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What I absolutely love about your art style is their lively facial expressions! Could you please show us a tutorial on how to draw them?

Thank you! There is a tutorial that I’ve been looking for everywhere to no avail so I will cook up my own thing real quick. Mind you, this is not really a tutorial, more like a demonstration.
What I want to show you here is how a little detail can change the whole facial expression. To give you a good example, here are some Buttons faces with the only difference between them being the change of one feature in each row.
Let’s go with eyebrows first:

Then we got eyelids:

The focus of the eyes, the dilation of the pupils and even the size of the iris:

The mouth:

And though this might be more “body language” than “facial expression”, but I think the position of the head/neck counts as part of an expression:

Of course there are other things you can change on your subject’s face like squishing-stretching the whole head or just some of their features, scrunching up their nose, messing up their hair, etc. It all depends on how cartoony your character is. Buttons is semi-realistic so I don’t really go to the extremes with his face.

Another thing: when it comes to conveying an expression, I first think of the basic pose (angle of the head and neck, body language), much like how you start animating lipsync by creating the body language first. You don’t get to draw in the individual mouth posings until you got the body language down.

Same with drawings. Try not to start with the details, work your way to them!

That’s all I could think of for now. I got some more references and thoughts collected in this post from a year ago.
Have fun! :)


Morgan & Reid »  [4.09] 52 Pickup

See, there you go. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s called game.

Pick Me Up || pt 2

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part 1

REQUESTED:  university JB comes by and picks you up by the library late at night… and one thing leads to another…

Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 1304

Warnings: SMUT (very sinful rip)

note: the part 2 requested by most people! hope you guys like this one. now to bathe myself in holy water and start actually doing my english project that i haven’t started on yay… happy reading and take care -admin

The soft illuminated street lights shone on Jaebum’s face, giving you a good view of his body. The lust in his eyes as he skillfully unbuttoned your jeans, pulling it down and throwing it somewhere in the car. With the slow beat in the background, you sat up slightly to take off your shirt, moving with the rhythm of the song to tease Jaebum. You could hear Jaebum growl in return of your actions as he lifted you up with his arms and reattached his lips on the bruise he made earlier. His fingers crawled their way up your back to unhook your bra, exposing your upper half of your body. Sending light kisses down your collarbone, Jaebum filled with the hem of your panties as you laid down, giving Jaebum a good view of your beautiful body.  

“You are already so wet for me, baby girl.” Jaebum murmured as his two fingers began sliding up and down your clothed, wet slit, making you moan out of pleasure. His raspy voice along with the movements of his fingers made you even wetter and more turned on than you were before. Jaebum moved your panties to the side to feel your wetness against his fingers. The pad of his middle finger found your pearl as he began circling it in a slow, hard manner that made you gasp.

“Fuck, Jaebum.” You moaned as he continued circling the bud while dipping the tip of fingers inside your entrance, teasing you.

You gasped when he moved his fingers up and down your wetness at a brisk pace, making you close your eyes as curses escaped your lips. Jaebum stopped all his movements before pulling your panties down to your ankles and throwing it to the front. Jaebum grabbed both of your legs and placed it on top of his shoulders, bending his body down to meet your wet core. His hot breath against your sensitive core was making your mind swirl as you let out a sinful moan when Jaebum’s tongue licked your slit roughly in one, long strip. before diving into your pussy.  He didn’t spare any mercy as he licks, sucks, and nips on your clit at a crazy rhythm, making your head fall back in extreme pleasure. When he placed his mouth on your clit and giving it a hard suck, you screamed his name out loud and grabbed Jaebum’s hair, pulling it slightly.

“I-I’m close, Jae.” You gasped as Jaebum inserted his tongue in your core, finding your sweet spot as he rams that spot over and over. His fingers found your clit again and began circling it the fastest way possible, pushing his in out as you felt a familiar pit in your stomach starting to build up. You grabbed Jaebum’s hair and pulled him closer to your pussy as you came undone, letting out multiple sinful moans that filled up the car. You grind your hips against his mouth as he continued to lap on your pussy until you were a squirming mess. Your head fell back onto the side of the windowsill as Jaebum pulled a away from you, putting your legs down from his shoulders.

“We’re not done yet, baby girl.” Jaebum’s hoarse voice said as he fiddled with his pants,  taking it off along with his boxers, revealing his huge member. You bit your lips as your insides curled at the sight of his cock. He kissed your lips before rubbing the head of his cock against your wetness. When he pressed his throbbing head on your sensitive clit, you moaned and he immediately swallowed it with his lips.

“Tell me what you want, baby girl, and I’ll give it to you.”  He growled as he brought his lips to your ear. He grind his cock against your clit once more, making you cry out.

“Please Jaebum, fuck me.” You whined as Jaebum teased his cock at your entrance. With Jaebum being completely satisfied with your answer, you felt his huge cock inside your entrance as you bit your lip. He slammed into you in one go, filling your tight walls to the hilt.  Your arousal made it easy for him to slide in.  He took a few seconds to recuperate the feeling of your walls swallowing his cock and he presses his forehead against yours. You wrapped your legs around his hips as he began to move in and out of you at a brisk pace.

“You’re so fucking tight, baby girl.” Jaebum groaned against your skin. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he buried his face against the crook of your neck, his hands settling at the windowsill of the car. With each thrust, he pushes harder and faster, making you see stars.  You would tighten against him from time to time, making him grip the side of the car tighter. He began ramming his cock in and out of you, making your breasts jiggle against his hard chest and the car shake. You bucked your hips harder against his fast thrusts until you were in the verge of your release. Your fingers slowly making their way down to your clit as you circle it to heighten your climax.  

“I’m cumming.” You moaned as you arched your back on the seat and continue circling that bundle of nerves between your legs.  

“Come for me, baby.”  Jaebum groaned and that was your undoing. Your orgasm hit your hard, making your mind blank, and your sight blurry. And just when you thought this was the end, Jaebum took his cock out and sat back on the seat, admiring your mess state he had put you in.

“Turn around, babe.” Jaebum demanded, “Grip the side of the car with your ass in the air.”

Knowing Jaebum, you had to obey his demands otherwise he could get angry. Complying with his needs, you moved from your position and obeyed what Jaebum said. Gripping the side of the car, you raised your bum in the air, giving Jaebum great access to your oversensitive pussy. You felt Jaebum grip your waist as He aligned his throbbing and hard dick against your hole making you moaned out loud. Your whole body trembled when he slammed into you and resumed fucking you harder than before. He set an unfathomable pace, sending you over the edge as you mumbled incoherent words out loud when Jaebum continued to hit that one spot in you with the head of his hard dick, his thick girth filling and stretching your still contracting walls.

“Fuck!” The gasp that just left your mouth is inhumane; making Jaebum’s dick throb inside you. He lifted your ass higher than earlier before pushing you against his dick, delivering, deep, short thrusts and your mind went blank, your mouth agape as you hit another mind-numbing peak. You clenched around his cock when you hit your second orgasm, your loud screams filling up the car. Jaebum finally stopped thrusting and pulled out of you with a loud grunt as he came all of over your ass.

“Holy shit.” He softly cursed as he laid back on the seat, trying to catch his breath. You, on the other hand, laid there on the the back seat, breathing heavily and tried to comprehend what had just happened between you and Jaebum. Who knew that this day would come when the hottest guy on campus fucked you in the car.

“Shall we continue this at my place?” Jaebum smirked as he began picking up the clothes.

“No, I have class tomorrow.” You sighed, finally catching your breath.

“At least stay with me tonight, please.” Jaebum begged as he leaned forwards to wipe the bead of sweat that fell from your forehead. You flashed him a smile before giving Jaebum a quick peck on the lips.



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ok but greeds entire face in that post.....envy is literally the only one who looks perfect

As much as I hate that I also have to give credit where credit is due because that honestly takes skill. 

As far as everyone else is concerned Lust looks pretty good. Pride & Gluttony look.. Okay, I suppose? Not much different and close to how they’re supposed to look. With Sloth & Wrath and constantly going back and forth between ‘yeah they look good’ and ‘eh??’ 

That skinny nerd looks flawless at least I have that to comfort me

Character Creation Tips: Sara Ryder

Some bits of knowledge I’ve collected, since I love character creation. (Though Andromeda tried its hardest to change that.) You can also consult my sister’s post. 

  • Your primary goal is to reduce RWF (Resting Weird Face). A prime example of RWF comes during a speech right before your first mission. (That’s not too spoiler is it? I mean, it’s Mass Effect, speeches and missions are a given.) This is an early point in the game, especially if you don’t stop to chat. So, if you don’t want to waste too much time with a Sara you’re not sure you like, just getting to this point should give you a good range of faces.
  • The two presets that are the easiest to work with are 5 and 1. 9 isn’t bad, but you’ve got to try to minimize those giant eyes, but we’ll get back that in a second.
  • First things first: remove the make-up, pick a hairstyle that does not occlude the face too much (obviously, you can later change the hair to whatever you like). This is how I start every character creation.  
  • Back to eyes. Three tips for downsizing those huge peepers: dark eyes, minimal eye make-up, lighter skin tone.
  • Speaking of skin tone, I’m sure you know that in game, your Sara’s complexion will be much darker than it appears in the character creator. Thalia, linked here, only has a skin tone of 0.14.
  • Another thing you want to minimize: lips. No matter what you do (in my experience), your Ryder will have a tragic condition called Flappy Lip Syndrome. However, with some work, you can ensure that this only presents itself in certain scenes when she is speaking from a side view.
  • Lip thickness is fine, do what you want with that, but Sara’s lips are too wide. Set that slider back a bit. (I started with preset 5, and set the slider to 7.)
  • As for face shape, a long face is better than a short face. You’re going to need adequate spacing of spacial features, because a big contributor to Sara’s RWF is…
  • Squishy face. And I don’t mean an adorable squishy face. (Though bonus tip, if you’re going to give Sara high, big cheekbones, make sure you don’t make her cheeks too gaunt. It’ll look weird. You want a little bit of a chub. Thalia’s cheeks are at 13 and she’s down-right baby-faced, so you don’t have to go that far, but I like it.)  
  • Anyhow, sis Ryder’s features seem to naturally gravitate towards the center of her face. You’re going to want to make sure her eyes are spaced out a little more. You’ll also want to ensure that there is enough space between her nose and lips. I had particular trouble with this. I’m not saying, space them until she looks weird, just know that the space between will look significantly smaller.
  • That brings be to a kind of obvious tip: if you don’t like the way your character looks in creation, you won’t like how she’ll look in-game. It took me a stupid amount of time to realize this.
  • Back to the big troublemaker: lips. You’re going to want to change your mouth depth so that your lips protrude less to combat FLS.  
  • This one’s more personal preference, but unless you really like the make-up, and/or you think it really adds to your Ryder’s looks, I wouldn’t mess with it too much. I found even the eyeliner to be a little odd in this game.
  • When you go back and customize the hair some more, not all of the different colors. You can choose any you like, as long as it’s brown… What I mean by this, is that a lot of the hairstyles have weird, dark brown streaks in them. Some styles and colors are don’t have this issue, but in general, darker colored hair is going to look better. Despite the fact that your Sara’s skin color will look different, her neon hair will always be that neon. So, sadly, I wouldn’t recommend the fun colors. Even the natural blondes and reds have sort of an odd artificial glow to them.
  • Last, and, perhaps least, check out the eye depth. I noticed that in some of the presets, the eyes looked a little sunken. Can’t speak to how they’ll turn out, just make sure you’re happy with what you’ve got.  

I almost certainly forgot some tidbits, but those are the basics. 

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Sombra and Male!Reader going to beach in Mexico?

  • She pleads with you for about five minutes
    • You crack at her face
  • She looks good in her swimsuit
    • Giving you a thumbs up when she catches you staring
  • She runs to the ocean as soon as you arrive
    • Leaving you to place the towel down
    • She returns in five minutes
      • Completely soaked
    • And she launches herself on you
    • Making you wet as well
  • The two of you take a stroll as the sun dips down
    • Her fingers twined with yours

I’ve heard wrestling was fake before but i wasn’t entirely sure, thanks for telling me.

Also sorry if these are coming so slow, i’m having family ptoblems.




She seems to really be enjoying this. I guess this underground club is where she goes to have fun when she’s mad.

Ouch, good reflexes, Amethyst.

I don’t know how you got to this conclusion, Steven.

So wrestling is actually a way for her to escape from her problems.

The thing is, you shouldn’t run away from your troubles, you should face them and give them one good “fuck you” right in the face. Sadly, i don’t think Amethyst likes sharing her insecurities. I am like this as well, and it blows in my face after that.


GINMEME | 3 quotes [1/3]

Weep and ask for help. Lean on me with your runny nose. Cry when you feel like crying. Laugh when you feel like laughing. When you’re tearing up with an ugly face, I’ll give you a good cry with an uglier face. When you’re laughing so hard your stomach hurts, I’ll laugh in a louder voice. That’s how it should be.

Exo Reaction To You Saying Something Dirty But Didn't Mean It In That Way

Xiumin: Xiumin would be very confused as to why you just yelled fuck me in the asshole from the kitchen. he would walk into the kitchen and give you the “you good bruh?” face. when you later had to explain that you were on the phone with your best friend and thats how you talk to each other he would just give you this look.

“if thats how you always talk to each other please dont tell me how the rest of the converstion goes.”

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Luhan: “Im so wet” thats the first thing Luhan heard as he woke up from a nap. he smirked as he got up and came into the living room where you were sitting. He smirk fell when he saw what you meant. You spilled a bottle of water all over yourself.

“Dont mind me. ill just go back in the room and never come back out since my dreams are now ruined.”

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Kris: “Daddy” you yelled.

“Yes?” Kris replied bitting his lip.

“No. Not you. Im on the phone with my actual father.”


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Lay: Lay would be confused as to why you were telling him your pussy was ready. you had to explain to him again that you bought a cat earlier.

“Why couldnt you just say cat?”

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Suho: “We should get out of here and do something fun baby?” you said winking. He nearly spit out his water as he rushed you and himself out of the restaurant and into the car to go home. Once in the kitchen he started taking his clothes off.

“Woah chill grandpa. I meant go home and watch vines. wyd?”

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Baekhyun: “Just put it in!” you screamed.

“well if you insist” Baek said stripping.

you turned around to see him now fully naked.

“I was watching a movie but I think ill just finish it in the other room. enjoy yourself” you said walking out of the room.


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Chen: You were in the car chilling after grabbing a bite to eat. you would turn to him and say

“you know im really in the mood for it” 

“me too. im in the mood for ice cream.”

He would not be having any of your shenanigans.

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“Channie im going to give it to you when i get home.” you would say as you left the house to run some errands. Of course he took “it” as something completely different. So when you brought home a new laptop he was slightly depressed.

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D.O.: He was in the kitchen when you asked if he “want head?” he looked at you with wide eyes till you  told him you meant the fish head because he was cooking.

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Tao: “I want you in me.” you said as you were looking at pictures of food, Tao looked at  you shocked. you waved your phone at him. “I meant the food.” he just rolled his eyes. “well maybe YOU should think in your head”

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Kai: “i just want to make loveeeeeeee” you sang. 

“Jagi what are you talking about?”

“you know love love” *wink wink*

“well lets get to the bedroom then.”

“I meant love like world peace love you little nasty.”

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Sehun: “go head show yo titties yo titties yo.” you sang along with Jay Park

“you see them everyday why do you need to see them now?” Sehun asked confused. He then realized you weren’t talking to him and had your headphones in.

“well even if you didn’t see them everyday, i still wouldn’t show you.”

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well I hope you enjoyed my first reaction. have a good day cuties(; -Niq

good seeing yr face // that smile you give saying thanks

10 word story // melting // wait … lost his place.

like yr nails caress // on his back // makes him lose focus.

exhausted // way yr eyes light up // gives him bliss.

(glowing orbs // deserve more description                                                                     than can be mustered // at the moment.)

green, clear // sparkling, water themed // aquamarine // most stunning ever seen // lost in yr sea // longing for you // kiss me longer  what was he saying?

ah, right // he’s happy // new love.

tying yr apron // wants desperately to touch.                                                       humph // damn plastic gloves.

used to running first // then coming to screeching halt.                                       we crawled // tottered // finally beginning to walk.                                                      see, now he’s rambling about “us”…

(thankfully, he doesn’t mind sandwiches.)

by you // easily distracted.

xxx SirPup Kingston // 03.25.2017