you give canon a bad name


Robert Small ~ aka Bad Dad/Knife Dad

(All info is culled directly from in-game references; gif was made by me - if you want to use it in something else, please ask &/or give me credit.  Thanks so much!  <3)

~ Background Canon ~

  • Seems to have little/no respect for people who sleep around and/or put sex before other, more important things
  • Was (possibly) in the Army
  • Has a Boston Terrier named Betsy (likes to pretend she’s a pit bull)
  • Likes to tell elaborate (and sometimes graphic) stories. (Are they true? No one but Robert knows.)
  • Knows how to fake people out (i.e. good poker face?)
  • Sends texts/messages like a teenager
  • Believes hitting a child would be despicable
  • Insists on watching movie credits to the VERY end
  • Has a daughter named Val who lives in Brooklyn; she works for some ‘news media online magazine thing’ and makes a lot of money doing it.
  • He’s unsure of Val’s age, but thinks it’s maybe 25 or 26
  • He refers to Brooklyn as ‘home’ (…so what does that make Maple Bay?)
  • Carries a fully-stocked first aid kit in his truck
  • Has an unconventional sense of humor
  • Has a tendency to say exactly what he means…and then pretend like he didn’t mean it
  • Not the most talkative of people, generally speaking
  • Thinks River has an ‘old soul’
  • His wife’s name was Marilyn; she died in an ‘accident’.
  • He has a ‘long, wicked scar across his pecs’ (supposedly from a bike accident with Val)
  • Has a tattoo on his left hand, shaped a little like a compass rose
  • The mention of cannibalism reminded him of the last time he went skiing. (Just another ‘story’?)
  • Claims his leather jacket has been in his family a long time, and that it’s ‘cursed’
  • Seems to have done a lot of thinking about killing someone.  “It’s not just their life, you know.  It’s their hopes and dreams draining away.  Every memory and experience they’ve ever had…gone.”
  • This guy may not look it, but he’s smart!  Knows who Hemingway is, has heard of capybaras, is a classic film buff, knows random Bible verses by heart…
  • Robert’s hands are calloused and covered in little white scars.
  • Got stabbed in Louisiana…or was it Kentucky…?
  • Isn’t a ‘sore loser’
  • Drives a VERY old red pickup truck.
  • House is filled with sleek, modern appliances; a big flat-screen TV; and shelves upon shelves of DVDs

~ Likes/Dislikes Canon ~

  • Has at least a mild interest in sports of some kind and a preferred team that he roots for
  • Likes Paranormal Ice Road Truckers, but isn’t a fan of TV in general
  • Likes war documentaries
  • Doesn’t like small talk
  • Doesn’t like being called Rob (…or Bobert) - ‘buddy’ seems to be okay?
  • Likes to go camping (but hasn’t been after what happened last time)
  • Digs old movies from the 30′s and 40s
  • Takes the creation of movies VERY seriously
  • Likes Tom Waits and Santana
  • Likes to whittle and is pretty good at it
  • Smokes like a chimney (if all the ashtrays in his house are any indication.)
  • Enjoys the Criterion Collection

~ Food/Drink Canon ~

  • Likes whiskey… A LOT - especially shots
  • When it comes to alcohol, rarely takes ‘no’ for an answer
  • Likes white zinfandel because it’s delicious, fruity, and refreshing
  • LOVES pineapple on his pizza
  • Enjoys bar-hopping
  • Thinks Jim and Kim’s is the best bar in town
  • Occasionally hangs out at The Coffee Spoon

~ Sex/Romance Canon ~

  • Talks dirty…very dirty
  • Enjoys leaving hickeys…lots of them
  • Rough enough in bed to leave a person feeling sore and ‘creaky’ afterwards
  • Enjoys biting
  • When his lover says ‘no’ or ‘stop’ he takes it seriously
  • Recognizes that he’s an emotional wreck/emotionally unavailable…and is honest about it

~ Memorable Quotes ~ 

  • “The key to being cool is acting like you don’t care about anything, but actually care very deeply about everything to the point where it’s debilitating.”
  • “Too many people think that they have to fill the dead air with noise.  Personally I think they’re afraid of the silence.  Or they’re afraid of what the other person is gonna think of the silence…learn to be comfortable with silence.”
  • “I respect your opinion.  And I will fight with my life for your right to say it.  But where’s your sense of adventure? Where’s your sense of taste?  Why won’t you love yourself?”
  • “The juciness of the pineapple paired with the tanginess of the sauce is a flavor combination that everyone should experience at least once, if not a thousand times more. Pineapple on pizza is one of the few things in life that I genuinely and thoroughly enjoy.  Please.  Please just do this for me.  No - do this for yourself.”
  • “That popcorn-ass drivel the mass media is shoving down your throat will only make you dumber and sadder.  You of all people should strive for a higher standard in the art you consume.”
  • “Are you kidding me? I would never hit a child.  That would be despicable.”
  • “This is my Thinking Bench.  I have to get a solid two to three hours of brooding per day.  Filling quotas…A lot of people underestimate the senses of a man who broods.”
  • “I’m so many levels of irony deep that I’ve forgotten what humor is.”
  • “I was so busy chasing after all of these things that I thought would make me happy that I didn’t think about anyone else.  All I cared about was myself.”
  • “Maybe I’m just built like this.  Or maybe I do it to myself.  Maybe it’s my own choice I’m as unhappy as I am.”
  • “I’m working on my relationship with existence.”
  • “Long live the king, baby.”
  • “I spent my whole life only taking, and taking, and taking.  And now here I am, an old, broken man sitting on top of a pile of everything I’ve ever taken.  Alone.”
  • “I spent so much time chasing after things I thought were gonna make me happy that I ruined my only real chance at happiness.”
  • “You know, every day for me is a battle against my own self-destructive habits.”

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ciara!!! can you draw hunk? you probably know who it is ahdjjfjdjfj I love you girl! do u have a paypal or smthn I could send money to? I feel bad just asking u to draw stuff, could I like too u $10 or smthn? idk what currency you use down there, hopefully the conversion isn't too bad. ily friend 💛

heres a badass hunk for you!! i realised halfway through colouring that i forgot to draw his bayard so now its just an awkward hand lol

i dont have paypal sadly (soon ill get it set up ahh) but it doesnt matter cause this is a request! thank you for sending me one and helping me avoid a depressive spell for another day 💚💚💚

(bonus transparent shieldless version cause why not)

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sorry to be that person but why are you against mcclain as lances last name? at first glance i was like oh i guess it can be seen as whitewashing, but then lots of people said it was fine because that was his canon last name in voltron: defenders of the universe. i also saw the point being made that lots of latinx people have white sounding last names and lots of white people have latinx sounding last names so either way names arent perfectly representative of a persons race. what do you think?

Okay. Hoo Boy here we go! Sorry for being Extra Blunt, but to me you don’t seem all that sorry, considering you still decided to send this ask, lmao. Anyways! This is actually gonna get hella long, so let me just post a Table of Contents here in bullet point form to let you know what I’ll be covering. The rest will be below the cut.

  1. Disclaimer-ish
  2. Why are you against Lance having a White surname?
  3. But other people said it was okay, doesn’t that mean it’s okay?
  4. I’m Latinx/Mixed and my surname is White. What about my representation?/Are you saying I’m not valid?
  5. But his original surname is McClain, isn’t it? Why not just keep it?
  6. How is it “whitewashing” if this isn’t about skin tone? How is this racist?
  7. It’s not that big of a deal, is it?
  8. Conclusion

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Please god tell me dorkroxy is a name for johnroxy and people arent shipping her and Dirk in fucking 2017

You seem to be coming off a tad condescending and if that’s just me reading it wrong then I apologize but if I’m right then:

who gives a fuck about what other people ship?? like there’s nothing even inherently bad about dirk/roxy, like they’re the same age and they aren’t really related or anything. Like yeah Dirk’s gay in canon but John’s straight and people have been shipping him with dudes since literally forever, also What People Ship Doesn’t Affect What’s Canon At All.

Everyone has a crack ship or two, let them have theirs and get off your high horse

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Assorted Tanaka hcs???

- His mom is Japanese-American, and was born and raised in the heart of LA. His father, born and raised in the heart of some low-key farm town in Japan, was over in America for studying purposes, and when they met, the fell in love. They settled down and got married in California, and stayed there until Tanaka was four.

- Because of his whole background, he really, really loves American culture, especially from the 90’s. His sister had the privilege of being a bit older and getting to really experience it all, and he’s so jealous. There nothing this kid loves more than Tupac, MC Hammer, and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

- That being said, his casual clothes are really, really stinking cool. He looks like the punk straight out of a 90’s dance battle movie and he loves it. He’s had people say he looks kind of intimidating, but his sister and Nishinoya dig it, so other people’s opinions don’t matter.

- Looks like a sinamon roll, is actually a cinnamon roll. Its canon that he gives off a bit of a bad boy persona, but God, the moment you sit him down to watch a sad movie, he’s the first to cry. Him and Nishinoya decided to go see “Lion” thinking that it would be cool, because with a name like “Lion” it has to be badass, right? Wrong. After the first ten minutes Tanaka was already bawling into his sweatshirt, and either Nishinoya didn’t catch on, or was crying too, because neither of them said anything to eachother after it ended.

- He’s very respectful towards girls. Growing up with a sister, he knows what sets girls off, what they like and dislike, and how they react to certain things, et cetera. Although, he’s a bit more flirty with Kiyoko because, even if he thinks she’s undeniably gorgeous, they’re just friends, and he’s come to terms with that, and he knows she’s ok with his rambunctiousness. Although, he would never, ever touch her, or say something to her, or do something that would make her uncomfortable in any way. She’s pretty, yes, but she’s not an object, when he’s not flirting and such, he treats hr like he would treat anyone else. (Honestly, the most unrealistic thing about Haikyuu is that nobody wants Tanaka. He’s literally the best.)

- He runs one of those basic, 300,000 follower meme accounts on Instagram, all of his teammates follow him, none of them know that it is him.

- He’s honestly very sensitive, when it comes down to it. Although he can sass a man to the moon and back, the moment somebody shows him the slightest bit of anger, he acts like a kicked puppy. All he wants is love and validation, even if he is a little bit wild sometimes.

- He’s the kind of person to say “don’t touch me, leave me alone.” when he’s upset, and really mean, “please make a fuss of me, don’t leave me alone.”

- After the third years retire, Tanaka is hoping and praying he becomes the official ace. Deep down, he has no doubt he’ll be created with the title, although part of him can’t help but fear that Hinata is going to receive it instead.

- His walls are covered with so many posters of rappers, basketball players, volleyball players and skimpy playboy girls that he has no idea what the actual color of his walls are anymore.

- He has an entire drawer in his bedroom filled with all kinds of junk foods. His stash has relocated several times due to the fact that Saeko always finds it, and always hoards it for herself.

- Saeko became his legal guardian when he was thirteen. Unfortunately, his parents both got in a car crash and died, and him and Saeko were absolutely torn about it, as any human being would be. Although, it was much, much harder for Saeko because during the process of grieving, she was also desperately trying to gain custody over her little brother. She had already lost two members of her family, and she didn’t know what she would do if she lost her brother, too. It was difficult for her, but in the end, she won, and throughout it all, Tanaka never knew anything. She didn’t want him to know, because she didn’t want to pile on the heartbreak.

Dear Toxic Shippers from any fandom,


Yeah, I know, you like your ship, cool! Yeah, I know, you hate that one ship with all your guts, cool!

 But seriously, there is no need to be a prick about it. You can’t go shitting on people’s art based on your NOTP. It’s a dick move. You can’t tell people to kill themselves because they ship your NOTP. It is a dick move. You can’t harass the creators of the show that your ship came from, all because they won’t confirm it being canon or they decide not to have a canon. It is a dick move!!!! Doing dick moves are what get your ship the majority of the hate it gets. It gives all shippers, including those who aren’t toxic, a bad name. 

I’m not saying you can’t have a notp or an otp….

Just don’t be a dick! It isn’t that hard! Especially over a little ship!

Roadrat Headcanons

(okay so I’m putting all my ideas so far here, i’ll make a note to make it more obvious for the pepole who’ve already seen the rest)
Has a scar on the left side of his face that runs through his eyebrow and over the left eyelid, he’s not blind in the eye, but he has issues fully opening the eye because of the scar tissue.

Has and under-bit and two teeth that look like tusks (Not very orginal I know) witch prop his mouth open a bit, so his mouth is always just slightly opened.Has four earrings ( 8 in total) And one of them happens to be a home made one from Junkrat that has the classical Junkrat smile on it. He also has one that looks like a pig. Top most earring is usually a small hoop earring.

Has a nose ring through his right nostril.

Has and eyebrow piercing, on his right eyebrow.

Has a piercing through his bottom lip, and a small scar near the left “tusk”.

Mako used to practice Buddhism before everything went to heck in a hand cart.

Is teaching Junkrat to read.

Jamie can’t read very well, the world went to hell before he learned how to read much, but he has enough experience to understand the basics.

Jamie is also dyslexic, making reading a lot harder. It’s one of the reasons he’s struggles to remember Mako’s real name.

Junkrat’s writing is like giving a 2 year old a pen and asking them to write you a letter. Usually end’s in scribbles and ink mess.

Junkrat is actually very good at drawing designs. But not people. Again, like a 2 year old.

Jamie probably has ADHD, making learning how to read a lot harder.

Junkrat’s favorite animal is a dragon. No one can tell him it’s not real, he won’t believe you.

This boy has such bad memory, I’m 90% sure he has a tendency to forget his birth name isn’t Junkrat.
Roadrat Head canons (Yaay ships :D ):
Jamie is the little spoon, but he want’s to be the big spoon.

Mako has to take care of him like he’s a baby, has to bathe him, make sure he eats, occasionally has had to burp him, sometimes gets puked on, puts him to bed, cleans up his messes- the list goes on.

Jamie made the first move. Jamie got kicked in the groin. And then kissed.

Mako waited three months into dating him before taking the mask fully of, Jamie died for a few seconds.

Jamie likes to do up Mako’s hair, he usually ends up getting his metal fingers stuck in his boyfriend’s beautiful locks.

Mako tends to Jamie when he has phantom pains, which can sometimes incapacitate him for days. Mako will carry him around the house, Jamie will usually fall asleep snuggled into his belly whist being cradled like a small baby.

When they first started off, Jamie didn’t actually understand the values of money, and things like that. So he would sort them by amount, not value. At first, Roadhog though Junkrat was trying to cheat him out of his pay, and then he figure out Junkrat honestly didn’t understand the difference between a gold bar and a twenty dollar bill. In the end, Roadhog was assigned to be the money counter, to avoid further issues, but after a few year he decided he might as well begin to teach Junkrat about economy and monetary values.

Jamison is not allowed to cook, he never fails to set the building on fire. Roadhog is the only one allowed within three feet of the stove.

Jamie eventually ended up getting a hoop earring to match Mako’s, as well as a pig and smiley face one, he wears them on the left ear, same as Mako.

Jamie is a still silent sleeper, something trained into him after years of surviving in the Outback, kid barley even drools, he also is a light sleeper and more often then not wakes up paranoid. Mako, on the other hand snores, which used to wake up Jamie all the time. Now, it soothes him to sleep, and in it absence he finds it harder to rest.

Mako is the best god damn pillow and you better believe Jamie uses his belly as one all the time. Though, on nights that are particularly rough for Mako, emotionally (PTSD from his AFL day) or physically (a heist gone wrong) Mako will rest his head gently on Jamison’s torso, and the smaller man will wrap around his head, keeping Mako’s ear on his chest so he can hear is heart.

(All the new stuff so far)

Jamison usually crouches on Mako’s shoulder when in crowded areas for two reasons. Reason 1) It’s a possessive thing, feels like that by being perched on his shoulders he’s letting people know Roadie is his, and 2) it’s a damn good vantage point to spot anyone who might try and hurt them, after all with Jamison on his shoulder’s they’re over ten feet tall.

Junkrat isn’t a vegetarian like Roadhog, he wasn’t able to be picky growing up in those conditions, and neither was Roadhog, but you better believe that Mako damn well tries to get him to eat vegan once they get to civilization. It never works, of course, Jamison will end up eating bugs if Mako doesn’t provide at least one meat based meal a week for him. But, 6 out of 7 days is good enough for him.

Roadhog used to think Junkrat was a silly kid and would be easily caught, especially for him, considering he killed, kidnapped, and threatened people for a living. Junkrat was the first person in almost 20 years to actually outsmart Roadhog, and got him stuck in such a situation where he’d had no choice but to except Junkrat’s offer, not like he was going to turn it down anyways, with a deal as good as 50/50 in a 40/60 world.

Jamison only has 4 toes. He used to have 6, but he ended up loosing two in the two after a particularly unpleasant swim in the ocean.

Jamison doesn’t bathe much not only out of habit, but he feels safest with several layers of dirt to hide behind, besides, it provides protection from the sun. He only bathes because Mako like it when he’s clean.

Jamison had an unexplained, strange, phobia of most flying birds, except for seagulls.

Sad Ideas now (mostly Jamie):

Jamison’s health is much worse then Mako’s, he grew up in the radiation longer, didn’t have to many fancy pills or a gas mask, and had spent a long time near and in the Omnium. When they came to Overwatch they where each given physicals and full medical examinations. Despite the fact they could cure most the radiation poisoning and shrapnel damage Jamie probably won’t make it to 43 with how beaten and worn his body has already gotten over these past 20 something years in the out back, it’s likely he’ll die before Roadhog, despite his lung issues and constant use as a meat shield.

Jamison’s Birthday is also the anniversary of the day the Omnium blew. It happened during his 6th birthday party.

Jamie is slowly going def, and has started to lose vision in his right eye.

Mako has a constant habit of blaming himself for everything that’s happened to Jamison and the rest of the Outback.

Mako doesn’t talk a lot because it takes to much breath to talk loud enough for other’s to hear him (despite the fact that he’s going half def, Jamie’s left ear is actually very keen)

They’re terrified of coming out as a couple (despite the fact the other’s already have an idea they are) because in Junkertown showing public affection in crowds is showing a huge weakness to a potential enemy, they may target your loved one, so they keep it to them selves, and have to pretend to hate each other. Some nights it really get’s to Jamison, and he has to curl up on Mako’s chest and just cry a bit (they where lucky enough to be given a shared room, Winston says it was so they didn’t have to try and break nay habits). Once they had most the other’s convinced, until Jamie let his affections slip just a bit, and when Mercy had tried to tell him he was probably reading Mako’s body language wrong he’d gone off on her, telling her she knew nothing about them or what they felt.

Jamie sometimes wakes up screaming loud enough to alert half the base, either because he’s had such a bad memory, or his phantom pains have hit him full throttle.

Mako always lays in bed with Jamie, but for the most part he can’t sleep, he’s to afraid those nights that when he wakes up he’s going to wake up in bed where he was before he met Jamie.

Both of them suffer from severe mental issues, both obviously developing psychopathic tendencies. Jamie has the worst brunt end of mental issues though, with his dyslexia, his ADHD, and his inability to easily put a filter on what he says, though he’s getting better with the last one it’s a long slow process. Jamie also is, in some ways, still a child, always needing someone to look over him to be sure he doesn’t accidentally hurt himself or someone else.

In the year or so they’ve been with Overwatch Jamison has developed cancerous tumors several times ( a few where there form before he ever even joined) and has yet to enter full remission, though the hair and weight loss aren’t really that noticeable with him. The hair he does have is very resilient and takes more then a few heavy doses of chemo to get rid of. Mako, on the other hand, has had several lung collapses and is facing the possibility of loosing one of his already extremely bad lungs, and possibly needing a full on proper breathing apparatus for the rest of his life.

Head Canons for the Future (To make up for the sads):

They marry at ages of 34 and 57.

Jamison, some how, actually does make it it past 43.

Jamison enters full remission at the age of 37.

Mako does end up losing the lung at 52, but the breathing apparatus improves his breathing but 20%.

Mako and Jamison retire at 41 and 64.

They live in Overwatch Base for a year after retiring, but move to a gentle, nice, little home in Hawaii a few miles outside of a small, simple village.

A couple of the Overwatch members have a few kids, and the Junkers are extremely pleased  to earn the title of uncles.

They adopt 3 pigs, Barns, Tot, and Paprika. They live outside, but sleep in the house on Jami’es and Mako’s overly sized bed with them.

Mako’s late night asthma attacks are very rare, and he has yet to have a lung collapse since the apparatus.

Mako becomes a fisher and Jamie becomes a mechanic until his back gives out on him (Mako one a bet on that one, he always knew Jamie’s back would give out first) and Jamie ends up fully retiring at 47, and sits and chats with Mako whilst he fishes most days, checking up on the pigs on a regular basis back home.

They actually get well known in the village as those two cute old men who play bicker all the time and actually make friends with another older couple, and once again earn the titles of Uncle to the couples grand children.

They start a garden, and Mako and Jamison take up scrap booking, collecting all the old news paper clipping that have mentions of them. Jamison like’s being able to get his creative juices out by decorating the pages with cute little buttons and stickers.

Even 16 years later, Mako hasn’t given up on getting his husband to become vegan.

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whats the relationship between junkrat and roadhog in the canon of ow?

Junkrat found a treasure in the Omnium and he hired Roadhog to protect him from the people who want to take it from him. They also go on exploits and share their profit 50/50.

Junkrat has voicelines that often tease or annoy Roadhog in some way. Roadhog tends to have lines that are surly silences or telling him to shut up…but he also has lines where he tells Junkrat to take care of himself or not to get hurt.

And they’re thick as thieves, since they travel together looting and burning and blowing shit up. Overwatch’s Twitter, I think, has retweeted art of them as like Timon and Pumba, lmao, so I guess they’re similar to that.

Also in their shared comic, Junkrat got mad at someone for calling Roadhog fat. He like starts yelling that he’s not fat, or, I’m not sure, I’m on mobile and I can’t check.

Anyway. He in general gives off this “this is my buddy” not just his bodyguard vibe. He seems to have a bad memory since he forgot Roadhog’s name but…roadhog does tell him his name instead of just telling him to shut up or not responding.

I think there’s a data mined voice line about Junkrat’s line “you hook em and I’ll cook em!” line.

Roadhogs original response is “shut up” but in the datamined version, Roadhog says “I’ll hook em” to which Junkrat says “and I’ll cook em!”

The roadhog voice actor has also jokingly called Junkrat’s one leg sexy, lmao.

But canonically.

as of right now, I think Junkrat likes roadhog more than he likes him.

But it’s also possibly that roadhog is just a lot less loud about it and he may think of Junkrat as annoying, but his responsibility anyway.

They’re kind of a dynamic duo, since they seem to work great as a partnership, and get into their wild apocalyptic shenanigans but if I’m perfectly honest.

I can’t say roadrat is canon because we don’t have enough evidence.

And if it is, so far, it seems like it’s more on Junkrat’s side than roadhog’s.

I’ll talk more on this later, I’m at lunch

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Dgray-man recs, pretty please? I've been reading the fics you've recced for about a week (not much sleeping going on here, but I'm on med leave so I'm taking advantage of it) but haven't seen any fic from that fandom(aside from one tikky/cross)? Maybe the other people who love your blog can help,too? -man is amazing and deserves to be more known (love your work btw!)

Pretty much anything by Miko is fantastic. Their stuff was mostly written back before a lot of canon reveals, so if you don’t want to be spoiled for later chapters but do want a fantastic look at the characters, give them a try.

Staples of Vocabulary is probably my favorite Kanda/Lavi fic.

You and Me and the Devil Makes Three is lovely, lovely characterization.

throw me a second light is a teaching!AU, and very funny.

metisket wrote a couple of fan-fucking-tastic DGM fics (+ more if you’re into Fullmetal Alchemist)

You Give Love a Bad Name is Kanda/Allen, cliche in all the best ways, and utterly hilarious.

Blackberry Bushes is gen, and a fascinating AU

Aren’t You Tired? hasn’t been updated in a while, but it’s a very fun Naruto crossover

A Blast from the Past, because no rec list of mine would be complete without time travel

A Flight on Wings has absolutely gorgeous characterization.

what’s funny to me is that, if you replace aaron’s name on any shorthand ‘aaron is homophobic’ retort from the fandom with kevin’s, it’d still be correct

“aaron always gave nicky grief abt his sexuality” 

could be

 “kevin always gave nicky grief abt his sexuality” 

and the argument would still hold water. you can’t give me shit about calling kevin homophobic because of xyz reasons bc:

  1. kev isn’t canonically stated as bi and has actually said a lot of bad shit about nicky being gay and has been known to tell neil to not be gay because “it’s hard being a gay athlete”; and
  2. if you tell me that he’s raised to believe that that’s so, you can retract all your arguments about aaron minyard because that’s exactly what we’ve been saying abt aaron this whole time

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Mate, don't feel bad for your ship. I'm no Lizzington shipper, but I'm not blind either. Their relationship was never a paternal one. Sure there were times he acted sort like a father, giving advises and all; but his name does mean guardian and advisor. Besides, don't we care for those we love? Don't we try to protect them? I don't know why the writers decided to take this daddy road, but you guys aren't crazy. Keep sailin'. We don't need canon, we die like real shippers. From a Lizbe friend.

Thanks Anon! This can be a difficult fandom to navigate at times but I very much appreciate the encouragement especially coming from someone on a different ship. That definitely doesn’t happen very often. I also agree that we don’t need canon. After 3b and s4 I’ve had all the canon I can endure and will happily ship AU for now. Thanks for dropping by. Cheers:)

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what are your favorite tudor fanfics? and other fav fanfics?

i’ve answered here, but i’ve read some new ones since so i guess i can update the list! there’s a few to be found in my fic recs tag, and my public bookmarks on AO3 as well. 

achieving the together-coloured instant by @bolleyna: henry tudor and anne boleyn at cambridge (modern) au!! witty and wonderful. pitch-perfect dialogue, flow, and characterizations

a good king by @margarettudor:  ‘ Henry VII dies in 1503 instead of Elizabeth of York, and Henry VIII is made king at eleven years old.’:

“Her reddish-gold curls but her husband’s clear blue eyes, along with a hooked nose that gives his profile a Roman air, a nose she nuzzles presently to Henry’s delight. Her guard does not balk at such affectionate behavior between royals in public; the queen’s fondness for her second son in particular is a poorly kept secret.”

all the difference by angelqueen: after the birth of elizabeth, anne gives birth to two sons:

“God be with you, my darlings,” Anne whispered as she kissed each of their bare heads. “You are England’s greatest joy, and the light of my life.”

flatmates by @essequamvideri24: catch me reading a twp fic that’s modern au and surprising myself by loving it because sometimes….things that are canon…are worse.

so: delightful modern au where elizabeth (of) york becomes the unlikely roommate of henry tudor, in which she ‘hogs the bathroom, stocks the fridge with ridiculous foods…and always drinks champagne’ 

iphigenia by reganx:  “His name was Agamemnon… He did a very bad thing.” (my friends hated me for reccing this even tho i warned them that this was a darker/angstier fic so…keep that in mind, also read the author’s note before diving in!!), henry/anne

remembrance by queensorders: modern au, henry/anne:

“At first she’s uncertain what she wants to do, after all she’s not certain why she’s even up in the first place. But there is something in the air, words unspoken or old memories perhaps, that brings her to her wardrobe where she pulls on a pair of jeans and a knitted sweater, a feeling in her gut that makes her feet lift and fall over and over again until she reaches their front door where Anne pulls on her trench coat. She locks the door behind her.“ 

wild for to hold by @quillington: ‘At the age of 6, Henry Tudor and his family are exiled from England by the triumphant return of the so-called Richard of Shrewsbury. Forced to seek a life and support abroad, the Tudor family is thrust about the globe as they attempt to reclaim their birthright. When Henry chances to meet Anne Boleyn at the French court, however, his life is turned topsy turvy as duty, honor, and the fate of England duel with love, desire, and passion.’

you and me could be like royalty by thefairfleming: modern au, henry vii/elizabeth of york:

“Drinking an entire bottle of wine in a hotel bar by yourself is rather in line with the sort of judgement one expects from your family,” he tells her, then lifts his glass in a sarcastic salute. “Well done.”

other favs, various source materials:

stick around by batss: greg/rebecca (crazy ex-girlfriend)– oh my god, they were roommates! au

with the taste of nectar upon his lips by @briony-larkin: hades x persephone modern au, world war ii. elegantly beautiful prose, and incredibly believable. 

the write in by by encroix: jane/rafael (jane the virgin): “five romance novel moments jane and rafael don’t have (and one they kind of do).”

Do you love a good solid wholesome meme pick me up for your sad times? Do you like the nasty crime boi with a heart of gold? Why you are in luck! Good or bad, it all depends on the choices one makes in Persona 5! If interested in dealing with rickrolls with a touch of ‘my life sucked after I was accused of punching a bald man in the face’, PROTAGONIST of Persona 5, using the manga canon name, please either give a like or reblog. Joker will see if you have a heart to be stolen or just a person of interest he can bug. He might be inclined to clean your room or act like a cat too. Be advised! It might just be your last surprise!

Ya know, it's really difficult to understand what the haters are saying most of the time.

But I’m using a new fandumb translator. And this is what I was able to gather from one of the latest tag invaders.

Translation: “blahblahblahblah, white men suck, Kara should be gay because we say so. It’s not the writers show, it’s our show. Get mon-ew off it. We don’t like him. Banter is abuse, unless your name is Lena. Having bad parents makes you bad, unless your name is Lena. We’re the only fans that count. Give us what we want or we’ll bitch some more.”

That’s what I can make out so far. The rest is all a jumble.

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How would someone go about making a good Asgoriel fanchild?

One, you need to make Asgore and Toriel’s relationship solidified and clear. They need to be together to have kids. (That said, there has been one good fanfic where the two simply had a one-night-stand and had a child from that. Of course, if you go that route, it is a slippery slope towards reconciliation as well.) You need to make it obvious that they love each other. It needs to be believable.

Two, if you can, try to include the other characters reactions to the pregnancy/kid. That will make it seem like it is actually part of the game’s world.

Three, Asriel and Chara. The two should be referenced or be revived. They were important to the story and the Dreemurr family. Do not act like they never existed.

Four, the name of the child needs to be fitting and must be a name Toriel would agree with. Asgore is canonically bad with names but do not give the child a bad name on purpose. Workshop a few names before you find one that works.

Five, describe what parts of them are similar to which parent. For example, I would say that Asriel shares his vocalbulary with his dad and is stubborn like his mom. Also, since they are a Boss Monster, describe how they are different species-wise. I see Asgore as having fluffy fur and Toriel having smooth fur. Thus, Asriel is inbetween. Would an Asgoriel fanchild be the same? Would they inherit Asgore’s blond fur or Toriel’s white fur? Would they grow into having blond fur? What about their horns?

Six, do not make them an expy or Mary Sue. They are not just another Asriel or a shitty self-insert. They are Asgore and Toriel’s child and have a full upbringing, stories, etc. How do the other characters interact with them?


I hope that helps.

Do you love a good solid wholesome meme pick me up for your sad times? Do you like the nasty crime boi with a heart of gold? Why you are in luck! Good or bad, it all depends on the choices one makes in Persona 5! If interested in dealing with rickrolls with a touch of ‘my life sucked after I was accused of punching a bald man in the face’, PROTAGONIST of Persona 5, using the manga canon name, please either give a like or reblog. Joker will see if you have a heart to be stolen or just a person of interest he can bug. He might be inclined to clean your room or act like a cat too. Be advised! It might just be your last surprise!

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Bex jokes saying 'Sheith confirmed' and not a single person have I seen that likes shaladin actually make a big deal about it because it was just a joke obviously but if it was klance ofc antis makes sure everyone sees it and oh you can't forget the creators also take a liking to the ship so it's going to be canon too bad to all of you shaladongs :^) [the names they come with lmao it actually makes me feel special they take the time to give such adorable names c":]

Sh/eith is obviously canon bc one VA posted it on the others VA’s Instagram so that’s the peak of confirmation everyone else go home everything else is a lie

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Shit, I wanted to leave something but you've heard all my ES21 headcanons XD.

Don’t worry about resharing them omg, i love all your hcs O3O!! Besides, I’m pretty sure its safe to assume that neither of us been thinking about ES21 lately.. Gosh, just to share a few HCs 

- Yamato is the lucky, because he’s the type who needs to vomit it all out and *instantly* feels better. It annoys a lot of people, because how fucking dare you look so refresh after puking your guts out. Do these people actually exist? Yes, my fucking roommate is this type and I’m so envious. 

- Kakei is like Kid in the sense he doesn’t drunk that quickly that easily, however, certain foods/smells makes them both incredulously queasy. Anyways, Kakei (as payback for giving Sena the ID of eyeshield 21) bet Hiruma that he can take more shots than him. Hiruma, who in my opinion a light drinker, takes it on because fuck Kakei thats why. Cue Kakei looming over a vomit drench Hiruma like,” use Yamato’s name again and I’ll make sure you feel like this in every waking moment of your life.” 

- Mizumachi has no sense of privacy/space, thats canon. That being said, I’d like to think he has a real bad habit of shaking people when hes excited or just AHHHHHH *SHAKES* because why not. One of his victims include Marco who he made instantly regret every he every soda he consumed. 

- Akaba is the type to suffer in silence. He’s trying to silence all the bubbling and growling in his stomach, but eventually he gets up to excuse himself. However, Yamato notices and just pins (not physically…okay maybe) Akaba in place by making conversation about all sorts of nonsense. Naturally Akaba makes a mess of himself and a bit of Yamato, who gives Akaba a disgusted look. Yamato doesn’t actually mean it, but to make Akaba feel 10x more worst. I’m sorry… I love sadistic! yamato too much…

A year ago today is when my life changed. At 2:40am on February 25, I was on a Homestuck roleplay site called MSPARP. I had set my character as Mituna Captor, and I went searching for another character to rp with. I had been terribly ill since December 20th, my amazing mother had been taking care of me and letting me do what I wanted, talking to my internet friends since they were all that I had at the time beside my family. I was about to give up on finding a roleplay, until a character named Cronus Ampora entered the room. I decided to give it a try, and that night, a world was built within the minds of myself and the one behind Cronus Ampora’s character. It evolved into a deep, beautiful, and meaningful roleplay we eventually named Timeless. Sooner or later, Dualscar and Psii had come in and the roleplay began to revolve around them almost entirely. So you see, when I am told that my OTPs aren’t good, or that they are bad ships, I know it to be true in canon. For Cronus and Mituna at least, but… When I think OTP, I think of Timeless, and how they came to be together. These characters and the world they were in quite literally saved my life, from dark and hopeless times where all seemed lost. Before I had met my beloved on that night, my world had been over since that day on December 20th. I met my soulmate on February 25th, 2:40am in the morning.

What we made, for them, for Cronus, Mituna, Dualscar, and Psii, was an immersive and gorgeous universe. It was a story about tragedy, about heartbreak, with dangerous and near impossible odds. But most of all, it was a story about true love. A love that survived against all odds, against all else. A story of how they made it, and how they, and we, will be together.

Through eternity. Always, and Forever.