you get fat

  • me @ my cat half the time: o;hhh my goodness you're just the best kitty in the w-ooorld you're so big and fat and cute how did you get so fat and cute
  • me @ my cat the other half of the time: if you bite my ankles you little shit head i'm going to mail you to abu dhabi

your parents don’t have to starve you and beat you constantly to be physically abusive.

some parents manipulate their kids into starving themselves. “you need to diet. you look awful. you’re getting fat. you aren’t going to get a date looking like that.”

some parents scare their kids by threatening violence. “I’d beat you if you acted like that. You’re lucky I don’t come over there and slap you.”

some parents are physically abusive without hitting or punching. some parents pull hair and pinch and grab throats. some shove and push and spank. 

though a lot of these behaviors are common, that doesn’t mean they’re normal and you are valid if these behaviors caused you fear. physical abuse is more than the movies show.

Forest Gods and Guardians

You ask Ullr to bless your hunt. You get one buck with an impressive rack. 

You ask Freyr to bless your hunt. You get a few fat does that fill your freezer, and a few skinny ones that wouldn’t have survived the winter. 

You ask Odin to bless your hunt. You get three chipmunks, some blurry photos of Bigfoot, and an old leatherbound hunting journal that had belonged to your grandfather, who disappeared in these same woods all those years ago ….

You ask Skadi to bless your hunt. The cops never find their bodies.

anonymous asked:

What is the most romantic birthday thing you have done for each other? Who goes more all out for birthdays?

Harry: We’re both pretty out-of-control on the other’s birthday, to be honest.

Draco: True. And I get him as many gifts as I can think of; anything I think he might like. 

Harry: And he plans the most extravagant parties, I mean–

Draco: You’ve spent enough of your birthdays without presents and celebrations. For as long as I’m alive, I will ensure all your birthdays are over-the-top.

Harry: *kisses his cheek* I keep a list over the course of the year; I note down anything he says he’d like to have - books, robes, shoes, stuff he wants for the house - and then I buy him whatever he hasn’t already got by the time his birthday comes around. 

Draco: *dreamily* And he cooks - oh god, he makes these ridiculously lavish dinners in an attempt to get me fat.

Harry: *laughing* Clearly, you can never get fat; I’ve been trying for years.

Draco: *chuckling along* I knew it!

Harry: Two years back, he gave me an engraved Snitch for my birthday.

Draco: *suddenly laughing a lot harder*

Harry: *impassively* It had two overlapping hearts etched onto it and it had the words, “To your heart, from the bottom of mine…” engraved underneath. 

Draco: *wheezing*

Harry: I thought it was so sweet; he’s never one for cheesy stuff like that - and then he asks me to kiss it open–

Draco: *shouts with fresh deluge of laughter*

Harry: The Snitch clicks open, and a pop up picture of Draco’s arse bonks me on the nose.

Draco: *through tears of laughter* “…from the bottom of mine”!

Harry: *grinning widely* I keep it at my desk at work - it does wonders to lift my mood when I’m having a rough day. Plus it’s brilliant wank-material.

Draco: *chokes on spit*


Seal on the Rocks by Bill Kraus

I don’t agree with the whole, “This generation worships fat asses.” You want to to go back to the era where they were referred to as ghetto? What that really means is, “Since it is now cool to appropriate features of black women, other women are pressured to look like them.” And big asses, full lips, and hips weren’t even seen as “womanly” features because they were associated on darker-skinned black women. No one is even telling you you HAVE to get a fat ass. You just see more body-positivity towards black women with that, so now you want it.