you freaking bastard

@thechimneydark was in my dream again.

I didn’t even see him at first, maybe caught a glimpse of red eyes in the dark, but I felt his presence lurking behind me. Like that chilling feeling up your spine when you KNOW you’re being watched.

I was outside for some reason, so I ran inside because I felt uneasy. But then I saw him in my mirror’s reflection. Staring, watching me with a slight tilt of his head but saying nothing.

Apparently my response to this was to go the fuck to bed, because even when i’m dreaming i’m tired. I guess I was trying to ignore him in the hopes he’d go away?

Which did nothing, obviously, because I could just see him out of the corner of my eye. Standing at the foot of the bed now, still staring and still saying nothing. And the more I tried to avoid looking at him, the more I could feel his eyes practically drilling holes in the side of my head.

He never said anything!! Just kept standing there(menacingly!) and staring and good lord the suspense was killing me. And then I woke up

Seth Rollins - Unrequired Help

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Tonight was your night. 

You’re getting ready to get out this ring as the freaking champ, and that’s nothing less than you deserved, be the champ

You have been in title road for quite sometime now, but creative keep holding that for no apparent reason, took you to the point you pretty much was just about to tell they to fuck off when they told you: You’re finally getting it at the PPV.

It’s no WrestleMania, but screw it, it was a PPV and you’re on it. 

You usally travel along Ambrose, he’s the one that show you off at WWE and gladly they take you in, befriend with Ambrose mostly means deal with his insanity most of the times, they don’t call him lunatic for nothing, yet you loved it. To be honest, he looks out for you like you’re some short of little sibling or maybe pupil, you’re not sure. He’s always telling you stories, about past shows, and mostly about his time on SHIELD, and sometimes, looks like he really miss it, even if he don’t admit the fact. 

He avoid speaking about Seth Rollins, its a off topic and you know why, you know damn right why. As profissional, you have nothing against him, but as yourself, you don’t really like the man, not just because he hurt Reigns and Ambrose, but also his cocky way piss you off. He just mind himself and himself only, and really, in this business? You need to me smart, yes, but not a freaking bastard. 

You was warming up in backstage, Ambrose was cheering for you, keep telling you you’re going kick they asses to the moon, you can’t avoid but chuckle. That’s right when a staff comes up and knock at the door, handing you over tonight script, you frown. “ I already got mine… “ You trailed off as he shook his head. 

“ They charged something, Y/R/N. “ He informed you, you grumbled, great, you lost your title now. You grabbed it and open up at your match, thanking the staff boy that smiled a bit and closed the door again. 

The room stay quiet for a bit. 

“ What? The bastards are taking ya title away? I’ll– “ Dean started, looking all ready to go and beat creative up when you shook your head, also confused about what’s going on. “ So? Don’t leave me hangin’ sweet” 

“ Sorry. “ You muttured as you hand it over to him when you’re done reading. “ They are going send someone to help me get the title, it’s a no disqualification match after all. “ Completed, looking at Dean. 

“ Who? “ Ambrose asked, also looking confused. “ That’s not me, ya know. “

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Of tails and love

Midoriya surfaced above the water, watching with wide eyes as he saw those boys again. Diving back under he decided to swim a little closer. 

Peeking from behind the rocks he smiled as he saw the boy with red and white hair collecting shells again.

He gasped as he saw the blonde boy that his best friend took an interest in, letting himself sink into the water he swam back to where he left his friend.

Todoroki looked towards the rocks with a shocked expression.

“Katsuki, did you see that?” Turning around Todoroki looked at his friend who was just kicking the sand away, his face set in his usual scowl.

“What the fuck am I supposed to see here? All I see is water and sand” Bakugou rolled his eyes, why he decided to come with Todoroki he still didn’t know.

“Eiji!! They’re back!” Midoriya swam towards his friend with a big smile on his face. “Those two from last time, he was colle-" 

Midoriya got pushed aside as Eijirou swam past him in a hurry, his bright yellow tail almost hitting Midoriya in the face.

Puffing his cheeks, Midoriya followed Kirishima but not before grabbing some of the prettiest shells he could find.

"I tell you! I saw a tail!” Todoroki kept staring at the rocks. “I’m not crazy, this is the second time I saw it, Katuski." 

"Might’ve been a fish? Honestly, you’re spending too much fucking time on the beach” Bakugou turned to look at the water, narrowing his eyes he stepped closer. 

“Eiji! You’re too fast!” Midoriya grabbed onto Kirishima’s arm “Atleast hide behind those rocks" 

"You go there first,” Kirishima was just inches away from the shore and he could see the blonde boy walking closer to the water. “I have to see him.” He was smiling widely.

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wolf--ink  asked:

Just THINK about the anime watchers though. They were not expecting all of that to happen and it makes me wonder who's in more of a mess. The long awaited fans or the new ones who saw all the emotional things for the first time? Also I screamed at Endeavor (CALLED HIM OUT) when he was 'cheering' on Shouto and wanted to slap Present Mic in the face for using "doting father" HELL NO! YOU FREAKING STAY AWAY YOU BASTARD! SHOUTO GOT HIS LIFE AND SPIRIT BACK!

This is why I like watching some of the anime reaction videos. It’s like when you show your friend a movie or show you like and the whole time you’re just grinning and watching their face to see them react to stuff.

Confession time I skipped through Endeavor’s little speech while whispering “fuck you fuck you stop talking”.

Oikawa Tooru appears in preview wearing glasses: HAIKYUU!! TRENDS ON TUMBLR

Ladies and gentlemen and other non-binary friends, this is the power of a gay volleyball anime  


Doing a DTA (Draw To Adopt) and thought i’d put them on here. I think they’re cute– considering soon they wont be mine :’)

BTW- this is not on Tumblr, so please dont go drawing these to win them because they are just for show.

(there are captions)

Please Dont repost my art!

Bitter End: Taeyhung [Part.2]

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1.2k

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook

+I should have known never to come here to begin with… 

I should have stayed away but I chose to give him another chance…

I chose to give him another chance to break my heart again

A/N: For the anon who requested a pt.2^^

>> Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3 | Part.4 | Part.5 <<

“Y/n please, just open the door” he keeps on begging but you only open it so you can throw him with a pile of his clothes, slamming it in his face once you’re done as you go in to fetch another batch.

“Y/N!” he bangs onto the door but you blatantly ignore him as you come back with another stack which you throw him with, almost hitting him square in the face with one of his sneakers. Just about to slam the door closed again but he pushes it back, keeping it open.

“NO!” you try pushing back with a stronger force but Taehyung eventually overpowered you “GET OUT!” you scream, the sight of him alone causing your heart to break from all over  “Get out…” you repeat in a softer tone as you begin to cry, covering your eyes so he doesn’t have to witness your breakdown before him.

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Capital A

And yet another coda to 12x01 (there is never enough of them, I guess).

“You’ve introduced me with a full name.”

Dean blinked, then pressed his lips tight, then opened his mouth again as if he was about to start speaking. But no sound followed, so Castiel went on.

“I can’t remember last time that happened. Perhaps, it’s some bad memory trick, but I’m positively sure you haven’t referenced my name like that for a long time, Dean.”

Dean frowned, his glance rushed desperately to Castiel and started its way around, only pausing a short while on his face without meeting the eyes. Uneasiness in Dean’s whole body was almost feasible, with the way his back was stiffened and fists clenched. He felt uncertain and awkward—both were very rare things about him—and under any other circumstances it would have made him furious in less than a minute. But now he was surprisingly silent.

“You’ve also mentioned my wings—“ in spite of himself, Castiel cut off for a second, “—and harp which I obviously never owned. Presumably that was to complement the canonical image of an angel portrayed in a human culture. Although there is an outstanding variety of paintings and sculptures created over the last millennia, the key features remain the same. Recognizable but not very accurate.”

Dean shifted and made a slight movement ahead. There was just a short distance between them, they were standing so close that Dean’s outstretched arm could easily touch Castiel. Yet it didn’t, it kept hanging loose on the side in a falsely relaxed position.

“Cas— “

“Let me finish, please.” Dean’s shoulders dropped helplessly, and Castiel felt a sudden urge to grip them tight as he already had done once. More than once. “What I was saying is this introduction of me that you’ve made to your mother was— “

“I know,” Dean interrupted, “I know, yeah, it was kinda stupid and that’s not what I really meant to say, and— “

“No, Dean, it wasn’t. Not with the capital ‘A’.”

Dean startled and looked up, squinting, small wrinkles running apart from the corners of his eyes.

“What’s wrong with the capital ‘A’?”

“Nothing. Absolutely and definitely nothing is wrong.” Dean was still gazing at him, so Castiel added with a little smile, “It was the most honorable and flattering introduction I’ve ever experienced. The way you’ve put it, mentioning the capital letter to describe my entity … sounded like something special. It was much more than I could have expected.”

Dean’s expression changed in no time. Overwhelmed with relief and joy and probably even something else that Castiel couldn’t immediately recognize, Dean was literally shining. He eagerly smiled back.

“’Cause it’s you, Cas,” he said, “’cause you are very special. To me, you are … You can’t imagine how special you are. You always have been.” There was another smile then, more of a usual Dean’s smile—a bit crooked, with just a corner of his mouth—fading to a grin, “By the way you’d started, I thought I pissed you off.”

“I know.”

Dean shot him a quick glance. “You know? So you’ve … Dammit, Cas, you’ve been mocking at me?”

Castiel nodded. “A little.”

“Oh you feathery asshole, you freaking bastard, you …” Dean didn’t make it to the end of the list as he started laughing. His face turned red, and tears were running down his freckled cheeks. After the last few bursts of laughter ceased, he took a deep breath and opened his arms. “That,” he declared, “deserves a really good hug. Come here.”

Castiel obeyed without a word. Hugs were way too serious to be mocking at them.

And neither was he going to waste any time out of his well-deserved hug.

Man with a Letter

Description: A series of unfortunate events leaves Dean with no alternative but to enlist with the military and leave you behind for a year.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Dean shouts, much to your dismay and Sam’s disappointment. “This is a load of freaking crap!”

“Mr. Winchester,” the judge peers down at him from his chair on the raised platform. “I suggest you sit down and stop talking.”

“Don’t tell me what to do, you freaking pompous bastard!” Dean retorts almost immediately, jabbing a finger at the rather plump man. “You can’t do this! Sam, he can’t do this!”

Sam sighs, looking down at his stack of papers as he shifts a little uncomfortably. “Actually, Dean, he can.”

Dean freezes, glaring at his younger brother, and a small gasp slips from your lips as you lean forward on the bench.

“Dean, you broke the law,” Sam continues, either oblivious to his brother’s fuming or uncaring. “You broke the law big time. The judge has the right to sentence you in a way of his choosing.”

“I’ll give you an option, Mr. Winchester,” the judge adds, smiling a little cruelly. “Either you can accept this sentence, or you can spend five years in prison. Your choice.”

Dean looks back and forth from the judge to his brother, and then finally his panicked gaze settles on you. You bite your lip and give him a nod. His expression hardens.

“Fine,” he whispers. “Fine. I’ll do it.”

And your heart sinks because you’re about to fight a battle on an entirely new front.

Dean is being deployed.

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|Imagine betting Gabriel that you can make Team free will feel the most awkward.|

|Requested by Theblessedbear|

You sat with Gabriel in a five star restaurant you grab your glass of champagne and you begin to sip it, you had finished your food and you were now waiting for desert as Gabriel had pretty much ordered the whole menu. “You know all I wanted was a frickin slice of cake and you have to go and order everything.” You say and he smiles the biggest cheekiest smile and you slowly run your foot up his leg. “How about we make a bet? Have some fun.” I announce and he shakes my foot off his leg, he leans closer.
“What sort of bet sweetheart?” He inquires
“I bet that we can make the boys feel extremely awkward. Whoever wins get to choose what the loser has to do for a day.” You say and Gabe’s eyes light up he smiles and nods.
It had been six days now since the bet started, you were staying with the boys in the bunker and Gabe liked to pop into Sam, Dean and Castiel rooms when they had girls over, when they were showering and even when they were browsing porn on the internet. Your plan was working even better though they just got annoyed by Gabriel but you would just kiss Gabe at random and inappropriate times, such as dinner. To make things worse you would take Gabe to your room and have sex but make it extremely obvious, or leave the door open and once you even purposely was really loud. You watched as the chaos unfolded, Dean stormed through the bunker a towel hung low on his hips and Gabriel followed laughing like a freak. “You Bastard again. GET THE BLOODY ROOM RIGHT .”He shouts at your angel.
“Gabe, come on this is getting old.” You say walking over to the boys as Dean looks like he is gonna stab him with an angel blade. You sander towards them and you grab Gabe in your hands kissing him passionately you jump up wrapping your legs tightly around his waist you trail kisses down his neck and you begin to suck by his collar bone. “Mmm Gabe.” You moan loudly as he places his hand on your butt.
Sam and Cas enter the room and sigh out a deep breath. “FUCKING HELL GUYS WILL YOU GET OFF EACH OTHER, THIS USED TO BE OKAY AND SOMETIMES SLIGHTLY HOT BUT NOW IT IS FREAKING AWKWARD.” Dean shouted and you jumped down of Gabriel as you began to dance a small victory dance.
“I WON THE BET.” You sing out as everyone looks confused. “NOW YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT EVER I SAY FOR A DAY BITCH!”