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I just wanted say your responses to the negativity about fahc are really great; i know you say you normally don't like to comment on that kind of stuff which i definitely respect but for some reason this one in particular made me feel really shitty for enjoying fahc as much as i do, it is definitely the gateway au that got me into everything else + the only time ive gotten into any kind of online community, i really appreciate your take on how seeing those comments in the tags is disheartening

Thank you for letting me know that - I actually get really nervous putting my opinion on things out there because I’m usually really private and keep out of anything that could be seen as drama LOL, but after my first post a week ago about this, people messaged me privately about how seeing those posts in the tag had made them feel bad for enjoying or writing GTA AU.

People can put whatever they want on their own blogs, it’s their right, but once they deliberately put it into common spaces for heaps of people to see then I think it should be commented on - if this hadn’t been in the main tags, I wouldn’t have replied to it. 

In the meantime, keep enjoying FAHC stuff! Don’t let others take that away from you, it’s a super fun AU and just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s bad <3 <3 <3


On left: Comic / Art style when I was 12-13 years old ; On right: Comic / Art style now that I’m 20 years old.

I was sifting through some pretty old files and I found pages of an old comic I worked on when I was way younger. It’s pretty cool to see the difference between my style then to how much I’ve improved tbh. Back then I thought I’d never master the sideview or give my characters unique enough features but eventually through practice and looking at references I managed to get into the swing of it!!

To all the artists who follow me, here’s your daily reminder not to give up on your art! That hand may be a bitch to draw or maybe you have trouble getting their eyes just right but don’t give up - You can only get better at your craft after all!

Tag me in your own art / improvement comparisons because I’d LOVE to see them!!

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How old are you?: 15 

What’s your current Job?: unpaid student :’(

What are you good at?: Uh.. I don’t know.. People always say I’m good at writing :/

What is a big goal you are working towards: One day I want to publish our own anime

What is your aesthetic?: No clue

Do you collect anything?: I collect Manga :3

What’s the topic you always talk about?: Anime, Manga, Japan, Music, Games (gosh I’m such a nerd)

What is a pet peeve of yours?: Anything dirty, I always have to wash my hands, even if it’s just a door knob or a light switch

Good Advice to give: Always keep fighting, ‘cause after a storm comes a rainbow

What are Three songs you’d recommend:

Sweet Escape - Melanie Martinez (Cover)                                                       Guns for Hands - Twenty One Pilots                                                                     Alone - Eyeshine (Sung by the english voice of Izaya Orihara :D)

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hi you don't have to answer this but could you maybe tell me tips how you edit pictures i tried so many things but can't make them look as yours it never gets notes :(

asjdhdfjf ahh bb idek what to say tbh the number one rule: DONT COMPARE your stuff to others, be original!! everyone has their own taste, i know plenty of people who dont like my editing style/pictures, i used to sweat over this but now i just make them for myself to fit my blog aesthetic (i know extra as fuck) (and for anyone else who enjoys), dont worry about getting notes or recognition i know it sounds cliche but just do whatever makes you feel good and happy, if you want others to see your edits then use tags/tag others but not too much (only the first 5 tags count) as to the tips……. 

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#that’s a smart girl tactic for ‘don’t mess with me bitch’

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Bare // Jughead Jones Smut

Summary: Heading to Pops after the reoccurring verbal fight between your sibling and Dad, your boyfriend notices how tired you look. Admitting the fighting he takes you to his favourite place to wait for to calm down. Things get heated quick between Jughead and you.

Characters: Jughead x reader, Hermione Lodge, and Archie Andrews (mentioned)

Words: 1702

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters. I also want to clarify, in the tv series Jughead is NOT asexual and this is based on the series not the comics.

Warnings: Fluff, mention of fighting, and smut

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: At the bottom

A/N Someone posted wanting Jughead smut because there isn’t. Under the forever tags I’m adding them to a Riverdale taglist. If you want off please let us know.

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Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

The night was cold, the type of cold that seeped through the thickest of jackets and clung for hours. The type that made you think that you would die from hypothermia at any point despite compelling evidence that it wasn’t possible. You were trying to get away from the fighting between your sibling and father.

Lately it seemed that the sounds in the house were the screaming match that went down every night when you tried to sleep. You would sneak out half an hour into the fight and you always walked yourself to Pop’s for a milkshake. It was getting around that your home life was terrible.

“I’ll have a strawberry milkshake this time.” You mumbled digging into your pocket for change.

“It’s on the house.” Mrs. Lodge smiled seeing the pain and fatigue clinging on your features.

Normally you would argue that but as of lately you didn’t have the energy to do anything so you nodded before sitting down in a booth. It was late so you were one of the very few people sitting in the diner. You barely noticed the person that sat down in the booth until they spoke.


You looked up to see your boyfriend looking at you concerned, taking in the inky colours underneath your eyes. It wasn’t hard to see that sleep had evaded you for the last little while. It was concerning for Jughead.

“Hey.” You smiled placing your hands back into your lap while Jughead ran his eyes across your features, “Something wrong Jug?”

“Why are you here so late?”

“Can’t sleep-“

“The truth.” Jughead firmly said.

“I haven’t been sleeping.” You admitted, “I can’t fall asleep in a house where screaming takes place every night. There’s no peace at all.”

Jughead’s heart broke when the tears gathered as your voice broke in synch with his heart. You were normally one of the strongest girls he had ever known. When you learnt about his home situation you had fought him to tell the Andrews, despite Fred being a main reason why Jughead didn’t have a home anymore.

“Oh.” Jughead breathed sliding into your side of the booth instead. He wrapped his long arms around your shaking frame, leaning his chin on the top of your head, “It’s okay.”

“I’m sorry.” You mumbled, “Why are you out so late Jug?”

“Couldn’t write in the house. I’m so used to writing with you by my side or in here. I have words racing in my head but I couldn’t write with Archie playing his songs. He’s an amazing singer but those songs aren’t putting me in the writing mood.”

You chuckled as Jughead pressed a kiss to the top of your head. You were still wired so Jughead gripped your hand and tugged you out of the diner. The milkshake forgotten and if Hermione Lodge was being truthful, she hadn’t started making it when Jughead showed up.

You knew that he could see that you wouldn’t be able to sleep for awhile so he did something he knew you would like. The Twilight Drive-In was still in the process of being demolished but the shack that Jughead had slept in still stood.

“Come on.”

“Aren’t we trespassing?” You mumbled walking in while Jughead made sure the coast was clear.

“Probably.” He shrugged, “I know you though.”

You chuckled as the two of you dropped to the bed in silence. Jughead was different when it was just the two of you and not around your peers. You each had an uncanny distaste for public displays of affection to the disappointment of Kevin.

“Do you remember when I invited you here for our first date?” Jughead asked putting his arm around your shoulders.

“Of course I do!” You laughed.

“Movies, and when the second movie started I couldn’t help myself from kissing you.” Jughead whispered leaning his forehead against yours. The atmosphere got charged when he pressed his lips against yours.

“I remember you pulled back and I crashed mine against yours.” You breathed.

“I don’t…” Jughead trailed off before, “Can you refresh my memory?”

Without another word you pushed your body onto his lap and pushed his hat off his head. Your lips moved against each other passionately as you gasped when Jug’s hand came to rest of your thigh.

Jughead pulled away to trail his lips down your neck to suck on your collarbone. You released a breathy moan as you clenched his hair in your hands, arching into his chest. You took pride in knowing you had turned him on.

“Y/N…” Jughead breathed as you rubbed yourself on his hard on. He moaned as his head rested on your chest before gripping your hips in a bruising hold.

He pressed his hands on your hips down as he slowly dragged you up and down his lap. You hissed when your clit dragged across the zipper of his black jeans. He let go to push his jacket and sweater off his arms before returning his hands back to your hips.

You grinded against him harder both of you hissing and panting as you leaned down. You ran your lips slowly up his jaw, teasingly leaving small bites. You bit him at the same time he groaned lowly.

“I also remember what happened a few dates after that” you said as a smirk crossed your face as you began to speed up.

“You talking about the one that Archie walked in on?” Jughead smirked dragging his hands up under your shirt and pulling it off and onto the floor within seconds.

“More like the one after that.” You breathed slowly dragging his shirt up his body, “The one where we-“

You gasped when you turned flipped onto your back with Jughead hovering above you with one hand trailing fire down your chest to the button of your jeans. He slowly kissed the underside of your jaw while his fingers carefully and awkwardly undid the button and pulled back to remove your jeans.

“I’ll never get out of this.” Jughead whispered, his eyes igniting the fire in you to higher temperatures.

“Jug…please.” You whispered pulled him back down onto your body. The start had been intense but it slowed down, possibly because of the awkwardness, to wear you caressed each others skin.

You made quick work of Jughead’s black jeans by shoving them off by your feet along with his boxers. You moaned taking in his size despite it not being the first time you had seen each other naked.

“You’re wearing too many clothes. I’d prefer the soft, supple skin.”

With shaking fingers Jughead couldn’t entirely release your bra clasps with fluid movements but that was okay. With an apology breathed into the crook of your neck you switched positions with Jughead, now you straddled his thighs as you swiftly removed your underwear. Jughead had taken the time to stroke himself.

You took your tall and lean boyfriend splayed out on the cot with his green eyes darkened with desire and his tongue running over his swollen lips. Your heated gaze raked over his form from his ruffled raven hair going everywhere both from his hat and your fingers.

You didn’t even notice that his free hand had moved to the apex of your thighs. It never failed to amaze you how his touch could make you nearly collapse. You felt more than saw him move to lean against the wall and drag you up. In unison Jughead and you hissed as you sank down on him.

Jughead had this thing where he wouldn’t let either of you move as he let the feeling overpower him. A beat later he had you bouncing using his power as you felt boneless before you met him thrust for thrust. Swivelling your hips as you sank down you had Jughead gasping.

“Oh god.” You breathed squeezing your eyes closed as Jughead’s thumb pressed into your clit, “Holy sh-“

“I’m c-lose.” Jughead exclaimed tugging you down with his other hand. You ground your hips gripping his hair tightly. With a harsh brush against your clit you fell into your climax

Jughead got off on the way you came. You’re skin would colour into the most beautiful pink he had ever seen. Your toes and fingers would curl together while your nose crinkled at the strongest crest. Your hair would be a halo around your head and his favourite part was when his name fell from your lips like a raindrop from a flower petal.

Breathing was difficult as you both came down from your highs shaking from the intense love-making. Jughead dragged you down to lay down but the chill in the room caused goosebumps to raise on your body.

“We should probably go home.” Jughead breathed, “Getting caught by the cops in here wouldn’t be fun.”

“Yeah.” You yawned, “Do you want to stay over at my place?”

“What about your-“

“You know my parents love you. They’re fine with you staying if the door isn’t closed all the way.” You whispered.

In a comfortable silence you dressed quickly, only this time Jughead’s sweater was wrapped around you. In typical fashion it was much too big on you but in your rush to get out of your house you had grabbed the thinnest sweater you had by accident. Jug’s hat was back on his head and his arm was around your shoulder.

Jughead had a lot of shades to himself where he was a novelist, student, best friend and boyfriend. He was sarcastic and intelligent with a certain way of words. He was cool and collected with a witty remark to anything but he was different behind closed doors. Sex with Jughead wasn’t the smooth sailing in tv shows and movies but instead it was true with awkwardness that dissipated when you got more and more well versed with each others bodies.

“I love you.” Jughead whispered into your hair when you were asleep in his arms in the safety of your room. He didn’t say it often but he showed it a lot. Jughead loved you even if he didn’t say the words and you returned the same feelings.

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do you ever love a fictional character so much that your chest gets tight and you let out little squeaks and you’re all curled into a ball over their mere existence?? only to remember that they exist in a world that’s completely different from your own??

yeah that feeling sucks

“What do you mean Bethesda should do more QA? Their glitches are hilarious!”

Right, hilarious glitches like

  • Your settlement’s resources in FO4 being set to 0 with no way to fix it, randomly, which has persisted over multiple patches.
  • Enemy loot randomly having the ‘owned’ tag so picking it up makes companions hate you and some totally unrelated NPCs hostile
  • DLC having a tendency to just not be recognized. Which is an issue on every platform.
  • Having to slaughter all your settlers if Raiders take over your settlement despite killing the Raiders and their leader
  • Collision issues with Nuka World rides making you get stuck in geometry
  • Your character randomly turning invisible which necessitates a game restart on PC and a CONSOLE REBOOT on console.
  • Blurring effects from head injuries persisting permanently with no fix, an issue that has been present since the launch of FO4

Or like all those funny glitches in Skyrim like.

  • NPCs breaking during quests, making them incompletable on console and requiring console commands to fix on PC
  • Clearing out locations during EXPLORING breaking some quests

  • Alduin becoming invincible sometimes when you use THE ANTI-DRAGON SHOUT

  • PS3 Save files becoming so bloated due to a bug they’d eventually break

  • Outright broken quests which will hard-lock the game randomly

These are my babies, Heart the Metallic Doll and Clover the Wooden Doll

They were based on a cute yet eerie dream I had where tiny doll children had to fight to protect themselves. I found the dream really intriguing so I’ve been making a story out of it ever since then! 

tbh when Tim and Damian get older I bet they get really defensive of their rivalry
like full on “You’re not allowed to say that to Damian, he’s a brat but he’s my nemesis and you have absolutely no excuse for stepping in on my territory–or for giving that insult. Damian’s plenty awful on his own, why the hell do you have to bring the al Ghuls into it?”

but also “Drake, I picked you up some vitamins. I plan on attacking you while your back is turned soon but while I’m not looking for a fair fight, I’m also aware that you’ve been neglecting basic nutritional requirements, and I don’t want this to be /too/ easy”

and also
“…You…. Called Jon your rival?”
“Well, yes. He was present and being annoying. What is it to you, Drake?”
“–Fine. /Fine./ Do what you want. Why would I care who your rival was.”
“(tt) If it matters that much to you–”
“It doesn’t!”
“–I shall ensure that our next battle is within his sight.”
“……….Whatever, demon brat.”
“Hmph. Your gratitude is overwhelming.”

and tbh at the end of the day when they’re exhausted from fighting? they’ve been known to fall asleep on the floor right where they stood.

I am back with more CC! This is the Diva skinblend, I use it on pretty much all my sims!


-The only thing I did was blend @heihu‘s babychoux, @brntwaffles‘s skin and @ddeathflower‘s leh. They get credit for their amazing skins that I used to make this

-All ages and genders in the skin details category

-This is a face overlay


-Do not reupload, claim as your own or put through paysites

-Do not include in downloads please

-please tag me if you use it!

Download (google drive)

The most annoying thing about fandoms on Tumblr is when there’s blogs dedicated to hating the creators.

No seriously, they supposedly LOVE the game/show/comic/series but the creator is shit and deserves death. Oh yeah and spamming the tags so that fans can see their bullshit.

And the reasons for hating said creators are so petty:

Said shit in the past and even though they apologized for it it’s “not good enough”

Don’t support a ship

Aren’t “diverse” enough

Wrote a character “wrong”

Don’t support a headcanon/proved a headcanon wrong in canon

Like honestly can all these anti-creator blogs fuck off and get a life? Shit make your own content if you hate it so much but leave the creators and fans alone.


CLICK YOUR HEART: Choose Your Own Ending Loveline ♥


My very first (decent) cc recolor, feel free to test it and use at your own disposal. This is (one of) my first recolors and I probably do not know what I’m doing. 

Tag me or send me a pic or something if you do use. I wanna see what you do with it.

Credit goes to @kedluu for the original MESH (hey psst. You MUST get the mesh for it to work).

DOWNLOAD (simsfileshare | no ads)

Extra info/updates below:

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Want to make your own Mimikyu? Here’s the template I made! 

I printed mine on a lightly yellow tinted cardstock (which is why its more yellow in the picture) and used good ol’ Elmer’s glue.. I feel like its pretty basic, but if you have any questions feel free to ask! I did not do double sided ears/tail- but if you just print them out flipped then you can get both sides :)

If you make one, please tag me back so I can see it! :D!


→ winona through the years
“Part of me feels like when you had a lot of success in your teens and 20s, it gets harder for you in your 30s because people are so attached to you as this ingenue. So even though you’re older, they still think of you as that girl, that waifish young girl. And so it was sort of like a struggle. I feel like lately I’ve been sort of liberated into being able to finally play my own age, which has been really nice.” (x)