you get it because it's shipping tape

i lowkey ship pbg and shane so much because Boy can you imagine stuff like –

– shane taping on funny doodles on pbg’s locker (most of thm are accompanied by dyk? facts)

– everyone thinking its rlly funny when pbg is all “ily shane!! :)” and shane’s like “ccan u jus…… pLEASe….i…. -flustered and frustrated noises-”

– shane sending pbg murdercock memes. pbg doesn’t rlly get it but he decides that everyone has their own interests

– pbg helping shane get over his Hair Racism and helping him move on

– pbg crushing shane at sports games. shane is broken at this fact

though nobody notices that except for hana (but she doesn’t say anything since that’s their secret thing)

– .… …. gay


                                      El Cheapo Tactical Pt.2

                                DIY Magazine Assist / Magpul

So as I was trying stuff out with my SADF pattern 83 rig, I noticed that AR-15 magazines sit way too far down in the pouch to get out quickly. The only problem is that Magpul magazine assists are $10.00 for 3 + shipping. No bueno. 

I got some 100 mph tape in the mail (at least that’s what it was sold as, idk if it’s legit), and with that and some old nylon webbing I can make dozens of these on the cheap. I decided to go with the webbing over para cord because the nylon keeps its shape rather than flopping around, which hopefully will reduce the amount of fishing I have to do with my finger. Lemme know what you think peeps

anonymous asked:

lmfao at "the only reason you hate her is because she's with Stiles" well isn't that the point of her character?? what is she without stalia??? she iS STALIA. jeff has gone down that road and there is absolutely no way to get out of it unless she dies. hell, i am a stydia shipper but i ship sterek af and i was actually almost on board with stiles/cora or stiles/erica the prob is not "a battle for stiles" it's fucking mALIA WHO WAS CREATED FOR STILES AND NO OTHER FUCKING PURPOSE

i applaud u for this

the sad thing is that stalia is the crappy duct tape keeping her together. like. imagine stalia had never happened, not even in 3b.

they would have absolutely no reason to keep her on the show the way she’s written minus the stalia. yeah, she’s peter’s daughter, and? ???? ??????????

see? i can’t even think of anything because if there’s no stalia, there’s no plot for malia, since jeff obviously wanted her to go the nice way. without stalia, malia has absolutely no relation to the pack, and tbh this thought makes me think that stiles’ only reason for a relationship with malia is to keep her away from peter. we’ve seen how vulnerable she is to brainwashing whenever she’s alone with peter.

i just wish jeff had thought of a badass villain plot for her instead of bringing fucking kate back. malia would be the perfect traitor, let’s face it, and i’m not saying that to talk her down or because i hate her, i fucking love unique villains. sue me, i still think it’s a fucking shame jeff let the opportunity of a nogitsune/malia ‘partners in crime’ story line go to waste.

my personal headcanon!malia is literally the only malia i can like, because she’s nothing like she is on the show. and that’s sad lmao