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Head cannon for going on a road trip (to San Fran, or somewhere far away) w/ the batfam, but you're in a relationship w/ one of them? :D appreciate it!

Sure! I put the reader with Jason.

  • Bickering is so terrible for the first hour
  • Seriously, Damian, shut up!
  • You and Jay cuddling in the backseat
  • When it’s Jason’s turn to drive you ride shotgun and lean on his shoulder
  • “Get a room!”
  • “Shut up, Timothy, no one asked you!”
  • Large assortment of snacks
  • “Pass the potato chips.”
  • “Not those ones, you fucking dimwit, I meant the ones that are actually good!”
  • When Tim drives you, Jay, Dick and eventually Damian start messing with him.
  • “I have to peeee!”
  • “Are we there yet?”
  • “Jason Todd, if we go to this rest stop and you tell me you don’t actually need to go, I swear to the lord above that I will drop kick you out of this moving vehicle!”
  • Thirty seconds of silence
  • “But I have to peeeeeee!”
  • Enraged scream

Everything went wrong. The plan that had been discussed fell to pieces the moment you had arrived. The enemy intel that you had been given had been incorrect. To top it off, you were trapped in the rubble of a building, with the one person you hated the most. James. Buchannan. Barnes.

“Load up team!” Steve announced. You had just shrugged over your mission jacket, the last part of what you liked to call your very own ‘super suit.’ While the rest of the team had their own style, you liked your combat boots, black cargo pants, and your favorite black jacket. You had it specially made to fit you perfectly and added lots of spaces to hide knives and guns inside. Some of the team had laughed at your outfit the first time, asking where all the weapons were, until you pulled out two guns, eight knives, two daggers, a lighter, and four mini explosive devices.

“Shotgun!” you called as you walked to the jet.

“No fair! You always get to ride shotgun!” Clint complained loudly as he followed behind you.

“Gotta be quicker next time old man,” you sniggered as you took your seat up front.

“You only get it ‘cause the Captain likes you best,” Clint huffed.

“Perks of having Rogers as your best friend,” you said with a grin.

You turned the seat around, and sunk down in the seat to play on your phone while everyone else began to board. You were too occupied with beating your current high score on Candy Crush, that you jumped when someone tried to turn your seat. The sudden movement caused you to move the wrong piece, screwing up your chances of beating your high score.

“What the hell!” you yelled at the person who turned you. You found yourself making a disgusted face at none other than James Barnes.

“Why are you here?” he said obviously irritated at you already. He was dressed for the mission, black mission suit, combat boots, a gun at his hip, and probably several knives stashed in his pockets. His hair was combed back, because he had finally cut the hobo mop of hair he had on his head off. Although it was still a bit long, you could still make fun of it. When he had cut it you had said, “Oh great, at least you’ll see yourself being stupid next time.”

“Why do you think genius? I’m going on the mission, duh,” you responded, your eyes practically rolling to the back of your skull.

“You’re in my seat,” he grumbled, rolling his head around like it was obvious that you were taking up his precious seat.

“Called shotgun, get in the back with the rest of the team,” you replied coldly, turning back around to play your game again. He huffed but you heard him reluctantly move to take a seat in the back. A moment later, Steve came and took his seat in the pilot’s chair.

“You know if you guys actually talked, you probably wouldn’t hate each other,” he said quietly as he began to switch on the controls.

“If we talked, I’d accidently murder him because he would piss me off,” you responded and you went through the preflight checklist with Steve.

“I’m just saying, you both have more in common than you realize,” Steve said, and he turned on the engines. You didn’t respond, thinking that the day you and James Barnes would ever have anything in common, was the day the world would end. Nothing could ever make you want anything to do with him. Ever.

You landed on the ground an couple hours later. The cover of night shielded you all as you came towards the main building. You could hear the sounds of guards in the distance, making their rounds around the compound. Natasha had gone ahead of the group and was doing her job of securing an entrance in the compound. As you pulled around to the meeting point, the back door swung open. A man fell over and out from the inside, but Natasha stood just inside rechecking her gadgets.

“Thanks Romanoff,” Steve said as he walked in.

“Child’s play Rogers,” she smirked and followed behind him.

You were about to head inside, until Barnes shoved past you to get inside first. “Asshole,” you hissed. He just glared back at you before continuing inside. You were mentally plotting a way to put Nair in his shampoo when you got back as you moved forward and proceeded to follow the rest of the group.

As you went up the stairs, everything was quiet, and it made you uneasy. For something so heavily protected on the outside, the inside seemed to empty. You made it to the sixth and final floor before everything went wrong. As the last of you entered the room, the door slammed closed an locked behind you. The door across opened and dozens of armed soldiers started to flood in. Each of you immediantly jumped into action.

You dove behind a desk and started firing at the neverending stream of enemy agents. Once you ran out of ammo, you moved to gain a better position to fight hand to hand combat and not get overwhelmed. Unfortunately for you, you didn’t see one coming behind you. They grabbed you and even though you spun around to get away they managed to catch you and fling you into another teamate nearby.

You landed on top of them with a thud. Just my luck, you thought. You had landed on top of James Barnes and were painfully aware of how close your faces were to each other. “Are you okay?” he asked, he voiced filled with something that you could only describe as actual concern.

“Fine,” you said as you rolled off, trying to avoid gettting knocked down again. He moved away, but beyond that, you didn’t pay attention or even care what he was doing. You were doing the best you could fighting off as best you could while the others did the same.

“Get down!” you heard Clint yell. You turned to see one of the assailants had thrown a bomb of some sort and it was heading right towards you.

Bucky saw it in slow motion. Everyone dove for cover except you. You seemed frozen on the spot, and Bucky wanted to scream at you to take cover but he couldn’t. He knew if you didn’t move right that second, you were as good as dead.

“Fuck,” he swore, before leaping out to cover you. The device detonated as his body collided into yours, shielding you from the blast. The floor gave way, and you felt yourself falling, and then nothing but darkness.

Pain, the first thing you felt was searing pain in your leg. You groaned, as you tried to open your eyes. Everything was dark, and the air was full of dust and dirt. You started coughing but each movement only brought flashes of pain into your leg.

You bit you lip in pain as you tried to move around enough to get the light from your jacket pocket. By this point, hot tears mixed in with the sweat on your face. You held back each whimper the best you could until you were finally able to get your light. You turned it on, and found yourself in a nightmare. You were tapped underground, in the rubble of the building.

You heard movement from the beside you and turned slowly to ease the amount of pain you felt, to find James Barnes groaning as he pulled himself up on his hands and knees. You were almost releaved to find that you weren’t alone done here. Almost. Almost because it was James Barnes.

You turned away to take in your surroudings. You managed to get trapped in a small pocket of the rubble. It was only a few feet around. Just enough for the two of you to move around.

“Barnes,” you whispered. Your voice sounded weak, and cracked. “James,” you said a little lounder this time, saying it through gritted teeth. You shined the light in his direction, and he turned towards you.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Fuck no,” you growled, the pain in your leg growing as your senses came back to you. You shined the light down at your leg, and the blood drained from your face. You had a piece of metal going straight through your thigh. You started to panic, shock coming onto you.

“Ja…Ja.. James…James…I ugh…I think…I’m going into sh…sh…shock,” you stuttered out. He crawled over to you, trying his best not move you.

“Hey, hey, (Y/N), look at me okay. Look at me,” he said, his voice somehow even. You turned to look at him, his face ghostly in the dim light.

“You’re going to be okay. You hear me, you’re going to be okay.” You nodded, feeling scared and in pain.

He looked down at your wound, which you could feel oozing blood. At least the metal stayed in your leg. You might not lose it. He pressed gently around, casuing you to hiss and groan at his prodding. He pulled off his jacket and then ripped sleeves off of his shirt. He ripped a whole in the jacket, big enough to put around the metal.

“This is going to hurt,” he said softly. You knew what was going to happen so you brought your jacket sleeve to your mouth and bit down. You nodded, your breathing already starting to pick up in preparation for the pain your were about to feel. You shut your eyes and screamed. They were muffled as he tightend the straps of clothe around your leg. You screamed, and cursed and felt like you were going to pass out. Your heart was beating out of control.

“There done,” he said and pulled his hands away quickly. You kept your jacket in your mouth as you slowly called back down. You finally calmed down enough to let go. You looked at James, who was watching you with concern.

“Thanks,” you said raggedly.

He half smiled, “I think that’s the first time you’ve actually thanked me.”

“I almost wish I wasn’t thanking you for wrapping up my metal impaled leg,” you said through the pain you felt. The blood loss was making you nice to him. You shivered, realizing how cold it was becoming in the rubble. The concrete was sucking all the heat from you both.

“You need to stay warm,” James said. He moved closer to you, laying beside you to keep you somewhat warm. You rolled your eyes and moved up to lay on him. He stiffened, but then let his flesh arm wrap around you, holding you, sharing the small amount of body heat you had.

“Don’t get any ideas,” you muttered, relishing in his warmth. You never realized how warm he was. He was practically a human space heater. You turned off the light, saving it in case you heard anyone coming for you both.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I know I’m the last person you would want here.”

“You are, but you’re a human heater so I’m glad you’re here,” you replied.

He stayed quiet and you weren’t sure how long the silence lasted. It could have been a few minutes, or a few hours for all you knew. “Why do you hate me?” you asked breaking the silence.

“I don’t. Why do you hate me?” he asked.

“I, uh, you know I don’t actually know. You’re just such an ass that I had to hate you,” you explained. It was true. From the first moment you had met him, he seemed to just insult you or be so sarcastic that you just couldn’t and wouldn’t even try and be friends with him.

“It was uh, my way of dealing I guess. Eveyone else, except Steve, just kinda took it I guess. You’re uh, the only person I guess who took it as an offense,” he fumbled out.

“I don’t take shit from people, I took enough when I was young,” you mumbled.
He stayed quiet again, but this time not as long. “Rough childhood?” he asked.

You were hesisant for a moment, but you were also stuck down here with him. Steve said you should talk to him, so here was a chance. “Mum left when I was 5. I don’t really remember her, but I remember her always telling me I had her eyes. She said when she looked at me, she saw a younger version of herself. I, uh, I thought she loved me, but she didn’t. Dad turned into a drunk after she left. Usual abuse followed until I ran away. I, uh, I got caught stealing, then juvi, then cleaned up, got recruited. Now I’m here.”

You finished your story but he said nothing. You thought maybe you had dumped too much on him at one time. “I’m sorry. If I would have known, I wouldn’t have been so shitty to you.”

“Don’t apologize, we both know if we live, we’ll just go back to the way we were,” you grumbled.

“If we live, how about we hang out sometime, get to know each other so maybe we won’t hate each other,” he offered.

“If we live, and I keep my leg, then we can hang out,” you teased.

You two sat there in the dark for who knows how long. Finally you heard something above you, but you were getting drowsy at this point. You were out, but remembered hearing something and seeing a bit of light before you were gone for good.

The next thing you knew, you were waking up, and you knew you had gotten out. You felt warm, covered in a blanket and the rhythmic beeping of a machine. You opened your eyes slowly and found yourself in the med bay of the tower.
“You got to keep the leg by the way,” you turned to see James leaning agaisn the doorway.

You gave him a soft smile, “Guess you didn’t do such a crappy job then Barnes.”

“You can call me Bucky, everyone else does, and after what happened to us, I think you can,” he said with a smile.

“Bucky, huh. Well Bucky I guess the deal is settled. Think of something easy to do, cause  I don’t think I’ll be walking any time soon.”

He came over and gave your hand a squeeze. “Don’t worry. I got you.”

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Being tall, and dating Tom Holland would include…


  • Ruffling his hair every now and then, just to piss him off
  • Being easy to spot out in the crowds whenever your go to a movie premiere with him
  • “Found you.”
  • Resting your legs on Tom’s lap when you’re both sitting on the couch
  • “Your feet stink.”
  • Hanging out with Zendaya whenever you’re at his movie set, since she understands all of your ‘tall girl problems’
  • “Don’t you just hate it when your friends use you as a human shield?”
  • Constantly being told: “Oh my god, you’re so tall! Do you play basketball?”
  • “Oh my god, you’re so short. Do you play mini-golf?”
  • Always getting shotgun during car rides, no matter how many people protest
  • “But I called shot gun, you guys all heard me!”
  • Getting a little cramped whenever your sit in a small space, like an office desk or a plane seat
  • Constantly looking up celebrities’ heights on the internet (I know you do it too)
  • “Hey, Tom, before I look it up- How tall do you think Benedict Cumberbatch is?”
  • “Should I be worried?”
  • And screw those tumblr aesthetic posts that say that ‘A tall boy + A short girl = A cute couple’. 
  • Because a tall girl + a tall guy = The Ultimate Power Couple. Bitch, you’d better watch out
  • Being a giant hug machine, because you always give out the best hugs in the world
13x06 Jack and Cas.

Ok so we know that all of the boys will be on the case next week right? Well I had a thought. What if when they are traveling to the case or just in the car throughout the episode they are all in the car. You get what I’m saying yet? Dean driving, Sam riding shotgun, and….what about Cas and Jack? Can you imagine them sitting in the back of the car together with the Winchesters in the front? That would be sooo adorable and funny!!!

Terrible Things (Part 2)

Imagine Dean trying to impress you by taking you out on a case, while trying to maintain his cover by pretending to be a private investigator.

Author: hogwartsismyhometoo

Requested By: 13sjacobs

Word Count: 4,195

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I didn’t know what one normally wore on a PI case/date/outing with total stranger, but I figured I should wear something nice. At least something that wasn’t stained with tomato soup.

After some primping and much scowling in the mirror, I took a few seconds to take deep breaths and relax. It was going to be fine. I was going to be fine, he was going to be fine, everything was going to be fine.

I had just enough time to panic about the fact that I was going on a maybe date with a man I’d barely met along with his tall and strong-looking brother on a possible murder case. No big deal. But as I was starting to hyperventilate, I heard the rumble of an old engine crescendo up my street.

I dashed over to the full-length mirror and my bedroom and took one last glance at my reflection. The dress I’d chosen—a cute but casual purple summer dress with a floral print and matching cardigan—was smoothed out, the black leggings I wore with it had no holes in them, and my makeup hadn’t smudged anywhere. I pulled on a pair of flats, grabbed my purse, and flung the front door open.

I let out a little, “Oh!” of surprise as almost collided with Dean, his fist poised in a knocking position. He blinked at me, the only part of him that moved. He didn’t seem to know what to do or say now that I’d opened the door.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

to you (unfinished, off the top of my head)

It all started with some friends and a van

a kick drum inside my ribs

Preaching electric into a microphone stand

Raise your red plastic cup

And Turn the laughter up

We fell asleep in the grass on the summer fest days

You’d never guess I’m still trying to get my head screwed on straight

All us believers still believe

Everytime we sing “two more weeks”

Someone shoulda thrown us in a cell and swallowed the key

Somebody shoulda told us to leave em be

The only news we tuned in to was the traffic update

Nothing feels as close to home as nightime windows down on 88

Lax to berlin and back

Wake up on the west coast inside a flask

The good books in the drawer next to the bed you pissed in

passports a blur, full of stamps from places I missed you in

They’ll tell you everything about last night that you forget

Pack your suitcase, joes in the back smoking a jazz cigarette

They hated me before they ever loved me

I’m not ready for things to change

I miss you missing me in the good old days

Got stuck in the cell of you and me

I guess it still beat solitary

—–Worry worry

Put my head in such a flurry

Freckle freckle

What makes you so special——-

One of these days yr gonna wake up in heaven

Laugh about that night you got four stitches above your eye

when they let the guitars fly

Never trust a band that wouldn’t bleed for you

Never believe in anyone who wouldn’t drive through the night

(To you)

They never tell you in school you’ll feel so alone

Wake me up again when were in the same time zone

The way I’d take a cornfield over a coast

Mulitply me times what you adore most

There were nights between yellow lines

When I confessed to you riding shotgun asleep under purple skies

They say

You get what you get

Well we Got lost in the middle of nowhere And you almost quit

Tonight Come together

Come apart

You can get lonely when u

Only read the charts

Called everybody I knew in this life

Can we get it together just for tonite

I miss old friends and “play it agains”

Please Send my love,

to everyone above

Request: Family Moment

Request: Omg you are writing the cutest stories ever lately! I cried happy tears reading the wedding one. <3. Maybe you next one can be one where the reader is married to Young John Winchester and is raising Sam and Dean and it’s a cute family story? No burning of the reader on any ceilings though. haha

Word Count: 611

Aww, thanks a bunch!(I almost cried writing it because I’m sappy) So, here it is! Enjoy!

“Morning, guys!” You flick on the light, waking the two boys from their peaceful slumber. “Ready to make a move?”

They both groan, turning over simultaneously. You smile at their similar mannerisms, flicking the light off and back on for good measure.

“Alright, we’re getting up!” Dean moans, and you laugh.

“Get dressed, I’m going to get breakfast. Your dad’s just outside with the car, call him if you need anything.” You flash them a grin and head outside.

You married John Winchester nearly two years ago, and even before that, you’d spent a year with him and his two sons, aged eight and twelve, now. You’d always got on with them, and treated them more like a friend where their father was a military figure to them. It’s you they come to when they were hurt or upset.

You leave the motel room and step out to where John’s packing up the car.

“Morning, sunshine.” He grins, and you smile.

“Hey.” You smile, “How’s it going?”

“Good. We’ll be on the road in an hour.” He says, kissing your cheek. “Going to get breakfast?”

“You guessed it. I’m just going to the diner over the road, I’ll be ten minutes.” You promise, and he nods.

“You should grab something for the road, we got a long haul ahead.”

You nod, patting his cheek, “On it. I love you.”

“I love you too, Y/N.” He grins, taking your hand and kissing it. You roll your eyes.

“See you in ten.” You promise, walking off towards the diner.

You can tell he’s looking at your butt.

When you get back with a bag full of food, they’re all waiting outside.

“Sorry. There was this guy in the queue and I swear he’d mistaken the poor waitress for a psychiatrist.” You say, and all three of them laugh, “Oh, nobody loves me. I’m so alone.” You do a stupid impression of the admittedly irritating man, making them grin. You’re about to get into the car when you get an idea.

“Hey, Dean,” You say, “Want to ride shotgun?”

You know he loves the car, and especially loves it when he’s allowed to ride shotgun.

“You mean it?” He asks, obviously excited. He looks up at John, who shrugs.

“If it’s fine with Y/N.”

He looks at you and you nod, then he grins.

“Thank you!” He says, climbing into the front seat. You slide into the back, and prod Sam good-naturedly.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get a go, too.” You promise him in a whisper, and he smiles his thanks. You spend the journey chatting as a family, something you don’t do very often. Every time hunting comes up, or anything violent, you change the topic quickly.

The boys’ childhood is disrupted already and sometimes it’s nice to pretend you’re a normal family. Suddenly, one of your favourite songs comes on the radio.

“Ooh, turn it up!” You request, grinning. John looks at you through the rear view mirror, and frowns.


“Because it’ll be fun. Pleeeeeeeease?” You ask, puppy-dog-eyeing him. He sighs, and turns up the song minutely.

You roll your eyes, suddenly leaning forward and turning the dial. You grin, but he turns it back down. Pouting, you turn it back up. This continues for a few minutes, until the song ends.

“You’re a butt sometimes, you know that?” You laugh, and so does he. The boys have been laughing for the past five minutes. You sit back with your arms folded.

Happy family moments are sometimes few and far between, but it’s moments like this that become treasured memories. When you can pretend to be a normal family for a change.

500 Miles

Summary: during the car ride to Scott’s house, Stiles and the reader sing along to “500 Miles” by the Proclaimers. Part of the Song Series.

It was simple: Stiles and I didn’t get along very well. He thought that I was a diva, and I thought he was annoying. He was good at solving problems and I was good at creating them. Stiles always had a plan, and I always saw a flaw in it. It was safe to say that we both pissed each other off.

           All of this changed one day, and I can’t honestly tell you why. Everything else is clear as a bell. I could tell you what color shirt he was wearing, what the weather was like, and how the seat of his Jeep felt underneath my bare legs. But the reason? Of course not.

           Everything had started out relatively normal. We had been arguing- well actually I was teasing the piss out of him- for the past few minutes because I was riding shotgun.

           “You’re going to move to the back as soon as we get to Scott’s house. He rides shotgun, not you.”

           I sighed dramatically. “Oh, Stiles, you sure know how to charm a girl. Tell me, is Scott aware of this strange obsession you have with him?”

           Stiles appeared appalled, glancing at me while also trying to keep an eye on the road. “Oh my God, Y/N, are you still going on about that? I don’t have an obsession with Scott. He’s my best friend- more like a brother, really. Naturally I would prefer him to sit up front with me instead of you.”

           “Of course I’m still going on about that.” I smiled as I popped my gum in the way I knew he hated. “It makes you angry.”

           “No it doesn’t!”

           “Well, you don’t like it, so I’m going to keep using it against you. I like it when you get all flustered; it’s such a turn on.”

           “Okay, now you’re making fun of me.”

           “I’m always making fun of you.”

           “See! Exactly! This is why I don’t like you! You think making fun of other people is funny.”

           “Because it is!” I held my hands out as I shrugged. Stiles just rolled his eyes, prompting me to giggle like crazy. “Look at your face- you look ridiculous! Aww, even the tops of your ears are red! I’m really getting to you, aren’t I?”

           Finally, Stiles snapped. “Would you just shut up, okay? Jesus.” Biting back a smile, I nodded, holding my palms up in a surrendering fashion. It was too quiet in the Jeep, though, so I began to dig through my backpack. “Great, now what are you doing?”

           “I’m trying to find my iPod and speaker.” I told him. “Your radio sucks, and you don’t have an AUX outlet-thingy.”

           Stiles scoffed. “I apologize that my Jeep doesn’t meet your needs, your Royal Highness.” I hummed in response, “I would’ve thought you’d have said, ‘your Worshipfulness.’”

           “Of course. You’re the only one in the pack that has watched Star Wars. Awesome.” His sarcasm only made me laugh, and I could swear I thought I saw the corners of his mouth perk up.

           “Here it is!” I dropped the speaker on top of the dash, turning it on and turning the volume of my iPod all the way up.

           “Great.” Stiles groaned. “Just not too loud, okay? I’d rather my ears not bleed from the harmonizing voices of boy bands.”

           Flicking through my songs, I rolled my eyes. “I don’t listen to boy bands that much, and even if I did, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with that, okay?”

           “Sure, sure, whatever. Just don’t play it too loud.”

           Right, like I was going to listen to him. Deciding on the Proclaimers, I pressed play and leaned back in my seat with a grin.

           “Oh God, what’s it gonna be?”

           Just then, the music flowed through the speaker, and I began to sing along.

           “When I wake up, well I know I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be the man who wakes up next to you. When I go out, yeah I know I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be the man who goes along with you. If I get drunk, well I know I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be the man who gets drunk next to you. And-”

           “You’re singing it wrong.” Stiles cut me off. “If you’re going to sing it, you gotta sing it with the accent.”

           “Fine,” I smirked. “Why don’t you show me how it’s done?” There was a certain impish glint to his eyes. Oh dear, what did I just do? The chorus approached, and to my surprise, Stiles sang along with me.

           “But I would walk 500 hundred miles and I would walk 500 more just to be that man who walked a 1000 miles to fall down at your door.”

           I glanced at him with raised eyebrows. His cheeks were tinted pink. He looked absolutely delighted. At this point we were both bobbing our heads along, wiggling slightly in our seats to the beat.

           “When I’m working, yes I know I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be the man who’s working hard for you. And when the money comes in from the work I do I’ll pass almost every penny on to you. When I come home, oh, I know I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be the man who comes back home to you.” I pointed at Stiles and he winked, sending me into a fit of laughter.

           We began to scream along to the lyrics, and Stiles passionately drummed on the steering wheel. “But I would walk 500 miles and I would 500 more just to be that man who walked a 1000 miles to fall down at your door.”

           By the time we pulled in Scott’s driveway, we were breathless from laughter, still dancing awkwardly along to the music. The song ended too soon, and we sat there, panting and sneaking peeks at each other. Strangely enough, in that moment, I almost felt… fond… of Stiles Stilinski. More than fond, actually. I wanted to kiss him. From the way he looked at my lips, I could tell he wanted to kiss me too.

wlwmercys  asked:

you come up to my door in the middle of a sea of children, aren’t you a little old to be trick-or-treating?? (Bellamy is 10/10 the one trick or treating)

this did not turn out the way i planned so it’s gross and fluffy and what even is a plot (i certainly don’t know) but here it is, happy halloweenie


As far as holidays go, Clarke can’t really say she has a favorite. At this point in her life she’s had so many of them ruined by people she loves dying, exes cheating on her or betraying her that she has trouble picking a holiday she even likes- much less a favorite out of those. But so far, Halloween remains in her good graces.

If she tried hard enough, she could most likely find something unpleasant to associate with the day and officially ruin the full spectrum of celebratory occasions, but she didn’t have the energy to. In complete honesty, all Clarke wanted to do was settle down on her couch with a nice glass of bourbon and watch scary movies until she fell asleep, but her apartment building has too many children in it for that to be a viable option. So instead, she’s sitting in the arm chair she dragged across her living room to the entry way hall, waiting for people to knock on her door and ask for candy.

It isn’t what she would call a thrilling Friday night, but she’s had worse.

She sees at least four spidermen before she opens her door to find herself face to face with a very broad, very patriotic chest.

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and then you wake up one day and you’re by yourself and they get to strip the skin from their beating hearts and you get to be there, you get to at their mercy, unforgiven, forgiven, it’s not enough, it’s never enough, you’re taken under, you’re pulled beneath, a drowning, a harrowing, and then you wake up one night and you’re by yourself and they get to dig their teeth into your neck and you’re drained again, and you’re disappearing again and you’re not there, but you’re not here and you’re in the backseat of some car because you’ve never been important enough to ride shotgun and you don’t get to speak your mind because your heart was always a mess and you don’t get to breathe your filthy little lies and you don’t get to wake up every day because going back to sleep was the only way to see a dream that you wanted to be just a dream and not your reality and you wake up and you wake up and you wake up to a stuttering day on repeat and it does get better, but on the days that it doesn’t you remember your flaws and you remember theirs and it all comes back as something you can’t hold, can’t kiss, and you can’t love like this unless it meant that dying was your last wish and baby, that third wish was always you.

it was always you, even if it was the last.

Michael is your brother’s best friend - Part Three (A)

Summary: Michael is your brother’s best friend and you both hate each other but something happens and your feelings start to change….

AN: This is going to be quite a long chapter so I’ve split it in half. I’m hoping to write the next part tomorrow. Comments are much appreciated as usual ~Katie x

Part One | Part Two | Part Three (A)

On Sunday morning you were awakened by a loud knocking on your door. When you were startled awake, you sat up in bed and rubbed your eyes with a fist. After you opened your eyes you saw Josh stood at the foot of the bed,

“Get dressed Y/N, we’re going to the cinema!” and with that, he left. You blinked your eyes blearily a few more times and swung you legs out of bed. Huh, that was unexpected but he used to wake you up and take you on random adventures quite regularly when you were younger. You looked at your phone and it read 2pm, so you may have slept in slightly but you had been up all night thinking about your meeting with Michael yesterday morning. He touched you, he never used to do that.

But now was not the time for over-analysing conversations with your older brother’s idiot best friend, you had to get ready.


By 3pm you were dressed in ripped black skinny jeans and a Pink Floyd t-shirt and ready to go. Josh was sat on the sofa texting on his phone and when he saw you he got up and grabbed his jacket. You were both out the door and in the seat of his car in 2 minutes flat. As you strapped your seat belt in, Josh revved his car and began to drive along the road. After a few minutes, Josh said,

“So we’re going to pick up Michael, okay?” You turned to him in surprise.

“Please tell me your joking.” you said. Josh looked at you and shook his head, puzzled at your fast response.

“Is it too late for you to drop me back off at home?” you pleaded, knowing full well what the answer was going to be.

“I’m not turning back now Y/N.” Josh said, “What’s up with you and Michael anyway? You act really weird around each other.” You just shrugged and leant back in your chair, not wanting to answer the question. Josh seemed to take the hint and let it go, you rode to Michael’s house in silence.


When you arrived at Michael’s house, you could see that he was waiting at the end of his garden. When he saw the car rolling up, he stood up off the pavement and walked to your side of the car and tapped on your window. You rolled down the glass at Michael’s request.

“Get out Y/N, I’m riding shotgun,” Michael said. You looked at him in disbelief.

“Fuck off Michael,” you snapped, turning your head so that you were looking straight ahead and not at him, you couldn’t stand to even look at his stupid dyed hair and pale face.

Michael looked at Josh in disbelief, “Are you seriously going to let your little sister speak to me like that? How old is she? Like 12?”

“Shut up Michael and just sit in the back,” Josh said and you smiled smugly and then turned to Michael and said sweetly, “Chop chop sweetie, we haven’t got all day,” and then proceeded to roll up your window. Michael banged his hand on the top of the car in frustration but then reversed a couple of steps and got in the back of the car. As soon as he was seated and had shut his door, he ruffled your hair harshly so that it was all messed up but you didn’t even comment and just fixed it in the mirror. How childish. Josh started the car back up and you continued your journey to the cinema. Michael grumbled all the way there.


When you arrived at the cinema you linked your arm with your brother and walked towards the entrance, not even sparing a glance at Michael. When you entered you walked straight towards the queue for tickets. That’s when you realised when you didn’t even know what you were going to see.

“What are we going to watch?” you asked Josh, making sure to ignore Michael.

“Insidious 3,” Josh replied.

“That’s the new scary one isn’t it?” you asked and Josh nodded and said, “Have you got £7 for the ticket? We might as well pay altogether.”

You looked at him in confusion, “I thought you were paying for me? It was your idea to come to the cinema.” you said.

“You have to be kidding me! You’re not 10 anymore Y/N, I thought you could pay for yourself!” Josh said.

“Well, I didn’t really want to come if I’m honest, especially when I noticed he was coming.” you pointed your finger accusingly at Michael, “You just woke me up and told me to get dressed because we were going out. You didn’t even mention that it would cost me anything.”

“Come on Y/N, you know I’m hard up on cash at the minute. I thought you understood.” Josh blushed.

“I’m hardly rolling in money either. You say you’re short of money and yet you can still afford to pay for yourself to come to the cinema.” You said, getting angry with him now. Before Josh had chance to respond, Michael piped up,

“Oh for fucks face, I’ll pay for her if it means you two will shut up.” You both looked at Michael with surprise.

“Are you sure, Michael? You don’t have to. I don’t mind leaving, in fact I’d prefer to,” you replied, looking at the boy intently. Michael shrugged and said, “It’s no big deal.”

“Well, er, thank you…I guess.” you said awkwardly, it was unusually nice of Michael to do something like pay for you and completely unexpected. However, by this time, you were at the front of the queue and Michael collected Josh’s money and proceeded to pay.

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