you girls that get up and go to school on your periods are freaking champs

Hop On My Bike

Here’s another Trimberly fic cause i was sad. Warning; Racial slurs, homophobia, and language. Kinda angsty but it gets better.                                                    


  Kim was pissed. No pissed didn’t even begin to describe how angry she was. She didn’t even start the fight. This was all Amanda’s fault. She had taken a liking to picking on Trini before Biology class. Didn’t matter though, it’s not like her parents would ever believe her. No here’s what really happened:


It was Monday Morning and Kim was walking over to the high school.

“Hey stranger need a ride?” Kim turned her head at the familiar voice. There she was. The greatest person ever. Only the most beautiful girl Kim had aver met. Also her girlfriend. Trini.

“Not if i have to ride on the front of your bike babe.” Kim smiled warmly at the yellow ranger. It’s not Trini’s fault she had crashed her car. It really wasn’t this time. You see what had happened was Trini was driving her car on her way to the Quarry and Kimberly had just so happened to be on her morning run. She had been wearing a yellow sports bra and pink leggings. And of course, Trini being the gay mess she was, crashed her car into a tree. So see? not her fault.

“Come on Kim it’s not that bad,” The Latina mused.

“Babe, you’re literally riding your little brothers bike to school.” The pink ranger teased.

Trini rolled her eyes at her girlfriend’s stubbornness.

A Black, 2016 Porsche Boxster pulled up on the curb in front of them.

“Well, if it isn’t Angel Grove’s very own freak show. Wheres the rest of your clown squad?’ Amanda sneered.

Trini lowered her eyes and tried to block out Amanda’s voice.

“What’s wrong Dora? lost your way home from Mexico?” Amanda sassed.

“Leave her alone Amanda.” Kim shot back

Amanda glared at Kimberly long and hard.

“No. You don’t get to talk Hart. Not after what you did. So I’ll talk to anyone however I want to. Amanda hissed.

“Later losers.” Amanda rolled her window back up and drove away.

Kim an Trini walked in silence.


It happened again after first period. Trini was getting some books out of her locker.

“Hey little dyke. how are ya?’ Amanda asked.

“Fine. Get out of my way.” Trini tried to shove past Amanda.

“Now now DeeDee is that anyway to treat a friend? No wonder you’re stuck with the freaks and geeks.” Amanda flashed Trini a too wide smile that reminded her of a shark.

“Please just leave me alone.” Trini pleaded.

“You’re worthless you know? You’ll never have any real friends. Kim only likes you because it’s all she has. Someone better will come along and you’ll be all alone again.” Amanda sneered.

Amanda walked away leaving Trini to break down what she said.


The last straw was in gym class. It was the only class all five of the rangers had together.

Everyone was doing stations today. Kim was at the jump rope station, Zack was at the pull up bar, Billy was with Jason doing push ups, leaving Trini to fend for herself at the rope ladder.

“Come on fatty can’t you do anything. I thought Mexicans were supposed to be good at climbing things.” Amanda and her entourage of cheer leaders laughed.

The teasing came to a halt when Amanda shook the rope, sending Trini falling onto her back. Trini tried to get up but Amanda had put her foot on Trini’s chest.

“Gather around everyone. Come see the flying dyke.” Amanda smirked.

“Get off me Amanda.” Trini warned.

“Or what? are you gonna kiss me? what are you gonna do you fag? COME ON EVERYONE COME SEE THE ILLEGAL GET DEPORTED.”  Amanda laughed

The blonde looked down an smirked. “no on cares about some stupid little dyke like you.”

Out of nowhere a blur of short black hair tackled Amanda to the ground.

“KIMBERLY WAIT.” Jason yelled, but it was too late.

“Get off of me you dumb bitch!” Amanda screamed.

“QUIT TALKING TO HER LIKE THAT.” Kimberly commanded.

Amanda swung first. Her fist collided with Kimberly’s mouth. Blood gushed out of Kim’s now open lip. Kimberly swung her fist into the air and her fist collided with Amanda’s jaw.

“YOU BITCH.” Amanda swore.

Before either one of them had another chance to hit each other anymore, Coach Cleveland separated them.


The two girls each came up with two very different stories. Kimberly’s, obviously, was the truth, while Amanda came up with some tale about how Trini and Kim were bullying her.

They bought Kim’s story. Both girls were suspended for a week and Amanda got detention for the rest of the year.


Later that night Trini showed up at Kim’s window with donuts.

“Hey champ.” Trini purred. Kim flashed a smile at the shorter girl.

“Shouldn’t you be in bed?” Kim asked.

“I should but I though my brave girlfriend deserved a treat after defending my honor.” Trini beamed.

“And would my treat be the donuts or you?” Kimberly smirked.

“Nerd.” Trini gushed.

Kimberly put the box of donuts aside and pulled Trini into her lap on the bed.

“Sorry you got suspended because of me.” Trini apologized.

“It’s okay, donuts and kisses make everything better.” Kim pouted.

“Who said anything about kisses?” Trini questioned.

“I took a punch to the face for you. I better be getting a kiss.” Kim purred.

“I guess I have no choice then.” Trini fake sighed.

“Nope.” Kim smiled as Trini leaned upward and pulled Kim into a sweet kiss.

Yeah. Kim would definitely take a beating for Trini.