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Related to the ask about people who dont discourse: aphobes are so gross my qpp (who is a trans girl and doesnt discourse) once made a post about how the way aphobes exclude me sounds like what terfs use to exclude and invalidate her. she tagged it "dont reblog" but also "discourse" bc she knows seeing it upsets me and other people who follow her, so what did the aphobes do? //reblogged it to their discourse blogs and started calling her a transphobe// I'm just. so done with aphobes.


If you’re going to complain about a TRANS GIRL (you know, the prime target of TERFs) pointing our your TERF rhetoric because you’re trans, you don’t get to turn around and call her transphobic for it without being a hypocrite!!

Tell her I’m so sorry that happened to her. Aphobes are the worst. :(

–Mod Mercy


Idk how I’m online rn but I’m on my iPod and it works and probably not for long but listen
I’ve ha problems with tumblr and an old email of mine and my tumblr password so it wont let me log in(except here where i was already logged in) tumblr says they cant do anything to help me so i made a new blog. Its called POSSESSTIEL!!! Follow me if you still want to but dont unfollow samooslet yet cause idk if ill get it back. This is just mean while. Follow possesstiel and ill follow back everyone. Besides i need blogs to follow on there. So hey, I’m not gone. I’m still here.
This really upsets me cause i’ve had it for 4 years and have 3k followers with samooslet but anyways. Ill message some of you letting you know personally what the situation is.
This was a PSA about the shit staff’s mistake.

pls help!!!!

so my lovely friend reilly (her url spcepunk) just ended a relationship n now they’re getting lots of horrible messages bc their partner has lots of followers and is accusing her of lots of (untrue) things. she’s super super upset about all of this and she doesn’t deserve any of this shes goin to take a break because of what’s being said to her. could you guys please send her some nice messages, i dont mind what u say i just want her to feel safer and happier on here!!!!! :~)