you genious

I’d like to introduce you all yo my new original gijinka OC: 1000 Degree Knife Chan.

“The only reason I’m so hot… is because of you senpai…”

you guys wanna know a pet peeve of mine?

when writers make victor spend stupid money over vain things. like ok we get that he has a lot of money but i really can’t read victor as a compulsive buyer or having this insane necessity of having overly-priced cars or apartments, flaunting a bunch of luxury for no reason at all besides being extra. he seems like a pretty controlled guy to me. in my view he makes investments, buying one really expensive pair of sunglasses that he really loves, for instance, and not 8 dozens just because he can.

idk it’s just me but i really dislike it when i see writers being like “oh yeah he has TEN cars in his garage, six penthouses furnished by different designers” like lmao having more than one car is ridiculously counterproductive do you have any idea how many taxes you have to pay for a single car why would he have more than one? if he’s gonna have a nice car make him have a good one instead of name listing all expensive brands, each with their own commissioned extra detail that we all know is not???? uh??? necessary?? like i don’t get it

call me boring but my boy victor nikiforov is not stupid when it comes to his money and image, he’s smarter than you think.

bernardoalba  asked:

Hi Cassie! Your books are amazing, you are a genious. My favourite character is the Seelie Queen, do you have big plans for her in Queen of Air and Darkness or in the Wicked Powers? Sorry for my bad english, hope you answer my question :)

Definitely big plans for her in QoaAD!

What I expect my drunken texts should be: Something angry or embarrassing that I will regret in the morning and I’ll have to apologize for

What my drunken texts actually are: “Hey, did you know if you go into the bathroom and turn off all the lights and say “Maybe he’s born with it, maybe he’s high as fuck” 3 times in front of a mirror, 19 year old Pickles will crawl out of the mirror and teach you how to do your eyeliner.”

Thoughts on MOVING ON Part 2/2 (SPOILERS)

Soo… I just finished the new Sander Sides video. It definitely was an emotional rollercoaster. Werento beginn:

- Patton not beeing okay, and Thomas telling him it’s okay to be sad

- Thomas soft “Falsehood.” (I definetly think that was Mr. “I’m always there to some extend” Logan)

- Roman admitting he was wrong, and that he’s also hurting

- Thomas story about his past relationship/ break up, I didn’t expect it too come together with “Guys and Dolls” in the end lile that, and it somehow brole my heart

- the feeling Sanders havin a heart to heart all together…

(- Virgil basically expressing that he needs Logan)

- Logan MADE A CAT-ONSIE for Patton

- Roman can conjure up PUPPIES? (ps: kittens still would have been even cooler, because I’m a obsessed cat lady)

- the green screen bit broke me

- the other guys being concerned if Patton really is happy…

Best one yet!!

♡ I love the Sander Sides soooo much! ♡

@thatsthat24 Thomas, you are a GENIOUS! I think this is the best original content I’ve probably ever seen on YouTube…

I just hit 10ksomething followers... What shall I cook up for the kids today?

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GUYSS I´M SO HAPPY! I don´t know exactly, but there´s like 1 year I joined the community, I´ve never thought I could get so far! Thanks everyone who downloads my cc and supports me here… I wanted to make a gift, do you have any suggestions? maybe an pocket collection? idk… 

wataroudesiderus  asked:

I noticed with A Fatal Error instead of telling a story straight in progression you often jump from one point in a story to another then return to something that correlates with that scene currently happening. Which I must say is genious. You give the story more suspense and energy just by doing that and I gotta say it's mesmerizing to see it so greatly pulled off. My question is what inspired you to do that? How'd you come up with a story structure like that. Its Very interesting and I love it!

Oh my gosh, just, thank you, oh wow what a compliment!! ^///^ It makes me extremely pleased to know you think it’s being pulled off well! I’ll be honest, some days I feel more anxious about it than others, but seeing people respond in a way that I was either hoping for or that exceeded my expectations really keeps my morale up. :’)

I’ve always been a fan of non-linear storytelling (when it works, sometimes it just doesn’t or a more linear format just fits better) but I can definitely say that two of my favorite UT AU comics, Echotale by @yoralim and Handplates by @zarla-s, were what inspired me to commit to telling this story in the way that I am. I love how, in their stories, isolated events can have an exceptionally big impact on other aspects throughout the progression of the story. There’s not a wasted panel or page, all the little details seem purposeful but effortlessly integrated, and all the separate pieces -no matter when they’re introduced- line up seamlessly. Even all the fun and lighthearted bits and extras can lead into a better insight to the main story!

I just appreciate how they didn’t only develop a story, but an experience as well. And that’s what I’m aiming for, too :)

no-controlss  asked:

im honestly mind blown how you got the name correctly ! you are a genious !

Hehehehe 😍

Well it started off where on Wikipedia in the season 7 DVD, there was a featurette called “Alex” and then it was instantly removed like the next day. This is very similar to IMDB being edited to say “Paige McCullers - AD” and also “Julian Morris - Charles DiLaurentis” (back in 6A). So a lot of people wrote off “Alex” as one of those things designed to mislead us. And also.. Alex? What could that possibly mean? We just wrote it off.

But then I stuck with my gut that AD is Spencer’s twin, and that AD stands for A_____ Drake. And I was like… Twincer’s first name will be anything that starts with an A. Let’s just go with Alex, it’s the only lead I’ve got!??

So that’s how I got the name Alex Drake before it was revealed. There was nothing in the show that was a clue to the name being Alex. The main thing I got right here is, that Spencer has a twin who is AD, and AD stands for A_____ Drake. All I did was assume that the Wikipedia “leak” means something, and so I inserted Alex in A_______. The real theorising, again, is that AD is Twincer who is A__ Drake.

Just wanted to share that story because I know I’ll wake up in the morning with a million messages asking BUT HOW DID YOU GET ALEX!!?!?! Essentially, I figured that “leak” isn’t as useless as we all thought and I joined it to my theory of A____ Drake 💙

My deepest and burning desire is to please you with these redish bloody flames escaping out of me ,these wills and needs to capture your eyes upon me ,these thin layers of my skin burning to call your attention ,to enslave your eyes into me .This my wish of having you full of hunger ,in fire make of me  my whole soul,my veins ,my heart all the dimensions  ,the perspective inside a Painting ,your Masterpiece…

My deepest and burning desire is restrained in a small lamp of your dreams ,your thoughts in fear released ,tangled ,entwined over my incandescent ,fierce skin ,this lamp where im contained is ready to crack and suround your genious ,you skills ,your brushes ,your colors ,your fears ,let me be  a small drawing in your mind ,let me run through your inspiration,let me mingle with you over the vast and arid land where we first met ….

My deepest and burning desire is ready to show you:

 That our tale is not only a story but life time treasures beyond ancient times ,treasures inside the pyramids which are still buried in a point of time ,unchained,untouched waiting for our key  forged by the gods now vanished upon your meaning…

My deepest and burning desire sleeps all nights with the pain .with the world we dont understand but this is why we were born for …to smash the fear upon us ,to fight the dryness ,coldness the monstruous sad feeling roaring upon our fragile lives….

My desire ,your eyes upon me ,upon us ,this battle …

Dont you see ? They may let us down but we will conquer LIFE itself…

And in a burning  flame ,the wish ,will be granted…take my hand and let us  test the key  and be free ….