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  • here we have the one and only sooyoung
  • she is definitely a cuddly girlfriend
  • and a blushy one too
  • early in your relationship, she would probably be really shy
  • your shoulders brush?
  • she’s a blushing and giggly mess.
  • you accidentally bump into her?
  • she’s a tomato.
  • but it won’t take that long for her to eventually break out of that shell
  • then she would be all over you
  • it doesn’t matter what it is, she just wants to touch you
  • and then you’re the flustered one in the relationship
  • she would do anything for hugs
  • and if you decide to try to spoil her one day and give her all of the hugs she asks for, she will try to push her luck and ask for kisses
  • and you would do it because it’s so easy to fall in her trap
  • i think she would love to introduce you to the members so you can get close to them
  • yeri would probably tease you guys a ot in the beginning, but eventually you’d get close to her
  • back to adorably clingy sooyoung
  • you guys can just be spending a day together doing absolutely nothing, but you would have to go buy something from the store across the street really quickly
  • and then when you come back 7 minutes later, sooyoung would jump on you and shower you with kisses
  • “don’t leave me alone for so long, i missed you!”
  • “i was only gone for 7 minutes”
  • you can only imagine how difficult it must be for her to be without you when red velvet is busy promoting or when she has schedules
  • but when she’s busy, she would facetime you every night
  • and i mean every night
  • “sooyoung it’s 4 in the morning, just call me back when you wake up later”
  • “but i wanna talk to you now”
  • she’s so cute i can’t
  • she would mope around a lot and the other members would be tired of it
  • so one day irene would call you
  • “y/n please get your girlfriend. she’s acting like a sad puppy and won’t stop complaining about you.”
  • so you would go visit her one day when she’s rehearsing and she would freak out
  • she would immediately run and jump on you causing the both of you two fall
  • and while you’re both on the ground, she would hold you tight and lay by your side for what would feel like eternity
  • but then joohyun would interrupt
  • “i’m sorry to ruin the moment, but we kind of need sooyoung right now.”
  • but seriously, sooyoung would love you so so much. there would never be a moment where you would doubt her love for you because even the whole world can see it in the way she looks at you.
Kick some ass


Word Count: 1.9k

Pairing: MOC!Dean x Reader 

Characters: Dean, Sam, Death (and of course the reader)

Warnings: Lil’ bit of angst, tiny bit of violence, platonic Sam-fluff, swearing, pregnancy

Summary: Sam and the reader find Dean who summoned Death to send him away. What happens when Dean has to make a decision about whether or not he should kill his brother. Will he be able to protect the reader and his unborn child? Does the reader have a say in all of this?

A/N: Heya everyone! I’m back with the fourth part of “We can fix this”. I’m so freaking proud that I wrote this one in time and I enjoyed writing this part a lot! Thank you guys for reading, liking and reblogging my stuff! You make me so so happy!! Have fun with this chapter and lets see if I can pull another one out my sleeve for you…Feedback is highly appreciated guys! Lots of love xx

Catch up here: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Where we left off:

“Look, Sam… Yes I am pregnant I’m very aware of that but if there is one thing I sure as fuck will not do, it is to sit around while waiting for you to miraculously save my baby daddy, got it? So get in the damn car.” I spoke with a strong voice as I sat in the driver’s seat.

The engine roared as Sam sat shotgun. He didn’t even try to resist me.

Y/N on her period was bad but a pregnant Y/N was ten times worse and he was not about to start a war he would lose.

My mood changed from being afraid to being unyielding and tough. I was not about to let that green eyed idjit sacrifice himself because he thought he had to protect me.

The younger Winchester and I drove silently to the destination Dean had asked Sammy to come to. The drive was longer than I expected. Neither of us tried to break the silence, both he and I drifted away into our own thoughts.

Dozens of questions popped up in my head.

What was Dean trying to do? What was his plan? Obviously, he could not kill himself since that would turn him into a demon again. What other option was there?

Whatever he was planning on doing, I would do everything to stop him. The Winchesters had a tendency to sacrifice themselves but I had enough of that.

This had to stop once and for all.

By disappearing, Dean would not do our unborn child any good. A baby needs its father no matter what. He had known life with a father who was not present all the time. How could he believe that he was acting the right way?

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Today was my boyfriend Hayes’s birthday so I’m on my way to his house. I’ve met his family before so instead of being nervous, i’m excited to spend time with the Grier’s and celebrate my baby’s day.

I got to his house and knocked on door. Immediately the door opened to reveal Hayes who had the most adorable smile on his face, “Baaaby” He says pulling me into a bone crushing hug. “I missed you.”

“Boy I was literally here yesterday.” I laugh and bury my face into his chest.

“But when you left I got lonely.” he pouts while rocking us back and forth.

“Yeah yeah I missed you too.” I say smiling.

“Come on, everyone’s excited to see you.” He says before pecking my lips sweetly and dragging me inside. “Y/n’s here guys.” We walk hand in hand to the kitchen.

“Perfect! Dinner just finished.” Liz smiled and walked over to give me a hug. “It’s good to see you sweetie.”

I smile and hug back, “It’s good to see you all too, it’s been awhile.”

“Y/N!!” I hear cute little Skylnn squeal and I turn around to see her bouncing on Nash’s hip. “What’s up girl” Nash says laughing, “She missed you a whole bunch.” He smiles.

“I missed this little cutie too” I laugh and go over to them and kiss her cheek making her blush.

“As cute as you are with my little sister, the birthday boy is hungry.” He says and drags me over to the table with him. We sit at the end of the table next to each other. “You look nice.” He whispers against my neck and lightly kisses it.

I was wearing a causal dress with heels and a little make up. “Thanks baby, you look very handsome.” I smile and bite my lip as he keeps pecking up and down my neck. He sneakily starts sliding his hand up my thigh and under my dress. As much as I want him to keep going, I don’t want his family to walk in on it. “Chill.” I chuckled and grab his hand keeping it still. “Your mom and Nash are gonna walk in here any second.”

He whines and slumps down into his seat pouting with his arms crossed, “Fine.”

“Brat.” I laugh and kiss his cheek.

“Dinner is served.” Nash says in a mock fancy voice and sets the food on the table, with Liz coming in behind him holding Sky.

Liz puts skylynn in her booster seat and helps set her plate. “Dig in everyone.” She says sweetly and gives everyone a plate. We all get the food we want and then start eating. “So how’s it feel to be 16 little bro?” Nash questions with a mouth full of food.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full Hamilton.“His mom scolds him making everyone laugh. Nash swallows his food and chuckles “My bad mom.”

As we all keep talking I felt Hayes start sliding his hand up my thigh again, “stop” I whisper and push his hand off.

“stop what?” he smiles cheekily and puts his hand right back where it was.

“Boy..” I mumble lowly and feel goosebumps rise on my skin.

“We both know you don’t want me to stop.” He whispers lowly in my ear and squeezes my thigh gently.

“Yes I do.” I say trying to concentrate on eating my food and not my extremely good looking boyfriend who’s trying to seduce me at the dinner table with his family.

“Hayes, when’s your next football game again? I forgot what it said on the schedule.” Liz asks.

“Umm..” Hayes scrunches his eyebrows thinking while sliding his hand up to the top of my thigh and slipping his hand down to cup the front of my lace panties. “I think it’s next Friday.” He continues talking like nothing’s going on, “But I’ll check again after dinner to make sure.” he finsihes and slowly rubs my covered clit causing me to choke on my food.

“You ok Hun?” Liz asks me with a concerned look on her face, making Hayes smirk grow.

“Y-Yeah, but may I be excused for a second?” I say trying not to be sketchy.

“Of course.” Liz smiles.

I push my seat out and walk upstairs to the bathroom and shut the door letting out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding in.

A minute later I hear the door open and close and suddenly I’m pushed up against the wall with Hayes’ lips pressed against mine. i instantly kiss back and feel his hands slide up my dress. “I wasn’t finsihed.” He mumbles into the kiss and slides a hand into my lace panties.

I moan quietly into the kiss and he takes that opportunity to slide his tongue against mine and deepen the kiss. “You gotta stay quiet for me, ok baby?” Hayes whispers against my lips and holds two fingers on my clit slowly rubbing. I nod and bite down on my lip to keep quiet. “Y/N you’re so wet for me.” he softly groans and slides one finger down to my entrance and pushes it inside me. I grip his shirt and whimper “Please.”

“What baby? You want me to make you cum?” He taunts me and pumps his finger slowly. I nod my head yes, but he stops working his finger. “Use your words, love.” He nibbles on my bottom lip.

“Yes, please make me cum.” I breath out shakily, trying to keep my voice down. The second those words slip off my tongue, Hayes has two fingers pounding inside of me. “You like that?” He says, his lustful eyes staring into mine.

“Fuck.. Hayes.” I moan out, my hands on top of his shoulders to keep me steady. “Shh, stay quiet baby. Don’t want someone to hear, huh?” He chuckles in my ear and sucks lightly on the lobe. “Shit, I’m about to-” He interrupts me by kissing me roughly and thrusting his fingers as fast as he can, causing me to moan into his mouth and relentlessly buck my hips against his fingers. I feel the added pleasure of his thumb rubbing my clit and the tingly feeling in my stomach enhances causing my legs to tremble.

“Hayes!” I squeak out and cum on his fingers. I feel him smirking into the kiss and he pumps his fingers at a slow speed to ride out my orgasm. “Fuck baby..” He says chuckling and bites his lip, watching my face scrunch up in pleasure.

I stay leaning against the wall panting and trying to steady my breathing. “Open your eyes.” I do as told and look up into his eyes. He brings his hand up and holds his two glistening fingers up to his lips. I watch him suck on his fingers and feel my clit tingle. “Stop. We need to go back downstairs you freak.” I smile and pull my underwear up. “Nooo” He pouts and presses his forehead against mine. How he can go from dominant to cute little puppy in such a short amount of time is mind blowing. “We can be alone later, but right now your mom is probably wondering what the hell is going on so we need to go.” I say and peck his lips. Still pouting Hayes agrees to leave first after kissing me one last time.

I wait about 2 minutes and then walk back to the kitchen. Sitting back down next to Hayes, Nash gives us both a knowing smirk while Liz gives me a concerned look. “You ok Hun? You were gone awhile.”

“Oh I’m fine! I just…had to talk to my mom about something."I answer, Ignoring Hayes and Nash’s snickering.

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Any advice for a Hufflepuff feeling a bit down lately? Thanks y'all 💛


My great advice is to 


because you’re awesome

and though you might feel down right now, you’re a freaking Hufflepuff and one of their traits is “unafraid of toil” so you just take your toil and be unafraid

tell your toil to shove it

everybody has those days; everybody makes mistakes

but the important part is to not give up

you may feel down, but you’re not out

oh my god look at this puppy

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puppy fell down but puppy got up

and puppy believes you can too!

be like puppy

we here at HHH love you and we’re rooting for you! 

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Everyone have a GREAT Friday! <3

-Justin (Slytherin)

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Annyeonghaseyo!! I love your blog! Could you do a gif reaction of Exo seeing a puppy in a shop window as you two are shopping? Thanks :)

Annyeonghaseyo! This is so cute thank you.

Xiumin:  *can’t help but look through the glass at the adorable fluffy pet*


Luhan:  I wish I could take you home right now

Kris:   *sends hearts to the puppy because he thinks it would ruin his cool guy image to go inside and see it*

Suho:   Aaaaaa y/n can we get ? Pleeeeeease? :)

Lay:   Whoa…..

Baekhyun:   Can I have it? Please You’re so cute!

Chen:  *Immediately runs into the store and picks up the puppy*

Chanyeol:  HELLO PUPPY

D.O:   *tries so hard not to freak out*

Tao:  That’s the cutest thing ever! Can we stop for a minute?

Kai:   Hey, do you think we could add one more to our dog family at home?

Sehun:    *Can’t even deal* 

*Gifs are not mine. Credit to owners :) *

Mercy Pt. 3

Here’s the ao3 link.

It’s 2 in the morning when the music finally shuts off, already 3 hours after Dean left hurriedly.  Gabe pokes his head into Cas’ room.  “Hey little bro,” he grins, “saw Dean coming out of your room earlier, anything going on there?”

Cas glances up from the new movie he’s watching (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) to smile innocently at his big brother.  “Hi Gabe, how did the party go?”

Gabe smirks.  “Fun, no thanks to you.  But you didn’t answer my question.  What was Dean doing in your room?”

“Nothing,” Cas shrugs nonchalantly, but his burning cheeks give him away.

“Nothing my ass,” Gabe laughs, “but I’ll make you a deal.”  Cas face turns impossibly redder at even the mention of the word ‘deal’.

“You come help me clean up, and then I’ll leave you alone about this.  For now.”

Cas groans.  “Fine.”  He pauses the movie and slides off the bed, rolling his sleeves up.   “Let’s get to work.”

The next day is a blur, an exhausted, homework-filled blur.  Cas barely has time to even think about Dean until he hits the pillow Sunday night and it all comes back.  He finds himself grinning like an idiot as his mind replays the events of the night before.  “Tomorrow,” Cas thinks to himself happily, “Tomorrow in Latin class I’ll finally see Dean again and I can ask for his number.”  He falls asleep with fantasies of Dean pushing him against the lockers and kissing him hard.

Periods one through seven drag on mercilessly.  It seems like years before Cas finally makes it to Latin class, and he’s ready to jump Dean as soon as he sees him by the time the seventh period bell rings.  But when Castiel walks in to Latin class, Dean isn’t there.

The bell rings and Dean still isn’t there.  “It’s fine,” Cas thinks to himself nervously, “Dean probably just got held up or something.  He’ll be here soon.”

Five minutes later, there’s still no sign of Dean.  Castiel is trying not to freak out.  “Dean deserves someone like Anna Milton, someone on his level.  God Cas, you’re such an dumbass.”

Ten minutes later and Cas is near hysterics. “Oh god, I must have messed up or something and now Dean’s cutting class to avoid me.  He hates me, he hates me, he hates me.  I’m such a idiot for thinking that a hot, football-playing senior would ever be interested in me.”

Mr. Uriel begins to take attendance.  “Castiel” he calls out and Cas raises his hand.

“Here,” he mutters distractedly.

The teacher continues to go down the list, calling out different names until he gets to the end.  “Dean?” he asks, “Dean Winchester?  Is he here?”

“No sir,” one of Dean’s teammates pipes up, “he’s not in school today.”

Cas lets out a breath, relaxing.  “He’s just absent, not avoiding you.”  He tenses up again almost immediately.  “Dean missed an entire day of school to get rid of you, look what you did.”

The rest of last period is spent formulating a plan to steal Gabriel’s cellphone, get Dean’s number, and then text Dean to tell him that it’s ok, he doesn’t owe Cas any favors.  He can just say goodbye and go on with his life, no feeling hurt.  Last period, needless to say, sucks.  Royally.

When he finally makes it to Gabe’s car at the end of the day, Castiel is miserable.

“Hey little bro!” Gabriel grins easily when Cas slides into the front seat of his neon blue bug at the end of the school day.

“Hey,” Cas mumbles.

“Woahhhh buddy, who peed in your cheerios?  Mr. Uriel hit you with a pop quiz or something?” Gabe pulls out of the school parking lot, turning right to head back to the Novak house.

“Nah, it’s just - “ Cas cuts off, reluctant to admit to his older brother that he’s in such a bad mood because Dean was absent.

“C’mon Cassie, you can tell me anything,” Gabe teases.

“DoyouknowwhereDeanwastoday?” Cas blurts out in a rush.

Gabe’s face falls and he stares at the road ahead, suddenly very concentrated.  “Cassie, uh, I don’t think think I can tell you.  I’m not sure Dean wants people knowing yet.”

A myriad of worst case scenarios run through Castiel’s head.  Someone died.  They’re being deported.  John was arrested.  “Gabe please,” he chokes, “please I gotta know.  Is something wrong?  Does he hate me?”

“What?  Why would he hate you?”

“Never mind,” Cas shakes his head, “What’s wrong?”

“Cas…” Gabe realizes he doesn’t know how to finish the sentence and trails off uncomfortably.

“Am I ever gonna see him again?” Castiel’s breath becomes shallow.

“Jesus bro yes, he’s fine.  No one’s dead, they’re all gonna be ok.”  Gabe glances over at Cas, surprised at his sudden emotional state.

“Gonna be?  So they’re not ok right now?  What’s wrong? ” Cas’ eyes are wide and his hands shake.

“Fine!  I’ll tell you!  But would you stop with the freaking puppy dog eyes?”

Castiel nods tightly and Gabe sighs, leaning back in the driver’s seat.  “It happened the night of the party,” he begins.

Honestly at this point, y’all should expect a cliff hanger.  Let me know what you think!  Part 4 or nah?

Thank you to everyone who sent in messages  You’re the reason I’m writing!  @pie-getme-somepie @ohiocnk-80q3 @rainbowsandwiches @stepha333 @howlatthatmoonwithmewinchester @wnchestersheaven @infinity-letters @mishacollins-ismyspiritanimal @aha-fuckthisshitimout @oliviaxwonderland