you give a kick i give a slap

Imagine how cool it would be to have Ardyn to join your team and fight with you during combats

Noct and him would make a badass combo while insulting each other and it would end up with Ardyn slapping Noctis behind the head or kicking him in the back

When Noctis’ HP drop to 0 and Ardyn helps him, he’d mock him saying something like “And you think you can reclaim your throne” And Noctis would just reply “Fuck you too”

When Ardyn’s HP drop to 0 and Noctis helps him he’d say “I’d appreciate it if I didnt have to pick up the trash every 10 seconds” and Ardyn would just laugh it off because he doesnt give a single shit

Sometimes when Noctis is in danger Ardyn would pretend to give him a hand to lift him up but turn his back to him and leave it to one of the other teammates cuz he aint helping this little shit

One would sometimes stab the other just because they can

When Noctis is afflicted with confused state he would try to hug Ardyn rather than attacking him and Ardyn would be like “PROMPTO TAKE A PICTURE NOW” and Ignis would facepalm

Limits. Loki.

Request: Hello! I was wondering if you could do a Loki one-shot where the reader and him have a huge fight, and she goes to push him back but he grabs her wrists and backs her up against a wall or something, and makes a smart ass remark. Then from then on just really angry sex & maybe angst? I love your writing. :) 

Triggers: Smut. Mild angst through a fight the two have (Mentions of a very jealous Loki).

Word Count: 1164

Enjoy ;D

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Temporary Fix L.H

warning: smut

word count: 1400+

song: Temporary Fix by One Direction

I’ve loved this song ever since the first time I heard it so I was super excited to write something based on it. hope you like it anon! x

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You can call me when you’re lonely
When you can’t sleep, I’ll be your temporary fix
You control me, even if it’s just tonight
You can call me when you feel like
I’m your good time, I’ll be your temporary fix
You can own me, and we’ll call this what you like
Let me be your good night 

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anonymous asked:

hey, you seem pretty cool so could i request a HC of the RFA (+ V and Saeran please) of them play fighting with MC and who would win. i know this sounds weird but i'm curious of how the members would react. sorry if this has been done before! i'm fairly new to this but thank you for at least reading this!~ ❤️


~Love this! Play fighting is so fun it’s one of my fav things haha

◉ Yoosung

  • He was strong in LOLOL
  • But was he strong in real life????
  • You were about to find out
  • You challenged him to a duel
    • “MC, no! I-I can’t fight you!”
    • “Too SLOW!”
  • You kicked him in the shin
  • Not super hard though
    • “Hey, OW! That kinda hurt, stop!”
    • “Come on, Superman Yoosung show me what you got!”
  • You poked him in the stomach
  • He still wasn’t doing anything
    • “I won’t do it!”
    • “Aww..wittle baby Yoosung won’t fight me…”
  • OK
  • Now it was on
  • You knew that would get to him
  • Attacked you with tickles
  • Had you on your knees in a second
  • Pushed you down onto the floor and pinned you under him
    • “I give up I give up!” you laughed
    • “Well now that I won I’ll take my prize”
  • Kissed you

◉ Jumin

  • You were playfully slapping him on his arms
    • “What are you doing?”
    • “I just want to play, fight me!”
  • You laughed and kept hitting him
  • He didn’t understand this
  • He wasn’t about to fight you
  • Sighed
  • With one hand and with ease he grabbed you by the wrist and whipped you around tossing you against the wall
  • Smiled and let his finger tips trace your jawline
    • “If you want to play, I have a much better game,” he said smoothly
  • Ok
  • He wins

◉ Zen

  • You guys were both struggling to block each others smacks and pokes
  •  He was strong but you were agile and kept escaping his grip
  • Somehow you ended up on the floor
  • You were both rolling around
  • He grabbed your arm and you pulled away too hard and your arm sprung back
  • You elbowed him in the nose on accident T_T
  • Whoops!
  • He immediately gave up and rolled on the floor
  • Covered his face
    • “Omg ZEN I’m so sorry are you okay?!”
    • “NO!” he sobbed
  • His nose wasn’t even bleeding or anything -_-
  • You pat him on the back
  • Spent the rest of the night bringing him ice packs and giving him extra kisses
  • He forgave you though

◉ Jaehee

  • You guys play fought a lot
  • Of course you never won
  • She was a beast ok she’s amazing and strong
  • She always went easy on you
  • She was at the bookshelf picking out a DVD when you crept up silently behind her
  • Karate chopped her side lightly and she immediately went into defense mode
  • Dropped the DVD and grabbed your arm
  • Flipped you onto your butt on the floor
    • “Owww!” you rubbed your butt and fell on your back with a whimper
    • “OMG MC! I’m so sorry it was a reflex!”
  • Rushed to your side
  • Laughed when you started laughing
    • “No sneaking up on you…gotcha” you winced

◉ Saeyoung

  • You were fighting over the last bag of chips
  • What else is new
  • This fight was epic
  • Going all over the apartment
  • He had the chip bag and was not letting up
  • Chairs-knocked over
  • Throw pillows-thrown
  • He was standing on the couch now
    • “Ha-Ha-Ha, Defender of justice will win these chips once and for all!” he began to open the bag
  • You ran up to him and threw your arm out to grab him
  • Unfortunately he jumped into mid air at the same time
  • And you ended up punching between his legs
  • Fell to the ground in agony
    • “No! You hurt looooong cat™!” he cried
  • You dropped down and rubbed his back
    • “I’m so sorry omg!”
    • “You could kiss it and make it better,” he rolled towards you
    • “UGH!”
  • You grabbed the chips and hit him on the head

◉ V

  • Play fighting?
  • Lol
  • Play fighting to him was rolling around on the bed
  • Tickling each other
  • He was actually pretty good at blocking you
  • But he always let you win
  • You always tried to escalate it
  • But he would interrupt to kiss you
  • Will never stop kissing you and ruining the fun
  • Ends up on top of you every time so you have no choice lol

◉ Saeran

  • Who knows how these things always started between you guys
  • You guys were fighting over the remote this time and it escalated
  • He was trying to get it from you
    • “I don’t want to watch a dumb chick flick, give it here,” he groaned
    • “Never!” you laughed
  • You tried to run away but he grabbed you by the ankle and accidentally made you fall
    • “Ouch, dang…” you cried
    • “Shit, are you okay?!”
  • He didn’t mean to actually hurt you
  • Rushed over to your side
  • Really concerned
  • You were faking though
  • Caught him off guard and flipped him on his back
  • Straddled him
  • Leaned in close to his face
    • “I win,” you whispered with a grin
  • Kissed his nose
  • Saeran accepted defeat
  • He pouted but he was blushing
Reality Shifter *Avengers x Reader*

Originally posted by thesoldierchildren

Summary: Tony has created a Stark Shifter. He’s able to jump from reality to reality looking for Steve, only he has to do it with Bucky, plus you and Sam. Meaning they have to work together if they want to bring Steve back, only each reality is a little more strange than the last one.
Warnings: Swearing
Admins Note: The long awaited sequel to Alternate “You”niverse.

Julianne Hough- As Female Steve
Lauren Cohan - As Female Bucky
Charlize Theron- As Female Thor
Damian Lewis- As Male Natasha
Keke Palmer- As Female Sam
Leighton Meester- As Female Tony
Jared Padalecki- As Male Wanda

Alternate “You”niverse Master List.

“Look there’s someone,” Sam pointed as they walked the silent corridors of what you all assume is the Avengers tower, “hello, excuse me?” Sam yells and the woman stops and turns with raised eyebrows.

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She was medium height and build, black long hair and her skin a russet brown. A denim jacket hung carelessly on her body, along with a grey v-neck paired with black jeans, hands shoved deep into her jacket pockets. She waited patiently for you and the others to catch up, quirking an eyebrow at all of you. This must be some alternate reality because you had never seen her before, you were certain if you had you’d remember her. She’s also strolling around the Avengers floors, must be important. You’d know her for sure.

“Can I help you?” Her voice was smooth, held hardness and an edge of wit at the end, “I have somewhere to be? Are you here for a meeting with Stark or something?” She asked pulling a hand out and scratching it through her hair.

Tony was the one to speak up, “I never take meetings!” You chuckled at the truth behind that, the woman chuckled awkwardly.

“Okay, sir but who even are you?” You all became silent and you glanced at Bucky who was blankly staring at the woman, “I’m Samantha, nice to meet you all! How do you all even get up to this floor? You need a code.”

Sam chuckled, “No way, I’m called Sam.” He held a big grin as he looked from her to Nat, who sighed lightly and looked at Stark; you frowned as those two had a whole conversation with just their eyes.

“You don’t think?” Tony pointed at the woman named Sam, Natasha nodded, “you mean she’s?” She nodded once more, “so this took us to this reality?” he held up the Reality shifter and you all stared at it, admittedly yourself, Sam and Bucky looked at it dumbly.

Samantha looked at the weird contraption also before looking at you. “Okay, weirdo’s I’m gonna have to ask you to follow me and that better not be a bomb, I’m fed up of stuff blowin’ up!” You all follow Samantha, Tony whispering to you how he thinks this reality is where you’re all the opposite genders.

“You mean that hot girl is him?” Bucky asked in disbelief, you frowned but chuckled.

“I am a beautiful man and woman, deal with it, Terminator.” Sam quipped with a grin, Tony and yourself rolled your eyes at the same time as Natasha smacked Sam upside the head.

You followed Samantha through the tower, which looked the same to yours. Nothing seemed really out of the ordinary, apart from the fact female Sam Wilson was leading you through it. You had to admit she looked great, she had the confidence plus witty edge about her, that your Sam has. She also had his sense of calm; his caring nature that was obviously on high alert due to you guys being here. She glanced back to you all, connecting eyes with Bucky before the brown pools drifted to his left arm.

“Huh, I know a girl with a metal arm too,” she commented and looked ahead; you looked at Bucky who let out a long sigh. “She also has the same broody expression, sure you’ll two will get along just fine.” Sam and Natasha let slip light chuckles as Bucky glared, you smiled nudging him lightly.

Samantha comes to a halt at a door; you glance at Tony as he recognises Steve’s office. You could see through the glass, definitely not Steve sat inside. Not even a girl remotely looking like Steve was inside, the door was pushed open and you all stepped in.

The usual white, neat looking office was slightly different. It had deep grey carpets and an elegant desk in the middle, in front of big glass windows. Very spacious, a house plant sat in the corner looking full of life. A few photos dangled up on the wall, remotely looking like Steve’s back in your universe. Yet, these held photos of a blonde bombshell, smiling at the camera or her friends.

“Becky, do you know any of these guys?” Samantha crossed her arms over her chest, nodding her head to your group.

You all glanced at the woman who was stood by the window, she turned and her dark brown hair shaped her face. Clear, concerned eyes all sizing you up with a small frown; she shakes her head once before looking at Samantha.

“Am I meant to know who they are?” Her voice cool, like her eyes and you looked over her as she had a silent conversation with Samantha.

Becky was tall, her face nicely shaped and pale skin. A leather jacket was zipped up, plus a grey fingerless glove covered her left hand. Allowing the smooth, metallic metal fingers to glimmer in the natural light of the office, they were slender than Bucky’s but still looked like his. You watched as the first clenched, drawing you back to the conversation that was going on in front of you.

“They were aimlessly walking around,” Samantha shrugged and Becky rolled her eyes.

“So, showing them around is a good idea, huh?” Becky crossed her arms also, giving the same challenging look that Bucky gives to Sam; you looked at Natasha who looked kind of stunned at the event before her. “And you’re an Avenger how? I don’t know, you got your ass kicked by an ant!”

It’s silent for a beat, “Bitch, I’m about to slap you so hard your tampon’s gon pop out!”

That caused Sam, you and Tony to burst into laughter and stop the mini argument. You held onto Natasha’s arm as you bent over, clutching your stomach as wheezed with laughter. Sam and Tony were cackling; the only ones that remained passive were Bucky and Nat, although Nat had a little smirk of her own.

“Only one way to sort this,” Becky sighed and turned to you, mostly Bucky. “Who gave you the metal arm?” You all became quiet and looked at Bucky; he didn’t make any acknowledgement to her question, so she pulled out a pistol. “Don’t make me ask again, did Hydra give you that? Who sent you?”

Instead of Bucky answering, Tony stepped forward and instantly the gun was on him causing Natasha to aim her weapon in a flash. Tony held his hands up, “What I am about to say is kind of crazy! But I need you to listen; I’m Anthony Stark, Ironman. I live in Avengers Tower with my team,” he gestured to you guys. “You HAVE to take me to the female me.”

Becky raised her eyebrows and chuckled, looking at Samantha who shrugged. “You’re buying this bullshit?”

“That guy is called Sam, plus goatee has a weird metal thingy and that guy there,” Samantha pointed to Bucky, “has a metal arm like you, honestly, this isn’t the weirdest thing I’ve heard today.”

“I don’t believe it, Hydra had a Winter Soldier programme, and it could just be a trap!” Becky tightened her hand on the gun, clenching the trigger with a warning.

Bucky gave a little exhale, “We’re not Hydra, trust me. I got the arm from Hydra, like you. I am you, I think. Alternate universes; portals and stuff, science jargon. I fell from a train whilst following my best friend, Steve Rogers into war. Hydra found me and made me a machine, seventy years later I am here now trying to save him.” Becky remained fixated on Bucky as he talked; Bucky gave a little nod and smile before she lowered her gun.

“I still do not trust you but,” Becky sighed, “I too followed my best friend into war, so it’s possible. I do not believe it till Stark says so, so let’s go get her say.” She nodded to the door; Samantha rolled her eyes before ushering you all out first.

*Toni Evil Lab*

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“Nathanial,” Becky nods, “Where’s Stark?”

You hear Nat give a little sigh, already knowing this is her version.  You all walk up beside Becky and Samantha, causing Nathanial from a chair behind a desk to look up. Feet up on the white desk just outside the lab, red hair combed neatly and green eyes looking over everyone with curiosity. Becky just shakes her head at him, only Nathanial was still questioning who you all were.

“Is it a tour?” He asked with raised eyebrows.

“No, this is the Avengers from an alternate reality.” Samantha answers, “That one is me.” She points to Sam who waves at Nathanial, he let out a little chuckle taking in everyone before glancing at Becky to Bucky, “yeah, two of them. Great.”

Nathanial laughs, “Well, that sounds insane.” Becky nods in agreement, “Toni is in there with Thora, waiting for Wendel and Sylvia to return.” Samantha and Becky nod, waiting for Nathanial to open the door, which he does but stands up also. “I want to see this go down.”

Becky pushes the glass door open, holding it as everyone walked in. It looked the same as Tony’s, a mess. Computer screens on; various equations and cups of coffees left on desks. Tools, pieces of paper and drawings stacked. On a table sat Steve’s shield, it looked exactly like his own- modification’s looking the same as your Stark’s.

Then you hear two voices talking to one another, more like one talking at the other.

You turn and see a very tall, beautiful woman. Long blonde hair, light blue eyes, she was lean and staring at the other women stoically. Arms crossed over her chest, posture clearly fed-up with the conversation that’s going on, her eyes cast to your group and looks mildly stunned.

Originally posted by therondaily

“Stark, we have an issue,” Nathanial called out.

The other woman snapped her mouth closed and locked eyes with Nathanial, eyebrows furrowing at a number of bodies walking into the lab. Long, dark hair and brown eyes scanned everyone over, she was small. Smaller than the blonde woman beside her, her left hand was holding a pen and was using it to point around the room; a very Stark habit.

“I said no visitors or guests,” her voice deadpanned at Nathanial, clearly unamused by the sudden interruption. “Who are they and why are they all looking at me as if they’ve seen a ghost?”

Samantha smiled, “Antonia, that is a male you!” She points to Tony, the woman; Antonia frowns at Samantha weirdly and glances over to Tony. “They’re from some alternate universe or whatever used that weird device-thingy.”

Becky sighs and rolls her eyes, crossing her arms and waiting for Antonia’s reaction. It’s silent as she stares straight at everyone, looking over you to Natasha, then Sam and Bucky. Her furrowed eyebrows ease gently, and then she’s off walking to the back of the lab and digging through an old box.

“I have something-“ Antonia is tipping the contents of the box onto a nearby workbench, “that’s oddly like that device too, I threw it because it was twitchy. Never went to the universe I wanted it to, plus the portal plans I had was stupid.” You all glanced at Tony who gave a sheepish smile. “AH-HA!” She pulls out an exact replica of the reality shifter.

“So, you believe us?” You asked with a small, hopeful smile and the woman gave a thoughtful face before shrugging. “We’re trying to get to a specific universe; our Steve- Captain America- went into the portal and couldn’t come back through. Now we’re on this mission to get him back,” you explain hoping to make them all believe and hopefully, help.

Antonia frowned, “Who the hell allowed him to go through? Everyone knows if you get stuck on the other side for more than one-hundred-and-seventy-two hours then you’re deleted from existence, balance it out.” Everyone looked at the floor or away, “Oh, yeah, that sounds exactly like Sylvia.”

“You aren’t seriously believing this, are you?” Becky asked with raised eyebrows.

“It’s a possibility,” Thora shrugged, “realms and alternate universes all correspond with one another, we’re linked in a way because what doesn’t happen this universe may happen in another, it’s possible that Stark could find a hole and link them all together.” It was super odd to see Thor as a woman, yet she had the same intelligence and slightly above, average voice level. “If another version is stuck not in their universe, as a way… to create balance they’ll be deleted, so it’s suggested.”

Becky frowns but scoffs, “I refuse to believe that, that guy is me.” Bucky frowned back looking slightly offended, “no offence.”

“Enough.” Natasha glared at Becky then to Bucky, who bite back his retort and slumped against you as you gave a sympathetic smile. “We obviously need help, are you going to help us?”

“I say we wait until Sylvia is back,” Nathanial crossed his arms, Natasha followed and gave a cold glare, he sent the back before then glanced at Antonia. “She’ll be back in ten minutes, in the meantime keep them down here with Thora.”


“What do you mean there’s two Becky’s and one is a male?” A voice is heard outside of the door, it was relatively calm and collected, although held a sweet lit to it. “Is this one of Stark’s pranks? Or worse an experiment?”

The door opened and the girl from the frames in the office entered. Golden hair pulled into a ponytail, bright, blue eyes looking at everyone in the room. Her small hands rested on her tiny waist, legs apart as she frowned and the bottom half of her clothing screamed Captain America stealth suit. Whilst she simply wore a pink, tank top above and didn’t look amused by the situation.

“Before you point fingers, I had nothing to do with this,” Antonia yelled from a stool and Tony beside her, each toying with the reality shifters. “They just showed up!” She shrugged.

Sylvia scoffed, “Really? I’m meant to believe that this doesn’t have Stark-branded across it?” this time crossed her arms and looking at Samantha or Becky for answers.

“Wait,” Bucky said loudly and everyone looked at him, “please, tell me that isn’t who it’s meant to be!” He looked at Sam, who was also just gawking on Sylvia. “Okay, if that was my Steve, I’d be okay with the Stucky shipping; just saying.” You and Natasha rolled your eyes at them.

Sylvia frowned, “Wait why does he have a metal arm like you?”

“Cause it’s a fashion statement nowadays,” Becky replied cooly but received a glare. “They seem to think they’re from an alternate universe and that’s meant to be a male me, stupid I know. Tell them, Sly.” She nudged her best friend.

Sylvia chuckled but looks at Thora who just shrugs, “Honestly, not the weirdest thing I’ve heard today.”

“I told you,” Samantha said to Becky who all but rolled her eyes in response.

Sylvia nods and walks up, leaning her palms against a table and looking at who she guesses is the male Stark, “So… why are you here then?”

“Because of you, actually,” he responds and Sylvia frowns. “The male you, Steve, I made a portal and he went through. We need to get him back to our universe before well, he dies or we die.” She nods slowly, “the more accurately we can get to the universe with him in it, the better off of a chance.”

It’s silent for a beat, “How do we do that?”

“Where’s your male Wanda?”

Originally posted by jayqueenofhell

“Fuck off,” Bucky laughed as the male Wanda walks in.

Long, shaggy hair, round innocent eyes and incredibly tall. Stupidly tall almost. It’s funny in the sense; Wanda is a short female but a tall-ass male. You tried not to laugh but Bucky’s reaction had you fighting back giggles, he looked down at you with amused eyes, shaking his head.

“I actually cannot believe it, he’s a giant.” You snorted and pushed him away, trying to listen as they filled in Wendel.

His twin sister, Piper, had passed away during a battle. He was still mostly silent, taking in life without her still. He sat mostly in the corner of the room, talking or helping the two Starks as everyone stood around… mingling. Trying to.

“Where’s Hawkeye?” Natasha asked, “Clint?”

Nathanial frowned but chuckled from beside Sylvia, “She’s on a recon mission, Clare Barton, is currently doing her job.” Sylvia chuckled and nodded, “went out with Scotia, a good team.”

“Sam?” Antonia called.

“Yeah?” Both Sam’s turn in the direction of the voice, giving one another a glance and slight chuckle as both Stark’s roll their eyes, “think they mean you.” Sam nodded to Samantha who nodded and walked over.

You sighed and slumped in the chair, any universe you go in, you never the meet the alternate you. It’s infuriating, especially since you wanted to know what male you looked like, it’d be kinda funny to see that. You looked up as Bucky sat on the desk beside you, resting his left hand on your shoulder in a comforting manner.

“I still can’t get over how female Sam is good looking,” Bucky muttered to you and you chuckled. “And Steve, this is so weird. I don’t like it at all; I’d rather have Sebastian back than… her scowling around.”  

You laughed. “She has the scowl down better than you, I feel.” He narrowed his eyes at you, you smiled lightly with a small amused shrug, “it’s kinda creepy, I’m peeved that I never meet myself, twice now.” Bucky laughed this time.

“Becky?” Bucky called, you frowned as the woman turned and raised an eyebrow. “Where’s the male Y/N? We wanna meet him?” He asked, Bucky couldn’t explain it but it was easier to talk to this girl than you. Probably, because Becky is him and both knew one another’s expectations.

Becky looked at you before smiling softly, “He’s up in his room, I’ll tell him to come down.” You noticed the faint blush coming across her cheeks, it made you smile and look at Bucky who was leaning against the bench.

“I think male me and female Steve have a thing,” Natasha muttered to you and Bucky, both your eyes shot up and to the two leering over the Starks’. “It’s a lot friendlier than me and Steve.” Bucky scoffed causing Natasha to glare at him.

Bucky just chuckles, “That’s called Romanogers, me and Clint have delved into every ship.” Bucky announced as you frowned at him, “We get bored being in the vents, the internet is surprisingly good in there. I think it’s cute, I approve.” Natasha rolled her green eyes; you chuckled as Bucky just looked stupidly smug.

After almost an hour, still, nothing had changed. Except the fact Vision came down… looking like Vision. It shouldn’t surprise you so much, he’s an android and he doesn’t really have a set ‘gender’ just Jarvis voice, it was a nice piece of normality amongst the weirdness.

You don’t know what it was but Thor as a woman was slightly menacing. She stood straight, eyes glancing around the room but yet, she had this air of calm. In many ways, she was completely different to your Thor, yet, not at the same time. She talked of her sister, obviously Loki to you.

“DONE,” Tony shouted and stands up; grinning from ear-to-ear, gesturing you all over and you gave a gentle sigh as Bucky grabbed your hand and pulled you to your feet. “Okay, it should be focusing more on the universes closest to where Steve is, maybe with luck it will take us straight there!” Sam scoffed, “I said with luck, not that I believe in that.”

Originally posted by gossipgirllxoxo

Antonia smiled and looked at Stark, “I look forward to never seeing you again.” He rolled his eyes and nodded with a sarcastic smile, it’s a good idea that he never had siblings because having to deal with more than one of him was a challenge.

Steve better be fucking grateful.

“Okay, we all ready?” He asked as you all stood in a circle again, you were slightly miffed that you didn’t get to meet your male self. You nodded holding onto Bucky and Natasha, you glanced to where Nathanial had an arm over Sylvia’s shoulders and they waved. Samantha did a little salute, Sam sighed.

“Damn, I’m gonna miss my hot ass,” Sam sighed from beside Bucky who rolled his eyes. “And Thora, she’s great.”

Everyone waved before turning back to Stark who was clicking around on the device before huffing, glancing around everyone to make sure they were all here. Then you heard a deep, male voice calling Becky’s name, you turned as she grinned and yelled a name that sounded all too similar to your own. You were finally gonna see your male version, this was it.

Then you felt that weird feeling of being pulled again. The feeling of being pulled in every direction, making your gut sink in on itself. Then as soon as you felt it, it was gone again. You groaned and looked up; you weren’t in the lab, actually in the common room of the Avengers tower? Maybe.

“Goddammit, Tony,” you sighed and he was too busy on his knees holding his head. “I almost saw the male me, fuck sake.”

Bucky choked out a laugh and tried to stand up straight, he wobbled and fell to the floor but grabbed Sam’s belt and making him tumble also, both men groaning as they smacked against the wooden floor. Wooden floor? The Avengers tower didn’t have wood floors; it doesn’t go with Tony’s aesthetic.

“Where are we?” Natasha asked from beside you as she furrowed her eyebrows.

“Who decided a lilac door was a good idea?” Tony asked looking at the lilac door to the incredibly small space, it looked like an apartment.

[Don’t worry, I am going to be visiting this reality again, this is kind of a kick-starter into the sequel. I didn’t want to go over board.]
(I know that this universe could have been two chapters but honestly, all the others I have planned are much more detailed than this one. So, I hope the lack of will be made up later on. Also, guesses on what the next universe is? I gave a big hint tbh. - Rosalee)

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brush contact, i: surveillance

on ao3

honestly i’ve wanted to write a spy au for a g e s and finally just sat down and started. the first two chapters are relatively simpler than the last two, so those might take longer to get sorted.


brush contact (n.) - a brief moment where two agents ‘meet' and quickly exchange information, documents, and/or equipment

Adrien really wishes that his father would inform him when there are new additions to the security detail. There’s something incredibly terrifying about being grabbed by the waist and yanked under a table. It’s more terrifying when it’s not someone you have mentally prepared yourself to be yanked around by.

“Cambric or calico?” he whispers to her.

She shushes him.

He shifts away from her. “Seriously, cambric or calico?”

“Seriously,” she hisses back, “I need you to be quiet. Now isn’t the time to talk about my fashion choices.”

Adrien rolls his eyes and inches closer to the table cloth, ready to run the moment he needs to.

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Pairing: King George iii x Reader

Prompt: #46 “And then I’m screaming and crying and I didn’t know what else to do except find you.”

Words: 1019

Triggers: Abuse


Being a maid for the King was an interesting job. He gave you chore after chore, but you always seemed to be around him. When the two of you were alone you made lively conversations. It was confusing.

You would be lying if you said you didn’t have feelings for the King. But it was impossible for the two of you to be together. He probably didn’t even have feelings for you anyway, you were just a maid and he was too busy fighting a war.

But it didn’t stop the rumors from circulating around the castle and everyone giving you weird looks as you walked towards the King’s room everyday.

Some of the maids were still kind to you, keeping you safe from the rumors and whispers of the court. But some were rude and tried to get you in trouble with the heads of the households.

The noble ladies were the worst. They didn’t like the fact that you spent so much time with the King. Whenever you weren’t with the king, you were serving them, doing whatever they needed and putting up with the harsh comments that they said to you.

Lately it had been getting worse and worse. You didn’t know why, you just had to go along with it. It was tiring. You didn’t want to put up with it and you wished you could just leave. Maybe it would save what was left of your broken heart.

But the King wouldn’t let you leave, and that alone made everyone angrier.


“Y/N? Please go get my crown from wherever it is being polished. I need it straight away,” the king said to you, staring at you with an intense look. It made you feel butterflies in your stomach.

“Of course my king,” you told him as you bowed and left the room.

You walked along the corridors, ignoring the whispers and glares from others. You fetched the crown and started to make your way back when some ladies of the court stopped you.

“Miss Y/N we need your assistance right now. Come with us,” one of them said, sneering at you.

“I’m very sorry but I need to deliver the crown to the king,” you told them, trying to go around.

“Get another maid to take it, we need you right now,” one of the barked at you.  

You felt conflicted. You knew that the king would be upset, but if you didn’t go with these ladies they would hurt you. Badly. If they weren’t planning to already.

You handed the crown off to another maid, giving her directions, and she took off.

The ladies took you by the arm and dragged you off. They lead you to a room that you had never been in, and sat you down in a chair. They blocked the exits so that you could not leave.

“What are your intentions with the King?” one of them snarled at you.

“I have no intentions with the king m’am. I beg you, let me return to my chores.”

“Shut up you brat. We give the orders around here,” She told you, giving you a smack on the head. You knew you were done for.

You refused to tell them anything that wasn’t true. They refused to believe you and, in turn, they would slap and kick you. You were screaming and crying.

Eventually a soldier burst into the room, interrupting the ladies. The stood back shocked and, in all the commotion, you were able to get out of the room.

You didn’t know what to do. All you could think about is George. You ran out into the gardens, knowing that he was probably taking his short morning stroll.

You ran blindly throughout the garden. You didn’t know where you were, and then you collided with a hard chest. George’s chest.

“Y/N?” he asked. You started sobbing even harder, and he picked you up and ran to his room, where you could be in private.

He grabbed a rag and started cleaning your wounds.

“Y/N what on earth happened? Why did you send someone else with the crown? And most importantly, who did this to you?” he asked, firing the questions a mile a minute.

You started explaining the situation to him, trying to wipe your tears away.

And then I’m screaming and crying and I didn’t know what else to do except to find you,” you cried, finishing your story.

George cradled you to him.

“I am so very sorry that this happened to you my dear. I am truly sorry.”

All of the sudden you realized what was going on. You were sitting on the King’s lap as he cradled you and wiped away your tears. This was wrong on so many levels. He was the king and you were a maid. You pushed yourself off of him quickly.

“Oh your majesty I’m so sorry, I have forgotten myself. Thank you for your help but I really should return to my chores,” you told him, quickly collecting yourself.

“Y/N wait. Don’t leave.”

You froze. He was looking at you almost sadly, with a sense of longing. But why?

“Y/N I feel as though I am to blame for everything that has happened to you today. I was not aware that they hated you so much. But I want to tell you that some of the rumors that they speak are true. The ones that say I am in love with you. Because I am. Totally and completely in love with you.”

You couldn’t believe it. He loved you?

“Please say something.” He looked scared almost.

“You love me. I-” you faltered.

“I what?” he asked, his breath hitching.

“I love you too,” you told him, the words spilling out breathlessly and your voice trembling.

His face shifted into one of joy. He ran to you and picked you up. He kissed you passionately, spinning you around.

He broke away from you, setting you down. He rested his forehead against yours and stared into your eyes.



“Be my Queen.”


Wowie this was my first King George one! I tried to make it a little longer in hopes of making up for yesterday’s short one.


Lemme list some rairpairs for you and give you reasons to ship them yip yip

Karma x Isogai:
Dont people already ship this?? Okay whatever. It’s basically the classic shoujo manga bad boy and goodie goodie girl but flip flopped.

Itona x Terasaka:
Because why the fuck not?? Terasaka let him in his gang so can someone give me other reasons to ship them because this is a rare pair I’m running out of ideas

Itona x Gakushuu:
Because Itona kicked him off a pole. I mean that’s pretty kinky I guess. Gakushuu pole dancing and Itona being the asshole he is kicking Shuu-chan off it.

Nagisa x Maehara:
Maehara slapped Nagisa it’s a kink

Karma x Kayano:

Kayano x Nakamura:
Well I mean why not

Kurahashi x Karasu– NO.

Nagisa x Sugino:
Because they’re good friends.

Megu x Okano:
Also because why not. If there’s Maeiso why not MeguOka?

Okuda x Kayano:

Lex Luthor - #8

Prompt- “I love you too much to lose you.”

I was leaving STAR Labs at 2am shift. My cousin Barry had sent Cisco over to Gotham for research purposes, and boy, was he eager! Exhausted, I turned into a side alley where I’d parked my bike.

A hand was slapped onto my mouth. Startled, I spun around and kicked my attacker. They slashed at my leg, giving me a deep gash on my thigh. I jumped back and took the pepperspray out of my purse, but they knocked it out of my hand. Giving up all hope, I blindly swung my fists at where their face would be. Upon hearing a resounding crack and a grunt of pain, I made a run for my bike.

*The Next Morning*

I woke up to the smell of hot chocolate and pancakes. I did my morning stretches and walked to my kitchen.

“Ah, my favorite brunette.”

“Ah, my favorite redhead!” I gave said redhead a hug. “What brings you here, Luthe?”

“I heard what happened last night. Batman caught up with the goon a bit after you left.”

“Ooh, ouch. Hey, thanks for breakfast and all, but I should really go, I’m late for…”

“I sent Cisco back.”

“What!? I gotta call him!”

“No. You’re not going to work. You’re moving in with me.”

“To Metropolis!?”


“I don’t have a choice, do I?”


“But we have the Batman!”

“I hate to say it, but… Your chances are better with Superman,” he winced.

“How does this concern you? You haven’t tried to talk to me since you began your Metahuman Thesis,” I snapped.

“Look. I’ll just lay all my cards on the table.”

I spread out my hands, “Please do.”

“I love you too much to lose you.”

“That isn’t a free pass for over-protectiveness, y'know. I can take care of myself.”

“You’re coming, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, but not because I love you too.” He kept staring.

“….. only a little bit.”

It’s What It Looks Like - Nate Maloley Imagine (Feat. Sam Wilkinson)

Request: Can you do a imagine where y/n is nates sister but is actully in love with sammy but he doesnt know. And when he catches one of the guys even loooking at you he flips? You can make your own twists. Have a great day😊 hope that was enough info.





I was laying on my bed scrolling through twitter, looking at all my notifications, most of them are just girls trying to get to my older brother Nate. Nate is one of those famous boys from Omaha and I just get lost being the younger sister. 

I hum along to the words that flow out of my speakers as my feet dance along to the rhythm. I was getting really into the song when I hear knocking at my window. I smile when I notice my boyfriend Sammy. 

Sammy and I have been in a secret relationship for 4 months now because if Nate found out he would flip a bitch. 


“Y/N, can you come grab your shit out of the living room the boys are coming over and I don’t want bunch of makeup around the house.” Nate yelled from the downstairs living room. 

I groan and come down the stairs only in a sports bra and yoga pants. I bend over to pick up the makeup and hair ties that are on the floor and coffee table when I hear a low whistle. 

“Damn, ma looking good.” Sammy winked at me. 

“Nate why didn’t you tell us your sister was so hot.” Derek yells to Nate who is now in the kitchen. 

“What the hell are you talking abo-” Nate stops and eyes your appearance  then narrows his eyes at you and then at the boys. 

“For gods sake Y/N go put on some clothes and as for you guys If i ever catch you looking at my little sister like that ever again I will not hesitate to kick your ass.” Nate says through gritted teeth with anger laced in his voice. 

The boys give him the little yeah okay and I just give him the finger. He rolls his eyes and walks back into the kitchen probably rolling up is blunts. 

I was about to head back upstairs when I felt a tug on my arm. I turn around to see Sammy standing there with a smirk. 

“Don’t be a stranger.” He smirks at me and gives my butt a little slap before I go  back up the stairs. I turn around, give him a smile and a flirty wink. 

I was dragged out of my thoughts when I heard the slight knocking on my window increase in volume. I whip my head around and glare at Sammy, he immediately stops. 

I walk over and open the window allowing Sammy to climb in.

“What took you so damn long.” Sammy says coming over and placing a kiss to my temple. 

“Sorry I was just thinking about Nate and what he would do to you if he caught us.” I mumble walking over to my bed. 

“Baby girl you can’t think like that. What he doesn’t know won’t kill him.” Sammy says sitting down next to me placing his hand on my thigh. 

“Yeah, but he could kill you.” I whisper looking down at my hands. 

Sammy takes my small hands into his hands then moves one up to caress my cheek. I give him a soft smile before placing a lingering kiss on his lips. The kiss got heated, fast. Soon enough I was straddling Sammy that was until Nate burst through the door almost knocking it off the hinges. 

“What the fuck is this?” Nate yells in anger. 

I hop off Sammy’s lap and walk over to Nate placing my hands on his chest trying to calm him down. 

“Nate. Just. Breathe.” I say as I take a deep breath of my own. 

“I’m not going to fucking breathe when I walk in on my sister and best friend looking as if they are bout to have sex.” Nate says looking at Sammy. 

Sammy and I both keep quiet I walk over and sit next to Sammy placing my hand in his. 

“Nate, if you think this is some type of friends with benefits type of deal its not. We have been dating and I love him.” I say squeezing his hand a little tighter since I was nervous on what Nate might say. 

“I love her too. I don’t want to hurt her.” Sammy says squeezing my hand back telling me its okay. 

Nate just looks at the both of us and storms out of the room. I sit there dumbfounded until I hear Nate’s car start. I run out of my room to try and stop him. I hate when he drives angry. 

“Nate!” I yell out, but he is already gone. 

We all know Riddler’s a nerd and so do the rogues but do you think they ever treat him like one?

  • Like Joker threatening to give Eddie an atomic wedgie during group therapy
  • Ed makes some comment about Killer Croc living in the toilet and next day Croc’s giving Ed a swirly.
  • Bane putting Ed in headlocks, giving him noogies.
  • The Sirens tag team it. Ivy distracts Eddie while Selina ties his shoelaces together and Harley taunts Ed into chasing her. Harley squeals out a quick sorry just as Ed’s falling flat on his face
  • Warren White pantsing Ed just for the heck of it and Blask Mask slapping a ‘kick me’ sign on Ed’s back.
Going to Hell

I have become solangelo trash. Please accept this little one-shot about some headcannon I saw that in an argument Will said ‘go to hell’ and Nico actually goes to hell

They had been dating for about a month now and they usually bickered and shot insults at each other but this was a full blown fight.

“Oh come on Solace, you actually think that girl wants to be your friend?” Nico said rolling his eyes. This girl had been talking to them when they out in town and it was obvious all she was doing was flirting with Will, Nico didn’t know why his boyfriend couldn’t see that.

“She was very nice, di Angelo. I don’t get why you’re so bent out of shape about this.” Will said furrowing his brow as they walked back to the Hades cabin.

“Because she was flirting with you and you’re too blind to see it.” Nico said is voice getting louder.

“So what? Are you jealous?” Will said raising his brow with a small smirk.

“No!” Nico blushed, “I’m just surprised that you’re so stupid you can’t see what’s obviously right in front of you.”

“Oh please, don’t talk to me about being oblivious.” Will said crossing his arms and rolling his eyes. “Mister Passively aggressively likes you from afar.”

“Shut up, Solace this is about you and your stupidity. How many other girls do you flirt with anyways?” Nico said poking the taller boy’s chest. At that Will’s face contorted into a sneer and he openly glared at Nico.

“Seriously?” he said and Nico’s face just challenged him, “Go to hell.” Will said it so fast he didn’t even realize what he’d said until his boyfriend was no longer glaring at him and instead had his eyebrows raised. That’s when Will realized exactly what he was thinking. “Di Angelo, don’t you dare.” he said as Nico took a step back his face set in a scowl. “Don’t!” Will said just as Nico turned on his heel straight into a shadow. “Nico!” Will yelled at his boyfriend who was already gone. “My gods, I’m gonna kill him!” Will said his cheeks going red with anger, before he stomped back to the Big House.

“Hey, Will, what’s up?” Jason said noticing the fuming blonde as he was walking.

“Nico just shadow traveled himself to the Underworld in the middle of an argument!” Will said turning his anger on the other boy.

“Whoa, you’re mad, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you mad.” Jason said taken aback.

“Well, it’s not every day I’m in an argument with my boyfriend and I say 'go to hell’ and he actually goes to fucking hell.” Will said making wild gestures with his arms.

“Wow.” Jason said unsure of how to respond to that. “I’m sure he’ll come back soon, until then you might want to calm down a bit.” Will mumbled to himself before walking into the Big House to go to the infirmary to hopefully calm down a bit.

It turned out Nico didn’t come back soon, he came back a week later. Which really just served to piss Will off even more. Once Nico shadow traveled into his cabin after a week in the Underworld and proceeded to walk to the dining pavilion, knowing all his friends would be there for lunch. He grabbed a few things to eat before sitting down at his table. Nico knew if he just waited they’d show up and they did first was Jason.

“A week in hell, really? Do you know how pissed Will is?” was the first thing out of his mouth as he sat down across from Nico.

“Not even a 'hello’ or 'how are you doing’ just straight into 'you’ve made your boyfriend mad’.” Nico said keeping his eyes on his food.

“Well, you did make your boyfriend mad.” Jason said eating another bite of his sandwich. After he spoke Nico felt a sharp slap connect to the back of his head.

“Ow, what the…?” Nico said looking back at the offender. It was Piper and she was standing over him with her hand on her hip and her lips pursed with a glare that made anyone in the immediate vicinty cower in fear.

“How could you do that to us? Just leave for a week, no explanation, just gone and poor Will, he slaved away in that infirmary trying to keep you out of his head.” she said taking a seat next to Jason which just made the couple look like scolding parents in Nico’s opinion. “You’re lucky you came back, because I was just about to call Hazel to knock some sense into you.” Piper said her face still cross.

“He said go to hell, so I did. He always told me I should listen to him more.” Nico said with a smug little smile on his face.

“Seriously? Nico,” Piper said as his smile only grew. “He forgot for a second that you can actually go to hell. I hope you realize that whatever he says to you next you deserve.”

Nico rolled his eyes before finishing his food, he was forced to listen to Piper lecture him through it all. Then he got up planning to find his boyfriend, just as he did that familiar mop of blond hair walked into the pavilion. Will’s blue eyes landed on him almost immediately, they narrowed into a glare before he turned and walked out. Nico rolled his eyes as he heard Piper behind him.

“You deserved that.” she said a little smug. Nico rolled his eyes before shooting her a glare, then he rushed off after his very pissed off boyfriend.

He saw his boyfriend’s retreating back and instantly regretted his entire week. “Will!” he called after him, Will ignored him and kept walking. “Will, please!” he said running as fast as he could. Then just as he was about to catch up Will stopped and turned around quickly.

“What?!” he yelled glaring down at his now very shock frozen boyfriend. “What do you want? After being in hell for a fucking week! I said something stupid forgetting the fact your dad is king of hell and that the door is always open for you and you decide to go down there and punish me for a week! A week, Nico!” he shouted and every demi-god within the area was gone, they knew if the usually level-headed healer was shouting it was in your best interest to leave.

“I uh…” Nico stuttered unsure of how to respond.

“You’re the biggest idiot on earth, di Angelo.” Will said placing his hands on Nico’s shoulders brining his face very close to his own before pulling him into a smashing kiss. Just as it began it ended and Nico was standing once again with wide eyes and an open mouth. “You aren’t gonna see me for few days.” Will said before walking away leaving his very flustered boyfriend behind.

“Wait what?” Nico said just as Will disappeared behind the door to the Apollo cabin.

True to his word Will was no where around Nico for three days, every time Nico entered a room Will left it and when Nico had come to the Apollo cabin they had all told him Will was elsewhere even though he’d literally just seen him walk in. By the third day Nico had had enough, he walked into the infirmary and stormed up to Will before he turned around and saw him, grabbed his arm and yanked him around.

“Okay, I get it, I was stupid and for an entire week I stayed in the Underworld because you said one dumb line when you were angry, now will you please stop ignoring me, I’ll never do it again, okay?” Nico said quickly before his nerves got the better of him.

“You were pretty stupid.” Will said crossing his arms.

“That’s what you’re going to focus on?” Nico said dropping his shoulders narrowing his eyes.

“Of course, because I realize you’re new to relationships, but don’t go to hell is seriously a very obvious rule in a relationship that I should not have to tell it to you.” Will said taking Nico’s hands in his. Nico hmphed before he looked down at his feet a blush taking over his cheeks.

“Well, whatever.” he said and Will chuckled before putting his hand on Nico’s cheek tilting his head up to give him a kiss.

“Just never do it again and we’ll be good.” Will said when he pulled back, Nico only nodded, “Now leave so I can get back to work, death boy.” he said giving Nico a small slap on his butt. Another blush broke out on Nico’s cheeks.

“Not a chance, sunny, I’m staying here, because I haven’t seen you for a week and three days.” Nico said sitting down on one of the empty hospital beds, kicking his legs back and forth since his feet didn’t touch the ground. Will grinned and kissed his boyfriend once again until one of his siblings coughed behind them and Will had to go back to work. Nico never did go to hell again even though Will did say it a couple times more.

Lovers’ Quarrel

I know I’m totally out of order with reqs but I’ve just been in such a Bucky mood recently.
I also thought this would be nice considering AP test scores came out lol
S/O to the anon who requested this!

Title: Lovers’ Quarrel
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary: “they are sparring and one of them gets pinned to the mat and they kiss”
Word Count: 826
Warnings: There’s like sparring violence but that’s it. Bucky’s also shirtless lol whoops

Your name: submit What is this?

         The room rang with your grunts as both you and Bucky tried to land hits on each other. The only other noises audible were the sounds of your feet shuffling and your heavy breathing. The air was sticky with sweat and determination from the two of you.

           You shook your head quickly, focusing back on what was in front of you. Bucky had a look of intense concentration, one that probably mirrored your own. You couldn’t blame him; today’s sparring session was intense.

           You and Bucky had been sparring for a while now, and the terrible truth was that you were both evenly matched. Neither of you seemed to have the upper hand, even with Bucky’s metal arm. It just went back and forth, each punch or kick being blocked and returned.

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I Wish

“Jason, stop!” I tried pushing my boyfriend when he started kissing my neck since all he wanted to was have sex.

“Bitch! I get what I want and you will fucking give it to me!” He seethed as he roughly slapped me and kicking my stomach.

He always goes on like this when I didn’t give him what he wants.

Just as he was trying to punch me again, someone bursted into the door and yelled, “Hands up!”

It was Luke, a close friend oh and yeah, he was also a cop. I always liked him more than a friend. I just went out with Jason since I already gave up trying to think he would love me too. But now is not the time to think about those things,

Luke roughly grabbed Jason by the collar of his shirt and pinned him to the wall. He immediately started shouting, “You motherfucker!”

“You are under arrest for….” He started saying but my mind was slowly drifting into darkness. My head was starting to throb, my breathing gets slower and heavier.

“Luke.” Was the last thing I could say before drifting into darkness.

Luke’s POV

“Yes Y/N?” I said worriedly as soon as I finished putting cuffs on Jason and asking for backup.

But as I looked at Y/N, she was already passed out on the floor.

“Fuck, fuck Y/N. Come on honey, please wake up, wake up! Hold on okay? Fuck Mike call the ambulance!”

“Shit okay, okay! I already did. They’ll be here in a minute or two. Fucking carry her now! You’re assigned to be there until she wakes up and you get her home. Ash already got it covered.”



As soon as I wake up, I feel a heavy pain among my whole body causing me to crumble.

“Y/N you’re awake! Finally! Oh god I was so worried!” Luke scrambled.

I lightly laughed and said, “Glad you’re here Lu.”

“Me too.”

“I won’t ask what happenee to me since I already have an idea. Now please call the doctor. I wanna go home!”

“Yeah sure, you’ll probably get discharged today with a couple pieces of medication. I’m assigned to take care of you until you recover.”



“Uhm Y/N I have something to tell you.”

“So do I.”

“Ha wanna do get it together?”

We both counted to three until we finally said what we needed to say.

“I love you.”

“Wow, oh my shit. This is true!” He exclaimed.

“Why do you love me?”

“It’s just that whenever I see you, I’m already happy. Your eyes remind me of oceans. I love those. But when I hoped that you’ll feel the same way for me, it never happened. So after many years, I gave up. You were already dating that cabbage. So I dated Jason because there was a little spark ignited. But it completely died down. And now, here I am!”

“Oh my god. I’m the reason why you’re here. I’m the reason why everything bad to you happened. Fuck I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. You’re hurt because of him and me. Oh my fuck, fuck.” He completely broke down in front of me.

“Don’t blame yourself Luke. We had our share of faults.”

“But I still am the reason!” He defended.

“Luke, forget about it okay? I’m yours. Calm down.” I said before engulfing him in a hug which he enjoyed.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m s-…”

“I forgive you. What’s important is we have each other now okay?”

“I love you Y/N. You have no idea.”

Spotlight Part 2: Newt AU

Yeah so I didn’t edit this AT ALL, because I just didn’t feel like it so lol sorry for any mistakes or just anything like plot holes or whatever. Also sorry for taking such a long time to post this, I know I’m really inconsistent about posting imagines and just being active in general, but I’ll get better about it. Anyways here is: Part 1

Warnings: Swearing, Mild panic attack

Third Person POV

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Supernatural BSM #21 The birds and the bees

A/N: Happy new years everyone! Here’s to a new beginning.

Request: They try to explain the birds and the bees.

Age 13: You were idly flipping through some old Donald Duck magazines in the bunker, Dean and Sam off doing god knows what. Without looking, you reached for the next magazine, but upon further inspection, you realized that this was definitely not Donald duck. Unless he’d had a boob-job.

You squealed and threw the magazine away as if it had burnt you, and pointedly didn’t look in it’s direction as Sam and Dean came storming into the room.

“What’s going on?” Sam demanded, gun out and ready.

“She’s naked,” you said dumbfounded and pointed at the magazine on the ground.

“Oh shit. It’s my porn,” Dean said, cheeks flushing beet red.             

“Like, the sex thing?” you asked, scrambling further up your bed to put more distance between you and the offending porn.

Dean sighed, picked up the magazine and put it in the pocked of his jeans. “Yes, the sex thing.” He then looked to Sam. “Is it time for ‘the talk’ Sammy?” Sam nodded in return and ran a hand through his hair.

“I guess so.”

“What talk?” you asked, looking between your brothers, apprehension clear in your eyes.

“The birds and the bees.” Dean flicked his brother’s ear at his vague explanation.

“The sex talk,” your eldest brother confirmed.

“Oh. What if I don’t want to have it?” They both shrugged and sat down on either side of you on the bed.

“Then it’s more of a punishment than a lesson,” Sam said.

“No shit,” you grumbled. “But I already know most of it anyways.”

“Y-you what?” Dean stammered, mouth hanging open and eyes wide. When you looked at Sam, the expression was mirrored on his face.

“What, did you think I was a dumbass or something? There’s a thing called the internet,” you deadpanned. You picked up your cartoon again and kept reading as your brothers got their shit together.

“We should, um, talk about it, ah, anyways,” Sam spluttered, gently picking the magazine from your hands and placing it on the floor. “Right, Dean?” Dean nodded numbly.

“Do you want us to show you the porn?” he asked instead, and both you and Sam groaned.

“I might send Dean out at some point,” Sam stage-whispered to you, earning him and indignant ‘hey!’ and a slap on the arm.

“C’mon guys, can we just do this?” Just as Sam opened his mouth, there was a flutter of wings.

“Hey Cas,” you sighed at the angel.

“Hello. I feel a certain awkwardness hanging in the air,” he observed, brows furrowed in their usual style.

“We’re giving Y/N ‘the talk’,” Dean said, complete with quotation marks.

“What is that?” The angel asked in return, as he sat down gingerly on the edge of the bed.

“Guess we’re giving him the talk too,” Sam piped up.

“Guess so. I’m going to kick this off. So when two people love each other very much-“ Dean began, but you cut him off by hitting him with a pillow square in the face.

“Cut the crap and give me the un-edited version,” you snapped as you sunk back against your bed once again.

“A guy has a penis, a girl has a vagina, if you stick the dick in the vagina without a condom, you get pregnant. If you put the condom on, you don’t get pregnant, and it’s just hella good,” Dean rushed out, a blissed expression on his face.

“Wow, that was… crude,” Sam intervened.

“But understandable. I get the big picture here. Wrap your dummy in gummy or get a child. Got it.” You send Dean and Sam a thumbs up.

“What about you Cas?” you asked.

“That was a very rude description of intercourse.”

“It’s Dean. Of course it was rude,” Sam said. “I’m just surprised he said penis and vagina instead of cock and pussy.”

Dean gasped, mock offended. “I would never! I have manners, Sammy!”

Sam scoffed. “Right you have.”

Kickboxing ~ With Gifs!!

Hiiii. Can I pls have protective!5sos (all 4 included if possible, friends and/or boyfriend) where they think your kickboxing coach is pushing you too hard and you deny it but then one day you accidentally hurt your wrist or ankle and they take care of you??

For: bckups

Ash - “Good one!” Ashton encouraged, blocking one of your hits. “Maybe end early today? Don’t want to go too hard on you.” Ashton suggested. “Don’t treat me like your girlfriend, because i’m not right now.” you reminded Ashton. “I know, but I still want to make sure you’re not doing too much.” he replied. “I’m fine, Ash.” you reassured him. Taking your word, Ashton kept going, asking you to do more, and do it faster, and kick harder, and swing higher.

“Hey, time to take a break,” Ashton called from behind his defense padding. “I don’t want to,” you called back, nearly hitting him square in the chest. “Well you need to, don’t overexert yourself, babe.” he warned. “I can take it, really.” you tried to convince him, but he wasn’t having it. “(Y/N), I said take a break, so take one, we can keep going.” his tone becoming less playful. “And I’d appreciate it if you stopped trying to kick me in my stomach, princess,” he said through his teeth, with intentions of pushing you back only slightly, which didn’t happen. “Ashton!” you cried, hugging your knee to your chest on the ground, tears streaming down your cheeks. “I can’t move my knee!” you tried to tell him through your sobs. Lifting you gently, Ashton placed you in the back seat of his car, handing you a towel and water. “I’m so sorry, (Y/N), I didn’t mean to push you that hard.” Ashton admitted glumly, trying to look at you through the mirror. “Why would you push me?!” you continued to sob. “I’m sorry, I just really wanted you to stop, and you weren’t listening a-” “So you pushed me?!” you cut him off, too busy trying to calm yourself down to acknowledge his apologies.


“Please look at me, at least.” Ashton pleaded, sitting beside you at the hospital. “I might need surgery because you fucking pushed me.” you hissed, looking straight ahead at the x-rays in front of you, revealing a torn ligament. “Fucking idiot.” you added under your breath. “I know I am, I’m really, really, sorry.” Ashton whined. “Do you want to push me? Or punch me in the face or something? Make it even?” Ashton suggested. “I want to push you into the ocean with a cinderblock tied around your ankle.” you snapped. “You don’t mean that but I’ll accept it because I know you’re mad.” Ashton spoke quietly. He was right, you would never do anything like that, but you were pretty upset. “Good news! No surgery, but you do need to take it easy from here on out. And no more pushing eachother,” the doctor warned, glancing at Ashton.

Carrying you back to the car, you asked to sit next to Ashton in the front. “Come here,” you beckoned once he got in the car. Leaning over, he was surprised when you gave him a kiss. “I love you, but don’t fucking push me again unless you want me to use what i’ve learned on you.” you threatened. “Whatever cutie, I’m just glad you’re talking to me.” Ashton grinned, squeezing your thigh.

Mikey - “Um, do you plan on getting out of the car, (Y/N)?” Michael asked, opening the car door. “Maybe in a second, I’m a little tired,” you stretched. “Carry me?” you asked, you legs too sore from kickboxing to even think about walking up to your house. Sighing and shaking his head, Michael closed the door, reluctantly walking over to the passenger side. “I think you should take a break from your kickboxing sometime,” Michael suggested, lifting you from your seat. “Why, afraid I’m going to kick your ass some day?” you joked. “No, I’m afraid your coach is pushing you too much and you’re going to hurt yourself.” he replied. “Well he’s a professional, I’m sure he knows what he’s doing, and I know my limit.” you argued. “Whatever,” Michael mumbled under his breath, opening the door and placing you on the couch.


“Mikey, will you grab this for me?” you asked, holding out your duffel bag. Grabbing the bag from you, you quickly tried to walk to the car, hoping Michael wouldn’t notice your limping. “Hey is your knee alright?” Michael asked, your knee was beginning to swell now. “Yep, I’m fine,” you lied.

Pulling in front of your house, Michael undid his seatbelt, glancing over at you. “Out.” he spoke, peeking his head in the driver’s door before closing it. Opening your door, you tried your best to stand up, sitting back and groaning at the pain in your knee. “Anytime now, princess. I’m not carrying you.” Michael shook his head, watching you swing your legs out the car. “Please?” you asked, attempting to change his mind. “No, let’s go.” he pressed on. “Please, Michael, carry me and we can get whatever you want for dinner.” you added. He still shook his head, watching you just a few feet away with your duffel bag slung over his shoulder. “Mikey, please,” you begged, feeling your face begin to burn with frustration. “Getting out the car and walking to the house is not going to kill you, (Y/N).” Michael said, rolling his eyes and crossing his arms. “You’re a fucking dick,” you spat, attempting to stand while holding back the tears threatening to fall. “Yep, I know.” he nodded.

Trying to focus all your weight on your better knee, you still managed to fall forward, luckily being caught by Michael. “I told you to carry me!” you shouted, feeling your face heat up with tears. “Why didn’t you tell me you hurt your knee?” he asked, lifting you and throwing you over his shoulder. “Because I don’t want you to be right!” you cried into his jacket, clinging onto his middle and referring to your coach being too tough on you.

“It says you have a torn MCL, probably.” Michael announced, looking up from his computer a few feet away. “You need to stay off your feet for 1 to 6 weeks. So I guess i’ll be taking care of you.” Michael said, a grin beginning to spread across his face. “That means you have to do everything I say, and no kickboxing for a while, which means we can play video games all day since you’re broken.” he beamed. “Nooooooo!” you groaned, burying your face in your pillow. “Not my fault you don’t know your limit,” Michael hummed in your ear, hitting you with a pillow.

Cal - “Cal, can we take a break?” you asked, half heartedly kicking him. “That was weak, no.” he replied. “Argh, just let me take a 10 minute break?” you negotiated. “No.” he repeated. “5?” you tried. “Fine,” he gave in, following you to the bench. “Don’t be so quick to give up when it gets tough, bad habit.” Calum pointed out, giving you a sweaty hug from behind. “I’m not giving up, I’m fucking exhausted, you’re too tough on me,” you frowned, pushing him off you roughly. “So what, we can go home and take a bath and i’ll give you a massage or something to make you feel better,” he shrugged taking a sip of his water. “You’re a good boyfriend but I think you’re an annoying coach.” you stated, putting a grin on his face. “I’ll take it,” he shrugged, pulling you in for a kiss. “Back to work, let’s go!” Calum announced, giving your ass a quick slap. “That wasn’t 5 minutes!” you frowned, Calum mouthing an ‘I don’t care’ in response.


“It’s like 8!” you told Calum, delivering another kick near his head. “Just a little longer, babe.” Calum called over the heavy breathing. “One more good kick and we can go home,” Calum panted. Taking a moment before going for the kick, you yelped out, falling over and clutching your foot. “Oh shit, are you okay?” Calum asked, quickly crouching down by your side. “What’s wrong? Does your foot hurt?” he asked, concerned. “My ankle hurts really bad,” you whined. Reaching a hand behind your back, Calum helped you up, attempting to let you try and put weight on that leg. “Here, you sit here and I’ll grab our stuff.” Calum instructed, sitting you down. Returning with your bags, Calum lifted you in his arms, walking you out to the car and placing you gently inside. “Where’re we going?” you asked, going in the opposite direction from your apartment with Calum. “Well we need to get your ankle looked at,” “I’m sure it’s just a sprain,” you assured him. “Yeah, sorry but you’re not a doctor, babe.” he shot back.

“Are you sure that’s all it is?” Calum asked the doctor again. “Calum stop, he knows what he’s doing.” you urged, pulling on his sleeve. “That’s all it is. Just stay off your feet for a while and let the swelling go down, and lay off the kick boxing a bit.” the doctor nodded, leaving the room for you and Calum to leave as well.

“Told you you were too tough on me,” you pouted, poking Calum’s cheek. “Stooop, you’re making me feel worse.” he pouted in response. “You should feel bad because you hurt my ankle so if I have to suffer, so should you.” you huffed. “I said I was sorry, cut it out!” he frowned. “I’m just kidding, I don’t blame you. I mean, I do a little, but I’m not upset about it.” “Well can I get you anything at least?” he offered, trying to make the situation better. “I told you I was fine the past four times you asked. I’m still fine!” you rolled your eyes. “I just want to make sure you’re okay.” he replied, clearly feeling guilty. “How can I be okay when my boyfriend made me sprain my ankle?” you grinned. “Stop it!” he pouted, hiding his face in your shoulder.

Luke - “Good workout?” Luke asked cheerfully, handing you a bottle of water as soon as you stepped through the door. “Yeah, actually that’s what I wanted to talk to you about,” you replied, take the bottle from his hand and taking a seat on the counter. “You don’t have to go tomorrow, do you?” he asked, placing his hands on each side of your thighs. “Well, I kinda wanted to go, but earlier, so I could workout longer.” you explained. “Ha, okay.” he snorted, walking to the fridge. “What?” “You need to take a break sometime, i’ve seen how hard your coach pushes you, I just don’t want you to get hurt, darling.” he expressed, taking a swig from the orange juice container. “Don’t do that, and don’t worry about me, I can take it.” you assured him, taking the juice out his hand and giving him a kiss.


“‘M home Lukey!” you called through the house, even though he probably in the kitchen like always. “Hey how was kickboxing?” he asked, as usual. “Fine, I’m pretty sore though.” you admitted. “Want me to run you a bath?” he offered. Nodding your head, you watched the lanky boy disappear while you quickly examined your swelling wrist. “Bath’s ready!” Luke called from down the hall a few minutes later.

“Feeling better?” he asked, nuzzling you into his side as you nodded. “You should show me some of those moves you’ve learned.” he suggested. “You’re too big and too clumsy,” you reminded him. “Pleeeease?” he pouted, getting up from the couch. Giving in, you stood beside him, running through everything with him and watching him go at it. “I forgot how high you could kick,” you shrugged, sitting back down on the couch. “Nooo! Teach me more!” he begged, beginning to pull you off the couch. “Ow, fucking stop it!” you snapped, trying to yank your wrist from Luke’s grasp. “Oh, I’m sorry, did I hurt you or something?” Luke asked, looking worried since you never snapped at him like that out of nowhere. “I’m fine, just don’t pull on my wrist like that.” your voice softening. “What’s wrong with your wrist?” Luke asked, reaching towards you. “Nothing.” you assured him, moving away from his reach. “(Y/N),” he warned, getting closer. Attempting to move again, Luke had you pinned down on the couch.

“Holy shit, your wrist is huge!” he exclaimed, looking it over. “Don’t touch it, dumbass!” you whimpered as he turned your wrist over in his hand. “Sorry. Hey, this isn’t from kickboxing, is it?” he asked. “No.” you quickly answered. “Yes it is, I told you to take it easy, (Y/N).” he lectured. “I don’t want you to kickbox anymore, I don’t like seeing my baby hurt.” Luke frowned, getting off of you “Stop overreacting. I’m going to be fine within a few days, Luke.” you assured him. “No, no, no, no, no, I don’t want you to get hurt anymore, your coach is pushing you too much, clearly.” he retorted. “I told you not to worry about me, I can handle it, Luke.” you reminded him. “Guess I can’t shelter you from everything.” he sighed, getting up to tend to your wrist.


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