you get to learn something from the animators by doing clean up :d

brutally honest descriptions of the mbti types based off my experiences with them via a very sleep deprived infp


-commitment issues? haha i’ve never heard of those :))))

-will literally punch a toddler in the throat if they say they support trump

-so i took the mbti test 7 times and i got infp twice and entp once?? i don’t really know, because i kind of fit into the infj sterotypes more, but if you really think about it i’m kind of an enfj? but i also really relate to isfps, but then again i think i’m too opinionated and logical to be a feeler, so entp isn’t out of the question, but i also feel like the entj cognitive functions really fit m

-genuinely love animals and it’s so pure

-hi sorry for not replying, i was in prison :3 also i moved to norway lol

-actually just the 2007 taco xd random aesthetic irl

-“i just came up with another book plot” texts approximately every 2.3 hours


-hi i’m melissa i’m a 23 year old art school dropout and i abuse prescription pills but it’s okay because i have 200 followers on my grunge aesthetic instagram account. rent me an apartment?

-(talking about veganism to someone at a party) i just don’t understand how anyone could put all of that stuff in their body :/ *bends down to snort a line of cocaine*

-actually really artistically talented but much like the infp they refuse to give themselves any credit for it

-my dream man is someone who goes to coachella with me, helps me align my charkas, takes sad candid pictures of me, is willing to backpack around europe with me and my philosophy class during the summer,

-*googles* why do i share a type with literally every indie musician that has ever breathed lol

-probably fucked your girl in the back of a vape shop


-if you manage to find one never let them go they are some of the best people you’ll ever meet

-huge harry potter nerds

-can manage to get you to spill out your entire life story to them with a concerned glance

-please actually care for yourself for once and a while literally you do everything for everyone else just take some time for yourself god dammit you deserve it


-could be literally the most talented person in the world but would never come close to admitting it

-hi i’m actually just jesus christ irl! nice to meet you :-)


-they know everything

-like seriously everything it’s kind of scary like calm down karl

- allows themselves to recognize exactly one (1) human emotion per year

-can read for hours on end without getting bored and genuinely loves learning

-are generally dicks tbh especially to the people they love the most

-wikipedia articles™

-they actually aren’t actually the emotionless robots tumblr seems to display them as, they are actually extremely emotional in my experience and tend to get offended/upset easily and over small things

-sci-fi, cats, and machines > humans

-superiority complex™

-cute when they aren’t busy throwing tantrums/crushing the souls of their enemies


-hi i’m martha, i’m 32 years young, i like long walks by the beach, yoga, and judging my neighbors for not mowing their lawn :-)  

-tend to be extra™ parents and their kids can either turn out complete emotional wreck assholes because they’ve never been disciplined or the happiest child you’ll ever meet, there is no in between

-they may be complete snakes and have never came up with an original idea in their entire life but boy can they make a killer chicken parmesan

-kind of comforting in a mother-like sense when they aren’t busy being judgmental dicks

-will clean your entire house for you on a whim


-wow i love being an infj :)) top 1% haha :))

-will literally develop a crush on someone because they say they know what tumblr is

-find purpose in writing/creating in general

-ending toxic relationships?? haha what’s that??? :))

-constantly switches between their “you can’t control me it isn’t a phase mom go away >:(( my chemical pilots at the disco saved me xd i will literally punch a baby fuck the system i’m 2cool4school” persona and their “i’m such a smol bean :3 save all the animals <333 i love pretty girls and dogs :))” persona

-“can i txt you back in like 15 mins i’m having an emotional breakdown lol”

-actually genuinely empathetic and creatively gifted but gives themself credit for none of it

-intelligent but fails classes because their teacher said something that went against their morals

-playing the victim? never heard of it! :))

-secretly just meme hoarders

-attention whores tbh i won’t even deny it

-o v e r d r a m a t i c


-hi it’s 6 fucking am and everyone just wants to go back to sleep or die or both but i’m gonna start an argument with the professor over the origin of tangerines for no apparent reason

-*googles* how to permanently get rid of my fe in 5 simple steps

-follow my meme page xd

-so what if i love my dog more than i do myself and my entire family?

-this conversation is boring me i’m gonna go chug a bottle of vodka and binge bill nye the science guy™ peace out

-have low self-esteems but compensate through obscure dark web conspiracy theories at 3 in the morning

-shirley i didn’t call you back because you’re a fake ass bitch not because i didn’t like your lasagna at the block party


-why do i keep physically abusing my crush lol

-and why do i keep yelling i can’t even stop at this point someone please send help

-they love food more than they do themselves


-hi welcome to my prank youtube channel :3

-the type of people to show up to school with 37 puppies and a knife

-i’m not gay but 20 bucks is 20 bucks


-sorry i didn’t show up to school because you’re fucking stupid

-awe infp is so cute <3 i’ll destroy them last

-*on the floor, drunk, talking to their dog* you’re the only motherfucker in this town who can handle me

-what do you mean other people’s opinions/beliefs besides my own are valid lol??

-lowkey have daddy kinks

-what do you mean it’s physically impossible for me to control every aspect of my life??

-i mean if you really think about it voldemort was the victim,

-the type of person who could tell their crush they like them without flinching. terrifying


-wears d.a.r.e shirts ironically

-1990’s grunge aesthetic

-would walk into a burning building for the meme

-playing the hero?? haha never heard of it :))

-ew what the fuck man get those feelings away from me lol

-fuck da police

-following the rules?? that seems excessive lmao no thanks


-i once had one (1) original idea back in the summer of ’67. it was terrifying. i’ll never do it again.

-your scary math teacher that wears black socks everyday expects friday. then they jazz it up a bit with stripes. will mark your grade up if you say you like the same sports team as they do.

-understanding concepts outside of your own experiences? lmao no thanks?

-will make quizlet sets organize your desk for you

-my dream in life is to narrate a crime documentary and complete my george washington memorabilia collection.

-remembers all of their colleagues birthdays. doesn’t say happy birthday.


-fucking get over your ex already he wasn’t that attractive calm down allison

-*googles* why do i relate to regina george from mean girls so much?

-the type of person who tells your boyfriend you have a crush on him

-o v e r d r a m a t i c

-gets your shit together for you. judges you


-dead inside

-if you can manage to find one that actually tolerates you they are some of the most loyal and true people you’ll ever meet

-horrible social skills, compensates through meme hoarding

-sends you links to conspiracy theory videos when you’re sad

-extremely intelligent but they get lost in their own house

-whoops i just remember i haven’t showered in 3 weeks lol

-i would laugh at that joke but i’m 3 hours deep into an existential crisis and i’m 100% convinced you are actually a robot created by bill clinton so not today jeff


-yes homo

-cries over cat videos in public

-facetimes you in a grasshopper fursuit at 3 in the morning

-probably an alcoholic

-has 87 different crushes at once

-you haven’t talked to them in 7 years but they’ll show up at your birthday party and give you dog

-also attention whores

-generally has the personality of someone who just did 10 lines of cocaine


-one sec let me just gather up all of the fake empathy i can muster for this particular situation

-that one kid in class who always has perfect notes

-shudders at the thought of… a… creative… thought….

-falls in love with an estp approximately every 23 seconds

-hi i’m karen, i’m 34, i love my family, cupcake baking, helping people of course until it interferes with my own personal comfort haha, christmas decorations, room layouts,

-probably has a studyblr


-your angry boss

-probably cyberbullies children on the internet 

-has an emotional breakdown when they don’t win classroom jeopardy 

-*googles* who is bernie sanders and why do i want him dead

-organizes your shit for you, regrets it later

-dead inside

{Special} College!AU Momo
  • major: photography / concentration: commercial 
  • minor: dropped her dance minor because she realized she liked her own style way more than taking classes on it,,,
  • sports: urban dance team
  • clubs: cooking club (except she doesn’t cook she just tastes everyone else is making), reviews restaurants with jeongyeon for the campus blog, and sometimes gets asked by dance minors for help which shocks her because she’s like “how do you guys know i dance,,,” and they’re like “we see all of nayeons snapchats of you!!!!” and momo is like,,,,,,,,,,,clueless 
  • ever since she was really young everyone assumed momo was going to pursue her career in dance,,,, she’s just always been so good at it and loved with a passion that people were like you hAVE to major in dance or theater,,,, be a PERFORMER
  • but momo,,,,,was hesitant with it because as much as she adores it,,, something about making it her chief discipline,,, took out the fun in it
  • so when she entered college and chose photography everyone was like ??? because since when did she like taking photos
  • or doing anything aside from laying upside down from her bed watching dramas or being in a practice studio,,,,,,,
  • but momo’s simple answer was “food”
  • “what about,,,,,,,food?”
  • “i want,,,,,,,to take photos of food.”
  • which im not kidding, is an actual career like who do you think takes those videos for mcdonalds or those nice pics for restaurant menus like this is a lEGITMATE business and momo is like “i heard sometimes you can eat the food after,,,,,,,if it isn’t fake :       )”
  • jihyo: oh that’s why you want to do it, to eat right
  • momo:,,,,,,,,,,,
  • momo: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yes
  • she tried doing rookie shots of jeongyeon’s cooking or her sisters and ,,, the photos didn’t turn out half bad so she decided it’d be something she could see herself doing
  • plus it would still give her time to practice dance for her own leisure,,,,,,
  • to be honest,,,college was a bit of challenge for her - momo isn’t the most schoolwork motivated and she has habits of slipping into her hobbies more than her schoolwork
  • cue: moms jihyo and jeongyeon reminding her that she has finals and projects due
  • and momo crying over the prerequisite biology course
  • but hey,,,,,she has a dream and she wants to be able to follow it (and make money,,,,as all college students dream of some day LOL)
  • plus,,,,,if anything,,,,,,she makes money on the side tutoring dance and being in small performances set up by friends or dance majors so you know ,,,,,, it isn’t like she gave up the thing she really loves
  • she’s just being realistic
  • but she does get lost on her way to class like all the time,,, like she’s been on campus long enough to know where the buildings are but she zones out and ends up outside of the library and not the art department
  • do you know how many times sana has found her there??? too many to count
  • keeps getting scouted by different uni sports teams while she’s at the gym because she’s FIT and has a more grueling workout then some of the dudes on the football team
  • but the only team she’s on is an urban dance one because she’s friends with the leader who lets her choreograph parts and it’s the only group that lets her ,,,, like?? break the rules??? of what people think dance is about
  • but yeah even though she can sleep for 16 hours straight and eats unhealthy snacks in class,,,,,,she can probably run laps around half the people on campus
  • nayeon calls her ab-god and momo is just like “i can make my abs dance wanna see” and nayeon is like YES im gonna put it on instagram and jeongyeon has to pull momo’s shirt down before it can happen because quote on quote, “stop exploiting her for likes nayeon”
  • shares her dorm with jeongyeon’s and you can see who lives on which side
  • because one is perfectly clean, with a new-looking monitor on the desk and textbooks staked by class and bed sheets white and crisp
  • while the other is,,,,,,,mismatched sheets,,,,,,,30248 teddy bears,,,,,,,and a desk that has empty chip bags on it and momo’s sweater that she wore a week ago
  • who cuts out photos of pretty food and tapes them to their binders??? momo
  • everyone in her class is like ,,,,,,,,,,,, oh and she’s like “this is a photo of a hotdog. a hotdog,,,,,,i would die for”
  • most definitely sleeps in class when she can LOL
  • you first see momo  on your way to pick up a friend’s films from the photography department 
  • she’s standing outside of the entrance,,,, where you have to swipe an ID to get in looking glum and you wonder if maybe,,,,,,she forgot her ID?
  • you don’t want to be weird and just ask her but it’s obvious the way she’s looking at the machine and the people passing through 
  • it’s even more obvious when mina walks by, and goes “no ID?” 
  • momo pouts as mina swipes herself in and shakes her head “cant help you momorin,,,,,,,,,start using the wallet we gave you!!!”
  • momo sighs,,,mumbling to herself that dropping her money and cards into her huge backpack has always worked before - todays just an unlucky day
  • you feel bad and so you walk over and go “h,,,,hey im going to be going inside and i can hand you my ID after i swipe it if you want???”
  • momo’s eyes light up,,,,,,,she does a little clap and thanks you
  • you swipe yourself in and then discreetly hand over your ID to her so she can do it too
  • once inside momo grins,,,,,her smile is so cute and she takes your hand to shake it,,,,,thanking you again
  • with that she rushes off,,,, realizing she’s late now for class and you stand there a little bewildered because something tells you she isn’t,,,,like a lot of other people is she
  • you learn quickly that you’re right - she’s not
  • because the next day as you’re leaving the photography department you see momo again  
  • and she doesn’t have her ID,,,,,,,,,again
  • and you swipe her in and she’s all stars in her eyes thanking you!!!! till she goes “oh,,,,,,,,,,,,but i think i forgot my camera in the dorm oh no,,,,,,,i have to go back,,,,,”
  • you watch again, amazed, as she dashes out of the building you try to think of something to say but you just call out “take your ID too!”
  • she does something of a nod,,,,,,disappearing out the doors
  • this goes on for a bit,,,,,,,momo seems to never have her ID and you always bump into her at the entrance
  • sometimes a friend or someone else will swipe her in, but for a while it seems like she’s looking for you
  • when she sees you,,,,,she calls your name,,,,,,,,the smile of hers is really simple - it’s not big and bright
  • but it’s, it’s got this subtle beauty 
  • even a bit of a sleepy beauty,,,something that reminds you of warm blankets and lazy afternoons
  • even though you’ve seen her run,,,,,like she’s part of the track team and get up and all worried about forgetting anything else before going in,,,,,,,for the most part momo’s energy is always dreamy
  • and you,,,,,,you think it’s cute
  • at one point you’d been handing her your ID when a girl,,,,with short hair and a stern expression swatted your arm and went “don’t give it, she needs to learn to stop losing her ID!”
  • you had looked at her and momo had frowned “jeongyeon,,,,,,,,they’re being nice,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • jeongyeon has narrowed her eyes and went “momo told me about you,,,,,,stop swiping her in! she needs to start bringing her ID! doesn’t it bother you that she’s always here?”
  • your gaze had shifted to momo,,,,,,to be honest nothing about her bothered you in the least,,,,,,,you’d swipe momo in for the rest of your academic career if she wanted
  • but you didn’t even have to say that,,,,,jeongyeon just huffed and went “i see you’ve been won over - you’re hopeless!”
  • turning to momo she’d pinched her roommates nose and went “stop relying on being adorable and start getting organized - we’re going to clean our WHOLE dorm till you find your ID”
  • with that jeongyeon had pulled momo out of the building,,,,,,momo had went willingly,,,,but turned and waved to you
  • shyly you’d brought your hand up to wave back,,,,,,,but jeongyeon’s words kept rattling in your head
  • ‘you’ve been won over  - you’re hopeless!’
  • you got stuck thinking about it so long that someone had to ask you to move out of the way so they could get through skfljda
  • but it’s true,,,,,,she really had in some ways,,,,,,won you over
  • a couple of weeks passed by and momo had vanished from her spot near the entrance,,,you were a little upset,,,,,you wouldn’t lie
  • but you were happy thinking that she had probably finally gotten her ID back 
  • until you saw her again,,,,,,
  • “do you need me to swipe you in?”
  • momo shakes her head,,,,,the way her hairs up in a messy bun and the oversized hoodie hanging over her frame,,,,,you wanna CRY she’s so damn cute
  • “jeongyeon made me get my ID remade,,,,and i haven’t lost it because-”
  • proudly she shows you the lanyard around her neck, from the bottom hangs her ID pass and you look at it,,,,it’s pink,,,,,with little dogs on it 
  • (see: you’d cry she’s so frea K I NG CUTE)
  • “so what’s up?”
  • momo motions to the door with her hand,,,,you give her a confused look but she goes “i wanna take you somewhere i really like,,,,,,do you want to come?”
  • she doesn’t tell you the name of where you’re going or where it’s located, you just follow her as momo takes your hand and excitedly talks to herself about how she’s been craving this food for a while,,,,,,,
  • you end up seated in a small family-owned restaurant,,,,momo is on a first name basis with the lady that takes your order and even knows about her kids and husband
  • momo seems like she’s at home,,,,,not even looking at the menu since she orders her “regular” 
  • you try to see if there’s anything you’d like but momo urges you to get what she is - she promises you’re going to love it!!!!!! 
  • and you’ve never seen her so animated and excited about something
  • her usual daydreamy like expression turns vibrant
  • and she tells you that this place is her favorite,,,,she’s been coming here since she was a kid 
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,still not sure why she’s taken you here and what this is like is this a thank you for you helping her swipe in all those times?? is this just new friends hanging out???? is this a date,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • the idea makes your heart do a ! and you’re not sure how to calm yourself down
  • but momo is thankfully distracted because when the food comes out,,,,,,it’s like a whole new person is in the room with you
  • and you reach over but momo is like “wait! let me take a photo!”
  • she takes her camera out,,,,,not her phone,,,,and you’re like “should i pos-”
  • but she instead starts snapping pics of the food, admiring it and smiling to herself and she’s like “oh! we should take one too!”
  • you flush bright pink as she moves over to sit beside you
  • she’s squished up against your arm,,,,,the smell of strawberry scented shampoo and her pretty profile up close is enough to send you into a mini heart attack
  • but momo just comfortably throws up the peace sign and giggles for you to do it too
  • the food,,,,,,like momo said,,,,,,, is exceptionally good!!! you and momo don’t talk, both totally immersed in the flavor
  • but once you’re done,,,,,finishing what is a serving for four people,,,,,,you go “thanks for taking me here! i never knew this place existed!”
  • momo nods, patting her stomach “i only show it to people who i like”
  • those words make you freeze,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,,what kind of like,,,,,,you’re so confused,,,,,,,
  • momo’s ability to say things like that with no change in expression makes your head spin because what??????? does?????? this???? all???? mean???
  • momo suddenly gets up to pay and you try to get some bills from your wallet but she’s just like “you don’t have to, ive racked up points!”
  • confused you look at her pull a card from her pocket, the name of the restaurant and holes punched all throught it except for the message that says ‘come 10 times and get a free meal!’
  • you gwack and momo hands it to the lady from before who asks “do you want another one?” momo just smiles in obvious response
  • and when you two are back on the train to campus,,,,,you practically jump from your skin when momo softly lays her head on your shoulder and falls asleep
  • her mouth open in just the slightest and her hand tightly holding yours,,,,,,
  • you feel even more nervous when you guys are standing together in front of the dorms,,,,,,momo isn’t say anything
  • and you’re so worried you did something wrong that you’re trying to come up with an apology in your head when momo just goes
  • “we should ,,,,,,, do this again”
  • you nod,,,,almost too fast,,,,,,,your excitement makes you embarrassed but momo just seems to find it cute
  • then she takes a step closer and adds “if you ,,,,, want we should also ,,,”
  • her hands come up to hold your face,,, your eyes dart back and forth and you feel your heart spin but you close your eyes 
  • and momo kisses you ever so gently,,,,,,the same sensation of when a snowflake falls on your skin
  • but it makes your whole body tingle because,,,,,she did it,,,,,,she kissed you
  • and oh god you don’t want to do anything else for the rest of your life but kiss hirai momo,,,,,,,,,
  • you say your goodnights and you go home on cloud nine,,,,,,momo falls face first into her bed and jeongyeon is about to tell her to at least take of her shoes first
  • when momo turns her head, smiling and goes “jeongyeon,,,,,,i found someone i like,,,,,,,,,,as much as i like food,,,,,,,,”
  • jeongyeon almost doesn’t believe it LOL
  • the first act of dating momo is you two swipe yourselves into the photography department while holding hands and it’s so c*rny,,,,,,yet sweet
  • well i mean jihyo finds it sweet and nayeon says it’s corny but you know whatever
  • you actually get you and momo matching lanyards to wear for your IDs and you’re too shy to give it to her but when she finds them hanging on the wall of your dorm
  • she grasps them and is like !!!!!!! cute !!!!! 
  • you got one with peaches on it because momo told you that’s what her name means and you didn’t say that either,,,,,,but momo somehow just Knew
  • momo is the comfortable college gf meaning she loves wearing baggy jeans, big t-shirts, uni sweaters, and sneakers
  • but sometimes when she has a dance competition to go to or sana makes her go shopping with her
  • you get to see momo in cute shorts or dresses and wow ok,,,,like i know we established how adorable she is but momo is hot,,,,,,and you’re like oh my,,,,,,,,,,,god and everyone is like “don’t drool” and you’re like excuse me but my gf is killing me????? do you see how good she looks??????
  • but to momo it doesn’t really matter what she wears, she’s fine showing up to get cereal with you in the campus dinning hall at 3 pm in her goofy pajamas like she’ll do it
  • but no matter what she always has that,,,,,strawberry scented shampoo,,,,,and this laid back aura that makes you feel that spinning heart feeling anytime you see her
  • you get to see momo’s photography and she’s pretty good,,,,,she’s definitely more careful with product photography then she is with like taking photos of people
  • see: all her pics of food for her portfolio are amazing, top quality
  • you ask her to take one photo of you and it’s a blurry nightmare
  • matching coffee mugs over matching phone cases
  • she unapologetically eats off your plate if you’re eating,,,,,,like even if you’re just unwrapping some gum she’ll break half the stick off 
  • but you don’t mind,,,,,tbh you start carrying snacks with you because you know momo’s going to eat like half of yours LOL
  • when you first see her dance,,,,,you can’t even believe it’s her,,,,,,,
  • the same girl who just kissed you on the corner of the lips because she missed your mouth because she was still sleepy,,,,,,looks like the most fierce girl on stage
  • you know everyone else in the group is doing good,,,but you can’t look away from momo,,,,,,her impact is TOO strong 
  • and afterword, sweaty and being flocked by people complimenting her - momo finds you in the crowd and sluggishly falls into your arms for a hug
  • “you did amazing, i never knew you were that good!”
  • she rubs her face into your neck and just goes “im hungry,,,,,,”
  • that’s momo as a gf for you; affectionate and hungry aksdlskjg
  • but really,,,being with her is so chill and you get worried because you want to do more for her, take her somewhere fancy or get her something expensive because she means a lot to you
  • but momo is totally fine with cuddling and a movie,,,,,,,,+ three different types of popcorn
  • and she just wants to kiss your face and not get up from the couch 
  • also she never fails to amaze you because you once went to a dog cafe because you thought momo would have fun since she loves animals and cafe snacks
  • and an hour later, with a big dog sitting in her lap momo turns to you with a big smile and goes
  • “im actually allergic to them”
  • you almost yELL because oh GOD WHAT but she’s like not deathly!! she tries to hug the dog again but you’re like um excuse me let me get my gf out of her before she sneezes herself into a coma or something oh god
  • studying with momo consists of you quizzing her on stuff and giving her candy if she gets it right but every once in a while she just pushes the flash cards from your hands and asks to get all mushy instead
  • and you can’t resist her at all
  • jeongyeon is like “you’re wearing momo-colored glasses, all you ever see is her” and you’re like,,,,,,,yep,,,,,you right,,,,,,,,,i love her so much
  • you and momo looooove just laying out in a park after an exhausting week of school and work and everyone else and you guys share headphones and listen to a playlist you made
  • and there’s a song that goes ‘you are my peach, your are my plum’ and everytime it plays momo wiggles closer to you and mumbles that it’s your song,,,,,,,,because she’s your peach,,,,,and you’re her plum and ok is it the cutest thing ever? yeah. yeah it is
  • momo getting you to come to the gym with her and you’re like ,,,,, cant we just be slOBS together and go get some cheetos,,,,,,,
  • but momo is like it’s fun!! and you’re like idgi how can you like exercising but also not moving for 24 hours straight 
  • dahyun: it’s her talent, the duality of les momo
  • you guys eskimo kiss and momo tickles you with the ends of her hair and it’s so damn soft,,,,,,,
  • momo is a horrible texter but it’s ok because she makes up for it by just sending the same heart emoji over and over again and then randomly you’ll get a selfie from her that makes you want to frame it and put it up in the moma she’s so damn gorgeous
  • she’s also the type of girlfriend to point to two cute animals cuddling and be like “us”
  • but also point to french fries stuck together and be like “ U!!S!!!!!” 
  • you catch her dancing to herself and forgetting she’s in a library full of students and just so people stop staring at only her you start trying to dance along with her and ,,,
  • ok you love her so much and momo loves you ok she probably just blankly stares at you for 30 minutes before going “you’re pretty” and then passing out on top of her textbook 

anonymous asked:

That video was so soft tho in my opinion, I love how they talked about dan and kept adrressing him as if he were their own child. They also made a few random comments here and there that really made me think about their relationship and their future. I'd love to hear your thoughts, you are way better at articulating things! :D

YES dude (though idk about me being better this summary is SPOT ON!!!!) lots of cute moments and parenting insights in this. i loved it!!!!! i’m just gonna copy paste my running commentary while i watched hahah :)

  • ok right off the bat I’m just. laughing. dan’s words in the intro are so confusing hahaha. “‘won’t somebody please think of the children?’ we’re not. too late for all of you.” ……… what? i mean i think they’re referencing this clip from the simpsons and i think dan is trying to say they’re not ‘thinking of us,’ like to make a joke that they’re inconsiderate or that their content is bad (in the way he always does when he’s like ‘i’m so sorry this is a complete disaster,’) but instead he just sounds very much like he’s saying he and phil aren’t thinking of ‘children’ right now, like not thinking of having children right now esp bc he mumbles the ‘too late for all of you’ bit so it was all jst very jarring and i began this video w heart racing and eyes wide, ready to ~pick up on anything~ and for daniel howell and his dumb way of speaking to always keep me on my toes ugh what a mess
  • regardless. phil sassing dan at the beginning for talking over him,,,, yes. ‘i’m trying to do an intro! let me finish!’ the sweetest words in the english language
  • dan’s summary of toddlers: they run around, they get very angry, and they slowly learn to poop
  • musings on the audience: we’re ‘ready to pick up on anything’ and we ‘can see it all’ love this self-aware, multi-layered, meta humor, kings of comedy
  • 1:47 dan saying ‘how many years would you have to use a toilet and not clean it,’ made me confront the reality that dan cleans toilets at least once in a while. stars! they’re just like us
  • ‘dil get your hand down that u-bend stat’ is honestly so funny. phil’s giggle when dan is ‘not particularly comfortable’ is so cute
  • their sharing in a bit of nostalgia for their daycare memories and bonding over the similarity of their experiences. stop. i love how dan knows the distance from wokingham to manchester off the top of his head and characterizes their age gap as ‘a couple of years.’ i feel queasy
  • dil is werrrrqing it according to dan. he is also party miami dad
  • phil acknowledging the existence of the ripped jeans and envisioning them turning into ripped shorts. didn’t know i needed that. very into it
  • dan committing to wearing a crop top in the event that he ever has abs. can phil please tell him to stick to his guns about subverting society’s standards for male beauty and to therefore go ahead and rock a crop top regardless of his abdominal musculature, if that’s what he wants??? ?
  • phil actually hates the crop top and shorts. dan says it’s amazing and starts to criticize phil (‘phil stop be—‘ in his typical higher-pitched tone of indignation) but then gets thoroughly distracted by dil doing crunches lmao
  • this might be really weird but I’m obsessed w watching the way phil uses his hands when he gets excited. just like. watch his hands from 4:38 to 5:15 it’s the most heartwarming thing u will likely ever see. i think in this vid in particular he was even more expressive than usual and i noticed he clasped his hands near his chin or grabbed his own face a number of times and it was so cute. phil lester, actual king of gesticulation. i always wonder if this tendency is natural for him or something that he kind of forces in order to sort of appear more animated/performance-y when he’s filming (cause something about it sort of feels like a nervous tic at times!!! but idk!!!! body language experts, weigh in!!!)
  • 5:37 dan is confused then starts singing along and they make weird noises i have no idea what they’re referencing and i have never hated their connection more. i feel so left out
  • dan’s idea of a school-aged child is obsession w playstation and pokemon
  • dab is sprinting maniacally and in my current state of mind i find it fucking hilarious
  • dan has mentioned dil’s abs like 10 times in  7 mins
  • i like how they both immediately agree w no discussion that creativity is the most desirable trait of those options
  • also cheerful. dan says ‘i like cheerful’ and fuck I’m soft
  • dan is genuinely emotional about child dab which is so cute
  • i love how actually disappointed phil is that this child’s fav animal is a frog and how dan immediately comes to his defense. this feels like eerily realistic insight into a situation dnp would def get into with their child
  • ‘easy beans’ phil owns my heart
  • they buy dab an art table thing and phil says ’we need to make him the most creative child possible.’ i love that with minimal discussion they immediately want to get stuff for dab to encourage his talents it reminds me of dan ranting about what makes a good parent (someone who equips their child to pursue their passions)
  • dan says he needs to be connected to the internet and phil hesitates bc he’s so young and dan is immediately outraged. and then phil immediately caves. this also felt so insightful to me, like we were watching them kind of talk out their real life approach to parenting and exposing their child to technology 
  • 16:01 their enthusiasm about dab’s drawing like y’all i know this is a sim but they’re rly treating it like a real kid and it’s just too vividly mirroring how they would obviously react to their real child’s first ever drawing and I’m emotional
  • phil immediately suggests hanging it up and they both have a long awwwwwww aiwejroaiejroaier this is Too Much
  • omg the exchange at 16:54 about cake made me wanna die i feel like first off it is v rare to hear phil call dan by his name in videos (other than when he’s exasperated and yells ‘dan!!!!’ as an interjection bc dan is being a shit) so it immediately just felt like a more personal moment and then the way that dan was like ofc we can and must cater to ur random craving and order cake delivery immediately after filming like he just rolls w it and it’s just such a spontaneous and sweet little moment and godddddd they def curled up and ate cake after they were done w the video, on their new couch, in their new fancy lounge, in their new home, bc they can just do that. fucking hell their domestic bliss is giving me so much envy my heart physically ACHES with it
  • ‘baking a cake in your bikini that’s quite iconic’ phil is just out here empowering women to love themselves
  • then dan butting in with ‘what a milf’ nice, it’s been forever since he’s been that explicit about female attraction i was shook. i like that he immediately asks if he’s allowed to say it and phil immediately shuts him down. i mean there’s a slight chance that’s just for comedic value but it feels sort of in line w the notion that they (esp dan) have consciously toned down and all but eliminated female attraction mentions (or sexualization) from their dialogue in videos bc they’re aware of their mostly female audience (this speculation aside in all honesty why is eliza’s bod low-key bangin)
  • 18:16 when dan is like walking thru his vision for dab as the social arty kid and evan as the shy genius he is literally writing fic in his head idk why he’s even tryna make fun of tumblr’s interest in this ship he’s the biggest stan out there all of the dab x evan entries on wattpad will be by dan under various pseudonyms
  • para-BOWL-uhs is this how brits say parabola or is dan just terrible
  • 19:54 dan wants them to hook up confirmt

lol fuck this video was good and dnp are going to be fucking amazing dads idec that’s the only conclusion from this video that matters

(sims #39)

star-the-assassin-yordle  asked:

Your art is sooo good, I love your style and the way you color, and your lines are so clean and smooth. Do you have some tips or suggestions for who's starting with digital.

Thank you so much! I’m really happy that you like my art. :D I’m going to write this post for complete newbies, but I actually have some specific advice for you near the end. I hope you’ll bear with me!

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anonymous asked:

SDR2 boys parenting headcanons pleeeease?

Your wish is my command

SDR2 Boys Parenting Headcanons

Hajime Hinata

  • He’s very calm
  • He will help his S/O if they’re ever worried about any of the process
  • He doesn’t get overwhelmed
  • If he does panic he just tackles it rationally and makes sure the child is okay
  • He will be more of a parent who tries to help their toddler learn then play with them
  • He likes to go out with his children a lot
  • Family days out are a must
  • He tends to support the child and his S/O through it all
  • Making sure that both of them are okay
  • He does love to just sit and cuddle with his S/O and child
  • And during the early days he will do a lot of night feeds, and often likes for the baby to sleep on his chest

Kazuichi Soda

  • He wants to be the coolest dad
  • He’s gunna be showing off to his child a lot
  • It’s adorable to see him making so much effort
  • He will carry the child a lot
  • As they get older he will carry them on his shoulders a lot
  • He likes to play mostly
  • Will join in on imaginary adventures
  • And he’ll take the child everywhere with him
  • Will tell them about the world
  • Show them all these things in the areas around them
  • Often persuades his S/O to go on ‘educational walks’ with them
  • And fam time is his most important thing
  • Doing everything together, being together, learning together
  • He tends to just stop now and again and thank his blessings for his S/O and their child

Nagito Komaeda

  • He’s pretty nervous
  • He doesn’t think he has what it takes to be a good parent
  • So while he doesn’t want to worry his S/O with his concerns, he does get anxious a lot
  • He ends up googling a lot of things
  • He does a lot of night feeds or getting up in the night for the child so he can ease his own anxieties
  • But he feels best when you work as a team to make sure everything’s okay
  • His favourite thing to do is to read to his child
  • Just to calm himself and the child
  • He’ll stroke their hair until they fall asleep
  • And put a lot of effort into the voices of the characters
  • And will probably read to the end of most books after the child’s gone to sleep
  • At which point you come in and cuddle him, coaxing him to go to bed himself

Nekomaru Nidai

  • “Can I train it?”
  • Nidai no
  • He’s the king of games
  • He will find all sorts of toys and board games for the child
  • And sit and play with them
  • He’ll drag you into the games too
  • All of you will be playing
  • He loves to watch family films together
  • With you in his arm and the child between you
  • He’ll split his kisses between the both of you
  • And when they start school and learning he will be the kind of motivation
  • He wants them to do their best!
  • But he’ll never pressure them, just help them whenever they need it

Gundham Tanaka

  • Animals are a breeze to look after
  • He knows their needs
  • But a child
  • W h y  i s  e v e r y t h i n g  h a r d e r
  • He thought he’d be a pro
  • But oh no
  • He doesn’t understand
  • So he just
  • Learns from you
  • He needs to watch every detail
  • He makes notes
  • But what he learns is that the child likes to play with animal toys
  • So he helps educate them about animals
  • And then when the child is old enough he’ll bring some domestic animals to them

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

  • He was going to get others to work for him
  • But he realises quickly he wanted to raise them himself
  • The way you and him were a team when it came to caring for the child was something he couldn’t live without
  • He never wants to be apart from either of you
  • He makes sure any workloads around the child are split equally between the two of you
  • He’s generally smitten most of the time
  • He adores both of you so much
  • There’s barely a time he hasn’t got a smile on his face
  • He wants to spoil the child but knows it’s not wise
  • So he has to have you remind him when he’s being too much
  • But whenever you’re exhausted from the child care he’s there at your side
  • He’ll make sure the child is okay but then ultimately you are

Byakuya Twogami (Imposter)

  • He reads about parenthood a lot online
  • He wants to be super prepared
  • Most of the time he watches and learns from you
  • So he will do tasks like making dinner, cleaning etc. until he’s comfortable he’ll be okay with the child
  • He likes to tell them stories
  • And play in imaginary scenarios with the child
  • He wants you to play too
  • And instead of telling bedtime stories from books he makes up his own
  • He will be amazing once he knows what he’s doing
  • Will make sure every need of the child’s is met
  • And of course take care of you too
  • He will probably pamper you both
  • Until he’s exhausted
  • And then you have to force him to take a break

Teruteru Hanamura

  • He’s going to bring the child to the kitchen a lot
  • And tell them about his cooking
  • And how one day they’ll be his apprentice if they’re interested
  • If not he’ll just talk to them mindlessly when cooking
  • So their first word will probably be some ingredient
  • And then you’ll just look at him with disbelief while he’s very smug
  • He’ll make sure they have the best food for their nutritional needs of their age
  • But don’t worry he’s going to be taking care of you too
  • He won’t hesitate to do night feeds or comfort them when they’re having a nightmare
  • But if you want to he’ll make sure not to stop you
  • If anything he will come with you
  • He doesn’t want to get rest when you aren’t
  • He’ll insist you take care of yourself too
  • And if not he’s going to tease you and persuade you to look after number 1 too

anonymous asked:

prompt: they fight. big fight. the biggest fight. gimme angst :D

Wow you sadistic fuck come back when you have happier prompts. Just kidding. I will indulge you. Just not in the way you’re expecting.

What you are about to read is the biggest fight Andrew and Neil have in their entire relationship ever.

Some refer to it as “The Great Kitty Schism.” Others, specifically those who truly had to bear witness to the events, call it “The Cold Cat War Apocalypse.”

  • It began on a Tuesday in Columbia.
  • By this point in time, Andrew and Neil are both signed to the same professional Exy team.
  • For the better part of two years, they have been going between separate apartments, filling the small amounts of spare time they can get with each other.
  • But now it’s finally over. They can finally live together in their own space.
  • The decision to buy a house is easy. It’s learning to live with each other in a big space that’s a bit tricky.
  • Settling in takes the good part of two months but they are finally just beginning to figure it out.
  • That’s when “Cat 1″ enters into their lives.

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anonymous asked:

Idk if u still take Drabble requests or anything (gosh I'm awkward 😂) but if u still do, could u make one we're daveed is like really jealous and insecure. Totally okay if don't want to or anything! Love you 🙈🤗

Don’t worry I’m awkward too so don’t feel bad! I love you too Anon! Here you go!

Originally posted by mirandasdaughter

The time had finally come, the event you had half dreaded and were half excited about. Your ten year class reunion. When you had graduated you couldn’t have gotten out of your home town sooner and had moved across the country and went to college at NYU. You never looked back, you had one best friend, Erica, who you had stayed in contact with and would visit on the rare occasion you went home to visit family. You had dreaded going back and seeing all the people you were so happy to forget and hear about how wonderful their lives were going for them. Not that your life wasn’t going amazing, you never expected that you would be a successful writer and that you would be bringing back the man of your dreams into the literal shark tank of your former classmates. 

The whole ride from your mom’s house to the Hilton you toyed with the hem of your dress and fiddled with your bracelet until a strong hand covered yours.

“Don’t be so nervous baby. It’s going to be fine,” Daveed said, “It will be exciting to see all your old friends.”

“I suppose,” you said with a small smile.

Within a few hours you had caught up with most of your old classmates and were happily sitting with your old best friend Erica gossiping about some of the girls who had given you so much trouble in class. She had gushed over Daveed much to your embarrassment. Everyone seemed awe struck when he had walked in with you and you felt confidence flow through you when you stared down Natasha who was glaring from the refreshments table.

“Did you see Natasha?” Erica questioned with a sly smirk.

“You bet your ass I did,” you said mischievously.

“Let me guess? The woman who is glaring from that table is your high school nemesis?” Daveed laughed as he sipped his drink.

“Something like that.”

You watched as Erica questioned Daveed about his rap group clipping. which prompted an animated conversation about Splendor & Misery. You loved to watch Daveed talk about his music, he really came to life and you could see the fire in his eye. He always talked with his hands and you smiled when you saw him push his glasses up his nose and laugh. 

“I’m going to go grab a drink. You two have fun,” you laughed.

Browsing through the various snacks and sipping your champagne you didn’t notice the man who was making his way over to you.

“(Y/N)? Is that you?”

You whipped around and quickly swallowed the cookie you had grabbed. Standing before you was your ex-boyfriend that you had dated sophomore year until right before graduation. He was wearing a smart looking blue suit, was clean shaven, his hair combed perfectly, and looking handsome as ever.

“Hey! Derek how are you?”

Daveed laughed as Erica told him about how (Y/N) had auditioned for the annual musical and accidentally tumbled down the stairs.

“Are you serious? She never told me about that… then again I’m not surprised she never mentioned it,” Daveed snorted, “Though… she did always avoid the staircases on the set during Hamilton.”

When he looked up he saw Erica staring wide eyed over his shoulder, “What’s wrong?”

Turning around he saw (Y/N) being pulled into an embrace of a well dressed handsome man. She laughed and pushed on his chest as they talked closely. He narrowed his eyes feeling the unmistakable sparks of jealously flaring in his chest.

“Who is that?” He asked.

“That’s Derek. They dated for about three years in high school. He’s a doctor now or some shit,” Erica snorted rolling her eyes.

“Interesting. Excuse me Erica,” Daveed said quietly as he got up and headed toward the pair.

“You look great (Y/N). Absolutely radiant…”

“She sure does, doesn’t she,” Daveed said as he wrapped his arm around your waist and pressed a kiss to your cheek.

“Derek, this is my boyfriend Daveed,” you said brightly.

Daveed shook his hand firmly and his smile seemed a little forced as he examined the man more closely. You raised your eyebrow slightly but shrugged it off as you continued to catch up with Darek.

“I was just telling (Y/N) about the last surgery I had to perform,” Derek bragged.

“Derek got a full scholarship to Harvard Medical School,” you explained.

“I got an athletic scholarship to Brown,” Daveed said a little to defensively.

“Brown… that’s nice. What was your major?”

“Theater,” Daveed said.

“Daveed is really talented actor Derek and you should hear his music,” you exclaimed.

“And acting is rewarding for you?” Darek asked critically.

“Yes it is,” Daveed said curtly, “It really gives me a good platform to get my opinions out there and to help other young artists.”

“Riiiight. As I was saying you should really come visit more often. You’re parents aren’t the only ones who miss seeing you around. I’d love to talk more about your writing,” Derek said with a grin.

You noticed the scowl that had settled across Daveed’s face and how he tensed at Derek’s comments. 

“Well I could always swing by and catch up more next month. Daveed is doing some filming and I’ve been wanting to come with him and watch him work. I miss watching him in action since he stepped down from Hamilton and clipping. isn’t touring at the moment,” you said giving Daveed a reassuring smile.

“Hamilton? I’ve been hearing about that, it’s apparently all the rage these days isn’t it?”

“It’s a hit alright! They are going to be doing a national tour soon.”

“Isn’t it rap or something like that? Not really my taste really. I’ve never thought highly of that kind of music,” Derek said while he looked at Daveed, “You were a main character?”

“I was two main characters actually,” he said tensely.

“Wow two characters in one play. You’ve got yourself an overachiever I see,” Derek chuckled.

You felt your face heat up with anger and Daveed looked like he was about to punch Derek in the face.

“You know what, you’re damn right I do. You think you are better than other people because you are some kind of fancy surgeon? Daveed is wonderful and you know what he works his ass off every day and makes people happy with his art. He uses his success to do charity work for kids and puts together events to help other young artists learn how to be successful. His rap music has more subject matter in it than your whole existence. I’m glad he isn’t an arrogant piece of shit like you, if he was he would be waving his Tony and his Grammy in everyone’s face, but he doesn’t have to because he is a decent person! You’re the last person I will be calling if I come home to visit. Come on D let’s get out of here,” you hissed.

You both quickly walked out of the ballroom and headed to the elevator, “God what an asshole… trying to talk down to you like that. I could strangle him,” you angrily huffed as you repeatedly pushed the down button by the door.

“I can’t believe I was jealous of that douche,” Daveed muttered.

“What? You were jealous of Derek? Why?”

“Well I turned around and you were hugging him and laughing and then Erica said he was your ex and he was some fancy doctor… I don’t know I guess it made me feel insecure. It’s stupid,” he replied and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Baby it doesn’t matter that he is some surgeon now, you are the man I love and nothing is ever going to change that,” you said before pulling him into a kiss.

On Call

This is a shorty because I really wanted to post something for you guys and I wanted to do it today since it’s the 2 year anniversary of the blog. Hope you like, I’d be more than happy to continue it sometime with a part two maybe.

Anonymous said to imagineowengrady:

Can you do a fic where one of the raptors are injured and reader and Owen have to spend more time at the paddock. And they get to know each other better or whatever, thanks!!


estel619 said to imagineowengrady:

Hi! Just found this blog, while looking for Jurassic world stuff. How about an imagine that’s reader x Owen, and something has happened to Blue, as she is my favourite raptor, and the reader and Blue bond over it? Rating etc, I’ll leave up to you. Thanks!


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how about some headcanons of how a sleepover would go between the girls and their s/o?

Sure! Very cute!

Maki Harukawa

  • She doesn’t find a problem with it, claiming that she’s quite used to sharing a bed and space with other children.
  • She’ll tidy up and get as many blankets and pillows as she can find to create a cute little bed for you.
  • Once you arrive, she’ll sit in complete silence until you suggest something.
  • When you do, she’ll reluctantly agree, and go along with talking, cuddling, doing whatever you so please.
  • She seems unenthusiastic, and’ll apologize for that.
  • These just aren’t her thing, you know?

Kirumi Toujou

  • She oddly seems pleased that you would propose such a thing, saying that she would be overjoyed to be your host for the night.
  • She insists that you come to her place, seeing as she’d rather spend the night in a tidy, familiar environment.
  • When you arrive, the place is spotless and she’s waiting at the door to take your coat, bags, anything you may have.
  • You tell her that she doesn’t have to be so formal, and that it’s just you, which catches her off guard.
  • After all, she’s served people who hosted sleepovers before, and this was what she’s always done?
  • So should she do the same for you?
  • She’ll still offer do do little things for you throughout the night, such as offering foot rubs or a massage.
  • You eventually convince her to stop fretting about and sit down, and the two of you spend the night watching documentaries and reading to each other!

Angie Yonaga

  • This girl is literally shaking from excitement when the idea is posed!
  • She wants to make the night absolutely perfect and to be able to spend as much time as possible with you!
  • The house is a mess of pillows, canvas, paint and blankets when you arrive and she’s waiting for you with a b i g smile and hug!
  • She’s planned so many fun games!! She’s super excited to play them with you!
  • She may intend on staying up the entire night with you
  • She first has you draw with her as she blasts music at top volume, singing along with it every so often.
  • She’ll then have you lay on your back with her, and stare at the ceiling, talking for hours over anything that comes to mind!
  • Her ceiling totally has glow in the dark stars
  • She eventually falls asleep there, and looks quite cute! It’s a good night!

Kaede Akamatsu

  • She invites you over to her place, and seems quite happy to make the first move.
  • She tells you to bring the warmest pajamas you have and a bunch of pillows.
  • She sits with you in silence for a few moments after you arrive before insisting that she has no idea what to do.
  • They two of you h a v e to do something, in her opinion.
  • This eventually ends in her going to vent her boredom out through the piano, and offering you a chance to listen.
  • You eventually fall asleep there as her soft melodies drift you to sleep.

Miu Iruma

  • At first, she teases you, asking if you were too afraid to sleep on your own, or if your were afraid of the dark.
  • This teasing soon turns to her asking if you wanted to do something special tonight.
  • Once you assure her that your intentions are pure, and suggest a sleepover idea, she calls you a dreaming schoolgirl.
  • She agrees nonetheless, and practically b e g s for you to come to her place, for she wants to show you some new stuff she’s been working on!
  • She somehow convinces you to agree that you would try her newest “Do it while you sleep” invention later on.
  • You’ll probably regret it, but she looks super excited, and you couldn’t turn that face down.
  • She’s never had sleepovers like this before, she she honestly has not a clue what to do
  • She won’t go any further, but’ll end up talking your ear off the entire night.
  • At one point as you’re talking, she’ll force you to feed her chips as she lies on your lap.
  • The night eventually ends with her nodding off there, having exhausted herself out, and you two sleep there!

Himiko Yumeno

  • She’d rather not make a big deal about it, after all, it’s just spending the night together.
  • Her place is a complete mess with cards and clothes strewn everywhere.
  • She apologizes, saying that she couldn’t find the energy to clean up with a laugh.
  • She tells you that she’s immensely tired, and would just like to chill the entire night.
  • She suggests a movie, and you agree!
  • It’s probably Wizard of Ox or a fairy movie
  • She makes popcorn and sits next to you, resting her head on your shoulder the entire time, seeming mostly preoccupied with the movie.
  • She yawns a couple times, and often begs you to stroke her head as she’s leaning against you, finding it calming.
  • She totally doesn’t accidentally choke on popcorn. Nope. Didn’t happen.
  • She gets pretty sleepy halfway through, and you have to help her to bed! Overall, it’s a chill, but nice night!

Tsumugi Shirogane

  • She f r e a k s out!
  • She’s seen so many episodes of anime where sleepovers were a time to bond!
  • She’s never really had many before, and even though it’s just between the two of you, she goes all out.
  • This means setting out your favorite foods, drinks, along with hers!
  • This means setting out your favorite foods, drinks, along with hers!
  • Of course she’s set up common sleepover activities that she learned from reading online
  • She offers to do your nails, or, that you can do hers! She apologizes that the only thing she knows how to do is gradients, and that she would like to learn how to do fancier designs sometime.
  • She’ll offer to make you a fancy drink if you so please, and is honestly planning on doing whatever you want her to do the entire night.
  • She just wants you to have a good time!!
  • She’s selected a long lineup of her favorite animated movies and anime episodes, in case you wanted to treat her to watching them!
  • If you agree, she’ll be ecstatic, and practically d r a g you to the couch to watch them with a smile that could light up an entire room.
  • She gets too absorbed to speak much, but it’s still enjoyable!
  • She totally doesn’t stay up the entire night

Tenko Chabashira

  • She’s super flustered at the mention of a sleepover, at first thinking it as in inappropriate gesture.
  • She was n e v e r able to have them as a kid, and honestly finds them a bit weird.
  • She proposes the idea of spending the night in her dojo, though shoots it down after realizing there’s not much there.
  • Some way or another she ends up in your house, not quite knowing why she’s there.
  • She tells you that if you just wanted to sleep in the same bed, then you just should have said so earlier.
  • You then explain the concepts of a sleepover, and the games you could play, and she begins to understand it.
  • She’ll then hoist you on her back and parade throughout the house with you, laughing.
  • You’ll play and stretch some more before she insists she’ll sleep early, begging you to do the same. A good night’s rest is important, you know?

huntressofthenorth  asked:

request for a drabble of the Losers taking Pennywise to the Grove to swim and a turtle is chasing Pennywise?

(Oh wow. I’ve never been this ecstatic to get to a prompt, seriously.) 

Ben was one of the only kids to put sunscreen on aside from Eddie, despite the fact that over half of their club were as white as snow and he was sure that Richie had as much a chance of burning in the summer sun as he himself did. 

Nonetheless, Ben was afraid to nag his friends since a.) Eddie was already doing a bang-up job on that and b.) Ben wasn’t sure why he was so worried in the first place. Perhaps it was because, after visiting places like Florida and California at different points of his young life, Ben was more than a little uneasy about being sunburned. It could get real bad, so bad in fact that your skin could develop boils that were sensitive to the touch and painful to carry on with. 

The thought of his worst sunburn ever caused Ben to shudder where he shifted from rock to rock, and instead of dwelling on those unfortunate memories any longer, he turned to the most audaciously bizarre member of the club with a curious eye. 

“Hey, Pennywise… where’d you learn how to swim anyway?” Ben asked. He, like the other Losers, had gotten much better at making pleasant conversation with the almost 7ft. tall clown. And yet, Ben was rather soft-spoken and polite, so one could arguably never tell if he’d gotten used to having an alien for a a friend or not. 

An alien who was dazzled by the concept of arm floaties apparently, as once Pennywise caught wind of Georgie’s, the clown had been hypnotized. At that moment, Pennywise had managed to get a hold of one and was trying hard not to pop it with his curious claws. Georgie had had to keep the other one on at the very least, despite sulking over how floaties made him look like a baby. 

Pennywise looked up, still distracted so much that one of his eyes was still purposefully staring at the swimming aid that would just not fit over his forearm, let alone over his upper arm. 

“Don’t swim.” The clown replied off-handedly. “I can float.” 

Pennywise’s lower lip protruded in an over-exaggerated pout. He shook a massive arm out with helpless abandon. “Georgie. Billy. Help.” 

Georgie’s high-pitched giggles (which were beginning to turn into scream laughter the longer they stayed friends with this ridiculous creature) and Bill’s exasperated sighs dulled the mile-a-minute conversations occurring between the rest of the Losers (Richie and Stan were curiously absent) and Ben’s one-sided attempt at distracting himself. 

“You d-don’t need these.” Bill groaned, all while trying to pry the floatie off of the clown. “Georgie needs them for safety.”

“Nuh-uh!” Georgie retorted, offended. It didn’t mean much when he couldn’t escape the torrent of giggles bursting forth from his mouth. “I can swim! I can swim better than Penny, even!” 

Somehow, someway, despite both their whining and pleading, Bill managed to retrieve the aid and give it back to Georgie. He stomped his foot and held it out at arms length, but Bill was insistent, feeling too old for this shit. 

“I’ll just have Penny save me if I start drowning, which I won’t!” Georgie figured, already standing dragging Pennywise over to the shallow end of the water. Pennywise let himself be led, sniffing as he stared at his reflection in the surface and breathing in the cool, clean scent of freshwater. It was… pleasant, not better or worse than Pennywise’s abode in the tunnels of the Derry sewer system, but nice. He could tell why the kids enjoyed it at least. Kids had more fun when the environment was clean, not dirty. 

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Oh me, oh my- look who was tagged~

Was tagged by @chippani.


1. Always post the rules

2. Answer the questions given by the person who tagged you

3. Write 11 questions of your own

4. Tag 11 people

1) are there any animals you think are underappreciated? Name them!

There probably are many animals who are underappreciated, but if I know any, I find it difficult to think of them right not.

2) not a question, but tell us a memory you hold dearly, please.

A friend of mine got a bad grade in biology once… I have social anxiety, so I was too scared to offer to go to the bathroom with her… but when she came back, she sat next to me, head on the table and arms around it; 

She was visibly shaking and trying not to cry again, so I gently took her hand and she grabbed it and held it so tight I think I lost circulation. She held it for the rest of the lesson.

We never talked about it, but I feel that she was grateful for my support… it made me happy to know I could be there for her.

3) are there certain smells or textures that make you happy? (eg clay in your hands or the smell of clean linins)

The smell of rain and freshly cleaned clothes are calming unlike anything else. The textures of some tissues are very pleasant too… grass is pretty nice to the touch… water is also strangely fascinating.

4) know any weird but interesting facts? Mind sharing?



5) if you could have the abilities of one person from any work of fiction, who’d you choose? Why? 

This one… is a thinker… any person? Oh, I know- one of those people from Star Trek… the ones that stopped the war between The Federation and The Klingon Empire? The ones who had developed beyond physical form?

What were those called…?

6) what would be your three wishes from a Genie?

First: I would wish to have superpowers. I will gladly take the great responsibility that comes with the powers if I could be able to fly.

Second: I would wish for World Peace. No more wars, acceptance of all races/religions, no more hate, no more poverty, no more abuse, no more animal cruelty, acceptance of all sexualities and genders… that would be my second wish.

Third: I would have to think deeply about it… I am not sure what I would wish for.

7) are there any color pallets/colors/patterns that you find painful to look at?

Oh boy, yes there are. Anything too saturated is usually painful to the eye. Mostly green and yellow.

8) what’s one thing you’d like to do for fun, just once?

Just once…? Maybe go to a concert… I would go just to see why people love them so much, but I do not think it appeals to me.

9) (this is a strange one) do you like the feeling of being pet on the head?

Not on top of the head, no… but the sides, just above the ears: definitely. If I could purr, I would.

10) would you rather be a jack-of-all-trades? Or a master of one?

Master of one… though I think the quote goes ‘jack of all trades, master of none’.

11) how about a small obscure show/movie/game that you really love, but never got the love you think it deserves(d)?


No matter which games I get involved with over the years, Journey will always be my favorite one. There is no talking, no narration; it lets you discover the story by yourself.

It holds such beauty and it has such phenomenal music… I feel like not many people appreciate it as I would like it to be appreciated…

My questions:

1. Who are you closest to at the moment?

2. What are five of your qualities?

3. Do you support the LGBTQA+ community?

4. Have you moved away from your country of origin? Do you plan to?

5. Favorite language you have learned/would like to learn?

6. Would you rather lead or follow?

7. Do you practice any self-defense sports? (ex. martial arts)

8. Would you rather live on Earth, another planet or in space?

9. What never fails to make you happy?

10. What is your sexuality? Or, if you are uncomfortable with that, do you live in a house or an apartment?

11. What is your goal in life? It matters not up to what point; just one of your current life goals.

Bonus: What is something you would like to do at one point in your life?

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burrorjefferson-deactivated2017  asked:

i gotta ask for jamilton ¯\_( ツ)_/¯

All of it? Well then.

• Who hogs the duvet: Hamilton is constantly moving, even when he’s asleep. He doesn’t hog the duvet but kicks it off the bed entirely. Jefferson has developed a knack for fishing it back up without opening his eyes.

• Who texts/rings to check how their day is going: Jefferson calls. Hamilton gets very caught up in work, but Jefferson accidentally developed the habit of calling him daily. Their conversations are weird, disjointed things, because it’s rare that they’re both paying full attention. Mostly they just like hearing the other’s voice. They have a lively ongoing text conversation that both contribute to regularly, though.

• Who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: Hamilton. He has a knack for spotting interesting, thoughtful things. He picks them up and either gives them right away, or else forgets about them until at least three months after the birthday/holiday. Jefferson’s gifts are significantly more extravagant, and occasionally on time, but also less personal and creative.

• Who gets up first in the morning: Jefferson. He’s always asleep first, though, so he wakes up first. He’s not ACTUALLY immediately perky, it’s just that Hamilton is never up early enough to see him stumbling around, and he doesn’t bother to correct Alex’s complaints about “morning people.”

• Who suggests new things in bed: Usually Hamilton. He’s always “thought of something fun” and Jefferson has learned to go with the flow. It’s win-win.

• Who cries at movies: It’s all or nothing with these two: either they’re ruthlessly mocking a notorious tearjerker, or they’re both weeping silently, not making eye contact, and whose bright idea was it to watch a movie about a dog anyway?

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Show and Tell

Submitted by trulycas

Prompt: Superheroes

Round 2.9: Show and Tell vs. Fire

Sam didn’t like going to school.

At least, not when he was younger- six, to be exact. Wide-eyed, wild-haired, mouth always running and hands constantly tugging on Dean’s sleeve for some sliver of attention. That’s where he always wanted to be- by Dean’s side. Not in the midst of a swarm of high voices and accusing looks and giggles hidden behind palms.

He couldn’t be with his big brother when he was at school. Couldn’t hear his warm voice or count the explosion of freckles falling across his cheeks after Dad grumbled that he was “too busy” to play a game. It was always, “Class, this is Sam.” “Where have you been, Sam?” “Where’d you get that bruise, Sam?”

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No Dutch Courage Required

A/N: Dearest Bubbles, happy happy (sssh, I know it’s belated) birthday! 

Dylan O’Brien/Tyler Hoechlin | roommates fluff | ~2k

It happens after the Christmas tree incident. Sure, Dylan is apologetic as fuck, at least if his ramblings are anything to go by, and Tyler is already tired of hearing “sorry” and “no, seriously Hoech, I’m so sorry”.  He’s not even angry about what happened, he never was in the first place, mostly because of the satisfying feeling of getting to tell Dylan “I told you so.”

Nevertheless, the next party happens with that incident still on most people’s minds, and Dylan makes yet another promise that nothing like that will happen again.

“Well, the tree is gone now,” Tyler points out. “Just please don’t hump anything else, okay?”

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Preference #6 “Where do babies come from?” [Requested]

A/N: Sorry it took a little longer than anticipated. Hope you enjoy, though. :)

Scott: The vague cries of a newborn child reverberated throughout the humble nursery, soothing murmurs of tenderness ghost over the fussing infant’s sensitive eardrums. A tranquil humming brought the tearful cries to a sniffle, Scott’s deep voice lulling the newborn into a peaceful slumber as he cradled the tiny baby against his bare chest, an affectionate glisten to his warm milk chocolate irises as he watched his newborn son fall asleep. There was nothing more fulfilling or important in his life than being a father; except for being your husband. “Daddy?” A tiny female voice inquired softly, a mess of brunette curls popping in the doorway. “Mommy needs your help.” Scott nodded, silently acknowledging his eldest child as he gently lay the newborn in the modern sleigh crib, making sure to close the bedroom door behind him. Scooping up his giggling daughter, he pressed a chaste kiss to her chubby porcelain cheek, making his way to the kitchen where he knew you were busy cooking a lavish dinner. Melissa was visiting, bringing Sheriff Stilinski as her date, hoping to spend some quality time with her son, her favorite daughter-in-law and her beloved grandchildren. “I hear you need my assistance, my love.” He declared in a superhero façade, as he sat your four year old daughter on the counter.

“I can’t reach the serving platter your mom got us last Christmas.” You placed your nimble hands on your hip, pouting at your husband in an exaggerated fashion. He released a hearty chuckle, shaking his head as he grinned from ear to ear at how adorable you were. Every time his mother came to visit you were blown into a frenzy; cleaning every inch of the house, making delicious recipes you found online and dressing to impress. The effort wasn’t needed, Melissa loved you; he tried to explain the fact to you on several occasions but it fell on deaf ears.

“Need anything else, babe?” He inquired sweetly, reaching over your head as he removed the sterling silver platter from the cabinet; placing the dish on the counter as he glanced at your daughter. She gave her father a cheesy grin, swinging her little legs back and forth as she sat quietly.

“Nope, that was it.” You replied with a quick peck to his cheek. “Is Junior asleep?”

“Out like a light.” He informed, sneaking a crab cake from the foil bowl it sat in.

“Where do babies come from?” The soft spoken inquiry was a disastrous shock to both of your systems. Scott began to choke on the stolen nibble of food, as you shifted uncomfortably, neither knowing how to handle the offhanded question. Scott sputtered as he attempted to swallow the half chewed mess of seafood in his mouth, blinking rapidly as he begged you to say something with his widened cappuccino eyes. “Uh, t-they come from mommy bellies. You know that.” You replied, placing a palm on your stomach for emphasis. “Remember when your brother was in there?”

“Mhmm.” She nodded, brunette curls bobbing as her dark eyebrows knit together. “But how did he get out?”

“The doctor tickled him out!” Scott exclaimed in a panic, wanting desperately to change the subject. “When doctors tickle mommies babies come out.”

“How do babies get in there?” She questioned, innocent dark chocolate irises glancing between you both as she blinked and tilted her head in curiosity.

“Uh.” Scott looked in your direction for any chance of assistance, but the look of utter amusement written all over your face was no help. “D-Daddies have to tickle mommies.”

“Oh, okay.” She giggled content with the information given to her by her father as she crossed her legs. “Thank you, daddy.”

“Do you want to tickle me and have another?” You whispered against his broad shoulder, releasing an entertained laugh. He shushed you, a warm blush creeping across the surface of his cheekbones. “Stop it.” He groaned hiding his face in your neck as he hugged you flush against his taller frame. He just hoped the answer would suffice for a few more years; he wasn’t ready for your daughter to grow up yet. When she did, he figured locking her in the house until she was forty was a good source of abstinence.

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25 Rules for Mothers of Sons

While I was browsing facebook, I saw this shared article in my newsfeed. Someday, I might gonna have my own son, and these are the lists that I absolutely wanna do. Although I always believe that being an amazing mother cannot be learned nor taught, it happens through mistakes, tears, sleepless nights, etc. BUT still, I love this article, it makes sense.

photo credits: i got this from pinterest

25 Rules for Mothers of Sons

1. Teach him the words for how he feels. Your son will scream out of frustration and hide out of embarrassment. He’ll cry from fear and bite out of excitement. Let his body move by the emotion, but also explain to him what the emotion is and the appropriate response to that emotion for future reference. Point out other people who are feeling the same thing and compare how they are showing that emotion. Talk him through your emotions so that someday when he is grown, he will know the difference between angry and embarrassed; between disappointment and grief.

2. Be a cheerleader for his life. There is no doubt that you are the loudest person in the stands at his t-ball games. There is no doubt that he will tell you to “stop, mom” when you sing along to his garage band’s lyrics. There is no doubt that he will get red-faced when you show his prom date his pictures from boy scouts. There is no doubt that he is not telling his prom date about your blog where you’ve been bragging about his life from his first time on the potty to the citizenship award he won in ninth grade. He will tell you to stop. He will say he’s embarrassed. But he will know that there is at least one person that is always rooting for him.

3. Teach him how to do laundry. ..And load the dishwasher, and iron a shirt. He may not always choose to do it. He may not ever have to do it. But someday his wife will thank you.

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anonymous asked:

What program(s) do you recommend for artists who are new to digital art/photoshop?

Hi anon! Sorry for the slow reply, but here it is:

I’m going to sound like an advert, but i’m going to go right ahead and say Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint [pro]

Now, i’m someone who started out on Photoshop 3 [I think it was?] about a hundred years ago, and I can humbly say i’ve come a long way since those days of drawing with a mouse and using the star brush tool way too often. And while Photoshop is amazing, and you have so many great tools, and a lot of different ways you can modify them or create new brushes, you can animate, much better sensitivity for the tablet pen, oh god the filters, or the multiple ways you can manipulate and create and do things… 

But, personally, I don’t think it’s actually that great for a beginner artist. 

I say this for two reasons, and then i’ll shut up about Photoshop. 

One: Photoshop is designed for photo editing. Once you get a good look around, you’ll notice a lot of the tools are targeted for people manipulating, editing, cleaning up, filtering photos. This is something you’ll notice with the brush tool/shape, and how certain things just don’t quite work like an actual artist tool. Which… is okay, but as a beginner, it’s nice to have tools that more closely simulate real artistic tools.  [Ex: an actual paint brush, pencil, pen, etc.] 

Annnd Two: This isn’t to say you can’t create amazing work in Photoshop. Most of the hyper-realistic art you might see on DA or other art forums is created in Photoshop by professionals. > Key word here is: Professionals. They know all the tools that Photoshop provides, and have more than likely created at least 70 of their own tools to create such stunning artwork. Now, i’m not saying a beginner can’t reach this level, or pursue this style of art in Photoshop. But, I am talking about learning digital art skills from a beginner level, which brings me to Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio. 

CSP/Manga Studio is not only for those of you out there who want to draw Manga. [I think that’s sort of why they changed the name recently.] It’s an amazing program, with dozens of benefits for beginning artists. To start with, you can go in almost any direction/style you want to. There’s brushes that simulate a very realistic painting experience, there’s pen tools that work very much like actually inking lines, there’s screen tones for the manga crowd, there’s preset comic frames/boxes and speech bubble tools [also custom versions] for those looking to create their own comics, there’s charcoal and pencil tools for the softer styles of art, there’s highly versatile line tools, for those creating a very clean style of art, and so on and so forth. [You can also animate, but I haven’t figured out how to use that yet. ; n ; ] 

In fact, they show off some of the tools right here: [ X ] >Scroll down< 

Link to tutorials: [ X ]

There’s also these fun 3D models to work with, which are great for beginners figuring out poses. [Warning: Anatomy is NOT accurate in a lot of cases.]  

It also offers different types of rulers, like a symmetrical ruler, and a perspective ruler. 

All of which are really good tools for a beginner artist to start with. :D 
So, I highly suggest getting the free trial and trying it out to see if it works for you. If not, I would also suggest trying out the Photoshop trial, or SAI. 

Good luck! 

anonymous asked:

if you're still taking prompts, how about witch!dipper get a mail order demon (bill) to act as his familiar?

Interesting. Here’s a thing! Not actually a mail order demon, but I hope this is an acceptable plot replacement. (Still really need to learn how to write shorter fics. This ended up longer than I expected. D:)


It’s not terribly unusual for a witch not to have a familiar, but that’s typically reserved for people as old as Grunkle Stan, whose familiars have died, either due to natural causes, or in some duel or battle. They’re only animals, after all, and as useful and comforting as they are, they aren’t immortal. By the time most people reach middle age, their first familiars have already passed, and they’ve moved on to another one. 

They say that you never forget the first, that the combination of your magic influences you for the rest of your life.

Dipper’s eighteen, and he still doesn’t have a familiar. He’s never found anything that felt right.

A practitioner without one at Dipper’s age is, at best, weird, or at worst- Well, Dipper’s heard worse things said about him. At least in Gravity Falls, it’s more out of pity for his lack of companion, not that he’s shunned for being a freak with magic. 

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urlplankton  asked:

Are there any specific lyrics or anything in the sharpest lives that make you think it's about Gerard getting clean? I really like this meaning, I'd never really thought about the song like that until you mentioned it

Oh man there’s heaps…
I’ve never been drunk before in my life so I have no experience to draw on here, but in my mind this is what I think of it. Don’t kill me if I have the wrong idea - I just don’t have the first hand knowledge.

So he makes a few blatant references to drinking - in the first verse and the pre chorus (“I’m drunk I suppose” and “I’ve really been on a bender and it shows”), but I think the whole song kind of emulates the struggles of addictions and stuff.
Like at the start he basically gives you the run down of his drinker life - he comes home late, crashes on the couch in his clothes because he’s tired from dancing all night and maybe he’s drunk etc etc. But the attitude in this, especially in “I’m drunk I suppose” is like he doesn’t really know, and doesn’t really care, he’s just going with. Same with “If it looks like I’m laughing I’m really just asking to leave, this alone”. To me it’s like he’s just dismissively laughing it off when people confront him about his addiction or try to intervene - Remember when Brian on LOTMS said intervention wasn’t working?
You’re the one that I need, I’m the one that you loathe
I think at least at some point drinking leads to crankiness right? I mean with hangovers and what not… And generally if you act cranky to people, they’ll act cranky back because your sudden un-called-for crankiness annoys them. Gerard needed his band mates and friends and other people, but in his out-of-it state it would have been easy for him to think that they started hating him because of the cranky. Here it’s like he’s realized he has a problem and that he needs help, but he doesn’t think he’ll get any because he thinks he’s loathed.
You can watch me corrode like a beast in repose
‘Cause I love all the poison
Away with the boys in the band
Gerard did say in LOTMS that he felt that he needed to be drunk to be able to be Gerard on stage, to be able to perform…
I’ve really been on a bender and it shows
I don’t know about you, but I think this line is delicious in a musical sense too. It’s an admission of his problem, but what’s more - he knows it shows, which means can see how it’s affecting everything. And it’s just something about the way Gerard sings it and the actual succession of notes that he sings that says he knows his problem is bad. I also love how the guitars have that whole pitch bendy thing going on to go with it :3

In the chorus, it’s like there’s two options for him, and he’s torn between the two - facing it and actually getting clean - to kill the habits “A light to burn all the empires”, or giving up and allowing it to get worse and worse - which wouldn’t take much - “A kiss and I will surrender”. To rise or fall?

Then there’s the third verse.
There’s a place in the dark where the animals go
You can take off your skin in the cannibal glow
I like to think he’s referring to that mentally altered state you’re in when you’re drunk, in this bit. Taking off your skin - is kind of like how some of your inhibitions are removed when you’re drunk. 
Juliet loves the beat and the lust it commands
Drop the dagger and lather the blood on your hands, Romeo
On one hand getting drunk might be fun - gives you a high - whatever, but on the other hand he should stop and think about what he’s doing to himself…
It’s like while he’s trying to get clean, the temptation to just go and drink and get loose is tugging at him and whispering persuasively in his ear about how fun it would be, and its hard for him to keep snapping himself out of it. Then the pre chorus and chorus come in, and it’s really too much for him to have to do this on his own.

Also, there’s that bit in the bridge of the song where the Mikey goes nuts and Ray starts playing D# s and then E s and there’s this casual choir in there. Now the choir is split in two and is singing one of those scales that I forgot the name of (you learn them in grade 1 piano I’m sure…) where one part goes up the C# minor scale and the other goes down the C# minor scale simultaneously ( of course The Sharpest Lives had to be in freaking c sharp minor :P ). I think it kind of emphasizes the whole alternate paths thing, - rise or fall.

Yeah… so that could have been briefer, but I suck at explaining things even though my parents are teachers. I apologize. It’s fuzzy in places but that’s half my interpretation of the song.
(I’m sorry for answering late <3 )