you get better at the stuff you're good at

theatre people as john mulaney quotes
  • Actors: You have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair.
  • Director: In terms of, like, instant relief, canceling plans is like heroin.
  • Sound techs: The more you do stuff, the better you get at dealing with how you still fail at it a lot of the time.
  • Light techs: No one knows what you're talking about, you idiot!
  • Stage manager: You ever have those days where something happens and you're like... whatever, this may as well happen?
  • Assistant stage manager: I like when things are crazy. Something good comes out of exhaustion.
  • Stage crew: I am very small, and I have no money. You can imagine the kind of stress I'm under.
  • Set builders: This is an on-fire garbage can. ...Could be a nursery.
  • Props department: Because it's the one thing you can't replace.
  • Costume department: Hi, I'm very gay, and I'd like a few dollars.
  • Makeup people: I don't look older. I just look worse.
  • Publicity team: You know how you lie to your parents?
  • Budget board: Eat ass, suck a dick, and sell drugs.
  • Audience: I'm really sorry about last night, it's just that I'm mean and loud.

daddy-devil  asked:

I love how you interact with your audience and actually treat them like people, you talk to us like we're your friends and it it honestly makes it a lot more fun to make stuff for you and be a fan of you because we know whatever we make will actually be appreciated by the person, you're a really good guy and you seem really down to earth and I hope I get to meet you one day

Goodness, I’m glad you feel this way. It’s important for me to do that, cause I’m no better than anyone else and I’m always so blown away by all the art you create and support you provide! You all deserve to be given credit and praised for the good things you do each day!!

mysteriousgirl2  asked:

Camila... Okay, if you wouldn't mind doing me a favour and go onto Youtube as you read this. search up your first glitchtale video, Megalomaniac. Quickly skim through your slightly-old animation, then go to your most recently made animation. See the difference? See how good you've gotten over the past year? Who cares if you can't do SUPER SUPER detailed stuff, It's ANIMATION! It's ART!! Most people can't do that at all! You're amazing, and always will be, and you can see how ur getting better!

hnggggg ty

tho that gif, looking at it again, inspired me to make undyne vs betty even more spectacular than betty vs gaster.

Prepare your weaboo suit

I’m going full anime in this sh**

Falsettos Characters as Quotes from John Mulaney
  • Whizzer: Hi, I'm very gay and would like a few dollars.
  • Marvin: I never knew relationships were supposed to make you feel better about yourself. That's not really a joke. That's just a little, sweet thing I like to say.
  • Jason: I am very small, and I have no money. So you can imagine the amount of stress I am under.
  • Mendel: I'm a very lucky person. I'm an idiot, and I've shoveled through life rather nicely so far, so I don't feel like I deserve good treatment.
  • Trina: It's nice when you're nervous and everybody's like, "Yeah, you should be nervous." Because a lot of times you're anxious and people say, "Relax. Shut up." And that just feels like, Well, I guess I'm also crazy.
  • Dr. Charlotte: Don't lie to your doctor. Because if you do, he will stick a part of his hand up your ass.
  • Cordelia: The more you do stuff, the better you get at dealing with how you still fail at it a lot of the time.

telamvitae  asked:

I can get that stuff would be stressful. But I mean, I looked for a long time through the asks and saw a single rude comment. I have a lot of friends that are fans of you as well and I haven't heard anyone getting mad over people sending death threats. Which I think they would. And even if that's been happening, people being so immature about it, then why react like this? How is it proving that you're any better? I don't want to insult you man I just... this isn't a good way to deal with it.

I’m not that kind of person who likes to make dramas just by a silly and pointless thing.
And I’m not telling that I’m better than others. That’s immature.

Is not a good way to deal with it making a 15 minutes of video insulting people and crying and showing frustration and showing a bad impression of myself. That’s also immature.

I talked with Camila, she even supported me about doing that video…because…is just something funny! Also I even showed the video to the Storyshift creator (There was a little misunderstanding about using her AU, but we could solve that situation and it was cool)

If there’s people who doesn’t have any sense of humor or are really sensitive, I can’t change their point of view. But I can invite them to unfollow me and stop watching my content if that is really offensive for them.

I prefer taking those bad comments and suggestions with humor because I prefer make people laugh. Fortunately they don’t have to deal with all the pressure I’m having right now. 

Also, if I want to use another AU or character for the real project , I will contact with the creator. I’m not just taking a character because yes. Everything has a way to be when you’re using characters from other people and getting some money with them.

Imagine by John Lennon came on while I was going through Ninja Sex Party concert stuff and let me tell you that is a good, quick way to get emotional.

You may say I’m a dreamer… but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one…”

Love everyone. Forgive everyone. Especially yourself.

anonymous asked:

Are you alright? Lately it's seems like you're under a lot of pressure and stress, and I just hope there's some good in your life and that you're okay and taking care of yourself

It’s been pretty rough, that’s true. Right now I am leading a really unhealthy, stressful life. I don’t sleep enough, I don’t eat enough (I don’t even have real comfort food anymore. And that’s super shitty) and I don’t relax enough. But I think it’s getting better now. I try to take some time just for myself and do stuff I really enjoy. Without pressure and stress. It’s hard, because for some reason I end up stressing about everything, but then I remind myself that I don’t have to be stressed when I’m playing video games and that it’s okay if some things don’t work out for the first few times. 

I need to learn how to enjoy things like drawing again. I see myself only drawing for the sake of others lately and it frustrates me. I just hope after this semester it gets better. After that I can choose my major and then I go to illustration and I can finally do what I want. Bye bye product design!

pros and cons of dating each sign
  • aries pro: will fight all your enemies
  • aries con: will also fight you
  • taurus pro: will cook for you
  • taurus con: will eat most of it themselves
  • gemini pro: charming and sweet
  • gemini con: still charming and sweet to people you don't like
  • cancer pro: always wants to cuddle
  • cancer con: literally. ALWAYS. wants. to. cuddle. (no bathroom breaks)
  • leo pro: fabulous
  • leo con: you look like trash next to them
  • virgo pro: good hygiene and always on point
  • virgo con: points out when you're not
  • libra pro: wants to marry you
  • libra con: people better than you want to marry them
  • scorpio pro: is always on time
  • scorpio con: always complains when you're late
  • sagittarius pro: super fun
  • sagittarius con: does super fun stuff without you and tells you about it after
  • capricorn pro: will get a puppy with you
  • capricorn con: will hog puppy to themselves
  • aquarius pro: will tell you all the cool stuff they know
  • aquarius con: will tell you all the boring stuff they know
  • pisces pro: will let you cry on them
  • pisces con: will cry on you more (bring a raincoat)

anonymous asked:

Hi! I've been considering making some stickers/prints for myself and was wondering if you have any advice about how to go about it file-wise? I'm sort of at a loss what canvas sizes I should use for this kind of thing and what would be too small or too big to get decent quality when printing stickers and stuff. Please ignore if you consider this a sort of trade secret or you're not comfortable answering! Oh, and I hope you're feeling better!

This got long so I’ll put a break here!

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orangeycookiekay  asked:

sooooooooo if you're still taking fluff week prompts, remember that fic you did of Tucker high on good meds and Wash having to deal with it? How about the reverse of that, Wash getting the good stuff and Tucker getting the joy (or horror) of seeing a Freelancer high on pain meds

I had a blast with this prompt - thank you!  Originally, I struggled to turn it into a fluff piece, given angst is my default setting. But the appearance of loopy Washington in season 15 got the ball rolling, and it was tons of fun.

The Better Stuff

Sequel to The Good Stuff

“He doesn’t need to stay here so long as someone’s watching him, right? We already share a room–he can go if I keep an eye on him, right?”
Grey flips through her notes. “Given this is one of Agent Washington’s less dramatic visits to my infirmary, I think that can be arranged.”

Or, the tables have turned and Tucker finds himself looking after a very loopy Wash for the evening.

Read on Ao3

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anonymous asked:

Hii. I'm new to tumblr and kinda new to your stuff, but I love the look of it. The art style and the content is great! I was wondering where I could find the God 'n' Gabe books? Can I get them/read them online? Idk where you're from (I'm guessing America since it seems you go to cons, I could be wrong), and I'm from England, do would it be harder maybe? Idk. Plz answer, I'd love to check out your work better.


i have an entire tag for all of the God’n’Gabe content i have available. you can also check out The Swaingels!

i am from the states, but when i do have books up in the shop, i will ship internationally. currently the only book whose contents are only available online is the third God’n’Gabe. i’ll probably be gradually releasing that as the summer carries on

ANYWAY here’s a full page of tags that i use that you can utilize to go through things a bit easier.

Anonymous said:

I’ve been COMPLETELY out of the fandom and the show since last year, but I still love seeing you and your art on my dash. I’m so happy for you, that you’ve been able to have so many relationships with the guys, and that people are buying and appreciating your art, etc… ~I’m happy, hope you’re happy too…~ You deserve it.

aw geez, thank you so much. it means a lot to me knowing that there’re quite a few who’ve fallen out but still find some joy in what i make. this is ultra sweet of you to say

Anonymous said:

How does making this your job work? You must be making a decent amount of money if you can make a living off it. You don’t get in trouble for selling comics and figures and stuff using the SPN world? Like I kind of understand commissions. Artists being paid for labor in producing something that happens to be part of a licenced work, but you’re specifically selling stuff based on their work. Has anyone part of the SPN crew ever said anything about it? Or are they backing you?

ah nah anon, i’m really not making too hot of a living off of it. i saved up for about 10 years so that when i felt i was ready to pursue a risky decision, such as Art Career, i’d have some fallback. what i saved has kept me going. i promise, i don’t come home and am like

also, i am heavily heavily, if at all related to the world, parodying the SPN world. there’s a whole copyright section for that! i don’t even use the words supernatural, dean, castiel, sam, etc–in my work. no anti-possession symbols, nada. i have permission from r2m and the band to use likenesses. (no band names tho! i did clear that up.) and like i said, if you’re in the biz, you know i’m not raking in the dollar bills from it.

SPN crew is backing me in the sweetest way, and i’ve had great experiences talking to those who stop by during the west coast cons. (1 crew member came by, quietly looked over everything, and then came back with a whole group of people who work on the show. literally brought them back to compliment it and show the others. i was BAMBOOZLED)

so yeah! it’s all good, my dude. i get having anxieties about that, as i’ve seen artists shut down just online for getting too big. you just have to not be scared to present the content you’re creating, discuss terms, and understand what is and isn’t cool with the network and those involved.

Mean Girls Starters
  • ❝If you're from Africa, why are you white?❞
  • ❝Oh my God, [name], you can't just ask people why they're white.❞
  • ❝Boo, you whore!❞
  • ❝Nice wig, [name]. What's it made of?❞
  • ❝Your Mom's chest hair!❞
  • ❝On Wednesdays we wear pink!❞
  • ❝Calling somebody else fat won't make you any skinnier. Calling someone stupid doesn't make you any smarter. And ruining [name]'s life definitely didn't make me any happier. All you can do in life is try to solve the problem in front of you.❞
  • ❝Hey, buddy, you're not pretending anymore. You're plastic. Cold, shiny, hard plastic.❞
  • ❝You know what! It's not my fault you're like, in love with me, or something!❞
  • ❝See? That's the thing with you plastics. You think everybody is in love with you when actually, everybody HATES you! Like, [name], for example, he broke up with Regina and guess what? He still doesn't want you! So why are you still messing with [name], [name]? I'll tell you why, because you are a mean girl! You're a bitch! Here. You can have this. It won a prize.❞
  • ❝And I want my pink shirt back! I want my pink shirt back!❞
  • ❝That is so fetch!❞
  • ❝Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen! It's not going to happen!❞
  • ❝God! I am so sorry [name]. Really, I don't know why I did this. I guess it's probably because I've got a big lesbian crush on you! Suck on that! AY-YI-YI-YI-YI-YI!❞
  • ❝[Name], I'm sorry I laughed at you that time you got diarrhea at Barnes & Nobles. And I'm sorry for telling everyone about it. And I'm sorry for repeating it now.❞
  • ❝And none for [name], bye!❞
  • ❝Get in loser, we're going shopping.❞
  • ❝Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die! Don't have sex in the missionary position, don't have sex standing up, just don't do it, OK, promise? OK, now everybody take some rubbers.❞
  • ❝I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school... I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy...❞
  • ❝She doesn't even go here!❞
  • ❝Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Regina George?❞
  • ❝I hear her hair's insured for $10,000.❞
  • ❝I hear she does car commercials... in Japan.❞
  • ❝Her favorite movie is Varsity Blues.❞
  • ❝One time she met John Stamos on a plane... And he told her she was pretty.❞
  • ❝One time she punched me in the face... it was awesome.❞
  • ❝Why are you eating a Kalteen bar?❞
  • ❝Man, I hate those things. Coach Carr makes us eat those when we want to move up a weight class.❞
  • ❝Why should Caesar just get to stomp around like a giant while the rest of us try not to get smushed under his big feet? Brutus is just as cute as Caesar, right? Brutus is just as smart as Caesar, people totally like Brutus just as much as they like Caesar, and when did it become okay for one person to be the boss of everybody because that's not what Rome is about! We should totally just STAB CAESAR!❞
  • ❝[Name] had cracked.❞
  • ❝Hell, no. I did *not* leave the South Side for this!❞
  • ❝Somebody wrote in that book that I'm lying about being a virgin, 'cause I use super-jumbo tampons, but I can't help it if I've got a heavy flow and a wide-set vagina!❞
  • ❝There's a 30% chance that it's already raining!❞
  • ❝I'm sorry that people are so jealous of me... but I can't help it that I'm so popular.❞
  • ❝I gave him everything! I was half a virgin when I met him.❞
  • ❝Do you wanna do something fun? Wanna go to taco bell?❞
  • ❝I can't go to taco bell, I'm on an all-carb diet. GOD [name] you're so stupid!❞
  • ❝It's like I have ESPN or something. My breasts can always tell when it's going to rain.❞
  • ❝That is the ugliest f-ing skirt I've ever seen.❞
  • ❝She's totally rich because her dad invented Toaster Streudels.❞
  • ❝That's why her hair is so big, it's full of secrets.❞
  • ❝She's the queen bee - the star, those other two are just her little workers.❞
  • ❝And they have this book, this burn book, where they write mean things about all the girls in our grade.❞
  • ❝Oh my God - Danny DeVito! I love your work!❞
  • ❝At your age, you're going to have a lot of urges. You're going to want to take off your clothes, and touch each other. But if you do touch each other, you will get chlamydia... and die.❞
  • ❝Is butter a carb?❞
  • ❝You can't sit with us!❞
  • ❝Fine! You can walk home, bitches.❞
  • ❝And on the third day, God created the Remington bolt-action rifle, so that Man could fight the dinosaurs. And the homosexuals.❞
  • ❝My grandma takes her wig off when she's drunk.❞
  • ❝I love her. She's like a Martian!❞
  • ❝Are they not suppose to be let out when they're grounded?❞
  • ❝She thinks she's gonna have a party and not invite me? Who does she think she is?❞
  • ❝I like invented her, you know what I mean?❞
  • ❝I just want you to know, if you ever need anything, don't be shy, OK? There are NO rules in the house. I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom.❞
  • ❝Can I get you guys anything? Some snacks? A condom? Let me know! Oh, God love ya.❞
  • ❝Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.❞
  • ❝Sorry, we only carry sizes 1, 3, and 5. You could try Sears.❞
  • ❝Regina George is not sweet! She's a scum-sucking road whore, she ruined my life!❞
  • ❝I know it may look like I was being like a bitch, but that's only because I was acting like a bitch.❞
  • ❝Your face smells like peppermint!❞
  • ❝Oh, you'll get socialized all right, a little slice like you.❞
  • ❝You're a regulation hottie.❞
  • ❝We do not have a clique problem at this school.❞
  • ❝But you do have to watch out for "frenemies".❞
  • ❝I know she's kind of socially retarded and weird, but she's my friend... so, just promise me you won't make fun of her!❞
  • ❝Half the people in this room are mad at me, and the other half only like me because they think I pushed somebody in front a bus, so that's not good.❞
  • ❝I don't hate you cuz yo' fat... yo' fat cuz I hate you!❞
  • ❝You smell like a baby prostitute.❞
  • ❝Is your muffin buttered?❞
  • ❝Jason, you do not come to a party at my house with Gretchen and then scam on some poor innocent girl right in front of us three days later. She's not interested. Do you want to have sex with him?❞
  • ❝Good. So it's settled. So you can go shave your back now. Bye, Jason.❞
  • ❝Finally, Girl World was at peace.❞
  • ❝Hey, check it out. Junior Plastics.❞
  • ❝Damn, Africa, what happened?❞
  • ❝I saw [name] wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops.❞
  • ❝Oh, hi. Did you wanna buy some drugs?❞
  • ❝Make sure you check out her mom's boob job. They're hard as rocks.❞
  • ❝Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries.❞
  • ❝Okay, I'm going to forgive you because I'm a very Zen person... and I'm on a lot of pain medication right now.❞
  • ❝Can you believe my f-ing mom is here?❞
  • ❝I have this theory, that if you cut off all her hair she'd look like a British man.❞
  • ❝I care. Every year the seniors through this dance for the underclassmen called the Spring Fling. And whosoever is elected King and Queen automatically become head of the Student Activities Committee and since I am an active member of the Student Activities Committee, I would safely say, I care.❞
  • ❝Irregardless, ex-boyfriends are just off limits to friends. I mean that's just like the rules of feminism.❞
  • ❝Did your teacher ever try to sell you marijuana or ecstasy tablets?❞
  • ❝What are marijuana tablets?❞
  • ❝You cannot do that. That is social suicide. Damn! You are so lucky you have us to guide you.❞
  • ❝Oh, I love seeing teachers outside of school. It's like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs.❞
  • ❝Everyone in Africa knows Swedish.❞
  • ❝Made out with a hot dog? Oh my God that was one time!❞
  • ❝I know having a boyfriend might seem like the only thing important to you right now, but you don't have to dumb yourself down in order for a guy to like you.❞
  • ❝Come on! We could publish it and then everybody would see what an ax-wound she really is!❞
  • ❝And you can only wear your hair in a ponytail once a week, so I guess you chose today.❞
  • ❝She's not even that good looking if you really look at her.❞
  • ❝I don't know, now that she's getting fatter she's got pretty big jugs.❞
  • ❝Watch out please! Fresh meat coming through!❞
  • ❝I'd rather see you out there shakin' that thang.❞
  • ❝You can do this. There's nothing to break your focus, because not one of those Marymount boys is cute.❞
  • ❝There are two kinds of evil people in this world. Those who do evil stuff and those who see evil stuff being done and don't try to stop it.❞
  • ❝Well, I mean you wouldn't buy a skirt without asking your friends first if it looks good on you.❞
  • ❝The limit does not exist!❞
  • ❝I just wanted to say that you're all winners. And that I couldn't be happier the school year is ending.❞
  • ❝It's called the South Beach Fat Flush and all you drink is cranberry juice for 72 hours.❞
  • ❝She's fabulous, but she's evil.❞
  • ❝So, are you gonna send any candy canes?❞
  • ❝No. I don't send them, I just get them. So you better send me one, byotch.❞
  • ❝'Cause she's a life ruiner. She ruins people's lives.❞
  • ❝Oh no, I can't say anything else until I have a parent or lawyer present.❞
  • ❝Did you see nipple? It only counts if you saw a nipple!❞
  • ❝Oh, no. It was coming up again, word vomit... no, wait a minute... Actual vomit.❞
  • ❝Grool... I meant to say cool and then I started to say great.❞
  • ❝I'm a cool mom! Right Regina?❞
  • ❝Good news, they didn't get run over... Bad news, they're still flat.❞
  • ❝Hey, hey, hey. How are my best girlfriends?❞
  • ❝Oh god, busted! Just start apologizing and crying. No, play it cool.❞
  • ❝I mean no offense, but how could she send you a candy cane? She doesn't even like you that much. Maybe she feels weird around me because I'm the only person who knows about her nose job. Oh my god, pretend you didn't hear that.❞

anonymous asked:

this might be weird but do you think of yourself as a good artist person ? like do you think getting involved in the social media stuff of tumblr make you feel like you're better or worse? I don't mean to be offensive I'm just curious how you see it.. like how artists can jjust talk to eachother and so easily look at eachothers stuff, do you think its bad for creativity? or how you see yourself as an artist

Hello, you’ve hit a nerve- I’ve been thinking about this quite a lot, actually

I think, if I’ve understood you right. 

It might be because I’ve been distracted from art a bit recently, having so much school work to do- maybe I’m a little disconnected, maybe a little art block, but tumblr has just been a bad thing for me creatively for the last couple of months. basically I’ve just been looking at people’s gorgeous art and being struck by the most terrible unwanted jealousy, I suppose because I haven’t been getting into the art zone enough lately to make anything that I myself really really like. A dumb thing, right? just draw girl 

Its really cool that as an artist I can get instantaneous feedback, critique and support, people asking me stuff. I feel a little like I need to give myself a day or so before I respond though, because its not like I’m writing you all snail mail back and having time to think about what the darn I’m saying 

Also I’m an idiot? ?? I get petty and jealous and stuff about art, even though thats pointless and not a Cool thing to do. sorry guys, I’m learning

I suppose I’d say I’m doing my best not to make art complicated. I love drawing, I love talkign to people, I love helping people draw, but I have to try pretty hard not to get caught up everything that is not art. 

Thesis statement: I love talking and interacting with people on social media, its very nice. But creatively, I’d like to ignore the online art scene, jump off into some windswept lonely field with a tent on it and draw some things without thinking how people will react to it. Or even better, have the field inside, wherever I am. Ya feel? 

thanks for giving me some deep thoughts and a quarter life crisis  


“I think my favorite is keith being a silent broody mess and someone trying to figure out his deal. lol someone annoying keith when he wants to be alone until he suddenly has to puke is one of my favorite things….I think [caretaker pidge is] fucking sweet and cute as hell usually. Especially if she’s super snarky but gets softer when she knows he’s really not feeling good.”

A/N: This is a thank you piece for @doublecheckyoself for the gorgeous art and the minific they did based on Sparring Match. No amount of words can express my thanks to you!

Set relatively close after The Blade of Marmora.

Nope. Absolutely not. Not tonight.

That’s what Keith’s stomach told him as he stared down the food goo in front of him, when only hours ago during training, it begged for sustenance. But now that the meal was here, there was no way in hell he was eating it.

Maybe it’s cause Galra don’t eat food goo… the paladin thought, They probably eat…I dunno, weird space mice. Am I going to have to start eating space mice? Do Allura’s mice count?

Keith’s stomach protested again, doing a somersault at the thought of eating mice. He pushed himself back from the table and scooped up the plate.

“I’m going to eat in my room.”

None of the others at the dinner table dared to stop him.

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anonymous asked:

So, I've been looking through your tutorials, specifically the one on skin. I think it's great- it's really good and explains stuff really well (all your tutorials do :) ),but I was having some trouble understanding undertones. How do you identify somebody's undertones? I get it in the general sense, but how can you tell that it will be this shade of a color vs another shade? Thanks so much, you're a huge inspiration and your artwork gets better each time! -anna

Hi! I’m glad the tutorials are helpful!

So, at first glance, its not hard to estimate an undertoneBut it also really helps to use the colour picker  in the most saturated parts of the face (Neither in light or shadow) 

Especially in pictures like these try to avoid the contour area just around the outside edges of the apples of the cheeks incase the model is wearing a lot of blush. Any natural makeup such as foundation or bronzer is fine because it should match the natural colours of the face, unlike blush which is usually a different colour.

These are the colours I picked from the faces. (you can also just eyeball them)

You can use these as your base tones when you paint, but knowing the actual undertone can give the skin a more unified and continuous look. So take the colour you took from the photo and use the full colour adjuster/ picker thing to find the undertone (again, you can just eyeball it unless you want to be super precise).

Some of the colours you find may seem really different from the original image, that’s okay! The colour should represent the mood or the essence of the face, the undertone can be any colour imaginable and one person can have more than one undertone depending on the lighting or the mood you want the piece to have. Giving someone a green or blue undertone can make them look sick. Giving someone a orange or red undertone can make them look warm and inviting. Its up to you! Just having an undertone in your art can make a piece look more realistic and give your art a larger range of skin tones.

Once you do this enough times it becomes a lot easier to eyeball the undertones and make them up for original drawings and characters. Do whatever feels right!

I hope this helps!

With positive thinking I’ve learned that it’s not about being sunshine and rainbows all the time. It’s about realizing I’ve got choices. And that the energy I put out is what’s going to come back to me. Whether it’s good or bad.

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Maybe this isn't as awesome to you as it is to me, but: You were the first person I followed on tumblr ~2 years ago when I dug out my old account I never used until then. I've been unfollowing a few blogs since then after they stopped posting about undertale or got into other things, but your blog and just YOU YOURSELF are awesome and it makes me feel so happy to read about how your life has slowley been getting better. Seriously, you're awesome, thanks for existing u lovely person u <3 -JL92

oh gosh… that’s super sweet of you to say!

i’ve been doing better in general yeah! it feels nice to be able to just keep making things.

ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ i hope you have a good day

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Hi! This is kind of an odd ask but I hope it's not too much trouble. I've been wondering for a long time if this one horse I follow on instagram has a fab mane or just a really big crested neck. I'm trying to get better at conformation judging since it's super interesting. You're really good at this stuff so if it's not too much trouble could you please visit stallioncazurros instagram and have a look? Thank you! :)

i could not find the insta, but googling the horse I found this guy- 

if that is him, he does have a large crest but not just any large crest, he has a fallen crest which you don’t see to terribly often, unique looking animal though. 


SARAH VINE: “Here’s an article I most likely wrote on a laptop, emailed to my employer for them to print in their newspaper and feature on their website, all about why technology is bad. Oh and when they paid me for this it was probably by BACS transfer, which I could of course check by looking at my online banking account.”

(my favourite part is where she includes the Beatles as part of the wonderful offerings the pre-computer age gave the world…..they had computers and space rockets and all sorts in the 60s, Sarah)

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Would you do some HCs of Johnny taking care of you when you're ill? Or just some Johnny HC's in general? lol I am in desperate need!

aWW i love this

-he lowkey really doesn’t want to get sick
-but there’s no chance that he’s gonna stay away from you
-he’ll get sick if it means you’ll feel better
-stays at your place all the time
-even if your family is there too
-he’ll make you soup and tea and all that good stuff
-he’s actually a pretty good cook don’t fight me on this
-cute snuggles aaldhslahalsj
-“will kisses make you feel better”
-holds your hair back and rubs your back if you’re throwing up
-he always has a box of tissues for you on hand
-he’s so sweet

i hope you liked it, thank you for requesting, babe!!!