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Censorship in a great show, and acting on it.

Okay, so this is my first post here ever - and it’s going to be about a rather important issue.

You see, there is this show I love, like, really. It’s beautiful, colourful, loaded with values that are too often nowhere to be found in cartoons for kids such as care, communication, going past your limits but also respecting those limits when you’re not able to go through -well, it’s an amazing show.

For those who didn’t recognize it, I’m talking about Steven Universe.

One of the most awesome things about it is also the representation. We DON’T have enough shows like this one, which depicts great persons of colour, has an incredible amount of three-dimensional, complex, lovable female characters, and breaks numerous gendered roles and clichés.

It has also a great depiction of several homosexual relationships.

And this, this, THIS is so important to have actual beautiful believable depictions of homosexuals relationships in shows, especially shows that are aimed for children. 

I’m bisexual, and if I had watched Steven Universe as a kid, maybe I wouldn’t have gone through all the self-hatred, in-the-closet tough years of my life. Maybe I would have known it was okay to love girls and I maybe could have even responded to those saying it was not right/moral/whatever.

But here is the problem : I’m french. And in France, the translation has been nothing less than butchered and the romantic relationship between the two protagonists has been wiped out and called “friendship”.

This is a bit outreagous, so I decided to launch a petition.

I know that it’s not necessarily going to change anything, but it’s a small act of resistance against what I think is an infuriating censorship. I’m even more ashamed to be part of this country, and I just couldn’t sit here doing nothing when I knew something this important was purely erased from the show.

And I think that if there’s enough people signing this, maybe we will actually get Cartoon Network Fr to do something about it and allow non-heterosexual kids more recognition and representation in the show.

So, here it is :

And for the english-speakers, here is the translation of the petition’s text : 

An homophobic censorship right from the middle ages!

Steven Universe, a wonderful american series aimed for children, with numerous characters who are strong, lovable, nice, of all sizes, all colours and more importantly, of all sexual orientations, has been awfully censored in its french version. The story is rich and complex, suitable for every age, with lots of plot twists. One of them [SPOILER] is when we learn that one of the heroes is made of the romantic relationship between two female characters, Ruby and Sapphire.

Homosexual representation is important for non-heterosexual children. It gives them self-confidence and allow them to see that it’s normal, whatever the Manif pour tous has to say about it! [the Manif pour tous is a bunch of far-right people who demonstrated against the law which allowed people of the same gender to get married two years ago in France.]

In the english version of the song which is a turning point for the plot and for development of one of the main characters, all the love that Ruby and Sapphire feel for each other is stated clearly : «I’m made of love » « I am their fury, I am their patience, I am a conversation » « you’re just mad ‘cause your single ». But in its french version, all of this is weakened in a revolting way, with a relationship that becomes a « friendship », as proven by the video of the original song (subtitled :, in this video of the french version :, and finally, in this third video which highlights the censorship :

In the country self-proclaimed freedom of speech’s bastion, this censorship is unacceptable. Are we going to let Cartoon Network steal a whole part of the story from the young viewers? Are we going to let Cartoon Network censor such a great piece of work, and this in a way that’s punishable by law?

I think we’re not going to, and we can act on it!

Here it goes. I sincerely hope we can make a difference. 

Thank you for reading me, and feel free to reblog :)