you get better at the stuff you're good at

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Sorry to hear you're not felling too great about Robron, I really hope you're not leaving the fandom for good. I love seeing you on my dash and I've missed you xxx

thank you anon! i definitely haven’t been feeling great about it since shit hit the fan but i thought it would be easier to stay away for awhile so i could sort my head out but i do feel a bit better now (hence why i’m back even just to answer a few asks) and i’m hoping my enthusiasm for robron can be salvaged at some point!


My nana was admitted to the hospital this morning because he had trouble breathing! Please make dia that he gets better inshallah 😞 his birthday is also coming up so make dua he has a good birthday. I’m scared because lately he had been talking about how he wants to die and stuff and it’s freaking everyone in my family out.

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