you get handed a piece of paper a shitload in this game

Grocery Shopping

After I denied this request and watched the drafts of the NHL All-Star Weekend thing (and ended up rooting for Ove to get the car), my anger towards the Caps disappeared. I kept thinking back to this request, b/c it was cute af and Tom Wilson is hot af.

So, now I took back my words (and especially now since I got another Tom Wilson request) and wrote this request & I enjoyed it. <3

Hope y’all like it!



[Request 1] tom wilson one where you guys are just like shopping together or something cute ^^

[Request 2] Can you please do a cute/hot Tom Wilson imagine?! xxx


As much as you loved Tom, you were just almost as annoyed with him. With his cute, boyish charms and hockey fame, he attracted two kinds of people whenever you two were out: hockey fans and girls. Both only inflated his ego and you were normally at the receiving end of his inflated ego.

“What do we need?” you asked, pushing the shopping cart into the store.

“A shitload of stuff, it seems,” Tom responded, looking over the list that hung on the refrigerator so that every time either of you finished something, you’d write it down for the next time you went grocery shopping. “I should’ve also thrown granola bars on here, because I finished them this morning.”

“Let’s go for them now before we forget.”

Tom Wilson!

You snatched the list from his hand and continued pushing the cart while Tom stopped and smiled at the group of teenagers coming towards him.

“Hey, guys,” he heard him greet.

He disappeared from sight and sound as you rounded a corner. The first thing you went to grab was the granola bars, knowing that Tom was going to forget by the time you came back. You knocked a few other things off the list when you carted back down to where you left your boyfriend, only to now find him surrounded by pretty chicks and not teenaged boys.

“I’m always one to please,” Tom hummed with his charming, dimple-inducing smile.

You felt a stir of annoyance in your stomach aimed at both Tom and the girls as he accepted the pieces of paper from each of them. You shouldn’t feel this way since it was nothing new, but you couldn’t help it.

Tom caught sight of you from the corner of his eye and stepped away from the chicks. “Well, hopefully, I’ll be hearing you ladies rooting for me at my next game.”

“Sounds like a plan,” one of them responded, flirtatiously placing a hand on his bicep and giving a squeeze.

You resisted the urge to roll your eyes and turned down the aisle they were standing beside. You rested your arms on the handle and leaned over the cart, taking your time down the aisle. You always forgot where the toothpaste was and knew that Tom was going to go after you.

“See ya,” Tom bid and quickly followed you into the aisle until he was walking next to you. “How much stuff did you cross off the list?” he asked, casually ripping up the papers and letting them fall to the ground.

“Mainly breakfast and lunch stuff.”

“Are you mad?” he inquired, playfully draping his arms over the cart while resting his chest on your back and his cheek on top of your head. You found it adorable knowing he wouldn’t do something like that to any of the girls who approached him, but you were still irritated.

You mumbled, “More like annoyed.”

“And why is that?” he asked, kissing your shoulder before picking himself up off of you. You rolled to a stop while he stopped in front of the dentistry section and grabbed a few boxes of toothpaste tubes and a packet of cheap toothbrushes you would buy for guests.

“Do you have to flirt back with the chicks?” you inquired, rolling your eyes when you caught Tom watching your chest while you straightened and stretched your arms over your head. You smacked him when you dropped your arms. “Quit being a pig.”

“Firstly, I don’t flirt back.” Tom tossed the dentistry items into the cart and wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you against his chest. “Secondly, quit being hot.”

Oh, please. If you were politely telling them no, you wouldn’t end up with their phone numbers,” you chided, placing your hands on his chest and pushing yourself out of his arms. You walked back to the cart and started pushing again.

“I ripped up the numbers though.”

“Still flirted with them to get them.”

You shrugged Tom off when he tried placing his hands on your hips. You pointed a warning finger at him and sneered, “Don’t.

He frowned and slipped his hands into his pockets, looking away from your eyes. You sighed, faced forwards, and looked down at the list.

“What else is missing?” Tom mumbled, snatching the list from your fingers. “We just need dairy and meat.”

“I’ll get the dairy and you get the chicks,” you chided sarcastically, snatching back the list and quickening your step. When you glanced over your shoulder, you found your boyfriend standing in the same spot, now looking annoyed while rubbing the back of his neck. He stormed off, either to the meat section or to actually do as you said and find some chicks.

There was a stir in your stomach at the thought of him doing the latter, but you had faith in him. Even though you both were annoyed with each other now, he wasn’t going to do something stupid. He probably would consider what you said and feel bad for his actions.

After you grabbed the dairy and headed onto a line, relief washed over when Tom, a few seconds later, met up with you and dropped off a few meat products. In silence, you both unloaded the cart, paid for the groceries, then reloaded the cart.

When the car was loaded with the groceries, that was when Tom decided to speak up. He sat on the edge of the trunk and caught the front of your shirt to prevent you from walking away.

‘ey, Y/N,” he mumbled. “I’m sorry for how I was acting. I’d get annoyed also if I saw you flirting with some guys even if you didn’t mean it, and the worst part is that it’s not the first time this happened.”

You crossed your arms over your chest, feeling your annoyance fall. “I would say that it’s okay, but then you’d go back to doing it.”

“Not if it bothers you, Y/N,” he responded, tugging your closer until you were between his legs and in his arms. He gently brushed his lips against yours and mumbled, “I love you. I’d do anything for you in my, you know, asshole-ish way.”

You both smiled and shared a laugh.

“If you really do feel bad for it and promise to not do it again, I guess I forgive you,” you said, exaggeratedly sighing while draping your arms around his neck. “You just maybe can get a kiss.”

He grinned, quickly lifting a hand to your cheek and drawing your face to his. The kiss quickly deepened and you slipped your hands into his hair, tugging on the long, uncut locks.

A car horn interrupted your moment and you jumped away with a bright red face.

“C’mon. Let’s go home, so we can continue this there,” Tom said with an eye roll as he stood up and closed the trunk.

You moved away the cart then slipped into the car where Tom was already waiting with the car on. “I love you too, by the way,” you said, pecking his lips quick while buckling your seatbelt. “And, if we see those chicks at tomorrow’s game, you better win then kiss me.”

“Someone’s territorial.”

You scoffed, “You’re no better.”

He wickedly grinned at you. “I know.”

Nine-tenths of Happiness

Raleigh’s been having a one-night stand with the same person for the past seven months.

“You going already?” Said a drowsy voice.

Raleigh looked up, startled from where he’d been gathering clothes in the dark.

Guiltily, he realized that his bedmate was awake, sleepiness evaporating from the cat-like green eyes as Chuck sat up and drank in the sight of him naked and bent over at the foot of the bed. Normally, the lone dimple and general shirtlessness would have had him tackling the younger man into bed. But he couldn’t stay here, in this room, in this apartment with Chuck. He felt stifled. This had to end.

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Lightning in a Bottle (Keith/Lance)

Title: Lightning in a Bottle
Summary: Lance suddenly feels like he has a sunburn—his cheeks and the back of his neck are all prickly, and his heart is beating a little faster, but that’s only adrenaline or, like, maybe the early signs of heat stroke? / Back at Veradera Beach, Lance comes to some realizations.  Keith&Lance, oneshot.
A/N: I have no idea where this would logically fit into the canon timeline, but I wrote it anyways because I was really feeling those ~summer vibes~. So have some gratuitous beach fic without any explanations.  I mean, it has Lance family feelings and team bonding and Keith and Lance getting their asses handed to them in beach volleyball.  You know you want to read it! :P

Check it out on [FF.Net] [Ao3] or continue under the cut.

It’s going to be a good day.

Lance knows this because nothing bad ever comes from the scent of tostada in the morning, the sizzle and pop of bacon in a pan.

“Morning, mamá,” he greets, snatching up a mango from the bowl on their breakfast table. He digs around in the drawers for a knife until Gran swoops in, clucking her tongue.

“I’ll take care of this,” she chides, bony fingers making short work of the mango skin, unpeeling it in one smooth curl. “Go wake up your friends.”

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