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Sometimes I feel bad that I can't think of new ideas...

THEN I remember I’ve made over 15,000 posts and its ok to have nothing to offer sometimes. I’ve given you everything. 

Also - you guys can always get involved. Just send me it and as long as it follows my rules and guidelines (snooze blah blah boring but they’re important) I’ll post it.

Mark has seen them in the past. Even finished a story so you may get luck and have your idea reblogged by him. *SHOCKED FACE*

I should stop writing now. iloveyou.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing 

idk about you, but if I didn’t want certain shippers to reblog art of mine I would actually say so in the caption instead of making vague posts about it. unless of course you want to continue making vague posts about it so you can keep going on about how you hate the ship and shippers, but that’s just petty and sad on your part.


favorite unpopular characters meme a character you love even with their flaws  - Lori Grimes

My son can’t stand me. And my husband, after what I put him through. He hates me. He’s too good a man to say it, but I know… How many women died in childbirth before modern medicine? If I come back, what if I attack it? Or you, Rick, Carl…  If I do, if there is any chance, you put me down immediately, you don’t hesitate.


#Klaus ‘You’ve got to be kidding me. You don’t deserve her’ Mikaelson.

that mentally ill feel when you’re craving positive attention but you haven’t showered in 9 years, so posting selfies is not an option

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anonymous asked:

A tragedy happened and you're really sitting here reblogging your ugly face to get Taylors attention?

Wow thank you for the compliment. I know a tragedy happened and I’m heartbroken and praying for everyone who was affected. Also I’m not trying to get Taylor’s attention I just like to reblog myself and my friends. Unfollow me if you don’t want to see my “ugly” face. Thanks.

75 - You’ve stuck by me through all my fandoms and that amazes me! I remember why I followed you (Zhou Mi is the best!) and I’m glad we formed a friendship along the way. It’s wonderful to see you grow as a person over these last few years and I’m happy I get to see your face more on my dash! You reblog things that really make me think and that’s something I deeply appreciate. I hope we remain friends.


The Mighty Gang wishes you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re single or taken. In my case, I’ll be giving chocolate to myself! A load of it!

It’s alright if you dislike sweets but don’t say it’s junk to someone who’s offering you some, you never know if you might get it splatted on your face. 8T

Please reblog, don’t repost!

The Mighty Gang © me

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it's getting so tiresome watching you reblog your own face. we get it, you've gotten some flattering asks from high schoolers and now you'd like to imagine yourself as some kind of alt/goth icon. instead, you're just coming off as super thirsty. the video you're so proud of making isn't funny, it's not informative, it just screams "LOOK HOW EDGY I AM!! NORMALFAGS CAN'T HANDLE MUH STYLE~" when honestly, your level of taste is nothing to brag about. this page layout is evidence enough of that.

Hahahahahaha I knew the butthurt would come along eventually.:’) Feck off and unfollow then.^O^ This whole message is ridiculous. OH OH ALSO: