you forgot your wallet

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from a cute cold weather prompt list: "you walked here in a blizzard to get your hot chocolage but you forgot your wallet at home, here, let me buy your drink for you"

The front door to the cafe swings open with a shuddering force, gusts of snow flurries and biting winds swirling inside with the man bundled in a black pea coat and a bright red scarf, far too little protection from the raging blizzard outside. He fights with the glass door, shoves it closed with a grunt and the strength of his shoulder. 

The barista is eyeing him warily as he approaches, shivering violently throughout his walk to the counter, and Kate doesn’t blame the woman. She wouldn’t be thrilled to cater to a crazy person either.

“One extra large, double hot chocolate with extra marshmallows please,” he orders through chattering teeth, and Kate can see from her place in the corner that he’s attempting a smile, polite and cracking beneath the chill, and she’s strangely grateful when the woman behind the counter gives him one back.

“That’ll be $5.62, sir.“ 

The man reaches into his coat pocket, digging around with a hand that shakes, his shoulders growing tense as his search comes up empty. 

"Uh, let me just - just check my other pocket,” he tells the barista with a nervous undertone to his voice. “I was in a hurry when I left the loft, but I couldn’t have… I never forget my wallet. I’m sure I have something-”

Kate watches as panic consumes the bright blue eyes, spreading across the wind slapped skin of his cheeks, the vibrant red tip of nose, as he checks every pocket of his coat and comes up empty. 

“I’m so sorry, I-" 

Kate stands without thinking and strides up to the counter, withdrawing a few bills from the pocket of her jeans and reaching past the frozen man’s snow sprinkled shoulder to hand the barista the money. He turns wide eyes onto her, his lips parting with surprise as the barista accepts the payment without question, hands Kate her change and the receipt.  

"Your order will be ready in just a few minutes, sir." 

"Thanks, and thank you,” he says, stepping back from the counter to face Kate, strolling off to the side with her despite the lack of customers.  

“Not a problem. You braved a blizzard for hot chocolate, couldn’t let your efforts go to waste,” she muses wryly, making fun of him, and she watches his eyes spark with amusement, tries not to stare as it spreads to his lips, revealing a gorgeous smile. 

“I’ll pay you back,” he promises earnestly. “The second I have my wallet.”

Kate waves him off. “It’s not a big deal. Just hope you enjoy it.”

“Oh, it’s not for me,” he tells her with a chuckle, rubbing at his ears, bright pink and ravished by the cold. “My little girl, she loves this place, says no one can make hot chocolate like they do. She asked me if I could get her some, since it’s only a couple of blocks away, but I didn’t think… well, I wasn’t aware of how bad the weather actually was until I stepped outside." 

"I think you’d be safer just asking for the recipe,” Kate murmurs with a quirked brow. “Also, don’t you watch the news? They’ve been talking about this blizzard since last night. Or, you know, look out the window every now and then?" 

"Yes,” he sighs, loud and over dramatic. “I caught a bit of the weather last night, but I try not to keep the news on too often when Alexis is around. She’s only eight, and maybe it’s not smart, but I just try to shield her from the bad things that go on in the city, in the world.”  

Kate softens a little at that, decides the man standing in front of her isn’t quite as crazy as she’d originally thought.  

“No, it’s smart. Maybe not for you when it comes to weather conditions, but good for your daughter." 

He grins at her, apparently delighted to have her acceptance, and props his hip against the nearest empty table. The cafe is understandably empty, only a few patrons trapped inside, awaiting the blizzard’s end with anxious eyes. 

"As for the window,” he continues. “We were in our blanket fort most of the day, so I have an excuse.”  

A laugh bubbles past her lips without her permission and his eyes burn an even brighter shade of blue. Kate lifts her fingers to cover her mouth, conceal the unexpected smile that feels almost foreign on her lips these days.  

“Extra large, double chocolate,” the barista calls, placing the massive cup of hot chocolate on the counter and quickly retiring to behind the ‘staff only’ doors. 

“Well, good luck getting back home,” Kate offers, glancing out towards the storefront windows, noticing that the winds have slowed, the snow has lessened in its intensity. He may actually be able to make it back to his apartment without issue if he were to leave now. 

“Are you - do you live far from here?” he asks, flicking his gaze between her and the cafe door.  

“Kind of,” she hedges, slipping her hands into the pockets of her coat. “I had just stopped by for coffee while I was running down a lead, but then the blizzard picked up, so I-“

“Wait, a lead?” he echoes, his eyes shimmering with intrigue. 

She sighs, decides to bite the bullet and reveal the information that has most men backing away from her with nervous smiles. 

“Yeah, homicide detective,” she explains, witnessing the excitement ripple through the sapphires of his irises with her brow falling into a crease. 

“Listen, I know we just met, but you’re pretty amazing so far.” Another laugh threatens to breach her lips. When was the last time someone had made her laugh twice in five minutes, made her laugh at all, really? “Do you think maybe sometime we could… would you like to hang out sometime? Grab coffee, when the chances of being trapped inside the coffee shop aren’t quite as great?”

Kate pierces her bottom lip beneath her teeth as she nods, withdraws one of the cards she had made when she’d finally been promoted to detective last year.

“I’d like that,” she murmurs, handing him the card, catching her breath when their fingers brush. And it’s so cliché, probably due to the frostbitten quality to his fingertips, but she swears she can feel a ridiculous spark of warmth surge up her arm. 

“Kate Beckett,” he reads out, his lips curling around her name. “Richard Castle,” he returns, and she knew that beneath the snow in his hair and the rush of blood to his cheeks, his nose, that he had looked familiar. “I look forward to seeing you again.”

“Likewise,” she says, surprised to find for the first time in too long that she actually means it, as she reaches for his hot chocolate, savoring the burn of the plastic travel cup in her palm before she transfers it to his. “Now hurry up and get this to your kid before the blizzard picks up again.”

“Thanks, for everything, Kate.” He cradles the hot chocolate to his chest, the dopey smile illuminating his face, sending warmth unfurling through her stomach. “Talk to you soon.”

“Bye Rick.” He bumps into the door at the sound of his name slipping from her mouth and Kate rolls her eyes, leans back against the counter and watches him trudge back into the world of white and wave to her through the window before he disappears down the street.  

She palms the phone in her pocket as she returns to her seat, gathering her things and preparing to return to the station. She doesn’t think she’s been this excited for a phone call in year 

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1,000 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “ We both know I’m the voice inside your head.“

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Requested by: @lovin-ackles

“Son of a bitch!” You forgot your wallet in your car. You feel eyes on you and you look around to see everyone in the store staring at you. Great.

You feel your cheeks flush and you laugh nervously. “Forgot my wallet.” You mumble looking towards the cashier. You put your snacks back and speed walk out of the store.

Worst day ever.

You walk over to the painted red picnic table at the gas station and sit on top.

“Hi.” You hear a familiar deep voice say.

You look over and your heart nearly stops. You feel like you’re fucking hallucinating.

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Blizzards and Barry Allen

Pairing: Barry Allen X Reader

Warnings: Fluff

PROMPT: You walked to Jitters in a blizzard to get your hot chocolate but you forgot your wallet at home, here, let me buy your drink for you/it’s so cold my mouth is numb, you should kiss me before we get frostbite

*I do not own these gifs

       “Shit.” Your fingers are still numb from outside. You tended to like the cold, it fired up your nerves and reminded you that you were alive as your blood rushed inside your body to keep warm. So, walking ten minutes from your house to Jitters in some light snow felt like a good idea. That was before that gentle snow turned into a full blizzard, pushing gusts of icy winds towards you, trying to turn your body into a Popsicle.

           Luckily you made it to Jitters and was welcomed by the indoors heating of the café. You stand at the front of the line now, near frantically looking through your purse.

“I swear I thought I brought my wallet before I left.” You mumble, loud enough for the man at the cash register to hear you and the people behind you in line to groan. This day was getting worse and worse. Finally after a minute and still turning up nothing but a piece of gum, you look shyly up at the man and flash a quick smile.

“You don’t think I can give you an I.O.U, do you?” You say, and he presses his lips together in a line while shaking his head.

“I didn’t think so.”

           Suddenly you feel something brush next to you and you look to your side to see a man extending a five dollar bill to the guy at the cash register.

“I got this.” He simply states, before turning to smile quickly at you. Flustered, you try to remind yourself to say thanks as you’re handed your drink.

“You didn’t have to do that.” You say once he finishes his own order.

“It was nothing. Helping people is kind of my thing. Especially, if they’re really pretty.” He replies, and both of you blush at his comment. His eyes crinkle while he smiles in embarrassment when he realizes what he just said. “I mean, not that I think your pretty. That’s not, I mean you are, I just–” His rambling gets cut off by your laughter. He was adorable like that.

“You’re not bad yourself.” You tell him, still mid smile, causing him to grin down at the cup in his hand.

“I’m Y/N, by the way.” You outstretch your hand and he takes it quickly, his fingers wrapping around yours in a longer than normal shake.


“It’s nice to meet you, Barry.”

“Do you want to sit?”

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

           It was strange how much you and Barry connected. You barely knew him but talking to him now felt like you did. Both of you loved the same kind of movies and books. That wasn’t usually true with guys you met. It was an added bonus that Barry looked damn cute. Especially when he smiles.

“I got to get going,” You say finally, wishing you didn’t and his face falls a bit, “The blizzard’s died down, which means I have to go to work now.”

“I probably do to,” he says with equal disappointment in his voice, “is it alright if I walk you out, at least?”

“I was hoping you would.”

           Once the two of you are outside, you instantly regret it, the blizzard may have stopped but it was still just as freezing as the last time you were out here. You quickly look down the street you have to cross soon, but instead of walking you turn around towards Barry.

“Thanks again, for the drink.”

“Don’t mention it. Best five bucks I have ever spent.” You blush, was he talking about you?

“It was really nice meeting you Barry, I hope we see each other again.” You state, trying to drag out the time before you had to go as long as possible and hoping he’d get the hint. Your whole body however, started to feel like it was turning into ice.

“I hope so too, Y/n.” He opens his mouth again to say something but closes it after a second thought. Your legs started to loose feeling and you could not stand it anymore.

“Barry.” He’s standing close to you now, and your numb body tingles. “Are you going to kiss me, before or after I get frost bite?” You were done with giving hints. His confused face suddenly picks up into a smile, exposing the crinkles next to his eyes you were beginning to love and leans down. His lips are cold too, but they are soft and gentle. At first it’s quiet like snow, but it doesn’t take long for you both to feel your faces again and it morphs into the blizzard like the one this morning. Your whole body is awake and your heart is pounding. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you pull him closer and breathe in an icy breathe through your nose. His teeth graze over your bottom lip before taking his hands and placing them around your hips.

           When you both finally pull away, you’re out of breathe and your face is hot.

“I think…I should pay you back.” You’re out of breath as you speak first, and he looks confused for a moment. “…For the drink. How about dinner?” The crinkles are back as he grins again.

“I think that can be arranged.”


If your heart talks about them every night, does that mean you still miss them or glad that it’s finally over? Like a car accident you dodged by a hair because you forgot your wallet at home, so you took a u-turn instead of going all the way down that interstate. And you’ll look back and say, damn, I almost died from that. Was loving them… like that?
—  I can only pray
You walked here in a blizzard to get your hot chocolate but you forgot your wallet at home. Here, let me buy your drink for you, AU.

I came across this list of AU’s and thought that the first was cute so I wrote one of my favorite pairings. Enjoy! 

Genesis Rhapsodos sighed as his gloved fingers wrapped themselves around his freshest cup of coffee. Cobalt-colored eyes idly watched as the cream he had poured into the steaming cup mixed with the dark liquid inside it. The bookshop owner had been sitting in a faux leather booth for close to three hours now with nothing to do, as he had forgotten his beloved copy of LOVELESS back at his store. It wasn’t like he couldn’t talk to the people around him, but most of those there were teenagers while he himself was in his mid twenties. That and he doubted that those there appreciated his favored brand of literature.

The redhead was regretting the fact that he had decided to take a fifteen minute break to walk two blocks to get a cup of coffee while business was slow. The reason he was trapped inside? An unexpected blizzard had hit the city of Midgar and now everyone was trapped indoors until it finished, which could take hours and perhaps days if the storm was bad enough.

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Last minute holiday au based on: “you walked here in a blizzard to get your hot chocolate but you forgot your wallet at home, here, let me buy your drink for you” from @castlefanficprompts

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate, and Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrates something else! I hope you all have an amazing day.

Braving this winter blizzard may be the worst decision she’s ever made.

The wind whips around her, goes right through her coat and seeps into her skin, chills her bones. Flurries continues to fall, fat, wet snowflakes connecting with her bare neck, causing her shoulders to hike up to her ears in an attempt to block it. The white flakes contrast against the black fabric adorning her shoulders, and she can see them getting stuck in her hair.

The coffee shop is close, only a few hundred feet away now, and she can no longer feel her legs. They’re numb beneath her, and if it weren’t for the fact that she’s still moving and not lying on the pavement, she’d have thought they gave out, disappeared completely. 

All of this for hot chocolate.

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One of my favorite time-travel tropes is that any time-travel, however innocuous, seems to result in Germany winning WWII. Taken to its ridiculogical extreme, it becomes a comedy of its own kind:

Go back in time to hunt a dinosaur? Hitler wins.

Visit medieval Ireland and have a brief, tragic love-affair with a scullery maid? Hitler wins.

Rewind fifteen minutes so you can grab the wallet that you forgot in your shopping cart? Somehow, Hitler wins again.

Fast-forward to see your own wedding? Never mind that you were born in 1997 - once you return to your present, it’ll be Nazis everywhere, and somehow it’s your fault.