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Advice from a Capricorn

Capricorn sun,Libra Moon


Haaa… Well, I know that if I like someone I’m very secretive about it. It really depends on how much I like them and who they are. But in general I like to drop little hints to see if you’ll get them. I might smile at you a lot more when you speak to let you know I’m paying attention. I might try to touch your hand when passing a pencil or just talk to you a lot more than others. We’ll just pay attention to you a whole lot overall, hoping you’ll notice that we notice you ;).


Its very easy actually. Just show us you’re interested in what we have to say. Show you’re paying attention to us as well. We love the attention.
You can honestly find any reason to touch us, perhaps a shove on the shoulder or a brush of the hand.
I personally love when you play with my hair.
Compliment us!!!
I speak on behalf of all Caps when I say, we LOVE compliments.
Even though we might not show it.
Also just talk about yourself!
All your interests and likes and dislikes, if we like you, we DO want to hear these things about you.


We won’t care. We’ll keep going about our days either not noticing you or trying to not notice you. Our attention does not belong to you at all. If we have a conversation, we’re probably really uninterested and just looking around, nodding just trying to avoid confrontation. We’ll just ignore you till the end of time until you show us there’s something special and interesting about you enough to deserve our attention.

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Fallacy [Jungkook]

{{ noun // a mistaken belief, especially one based on unsound argument }}

He’s probably more oblivious than Gilderoy Lockhart.

Fluff. Hogwarts AU. 1,134 words.

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Slytherins may be a lot of things: ambitious, cunning, and intelligent. But no one ever told you how painfully stupidly oblivious they are. Or maybe it can be directed to the entire male population who’s usually unaware in general when it comes to feelings.

But a certain Jeon Jungkook in particular falls under this category.

You would think that after five months of shamelessly flirting with him, he’d say something about it. For god’s sake, how many times do you need to compliment him until he gets the hint? Well, he did say “it’s a date” when you asked about practicing quidditch together earlier today. That has to count for something.

Then again, you heard Jungkook say that to Jimin when he asked about going for butterbeers during the next Hogsmeade weekend.

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VIXX reaction to confessing to you.

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N. He is going to so nervous because you mean everything to him and if you don’t like him back it will devastating to him. He will take you to your favorite park so he can speak out all he feels for you and you like him back he will become the happiest man on earth.

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Leo. He will test the waters first, like if he has a change with you. He doesn’t want to ruin your close friendship; only if he is very sure you may have feeling for him as well he will take courage and talk to you about it; maybe in your favorite coffee shop.

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Ken. He will be very obvious about it, he will try to give you hints but you won’t get it at first. He will have to confess right away because he can’t hide it anymore, it could be in the front door in your house as he gets there to tell you all he feels for you.

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Ravi. This guy will be such a mess about it. He will try to tell you but nothing will come out of his mouth, he may just shout it out or a rap will come out more easily to him, he will send it to you and wait for your answer. If it’s yes, he will be more than happy.

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Hongbin. He will be very shy and nervous to talk to you about what he feels, he may take you to a walk as he tries to tell you. He will go around the same word without saying it properly until he finds enough courage, until he hears your answer he can breathe properly.

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Hyuk. He may take you to eat or something, as you two start chatting about your days, he will just spill it out like nothing. Until you ask him to tell you what he just said, he will start telling you all he has been hiding, he will just open his heart to you waiting for an answer.

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Cold War Silmarillion AU

Spymaster Turgon is hard to find.  (After all, his counterpart on the Other Side has an enormous price on his head and his family’s; can you blame him for being deep undercover?)  And if you want a job with his organization, you’ll have to locate him first.

The only hint you get is that he’s usually wandering around Europe using his fluent command of (whatever the local language might be) to ask forlornly about his lost pigeons. 

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That Deaf feel when every hearing person ever always asks how you lost your hearing.

Imagine getting a plushie/teddy bear and naming it after Woozi so that you’ll have something to cuddle with when he’s gone.

BONUS: After seeing you get so affectionate with the plushie/teddy bear, Woozi starts getting jealous.



“Hey.” A man said, sitting down next to you at the bar. You smiled at him before turning back to your phone. “Names Peter.” You looked at him again and sighed. You really were not in the mood to get hit on. “What’s your poison?” You decided to play along with his little game. After all. Free booze. 

“Scotch on the rocks with a twist.” You said in a monotone voice. He ordered it for you and paid but didn’t get the hint you weren’t interested. 

“I’m Peter Quill.” He said smugly, but you continued to look bored. He laughed a little before continuing. “Perhaps you’d know me by a different name.” You looked at him curiously. “Star Lord.” Your facial expression went back to being bored. That name meant nothing to you. Peter seemed pretty pissed at this. “star Lord, man… Legendary outlaw?” You rolled your eyes and stood up before you drink. 

“Thanks for ordering the drink. But I’ve changed my mind.” You turned around to leave and you could hear Peter mumbling about ‘star lord’.
Spoilers! Arrow: Felicity deals poorly with being in a wheelchair in exclusive sneak peek |

I’ve talked about social media monitoring and how it measures “engagement” (RTs/Shares, Lives/FAVS, and comments). Remember what the show says about love it or hate, it reaction is reaction, the only “bad” thing is apathy/silence? 

This is a great thing to “engage with.”  Content that you like (pics on posts, content of posts, etc) that you *like* deserve your RTs/Likes/Comments. 

If a post does not have content you like?  Do not engage with it on any level.  No likes, no RTs, no comments.  Nothing.  Silence.  Today’s a great “night and day” type example of what you totally ignore vs. what you spread like fire & get everybody to reply to (hint, it isn’t what the Arrow account is putting out earlier).

As I explained to someone on Twitter today, if a picture is posted of Fish, it doesn’t matter if you reply to that post with “Nah, I like cats better.”  Fish got you to engage with that post.  Fish got you to comment.  Fish gets the “engagement” social media monitoring credit.  Not cats.  Get it?

Content that shows Oliver and/or Felicity… that’s the content to put focus your attention and efforts on through engagement.

So go shower this Felicity Smoak/Emily Bett Rickards content in the comment section & with RT/Like/Comment “engagement” and put the power of the shipdom behind it.

Remember: Talk about what you like. Ignore everything you don’t, and ignore the trolls.

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And while you’re on these posts, be sure to give quick “likes” to the comments you enjoy.  Ignore the rest.

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so i THINK (correct me if I'm wrong) that maybe MAYBE that eye you drew is from that picture of ross he posted on instagram recently?????? with the cowboy hat on and the light in his face or somethin... i dunno this is kinda a shot in the dark here really haha

Wow you totally guessed it right I can’t believe it. Are you some kind of physic!? My mind is blown. That is amazing. I can’t believe you guessed it. I was so sure no one would get it. You must be some kind of pink, fluffy cat oracle or something. Congratulations, that’s amazing. To celebrate, have this piece of graffiti I made while working on it.

See, this is where I leave you.
This is where you figure out that not every fairy tale has a happy ending and that I’m clearly not who you thought I was.
This is when I walk awake because it is the only thing I have known my whole entire life. I was only ever good with running.
So I’ll run.
You’ll toss out every memory of me you ever had, and you’ll get sick every time you even get a hint of my perfume.
I’m truly sorry
But this, this is where I leave you.

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Please stop spreading around that 'latinx' crap. It burying my heritage and culture by muddying the meaning of my families history. Just because you have internalized racism and bigotry doesn't mean you can make up words and assume everyone will abide by your slander.

“Internalized racism and bigotry?” Fuck outta here with that.

Latinx is a gender neutral term for “Latino/a/@”. It allows inclusion of non-binary people.  Non-binary Latinxs do exist and deserve to be treated with respect, and that includes including them as it is also their heritage and culture, not just yours. 

Furthermore, in case you didn’t get the hint by my providing links, I didn’t come up with the term. In fact, it’s not just a tumblr thing. It’s gaining usage among student groups at universities. 

So in short, I’ll be continuing to use “latinx” when I find it appropriate. And you can choose to not use the word. Obviously, no one can force you. But don’t fucking come to MY blog and try to tell me what to post.