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They Should've asked your permission before they traced your art, you should try talking to them about it civilly. However if that doesn't work you could report them or get your followers to harass them. (Which I don't recommend)

I dunno, I feel like messaging them will embarrass them or upset them, and they’re prolly a kid? In the long run i dont think its worth hurting feelings, since them tracing really doesn’t hurt me personally, but I might hurt them unintentionally.

And I would never, ever sick my followers on anybody intentionally. That’s just irresponsible and shitty.

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Oh no! Don't be upset. It's okay to post your own stuff. We will still enjoy it! Keep up the amazing work 😉

Thank you! I feel so bad writing my own stuff because my drafts are still at 25 and the askbox has been closed for a while and I’ve been getting more followers recently and that means I have more people I don’t want to disappoint and I love writing for you guys seriously I just don’t want you guys to hate me because you think I’m putting your request second and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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I just recently realized how badly abusive my mom is and she's been going to therapy with me to "learn how to communicate." I was okay with it before but now that I realize how abusive she is I really don't want her to come anymore cause I really need to focus on myself, not her. I'm terrified of telling her because she'll probably get mad at me or tell me something along the lines of "too bad," and I'm too scared to tell my therapist cause I don't want her to convince me it's not abuse. Help?

ah. i go through smth similar with my therapist (ive told her that i consider what ive gone through trauma and abuse and she says “your parents might not have the best methods but im not sure theyre abusive”)

my best advice would be to ask to see your therapist alone and if you are able, tell them you are uncomfortable continuing sessions with your mother. a good therapist would oblige, seeing as saying no could be detrimental to your mental health. if not, try to speak rationally with your mother?? its really hard to rationalize with abusers but if you feel safe (thats really important. dont talk to her if you believe it would lead her getting upset and lashing out badly) calmly explain your reasoning (something like, “i would feel more comfortable doing it alone because they would just be focus on my issues”).

you could just bring it up during a session bc in my experience, my abusive mother wants to look as good as possible in front of my therapist and says yes to almost anything in order to convince my therapist she’s a good mother.

you can follow up with me!! i would indeed like to help you further if it doesnt work out or if another problem arises

keep me posted

you know, ive been doing some thinking, and i know this is out of the blue bc i havent really been sad on here for a while, but i really feel like all of you dont follow me for me. whenever im not being nice and kind and cute, yall scroll faster, you dont even check if im ok. like…am i just here to make all of you feel better? am i unlikable when im not being a constant source of positivity?? do you really see me as a person with flaws and problems or am i just the feel-good machine! because im really getting tired of not being able to be sad and upset and feel unwanted, needing people to at least PRETEND to care about me, without being ignored!!!!

What did I get myself into?

I originally posted this on wattpad, thought I should post it on here as well.

“Ok class, for homework complete chapter 6 on page 31,” said my math teacher, Mrs. Cambell. Then the bell rings and everyone starts to pack up. I put my stuff away and quickly walk out of the classroom. Finally it was the last period of the day, I just had to go to my locker and get my science notebook. On my way there I hear a lot of yelling and see a huge crowed of people.

“FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!” everyone yells.

I push through everyone and get to the front, there I see the head jock Brandon, who I used to date beat up robbie kay who everybody calls loser, geek, coward ect. Probaly because he never fights back when he gets beat up. I feel bad for him…he doesn’t deserve this…

“STOP!” I yell

Without thinking I jump in between them and push Brandon off. Not expecting that to happen he loses his balance and falls. He gets up and glares at me. If looks could kill…

“What the hell Y/N!” He yells taking a few steps closer to me. Now I remember why I broke up with him, he would always beat up the the boys he thought were week. Hes such an ass sometimes.

“Im stopping you from hurting someone who did nothing to you. I dont even know why you feel the need to do this…….wait I think I do, you do it to get attention, and to get people to follow you around and do what you say…..but do you want to know the truth? They’re only being your friend because they’re scared you’ll beat them…so you really dont have any friends do you? Your just a bully who think its funny to hurt people, and thats pathetic…” I’ve been wanting to say that to him for a while, I was just to scared to until now.

He just stares at me with a mixture of facial expressions that I think are pissed,hatred and upset. Hes about to say something when the bell rings. Then he just turns around and walks away getting lost in the crowed.

Then my mind goes back to robbie, I turn around and see him sitting against the lockers. I walk towards him and sit next to him.

“Are you okay?” I ask him. He has bruises on his arms and probably more that are hidden under his clothes. His lip is bleeding and theres a cut on his arm. He would have had a lot worse if I haden’t stepped in.

He nods looking down and then looks up at me with a confused look on his face.

“Why did you help me?” He asks

“Because I care about you…I don’t want to see you get hurt.” I say with a smile.

He smiles at me and I realize what I just said…maybe I care about him and dont want to see him get hurt because I have feelings for him…but thats impossible, I couldn’t have feelings for Robbie Kay…could I?

Pushing the thought aside I stand up and pull him up with me.

“We should probably get you to the nurse.” I say grabbing his hand pulling him with me.

“Okay.” Is all he says while he trails behind me. At some point he squeezes my hand a little tighter but I dont think much of it.

Once we get to the nurse I tell her what happened and she gives robbie some pain meds and cleans his cuts and puts bandages on them. She tells me that robbie needs to rest so she gives me a pass so I wont be marked late.

~~~~after last period~~~

I walk out of school and head towards my car when I see Robbie sitting on a bench. I walk towards him and sit beside him. He looks up and and smiles at me. I cant help but think how handsome he looks.

“How are you feeling?” I ask him

“Better now.” He says with a small grin.

“Thats good…aren’t you going to go home?”

“Yeah but I dont have a car so I guess I’ll walk.”

“Well I can drive you if you want.”

“Really? Thanks”

We both stand and I lead him to my car. He gets into the passenger side and I start my car and pull out. He doesn’t tell me where he lives, just where to turn.

Eventually we end up in a clearing in front of a forest….weird. He gets out and starts walking towards the forest. I get out and follow him wondering where hes going.

“Robbie where are you going?” I call out to him, but he doesn’t respond. So I just keep following him.

Soon enough we appear in a clearing in the forest. Theres a treehouse in the middle.

“Robbie… do you live here?”

“Uh…no” He says in a duh tone and rolls his eyes. He then walks closer to me and takes each of my hands in his.

“Then why did you br-” He cuts me off by placing his lips on mine. It surprised me at first but then I kissed back melting into the kiss. I tangle my hands in his hair and he in return puts his hands on my waist and pulls me closer.

The kiss ends to quickly and we both just stand there looking at each other breathing heavely. He smiles down at me with a mischievous look on his face. Then he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a bean. Hs throws it and it creates a portal. I stare at it in shock an he puts his arm around my waist and pulls me tight to him and jumps in before I can stop him.

We land in a different forest and infront of me is some kind of camp with boys dancing around a fire. I stare at them in shock and turn to face robbie. Hes wearing different clothes then he was before.

“Robbie whats going on? Where are we?” I ask still shocked

“Oh, my names not Robbie….its Peter, Peter Pan. And we’re in neverland.” He says with his arms crossed and a devious smile on his face. And before I can respond he takes my hand and leads me towards where the boys are and steps up on a log pulling up with him.

“BOYS!” He yells and they all immediately stop what they are doing and look up at Rob, uh, Peter. Then the look at me with questioning looks.

“This is Y/N, shes the girl from the prophecy, the one who will be my queen and I her king, and together we will rule…” He says and looks up at me with an expression of lust, love, and power as he takes my hand in his.

“What do you mean Im the girl from the prophecy?” I ask still not knowing whats going on.

“The prophecy states that the first girl who falls for me in the land without magic is destined to be queen of neverland. And your the first one who did. So your my queen and together we will rule.” He says with a devilish grin and leans in next to my ear.

“But dont worry…You and I can still have fun and play.” He whispers in my ear sending chills down my spine. His eyes full of lust…

I can only think…

What did I get myself into?

Dear Charlie,

Hey Charlie, some bitch in my class was all salty about something today and said, regarding my best friend, “she’s a disrespectful little bitch” and naturally i was really fucking upset that he would say somethig like this. So i said “shes more respectful than you” and he just shook his head and glared at me and i was fucking steaming.

Another thing about him. Same conversation. So i am one of the students in my class that has been picked to help develop a set of guidelines for my school to follow. There are 2 other people in my class who have been picked. We are all relatively smart. The same dick that called my best friend a bitch said, very seriously, “i just dont get why they only pick the smart people to help with that” i tried to explain that they didn’t that we were randomly selected, but he was just too stubborn to accept that he wasnt a part of it

Whats ironic about his words today is that just a week ago he was professing his love for my best friend, like every day. But after she rejected him, he thinks she deserves to be hated. He says shes disrespectful, but i think he hates her now because he doesnt like being said no to.

I understand now that he never was worthy of my respect. He’s loud, aggressive, and just blatantly rude, so pretty much the opposite of myself. I don’t know why I ever wasted my time on him.

Love DKM.
Post script
He always talks down to me, like my intelligence is a bad thing. I confronted him about it awhile ago by saying, “why do you always paint intelligence as a bad thing?” And he got defensive, and said “I DON’T.”
He’s a dick. I never should have considered him a pal.

sorry guys, when i get up and turn on my laptop, i’m turning off anon for a little while
its just not mature to hide behind a grey mask and spout things like this (aka. I woke up to some more anon about my rules)
I would not like to bombard people who follow me for rp with drama concerning an anon who can’t comprehend rules???

If i decide to answer, it will be tagged as #drama tw

I’ll turn it back anon on later, this is just ridiculous :c

@aomgnkhhislife ok im sorry if any of the things i wrote hurt you but i didnt mean to start any drama etc. plus some of my followers seemed upset with what hes done so why we should ignore it? plus i have actually watched some content with him and as you said yourself not everyone can be liked. and i am “shook” because i just didnt expect to get anons calling my followers idiots just because i said i didnt like someone? also i feel like coming at me just because i dont like something you do is kinda pointless because like… what are you trying to achieve you know


Idk how I’m online rn but I’m on my iPod and it works and probably not for long but listen
I’ve ha problems with tumblr and an old email of mine and my tumblr password so it wont let me log in(except here where i was already logged in) tumblr says they cant do anything to help me so i made a new blog. Its called POSSESSTIEL!!! Follow me if you still want to but dont unfollow samooslet yet cause idk if ill get it back. This is just mean while. Follow possesstiel and ill follow back everyone. Besides i need blogs to follow on there. So hey, I’m not gone. I’m still here.
This really upsets me cause i’ve had it for 4 years and have 3k followers with samooslet but anyways. Ill message some of you letting you know personally what the situation is.
This was a PSA about the shit staff’s mistake.


ok so recently someone reposted my art.. okay.. im a bit upset but its not a big deal… at least not for me :// ok but when you react negatively thats when you’re gonna get your laptop shoved up your ass

for me, its TOTALLY OKAY if you repost my art somewhere just AS LONG AS YOU GIVE ME CREDIT AND ASK ME FIRST honestly its that simple!!

anyway, i got the posts deleted but this persons reaction was just uNACCEPTABLE

example 1: 

(note: i wont even bother blacking out the user i mean like shes reposted a few other peoples art as well :// plus she might gain a few more followers from this so.. but im furious as hell)

“Its just a picture.. Everyone was posting it" 

yeh its just a picture.. tHAT I SPENT HOURS WORKING ON. I post it for my followers who requested for it and for them to enjoy it. noT FOR YOU TO JUST REPOST. 

and just because everyone was posting it, it doesnt mean that you can do it to. remember that reposting without credit is a crime. ITS STEALING. ITS PLAGIARISM. i might be wrong, but im pretty sure that if you use info/pictures without credit and stuff in college, you’re gonna fail or like get expelled. this doesnt only go for art, but for edits, pictures, information.. eVERYTHING. YOU HAVE TO SOURCE IT. YOUVE BEEN TOLD THIS AT SCHOOL, WHY DONT YOU JUST LISTEN.

example 2: 

lets just focus on the "logic” part. 

what the fuck.

didnt you see my watermark? whats even more confusing is that sHE MAKES HER OWN ART AS WELL?? (it seems like it idk tho) WOULDN’T SHE BE MAD IF SOMEONE STOLE HER ART??? ISNT THAT FUCKING LOGIC??



FUCK YOU INSTAGRAM USER “THEFEELSFACTOR” HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF I STABBED YOUR EYES OUT AND RIPPED YOUR LIMBS OFF?? how does that feel? ok that was a bit harsh. i wasnt really mad at the fact that you stole my art, but i was really mad at your reaction to me getting people to ask you to delete it

examples 3 and 4:

i dont get why shes so upset?? honestly she got herself into this. its nOT EVEN A SERIOUS PROBLEM. SHE POSTED 4 FUCKING PICTURES OBVIOUSLY SHOWING THAT SHE WAS UPSET. 


so the point of this whole rant is dont stEAL. dont say that its okay because everyone is posting it or because you just found it on google. aND DONT GET FUCKING UPSET. IF SOMEONE SHOULD BE UPSET, ITS US - THE ARTISTS OR WHOEVER MADE THE THING THAT WAS STOLEN.

yeh SO DONT STEAL. its so much easier to ask me if you can repost it first and credit me because we both end up happy :)) its literally that easy. 

and if you havent learnt your lesson, and you’re just gonna keep stealing, then fuck you. you’re probs gonna get something shoved down your throat :/

pls help!!!!

so my lovely friend reilly (her url spcepunk) just ended a relationship n now they’re getting lots of horrible messages bc their partner has lots of followers and is accusing her of lots of (untrue) things. she’s super super upset about all of this and she doesn’t deserve any of this shes goin to take a break because of what’s being said to her. could you guys please send her some nice messages, i dont mind what u say i just want her to feel safer and happier on here!!!!! :~)

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I don't know how to compliment you without you brushing it off or getting upset by it judging by all those anon's so this is a compliment

i dont brush off compliments. i brush off what my followers ASSUME is a compliment for example

“youre so hot for a transgender”

like thats just rude as hell you dont need to include “for a transgender” or “trans guy” or even sometimes “tranny” when trying to compliment me i dont need to be reminded im transgender like i fucking know im transgender and i know a lot of people are uneducated on what being transgender is and struggles within being transgender but i mean just leave it as “youre so hot” and yea i wont answer it all the time but id probably publicly embarrass you if it was off anon and you sent me “youre hot for a transgender” because im embarrassed being trans that i have to deal with being humiliated in person 24/7 because someone always has to point out that im trans and i have to look at peoples faces when theyre first told about it and let me tell you, it isnt always a good reaction

im gonna elaborate a bit. i remade two and a half years ago because somebody started sending me graphic and violent messages detailing how they would #rape me and when i turned anon off they just came through fanmails and it was so fucking upsetting and really horrific to go through. i get a lot of messages and if youve ever sent me one you know i dont/cant respond to all of them (its especially hard now that my computers broken) and while i get some sort of aggressive ones once in a blue moon and some that overwhelm me a bit the VAST majority are so kind and so respectful and it means so, so much to me that the people who follow me treat me so well. people stopped asking me about gender and stuff when i made it clear its not what i want to talk about all the time, people stopped sending me boatloads of compliments when i said they make me uncomfortable. its weird to thank people for not treating you like shit but yall i just have a really nice time on here now and it has everything to do with you