how much people care about you. because they care so, so much. don't you ever doubt that.
  • capricorn: your motto is work hard and don't take shortcuts, which is amazing and everyone admires you for that. it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be you, and even if nobody mentions it, everyone is impressed. you're gonna go far, kid. but know that even if you're stuck in a rut right now you just need to jump a little higher and climb out. if you're stressed, talk to someone you trust and just open up and tell them what youre feeling. help them help you, and everything will be okay.
  • aquarius: we're not emotionless, we have a lot of feelings and we just choose not to express them because we're scared of people being overwhelmed by us, and we like to trust someone 100% before we open up. and there is nothing wrong with that. you're so good at listening to people's problems/how they feel and your advice is 10/10, but if you don't take time to talk to people about how you're feeling, you bottle everything up and one day it'll get so full that the lid will burst - and I know you're afraid of letting out all your feelings in one go, I definitely am. the only way around that is to let it out, bit by bit, slowly and over the years, to maintain your composure and sanity. and nobody will see you any different or judge you if you open up to them.
  • pisces: you're passionate, your creativity is out of this world, you're so good at helping people and you don't have a selfish bone in your body. you're always so up for helping people, and that is amazing! you're compassionate like no other, and your ideas are off-the-charts crazy cool. and you're not weak! you are perfectly capable of putting up your barriers, you just like to trust people enough to keep them down a lot of the time. and you're definitely not weak either, you've probably lived through some heartbreaking experiences, and you're still able to walk around with your head up and your heart open. now thats real strength.
The Five Things You Know, and the One You Don’t

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 2567

A/N:  back for round twoooo…..I feel like we all need some Bucky fluff right now

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Auston Matthews #2

Requested by Anon: hi could you please do one of auston matthews where you act like you hate each other but you’re both secretly in love ? and one of you confesses his/hers feelings ? thank you :) x

Warnings: Drinking, degrading talk of the main character, mean girls

Word Count: 2500

Author’s Note: Thank you so much for your patience. I loved this prompt! I hope you enjoy it! 

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You were always bad with emotions. Okay that wasn’t entirely true, you really were only bad with one emotion and anything that had to do with it, it being Love. So were you in love with Auston Matthews? No… Maybe… Yes. You were completely mad about the NHL player. And he made you completely mad. He angered you in every way. Well, maybe half of that was your fault. Like mentioned earlier, you weren’t great with the emotion of love, which meant, Auston made you nervous. It was hard to talk to him any time you were around him. Eventually you tried to avoid him at all costs but you also wanted to be around him 24/7. So yeah, there was some hostility between you two. To be fair it wasn’t all your fault. Auston was the one who started the hate relationship you two now had. It was clear ever since the third time you hung out with him. You had slyly mentioned to your best friend, Mitch Marner, that you thought Auston was attractive. You may have understated your emotions for Auston though. The first time you saw Auston, you knew. You knew that he was the one. You never once believed in true love at first sight but the moment Auston looked at you with those big brown eyes, you believed. With that being said, things had got a lot more difficult since then. Mitch said he would talk to Auston for you and from that point on Auston was always rude towards you. You thought it was because he actually didn’t like you and was just trying to send the message. A message where he hated you. It was clear. Mitch didn’t understand it. He said he’d try and tell Auston to settle down but you asked him not to. You didn’t want Auston to know you even cared.             

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dealing with mental health and school
  • take time for yourself

when you’re dedicated to school, you don’t want to take a step back. it’s hard to think about not working for most of your free time. but, sometimes you have to. you have to realize that it’s okay to take a step back and take time for yourself. you can’t always be perfect and that’s okay. it isn’t a crime to practice self care.

  • let your teachers know

let’s be real, no one wants to open up about mental health. you don’t want to admit you’re struggling. but, sometimes it’s best to do that. depending on who the teacher is, they may give you an extension, a break, or even advice. teachers care about how you feel.

  • don’t bite off more than you can chew

if you’re already feeling bad, don’t take on extra credit assignments. although they usually don’t have a due date, they may be too rigorous or take up too much time (refer back to 1). don’t overwork yourself or else you will feel even worse if you can’t finish what you already have. i can’t stress this enough.

  • talk to someone

this is the best method i know to dealing with mental health in school. someone is always available to talk. it could be a teacher, friend, counselor, or even a stranger. find someone who will listen and talk about your stressors as needed. it will help you immensely and possibly make your mental state improve!

  • realize that you are not alone

it’s always hard to remember this. it seems like you are the only person in the world who deals with this, when it’s the opposite. there are millions who feel the same way and it is better to just embody that fact. soon, it will be okay again. we will all be okay.

Part 1

Summary:  Two weeks after waking up with no recollection of the people and ship around you, you take your future in your hands and try to piece together your past and the events that lead up to you losing your memory of the last five years. This means finally meeting Scotty, the man you just learned is your husband.

Word Count:  1,138

Author’s Note:  This is my first series that I’m posting on here! Please let me know what you think, I really love getting feedback.

Table of Contents Here

Scotty looked up at exactly the wrong moment. Jim made a joke and the whole table burst into laughter, including you. Your beautiful eyes crinkled up and your unapologetic smile bared your gleaming teeth. You simply shone.

Scotty couldn’t even bring himself to laugh when you laid your hand on Jim’s arm, steadying yourself as you calmed. Scotty’s heart clenched painfully.

And then there was Jim, that bastard, not that it was his fault, leaning in and laughing with you, tickled to make you smile so beautifully.

Scotty mumbled an excuse and stood, dropping his napkin on his tray and leaving the table at a steady stumble, trying to navigate through the pounding of blood in his ears.

The hallway rang with silence as the mess hall doors closed behind him.  Scotty looked up and down the hall, completely lost. He’s walked every single hall of this wonderful ship with you on his arm and now… what’s a man to do without you? How could he possibly move on and find some semblance of peace when you were in there laughing like that with Kirk of all people? Captain Fucking Perfect Hair with all his goodman charm and warmth…


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Auston Matthews- Eighteen years part two

Request 1:  Part 2 on the Auston one? (18 years)

Request 2:  Part two of eighteen years

Request 3:  Can you do a part 2 to eighteen years please?

Request 4:  oh i need part 2 for that auston matthews imagine!

Request 5:  Is there any chance you’d write a part 2 of “Eighteen Years”????

Request 6:  I can’t wait to see how the story (hopefully) continues!

Request 7:  I agree with one more part at least

Request 8:  18 years part two???

Request 9:  HI, i love your blog and i was wondering if you might have a part 2 for 18 years later… :D

Request 10:  Can you do a part 2 for the 18 years Auston Matthews one please

Request 11:  part two to the auston matthews 18 years imagine?

Request 12:  Can you make a part 2 for the 18 years one? Love all your writings btws

Author’s note: Okay jeeze people I get the point! Lol. I was actually planning a part two anyways so I’m happy you all loved it so much. If you want after this part I’ll do a part 3.

Warnings: A cuss word I think? probably knowing me though

Up next: Freddie Andersen

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Ahhh I loved that mv reaction thingy!! Could you make the same one for Jungkook? <3

Thank you! I’m glad you did!  :) And sure thing~

Suga & J-Hope

Jungkook wasn’t a great reader of emotions. He could be quite oblivious to things until it actually poked him in the eye. 

But he wasn’t sure why it was so different with you: how he can easily read you like an open book–how he can easily know when there was something bothering you. 

Just like now.

Jungkook had brought you to one of their MV shoots because it was the second day and it was usually less hectic than the first. He knew they would be able to wrap up earlier, thus he’d be able to spend time with you after. They had just returned from their tour and are now in the midst of preparing for their comeback. He wanted to spend as much time with you as he could before everything gets busy again.

And besides, you had wanted to come to one of his shoots for so long too so it was a win win. 

You had been so excited earlier that day, easily befriending the staff and even catching up happily with the other members. Jungkook couldn’t help the pride flashing in his eyes when the director himself asked for your opinion on a particular shot and the way you answered had him nodding in consent before thanking you for your insightful input. 

But later in the day, he noticed how you were suddenly blending into the background and it was getting harder and harder to find you around the place. Right before his turn to be on camera, his eyes searched for you but you were nowhere to be found. He wanted to look for you but he couldn’t since it was his turn for a solo shot and so he waited till after he wrapped up the scene. 

Jungkook found you outside near a run down playground. You were sitting on one of the swings, feet slightly grazing the gravel as you moved back and forth. He decided to surprise you (cause he’s a little sh*t like that) by sneaking up behind you, making you yelp. You turned towards him with a glare, a scolding already at the tip of your tongue, when he suddenly swoops down and gives you a sweet kiss. 

“Hey you.” Jungkook said as you parted, lips slightly pink from your lipstick. You chuckled before wiping it off from his mouth. “I was looking for you.”

“Oh? Did you need anything?”

“No, I just missed you.”

You sighed with a small smile, shaking your head slightly as Jungkook sat on the other swing beside you. “You always say that.”

“That’s because I always do.” He said a matter of fact, giving you one of his adorable overbite grins.

And that’s when it all came crashing down on you. 

“Do you ever get tired of it, though? Always missing each other? Always being away?”

Jungkook’s smile falters. “I…”

“I mean, we barely get to see each other Kookie. And I know you’re busy with your career and I respect that and I love what you do! I believe you should keep doing it and become the best that you can be but…”

“But what?” Jungkook was frowning now and there was a hint of annoyance in his tone.

“And I don’t think I’m…we’re…” You stutter as the words you overheard from some of the staff clouded over your thoughts.

She’s just holding him back…

Jungkook could do so much better…

It’s not like they’re always together for their relationship to grow….

Probably just puppy love. Jungkook will get over it…

Jungkook will get over it, you thought sadly, knowing it was possible with how little time you spend with each other.

“I don’t think this is working–”


You look up at him and saw Jungkook staring you down with hard eyes.


“No, tell me why you want to break up. I want to know the real reason because I know well it’s not because ‘we’re not working out’.” He quoted and you knew it was true. You and Jungkook had been no less perfect for each other. 

“Because… you’re always away Jungkook–”

“So you’re tired of me.” He says sadly and the hurt in his eyes literally broke your heart. “You’re tired of this.” He opened his arms, gesturing towards the sets. 


“Really?” He scoffed. “Because it sounds a lot like you’re tired of being with me.” He spat before standing up from the swing angrily. He looked at you with angry eyes and you wanted to cry from it. “You know what? I understand it’s hard. It’s not like I want to leave you–to be away from you all the time. But I was hoping we could work through that… I was hoping you saw beyond that, Y/N. That we had something–” He huffed, unable to continue and you knew he was trying to hold back tears. Jungkook only ever cried when his emotions are too much to handle, and knowing he was trying not to cry now breaks your heart even more.

He turned away from you but before he could leave you blurted out, “It’s the other way around Kook. I’m afraid you’ll get tired of me.”

Jungkook turned around, surprised. But before he could speak you continued. “People talk and I know I shouldn’t listen but the more I hear them, the more I think it’s true. You have a career to pursue and I don’t want to be the one holding you back. A love life is the last thing you should be worrying about, Jungkook. You shouldn’t be calling me on Skype at one in the morning and use that time to sleep instead. You shouldn’t be messaging constantly to check up on me and take more care of your health–” 

You were crying now, thinking how Jungkook was the best boyfriend anyone could ever ask for and you hated yourself for not being able to do enough for him. You couldn’t exactly fly from country to country and follow him around, or go to every single concert, or buy him expensive gifts… you hated how you can’t do much and yet here he was still, giving you everything.

“I can’t do much for you, Kook. I’m just me. So why are you still here?”

There was a moment of silence as you stared down at your shoes, unable to look him in the eye. 

You suddenly felt something warm against your skin and when you look up, you were met but Jungkook’s kind gaze, seeing that he has knelt down in front of you, cradling your face in his hands.

“You…” he smiled, wiping your tears with his thumbs. “You’re such a dork. And I love you so much.”

You sniff and chuckle, hitting his chest lightly. “Hey…”

“You do so much for me you don’t even realize. Need I remind you, you were the one who pulled me back up when being an idol gets tough. You were there when I was crying over negative comments I accidentally read online and you were the one who forced me to eat when I was taking my dieting a little too far.” He sighed, “You give yourself less credit than you should, Y/N. You have done so much for me.”

You smile at him slightly as he intertwines his finger with yours. “Most importantly, you make me feel like I can be the best, idol or not. With you, I can just be Jungkook. And that’s totally fine. Jeon Jungkook of BTS may have the expensive clothes, his name on lights, and thousands of fans but I think just Jungkook has it better because he gets to have you in his life. So don’t–mmm!” 

Jungkook landed on his butt as you lunged forward and kissed him on the mouth. His arms instantly went around you, kissing you back with as much passion.

“Since when were you so good with words?” You ask teasingly against his lips and Jungkook chuckles, tucking a stray strand behind your ears.

“Good at everything, remember?” He boasts and you peck his lips once more. “But I have something I’m better at…”

“Hmm? And what’s that.” You ask, as he moves so you were sitting comfortably on his lap. You play with his hair at the back of his head and he smirks.

“Aside from loving you? Pretty good at showing you that through actions too.” He says before giving you a kiss that literally had you dizzy it made you see stars. 

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I HATE JUNGKOOK. I REALLY DO. >.< swerving so hard rn

Hope you enjoyed that anonie!

Reactions Masterlist

- Kaye Allen

Similarities (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: hey guys! I really liked writing this imagine and it was a very cute idea so props to the anon that requested it 👏
Warnings: none
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: The reader is a genius much like Reid himself who has self-esteem issues because they see everyone around them being much older and more experienced than her, so Reid does his best to help her grow more accustomed to the group and praises her when she helps solve a case
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: the reader has told spencer about her feelings but…
You shyly walked through the glass double doors of your new job, gripping your bag strap that rests across your shoulder.
You were instructed to go to SSA Aaron Hotchner’s office, which was straight through the bullpen and up the stairs, the closest to your left.
You never forget directions, it’s just a gift you were born with.
You were also born with impressive intelligence.
You are so smart, you had to skip 7th and 9th grade because you learn so fast.
As you walked through the large room, you observed your peers.
Everyone looked a good five to ten years older than you, making you feel even more uneasy as you were to begin with.
You proceeded towards the unit chief’s office, and arrived with a quiet knock, receiving a stern “come in.”
You entered with a shy smile, keeping your hands occupied with the strap of your bag again.
“You must be Y/N L/N. Welcome to the team.” He said holding his hand out.
“Oh um… I have a germ thing.” You said, hesitating to hold out your fist as you did with others, but deciding to anyways.
“Fist bumps transfer five times less germs than a handshake.” You said, making the chief smile shallowly as he bumped your fist gently.
“I will introduce you to the team.” He said standing up and leading you out the door.
So far so good.
“Guys, this is our new member of the team Doctor Y/N L/N.” He introduced as you cringed at the title “doctor.”
“Just agent L/N is fine.” You said as heat rose to your cheeks.
“Well, I’m Emily Prentiss. It’s nice to have you on the team.” She said with a smile, holding her hand out as well.
“I have a germ thing.” You said removing your hand from the strap once again as you held out your fist.
She laughed softly and fist bumped your fist, feeling a little more comfortable as no one judged as you bet everyone else.
“Looks like we’ve got another one of those.” An older man named Rossi said tilting his head towards the door as a tall, younger man entered in a rush.
He joined the circle, holding onto the strap of his messenger bag, mirroring your actions.
You immediately let go of your strap as he noticed the similar habit.
“Spence this is Doctor Y/N L/N, the new member of our team.” The blonde, JJ, said, exaggerating the “doctor”, making you cringe again.
“The title isn’t necessary, just agent works for me.” You said again now picking at your nails at the loss of your natural habit.
“Uh hi. I’m Spencer Reid, also doctor. Is it PhD’s that gave you the title?” He asked curiously.
“Yeah, you?”
“Me too. What do you specialize in?”
“Psychology.” You said, feeling a little more confident as you spoke about one of your greatest accomplishments.
“Cool! I specialize in mathematics, chemistry and engineering, i-if you were wondering.” He said nodding his head.
His intelligence made you feel left out and overruled.
A while later, you joined the team at the round table as they filled you in on the latest investigation they were working on.
The team had a lead on a man killing woman randomly, no preference, which makes anyone a victim, until you took a look at two of the most recent victims.
Your eyes scavenged over the faces, seeing something but you couldn’t put a finger on it.
“Do you see something Y/N?” Emily asked, making you quickly turn around.
“Oh um I’m not sure yet.” You said, your voice shaking as you lied.
Your reason sounded stupid and off topic.
Everyone went back to what they were doing and you kept examining the faces.
You felt the presence of someone behind you and out of the corner of your eyes, you saw Spencer’s brown locks as he stood very close behind you as he too observed the pictures.
“Can someone call Garcia to pull up all of the victims pictures please?” He asked looking down at you. “Don’t worry I see it too.”
He was so close to you, you could smell the warm scent of spice from his cologne, sending a shiver down your spine.
All six of the pictures were displayed on the screen mounted on the wall.
Spencer leaned forward a little bit and whispered to you. “Tell me what you see.” He said softly.
“Umm their faces, the symmetry is essentially the same.” You said quietly.
“Alright what kind of spell are you two casting over there?” JJ asked.
“Yeah what do you two geniuses see?” Rossi added.
“Facial symmetry.” You and Spencer said at the same time as you both turned to face the team.
A few faces lit up with surprise at the synchronization of yours and Spencer’s thoughts.
“I don’t think our UnSub is a male, I think it is a woman.” You proposed.
“Yeah yeah that makes since. The markings and gashes amongst the face could be a symbol showing she’s practically ruining their facial impressions. This woman could be mad at society considering the harsh beauty qualifications for woman these days.” Spencer said looking at you.
“Actually models are chosen by the amount of facial symmetry, the more symmetrical their face is to the corresponding sides the more “beautiful” they are.” You explained.
After the team took in the information, they got a hit on the woman and the team took off, leaving Spencer to accompany you since you can’t go on the field yet.
He met you at the coffee pot, leaning against the counter as you poured sugar into your cup.
“Hey you were great today.” He said with a smile. “Not everyone solves a case on their first day.”
“Solved it? I don’t think I would give myself that much credit. You saw it too I didn’t exactly save the day. The same thing would have happened if I wasn’t there to be honest.” You said while sipping your drink.
“Why are you cutting yourself so short. If I didn’t notice you studying the screen, I probably wouldn’t have even thought about it.” He said following you to the table again.
You decided to let him end the conversation; he seems like someone who won’t let you have the last word.
“I uh… noticed earlier that you like to hold the strap of your bag like I do. I guess it’s just another thing we have in common.” He said with a small chuckle.
Why is he so cute?
“Oh yeah, it’s just gives my hands something to do.” You said looking down at your lap.
The rest of the team came through the door, already grabbing their things to leave.
“Well I guess we better get going home.” You said standing up and grabbing your coat and bag.
“Where do you live?” Spencer asked abruptly. “I mean, that sounded weird… I noticed there wasn’t an extra car in the lot today so I figured you took a cab or walked.” He said making you smile at his intelligence.
“I live a short walking distance. The Capital Plaza apartments.” You said heading towards the doors.
“No way! Me too!” He said as you pressed the down button next to the elevator.
“That’s cool! We can walk together.” You suggested as you stepped in the elevator.
About 20 minutes later, you and Spencer arrived at the apartments and he insisted that he walks you to your apartment even though it was a floor above his.
You unlocked your door and tried to keep it as closed as possible, trying not to expose your messy apartment to the cute man standing in front of you.
“Well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” You said breaking the silence.
“Yeah, yeah I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night.” He said before turning around and heading back down the staircase.

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Prompt: “I don’t want to ruin you.”

Character: Bucky Barnes

Warning: Angsty

“I don’t want to ruin you.”

“Who says you’re going to ruin me? Bucky…” Part of you wants to shake him in frustration, to somehow physically change the thoughts running through his head because this isn’t the first time you’ve had this conversation. Every time the topic of feelings is broached he always brings up his fear of hurting you, damaging you. It frustrates you because you know he won’t willingly doing that and because you know that if there was anyone you’d forgive for hurting you it would be Bucky because it would never be him that did it. Because he couldn’t actively hurt you if he tried. 

“Everyone I care about gets hurt. Everyone i’m around gets hurt…I couldn’t live with myself if I hurt you too.” You watch him from the edge of your bed, he’s placed himself far off in the corner of the room, as far away from you as he can get. It’s like he thinks the distance will make you give up the fight. It won’t stop you caring for him so much.

“Don’t give yourself so much credit. I’m fucked up in a lot of ways. People have broken me time and time again and every time i’ve fixed myself, every time i’ve put myself back together.” If he hurt you you could handle it. If he hurt you you’d be okay. But you also had a great deal of faith that he wouldn’t hurt you under his own free will.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” He’s scared of himself you can see it, the fear that settles deep, the fear that at any moment he’ll become what Hydra had turned him into for so many years. You know he’s scared of hurting anyone else, that he scared of so many things he can do.

“Then you won’t. You’re not what they made you anymore…you’re not going to ‘ruin me’ or hurt me…I trust you and maybe it’s time you started trusting yourself again too.” 

“I just…”

“I’m not expecting anything from you Bucky, I know you need time…I know you’re not ready for a relationship. Just know I care about you and I want to help…I’ll always care about you whether you feel the same way or not.” You watch him nod, a look that says he’s surprised that you understand…but of course you do. You know a relationship isn’t what he needs right now, what he needs right now is support from friends and you intend to be one of them.


Pairing: James Potter x Reader

Word Count: 1,295

Request: Can you please do #21 and #26 with James Potter? (Random Dialogue Prompts)

Key: (l/n) = your last name

You sighed as Professor Binns continued to drone on, something about an ancient war that shaped wizard-kind, you weren’t quite sure. It was all you could do to not fall asleep right there, tapping your quill on the parchment and watching the clouds outside in an effort to stay awake; an effort which was very much strengthened when you saw a familiar owl fly to the windowsill beside your desk.

“What are you doing here?” you asked in an almost silent murmur, the little bird watching you intently. Your resolve crumbled as she continued to look at you with those big eyes, you rolled your eyes before opening the window as quietly as possible. “You silly thing, you’re supposed to be in the owlery.” Though your words were scolding, the smile on your face conveyed otherwise.

She hopped over the threshold, cheeping and nuzzling into your hand when you gently patted the top of her head. You shushed her, but she’d already gained the attention of your deskmate, and you let out a sigh as you turned to him with a finger to your lips. Hoping James Potter would ever keep his mouth shut was normally a lost cause, but he held up his hands in mock surrender, a small smirk playing at his lips.

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How We Care

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Rated: M for Smut, Angst.

Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader xYuta

Summary: The story of secrets, deciet and greed. Three characters with unlikely alliances and one common goal; power. Jaehyun is stuck between his own thirst for power and his need for the one thing that could take away everything. Yuta has ambition growing from an unlikely alliance and convinces himself to do anything to protect it. Between both of them is her, ambitious but with one weakness, she does all it takes for Jaehyun, even if it’s putting herself aside. But how long can she hold up her own fragile games?

(A/N): I might name OC, I don’t really like using (Y/N), It’s just a personal preferance, I have nothing against it. It’s getting difficult to keep using pronouns too, I guess it doesn’t really work for longer works.

Mini Masterlist

After a month of constant work she woke up to a sore body and a headache.

“Fuck.” She whispered to herself as she sat up. Reaching for her phone she dialed her assistant’s number.

“Yes ma’am?” She answered immediately.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to come in today. E-mail anything important that comes up today, I’ll finish them at home.” She raked her mind to recall anything important she had today.

“Ma’am you have a meeting scheduled with a Mr Naka.” She cursed but rolled her eyes at the very unsubtle alias.

“I’ll handle it.” She murmured more to herself.

“Ma’am are you unwell?” Her voice sounded concerned.

“It’s nothing, I just have a headache.” She gave a get well soon and she smiled.

“Oh one more thing?” Her assistant hummed, “Try to avoid Mr. Jung today.”

She took a long hot shower to unwind her muscles but it seemed to be a futile. She got out groaning somehow feeling worse, it was definitely a fever.

She dried her hair and sat down on the bed dialing Yuta’s number. He picked up after three rings.

“Yes?” His voice sounded distracted.

“Good afternoon Mr Naka.” She said as her lips tugged at the edges.

“Oh it’s you. Sorry I didn’t check the id.” His tone changed a little.

“You seem busy, sorry for distracting you.” She offered her best professional courtesy.

“Not at all. Tell me what do I owe this pleasure to?” She heard the smile in his voice, he was always smiling.

“I won’t be able to meet you today-.”

“Why?” He asked before she could finish making her huff in annoyance. She hated being interrupted.

“I won’t be able to meet you because, I may be ill. I don’t think I can go out.” She sighed at how stupid this all was.

“You may be ill?” He questioned.

“I am ill. That’s all I had to tell you Mr Nakamoto. I’ll call you when I-” He interrupted again.

“That’s fine. Just give me your address, I’ll come to you.” She frowned.

“There’s really no need for that, I’m not going anywhere.” She tried to show him logic.

“You haven’t given me anything in a month.” His voice sounded playful.

He toyed with a pen with a grin that didn’t leave his face, he was starting to enjoy teasing her a lot.

“Fine I’ll just meet you outs-”

“Don’t be stubborn.” She huffed again as he cut her off and his grin just grew wider,  “Just tell me where you live, It’s not like I’ll post it on the internet.” She mumbled a begrudging fine and hung up. As soon as he received the text he got up and grabbed his coat.

“Yuta!” A voice called him urgently. He turned around to see his colleague looking at him, “Where are you going?”

“I have a new lead, I’m going to go follow it up.” His colleague sighed at his words.

“I knew you’d forget.” Yuta only looked at her lost.

“I set you up on a date with my friend today?” She questioned him, trying to make him remember, “You asked me to do it you brat!” She threw a pen at him in annoyance.

“I’m so sorry, but I have to get this story. I’ll meet her in the evening.” He shifted in his spot, more restless than guilty. He walked away after finishing, not waiting for a reply.

An hour later Yuta stood in front of the door of an apartment, his palms somehow sweaty. He blamed the bag in his arms as he knocked on the door, but he couldn’t explain his dry mouth.

“Why do you not have a doorbell?” He asked as soon as the door opened. He stood back a second to take in the sight in front of him, there she stood in pajamas and a large jumper. Her hair was a mess and she was in glasses, sniffing as she wiped her nose. Yuta was so used to seeing her in precisely tailored clothes, heels and immaculate make up. He wasn’t expecting her being so human.

“I don’t need one. Plus the sound is obnoxious.” She said with a hoarse voice that made Yuta feel bad.

“It’s a good thing you’re really sick. I thought you were avoiding me.” He said with a laugh to lighten his own mood.

“You give yourself too much credit. Come in.” She moved out of the way for him to enter.

“I bought lunch.” He said raising the bag in his hand. He turned back when she didn’t respond to see an unknown expression on her face.

“You didn’t have to do that.” She said after a moment’s hesitation, he smiled in return.

While eating he noticed how tired she looked and how red her face was. He ate quietly, it was none of his business and he knew it but he chewed the inside of his cheek.

“Don’t you have anyone to take care of you?” She looked up at him like she was not expecting that question. She then looked like she didn’t even understand what he meant.

“You’re sick and you keep working.” He pointed at her open laptop on the table, “Don’t you have anyone who will make you something warm to drink and buy you medicine?” His eyebrows knit together and she felt more confused. He sounded almost angry. She couldn’t understand why.

“I took a painkiller after I woke up. And I can take care of myself.” She said with a confident voice.

“That’s not what I asked you. I don’t doubt that you can take care of yourself, I’m asking if you have someone who will take care of you anyway.” He understood that he was crossing a line but he couldn’t stop himself from speaking.

“No.” That’s all she said as her expression hardened. He picked up their empty bowls before she could get up.

“Go to bed. I’ll stay till you’re asleep and clean up for you.” He said with a tone that left no room for argument.

“Why are you doing this? Why do you care?” She asked baffled.

“I told you, you’re no use to me dead. Go to bed.” She was still baffled but she obeyed, not having the energy to fight.

Yuta finally sat down satisfied after the place looked organised. He finally picked up his phone and cursed, seeing a string of messages from the girl he was meant to meet today. He typed up a quick apology, stating he had a sudden emergency and then threw his phone to the side. He’d been waiting for this date for weeks, but now his life had suddenly been altered. He needed to prioritise now if he wanted to realise his ambitions and he knew who held the key to that.

He went to the store to pick up some fever medicine and ingredients for his grandmother’s udon soup. He remembered how his grandmother took care of him when he was sick, putting a moist towel on his forehead, feeding him her udon and telling him stories till he fell asleep.

He was busy cutting vegetables when he heard a loud knock. He walked up to the door and opened it, not expecting Jung Jaehyun to be on the other side.

“Who are you?” Jaehyun’s voice sounded annoyed.

“I’m a friend. I’m just taking care of her till she gets better.” He said cautiously, not knowing what he knew.

“Gets better from what?” His voice was bitter and laced with distrust.

“She has a fever, we were supposed to meet today to, uh, catch up.” Yuta laughed awkwardly.

“Where is she now?” He let out a frustrated groan.

“She’s asleep.” He raised a brow, “I’ll let her know her boss came when she wakes up. Yuta saw his expression hardened and he smiled.

“I need to know when my campaign manager can’t come to work, let her know that.” Jaehyun gave him a curt smile, “I didn’t catch your name by the way.”

“Nakamoto Yuta.” He extended his hand and Jaehyun shook it.

“Hope to see you again soon Yuta.” His voice was cold despite his words.

“Hopefully.” Yuta laughed.

She sat up as Yuta offered her a bowl. She took it and mumbled a groggy thanks and he chuckled.

“Did you make this?” She asked after having a taste. He nodded proudly and she gave him the same unknown look.

“You’re being so kind I don’t know what to say.” She mumbled with a shy voice, a blush sneaking up her cheeks.

“My grandmother told me that no grandson of hers should ignore women, children and the sick in need. You are two of those, I just don’t want to be disowned.” She chuckled at his declaration. Yuta decided he liked the sound.

After she finished he took the bowl away and came back with a glass of water and two pills. She let out an incredulous scoff but took the contents from his hands.

“Oh your boss came by before.” Yuta informed her like he remembered suddenly. She froze at his words, hesitating with what to say next.

“W-What did he want?” She was careful.

“I guess he wanted to know why you didn’t come to work today. He could have just called but I guess you deserve a little extra.” He laughed more to himself, she picked up her phone eagerly and lit up the screen. 57 missed calls and 17 messages.


She sighed and threw her phone onto the bed.

“You should have woken me up.” She groaned as she rubbed her forehead.

“I told him you were asleep, he didn’t ask me to wake you. He knows you need rest.” She wanted to scream. The guilt was eating at her, was he worried the whole day? Did he shout at everyone more than usual because he was annoyed at her? Was he afraid?

“It’s fine.” She lied, “I’ll call him tomorrow morning.” Yuta nodded.

“You call me cocky, yet you don’t even tell your boss you’re taking time off.” She smiled at that. He was right, maybe she did get a little cocky. He won’t exactly fire me.

She walked Yuta to the door as he instructed her on when to take her medicine.

“Thank you, for today.” She was overwhelmed but still her gratitude was genuine, “I’ve never had anyone take care of me like that.” Yuta couldn’t describe how his heart felt at those words.

“I’ll come back tomorrow to check on you.” He grinned at her.

“That won’t be necessary Yuta.” She said gravely and he laughed, ignoring the way his insides felt when he heard her say his name. He walked out of the building with a small smile on his face, noticing a car on the other side of the road. A bike passed by at that moment, illuminating a somewhat familiar face inside the car but Yuta was busy thinking of how maybe she wasn’t as daunting as she seemed.

Jaehyun watched as he watched the guy from earlier walked away from the building, he briefly glanced at his car but made no note of it. Jaehyun waited till he was gone completely to step out and walk into the building.

His knock on the door was answered by a smile that seemed to fade when she saw him.

“Expecting someone else?” He asked, his tone razor sharp.

“I was going to call you.” She avoided making eye contact, stepping aside as he stepped in and gently shut the door.

“When? After I get a call from the hospital?” He tried expertly to hide the misery in his voice, she noticed.

“It’s not that bad.” She backed away from him a little, the space suddenly suffocating.

“That was the guy from the gala right? The one you were talking to at the bar?” He moved closer as she moved away.

“Hm-n-yes.” She struggled with her words.

“I didn’t know you had any friends, or maybe I don’t know about this particular one.” He dropped his jacket on the floor.

“I-Jaehyun stop I’m sick you’ll catc-” She turned around to walk away but he already grabbed her and turned her around. Kissing her like a starved man, she tried to push him away but his body was much stronger and his mind was more unwavering. He guided her back till she dropped onto the couch. He stood over her watching as he loosened his tie, taking in the sight of her breathless and flushed. He sat down at the edge where her legs were, picking up one to place on the back on the sofa behind his neck, and one on his knees, situating himself salaciously between them.

He smirked at her as she watched him carefully, like a deer watching a tiger, wary of each move. He gently traced patterns inside her thigh, watching her bite down on her lower lip, still watching his face.

“I was so worried today.” He turned his head to kiss her leg, tracing his lips on the smooth skin, “I couldn’t focus on anything.” He turned to look at her once, satisfied she was still watching, “I finally decided to just come see you before I went insane sitting and waiting.” He continued to brush his lips against her soft skin as he traced patterns on the other leg.

“You could have just asked me assistant.” She winced when he suddenly bit down where his lips were, tracing his tongue over it after to soothe the pain.

“I did. She told me you told her not to say anything.” His hand moved up her thigh and down, breaking her skin into goosebumps.

“I was so irritated, I just wanted to come see you to settle my nerves.” His hands came up to her clothed heat, tracing up and down the slit in an infuriating pattern.

“But then some guy is at the door instead of you.” He pushed her underwear aside, “Talking to me like I’m some intruder, telling me he’ll pass on a message to you?” He chuckled darkly as he inserted one finger into her easily, making her gasp softly.

“I wanted to pull him out from here, show him his place.” Her back lifted off the sofa as he pumped harder.

“Announce exactly who I am to your friend.” He slid another finger in, curling them inside and making her mewl.

She heard the sound of her own blood rushing mixed with the sound of his fingers pumping in and out at an unbearable pace, she looked again to see him watching her, his eyes wild. He smiled down at her when he noticed her watching, his dimples prominent even from the strained angle.

She moaned his name.

“Say it again baby, I love hearing you say my name like that.” He kept up his pace and she said his name again.

“Just like that, just for me.” He pressed his thumb down on her clit and she came whimpering, breathless and satiated.

They stayed like that for a while before he quietly got up and noticed she was already asleep, he sighed and picked her up in his arms and took her to her bedroom. She groaned and writhed in his arms when he lifted her off the sofa.

“Go to sleep.” He said firmly and looked down to see her watching him. He smiled genuinely but she kept looking at him, then she lifted her hand and brushed it gently under his eyes.

“You look tired.” She said.

“So do you.” He countered.

“I’m sorry I made you worry today, I should have called.” He laughed, gently placing her on the bed.

“You must be really sick if you’re apologising to me.” He sat down at the edge and looked down at her lovingly, running his fingers through her hair like how he knew she liked it, “Do you want me to stay?” His voice was incredibly quiet. Like he was afraid of something breaking the bliss they were currently sharing.

“If you want to.”  She said but moved into the bed anyway. He only smiled and nodded.

“Your clothes are in the second drawer.” He got up and followed her instructions, emerging from the bathroom later in a t-shirt and joggers. He quietly slipped into bed after that and pulled her close to him, she knew that she was uncomfortably warm but Jaehyun didn’t seem to mind.


“You push people away.”
“You noticed?”
“…Why do you do this to yourself?”
“Because you don’t need someone like me.”
“‘Someone like you’? Tell me, who are you, really? Or rather…who do you think you are?”
“A fuck-up, a lost cause…a burden, a bad influence…a death sentence. Take your pick.”
"You’re being a little dramatic here. Don’t give yourself so much credit. What gave you the notion that I would’ve needed you anyway? I’m fine on my own; I’ve been doing it for six years. And what about you? What do you have to show for it?”
“…Crippling anxiety and a lot of bad decisions.”
“You’re a mess, Santi.”
“Of course I am. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I say too much and I scare people off. It’s what I do best.”
“You don’t scare me.”
“I will, though. Because that’s what happens with me.”


based on a prompt @capseycartwright​ received from an anon, which was subsequently passed on to me by another anon:

Hello! Would you be interested in writing something angsty for Father’s Day? Maybe Aaron has Paddy over, and events being what they are, Paddy enjoys dropping several snide comments aimed at Robert over the evening, until he makes a remark about Jack or Robert not having anyone to celebrate with or something, and Rob has to leave. Aaron tells Paddy that’s too far, and Paddy doesn’t understand why THAT was the comment that pushed them over the edge, as several comments were much more hurtful. 

It’s the hottest day of the year so far. The air tastes like dust and feels like a winter coat. Sweat slicks Robert’s shirt to his back as he rocks back and forth on the swing, his hands curled so tightly around the mental chains that they’re carving out canyons in his palms. The sun has long since sunk below the horizon but its absence has done nothing to lift the humidity, the rain that the weatherman had promised never having arrived. Clouds hang heavy overhead, an unwelcome blanket trapping in the rising heat.

‘There you are.’

Robert turns at the sound of the familiar voice. Aaron stands at the edge of the playground, hands in the pockets of his jeans. The heat has been so unbearable that he actually chose to ditch the long-sleeves today, instead wearing a grey t-shirt that shows skin which he usually keeps hidden. He’s not ashamed of his scars; he just prefers to avoid the stares, because he doesn’t owe an explanation to prying eyes. He hasn’t really been anywhere today, and the only people that have seen him know him well enough to ignore them.

‘I’ve been wondering where you got to,’ Aaron says, making his way across the woodchip floor. Robert’s always wondered why they bothered with it. Surely it only makes the fall worse? Maybe it softens the impact but it leaves splinters that are far harder to deal with than a scraped knee.

‘I just needed some air,’ Robert says. The lie is so obvious it’s laughable even to him. Aaron sits down on the other swing, pressing his toes to the ground and kicking himself forward. His attempt to relive childhood play falls short, because his legs are too long and keep knocking against the floor. Any other day, Robert would joke about this being the only thing that he’s ever been too tall for, but he just doesn’t have the energy right now.

‘You said you were going to give Paddy a chance,’ he says when he comes to a halt.

‘I did.’

‘No, you ignored him all afternoon, made sarcastic comments and the stormed out when he asked you a simple question.’

Robert tilts his head back, looking up at the blank canvas where the stars should be. He wishes the night was clear, because this village is claustrophobic enough without the skies closing him in too. Its times like this that help him remember just why he stayed away from this place for so long. Despite the rolling hills and endless stretch of countryside, he feels trapped.

‘It wasn’t a simple question,’ he says. ‘“It’s father’s day, don’t you have somewhere else to be?” He bloody well knows I don’t.’

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It’s okay to look for some help, it’s okay to look different, it’s okay to look goofy while dancing, it’s okay to look bad sometimes, it’s okay to have questions, it’s okay to have doubts, it’s okay to have fears, and it’s okay to make a few mistakes. Relax. You’re just 21, you don’t have to act as if you know everything. Your life is just starting, you’ll learn so much along the way. Don’t be too harsh on yourself and give yourself credit for trying - the credit you deserve. Take the time to enjoy your life and get wiser as you grow older.
—  d.r.n
The Baby Shower

“Do you have the cupcake toppers? I can’t seem to find them… I know I had them around here somewhere!” 

“Relax, Jughead, I already put the toppers on the cupcakes. Which are already on the table next to the cheese plate, which is already next to the finger sandwiches. Everything is done. And everything is perfect. I mean it.” And Veronica did mean it. Everything looked incredible. The homely living room had been completely transformed into a wonderland of blue. Blue streamers, blue ribbons, blue balloons, blue orchids - it was something straight out of a magazine. “You’ve absolutely outdone yourself. It’s the most elaborate baby shower I’ve ever seen, and I’ve attended more A-list events than I can count.”

Jughead looked around the living room, evaluating his work. As he realized the full complexity of his efforts, he found himself becoming sheepish. “Is it too much? I just… I just wanted it to be perfect…” the longer Jughead looked, the more panicked he became, “Oh God, it’s too much isn’t it? She’s going to hate it won’t she? Oh no, we have to take it all down, we have to start over, it has to be right -”

“Juggie, Juggie calm down!” Veronica grabbed Jughead by the shoulders and laughed, “It’s perfect - Betty is going to love it. Almost as much as she loves you.” Jughead took a deep breath, nodding at the affirmation, “Besides, it’s much too late to change anything - your lovely wife will be home any minute.”

In that exact moment, the front door swung open. “Hello?” Betty’s voice rang out from around the corner, “Anybody home?”

“Coming! Stay right there!” Veronica bolted out of the room to meet her.

Jughead stood, feet frozen to the ground, nervously pulling at the hem of his sweater.

“Just a few more feet…” Veronica rounded the corner, hands over Betty’s eyes, guiding her into the room. “Okay, aaaannnd open!”


Betty gaped at the sight in front of her, eyes wide and mouth rounded. She circled around the room, her pregnancy causing a slight waddle in her step as she went. Her hands traced the blue lace trim on the table, eyes dancing over the baby bottle center pieces and tulle chair backs. After what seemed like an eternity, she turned back to face her husband.

“Do you… do you like it?” Jughead asked, unable to mask the nervous hopefulness in his voice.

“Like it?” Betty hands flew to her heart, “I love it! It’s - it’s unbelievable. I can’t believe the two of you did all of this!”

“Oh, don’t give me too much credit,” Veronica said, “Your husband here did almost all of the planning. I was just here for labor. And to offer a helping hand stylistically, of course.”

“Babe, this is incredible.” Betty took Jughead’s face in her hands, “You’ve absolutely outdone yourself. Thank you.” She leaned in and placed a delicate kiss on his lips.

Jughead beamed, full of pride at his wife’s approval. “Anything for you, always.” He gazed longingly into her eyes.

“I hate to interrupt the moment,” Veronica piped up, stealing away Betty and Jughead’s attention, “but this event is girls only - and the guests will be here soon! So,” she pointed at Jughead, “if you’ll just leave the lovely Mrs. Jones in my capable hands, we need you to be on your way.”

“Of course.” Jughead smiled and turned back to Betty, “I love you sweetheart, have a wonderful time.” He placed a quick peck on Betty’s lips, grabbed his keys, and swiftly went on his way.

The two girls stood, watching him round the corner and disappear, listening to the front door swing shut behind him. After a moment of silence, Veronica chuckled to herself and spoke, “He really is something, isn’t he?”

“Yeah,” Betty sighed with content, “He really is.”

Weekly Horoscope

Aries - For the past few weeks everyone has been on edge, including you. An opposition between the Sun and Pluto on Monday will help you clarify what needs to be done, so don’t be afraid to pick a path and stick to it. This weekend will be fun as Mercury and Jupiter connect in your zone of love, go get that flirt on!

Cards of the week

  • Ace of Pentacles - This path/resolution you choose will be the means of healthy new start for you… but remember to stay grounded.
  • Ten of Swords (reversed) - Harmless flirting is fun… as long as it’s not with your ex. Avoid slipping back into bad habits and start fresh with someone new.

Taurus - This week will be relaxing for you. Everyone seems to be helpful and time with friends is recharging, instead of draining. Rest up this weekend as Jupiter creates a sextile with Mercury to help you clear your mind and space.

Cards of the week

  • The Lovers - This would be a good time to incorporate loved ones into how you’re feeling and allowing them to help declutter your mind.
  • Nine of Wands - Yet, keep up your guard a little… you don’t want them to push you past what you’re comfortable with.

Gemini - Stress in personal or financial areas will be cleared up this week due to the opposition from the Sun and Pluto. It will be easier to accept and move on than fight a losing battle. This weekend Venus will be in your sign, it would be a good time to meet new people.

Cards of the week.

  • Knight of Swords - Someone could rush into your life soon, don’t let their headstrong attitude be disconcerting.
  • King of Cups - Remember to stay composed, someone is looking up to you as someone who is wise and calm.

Cancer - Due to the final opposition of the Sun and Pluto it is time to embrace change. Follow your instincts and think of the big picture. This weekend marks a sextile between Venus and Mercury making it a good time for rest and reflection.

Cards of the week

  • Four of Wands - Results and rewards from recent struggles are soon to come to you.
  • Death - Closure and change shouldn’t be feared, but rather accept them and continue on knowing it is the right time.

Leo - Mercury is now in your sign, making it the right time to be open to listening and gathering information before making any big changes. The moon is in your zone of relationships, flirtations with a friend could bring more romance to your life

Cards of the week

  • Two of Pentacles (reversed) - You may be feeling overwhelmed recently, try starting small and you’ll be amazed at what you can get done
  • Ten of Swords - It’s ok, know when you can’t give any more

Virgo -  Work has been a breeze recently. Venus has moved into your career zone and you can do no wrong. This weekend is perfect for mixing business with pleasure, don’t be afraid to get a little flirtatious.

Cards of the week

  • Ace of Pentacles - Opportunities will soon present themselves, so don’t be afraid to take a chance and put yourself out there
  • Ten of Pentacles - Spiritual/emotional/financial wealth will be coming your way

Libra - A lot of change in your career and home sectors may have been making you feel destabilized Monday’s opposition between the Sun and Pluto will clear the air. Your ruler Venus is making a positive aspect to Mercury this is an ideal time for travel.

Cards of the week

  • The high priestess (reversed) - You may have trouble finding your inner voice, listen to your intuition
  • Seven of Swords - Be sure to give credit where credit is due.

Scorpio - You may have taken a big risk recently or stepped out of your comfort zone in a major way; things will smooth out because of the opposition of the Sun to your ruler Pluto on Monday. Take time to pamper yourself and have some fun.

Cards of the week

  • Eight of Wands (reversed) - You’ve used up too much energy, take the time to relax.
  • The Hierophant - Are you making decisions based on what you believe, or what you “should” do?

Sagittarius - A big breakthrough this week could set you on a whole new path. Although this weekend is more so romantic when the moon will be in your zone of love and Venus is in your relationship house; set the stage for a big flirtation.

Cards of the week

  • King of Swords - This could represent an intelligent person that will enter your life soon. He’s committed to his own truth.
  • The Fool - Have an open mind, it could be time for a new adventure

Capricorn - On Monday when the Sun makes and opposition to Pluto old relationships may fall away to make room for new ones. Spend some time with old friends mid-week, maybe host a party at home this weekend.

Cards of the week

  • Ten of Pentacles - A celebration with old and new people can bring security to you emotionally
  • Seven of Cups - Pay close attentions to your dreams this week, they can reveal something that you’re missing.

Aquarius - You are happy and calm this week and may be because of a big epiphany. The moon in your sign on Monday and Tuesday perks you up and now that Venus is in your zone of love you are also in a loving mood.

Cards of the week

  • The Emperor - You may be craving stability, try to set limits for yourself so that you reach your goals.
  • The Fool - This can represent you putting trust and showing innocence to those you love can benefit you.

Pisces -  You are full of charm on Wednesday and Thursday when the moon is in your sign and a lovely but subtle aspect between Venus and Mercury on Friday urges you to reconnect by spending time in nature this weekend.

Cards of the week

  • The Star (reversed) - You are relying too heavily on hope to solve your problems… be more present
  • The Hanged Man - A sacrifice may be required now in order to move forward


This is my first weekly horoscope I hope you guy enjoy… I’ll try to post them more so on Monday from here on out!!!

ASTRO for Harper’s Bazaar Korea May 2017 Issue - Eunwoo

Listening from start to finish your EPs which you released throughout last year in time for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, you naturally imagine an innocent boy wearing his school uniform. Can we see a developed image through your new mini album that you’re busily preparing for now?
Carefully envisioning it, I think it’s more of growing from a middle schooler to a high schooler rather than becoming a straight up adult. ASTRO’s characteristic zesty energy is similar to how we really are now so I think that it’s right we slowly change while maintaining that vibe.

The concept for today’s pictorial is a little different compared to the past and current ASTRO.
I’ve always wanted to try filming with this kind of feel. But it’s definitely hard. I realized that again as we were filming. “Ah, I’m still far away from being sexy, the company didn’t uselessly push for a cute concept (laughs).”

Your straight-laced model student image is strong. Even pointing out that your life’s best escape was ‘going out alone to watch a midnight movie.’
I was like that back then. (How are you now?) If I were to talk about that… If I were to confess something of a level higher than midnight movies is us having secretly gone to an internet cafe? During our trainee days, avoiding eye contact with our manager and heading off to somewhere was a really big deal. Like a 007 mission, we’d carefully make our move, hiding around the corners of buildings and assessing our every step.

On the other hand, you’re in charge of the role of ‘rebellious top star MJ’ in the variety drama <The Best Hit> which is being directed by PD Yoo Ho Jin in collaboration with actor Cha Tae Hyun.
He’s an extremely cocky and selfish character. He’s someone you’d really hate so i’m practicing with the mindset of “Let’s act while thinking of someone that you never want to become and who you shouldn’t become.” Before I went to the script reading, I was practicing my lines with my manager and there were tons of labels and ways of talking that I’ve never imagined of until now, like, “Hyung! What do you do for a living?” So it was a new feeling. Next week would be the first filming so I’m really excited.

When is your loneliest moment?
When I’ve to go to sleep but can’t. It’s really distressing. I’m the sort to have a lot of thoughts so I’d think “There wasn’t the need to go that far” but then go deeper into thinking “What kind of person am I that I would think there was no need?” So I want to quickly promote actively and have no time to think.

Do you not have any thoughts about wanting to date? Not simple (based on) good impressions, but love.
Up til now, I’ve only dated once but I still don’t know what love is! When you read books or watch movies, don’t they say that someone who has never fallen crazy in love would never understand? That you have to experience it in order to become an adult. They say that when you love, your heart gets torn apart and you spill tears but I can’t empathize. I’m usually the style to only develop emotions after a long period of time so i really can’t comprehend falling in love at first sight. I’ll probably experience real love one day.

‘A guy ripped out of manhwas,’ ‘a guy with a sexy brain’ and even ‘face genius.’ Your nicknames are flashy. Today in particular, your members themselves looked at your close up shot and commented, “A top class handsome guy,” they seemed fascinated. If you were to freely boast about yourself?
Someone who’s more reliable than anyone else and who always give his all to the people he treasures, who’s very hard on himself and there are times where it gets too much but because of that, he’s someone who’s detailed and earnest. (Your visuals?) Then… Cha Eunwoo’s a handsome guy whose face and heart are both pretty (laughs)!

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Writing and Burgers, Reflecting and Milkshakes

This is my first time writing for the Riverdale fandom. It’s very short and small, and it only hints at Bughead, but it was fun to write.

Betty just wants to have some time for herself. So, she decides to treat herself to a chocolate milkshake at Pop’s.

When she gets there, Pop’s smiles at her. “What’ll be today, Betty?”

“A chocolate milkshake, thank you.” Betty tells him, walking to the counter and about to make small talk when she sees Jughead there, typing away in his computer like always. 

For a moment she’s torn, because she wanted to have some alone time, but she liked talking to Jughead. Jughead looking up and meeting her eyes makes up her mind for her.

“Hey, Jughead.” She gives him a tentative smile as she reaches his booth.

“Hey, Betty.” He looks behind her and finding no one asks. “You waiting for anyone?”

“Nope. I just came for a milkshake.”

“Want to sit down? I can’t promise small talk, but you can sit if you want.” Jughead gives her half a smirk, and she accepts his invitation.

Betty relaxes in her seat, playing with her phone and giving Jughead his peace and quiet.

“So, what’s up?” Jughead asks.

“Sorry, what?” Betty looks at him confused.

“Was there anything you wanted to talk about?” Jughead asks, and Betty gives him a confused look. “Archie always talks to me, I think I became the voice of reason for the group.”

“The voice of reason? You’re giving yourself too much credit.” Betty teases.

“My point is, if you want to talk it’s fine.”

“While you’re typing? Won’t that be distracting?” Betty asks, because there’s multitasking and then there’s this.

“I can do both.” Jughead assures her.

“That is impressive, but there’s nothing to talk about.” Betty is the one to assure him and when Jughead doesn’t seem convinced, Betty smiles at him. “Seriously, nothing’s wrong. I like to just sit and reflect.”

“So you really just came here to have a chocolate milkshake?” Jughead asks sounding a bit dubious.

“Yes, you always come here to write.” Betty shrugs. “Same difference.”

“I also come here for the burgers.”

“Writing and burgers, reflecting and milkshakes it doesn’t sound very different to me.”

Jughead chuckles. “Alright, then carry on.” 

Betty doesn’t notice until a month later that sitting with Jughead in what started as quiet companionship became an almost daily routine, and worst of all, now Betty does ask for his advice. Jughead always tries to hide his smirk when Betty finally gives in, but she sees it. It’s both the cutest and most infuriating thing to happen to her.

The Night We Met

Character: Negan (The Walking Dead)

Word Count: 4,665

Prompt/Summary‘The Night We Met’ by Lord Huron / Negan’s wife recalls when they first met.

Warnings: None.

Written For: Jessie’s 1K Follower Writing Challenge

Note: Set in my little pre-apocalypse AU that I love writing in, where everything is fluffy and nothing hurts, lol. The song that they dance to is the song that inspired this fic, and is linked above. I know the lyrics are kinda depressing and don’t really fit the tone of the fic, but whenever I listen to this song, all I can think of is how pretty it is. And of how much 13 Reasons Why wrecked my heart, but that’s not relevant here.

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